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Guide: https://streamable.com/4xjp3s

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If you're a beginner, please read the guide first.
Guide: https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/
Word of the Day: https://t.me/s/jt_library

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Should I start by learning from Minna no Ninhongo or Marugoto ?

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neither. start by learning from anime and manga.

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Unko Drill

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But I've been here since the onemanga era and I still struggle
nice,I'll take a look into it later

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anki vocab isn't working for me, is anki the only free alternative to wanikani for vocab ? anki works great for kanji for me. Is there an app for vocab ?

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it's only $200 for all the books that teach hiragana, katakana, and kanji grades 1-6

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unfortunately, wanikani is the only effective vocab app

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have you read the ajatt site? doing what it says helps a lot.

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fuck that sucks, do I just start memerizing the 500 most common words then continue upwards ?

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it's much easier to read after you know a few thousand. if you don't know much my advice is to just find a nintendo game with furigana like animal crossing or zelda and just look for nouns you can figure out. you can learn a lot of words that way while you build up grammar however you're going to do that.

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Getting close!

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Is hokagou shounen fine for learning vocab ? I tried it out a few months ago but I genuinely couldn't comprehend any of the words. Some anons told me to read nhk easy or try reading yotsuba raws. which route should I go ?

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anything's fine as long as you have willpower to push through it. but any manga will be completely incomprehensible for a long time. better to start with stuff where it doesn't matter if you don't understand much of it, like a video game. pick something where you can play the game even if you dont understand a lot of it. the problem with the games in your screenshot is those are really textbox dense. in the beginning you want something where the text is more like single words or short phrases. nintendo games are good. rpgs/visual novels are bad. even if you pick an rpg like chrono trigger take the approach of skipping most text you come across and just getting what you can out of it. for example it will be easy to learn the names of items and attacks but dialogue will be super painful so just skip most of it.

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ok i didnt know what Houkago Shounen was. looks dialogue heavy but short so it might be okay. no furigana though. just see how you feel about it

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like if you instantly get bored out of your mind switch to something fun.

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yeah I just realized there isn't any furigana and couldn't look up the kanjis I don't know in the dictionary. Gonna check out Boku no Natsuyasumi games, heard it was made for kids and has furigana. Thanks for the advice anons

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apparently there are ds games made for learning japanese like japanese coach ds. have you anons tried any ? Also recommend some games to try out for learning japanese.

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Fuck, I'm just starting and memorizing the hiragana symbols is hard

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if i didnt start with kana as a kid id probably never had made it

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are you guys retarded

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it dosent take that long, within a week you will be fluent maybe even less

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How do you recommend memorizing? Maybe translating romaji words to hiragana?

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I remember there was an anki deck for kana, you will have to get anki for Kanji anyways or you could read, write and learn. https://youtu.be/dPVpsX9ZPWE

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there are no romaji words

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You mean you can't translate kana words into romaji characters?

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sou desu yo ne

>> No.35121736

try to stay away from romaji, it's hurts more than it helps

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wdym its great for 4ch shitposts

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you can learn hiragana and katakana in like a day if you actually try, use a mnemonic guide like the one on tofugu. Then use either a web app or mobile app to test yourself throughout the day for a week and you’ll be pretty good a reading them.

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Why so early?

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surely this time this meme will be funny

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what a time to be alive

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moe doesn't have the vocab to enjoy shounen
no, i'm not projecting. it's just common sense

would you expect a guy who has only read shit like "eat, pray love" to have the vocab necessary to tackle something like Ulysses?

the kind of anime that moe watches without subs is just about little school girls talking about mundane shit. he probably gets filtered by all the terminology when he watches hetero anime

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Damn this is true, I did it and now I know it.

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you using myanimelist app right?

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fuck no

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girls and panzer is too easy with subs

9 minutes in and i haven't mined a single word.

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sorry i use anilist.co

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finally found a word to mine: 持病

>> No.35122887

sorry i use kitsu.io

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タイマン to 喝上げ o oboeta

>> No.35122934

礼節 to 淑やか to 慎ましい to 凛々しい o oboeta

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maybe theyll stop searching blacks when the majority of them stop having contraband just a thought

>> No.35122956

>jamal is racist
i'm disappoint

>> No.35122961

how is that racist its based on facts

>> No.35122964

this reminds me of this song we used to sing back in elementary


>> No.35122966

no i watch anime on the pc so i use the website

>> No.35122977

did hitler write the lyrics

>> No.35122979

>jamal is racist

>> No.35122985

anyway im just saying if ppl stopped breaking the law all the time maybe some of these stereotypes would go away just a thought

>> No.35122991

comedic thought

>> No.35122993

*just a racist thought

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that explains his behavior towards calvin

>> No.35123007

wotd: 漫ろ

>> No.35123016

i mean how is it racist

sick of ppl crying about black ppl crying foul when they r literally committing crimes and getting caught

the ppl who arent committing crimes that get profiled should be mad at their fellow black men for makin shit worse for the next not the ppl who profile them

>> No.35123024

say that on the street and i'll make you sleep

>> No.35123029

yes commit another crime its part of ur heritage after all

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>the kind of anime that moe watches without subs is just about little school girls talking about mundane shit
how can you be this fucken stupid even for a shounen viewer

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nigger detected
threatening violence because he has no way to counter the argument presented

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so many fallacies in this post.

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jamals been ornery the last few days. hope alls well
and yea hes right

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i remember when you used to spam screenshots from loli shows don't act stupid, immoebile

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I started playing wind waker in Japanese since it has furigana. So far what I am doing is reading the sentence and writing the kana and furigana into deepL and getting the translation. How do I learn from this ? Am I doing it wrong ?

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was that rly ornery i thoguht i was reasonably level headed and logical

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finna play this vinnie

>> No.35123098

so what

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i don't think this is effective
i played oot after finishing core2k6 without tools such as deepl
just make vocab cards from stuff you don't know

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>you are guilty of other people's crimes
>if you don't want to be suspected of something you didn't even do, it's your duty to stop other people that you have nothing to do with from committing crimes

>> No.35123109

and racist

>> No.35123125

agreed but you seem in a negative mood in general lately

>> No.35123130

except black people aren't a monolith. i don't like the bitching anymore than you do but the idea that you should be punished for the actions of others is kindergarten level logic.

>> No.35123131

lmao is this gippo dudee

>> No.35123141

I tried using anki for vocab (10k deck and Mnn deck) but it doesn't work for me only kanji works effectively. Some anons told to start reading easy news and yotsuba or play games so I choose wind waker. Is there any other decks that I should try ?

>> No.35123142

iam back from work. -Shiri

>> No.35123156

is that a picture of moe?

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>> No.35123165

then how are you typing right now

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>> No.35123255

get this eng subbed shit outta here.

>> No.35123313

thanks anon, i will keep pushing forward

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>> No.35123490

sick of ppl who thnik being banned from twitter and facebook means they are being censored from the internet lmao

>> No.35123549

tfw mentally horny but not actually dick horny

>> No.35123551

its frankly beautiful how humanity will funnel themselves to their rulers on their own they cant honestly survive w.o being dominated like some weird s/m shit

>> No.35123586

I feel you
maybe I wouldnt feel like this if I didnt watch erotic japanese cartoons shows all day

>> No.35123616

and then in the end ill b the only 1 left to turn out the lights


>> No.35123643

u won't outlive any of the djt bros in their late 10s or 20s

>> No.35123655

yea but theyll all fuck off first

and i might bc of my superior azn genetics

>> No.35123659

like a defeated dog, i go back to anki.

>> No.35123733

im the 1 wearing the dress btw

>> No.35123935

yes you can understand chinese

>> No.35124324

maybe try a good anime and not just uwu girls and guns

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>> No.35124389

you dont need to translate though, you only need to comprehend.

>> No.35124405

just understand it bro its not rocket science

>> No.35124426

very cute!

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nasty stinky fat rice bitch reeking lmao

then again og prolly reeks cuz she goes days without showering as well

>> No.35124863

japanese youtube is trash
japanese people have no personality
they have no originality either

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for my boy 4bc

the degenerate play at the bottom is lookin good so far lol

>> No.35125085

context clues
listen to the speech at its natural speed

>> No.35125103

for my boy jamal

>> No.35125104

click on "general" scroll down until you find "restore default settings" or something
click on it

>> No.35125107

It was windwaker, there was no dialogue audio it was just text

>> No.35125118

is that a simulator or sum?

