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Guide: https://streamable.com/nw9lo1

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I've been learning 50 new cards a day for a month and a half. Spending 3 hours, sometimes 4. I don't watch anime or read.

But I am satisfied and able to maintain this pace.

How bad of a situation is this, is this okay?

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it's great. i got the perfect thing for you to casually listen to while you do your reviews. see if you can pick out any of the words you've learned

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Very bad

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hard day today, what about you guys?

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easy. DAY. easy day

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look at those muscles of steel

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love doujin music love and japanese nxc simple as

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damn japan sounds like an 悪夢

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why not keep their native bank accounts and do everything by mail?

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dad asked what i was reading that gook shit for today

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pretty good but you should start learning japanese soon

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YOOOOOO just realized i can play ps1 games on my psp

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YOOOOOO just realized i can play ps5 games on my ps5

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pretty based holo taste, i have to admit

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YOOOOOO just realized i can play ps games on my pc

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miko's so underrated

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this is what you look like when it comes to queefmaster 2bh

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these are obvious but not as obvious as my first post

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man those guys were never funny

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fake news

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>flowers are blocking my view

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vtubers still shit but based taste ngl

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now i see where anacreon gets his taste

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better than nonwhites kakattekoi yo

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is this real lmao?

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reminds me of this classic song

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*if you

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狙いうち gonna be my first karaoke at the meetup afterparty

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couldn't be me

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if you ignored the posts u think are mine id be one of the best poster itt so do it

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all fake

>> No.35133325

i keep tellin u the thread doesnt deserve you but you still here

>> No.35133326

all me

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it's a fake dab guy but i agree with the sentiment so im not upste by it

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wonder if you haters would be desperate enough for mal adds if made an account and found out how many anime ive watched

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djt sleepover after the meetup

>> No.35133416

i choose not to. i underwent special training for it

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that must be awful dreaming that much

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more my style

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sure is a lot of furigana for a song from an adult anime

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hates this newfag

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why do americans always make shit up about other people?
you can ask anything about any nationality and some amerifat will come out from a hole in the ground and just make up some theory that he removed from his dirty ass and pass it off as a fact

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Guys I think there's only two people in this thread samefagging hard.

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it's always funny how you can tell it's output cunt by the severe lack of kanji.

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white americans have an average iq of 103 and score higher on the PISA (international school test) than any other white country. you're also using an american website hosting discussions involving mostly american participants.

basically, show americans some respect.

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you can tell it's og because her japanese is basically english with japanese words

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thanks to 4chan i read the thumbnail as YAGOO Redpilled

>> No.35133904

thats what i was thinking too lmao

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just saw this 15 minutes ago crazy how that works

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what does that mean

>> No.35133975

english but with japanese words

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why would i want to be like that

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"english with japanese words" doesnt make sense

>> No.35134019

just feel it out

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dumb eop

>> No.35134041

no its basic ime keyboard or whatever
changing kana to kanji is standard for natives nice cellphone

>> No.35134050

what a high-effort post, tranny

>> No.35134067

show me where something is liek that and not a japanese expression
ydkj and your cellphone is too big

>> No.35134080

moe coming to the aide of holofags once again. what happened to my hero

>> No.35134084

og can you sing this? one of my favorites. it's subbed

>> No.35134091

never expressed anything but disdain for the 1 guy in the thread who posts hollow shit

>> No.35134112

sorry youll have turn to moe when gets desperate enough. id rather stay reviled

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2 lazy to @ posts id normally respond to but it was cute when og called me あいつ

>> No.35134133

og should download autoenglish on her cellphone

>> No.35134170

i have something better for og

>> No.35134205

i could just upload the audio so you wouldn't know what it was but then you couldn't understand what they're saying

>> No.35134206

Sing Ikenai Borderline.

