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Beginner Guide: https://streamable.com/61o0qx
Advanced Guide: https://streamable.com/w9tdy1

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If you're a beginner, please read the guide first.
Guide: https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/
Word of the Day: https://t.me/s/jt_library

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hiro speaks

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I downloaded Yotsuba raws lads. I'm going in.

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holy shit, good luck beast

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nowya gonna make it

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if you're a beginner, read the writing on the wall

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now make one with bunko

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bunko isn't a beginner tho

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it says akira

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neither is matto

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matto is an eternal beginner, nuke-tier language learner... (for chinese)

lol i knew someone was gonna make that joke

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蜷局 this yomi will sinaseru you

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nah i have two cards for it

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dumb eop

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SFW board

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“Never memorize what you can look up in books” is a quote often attributed to Einstein, though what he actually said was somewhat different. He was asked, but did not know the speed of sound as included in the Edison Test. When this was pointed out, he said, “[I do not] carry such information in my mind since it is readily available in books.”

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feeling better about the future

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just realized 詳しい means to be knowledgeable on a topic or that something is komaka

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first day?

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that's a good one

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5th year

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are you the guy that just started yotsuba

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yea that's the usual meaning but never knew it had a second one

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all the images on google show walls...

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what does hxh stand for

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"Can you speak Japanese yet?" What do you say when friends ask this?

My friends always ask this and I'm curious, Minna-san, what do y'all say?

P.s. what I say:

As someone about 6 months in, I usually laugh and say "hell no" and regurgitate a lot of Daily Japanese Thread spiel: it's long road, kanji is a whole thing etc. But that actually I've learned a lot and I can understand some things sometimes, read some very beginner friendly stories etc. To some friends I've tried to explain why the writing system is hard but that requires a real committed listener.

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"Can you speak Japanese yet?" What do you say when friends ask this? My friends always ask this and I'm curious, Minna-san, what do y'all say?

P.s. what I say:

As someone about 6 months in, I usually laugh and say "hell no" and regurgitate a lot of Daily Japanese Thread spiel: it's long road, kanji is a whole thing etc. But that actually I've learned a lot and I can understand some things sometimes, read some very beginner friendly stories etc. To some friends I've tried to explain why the writing system is hard but that requires a real committed listener.

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Hybrid × Heart

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can I learn grammar well from immersion alone? I've been reading some of cure dolly's video transcripted but I get bored and skim through. Can I simply acquire the grammar rules through reading

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non language learners have dozens of preconceived notions about language learning that are just blatantly wrong, so objectively the best thing to do is to just tell no one until you're already good at it

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Whenever someone asked this or "can you say something in Japanese" I draw a complete blank and can't remember a single word.

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how did u do it in ur native language

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I tend to just say something like 僕の日本語が下手だ and then they look impressed lmao

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Mostly through reading and one of my friends calling me a retard every time I used should of instead of should have. Some school structure but I don't think it helped as much. Good point though.

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In my best gruff samurai voice: 私は日本語です

Typically i just say a little and entertain for a second

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When this happens I'll ask them to say something they want me to translate. My vocabulary isn't very large but 9 out of 10 times I can come up with something, and even though it's usually totally unnatural, it sounds impressive to them not knowing a thing.

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Just say 俺はチンチンが大好きなんだよ。

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or you can speak in vietnamese for all they care you're gonna get complimented anyway

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time to chug some anime

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dame i got given a big job at work thats due in a month and my company hasnt even been given all the specifications for it so i just have to write some shit and hope its close to what they need

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wow hundreds or thousands of hours wasted on learning half-baked party trick. sad

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>learning half-baked party trick
eastern european?

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it's important to signal your status. even having a (socially acceptable) hobby signals status.

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but your hobby is learning japanese

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So just a few things that I need clarifying because I feel Genki didn't explain them in a way that I understand.

I get that you conjugate adjectives. I don't get when you conjugate them. What I have understood from reading Genki and watching a few videos on them is that you conjugate the adjective when it acts like the verb in the sentence? I'll use the example provided by Genki:

昨日面白い映画を見ました。 - I saw an interesting film yesterday.

So the adjective here is not conjugated because 見ました is already in the past tense, right? Meaning it would be gramatically incorrect to say the following:


But would the following be correct?

昨日映画を見ました。面白かった。 - I saw a film yesterday. It was interesting.

In my head at the minute, I see it that you don't conjugate the adjective when it is directly attached to the noun it is describing and when there is another part of the sentence dictating the tense and polarity of the sentence?

Is this correct?

Thanks in advance for any answers.

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uh oh am i being doxxed?

lol true

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how's the nihongo going anacreon, can you read muramasa yet?

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i only see the door

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i have more games in my backlog than i'll finish in my life and none of them are VNs

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bunko shook jamal and he's scared some autist will track him down and make him lose his job at Oracle

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need that seminar

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bros they're making an anime

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famous last words

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dont care kys

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poor pidgeons

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@anon in prev thread: digimon isn't even on this list

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moribito guy will be thrilled

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Anacreon rec me some songs similar to the one in Garbage Day 3 Teaser. I already know it's 「あの頃じゃね」。

>> No.35172354

anacreon thinks pokemon is harder than naruto

>> No.35172363

nigga you're saying shit that people agree with

>> No.35172365

anacreon thinks chobits is harder than fate zero

>> No.35172371

>another holonigger thread
when is this gonna end

>> No.35172377

mitsubishi colors is more hard than k-on tho

>> No.35172385

i've made my peace with it

>> No.35172390

idk man go listen to more of that artist, or zorn, or lick-g or aklo or w/e what do u even mean?

>> No.35172392

imagine being so ngmi that you care about how difficult your input is

>> No.35172411

how? show me the way, anon.

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good thread
should have started filtering way sooner

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there's pretty big error bars on these rankings, if they're within like 10 of each other u may as well consider them the same difficulty

having media that u can understand it more fun, thus gives u bigger gains

>> No.35172457

in memory of jamal and also for that one anon that liked garbage day 3 teaser


>> No.35172480

i ended up watching a few clips that were spammed here and it was kinda funny

>> No.35172507

>hidden posts aren't even hidden
>tripfag names take up 50% of ur screen

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should i watch garbage day

>> No.35172579

garbage day is a product of its time

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george got retired by yuta

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This thread is the /r9k/ of /jp/.

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Mindy Kaling's 'VELMA' series will reimagine the character as having East Asian descent and living in a different world.

>> No.35172642

isn't /hlg/?

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pretty good episode

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all these idiots trying to get on the pitch accent train

people aren't even pronouncing their vowels correctly, but i guess it's easier to obsess over pitch accent because it's easier to point out when it's right or wrong

>> No.35172739

eop issues
couldn't be me having them

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>> No.35172750

or i filtered him 2 days ago

>> No.35172754

>people aren't even pronouncing their vowels correctly
based dogen starts out his series with this

>> No.35172756

voacaroo your vowels right now

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>obsess over pitch accent
prepare for 。/・ー・ー・ー▽

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>> No.35172792

he has no reason to stay here now that og filtered him

>> No.35172800

who's the new tripfag

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is bunko still being blackmailed?

>> No.35172804

let's fucking

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not so fast

>> No.35172819

wtf at themesong

>> No.35172824

not pausing my immersion for this

>> No.35172829

he lost his "thread gf" and when didnt i go off the rails on the thread like he kept pretending i would, he tried and failed to frame me for the dox and got blowback for it

plus i guess i inspired anons on how to use filters with my screenshot lol

>> No.35172832

the co-founder is a much better speaker than matto

>> No.35172872


wtf is the second guy saying

>> No.35172878

>and when didnt i go off

>> No.35172884

do you honestly think hes malicious

>> No.35172898

>plus i guess i inspired anons on how to use filters with my screenshot lol
can i use regex in the standard 4chan filters or do i need 4chan x

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>> No.35172905

i don't understand japanese so idk

>> No.35172930

oh yeah, i mean i it was just an instinct at first based on his personality and behavior with others but over time its become clearer. there were a few times he tried some weird shit like "calling me out" on lies about japan and i had to bring out the receipts and pictures of my keys and shit but he was really persistent in trying to slander me and make me look like a liar to the thread and was riding rukas (an actual, proven liar) dick all the time

j*mal does these gayops to anyone he sees as a threat

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and i know its malicious because he should know that i didnt do the dox, even if it wasnt him

>> No.35172955

"whales are dumb fucks with a lot of money, and we are going to target them with overpriced shit they dont need" - matt "vs japan" bonder

>> No.35172965

- anal "doxxer" cream

>> No.35172971

wish matto the best with his scam, if only to watch these retarded tripfags seethe

>> No.35172998

don't you pedophiles have matt dick to suck?