>> No.35125130

yea i mirror some of my real trades there 4 the boys

its the jamall boyz etf

>> No.35125137

yea if i started doing japanese today id definitely quit within a few weeks, no idea how or why i pushed through it when i did lol

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>> No.35125171

the whole squad gettin paid

>> No.35125203

gotta even out the offtopic biz talk from you

>> No.35125204

since i started learning japanese over a year ago my tastes have changed a lot, now i can barely find content i enjoy immersing in.

>> No.35125551

oh nvm its both

every word i looked up today was like this

>> No.35125580


>> No.35125821

how the FUCK would you decide what words to keep

>> No.35126050

because they dont want to learn a language that way so they use the "everyone learns different" cope to justify not doing it

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>> No.35126149

that's the point.

>> No.35126625

i was in severe lack of pink wojaks, thanks bros.

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does anybody know where i can find DQXI pirated in japanese

>> No.35126898

if you answer retarded beginner questions then more retarded beginners questions will be asked.

>> No.35126899

not sure how i'm supposed to take on a super industrial german superpower playing as bum fuck ottomans

>> No.35126948

department of just go?

>> No.35126958

dictionary of basic/intermediate/advanced japanese grammar.

>> No.35126993

maybe はる

>> No.35127019

what do you do for a living 尻

>> No.35127021

his scat and fart pics are shit tho

>> No.35127028

i've become lazy. i don't want to read subs and i don't want to mine anymore
i'm just watching raw animu

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>> No.35127040

we want beginners to fail in these parts newfaggot now scram

>> No.35127041

not all

>> No.35127042

you're missing the point, nobody wants djt flooded with retarded beginner asking retarded questions

>> No.35127050

did you know? she can scratch her butt

>> No.35127057

i'm going to listen to the teachings of khatz
>pay attention to what you CAN understand

>> No.35127058

wanna receive umadurafera from og while she takes a huge fun with a vibrator in her omeko

>> No.35127068

beginners are free to stay im always happy to help

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>> No.35127095

amelia watson

>> No.35127113


>> No.35127127

Tony Timpa was killed in the same way without breaking the law.

>> No.35127128

its the return of the mac im still alive just like tupac

>> No.35127146

shoutouts to all the pink wojaks

>> No.35127148

the "i dont know katakana" resonated really hard with me

>> No.35127289
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why did the japanese mean by this?

>> No.35127353

wanted to post this one but forgot

>> No.35127522

i feel attacked as a polish guy cause she doesn't know warsaw

>> No.35127526

goddamn hookers are expensive here. 150 euros per hour is the average when people make like 600-700 euro. their clientele has to be 99% foreigners. guess you have to go to a whore house for normal prices.

>> No.35127543
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>> No.35127576

nah and if they were i don't know if the alternatives would be ANYWHERE near as good
imagine a fucking wanicunny or wanki stream

>> No.35127577

its epic when u realize the relation between that word and ryus 竜巻旋風拳 in スト

>> No.35127580

it's kurwa, bro

>> No.35127584

i remember liking EKAI-009 a lot

>> No.35127728

why does this japanese song sound exactly like greek tavern music lol

>> No.35127813

love how he rubs his hands in excitement before the episode starts

>> No.35127843

more like the good guys didnt win hard enough and wipe you out

>> No.35127910

nihonjin wa dasai

>> No.35127953


>> No.35128118

lmao think ive only heard this in tv shows as a joke

>> No.35128183

no it doesn't lol

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Differences between the classic and プレーする and 遊ぶ?

>> No.35128218

i didnt even put all of them and it gave me 1700 which sounds right

>> No.35128309

they dont have the chops for twitter

>> No.35128350

otaku culture is mostly escapism, and who wouldn't want to escape from there

>> No.35128379
File: 1018 B, 234x59, 1800.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ok, i did it. i was totally honest as well (checked if i got the answer correctly)

>> No.35128413

read more and find out

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>> No.35128430

me, i've lived in 2 first world countries and its better here. better people, you don't need as much money to live comfortably, no immigrants etc etc

>> No.35128477

yeah its in my head, rip

>> No.35128529

if you havent seen it in several months you cant be sure you havent forgotten it

>> No.35128540

but u can also remember the ones that arent green so it offsets

>> No.35128545

watching jp translated en clips is funny because they misunderstand a lot

>> No.35128551
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here's your live action spike bro

>> No.35128569

i'm more motivated when i have nukige to look forward to

>> No.35128571

the total number you remember accurately is less than what's in your kanji grid.

>> No.35128586

whyd they make him asian when he's literally jewish

>> No.35128595 [DELETED] 

Can I get banned for calling Jamal and Bunko negroes?
Hidden (((Star of David)))

>> No.35128612

cause it's a japanese show ergo if the lead isn't asian it's racist lol. i actually think john cho is a decent actor but he's way too old and doesn't have the charisma to play spike

>> No.35128781

its probably whatever your alltime mature % is

>> No.35128782 [DELETED] 
File: 246 KB, 850x1275, __moriya_suwako_and_ibuki_suika_touhou_drawn_by_nora_wanko__sample-5d350593823afa2065b4f49f9ed0ee2a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If mods delete this perfectly SFW image of a Touhou character, then it means that /jp/ has finally fallen in <<<their>>> hands.

>> No.35128786

this guy spends all his waking hours chugging hologarbage, crazy shit

>> No.35128801
File: 1.05 MB, 800x587, 1613566890630.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35128811

dame finished my 4k run getting close to finishing couch to 5k

>> No.35128812
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ebic that you get mad by holos throughout the day every day lol

>> No.35128822

i've reached the point where i just pity you

>> No.35128825

And this faggot spends 17h/day eating up bottom-level 4chan posts

>> No.35128830

damn japan's per capita twitter usage is insane

>> No.35128852

the holofag is from /int/ because even they couldnt stand him

>> No.35128860

more like "apocalyptic"

>> No.35128868

is it that polak retard

>> No.35128889


>> No.35128893
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Why are journalists subhuman?

>> No.35128928

yep its him look how mad he got lol >>35128889

>> No.35128932

>i've reached the point where i just pity you
sperging out for hours every day is not a form of pity. it's a form of rage

>> No.35128940
File: 1.25 MB, 1217x750, 1572698717907.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

let's get this thread back on track

>> No.35128945


>> No.35128947

>sperging out for hours every day is not a form of pity.
the only place thats ever happened is in ur diseased mind

>> No.35128963

because they're journalists lmao

>> No.35128998

梟首 dame cool word

>> No.35129012

lmao ur search history regarding ciaran

>> No.35129022

god so much happened in the market today what a day

and its still not over

>> No.35129026

im the 被害者

>> No.35129052

really is

>> No.35129064 [DELETED] 
File: 2.10 MB, 1140x1291, 1602620266289.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is having mucha prints on ur walls based or cringe

>> No.35129084

me too since i like g&s
pretty sure we had this convo already

>> No.35129088

its all downhill from here buddy lmao

>> No.35129095

dame actually og is gonna say im definitely gay now i bet

>> No.35129098

oh fuck i didnt know that was u though
mood ruined

>> No.35129138

i've made 7000 dollars so far off the nigger radio stock and fucking blackberry. finna buy some sick merch.