>> No.35134243

>mogu monkey

>> No.35134310

are japanese better at understanding each other through context because of how unreliable their language is

>> No.35134312

what are you even doing

>> No.35134338

this is actually a really hard song if you don't know japanese

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>> No.35134357

>believes in iq
low iq

>> No.35134359

those "hate" videos unironically hurt matt's feelings even if he doesn't communicate that to you. his attitude toward business and customers is similar to that of most business owners - he's just an honest and self-reflective enough guy to spell it out in a way that few others would. take it easy on him man.

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Die normie.

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Haha lol.

>> No.35134388

a stretch, even for here

>> No.35134403

>no kanji in post
Skipped without reading

>> No.35134445

>And why I hate them
Can you stop reminding me how garbage Youtube is, please.

>> No.35134468

Are you lot using a nip keyboard or a desktop one?

>> No.35134470

who the fuck would pretend to be bad at math how is that cute? shit sucks

>> No.35134472

tell me more

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>gets tricked into liking pro-vtuber video

>> No.35134505

disliked this one.
thanks for telling me ill double-check and dislike if ur right

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>watches a pro-vtuber video

>> No.35134566

just living my best life : ^ )

>> No.35134569

you know what, i might put one through mine too

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I want to get rid of widows in favor of the penguin os. would i be ok to make the transition being vinnies the only thing holding me back?

text hook suggestions also appreciated

>> No.35134574

im sorry the best thing you could find to do in your life is ankle biting

>> No.35134576

some pedo shit right here i dont care how centuries old it is fucking cringe from beyond the ages

>> No.35134579

>ankle biting
now whos using buzzwords i dunno what that is

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>would i be ok to make the transition being vinnies the only thing holding me back?

>> No.35134595

if mention of a boy conjures pedo thoughts in ur mind the problem is in ur own brain

look inward

>> No.35134599

This general is just fucking garbage isn't it.

>> No.35134600

>text hook suggestions
this is the intermediate thread

>> No.35134602

actually i think og is alright i just want her to notice me

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i only dish out a small amount of whats sent my if we tally up the amount of snipes and the depth of the insult (blow your brains out, ect)

in your case you didnt want to reason with me in any capacity from the start and acted like i wanted to ride your dick just cause i tried to make nice a few times further ruining any possibility of getting along.

you (you) me or mention my name 9 times for every one time i call you a pig lmao thats a win in my book now matter how you cope about post quality or whatever

>> No.35134656

Get this not only do you have to learn what sound each symbol means, but you also have to know what word those sounds make. This is unbelievably difficult.

>> No.35134659

i'm archiving this thread for use in matt's civil suit

>> No.35134660


>> No.35134663

yet im the one who cant be reasoned with, hmm

>> No.35134666

i gotta stop being a pussy and just watch everything without subs the whole day until i get tinitus

>> No.35134684

og give us some vocaroos like last time.

>> No.35134690


>> No.35134697

post em

>> No.35134709

asking for my vocaroos has too strong a correlation to the holofags of the thread to be worth it

>> No.35134717

dont think you know what this means

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>> No.35134755


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>> No.35134796

just stop making rancid posts wow so hard

>> No.35134803

I think i'm going to watch this again.

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still know barely any of them

>> No.35134834

i wonder if matto ever feels like raito, trying to find my name so he can write it in his mommy's debt note

>> No.35134841


>> No.35134855

i know your name

>> No.35134871

it's bob


>> No.35134877

ok this one i liked but does it count as true heavy metal? also i liked this one too if it counts.
how can you say that when you delete a reply to my post you said you liked after finding out it was me. by definition anything i post is "rancid" nice tautology

>> No.35134894

Why do you still suck at Japanese after all this time?