>> No.35172999

crazy how jealous anacreon is of matt he never shuts up about him

>> No.35173016

the paranoid cynic in me simply cant imagine someone like j*mal rubbing his withered cock all over the thread for years while having a discord without a lot of dirt on his hands to stay in one of the top positions with such limited japanese ability and garbage posts

>> No.35173038

its true hes been paying off the top djt brass for years to maintain his standing
im gonna blow this story wide open

>> No.35173039


>> No.35173049

what top positions? theres no positions its just a 4channel thread

>> No.35173057

idk i think youre blowing it out of proportion he was fucking with you lol its in his name youre too distrustful
only times ive see him be irrationally hateful is during interactions with qm im just not able to reconcile his hateboner with his normal behavior but i guess those guys have some history lot of bitter standoff moments from over the years

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oops didnt mean to reply to the 2nd post

>> No.35173074

Interpreting him charitably, the majority of people are insecure and stupid and will never learn something without guidance no matter what you tell them. I bet many DJTers have had this issue when talking to their friends about how to learn Japanese. These people technically do "need" guidance, and if they are willing to pay for it, why object? Matt is fallible but his words resonate with many people and have probably gotten people to learn Japanese who otherwise never would have.

Targeted namecalling isn't cool.

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>> No.35173091

matt what are your anki settings

>> No.35173098

>people aren't even pronouncing their vowels correctly
do i look like an americoid?

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>> No.35173116

fuck, it's sengen.

>> No.35173119

その股裂くぞこのガキャ apparently

>> No.35173127

those fucking goblin eyes

>> No.35173130

funny joke idea set ur username to !!hehriejwn28 or something to pretend 2 be a trip user when u arent hahaha that would be hilaroisu

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>> No.35173134

hes tried and failed to take down qm and did many low blows and discord gayops, cant believe youd excuse that and think thats not how hed act to anyone.
hes not just "joking" just cause thats his normal character you can easily tell when hes serious and when he suddenly turns on you, youll know
not trying to throw shade at you but he simply doesnt feel threatened by you yet where as on top of me knowing enough japanese to know how little he knows, he was also probably incredibly salty over me filtering him. the whole thread gf act was just his way of trying to keep me under his thumb

>> No.35173137

who's this

>> No.35173146

notice how he doesn't deny it

>> No.35173158

Is the owner of youtube or the owner of any product or website or service you probably use bad for not advertising its flaws/fallibility? What Matt's saying is just factual and it's absurd to hold it against him.

It's obvious you dislike him for some other reason. For example maybe you dislike his personality, while you're not familiar with the personalities of the owners of other products you use. So you're trying to find anything to shit on him with.

Not cool man.

>> No.35173159

i can hear it, thanks
is that from the netflix subs?

>> No.35173162

it's pathological.

>> No.35173167

sorry i don't speak snake

>> No.35173168

lol matto, it must be hard pretending to be a god


>> No.35173178

why samefag like this

>> No.35173179

>What Matt's saying is just factual
true true
>and it's absurd to hold it against him.
i'm not holding it against him i'm making fun of him for saying it out loud which is what you're not supposed to do if you want to sell a product lol

>> No.35173181

Thread is extra schizo today. I'm going to do extra reps instead of posting here.

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File: 696 KB, 1050x591, tired of earth.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

do i need to remember the kanji or is it enough if i just recognize it?

>> No.35173190

can you imagine if og was your gf and she was telling you about all this crazy djt conspiracy shit and ur just like "yea thats cool babe" and go back to playing videogames

>> No.35173194

>>> analcreon['friends']

>> No.35173195


>> No.35173198

dude matt was NOT talking about people that "need guidance"

he specifically said it was targeted to "whales" which he defined as:
1. stupid
2. has a lot of money

and then he said whatever he sold them would be "grossly overpriced"

>> No.35173199

starting to like matto more just based solely on how hard analcream and jamal hate his guts

>> No.35173206

put your trip back on so i dont have to see these posts

>> No.35173207

why are you obsessed with matto?

>> No.35173208

its only leftists who hate him because hes a shrewd businessman

>> No.35173210

doxxfag trying to talk about morals

>> No.35173218

that's pretty sad u seems like u should form ur own opinions for a change lol

>> No.35173222

this analcream schizo arc is weird as fuck

>> No.35173223

i knew jamal couldnt quit

>> No.35173234

why do people hate tatsumoto though? is it just because he shills his guide or is it something else?

>> No.35173235

>hes tried and failed to take down qm and did many low blows and discord gayops
idk about that i wasnt here to see it (and neither were you) i cant comment on what i didnt see
honestly just sounds like youve got paranoid personality disorder or something from trauma in your life i feel sorry for you

>> No.35173237

everyone hates og's guts

>> No.35173238

you dont even need to know the kanji if you can guess the word from the context

>> No.35173249

i never gave a shit about him in the first place, hes a literal 'who'
the fact that some namefags are pretending to give a fuck about him fleecing retarded esl who want to learn perfect native nihongo is just weird and obsessive

>> No.35173258

he stole a pic i posted in djt of my books and used them on as his patreon cover without permission to make it seem like he reads japanese books and is generally just a pathological liar

>> No.35173267

>matt defense force astroturfing all this DJT infighting

stop falling for it

>> No.35173271

>jamal: u dont have to fight anymor bb its ok now why so hedgehog?
>also jamal: *frames you for doxing while the rabble is calling for a hitman*
nah i think im better off this way

>> No.35173276
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>> No.35173277

>i never gave a shit about him
kek you've been babbling about him non-stop for like a week already

>> No.35173286

im not the only anon callying analcream a faggot right now, try again

>> No.35173303

i'm gonna delete the thread if you guys dont get back on topic

>> No.35173309

whoever you are what are your anki settings im talking about deck options

>> No.35173311

speaking of being better of this way

>> No.35173351


>> No.35173369


>> No.35173381
File: 1.59 MB, 1280x720, full dive.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35173388


>> No.35173396
File: 241 KB, 885x1057, knowing japanese.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

post em

>> No.35173400

lmao at the ""ass"" on the redhead

>> No.35173405

its extremely sexy

>> No.35173411

but im gay btw if that matters

>> No.35173437

*gay and trans to be clear

>> No.35173446

nice attempt but you should have waited at least 60 seconds
the ass is literally perfect unless you're born and raised in america

>> No.35173454

already did, i got 1800-1900

>> No.35173467

>When cards are in relearning, the Easy button boosts the interval by 1 day.
Any way to make it so it doesn't do that?

>> No.35173469

i don't have the autism necessary to spend all day watching anime.

>> No.35173472
File: 490 KB, 494x370, z113Xj4gVT.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you mean this?

>> No.35173481

i was trying to convince anyone its a meme u dip
i dont even like big asses i just think her proportions look wonky and unfeminine but thats probably normal in yellow banana land

>> No.35173494

beating the banchou in tokimemo was somehow more exciting than most fights in jrpgs cuz it was the last day of the month that the classical music my date liked was playing

>> No.35173497

Well yea but I think he wants to be able to tell others his thought process and be vulnerable with others "in the know". But it's too bad DJTers betray his trust.
Yes but how does this differ from any business selling any product. You're describing people who I described except they're dumber and have even more money to throw away.

>> No.35173512

this show is such a waste of one of the best designed titty monsters i've seen. need an ecchi episode dedicated to her.

>> No.35173542

nah stfu matt, stop relying on gullible people to crowdsource your welfare program and go get a real job

>> No.35173543

yeah thanks

>> No.35173548

listen to music

>> No.35173552

matts right again

>> No.35173557

beheading anacreon

>> No.35173558

Every business relies on gullible people to some extent. Again you just dislike Matt's personality or some other decisions he's made so you're trying to use stuff that sounds bad against him even if it's not actually bad, or if it is bad but you never complain when others do it.

>> No.35173559


>> No.35173562

>but I think he wants to be able to tell others his thought process and be vulnerable with others "in the know"

>> No.35173567

hopefully they will make a fanservice episode if it ever gets a second season

>> No.35173573

mom's cooking roast but i already ate but i really love the taste of roast

>> No.35173580


>> No.35173581

its time you moved on to her ass

>> No.35173587

same i love meat. i need to go get breakfast i gagging for it

>> No.35173595

i've been meaning to watch a western movie since like monday but i keep watching variety every day

>> No.35173597

gagging for some sausage lmfao

>> No.35173599

>Every business relies on gullible people to some extent
are you living in some communist utopia i haven't heard of or something? are you gullible literally every time you spend money on something? nice self own, retard

>> No.35173602

seems they only upload the subs to kitsunekko one week after the episode comes out

>> No.35173604

i think this is actually matt

>> No.35173610

Yeah it's called Japan

>> No.35173620

wouldnt it be amazing if matt joined the thread incognito and btfod all of djt and simultaneously raised the iq and japanese level of the thread

>> No.35173621

Japan, Oregon

>> No.35173623

so watch raw

>> No.35173625

If people aren't gullible it harms the wider society, if everyone was skilled and making their own stuff we wouldn't be able to extremely efficiently mass produce things.

>> No.35173629

Walk into the house of the average American or any first world country for that matter and you'll find they use the more expensive brand name of certain products which are no better than off brand. Because they are gullible. Most customers are gullible, Matt is right, you are wrong, now drop your grudge. He is not an evil guy. You could probably be friends if you knew him IRL.

>> No.35173638

Matt's way more articulate than I am. I'm just a guy fighting against hate with facts.

>> No.35173639

these settings spread aids.