>> No.35129147

if im allowed to cope its only by a couple of months it still feels bad though, she is living my dream in japan and married to kanata

>> No.35129152

cant hate on a man for liking g&s
if it was modern vomit like hamilton or rent or something i would. just for that when you do get beheaded at the meetup, ill be pitti-sing for you

>> No.35129154

made 7000 dollars in 1 hour at my job

>> No.35129168

lol well im glad u sold those in the green congrats

u got a raise at the dick sucking factory i see

>> No.35129182

theres a meme rush on $wish rn but i dont recommend it

at least im not throwing anything substantial into it

>> No.35129194

well you have a job so you've already lost lmao

>> No.35129331

takes me a whole week to make that

>> No.35129339

takes me 15 seconds

>> No.35129349

my victoria 2 economy is booming after forcing concessions from most of the great powers

>> No.35129361

takes me 2.5 months

>> No.35129367


>> No.35129369

you're still salty over that lol

>> No.35129384

it's ok bro. some people have to make minimum wage to make goods cheap for the rest of us

>> No.35129387

imagine being in victorian england as a meiji japanese. what a trip

>> No.35129395

im at 1 second myself

>> No.35129412

i wasnt complaining i think its a lot since i dont spend any money anyway

>> No.35129446

wtf i earn as much as ciaran

>> No.35129456

hope ciaran has put some money away to help his family with the funeral costs

>> No.35129464


>> No.35129466


>> No.35129468

im the only japanphile here? when i hear things about mass killing and rape in other countries i dont care at all but when those things happen in japan i instantly cry and i feel like shit

>> No.35129475

i would have guessed 26

>> No.35129478 [DELETED] 

i work at an oil drilling company. -Shiri

>> No.35129479

yeah you're retarded

>> No.35129483

id actually give my life to protect japan assuming its still worth protecting at that point. cant say that about any other modern nation
but you have to keep that opinion under your hat it just comes off as cringe when you tell people

>> No.35129493

takes me a nanosecond

>> No.35129498

yeah thats a big fat fuckin cringe from me broski

>> No.35129500

ccna guy?

>> No.35129511

no thats not me if i said what my wage was i'd get laughed at till the cows come home lmao

>> No.35129519

yeah too bad for your social shaming doesnt cause me to alter my deeply held positions

>> No.35129520
File: 109 KB, 938x528, spongebobmeme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>id actually give my life to protect japan assuming its still worth protecting at that point. cant say that about any other modern nation
but you have to keep that opinion under your hat it just comes off as cringe when you tell people

>> No.35129521

was this how lolita was brought to japan?

>> No.35129560

quite probably they been obsessed with the victorian doll aesthetic for quite a while

>> No.35129561

definitional autism in fact

>> No.35129569

>kuuki on westerner filled 4chin
yeah i dont come here for that noise

>> No.35129620

gotta do the 人間失格 strat of 入水 then surviving best of both worlds

>> No.35129625
File: 217 KB, 1280x720, 1623175019331.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35129632

just dont mention the black part seriously lmao
im not trying to be mean im trying to save your future relationship

>> No.35129640

japanese people arent racist

>> No.35129674

dame u didnt even get out the gate
could definitely be bunko

>> No.35129680

hope unko gets behead by the yakuza

>> No.35129686

show hand
why are you learning japanese then?

>> No.35129702

got nothing against bunko he seems like a decent guy just a bit crazy but not in a bad way like mini yoga or whatever

>> No.35129713
File: 463 KB, 2048x2048, 1623081584741.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35129751

show bussy

>> No.35129767

really fucked up how this place and your own insecurities has convinced you dkj and cant make it in japan even if you arent 100% native fluent. temper your willpower please and be a man for once

>> No.35129805

flat out yo

>> No.35129824

too much sukyanderu and just the times changing. they are on twatter now

>> No.35129833

russia will invade in your lifetime

>> No.35129850
File: 69 KB, 732x720, 1621137526925.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35129853

and the creative side of 2ch moved to pixiv

>> No.35129912

we've moved away from being decent people and now fuck goats on the reg

>> No.35129918
File: 500 KB, 1600x1513, 0b1ef6fa5cc435339b00aa7dde1d6ce9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35129922

well i guess im glad you like your home nation enough to want to stay there
couldnt be me

>> No.35129943

you just cant handle not being the center of attention thats all

>> No.35129950

has anyone read tytania

>> No.35129953

wtf the full version is fuckin sick

>> No.35129958

I don't read, i'm not a nerd.

>> No.35129960

Spike is japanese

>> No.35129965

thats a remix bro

>> No.35129969

yeah its that, and not my race being passively being genocided and actively vilified lmao
also its nice to walk to alone at night and not get robbed n raped but maybe thats a personal thing

>> No.35129987

all made up shit

>> No.35129989

oh ya im retarded

the remix is sick

>> No.35129990

to think you escaped only to end up back where you started is proof this is not a transitory place of punishment

>> No.35129998

what do u mean

>> No.35130001

damn i love 和牛

>> No.35130016

I'm not wrong in saying youtube was never this garbage. I swear all shit videos used to have thousands of dislikes and people telling them to fuck off.

>> No.35130017

"spiegel" retard lol

>> No.35130021

s*yjack worthy post

>> No.35130031


>> No.35130036

Yeah what's up with the amount of inserted Jewish main characters in Anime, a bit weird innit. I remember that bounty hunter Anime where they started ranting about National Socialists halfway through.

>> No.35130056

i simply dont click any of your links

>> No.35130059


>> No.35130080

dame thats a big one

>> No.35130081

地震 [0] and 自信 [0] sound the same
自身 [1] doesn't

>> No.35130088

wow awesome

>> No.35130097

could probably count on hand the amount of times i watched a jamal yt link for more than 5 seconds

>> No.35130100

>i personally have no problem to help crash this financial house of cards as fast as possible
poorfag cope lol. i'm fighting the system, man~

>> No.35130101

gee, Goku, knee ear you

>> No.35130102

so what

>> No.35130108

>they legally cannot deny you treatment based on your ability to pay
this is only true if you got shot and youre gonna die or something, if you just need insulin or some shit and you cant pay for it they wont give you it

>> No.35130109


>> No.35130112

im not actually poor though but lmao at me paying thousands like a good goy. if i were actually poor i would qualify for poorfag health insurance

>> No.35130114


>> No.35130121

i get enraged by rich fucks who can afford physical possessions. humanity is in decline

>> No.35130129

ill make it to 10 goku someday

>> No.35130143

>the american healthcare broke into my house and and killed my dog!
if its something that you absolutely need like medicine or insulin there are a shit ton of programs out there to assist poorfags and insurance exists its just not good value for money unless you are a sick motherfucker

>> No.35130185

i mean so what

>> No.35130188


>> No.35130196

same here. the prices are capped though so the most you can pay is like £324 or something for the dentist. i dont think ive ever had to pay more than £50 or something though

>> No.35130198

need jamal opinion on galaxy angel rune

>> No.35130200

im trudging my way there 1 stack at a time

>> No.35130203

learned this from rezu

>> No.35130206

this one looks sick

>> No.35130207

jamal you are an honorary poorfag if you ironically are paying for your own health insurance lmao

you do know your co-pay and deductible is the same as what i pay when i say i dont have insurance, right? even for medicine

>> No.35130211

not the best

>> No.35130220

no im ciaran
i wanna carry a birkin around town with my new gf (male)

>> No.35130224

looks garish, gauche and ugly as fuck

>> No.35130225

that was the post. i said everything i had to say

>> No.35130232

gonna bunko's opinion on breath of fire V

>> No.35130247

nah my wardrobe is yohji yamamoto only

>> No.35130249

i dont really think too much about it at this point cuz it doesnt matter either way

but how much it matters depends on ur own health situation so w.e

>> No.35130251
File: 273 KB, 1280x720, 68.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35130254

would you say its a skipper or is it still worth a watch

>> No.35130264

save it for a rainy day maybe

>> No.35130265
File: 16 KB, 415x376, 65804-iID{1335147186}_415x376.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i actually prefer the kelly bag over the birkin desu but the price isnt memed as hard so no one gets the reference. if i got a birkin it would be the hac version in a natural finish

>> No.35130311

matt made a website that fixes all his annoyances with anki. www.wanikani.com

>> No.35130317

fair enough what aobut the games

>> No.35130320

im gonna start a business selling cheap purses w. supreme stickers on them for 100x cost on ebay

>> No.35130323

I actually probably won't use that deck anyway, because I'm too lazy to do Anki, I'm just curious how it looks like

>> No.35130325

ok carry around an ugly as fuck purse that you found at walmart

>> No.35130328

if u watched the anime first i dont see the point like right away after watching it

however if u havent had some galaxy angel in a while they r good

>> No.35130332

og no matter what purse u carry youll still be a plain jane dumb whitoid bitch

>> No.35130352

oh is that ur taste? well forget breath of fire V, what do u think of dragon quest V?

