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Which 2hu is the fattest?

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Sure about that?

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Its yuyuko possesing these three

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you're mom

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my day was going pretty bad, then I open /jp/ and see a fatty thread, day saved

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the dumb radioactive bird is cute even when she is fat

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unoriginal answer but it's just the truth, Letty is the lardiest lardhu

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Being absorbed by Letty's softness!

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u, hu

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What if Chirumiru is highly caloric?

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Chubby and short Yuuka is cute.

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she sure is, and chubby Yuuka art seems to be growing increasingly popular recently

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high calorie Cirno is always very appreciated

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careful, soft or not she's VERY heavy

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Your welcome anon

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I want to marry Alice and console her with cuddles and sex after her periodic despair-induced binges from nobody showing up to her parties!

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This pleases the architect.

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Here i have some Yuuka

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Big Wemy

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Mmm big and soft 2hu tummies
Just want to bury my face into them

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Alice likes to eat a lot of meat.

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human meat
she is cannibal!

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Alice wouldn't be so big if she had people to share her birthday cakes with

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big wemy is what I live for, I just want to feed her and make her life even more luxurious than it already is

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Doesn't it bother you that she's a vampire and everything she eats is made out of people she's killed?

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perhaps a more simple, common vampire would eat purely human meals but Remi has much more advanced tastes than that! besides, she should get to eat whatever or whoever she wants as long as it makes her happy

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She can share them with me and we both can build our bodily mass together!

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I'm sure Alice will feel much less self-conscious about it if you get fat with her!

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thank you, anon! here's a fat Yuuka of my own in return

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Have a Remi Dakimakura

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No. Alice is a good girl she does not eat people.
She just has fatty liver from eating too much good meat with too much alcohol.
See other non-cannaible 2hus have big sexy pot bellys.

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Due to her “smol” body, Remilia does not need to feast as much as a normal vampire. Whom generally do not need to eat as often as a normal person.
In addition Remilia has been show to eat sweets pretty often, usually with human blood baked into it, implying she can metabolize both.

What I will do is put some of my own blood in an ivy bag and get a dozen cakes, incite my self over to SDM. Tell Sakuya that I have an offering to Oujoi Sama. She lets me meet Remy where I bow down in worship of her beautiful body and tell her it will only get prettier with growth. I give her my manly blood bag and force feed her the cakes until they are all gone and she is looking a bit more womanly. I tel Sakyua to start pampering Remi more and even carry her around so she does not burn precious calories. I repeat on a bi-monthly basis until she doubles in size and squares in sexiness, while cubes in cuteness. I move in full time to take care of the soft vampire until she grows to become a big voluptuous lady full of me and my love, in a very literal sense.

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Rumias has the fattest boobies

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I dont want to become a fathu

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Our graceful and regal fatbat is an example for all to follow!

Not necessarily a GOOD example, mind you, but an example nevertheless!

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that's ok, you shouldn't want to comfort Alice either

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I'm sure Remilia won't hesitate to mock anyone around her for gaining weight, despite her still being twice their size

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forcefeed the 2hus

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we need more fat threads

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i heart all chubby and fat 2hus

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Delicious Kyouko, OP.
Petite fat 2hus are the best ones.

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I once dreamed that Alice baited her house with ensorcelled foods to capture Marisa during one of her periodic raids and proceeded to cram even more into her, first under the notion of making Marisa too fat to effectively thieve, then later that she could FINALLY make Marisa her's by showing Marisa all the food she'd missed by not coming to Alice's parties and whatnot. ALLLLLLLLL of it. It was pretty gnarly.

Shorties with some good meat on their bones are great.

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Chen should really keep her hands to herself...

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Why not both?

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Can't blame her. I probably molest her soft parts all day long, if i had the chance.

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Fat Chen is CUTE!

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patchouli needs to stop eating so much!

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At least the fatty can't fit through the doors now.

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wish fatty patchy would sit on me like that. imagine how blissfull it would be to have patchoulis big soft fat butt right ontop of you

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wriggles gotten a bit plump lately..

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look at those fat brats couldnt probably reach for food by themselves they are that fat

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Sakuya should stop feeding them!

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sakuya now cant do her maid duties on time

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WHAT the FUCK. my wife is not FAT

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God. She has to use her time stop ability to get her stuffs done! Damn these fatties, can't help themselfes but to piggy out.

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the gensokyo obesity rate has jumped to unforseen levels

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We need to start to knead their fatguts. So that they want to begin dieting.

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you fool
you just made them digest food faster
now they are hungry again

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Then i keep molesting their belly, while i call them piggy. Maybe that will help.

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if you wont be nice to fathus something bad might happen to you...

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I give them an all you can eat buffet.

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and how you gonna get all that food

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It's a magic table that resupply itself with foods. Or cooking for them i guess.
In exchange for letting me call them whatever i want and molesting their bodies however i want!

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you wont live long as a food creating youkai when you are so careless with your powers
surely someone will have interest in you

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Chub mikos

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And what will they do?

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I want to be locked between Patchuppa and Eirin plump bellies.

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most youkai girls will want have you for them only
while reimu or sanae could seal you away

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Imagine being stuck in a small room with all of these plump 2hu milfs?

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Built for botezuri

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So i just need to avoid those two dummies and find out what food they like, so i could distract them with it.
And keep an eye out for youkai girls? Well they probably like to eat good foods, but aren't they afraid of their hitbox becoming enormous?

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isn't Wriggle one of the youkai that actively prey on humans? for her to gain that much weight has some pretty concerning implications if so

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You guys always go overboard with the fatness.

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I do feel so too. But i guess everyone is different. i just want to molest a slightly fat 2hu's belly.

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it'd be hard not to, Ran is entirely soft parts these days...

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Yes, these projects are masterpieces all.

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She needs to hold back a little bit on eating though. Or she will start getting stuck in doors and other places!
Still i want to cuddle with her.

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the Hakurei Miko tried to put a stop to Youmu's architect ways, but I don't think she was very successful...

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she's trying to eat less, it's just trying and succeeding are two very different things. you'll still help her through when she gets stuck in doorways though, right?

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M-maybe... but i feel like i'm gonna exploit her a little bit before i do that. Feeling up her plump ass and fluffy tails or her breasts and belly with her ears, depending which end i'm on.

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That's actually pregnancy for whatever strange reason (the writing on her belly reads as "pregnant vixen") and raises the question of whether she's going to birth an eight-pack of normal kids or she's gonna' turn into a living hot dog vending machine, buns and toppings and all.

Have the textless version instead, that one's more in-line with the thread.

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she brought this on herself by eating so much, I'm sure it's fine if you wanna grope her a little

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Uh oh remi ate too much food

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Inchling more like footling

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They all have around same figure so the one with highest height will be the fattest.

>> No.35241478

That is right. Nothing wrong with groping a fatty. She was the one who got fat on her own.

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Wemy stuck.
Feed her because she cant get up to get food her self, she will go hungry if we dont help her!

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File: 1.08 MB, 800x800, bbw_remilia_s_midnight_snack_by_metalforever_d7hn46u-fullview.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how typical of an overindulgent brat like her

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she ate your dreams

>> No.35263954

poor baby, we need to get her more food immediately!

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She is a man eater.

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Soga no Tojiko

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How many people had to die for her to get that big