>> No.35173640
File: 1.19 MB, 4096x2160, E3jFUJ0WEAIyJwW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yoo two new characters announced
jrpg is saved

>> No.35173644

what absolute ass discourse this has become.
someone find the tracks

>> No.35173645


>> No.35173649


>> No.35173652

i don't think they're good or anything and i haven't looked at any guides for tips in a year or two but he asked for them.

>> No.35173654

>if some random american buys a single overpriced thing then that means ALL businesses are completely reliant on selling overpriced products to gullible people

u know u REALLY shouldn't have listened to sao episodes on ur mp3 player during high school, u missed all ur lessons on logic and reasoning

>> No.35173659

i always do because i dont wanna wait, i just mean i could have looked that line up on my own then
its the only one i had trouble with

>> No.35173661

starting to think analcream and j*mal are the same person

>> No.35173670

that's an insult to jamal

>> No.35173671

wow ur not the sharpest tool huh

>> No.35173675

very excited for the new and sure to be explosive not matt vs djt arc

>> No.35173677

trailer dropped as well

>> No.35173680

take your meds bbc guy

>> No.35173684

It doesn't matter if "all" businesses are like that. I don't see any of your anger being directed toward the owners of name-brand products. Why is that? Because you don't actually care. Your problem with Matt is personal because you don't like his attitude. Maybe he offered to collab with you and broke your trust or something. Whatever it was that made you dislike him, it wasn't his view that he relies on "whales" to keep his business afloat. But that's what you're using to attack him and that makes you a more dishonest PoS than him.

>> No.35173686


>> No.35173691

>founder is fluent in japanese and touts himself as one of the best foreign japanese speakers
>japanese isn't one of the languages his own project is in
what did he mean by this?

>> No.35173692

this is the daily japanese thread, do u except me to be calling out beats headphones to be a scam or something? fucking idiot, go to college PLS! i'm sure ur dads will pay for it

>> No.35173697

yeah i prefer audio technica

>> No.35173700

this is what mental illness looks like

>> No.35173701

if you like matto, posting about him is shilling and making him look bad
if you hate matto, giving him attention is a self-own
either way stfu you dumb niggers

>> No.35173705

good post for an uppercaser

>> No.35173711

anacreon was a big yoga fan and picked a side during the schism

>> No.35173717
File: 7 KB, 452x122, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

glad i can browse this thread in peace

>> No.35173723


>> No.35173725
File: 1 KB, 153x71, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35173727

true true

>> No.35173728

doesnt analcream have some gayops to orchestrate? maybe if you leak from more private conversations well come to realize how you have our best interests at heart lol

>> No.35173731

Be real. You probably almost never complain about name-brand products anywhere but you hate on Matt when you post on DJT and have for a long time now.

Also if I were actually Matt my jewish intelligence would overwhelm you to the point you'd feel uncomfortable responding. Consider this a warmup for any future confrontations between you two. But I hope that never happens because you'd be the one instigating it and that'd make you a bad person for targeted harassment.

>> No.35173733

already liked and put in my music playlist when it premiered
but guess ill have another listen
learned 嗤う from this song

>> No.35173736

is it just coincidence you use the same site theme as me?

>> No.35173739
File: 414 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0163.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my kid on the playground

>> No.35173742

is being mentally ill a prerequisite for learning japanese?

>> No.35173743

it's the default theme

>> No.35173750

its the default, never cared about messing with the themes

>> No.35173753

probably not

>> No.35173754

no idea what yoga is even doing these days besides coverting his mkvs to flv, he's a different kind of idiot than matt

nah i'm pretty frugal and voice this all the time with friends and family, literally everything in my house has been researched thoroughly.

u on the other hand bought a mouse that looks like an onahole

>> No.35173755
File: 49 KB, 385x908, 1325.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

glad i can browse this thread in peace

>> No.35173762

oh shit thanks i just realized this stupid site dropped my burichan

>> No.35173770


>> No.35173778

>not using tomorrow
wtf this is the age of the dark theme bros

>> No.35173779
File: 136 KB, 650x975, trueth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35173786


>> No.35173789


>> No.35173796


>> No.35173804

dont use a dark theme on any site because im not a oled phone or tablet fag

>> No.35173808

just switched to the dark theme this is pretty good

>> No.35173821

tomorrow theme feels tryhard as fuck

>> No.35173828

matt and i have had plenty of lengthy conversations (last year anyway)... he's very, uh, impressionable lol. also he has no idea who i am which says a lot too

>> No.35173831
File: 163 KB, 650x975, goodbaye.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35173873

is there a person who would say such a thing?

>> No.35173874


>> No.35173875

how did you think this post would make you come across? honestly

>> No.35173883
File: 784 KB, 1920x1080, 0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

me? im chuggin

>> No.35173894

i never use dark themes. i've always hated them but i'm not sure why. they just don't feel right. my monitor is at a low brightness setting and i always have my lights on when i use it.

>> No.35173931

ciaran will have a hard enough time salvaging enough neck tissue for his funeral display

>> No.35173937


>> No.35173970

>i dont give a shit about you
the feeling is mutual

>> No.35173983

ok i dont want you to cause ive seen what happens when you get obssessed about people

>> No.35173985

>multiminute streamable
just dont even try bro

>> No.35173990

what in the fuck

>> No.35174025
File: 36 KB, 421x512, 1598411161670.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what does that title say? hikari to.... yomi?

>> No.35174029

a lotr anime could have worked in 2000 or something but in 2021 there is no way it wont be fucking awful

>> No.35174037

well i posted the link lol. its got the director of stand alone complex attached as the director. he's not writing it which idk how to feel about since he wrote most of sac and the entirety of seirei no moribito but he had source material for those. he created/wrote higashi no eden which fucking sucked ass.

>> No.35174046

i literally can't watch anime when they suddenly darken the screen when it becomes flashy

>> No.35174052

pulling out shit that happened years ago is confirmed sperg tendencies

>> No.35174113

cringey af

>> No.35174114
File: 278 KB, 706x412, 1454503078755.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How does Anki make money?

>> No.35174117


>> No.35174118


>> No.35174119


>> No.35174152

dark themes crazy good i dont feel like reading half the thread now lmao

>> No.35174163

yeh that's obvious to anyone that reads it including me. that's why in the exact same quiz that matto did on that server he wrote multiple answers to a single question, cuz his brain read what he wrote noticed it was wrong then wrote something else

>> No.35174175


>> No.35174177

wtf is this tripfest?
they should just incinerate this thread at this point

>> No.35174181

tell me who those two are. it should help me understand.

>> No.35174193

i hate trippers

>> No.35174205

i thought you were gone, j*mal?

>> No.35174211


>> No.35174219

crazy how powerless this powerful streamable is

>> No.35174223

just unfriended moe

>> No.35174232


>> No.35174233

two down. two to go

>> No.35174246

it's a kani

a wani kani

>> No.35174248

might have to wait for a very very long time haha

>> No.35174250


>> No.35174253

kys tho

>> No.35174254


holy sHit!

>> No.35174267
File: 76 KB, 800x462, duochad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Duochads [email protected]?

>> No.35174268

real trailer

>> No.35174274

woah its like the same thing as demons souls again

>> No.35174281
File: 1.37 MB, 1920x1080, 0004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35174284

yeah i sure do miss every jamal post talking about obese girls body parts really made the thread more interesting for sure

>> No.35174286

wow its another repetitive souls clone

>> No.35174289

jamal lost his touch before even og was here he's basically a living corpse

>> No.35174293

hate the lovecraftian-esque enemy design by From Software. It's just stupid and boring & uncreative.

>> No.35174299

it's literally the exact same trailer u fucken poser lmfao

>> No.35174302

jamal was one of the good guys never showed to be anything but an upstanding guy

>> No.35174305 [DELETED] 
File: 1.26 MB, 1185x1609, 276935537.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

can't believe I killed both bunko and jamal in one hit
haven't won this hard in ages

>> No.35174314

he stopped reading and interacting with the thread pretty soon after i got here to the point he had no idea what the fuck was going on. he thought i just came up with '4bbc' name last week or something hes that out of touch

>> No.35174316

but what did you do

>> No.35174317

ya they lost their touch ever since shart souls 2 actually bloodborne owns but still dead studio

>> No.35174325

i always hated cle5s mal pic i didnt know it was bunkbro

>> No.35174329

jamal samefag

>> No.35174330

you cant take credit for j*mal thats absolutely og 失恋

>> No.35174332

fucking stop doxxing bunko, j*mal

you're mad

>> No.35174336

i always hated everything about unko

>> No.35174337

its pretty cringe that she thinks of herself as that important

>> No.35174348


>> No.35174353

og hands typed this

>> No.35174355

i would like to quit too add me on mal if you need me

>> No.35174358

is this supposed to be funny or interesting?
attacking fellow DJT brethren is off limits

>> No.35174361

feels like they're just recycling shit at this point

>> No.35174364

anacreon obviously did it lmao

>> No.35174374

add me https://myanimelist.net/profile/ksesef4

>> No.35174381


>> No.35174386

bunko is living proof even objectively making it in japanese wont do shit for your djt cred. but the busu posting didnt help
cope. he ragequit less than 2 days after i filtered when his framejob failed. i dont actually think he was in love with me but hes mad im "off his leash" in his warped mind

>> No.35174396

Bonnie Tyler's so underrated

>> No.35174423

gonna take me a bit to get over this bunko situation its still a raw nerve

>> No.35174425

holy fuck i'm so glad to be born just before the 2nd millennium
so much more hype than being born in 1950 or earlier
RIP all the fags who didn't get to experience the interwebz

>> No.35174426

wotd: 稜線

>> No.35174427
File: 3.95 MB, 1570x1950, 1623345299507.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35174429

thank you kevin smith lol

bunko had plenty of cred, it's just some weirdos really hate everyone in this thread. likely that matt defense force

>> No.35174436

>it's just some weirdos really hate everyone in this thread. likely that matt defense force

>> No.35174438

ryousen it's the part between two mountain tops?