>> No.35130355

japanese people are so talented

>> No.35130372

I'll hand make you 100 of those shitty bags for 200k, bro.

>> No.35130375

learning japanese is easy
all you need to do is chug diarrhea the whole day for a year

>> No.35130377

feeling kind of insulted supreme is brought up in the same thread as hermes but whatever

>> No.35130379


>> No.35130392

oh yeah i missed /djt/ during the whole miura death thing... how'd that go down?


>> No.35130399

a friend of mine got me a comme de garcon shirt for my bday once thats probably the nicest thing i own

>> No.35130427

Why didn't he behead that dude?

>> No.35130429

nice bro. comme de garcon play?

>> No.35130455

just got a dopamine hit of sadness for predicting this response

>> No.35130456

Investment Bag™

>> No.35130462

how do you valuate craftsmanship

>> No.35130471

you laugh but i bought 2k chanel purse second hand when i was in japan sold it for 5k this year.

>> No.35130475

the most expensive clothes i own are a 300 euro peacoat and a 200 euro leather jacket both of which have lasted me years. though my mom knitted me a cableknit that'd probably be worth like 300-400 euros if i had gotten it custom made

>> No.35130478


>> No.35130480

funnily enough he actually did 追放 him for learning to play the foreign flute in the next scene

>> No.35130488

>amerifag hours

>> No.35130504

the most expensive clothes i own are some $200 socks. other that pretty normal stuff, like $100 max for a t shirt

>> No.35130508

sourcing and quality of materials, aesthetic/fashion competence, practicality, heritage craftsmanship far away from 3rd-world hands, brand integrity ect

>> No.35130510

as surprising as the fat fuck G.R.R dying without completing GOT.

>> No.35130518

he will outlive you

>> No.35130520

good ending

>> No.35130521

>retardfags post this same retardation literally any time of day
Another retard said the same thing 8 hours from now in another thread.

>> No.35130528


>> No.35130530
File: 397 KB, 553x310, 1621222315549.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

and nothing of value will be lost

>> No.35130533

whats ur issue

>> No.35130535

遮蔽物 o oboeta

>> No.35130537

both of those things are retarded

>> No.35130548


>> No.35130550

its only $200
how much do you make?

>> No.35130566

idk about purses but a lot of luxury products are (at least partially) made in countries like vietnam given the brand stamp and sold for 1000x the price you dont even know how/where most of the stuff you use is made

>> No.35130568

miura never wanted to complete berserk, he only wanted to keep getting cash and live a comfy neet life, i'll piss on his grave given the chance.

>> No.35130582

100k a year. the price isnt the point its that you're a mark making conmen richer by paying a 10000% markup for 0 additional upside lol

>> No.35130589

crazy how 4bcs dad owns a bunch of sweatshops in vietnam

>> No.35130596

chanel bags arent worth it anymore though they started making them all in subpar italian factories that make every other outsourced luxury brand. id only spend thousands on hermes otherwise i wont go over $500 for a leather bag.
my favorite of all time ended up a vivian westwood i picked up on sale
believe me im not some flyover buying michael kors or kate spade. i know all about the shit like supreme and the other ""luxury"" brands that are literally just memes made in the same chinese sweatshops. i dont even consider italian first world labor outside of shoes

>> No.35130598

>100k a year
ok keep grinding anon. guess you're really early in your career

>> No.35130605

yeah i guess poorfags wouldnt understand the value of high quality goods

>> No.35130613

u boys best not be flexing if ur paying rent rn

>> No.35130618

i own some expensive suits and jackets because the difference in quality and durability can be felt with such items unlike with socks and a fuckin tshirt lol. stay stupid bro

>> No.35130619

gotta say one thing i like about zoomers is their appreciation for luxury however malformed the psychology might be. cant even talk about this shit to people my age and older like jamal without them trying to eat the rich

>> No.35130620
File: 86 KB, 500x707, angry-wojak-blank-template-imgflip-49262084.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nooooo i need to put that money into my 401k

>> No.35130623

people pay me rent

>> No.35130631


>> No.35130632

i own a residential building worth 5 million dollars

>> No.35130633

there's no point in owning property when returns are much better elsewhere. it's just a lot of hassle. much nicer to rent and just leave if you don't wanna live somewhere anymore

>> No.35130639

lot of rich mfers in here

>> No.35130644
File: 94 KB, 1280x800, gendered-lang.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35130645

might buy that off your hands at the end of the day when ive earned that much from my job

>> No.35130649

where are these better returns? keep in mind a somewhat equivalent amount of risk is required for it to be a reasonable comparison

>> No.35130652


>> No.35130661

yes, go throw ur money in a big whole every month instead of using other people's money to get ahead *now*

>> No.35130665
File: 98 KB, 358x335, Screenshot 2021-06-09 05.26.18.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

best bag ever. everyone still sleeping on vivienne westwood outside japan

>> No.35130666

onaholes are that expensive?

>> No.35130667

>amerifag hours

>> No.35130669

shut da fuck up

>> No.35130674

imagine having to carry around a fuckin bag whenever u go outside lol dumb fuckin women

>> No.35130684

looks ugly as fuck like some old grandma shit who thinks shes still punk from the 70s oh wait thats vivienne westwood...

>> No.35130685


>> No.35130686


>> No.35130696

>grandma shit who thinks shes still punk from the 70s
thats kind of my whole vibe tho how new are you

>> No.35130710
File: 2.49 MB, 500x324, 1594332254365.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35130717

i know an anime is good when 20 minutes feels like 5 minutes
i know an anime is bad when 20 minutes feels longer than Godfather 2

>> No.35130719

its an ugly vibe

>> No.35130721

imagine some jap refoolder learning eigo making thousands of cards for fashion brands

>> No.35130723

>throw ur money in a big whole every month
esl or retarded?

>> No.35130727


>> No.35130728

people like og could never understand lotr

>> No.35130729

lol id say he gmi

>> No.35130732

someone post the pic of anacreons malformed head so we can get an idea of who were dealing with here

>> No.35130740

i can instantly buy and sell stocks and they make much better returns and don't require physical maintenance and insurance and shit

>> No.35130744

>holofag stops posting
wow not surprising holofag is a disgusting third worlder

>> No.35130745

the fuck are you talking about ive posted it before. what kind of world do you think im aiming for?

>> No.35130748

the land of the setting sun

>> No.35130750
File: 50 KB, 404x316, 9c6723103897063.Y3JvcCw2MzkyLDQ5OTksOTk2LDA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

look just keep your trip off

>> No.35130751

the place u live isn't exactly an investment

>> No.35130755

crazy how everyone on djt is an expert stock trader who can make better returns than the worlds biggest hedge funds who have millions of dollars invested into research and modelling

>> No.35130756

im pissed bros i dled lotr from perfect dark thinking it was the japanese dub but it was just jp subbed

>> No.35130763

and then i saw jamals virtual portfolio

>> No.35130766

no but i can make better returns than some retard speculating on his own mortgage

>> No.35130769

whatever you think you understand about lotr you dont, your soul is a putrid pit of shit

>> No.35130771

he could be european
he could be australian
he could be an american neet

>> No.35130774

wait you actually own a house that you live in? retarded as fuck

>> No.35130776

nice try i know it not you, no way he can go an hour without posting his diarrhea

>> No.35130784

yeah i bet you sympathize with the orcs or something. im not claiming to be a pure soul here what is this projection

>> No.35130788

all three of those things are subhumans so i dont see why it matters

>> No.35130792

shut up ogre girl

>> No.35130794

why do you take your trip off to say shit like this lol

>> No.35130815

i disgust most of djt ull have to tell me why i should care

>> No.35130816


>> No.35130821

damn i thought he was british or something

>> No.35130824

i could read it but only because of the pic

>> No.35130834

lord of the rings is the greatest piece of media ever made

>> No.35130836

i bought it before the bubble, it's almost 10x in price according to zillow lmfao

>> No.35130841

what does it matter what car you never drive?