>> No.35134912


>> No.35134938

i can't believe jamal supports killing matt

>> No.35134947


>> No.35134979


>> No.35134980

crazy how mattos always mad and having drama about something

>> No.35134995

makes sense that failed guidefag anacreon is doing criminal shit to go after the ultimate japanese language guru

>> No.35135004

Coco is leaving bros ;_;

>> No.35135040

wtf noooo

>> No.35135043

you can piss on his borderline criminal antics without emphatically slobbering jew cock

>> No.35135049

it is yeah
>how can you say that when you delete a reply to my post you said you liked after finding out it was me. by definition anything i post is "rancid" nice tautology
i already told you why i deleted it youve brought it up like a hundred times now how butthurt are you lmao

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>> No.35135089

based susumu enjoyer


>> No.35135144

muromi is a rare funny comedy and pretty edgy for japan honestly i recommend
its got loli harpie and other assorted chug for you degens as well

>> No.35135271

i dont support anything of the sort dont say shit like that abt ppl

>> No.35135290

>story from johan's perspective as opposed to tenma's
would be very interesting yeah

>> No.35135306

misa doesn't show up that early

tho i do agree it kinda peaked at episode 7 where he makes the wife commit suicide

>> No.35135310

anyway me and og r still goin to bed but tonight the beds all mine and shes sleepin on the couch

>> No.35135320

yea that's the episode i had in mind where afterwards the story collapsed

>> No.35135325

if we are being honest misa and her entire arc including the rem asspull and her relationship with raito is a major negative for deathnote. they should have went the kaiji route and had every character with dialog male

>> No.35135393

I liked Misa because she was dressed super hot.

>> No.35135559

not the worst take ive seen, but ur still that stupid uppercasing holotard

>> No.35135620

fuck off dude

>> No.35135627

wonder how often og masturbates. women don't masturbate a lot since they have lower sex drives.

>> No.35135662

anime is a visual medium downplaying the impact the attractiveness of characters has on your overall impression of a show is gay as fuck

>> No.35135665

That's just what they tell the virgins.

>> No.35135688

women have a greater sex drive than men in my experience

>> No.35135699

wtf what happened narrative bros

>> No.35135711

actually the "sex positive" types like to brag about how horny they are but they never actually are compared to men, because their biology limits them.

>> No.35135726

ive jacked off so many times loooool holy shit

>> No.35135758

can't tell who you're making fun of here but i'm gonna guess you're making fun of whores who put on an act for cred.

>> No.35135865


>> No.35135878

>User Stats
>Maximum Users: 18,000
>Enabled Users: 17,300

hope ur on animebytes already boyz

>> No.35135894

im good

>> No.35135979

the average woman masturbates about as often as the average djter has sex

>> No.35135984
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>> No.35136012

this bitch is actually evil

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File: 1.40 MB, 1546x739, 1623210088478.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35136150

great jp posts, holofags, really contributing to the daily japanese thread and proving you are here to learn japanese

>> No.35136188


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btw that was meant as 皮肉

>> No.35136198

I heard bitcoin got screwed today. How much money did you lose buying imaginary money.

>> No.35136235

Sensei is leaving please understand onegai

>> No.35136286

i went all in on cococoin a few hours ago

>> No.35136321

>ヤッパッパー ヤッパッパー イーシャンテン
do i need a card for this?

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>> No.35136693


>> No.35136707

based dub fan

>> No.35136833

defeats his own argument with his terrible english. you can only interface with japanese shit in japanese

>> No.35137223

same. there way too many good incest/jk doujinshi

>> No.35137645


>> No.35137659

came here to laugh at morbido guy

>> No.35137747

anacreon whats jamll boyz

>> No.35137893
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>> No.35137898


>> No.35137908

2 cellphones is too many for you moe

>> No.35137961

so this is the power of 20% comprehension

>> No.35138136
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wouldnt it be funnty if obese girl spent like 30 minutes trying to write that post

>> No.35138144

thats why i dont read her posts

>> No.35138212

Why did #2873 get deleted?