>> No.35174439

bunko admitted to me in either eng or jp cant remember that jamal has been gaslighting his japanese skills and he legit didnt think he was good as he was. hardly anyone was nice to that kid but i get it his posts made it difficult even though many of other namefags are worse and also dekinai

>> No.35174444

Is refold just MIA? I can't find the MIA roadmap. What do I do once I've memorised kana? Just straight in to immersion and do RTK1? What:s the grammar textbook Matt-dono recommends?

>> No.35174448

i'm fed up with your shit. you're unbearable as a person

>> No.35174456


>> No.35174460
File: 1.22 MB, 1280x2378, 1602068162316.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

here's ur roadmap

>> No.35174461

then fucking leave for good, jamal

>> No.35174469

havent seem an og post since i filtered the names of all tripfags inside comments

>> No.35174470

he said jamal pointed out small errors it was in english thats why you understood it

>> No.35174471

Yeah no I'm not interested in wasting my time and money

>> No.35174475

like i said earlier its no big deal
even if you some things line up its a "nothingburger" because its 4chan lol you can just say its all a larp and he was just fucking with the thread and mixed it with some non-ironic irl stuff the photo well he got hacked simple literally nothing

>> No.35174478

gonna watch this if theres a jp dub

>> No.35174483

oh well just go spoken language only i guess

>> No.35174488

whoa is this the same person or this that the new meme word here?

uhhh anyway idk there's like a baseline level of hate you'll get for having a name from the samefags that will reply to almost every post you make without fail but besides that i didn't think he was getting bullied that much.

i hope he's doing ok where ever he is now. all i have of him is that blog post he linked me which looked like he put some thought and care into which is rare around these parts

>> No.35174489


>> No.35174493

You're literally recommending something inferior to Anki

>> No.35174495

to be fair bunko and meisou were the most respectable members of djt ever

>> No.35174498


>> No.35174506

>he said jamal pointed out small errors
cope and damage control we all know what that shit means. jamal was going after bunko for petty (or probably madeup) shit despite bunko being leagues above him. bunko has low self esteem and doubts himself because jamal is an old ass fucking predator

>> No.35174508

anki has left a trail of failure in its wake

>> No.35174515

nah that's og

>> No.35174518

i failed to see him get that sort of treatment. and who are you, the djt alderman?

>> No.35174519


>> No.35174522

And wanikani has left a trail of delusional failure with losers' fallacy. Fuck off, shill.

>> No.35174525

Anki is for dekinais

>> No.35174533

true except for meisou

>> No.35174556

vocaroo 2 lines of this >>35174105

>> No.35174558

joey and dogen used it to get fluent

>> No.35174564

and furthermore he only reason bunko wasnt entirely eviscerated by jamal was because he constantly kissed the ring and fed into his ego. you can absolutely bet if bunko had a backbone and called out jamal even once...
well lets just say it wouldnt be a dox happening this late to get bunko to leave

>> No.35174574
File: 155 KB, 588x408, 1623363423474.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35174576

how the fuck does one even get doxxed as a tripfag... did he actually call himself "bunko" elsewhere online in places linked to his real identity?

>> No.35174580


>> No.35174581

guys how would you interpret やばすぎ ? at the end of a sentence

>> No.35174583

didnt read

>> No.35174587

you can feel about it that way. i cant help but feel serious about things its one of my autism symptoms i guess bunko feels like too real a person to me

>> No.35174591
File: 11 KB, 198x254, smug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how can wanikani be superior to anki? that's absurd

anki is a superset of wanikani

>> No.35174598

its only paranoia till ur right
the killer is everywhere

>> No.35174599

stop playing dumb retard we know it was you

>> No.35174607

Literally who and the college student who scripts all his videos and doesn't speak Japanese at home?

>> No.35174609

It was dogen

>> No.35174611

he posted his email and a pic of his mom face. right when i said "wtf would would do that" replying to a post where he was saying that he was going to send a pic of his mom to someone in this thread, he posted a literal pic of his mom's face here.

>> No.35174632

the reason women all have ppd and see schemes everywhere is cause of evolution. the retards that didnt had a lower survival rate cause unlike men they can brute force a way to protect themselves and didnt pass on the genes so its objectively the correct stance to have if you want to not get fucked over in life

>> No.35174636

quality over quantity

>> No.35174649

here we go with analcrayon trying to rewrite djt history; "bunko self-doxed"

>> No.35174650

you're about to find out

>> No.35174651

someone used that and posted other pics and also threatened to send his posts to his mom and friends

>> No.35174664

im just saying if i were bunko id put on my name and trip right now and post my email again asking the doxer to send me the big document and if he did id make a video printing it out and flushing it down the toilet and post it lol thats how much of a big deal i think this is
and if i were agf id just post a pic of my smug face next to my glock

>> No.35174665

>wtf... what prompted him to do that? was it a self-dox then?
you cracked his trip, found his information. then posted his shit with his trip

>> No.35174671

it wasn't a self-dox. he merely gave too much material and made the doxxing too easy. somehow he thought they wouldn't find anything

>> No.35174674

shut up nyan dont think i didnt notice you japanese rezu posting at me

>> No.35174675

he didnt give anything. the doxer cracked his trip and posted that shit himself

>> No.35174684

and if you were 4bc you wouldnt even post your continent cause youre afraid

>> No.35174689

could be that as well. i think it's too crazy that someone would do that willingly.

>> No.35174697

i mean thats the best way but bunko is a broken kid hes not like that. honestly i shouldnt feel sympathy for weakness but he just seems like a kid with promise who needed therapy and a stable relationship with his mom rather than 4chan

>> No.35174698

come at me with everything, i don't give a fuck. "oh no what if they send me a pizza or tell my steam friends that i made language learning software for free :(((("

well that's fucked up, idk why people are itching to in-fight here recently

lmfao how would cracking his trip get someone his personal info? m8 just cuz u skipped high school doesn't mean u should be this ignorant about how computers work

>> No.35174713

why do you even look at the leaderboard
you wanna finish the course not gain exp

>> No.35174722

What is Genki, why isn't it mentioned here?

>> No.35174723

>cuz u
crazy how anacreon changed his typing style to match jamal

>> No.35174728

>well that's fucked up, idk why people are itching to in-fight here recently
arent you the gyu whos constantly leaking peoples stuff and talking shit about them?

>> No.35174735

it's all incited by that faggot

>> No.35174741

his moms pretty cute ngl
dont blame him for being fucked up

>> No.35174743

yeah but like if youre already doxed what do you have to lose lol and i mean just calmly think about it getting threatened over shitposts on 4chan lmfao btw im posting from a shack in nigeria drinking halal beer (the goat)

>> No.35174749
File: 1.23 MB, 1280x2299, guide.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

real guide

>> No.35174750

anacreons tools have miners in them

>> No.35174754

don't try to reason with snakes

>> No.35174755

yea thats exactly why i dont care

>> No.35174762

a textbook, if u do something like tae kim u wont need it tho

god ur slow

showing matt to be a scammer to his victims isn't anything like what happened to bunko

mining words is the whole point :^)

>> No.35174763

Neither of these guides mention posting on /jp/.

>> No.35174766

j*mal doxxing bunko has put my mind into the right state to think about me and my life more clearly
i came to the conclusion that i need a break from this community and do an extended no porn for my soul to heal

>> No.35174767

i have read his code and changed some things to suit my needs and i didn't find anything suspicious in there

>> No.35174770

reading tripfag posts is like taking a timemachine back to 2004

>> No.35174771

wouldnt be surprised if they were full blown spyware

>> No.35174781

one of the nicest things anyone has ever said

>> No.35174783

yeah really reminds you of the time your dads balls were bouncing off your chin huh

>> No.35174785

this is an elite hacker who knows dhcp we're talking about

>> No.35174788

but what is the scam that matt is running? he just told us to immerse ourselves in media. what exactly was the scam?

>> No.35174806

wait ur dad really did this to you?

>> No.35174809

it's just a lua script bro lol

>> No.35174813

the scam is he intentionally targets stupid people that don't know any better to buy his overpriced crap that he knows they don't need. he literally admitted to all this after explaining that khatz did something similar to make "millions" of of ajatt

>> No.35174816

what overpriced crap does he sell?