>> No.35130847

it doesnt thats why i own a truck

>> No.35130853


>> No.35130854

explaining equity and not wasting money to poorfags is an utter waste of time. they are poor at a molecular level

>> No.35130855

tfw own property close to NYC so as more retarded morons flood into the city making it harder to find a place to live my shit will go up in value

>> No.35130857

i've never fallen for your tricks, gura
i've only fallen for you

>> No.35130859

i meant car as 'automobile' and u know it

>> No.35130863


>> No.35130871

nyc will be under water in 50 years so good luck with that lol

>> No.35130873

it still doesnt matter i view it as a tool

i never cared for ppl who care about their car like its an extension of them pretty pathetic if u ask me

its either a toy u tinker with and take down to the track to burn some rubber or its a tool for doing a job

>> No.35130880

yeah and all those retards will need a place to live lol

>> No.35130881

>tfw own property close to NYC so as more retarded morons flood into the city
the popoulation of nyc went down by like a million in the last year lmao

>> No.35130887

city real estate will collapse soon so id suggest ducking out for some remote property on productive land. but im also thinking long-haul so you might be fine ~5 years

>> No.35130890

wow i should put my house on airbnb since i'm already living in ur head rent free 24/7

>> No.35130905

cant imagine wanting to live in such a high crime area

>> No.35130906

lmao i know that kimochi. i catching victini at the statue of liberty was cool

>> No.35130910

>i'm not going to be selling for 30-40 years anyway
ok well enjoy having your property be the next detroit situation

>> No.35130912


>> No.35130917

dont think so nyc is one of like 5 cities on earth that will always have that allure that tards fall for

>> No.35130925

because people fled heavy covid restrictions thats all

>> No.35130930

is it racist to prefer pokemon white over black

>> No.35130932

tell us more about the luxury basement that you live in

>> No.35130934


>> No.35130938

you keep @ing me for no reason

>> No.35130953

as for わたし、ゲイ

>> No.35130954

only reason ud be this mad is if i struck a chord lmfao

>> No.35130960
File: 859 KB, 1916x1080, フリージング S01E12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they put the most obnoxious credit roll possible on top of the epilogue

>> No.35130963

you just keep (You)ing me
it was nice when you were gone

>> No.35130973


>> No.35130976

bet if we purged third worlders the holofags would mysteriously disappear

>> No.35130980

was it just me or did the version that had the legendary you wanted also have the worst normal exclusives? got memed into red version and i wanted a nyaasu :(

>> No.35130984

always a guy who "learned" this word but didnt acquire it

>> No.35130985


>> No.35130989

im from central europe

>> No.35130990

yeah dont care about your small european country

>> No.35130992
File: 161 KB, 640x613, arigathanks gozaimuch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35130994

vtubers are from japan and usa but somehow you think only third worlders watch it

>> No.35130997

nothing kills a boner like some horrible english text

>> No.35130999

holofags reek of the downfall of white civilization so i bet they are another reason i cant with my own race at this point

>> No.35131005

cant what
cant even?

>> No.35131006


>> No.35131008

> holofags reek of the downfall of white civilization so i bet they are another reason i cant with my own race at this point
oh is holohater the guy who wants to jibaku in defense of japan

>> No.35131014

yea i watched the anime version of this instead

>> No.35131017

yeah only third worlders would find our mentally ill women attractive

>> No.35131018

i apologize for nothing.

>> No.35131021

>im from central europe
absolute state of polkas lol

>> No.35131023

'avin my daily murderous seethe, wishin i had ciaran nearby so i could take it out on him for 5 hours

>> No.35131025
File: 22 KB, 436x347, file.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35131026


>> No.35131030

the usa is 3rd world now for real you cant go outside in most areas of the country without a gun

>> No.35131035

feel bad for the esls that thought they were ngmi not knowing you couldnt hear a goddamn thing anyone was saying outside out song even as natives

>> No.35131037

>(of a person) deal effectively with something difficult.
>"his ability to cope with stress"

someone is raging at you, he is having a problem with you and you reply with "cope [with it]"

is my usage wrong?

>> No.35131044
File: 2.42 MB, 1240x2226, botan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dunno if you guys saw this

>> No.35131046

not from poland, im bavarian


>> No.35131049

never stop being cringe, og

>> No.35131054

>5 hours
im impressed at the endurance what kind of pain?

>> No.35131055

i dont really think thats true but it is true that avoiding people is the smartest thing u can do

im honestly thinking of selling my house and going to move to the middle of nowhere in upstate ny or something

>> No.35131058

rare 'true' for moe

>> No.35131059

someone is raging at me, pathologically replying to me for no reason. then i say wtf and he says "cope"

>> No.35131069

im not

>> No.35131072

never been wrong about anything

>> No.35131103

imagine how gay this comparison would be if you did it trannies and real women?

>> No.35131105

wow wtf dungeon maker hunting ground isn't on PKGj

>> No.35131107

wish holoturds and obese girl would all reply to each other so i dont need to keep hiding their posts

>> No.35131111
File: 145 KB, 1021x903, 1621940607906.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She is pure idol.

>> No.35131112

fake attempt by holohater to cause infighting. holochads welcome ninjisanjibro

>> No.35131119


>> No.35131122

lol wait is that the one where you get to 螫す the girl with hotpants lying on her bed? i remember seeing a game review of it many a year ago

>> No.35131124

just download the iso

>> No.35131125

does a pure idol fart?
i dont think so

>> No.35131128

ok this one's cute

>> No.35131131

well u dont go to the inaka till ur retiring basically imo

its an option for me just gotta pick somewhere that wont get buried in a landslide

>> No.35131134

it happens all the time here

>> No.35131140

kodomo no jikan

>> No.35131141


>> No.35131143

yeah i know, i've already talked to my wife about how we will retire in some inaka we're just not sure which country yet

>> No.35131144

yoooooo wtf

>> No.35131147

yosh time to get some breakfast おにぎり

>> No.35131149


>> No.35131150

moe always wins

>> No.35131162

鬼斬り? do rice jelly doughnuts kill devils or something?

>> No.35131163
File: 964 KB, 2688x4032, efwjegm4q2471.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35131164
File: 801 KB, 4096x2304, E1_NAYyVcAAKdZp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pure gamer idol.

>> No.35131168


>> No.35131181

epic coomer moment

>> No.35131183

yeah i got it now, is there some way to donate this to them? pkgj is really convenient

>> No.35131185

nice, i found it in japanese

>> No.35131188

scotland is just the movie trainspotting unless you are in some old castle in the country as a recluse. i do like the perpetually grey weather, though

>> No.35131190

nevah bean there, but if it's anything like ireland then it is definitely epic

>> No.35131195


>> No.35131199

nice, i understand every single word cuz i have the original memorized

>> No.35131202

holy fuck i missed it

>> No.35131203

i think i love the idea of knowing japanese more than learning japanese

>> No.35131207


>> No.35131215

gonna read a passage from trainspotting to prove to og im a native

>> No.35131217

- refold testimony

>> No.35131223

u either have a brain disease or just a huge lack of fulfilling activities and relationships in ur life

>> No.35131227

Do you hear the people sing, singing the song of angry men.

>> No.35131228

what happens when you marry a jamal

>> No.35131229

>>35131223 meant for >>35131203

>> No.35131239

i think i love your bussy more than learning japanese

>> No.35131241

Most of them are goners so they wont miss much.

>> No.35131243

it was a misclick anon i'm not even wearing glasses

>> No.35131248

glasses are a scam you need to sungaze

>> No.35131251


>> No.35131259


>> No.35131262

lmao never change rawmeat anon

>> No.35131265

Mori is a cute dork.

>> No.35131266

sounds interesting, i'll... look into it ;))))

>> No.35131280

good show good music

>> No.35131282

only caught the end
they did my boy waluigi dirty

>> No.35131285

damn thats where the magic happened

>> No.35131288

it is indeed pretty fuckin epic

>> No.35131290

hes not even me, im converting you people

>> No.35131296


>> No.35131299

夢の中へ seriously taught me lots of japanese pronunciation i was obsessed with that song early on before learning

>> No.35131307

dame this dude was definitely a big detroit techno head on some underground resistance shit

>> No.35131309

dame i wish i was that powerful
at best i have jamal simpering lukewarm hate-statistics

>> No.35131336

gonna take a lukewarm dump in ur purse

>> No.35131343

Livestream it

>> No.35131345

its always poop with you

>> No.35131359

this is my fetish too

>> No.35131361

japan is the worst for that cuz you end up with shitloads of coins real quick if youre not careful

>> No.35131364

anyway i subbed to that channel, thanks!