>> No.35138230
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im die. thank you forever

>> No.35138255

coco bros... it should have been korone

>> No.35138319



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>> No.35138417

clearly you cant comprehend even that much lol
it wasnt event that subtle of a "trap" if you even wanna call it that
damn you are as stupid as you are bad at japanese

>> No.35138578


>> No.35138605

i was able to feel out you dont need na for dekiru and you do need na for muimi

>> No.35138633

that actually sounds right
im definitely behind on my grammar
thanks for the constructive critique

>> No.35138643


>> No.35138713


>> No.35138765

oh no moe got an l

>> No.35138778
File: 48 KB, 735x627, 1613521274161.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35138781

shes behind on grammar behind on vocab behind on kanji wtf lol

>> No.35138790

which was what

>> No.35138827
File: 88 KB, 1280x720, 1621798293884.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35138832

and yet i still know more japanese than most of djt
its depressing for me too, trust

>> No.35138901

so whats the fuckin imi of this post

>> No.35138971


>> No.35139010

the absolute state

>> No.35139033

of my japanese level

>> No.35139054

is god like

>> No.35139078

been a while since moe got an L this big

>> No.35139107





>> No.35139126 [DELETED] 
File: 348 KB, 800x1144, korone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35139159

great the holofags are posting 3d troons now

>> No.35139170

wheres your song cover

>> No.35139197

of what?

>> No.35139243


>> No.35139282

>lyrics are about og's weight

>> No.35139321

damn this is catchy

>> No.35139359


>> No.35139453

its just one guy

>> No.35139495

i really hope right buts thats probably wishful thinking

>> No.35139546

its most likely oboeru retard dudes mentally ill

>> No.35139576
File: 1.51 MB, 1856x1266, holy based.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

75k live viewers

>> No.35139584

v-tubers are the natural progression of otaku chugging. this is why you niggers should have goddamn standards

>> No.35139801


>> No.35139915

thats a timeless redpill on the shitmunching masses right there

>> No.35139951
File: 45 KB, 406x406, 1623093530002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how common is it to see ほとんど as 殆ど in the wild?

>> No.35140026

next time you want to ask this google the word in quotes

>> No.35140027

wotd 排他主義 i guess

>> No.35140087
File: 1.09 MB, 1357x1920, 1622774448073.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

at what point do you think anime started becoming mainstream, and as a consequence, shit? Initially, I thought it was back in 2013/14 with the release of sao and aot, but I think that's incorrect. I now think it was the culmination of opm, dororo and bna.

>> No.35140294

you're just depressed

>> No.35140308

you're just a chugger

>> No.35140349

a place jamal made for when this place dies

wishful thinking on his part

>> No.35140398

he needs to make real friends his own age so he can finally grow up

>> No.35140409

ya but many of those flop

>> No.35140456

yet they keep pumping out the same shit lol im honestly so sick of this

>> No.35140468

cant be sick of stuff if you dont watch it

>> No.35140488

it was definitely the watershed moment for western chugging. before soa normalfags would hide being a weeb and it was social suicide

im less forcused on the west since its obviously gonna be cancer so i tend to hate haruhi/k-on for ruining anime at the source

>> No.35140522

im happy with the state of anime cuz odd taxi is airing

>> No.35140547

unfortunately madhouse stopped making good anime in 2011

>> No.35140553

im happy with the state of anime cuz they are more inclusive of trans issues

>> No.35140567

they arent actually

>> No.35140599

give it a few years. im sure if i picked up a few random periodicals in japan id be ill with the kind of filth they are publishing in them

>> No.35140654


>> No.35140664

waiting on a josei semen anime

>> No.35140674


>> No.35140695

yeah but in that case its because native otaku just love isekai. the west has very little to do with it, they still chug of course. what you really what to keep an eye on are streaming originals

>> No.35140789

see: devilman cry

>> No.35140906

sometimes the shit just tastes good

>> No.35140986
File: 160 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was thinking of immersing in chobits but I think I'll get a lot of rare unique words from it.

>> No.35141016

yep they dont make em like that anymore

>> No.35141030

they dont make em like chobits anymore
honestly modern anime doesnt even ask meaningful questions
except babylon which is why i liked it

>> No.35141262

4bbc would love babylon not sure if he could handle the moral questions it asks though

>> No.35141502

as long as it present moral questions without trying to shove retarded answers down your throat id have no issues

>> No.35141593

doesnt directly tell you want to think and if you lack an iq you wont even understand the point of the show to begin with

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