>> No.35174829

>he scam is he intentionally targets stupid people that don't know any better to buy his overpriced crap that he knows they don't need.
you're describing every single business in the world though. and if you think theres an exception then you're the stupid person

>> No.35174830

every tier of his patreon + the upcoming "course" he talked about making

>> No.35174831

i know youve got identity issues but you has fixed meanings

>> No.35174832

jamal never gave his take on the whole dream situation

>> No.35174842

what do you think education is

>> No.35174847

mostly a scam

homeschool ur kids people

>> No.35174850

>At this tier, you'll be invited to the Refold Supporters Discord server. This is an exclusive server for those invested in Refold's future.
>You'll also gain access to Matt & Ethan's monthly Patreon-excusive livestream. Come hang out and discuss all topics, Refold and otherwise!
thats what his patreon offers. how is he targeting stupid people? he's being 100% clear about what he's offering and not trying to trick anyone

>> No.35174858


>> No.35174859


>> No.35174860

it's his words not mine

>> No.35174864


>> No.35174869

are you sure you didnt just misinterpret his words for your own purpose considering he doesnt do anything you're claiming?

>> No.35174871

every dox is a selfdox by definition they can't get your info if you didn't put it out there

>> No.35174885

must really remind you wow

>> No.35174887

is not using anki viable?

>> No.35174889

every mugging is a selfmug by definition they can't get your wallet if you didn't put it out there

>> No.35174893

ur underage

>> No.35174899

almost his exact wording was this >>35173198

also what do you mean "for your own purpose"??? i make good shit for free, how would pointing out his scamming tactics help me?

>> No.35174900

sure, but its a helpful tool and theres really no reason not to use it when you're a beginner

>> No.35174907

lmao why would you go as far as to say something so outrageously retarded and farfetched to protect some druggie

>> No.35174908

he was talking about how khatz operates not himself

>> No.35174917


>> No.35174918

just read

>> No.35174923

remember chilling with a friend of mine in 3rd class or so and him using a bb gun on some fat fag ... shit was funny at the time but fucked up when i think about it now

>> No.35174928

godspeed, brother

>> No.35174930

how come?

>> No.35174932

its interesting how a lot of people who grind anki a lot eventually start recommending against it

>> No.35174939

never seen that

>> No.35174941

never heard a bad review of wanikani from someone who finished it though

>> No.35174943

cause you cant learn japanese with anki at best its a suppliment

>> No.35174944

eastern europe?

>> No.35174954

stockholm syndrome

>> No.35174958

sunk cost

>> No.35174972

i got to level 70 and i'm fluent now

>> No.35174980

well now that djt has been completely dismantled i wonder what the next generation is gonna be like

>> No.35174989
File: 138 KB, 1184x623, wk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my only complaint is once the radicals run out, they put in radicals that are kanji you already learned to slow you down
that just feels like an annoyance

especially level 40 onwards when radicals come up mimicking kanji you already burned
for example

its just duplicates and sucks

>> No.35175001
File: 4 KB, 115x250, 1622998168731s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35175009

crazy how og chased out quiz and jamal just sad we had to see bunko become collateral damage

>> No.35175017


>> No.35175018
File: 1.03 MB, 1920x1080, 0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thats a big ring

>> No.35175021
File: 94 KB, 520x448, dekiru-chan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35175022

unko is a bonus

>> No.35175024

idk but hopefully they can keep the tripfaggots out

>> No.35175031

gonna make パンケーキs tomorrow with my favorite fillings nutella and lowfat quark mixed with sugar powder and ichigo ジャム

>> No.35175032

always knew she had issues but this time she just went too far

>> No.35175035


>> No.35175040

still don't know who "OG" is or how u can tell when she posts, pretty sure it's all in ur heads

>> No.35175049
File: 27 KB, 360x336, bg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

heres the source

>> No.35175050

good post!

>> No.35175066

quarks fuckin gross bro

>> No.35175067


>> No.35175068

if thats your superchat then thats epic

>> No.35175091
File: 2.59 MB, 2880x848, dekiru-chan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35175097

just quark? yea i agree but i said you need to mix it with satou powder for pancakes or add milk, yoghurt, oats and fruits if you wanna go and get a high protein oatmeal.

>> No.35175111

i want to be your son

>> No.35175115

really like how they put coco on the kfp stream calendar now
wish there was a calendar where i could just checkmark my oshis

>> No.35175117

>upper beginners
doesn't exist

>> No.35175128

might pick up a trip for the next rendition of djt

>> No.35175132

what do you call people around n1 level then?

>> No.35175137

absolute beginners

>> No.35175140


>> No.35175150

i want to be your enerugi

>> No.35175174

thinking about letting j'mal watch og and me do a lot of メロメロハメハメハ

>> No.35175182

just remembered i used to keep saying L5 instead of N5 or whatever because i never care about that test and i kept thinking of 雛見沢症候群

>> No.35175184

honestly dont know how id live with myself if id been born a woman

>> No.35175192

i would probably fondle and suck on my 虚乳s all day

>> No.35175195
File: 734 KB, 435x620, 1620411141868.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35175197

i'd be elbow deep in my vagina

>> No.35175199

literal pedophile

>> No.35175203


>> No.35175208

oh u are? you shold turn urself in

>> No.35175212

that scene was so weak

>> No.35175214

ok now imagine how i feel
he was making a reference to my post

>> No.35175221

great track

>> No.35175222

got that from konosuba

>> No.35175223

at least we danshis can cum

>> No.35175225

based. cant wait for disney to buy all the anime companies

>> No.35175235

yeah but you should see the face u make tho

>> No.35175240

it's prolly cute

>> No.35175249
File: 53 KB, 1080x721, dana white.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35175251

is this cope? you literally won't be able to tell if i'm cumming or not if you were looking at my face alone real life isn't porn

>> No.35175257

yeah cant imagine having penis envy syndrome haha *points to bulging crotch*

>> No.35175258


>> No.35175262

i mean yea i don't make faces when i cum doing a quickie but i do make faces when i have edged for more than 60 minutes

>> No.35175266

>yeah cant imagine having penis envy syndrome haha *points to bulging crotch*
best this guy transitions in 5 years

>> No.35175270
File: 1.96 MB, 1180x1910, E3hfwD8VIAAdIKN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35175273

wtf i thought you disliked him. why do i read moe so incorrectly

>> No.35175275

your dopamine receptors are severely fried if you don't make a funny face as a male

>> No.35175276


>> No.35175277

*goes back to yuri*

>> No.35175278

i dont watch porn but i have had sex but i guess its possible not all guys make weird faces tbf although ive heard thats the case

>> No.35175281

moe is a natural born asslicker he would suck up to whoever's at the top

>> No.35175283

have a hard time keeping my eyes open when im ejaculating

>> No.35175289

a girl said i looked way too serious when i was fucking her once definitely put me off

>> No.35175295

stfu hypocrite

>> No.35175296

wow moe left too

>> No.35175305

i coined 'simpering optics' for him for a reason

>> No.35175306

the top of what? how do we determine who is at the top?

>> No.35175308


>> No.35175318


>> No.35175321

how so?

>> No.35175323
File: 60 KB, 908x766, ajatt guide.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dude this is all you need

pay special attention to "laying the groundwork" and follow everything in it to a tee. the foundation is the most critical aspect of longterm gains.

>> No.35175324

we've moved away from OG

>> No.35175325

now that's what i call a mitizure

>> No.35175329

not large enough :(

>> No.35175330

a what?

>> No.35175333

we've moved into og's apartment

>> No.35175334

now we are only left with the kuzu (og)

>> No.35175343

true she should add me and you to it

>> No.35175345

get his penis out of your mouth, its unsightly

>> No.35175346

>adopt a parent
no fair he already has 3

>> No.35175353

you already made this joke 5 times bro give it a rest

>> No.35175355

youll get your comeuppance hater

>> No.35175358

the og (original) guide
1) learn kana (less than 1 day)
2) skim tae kim (don't do the 'complete guide' it's not complete)
3) core2k6 while watching anime
4) start your own mining deck and enjoy consuming compelling content in japanese

>> No.35175365
File: 135 KB, 324x430, 1622700114872.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35175367

wheres 10 years of minna no nihongo

>> No.35175370

old djt didn't know minna no nihongo

>> No.35175372


>> No.35175384

have u ever heard of
>any publicity is good publicity

>> No.35175393

have u ever heard of stfu weirdo don't @ me

>> No.35175395

the og (obese ogre output girl) guide
1) frontload tons japanese music and anime (subbed)
2) learn kana (play kids videogames)
3) learn basic grammar and practice speaking and singing to yourself and shitposting online
4) go to japan and attend a language school taught by natives

>> No.35175396


>> No.35175406

see point 4)
: ^ )

>> No.35175409

strange reaction

>> No.35175410
File: 39 KB, 468x720, 1622384903822.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are there any good grammar decks I can use?

>> No.35175422

i think theres one for dojg in the cornucopia of resources

>> No.35175423

uve posted the same shit @ me like 3 times in this 1 thread, u getting over time?