>> No.35131374

i prefer ころねすでィーく

>> No.35131375

their lowest bill domination is $10 what do you expect lol. embrace the coins its better than eating the bugs

>> No.35131380

want to vocaroo "i can never find anything in this" for you? lol

>> No.35131385


>> No.35131386

not him but yes

>> No.35131389

its just annoying at first when u dont understand wtf youre supposed to do and you dont even have a wallet with a little coin bit like all the japanese ones have

>> No.35131401

how many anime have you watched

>> No.35131412

how many of your gfs have you watched be nailed by groids?

>> No.35131415

now this was a nice rabukome
wish there was more japanese ska


>> No.35131417


>> No.35131418

big oof and cringe

>> No.35131424


>> No.35131439

Javert's death was sad because he was trying to be a good person.

>> No.35131445

oh no... don't tell me you have the same brain disease as matto


>> No.35131449

kill yourself

>> No.35131452

every JS i can

>> No.35131454

this is not the beginner thread

>> No.35131455
File: 1.33 MB, 999x1025, IMG_20210609_064227467_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yup, coin pouch is a necessity
i was joking djt really is over if that noise starts up

>> No.35131456

sarah's greatest work

>> No.35131461

what's great is i recently saw a secret video clip of matto talking about djt as if everyone here also has only the goal of mastering japanese rather than seeing language as a mere means

>> No.35131464

what is ur issue

>> No.35131468

yeah its the intermediate thread not the master thread

>> No.35131472

probably that he's studied for months and is still a dekinai

>> No.35131478

if it was just a means you wouldnt browse djt. people here spend probably a lot more time on shit than they normally would cuz theyre trying to improve as quickly as possible. like after moe mastered japanese he went down from 120 anime a week to 50

>> No.35131480

the same thing i'm doing rn aka chug anime and linnies

>> No.35131481

everyone here is beyond native level(n4)

>> No.35131482

this is the beginner thread

>> No.35131487

wet roads cause rain

>> No.35131489

raw anime raw manga

>> No.35131495

I thought this was the new /lounge/ I didn't know people were trying to learn Japanese here.

>> No.35131498

>people here spend probably a lot more time on shit than they normally would cuz theyre trying to improve as quickly as possible
obviously not true

>> No.35131499

raw dick (if ur qm)

>> No.35131501

lol the holofag really hates you

>> No.35131502


>> No.35131503


>> No.35131519

This is the EOP thread

>> No.35131520

if you are just watching anime and doing w/e you enjoy then why do you need to come to djt. it's cuz you identified the act of learning japanese as an important thing to you so you sought out other likeminded individuals.

>> No.35131521

id probably learn at 3x the rate if i didnt come here

>> No.35131524

dont have anything against any of the anon here

>> No.35131525

let's goooo

>> No.35131532

If you were trying to improve as quickly as possible, you wouldn't shitpost in a thread that has nothing to do with learning Japanese except for the title.

>> No.35131534


>> No.35131551

did he get his uggo gf(male) pregnant yet?

>> No.35131552


lets gooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

>> No.35131560


>> No.35131583
File: 19 KB, 480x241, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35131629

japanese disney ftl but on the other hand im reminded that anime is fucking dead

>> No.35131647

let it go was pretty good in japanese

>> No.35131663


>> No.35131664

this too

>> No.35131666


>> No.35131674

anastasia was a bluth film not disney you retard
also its actually kino

>> No.35131676

pretty crazy how ciaran has a 9-5 but still manages to watch 13 episodes of anime a day

>> No.35131679
File: 264 KB, 473x208, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

first of all satan it even says its dead in the op

>> No.35131684

>mathlets trying to dunk but failing

>> No.35131686

To be fair anime is only really like 10minutes per episodes and if you skip ahead on slide frames it's only like 4 minutes.

>> No.35131696

thats only 5 hours of anime

>> No.35131699


>> No.35131700

I'm right. I bet you believe in silly things like 1 = .9

>> No.35131704

>he watched it

>> No.35131718

anastasia was did incredibly well at the time and has good posterity compared to what disney was doing in the late 90s
also that film was extra based for being the royal family the good guys and the russian revolution caused by literal demon magic lol

>> No.35131720

looks like a boy with fake tits

>> No.35131723

damn he even liked it. maybe his highest rated anime since the chinese puppet show

>> No.35131724

I don't get this joke.

>> No.35131728


>> No.35131731

i work 10-5:30 and its remote so i can go to bed at 1:30am at wake up at 9:30am just in time for work. lots of free time

>> No.35131737

what is rage quit in japanese?

>> No.35131756


>> No.35131765

i remember rqing at those levels back in the day too when i was a kid

>> No.35131766

i mean thats one way of doing it but what is the gamer lingo term

>> No.35131768

i cant do remote work/school because i dont feel the mood if the environment doesnt match the situation

>> No.35131775

i dont have autism so that kind of thing doesnt affect me

>> No.35131782

yeah very cool

>> No.35131797
File: 60 KB, 646x506, not feeling so genkin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35131798

id say its the opposite of autistic but whatev

>> No.35131810

thats it

>> No.35131812

its pretty autistic to be unable to do something because youre not in a place that matches your mental idea of the action lol

>> No.35131813

hes got issues

>> No.35131820

and matt's completely right

>> No.35131825

this is about the discord djt i assume?

>> No.35131826


>> No.35131828

oh ok i guess we are using the meme meaning of autism then. yeah im high-strung and persnickety about shit for sure

>> No.35131833

lmfao matt doesnt even read this place just getting mad at his strawman of 4chan people

>> No.35131850

he has a point but lacks the ability to see he has the exact personality as a djter but with a platform. he pulls the same shit to defend his level and tear down opposition when it suits him

>> No.35131860

last vocaroo is pretty based

>> No.35131862

What does he have against World of Warcraft players?

>> No.35131864

you're literally the world of warcraft player he was talking about

>> No.35131867


>> No.35131868

idk but if we were in tbc classic id love to catch him farming at ele plateau thats all im saying

>> No.35131870

true true
i mean right down to the fact his sense of status revolves around his mal followers lmao

>> No.35131872
File: 8 KB, 275x183, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35131880

cant relate to wow players i rode for eq2

>> No.35131882

there's no point if you don't want to talk to anybody. you just arbitrarily chose something to get good at like world of warcaft, but for you it's loli anime

>> No.35131883

would love to reenact the titanic scene with og but then shove her off the boat lmao

>> No.35131884

wrong link

>> No.35131886

yea i played runescape. matto destroyed

>> No.35131889


>> No.35131890

dame matt spitting hard truths...

>> No.35131892

i know a guy whos played runescape for the last 20 years and sleeps on a bare mattress thats on the floor of his room w. his computer set up in front of it

>> No.35131903


>> No.35131908

I was sad that I missed out on playing WoW growing up because I didn't have a PC, I always wanted to be a nerd.

>> No.35131910

dont care. i get the call of the void when im on the promenade of a cruise ship

>> No.35131912

honestly ive moved on from the matto shit bc the joke is honestly dead at this point so idk if id even be in the right mood to fuck w. him anymore like i dont even care

btw the last vocaroo abt not wasting ur time on reading obscure shit b4 u can even speak the language is basically the same type of shit i say so i agree w. that

>> No.35131917

>what's the point of any of this
moe, qm & all the other djtards who think that speaking is useless will see their own plateau once they reach 2合目 of mountain nihongo

>> No.35131921

Words don't speak so what you say doesn't make sense.

>> No.35131923

i just want 5 mins alone with u in the octagon honestly u got fuckin problems

>> No.35131927

i think its cute that djt are losers who dont aspire to do anything but chug. only thing i ever hated is how they get uppity about it and crab-bucket others

>> No.35131928


>> No.35131929

crazy how that doth guy betrayed matts trust and leaked shit to his haters

>> No.35131932

wonder how he feels about KOOUuuUGoOUuU

>> No.35131934

obese girl who doesnt do anything in japanese living in korea posting on a english board talking about the peaks and getting good n shit lool get fucked

>> No.35131939

i don't need to output in japanese. i already output in a foreign language everyday (english)

>> No.35131941

same goes for matto

>> No.35131944

earlier you said i was fighting the good fight and are cheering for me

>> No.35131949

that's jamal for you

>> No.35131950

You remind me that I am fluent in another language but since my country hasn't produced any good media in 2 centuries it's quite literally useless. God I wish I was taught weebspeak in school.

>> No.35131957

i do lots of things in japanese even outside japan like practice my handwriting and watch anime
also the funniest humor, memes, and entertainment possible is in english full stop
why would i want to go to something inferior like 2ch or jp twitter to have my brain melt

>> No.35131975

yeah id say thats fair now that i think about

>> No.35132036

lol he said anacron could affect his ability to get a job

dont kid anyone matto ur never gonna get a job thats why ur dad kicked u out lol

>> No.35132042

matt vs japan...

and japan won

>> No.35132046

>excuse me sir you dropped your brain on the floor back there
dame i used to come up with witty remarks like this back in kindergarten

>> No.35132049

interesting how 4bbc was simping for analcrayon earlier and has nothing to say on him leaking private conversations

>> No.35132054

this show sucked and that means a lot coming from me

>> No.35132057

you mean barry or garry?

>> No.35132064

dunno, dont they have those support groups for alcoholics and mental issues in general
try asking your psychiatrist, they should know

>> No.35132066


i think garry might have been a bit more understanding

>> No.35132072

i think linking private convos like that is the ultimate bitch move

>> No.35132080

matts a kike faggot, but baiting him into a private convo and recording and spreading it without his permission is pretty fucking despicable and the fact jamal supports is another example of why hes an awful person
according to djt i have autism sorry i cant do better

>> No.35132116

think they diagnose every teen with a phone with adhd
thats just how they are

>> No.35132117

nah its one of anacreons third world friends

>> No.35132136

shits poppin off

>> No.35132148
File: 254 KB, 553x500, 1609531776812.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

garbage day 3 was the bodies we made along the way

>> No.35132149

yah its pretty lol he cries it could affect his reputation

im pretty sure a prospective employer would think his actual channel is a worse look than anacrons smear vid lmao

>> No.35132155

cause you're reading it だめ like a dumass

>> No.35132157

jamal is physically incapable of feeling empathy

>> No.35132160

sometimes it means damn, sometimes it means だめ

>> No.35132168

hes on the spectrum fr give the guy a break. he says a lot of insensitive shit without realizing the impact of his words.

>> No.35132169

why r u so angry at me i have nothing to do w. anything anacrons shit

he even took my content and made videos out of them

but i guess ironically it has the opposite effect and now the 10 ppl who watched his vids wanna subscribe to the jamal method

>> No.35132170

this makes sense thanks

dunno what you mean

>> No.35132173

yeah i think og is one of the nicest people here but i never doubted her in that regard

>> No.35132174

>herd mentality as an excuse

>> No.35132179

i think he might be a no-memeing sociopath and not even realizeit

>> No.35132183

why am i the bad guy here what did i even do lol

>> No.35132187

in what regard?

>> No.35132188

matto defense force is going all out to distract you from the matto cringe

>> No.35132191
File: 31 KB, 807x157, 1607005203638.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

reminder to the mattfags

>> No.35132192

What else is there to do besides chug?

>> No.35132196

hope anacreon deletes those vocaroos at least

>> No.35132215

its the fact you think its just funny and use whatever ends to get your chuckles in and shit on matt because you think he deserve anything that can possibly be done to him
you only started changing your tune when the thread started popping off about how gross that immoral shit was and went into cope mode

also in my completely 直感 opinion i think you had something to do with it

>> No.35132217


>> No.35132219

two wrongs dont make a right
be the better man

>> No.35132222

nothing to do with matt. i just think it was a shitty thing to do. i have a sense of right and wrong, sorry.

>> No.35132226

oh, you said "but" so i was confused but dont call me virtuous or nice im really not

>> No.35132235

ok but what do you want me to do about it
matt knows a lot of people dislike him he should exercise caution when approached by random internet people for interviews and assume everything he says is being recorded and could be made public i mean this happened with qms discord too when some guy secretly recorded clips and dumped them in the thread where do you think the fucking based vocaroo came from

>> No.35132237

sure we can say that whiel still acknowledging that matto said all those things and is a fag

>> No.35132238

ive only had positive interactions with her is all i can say

>> No.35132244

god the powers in bnha are so fucking lame

>> No.35132250

it's just evil. fuck that guy

>> No.35132257

yeah just give me a few minutes

>> No.35132261
File: 28 KB, 470x357, 1607026090514.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i just lol in this thread

i havent done a single thing outside of posting here as any kind of attack on the kid

other ppl here literally doxxed him to give rise to the barry and garry shit posted shit from when he was a kid and all kinds of shit

worst i did was find 1 of his posts on the ajatt site like 10 years ago and use that to find a blog he made where he wrote this

anyway u can rest 100% assured im not cut from the same cloth anacron is and voiced my displeasure at his actions readily in the threads quite a bit

i mean i just did it in the post that triggered u >>35132089 but i guess u glossed over the part where i said its a bad look for him and it is lol its cringe every time he does this shit w. matto and not funny like posting pic related is

>> No.35132263
File: 76 KB, 734x1068, 1593046868735.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35132265

space dandy is the only good bones anime

>> No.35132267

i wasnt really expecting a honki reply i just dont like selective moralizing for your enemies but not others. also you are victim blaming matto talks to lots of people online just cause of his whole routine its still fucked up to leak shit especially if it was premeditated

>> No.35132268

getting weird feelings when i think about the invisible girl being naked all the time

>> No.35132269

that's true

>> No.35132280

I want to be able to read ノルウェーの森 from back to back.

>> No.35132281

whoa is this a real thing?

>> No.35132285

behaving like a snake should be called out
no matter if it's analcream, matto or quiz

>> No.35132286

what if shes black????

>> No.35132287
File: 606 KB, 424x600, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

im sure gosick is fine too i think its epic that the konohana kitan lady made this manga

>> No.35132291

why is analfaggot so obsessed with mutt

>> No.35132293

see? it makes no sense that moe is against matt. moe literally preaches the same shit that matto did (does)

>> No.35132297

that might be true
but you are by comparison with most anons in this thread
at least from whenever we have interacted in the past you were nicer than other anons

>> No.35132298

This makes sense if you plan on playing voiced games and turning the text off.

>> No.35132299

crazy how anacreon is like the face of djt from mattos perspective

>> No.35132305

dunno but its super creepy.. really wouldnt want to interact with that analcreon guy cuz hes probably just scheming to post some shit about you somewhere

>> No.35132306

gosick is boring as fuck, the mysteries suck and the ending is overrated beyond belief

>> No.35132312

moe being against matto is like joe biden being against obama

>> No.35132338

This is a sexist meme, delete your post. This isn't the place for it.

>> No.35132340

ok i'm actually ashamed of dissing matt, he really is a great guy just trying to help people become fluent for free


>> No.35132343

this is what he told people to do in his old videos
>mine 20 words
>spend the rest of the day watching anime

>> No.35132345

wait analcream doesn't get fucked by goats?

>> No.35132352
File: 135 KB, 324x430, 1622274987584.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

matt is done finished over

>> No.35132353

the absolute state

>> No.35132358

>radically do what you want every day and live your best life
weird when i do that you just call me names, diagnose me with mental illness, and tell me actually take my own life. im probably too dumb to understand your high iq worldview though, my bad

>> No.35132359

matto says give me money to never help u learn japanese

thats why we shat on him and also bc hes responsible for ppl like calvin never making it

>> No.35132362

gonna immerse

>> No.35132368

But this is a correct strategy. Tons of stuff are overpriced in silicon valley.

>> No.35132369

matt is talking about khatz's business model

>> No.35132370

>im probably too dumb to understand
yea cant argue with that

>> No.35132381

i only have a 'persecution complex' when i feel personally wronged by bad behavior. sorry i dont know how else to experience that kimochi in a way you think is based or whatever lol

>> No.35132390

crazy how yall call me a mentally ill leftist then get upset at matt for simply exploiting the free market to the best of his abilities

>> No.35132392

yah we know u just run ur mouth abt shit w.o understanding whats going on typical woman shit

>> No.35132400

What the heck, he is not completing each section fully. This hurts my autism.