>> No.35175424

no way this anacreon kid doesnt have autism lol
literally just posts none stop about matt for some reason

>> No.35175432

wheres your trip haha

>> No.35175436

no, i haven't

>> No.35175440

never make it in 4 easy steps

>> No.35175448

hes older than jamal i think already had a kid

>> No.35175449

use the core sentence recognition css

strange reaction

fell off while i was posting on /g/

>> No.35175456

i'm feeling sorry for his kid gonna be unko №2

>> No.35175457

can you write あなた as 僕? @1:13

>> No.35175458

holy shit this guy has a kid and he spends all his time posting about some random guy online he has a grudge against? really feel bad for his kid

>> No.35175470
File: 8 KB, 485x232, you.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35175471

nah that's illegal ask og

>> No.35175473

hard to know if analcream is actually married with a kid. until recently jamal claimed the same shit

actually surprised djt let that go so easily

>> No.35175487

its kinda fucked up how whenever 1 awful poster gets sniped another 1 instantly respawns and takes their place
happens every single time without fail

>> No.35175488

my dopamine

>> No.35175496
File: 2.92 MB, 1280x720, MIAA-322.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35175498

i thought you were implying i was that dude

>> No.35175502

u know the doxxer hating namefags is a pretty big win for us

>> No.35175506


>> No.35175507

Me in the drivers seat.

>> No.35175510

i wanna play some quake now

>> No.35175511

u must be new here from r*ddit where u cant reply to multiple people at once

>> No.35175515

oh yeah i should take off my name before its too late phew that was a close one

>> No.35175526

if u actually care if my family is real or not ur a weirdo

good luck man, pretty sure that is linked from the animecards site btw

>> No.35175542

word of the day 権利付き

>> No.35175554

an contraire, i dont care and was explaining to the thread why you should just assume everyones a big fat liar

>> No.35175565

stfu schizo

>> No.35175568

so if i said i have no children u shold assume i'm lying and do have children? y?

>> No.35175575
File: 4 KB, 311x103, youtube.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wtf since when does youtube have a clip button

>> No.35175581


This will be my media consumption.

>> No.35175582

they added it for vtuber clippers

>> No.35175584

they want the streamable audience

>> No.35175589

you are mad at the wrong dude lol

>> No.35175595

are you autistic i am just saying its all moot and could go either way

while we're on the subject i have a fat 9 inch cock so stop calling me a girl, faggots

>> No.35175604

stfu schizo, no one gives a shit

>> No.35175605

he wants to be mad

>> No.35175613

strange response

ohhhh are you the "og"? thank you for making it clear. is there some trick to knowing without u saying ur a girl?

>> No.35175621

i don't use this thread but i've been learning japanese for a year anyways I have nowhere else to post this but I just need to share the fact that I had a hands-free orgasm yesterday (no anal shit either) I was just listening to some erotic asmr (in japanese) and the girl was whispering in my ear telling me to cum and my whole body got really tight and then it felt like my cum was leaking out and then I shot all over my stomach and I've wanted to be able to cum without touching my cock since I was like 12 so this is a pretty big milestone. thanks for reading and good luck on your journey

>> No.35175625

why is anacreon so feisty?

>> No.35175630

All today has convinced me is that /djt/ is just me, and another schizo here who likes to spend his time roleplaying seven other people.

>> No.35175639 [DELETED] 

https://bunkyosha.com/news/unko202big if true

>> No.35175640

thats crazy dude
just look for emo posts >>35160810

>> No.35175641

you barely post here and act like a retarded newfag while also having a trip. why are you embarrassing yourself like this? people notice my posts because they knew what they look like by now

>> No.35175647

big if true

>> No.35175655

crazy how they say leftists are mentally ill but y'all crazy as fuck fr

>> No.35175656
File: 983 KB, 1056x792, 1447608947475.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35175674

because they never get good enough to realize how bad they suck

>> No.35175687

the only way i would know a girl posted that is cuz she specifically went out of her way to mention she wears high heel shoes

wow rude wtf

>> No.35175691
File: 47 KB, 640x272, mpv-shot0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

feels good to be able to read hidden shit like this

>> No.35175696

yo is that a dragonball reference? lets gooo

>> No.35175702

obese girl cant go 1 day without insulting someone any time you see comically rude posts like that one just assume its her

>> No.35175704


>> No.35175716
File: 64 KB, 1051x486, fca2d3fd-cfcb-4595-aa90-941fa223b592.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35175717

i mean there's literally a guy in here that has so much hatred in his heart he is doxxing innocent people for no reason, i wish all the rude posts were just 1 person :(

>> No.35175728

slow gamma male here

>> No.35175731

Replace meditation with eating rice (Japanese imported only).

>> No.35175733

djt is for sigma males only

>> No.35175741

oh btw whoever called me a liar, it's more statistically likely i have kids than don't https://www.statista.com/statistics/241535/percentage-of-childless-women-in-the-us-by-age/

>> No.35175744

don't care

>> No.35175746

>cites statista

>> No.35175753

it was just the first result on google, post something better if u got it

>> No.35175754

>>35158867 good girl good girl a full 24 hours heres your candy maybe next time you could shoot for 48

>> No.35175760

just wishful thinking that schizos like that don't reproduce

>> No.35175781

how about dont make up bullshit and search for random graphs to "support" it

>> No.35175789

i said post something better, not shitpost

>> No.35175796

>last 10 posts
jesus chirst

time to bring the thread back on track

>> No.35175808

> i wish all the rude posts were just 1 person :(
is this the only 4chan thread - no, the only page on the internet you ever visit? or are you just very idealistic

>> No.35175814

oh come on that was clearly just a shitpost you know i know what i said

>> No.35175822

hes just simpering his way out of the fact he doxes and harasses people he doesnt like

>> No.35175826

ok then give me back that candy you just ate right now

>> No.35175839

true true
also good use of simpering

>> No.35175842

no. i deserve it (怒)

>> No.35175855

got mpvacious installed, can update the yomi card fine with the shift+m press, but shits fucked
audio from yomi works fine but the anime .ogg audio doesn't do shit, the image is also broke with the typical unloaded image icon and the text "snapshot"
did I miss something? the template sentence cards work fine

>> No.35175856

who is og going to fight with after all the trips leave? herself?

>> No.35175862

alright guys i'm finally gonna learn to write kana

>> No.35175868

it sucks
use analcream's script cuz it's way faster to create cards with it

>> No.35175870

nuke :(

>> No.35175873

og thinks she can sing mogu mogu yummy better than the japanese

>> No.35175876

i fight with myself on a daily basis

>> No.35175886

found her

>> No.35175887

ive been working on fixing this for the last couple hours, kinda annoyed
wheres this script at?

>> No.35175892

if you know my danzai yamaxadu cover i did on my bathroom floor at 2 am on my laptop mic youd know i can sing japanese pretty ok

>> No.35175907

damn that's pretty good even though she slips up a few times (this is the final boss of song covers)

>> No.35175927

lmfao that's spot on

>> No.35175932

djt sings mogu mogu yummy?

>> No.35175938

in the description of this video

>> No.35175953

see, you holofags unironically want to be like this bandwagon harlot and that disgusts me deeply. how can i keep holding myself to a standard no one seems to care about but myself. shits つらいよ

>> No.35175954


>> No.35175972

think 辛いわ fits better

>> No.35175985

cant end my shit in わ without doing it in an affected okama voice sorry. shits gay

>> No.35175988


>> No.35175989

>you holofags unironically want to be like this bandwagon harlot
no idea what this means

>> No.35176009

yosh, time to immerse in kansai-ben

>> No.35176012

bulma is a bitch you shouldve gotten space aids

>> No.35176016

im not an anime character im a human bean

>> No.35176040

did anyone say okama?

>> No.35176046

you think im the thread bulma dont you lol
no wonder i piss you off so much

>> No.35176048


>> No.35176052

obv i was being idealistic there, read the post i was replying to

>> No.35176055

ciaran post

>> No.35176087

yah could be

>> No.35176097

only the true nihongoers know how cringe a normal person using わ is

>> No.35176098
File: 538 KB, 1280x720, sanji.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35176110


>> No.35176119

just accept your role in society

>> No.35176130
File: 54 KB, 457x117, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35176141


>> No.35176160

nothing cringe about it

>> No.35176167


>> No.35176176

the effects of chugging nothing but little girls

>> No.35176180
File: 35 KB, 359x350, r.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35176189

is this what happen when you try to learn japanese outside japan?

>> No.35176191


>> No.35176197


>> No.35176213

its what happens if you lear japanese from sol and cute girls doing cute things type anime

bet moe talks like that too

>> No.35176218

only watched wanpiss over my shoulder when my brother would come over sometimes and chug it on the tv, but robin seemed like the most based character and her power was cool

>> No.35176224

men say わ sometimes in anime

>> No.35176229

t. cant feel na adjectives

>> No.35176237

tragic part is that was an authentic phrase than came from deep within him from the kind of shit he was watching. so in a way it was dekiru but in a terrible way

>> No.35176240


>> No.35176245

but youd not know how or why they can get away with it so dont even try it

>> No.35176252

im gonna usa kashira and dont care what japs might say

>> No.35176263

well congrats youre more woman than i am lol

>> No.35176265

why would i try that?

>> No.35176268

yeah like commander blue

>> No.35176277

silence whore. i didnt ask

>> No.35176281
File: 20 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35176297

should have said 「黙ってくれないかしら」lol

>> No.35176312

top 3 anime since 2010

>> No.35176319

yh not reading permacrippled gayjin neehongou

>> No.35176331

cope and selfown if ykj you cannot be crippled

>> No.35176341

it's funny how the original place i posted the script is now the only place besides refold that doesn't know about it and uses mpvacious

>> No.35176351

imagine having so usui of a kage you need to use use a namefield to feel like a somebody in a 4chan thread
no shade at my boy 4bc of course

>> No.35176353

using wa as a man and not coming off as a gigantic gaylord is beyond native level nihongo

>> No.35176357

anacreon do you know some easy way i could get mpv to work like animebook with a clickable transcript on the side

>> No.35176360

true, true even natives would struggle with it

>> No.35176371


>> No.35176373

ur post carries about as much significance to me as ur name, anon

what's wrong with just using control left/right?

>> No.35176383

lets goooooooo

>> No.35176390

ain't nuthin more reddit than a trip

>> No.35176395

lmao i can just see 4bc seething watching this

>> No.35176407

vegeta's neck muscles have made the most gains throughout dbz

>> No.35176412

can you believe this guy learned japanese in only 5 years

>> No.35176421

Pretty sure you looking like a fag is what makes your words be faglike.

>> No.35176437

it just seems a lot more convenient to have multiple lines of text on the side when you want to mine something and decide on the context as you can eyeball the subs and seek faster honestly id just use animebook if it werent for your script

>> No.35176438

hope you're being sarcastic

>> No.35176450

>it just seems a lot more convenient to have multiple lines of text on the side when you want to mine something and decide on the context


>> No.35176465

this is what happened. bunko used anacreon's script which scraped everything in his clipboard

>> No.35176488

u can download it and use it offline if ur paranoid
use ur preferred packet sniffer if u want too

>> No.35176495

nyan is the only good person that has ever posted here

>> No.35176509


>> No.35176516

this is exactly what a hacker would say to avoid suspicion, knowing most people would never bother checking....

>> No.35176538

yeah i gave him some shit but assuming he doesnt go on a fairy massacre of humans, hes the purest heart of djt

>> No.35176540


>> No.35176542

nah haven't u ever watch kitboga? scammer/hackers don't want you knowing anything or trying anything that makes sense.

gonna have to agree with this one

>> No.35176543

you arent good just because you havent committed a crime

>> No.35176557

I'm going to use a trip so everyone can talk about me while I sleep and then i'll wake up and read all the posts about people talking about me.

>> No.35176567

if you werent such an eyesore of a newfag youd know people talk about anons as your posts are as obvious as any tripfag

>> No.35176575

yosh, finally i can block the cunt.

>> No.35176585
File: 33 KB, 500x568, nipaa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

and some people who committed crimes are good

>> No.35176590

yeah but with animebook its all part of the player you just have to click on the line
when im mining i often jump around to get the right frame and this usually fucks up the lines on the texthooker page so i have to clear shit and ctrl blast through those parts to get the lines to show up again in the right order
this is a non issue with animebook

>> No.35176594

Sometimes I feel like i'm being insulted but then I remember if they aren't quoting my post they are talking to themselves.

>> No.35176607

literally impossible to filter all my posts without filtering so many anons as for it to be useless

>> No.35176610

>i often jump around to get the right frame and this usually fucks up the lines on the texthooker page
i actually have a solution to that i was gonna code up but it's been pretty low priority for me

>> No.35176643

you can still copy and paste what was showed above, it works. it doesn't need to show again

>> No.35176668

lamy reaching ending c,d, and e of nier automata

>> No.35176673

line in right order 1
line in right order 2
line in right order 3
*press <- button*
fucked up lines
fucked up lines

u can copy 1->3 and it will still work so i don't get what's the problem

at least here it does

>> No.35176677

this too, unless u jump around a fuck ton the correct lines in the correct order should still be on ur page without having to scroll up

>> No.35176712

gonna have to disagree with that, ciaran is an icon

>> No.35176723

the only correct take: https://youtu.be/8Ko3TdPy0TU?t=1734

>> No.35176741

so what you're saying is that I should watch cute boys doing cute things?

>> No.35176744

Tell me if she decided to help people.

>> No.35176760

why are the purple projectiles doing no dmg to her in hacking mode?
Is that a part of playing on easy mode?

>> No.35176762
File: 81 KB, 307x406, n1materialforicons.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35176776

it's recent


>> No.35176794

gonna take like half an hour at least until then
most of them did though
only kiara didnt, she didnt even get the option because she left a negative message for others
i didnt even know that was in the game

>> No.35176802

When Kiara did that it was so funny and I couldn't stop laughing.

>> No.35176806

yeah she's playing on journalist mode lol

>> No.35176809

i changed the key to update the card on his script
fuck having to press two keys lol

>> No.35176833


>> No.35176862


>> No.35176897

the issue is you dont know what the bounds of your context are going to be beforehand
say you have like 5 lines in the right order but you only want to include the first 3 so you go back now the page is fucked up alright no problem we just ignore it and mine from the lines above that showed up correctly
but suppose now after mining you seek ahead to resume at line 6 and find a word for which you want to use lines 4-6 as context
now youre in trouble because theres a lot of crap between line 5 and line 6
also sometimes lines 4 and 5 wont show up even after you seek back unless you clear them from the page (up above) i think this has something to do with line duplication prevention which anacreon implemented in the newer versions

>> No.35176898
File: 103 KB, 927x1347, E3jmXuDXEAIq1TZ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

analcrayon asking for vocaroos

>> No.35176979

daily chugging palate cleanser

>> No.35177005
File: 559 KB, 586x661, 235435434.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is literally me.

>> No.35177006

ending e incoming

>> No.35177017


>> No.35177023

when have i ever asked for vocaroos

>> No.35177034

yeah vocaroos are gay

>> No.35177059

>Hacking with a keyboard

>> No.35177074

Anyone have any addons to adjust anki audio length (cutting out audio, shortening audio.) Can't find a solution.

>> No.35177080

looks like shit

>> No.35177100

tried interpreting that in anyway other than a self-own but it was 無理

>> No.35177115

like shows with pretty girls

>> No.35177164

tried interpreting that in anyway other than a cope but it was 無理

>> No.35177193

i don't give a shit about a perfect frame anymore after creating almost 6k core2k cards with a hint fi... eh, anime cards

>> No.35177202

Tell your oshi to give up so I can see the ending.

>> No.35177204

literally me on the right j*mal on the left

>> No.35177212

she'll get there...

>> No.35177248

didnt shit on your clip

>> No.35177286

棘 o oboeta

>> No.35177324

nooooo she accidentally hit the give up button

>> No.35177420

「を覚えた」o oboeta

>> No.35177458

anancreon script sucks because it takes years to make each card with it
>audio from yomi works fine but the anime .ogg audio doesn't do shit, the image is also broke with the typical unloaded image icon and the text "snapshot"
i don't know what's wrong, send logs to the djt chat.
probably wrong version of mpv

>> No.35177466
File: 97 KB, 607x483, j.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's so over the top. i love it

>> No.35177476

>anancreon script sucks because it takes years to make each card with it
sorry but this is pure cope. i've used both

>> No.35177490

sad but true. mpvacious is faster because it's keyboard-driven.

>> No.35177516

making cards is cope. you will never learn japanese

>> No.35177519

my man, i've used both. i used it just now. you literally copy the text and press a key on mpv. it can't be faster than that. what you're saying doesn't even make sense, it defies logic.

>> No.35177522

yeah you and every other closet homo r*dditor
see: "camp"

>> No.35177524

stop replying to miniy***

>> No.35177525

what is this, jojo?

>> No.35177531


>> No.35177540

she's one step away from getting help now

>> No.35177545

Meditating and eating rice are the only way to learn Japanese. Nothing else matters.

>> No.35177547


>> No.35177550
File: 1.01 MB, 258x302, image0-57.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

finna based

>> No.35177556

>yeah you and every other closet homo r*dditor
i wouldn't know what they like over there. i don't browse reddit

>> No.35177562

>you will never be a woman

>> No.35177584

you're either lying or living under a rock if you havent see jojo memes spammed in literally every nook and cranny of the internet for a good what, 3-4 years?

>> No.35177599


>> No.35177605

i mean for the fucks sake the absolute state of this comment section

>> No.35177614

havent watched jojo but it does look very gay

>> No.35177618

anime going mainstream was a mistake.

>> No.35177622

I played this song to my imaginary friend. He's now Star Platinium.

>> No.35177632

i don't give a shit dude. i like what i like

>> No.35177636

>hiding the message so i have to clear the game again until it pops up

>> No.35177639

im a theatrefag and watch all kinds of over the top shit and classic hammy movies and jojo is miles above my camp tolerance. jojo is probably too gay even for ciaran

>> No.35177647

including mens asses and peens yeah thats cool dude but don't overshare

>> No.35177650


>> No.35177661

i think it was on his anilist no way to check now though

>> No.35177668
File: 280 KB, 850x1202, sample-85e4440599369591762a91dd6db4a5c3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35177683
File: 472 KB, 570x400, 1621162519796.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35177704

bye bye save data

>> No.35177707

it was epic when the josuke voice actor sent korone $500 and dogeza'd for watching other holos

>> No.35177714

imagine having a taste based on what people on reddit think is good or bad

>> No.35177723

probably autists cant really recognize campiness. i dont see how they could, really, not just trying to be mean

>> No.35177739

never liked anything popular never will

>> No.35177745


>> No.35177751

How do I shorten/cut the audio in anki? Don't ignore pls.

>> No.35177756

r*ddit is just icing on the cake of an already stupid series. and also literally responsible for shilling it so hard in the west and spamming tired memes like the sheep they are

>> No.35177768

you have no idea how popular these intersecting fan bases are

>> No.35177771

open your collection media folder sort files by date created to locate the clip drag and drop the audio file into audacity then select the parts you want to remove and hit the delete key

>> No.35177781

theyre all the same reddit fanbase

>> No.35177786

Where do you draw the line? Personally I would consider something having enough backing to be professionally created to be called popular.

>> No.35177787

on the subject of camp i fucking love disco
intersectional cancer, impressive

>> No.35177794


>> No.35177800
File: 115 KB, 1080x1080, 1*SVUANHeLnN4JKUpimS7wLQ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

he said the word

>> No.35177809

he said intersection first i was trying to imply that as well but thats too many jokes in one for my low iq sorry

>> No.35177874

this thread's in definite need of some てぇてぇ

>> No.35177903

>so what is your criticism of this story that was started in 1987?

>> No.35177904

the way holofags insist on spamming shit no one but them (him) wants to see is definitely some intersectional autism

>> No.35177908

read plato's republic and you might be able comprehend why its legitimate shorthand for filtering out shit

>> No.35177913

just say 全然話さないよ
eops will think you're fluent
nijonjin will say 上手 or 偉い if your pronunciation isn't garbage

>> No.35177920

pseud book that you didnt even read just saw memes about

>> No.35177936


>> No.35177938

plato wasnt that smart

>> No.35177945

mathematical notation wasnt even invented yet. plato didn't have a chance

>> No.35177955

so is it a pseud book or did i not read it?
sorry i cheated on nietzs-chan dont get so angry
maybe not the smartest, but no one understood s o u l like he did and shit that actually matters

>> No.35177957

What's the point of philosophy if you can't reason truth from thought.

>> No.35177959

to amuse yourself

>> No.35177960

>so is it a pseud book or did i not read it
if you really could understand a philosophy book you wouldnt get filtered by the concept of "and"

>> No.35177963

whats the point o- *shoves my foot up your ass*

>> No.35177971

1315漢字 4254単語

>> No.35177973

its ideal climate conditions for the seed that is you entire existence. you dont have to have it but it helps. or another way of thinking about it codifying the otherwise intangible like the italians did with music

>> No.35177978

tryhard post

>> No.35177981

alright whatever im just gonna fly around the world making $700k a year

>> No.35177982

i could just see you trying to have it both ways im not that stupid : ^ )

>> No.35177989

you give my ramblings too much credit
completely valid alternative i have a very love-hate relationship with philosophy myself

>> No.35177991

think you meant 話せない haha

>> No.35178015

only got an iq of 130 so i cant into philosophy

>> No.35178026

im probably lower but i just dont care

>> No.35178040

probably for the best honestly its just spoilers for an existence you cant change anymore than you can change the ending of a movie

>> No.35178046
File: 40 KB, 360x674, day15.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Another hard days work of earning 50xp on duo-lingo.

>> No.35178069

how much philosophy have you read

>> No.35178072


>> No.35178085

一羽 [ichiwa] o oboeta

>> No.35178103

he's ready to slay the beast that filters most djt kanjitards

>> No.35178110

dno maybe as much manga as i own. i skim over the premise before bothering to pollute my mind with trash so really its mostly just nietzsche, plato and shopenhaur. there was another dude in the 19th century i heard about recently but i though about reading but i cant remember his name. also non-philosophers can create movements and art that basically is a philosophy or in some ways better like shakespear, twain, tennyson, wilde, ect in probably i respect that more i think you have to weave something beautiful and make it resonate with people rather than write a fart-sniffing book about how smert u are

>> No.35178125

憖 o oboeta

>> No.35178137

have you tried kant

>> No.35178140

how do you get nietzsche's name right but misspell "schopenhauer" and "shakespeare"


>> No.35178143


>> No.35178155

don't worry, i've gone through rtk

>> No.35178160

i am absolutely not a materialist so no

>> No.35178192
File: 2 KB, 272x212, ore.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35178198


>> No.35178206

is this japanese?

>> No.35178213

its chinese

>> No.35178231

extra stroke in dou

>> No.35178265
File: 95 KB, 2123x840, akira.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you call that chinese....this is chinese

>> No.35178267

Looks like nega.

>> No.35178272
File: 5 KB, 695x187, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35178357
File: 13 KB, 1024x271, untitled (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

aww i expected an insult

>> No.35178389

hm actually i only meant that if you meant it in the "i want to be like you" way not the other kind

>> No.35178418

i didn't mean it in any way. i just wrote something. don't take everything seriously lol

>> No.35178454

crazy how they keep writing 田 and 土 instead of 里

>> No.35178467
File: 24 KB, 731x562, untitled (2).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35178476

plato more like play dough *smushes and tosses in trash*

>> No.35178477

sorry, i should have connected them but who gives a shit though, i'm never going to need to write something down ever

>> No.35178480

dangerously based

>> No.35178515

119 iq here and same. i can't even begin to comprehend dense philosophical discussions.


>> No.35178519
File: 5 KB, 383x233, untitled (3).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

just popped into my head thinkin of djt but no idea how to read it

>> No.35178529

sounds like that fatass who got fucking owned

>> No.35178543

learn it as 奴等

>> No.35178544
File: 5 KB, 539x294, ha.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i fixed it :P

>> No.35178547

If you need a thesaurus to understand them, then what they're saying has no merit.

>> No.35178555


>> No.35178605
File: 26 KB, 1075x531, untitled (4).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35178609

i hope youre esl if you need a thesaurus for that shit

>> No.35178612

wish i knew japanese so i could read this

>> No.35178617

not him
i'm an esl and i can understand them

>> No.35178623


>> No.35178631

The entire point of philosophy is muddying simple concepts with inane dialectical language so the emperor pays you more money to sit around and do nothing. So yes, I do need outside resources to understand their babble.

>> No.35178632

yeah they are blowing smoke up each others asses but they arent really that smart or using hard vernacular

>> No.35178640

this is probably an unfair characterization but i don't know enough philosophy to debunk it.

>> No.35178656

ask 4bc he can read japanese at least
only word i heard that was annoying dialectic was "meta-ethics" a million times. generally i agree with you but both of those fags are morons and the dominate one should have ass raped the beta faggot against a tree until he died or stopped acting like a queer in any saner time period

>> No.35178736
File: 780 KB, 2517x1275, hirigana.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35178746

very incomplete understanding of katakana there

>> No.35178758


>> No.35178777


>> No.35178783

holy shit that dude is annoying as fuck

>> No.35178794


>> No.35178826

thats an illegal thought because it undermines moral dialectics and modern ethics. they will gaslight you with shit about the holocaust and hitler and you wont be able to win

>> No.35178829
File: 543 KB, 640x606, 1580975343502.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35178832

there are dedicated groups of super nerds/autists who are moral nihilists and would say the holocaust wasn't objectively wrong

>> No.35178841

yeah but i mean i assume he is asking so that he can be taken seriously. also youd be surprised how even hardened edgelords will come up with copes before slaying sacred cows

>> No.35178844

My favourite Holocaust joke is "It didn't happen, but it should happen again"

>> No.35178859

i'm not sure what you mean but i'm just saying that people like the dude yelling "STOP STOP" talk about philosophy without treating the holocaust as an objectively bad thing.

>> No.35178873

i like norms hitler jokes back before he got bullied into being a pussy

>> No.35178883

? lol

>> No.35178904

i could only stand about 15 minutes of that "discussion" and i honestly think arguing ethics is a waste of time unless you more or less are on the same level or one is weakminded enough to yield

>> No.35178919

nm this is the good one

>> No.35178924

It's not about truth it's about power, saying you're anything but righteous and virtuous is a concession of power. History is a game of stories.

>> No.35178928

this guy gets it (mostly)
ignore anything he says about me though : ^ )

>> No.35178933

what does it even mean for a moral statement to be true lmao

>> No.35178948

stop reading german philosophy youll catch their autism

>> No.35178974

it adheres to some standard or principle which gets arbitrarily defined as moral and is disconnected from how the average person conceives of morality (some ethereal quality given to us through god or spirits or is part of the universe somehow)

but don't ask me for details cuz i don't understand wtf they're saying

>> No.35178986


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