>> No.35132406

were not trying to make what hes trying to do illegal

>> No.35132407

jew tries to pursue normal human passions
finds out he only lusts for money
many such cases

>> No.35132412

literally nothing wrong with anything matt has said

>> No.35132414

>can't keep tenses straight
41% yoursel

>> No.35132417

why is matt talking about djt tho, why does he give a fuck at all.

>> No.35132418


>> No.35132424

cuz he knows all the shit we talked was ultimately justified

>> No.35132427

yeah analcram on the otherhand...
well lets just say in very slightly difference circumstances

>> No.35132430

why do esls always do this lol

>> No.35132431

in the free market all the information matto is trying to sell would be freely available and hed have to get a real job

>> No.35132435

he was talking about how khatz made millions off of ajatt and this was his segue into how we was saying he was going to copy that business model


>> No.35132443

>khatz made millions off of ajatt
is there any proof of that.

>> No.35132446

I disagree, the pinnacle of free market is charging for everything.

>> No.35132448

lmao really showing off those high iq takes there moe

>> No.35132449

its only cuz of copyright stuff that we as a civilization havent evolved to the next level with every anime and manga freely available

>> No.35132452

this is qm's fault
he keeps "leaking" djt to the "real world"

i hate when people do that. you should keep certain things separated

i miss the times when the internet and real life were two separated things. no normies, good times.

>> No.35132458

khatz made millions off ajatt lmfao bull shit

maybe in pesos or like el salvador money

>> No.35132465

you're literally a commie thats simply too stupid to realize it lmao
this is too much

>> No.35132467

>this is qm's fault
>he keeps "leaking" djt to the "real world"
not to mention that the motherfucker barely even shows his face in here.

>> No.35132470

true true

>> No.35132472

it was a prefect sentence

>> No.35132473

-t oldfig

>> No.35132476

in the free market id finally create the ultimate japanese learning platform/community and wipe out all the scrubs and gomers like lingual steve (hes prolly gonna kick the bucket in less than 10 years anyway from old age lets just be real) once and for all

>> No.35132479

not really this stuff can be freely reproduced infinitely with the internet

>> No.35132490

This is true, a lot of progress is being hindered by restrictions put in place, but not just intellectual property. It also happens with useful materials. It's why we'll never have a plethora of scientist.

>> No.35132491

he has a skewed perspective due to spending all his time smoking weed and chatting in discord
he should be trying to reach out to the duolingo crowd, not to the handful of retards here

>> No.35132492

only if we do it together and u go first

>> No.35132493

whats your issue

>> No.35132494

i prefer qm to the holoshitters and the goatfucker

>> No.35132499

whats wrong with lingo steve
he just wants you to read stuff and not worry too much

>> No.35132506

me and moe agree on the problems but disagree on the solutions that's all

>> No.35132529

whos qms oshi?

>> No.35132531

>he is one of us, correction, was
he can go fuck himself then.

>> No.35132532

ive used my first filter on the bum so i have no idea if he starts popping off about shit so dont take silence as a concession
holy fucking shit you are beyond moronic
i bet you believe in perpetual energy machines as well
your mental capacities and the void where your scruples should be
honestly at this point, me too

>> No.35132536

pits are sweaty as fuaaaaaaark shit keeps leaking down my arm

>> No.35132539

when was the last time he read something random out loud unedited for at least 10 minutes

>> No.35132541

doxxing is against the rules btw

>> No.35132545

concession accepted

>> No.35132549

Reading isn't relevant to learning Japanese, you'd know that if you were paying attention.

>> No.35132551

jamals definitely dropping his trip now he wont take this lying down

>> No.35132556


>> No.35132571

if matto were right then my english listening comprehension would have never improved cuz i ALWAYS used subs
the only videos that i watched without subs were on youtube

>> No.35132576
File: 696 KB, 703x429, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i think shes lying and going to read my posts anyway which makes this victory all the sweeter i guess

if she filtered me then i dont have to read the retarded shit she @s me with ever again

and if shes still reading my posts then shes going to get even more upset and well get a nice angry post out of her in a little while

in the end its all the same

>> No.35132581

dunno he only watched and linked some 切り抜きs
i think he posted an image once where he ranked them all but didnt really care for it to remember

>> No.35132584

didnt read plus youre gay lol

>> No.35132585

wonder if women can understand one outs other than for fujoshi reasons

>> No.35132586

i meant english audio + english subs

>> No.35132598

mistook furidasi for fukidasi

>> No.35132603

dame i cant stop listening to this part now

>> No.35132605

death note shoulda been more like one outs

>> No.35132613

that always got me too lmao the japanese conversion of english words is an inconsistent abomination

>> No.35132623

How do you know these things, do you listen to fat people often?

>> No.35132624

she literally wigged out over some shit that had nothing to do w. me and then verbally abused me for it

and then has the audacity to filter me after

but thats women thats what they do

>> No.35132628

so what was matto butthurt about lol

>> No.35132634

mostly that anacron made that yt vid smearing him

>> No.35132635

does matt let you call people niggers in his discord

>> No.35132636


>> No.35132638

confirmed whale

>> No.35132639

filtering is gay not gonna lie

>> No.35132647

its been a slow trickle of not being able to ignore his bullshit and him being able to use le funnyman posting routing to drop my guard plus the matto leaks just made me realize how he really is objectively scum and its not all in my head

>> No.35132648

yea crazy how this guy has to get his shitty big room house beats from pokemon sword ost of all things when theres a million generic tracks like that on youtube/beatport/soundcloud

>> No.35132660

think she was mad because you said "someone had to do it" as if it was the righteous thing to do

>> No.35132661

why didnt you filter anacreon then? hes the one that did it

>> No.35132662

hated this fucking level i never figured out how to progress the plot in the stupid nightclub. its ok cause the game got too scary in the vampire world for my young mind

>> No.35132663


>> No.35132664

tell me that i don't know japanese but if i were to transliterate any word to japanese i wouldn't know where or if i should put a ー

>> No.35132668

yeah its an L ill suffer for the sake on not giving him anymore (you)s

>> No.35132670

yea well maybe shed be better suited to post on reddit shes clearly gone soft for being a grizzled /pol/ poster

>> No.35132673

even i have no idea what i mean to type there

>> No.35132677

idk why matt was spilling out his heart to the most uninterested sounding guy ever

>> No.35132683

oh ok i meant 'routine'

>> No.35132684

im not angry but i think my posts r still being read so i might as well put on a show in the meantime now that the thread meta has shifted to thread couple going into separation

>> No.35132686

matt probably severely needs to see a therapist IRL but is instead freeloading off of anyone with an ear

>> No.35132689


>> No.35132690

>he is a good guy

>> No.35132692

he's doing simpering optics routing

>> No.35132697

cant belive you're wasting your time in his trannycord so you can leak those audios tho.
it's not like we dont know that he's full of shit.
the split with yoga made it obvious.

>> No.35132702

btw she thinks anacreon clipping a yt vid (thats what he said) are matt leaks and that somehow any of that has to do with me

she literally rage filtered a strawman lmao

>> No.35132707

i find it easy think ive just internalized how japanese treats english sounds

>> No.35132714

qm is just autistic and until recently one of the yatura. hes not a 'bad' person but shouldnt be online like most autists with an ego

>> No.35132715


>> No.35132717

what i find immoral/wrong doesnt always piss me off and vice versa although there is some overlap like when it comes to stealing and some of the shit you like to say

>> No.35132719

im gonna make my own brand of gaming glasses or maybe forum posting glasses called simpering optiks kinda like gunnar optiks

and im not gonna pay og SHit lmao

>> No.35132734
File: 17 KB, 501x469, 1599330830905.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

1. this is 4chan not discord

2. pic related. just because his scams are obvious to us doesn't mean much for his victims

>> No.35132742

well, good to know. now ill feel less like trash when you shove your moral dildo up your ass and start shrieking at me

>> No.35132746

o well im out time to game w. the gamer dads

ogs yalls problem now

>> No.35132748

how is he scamming? all his content is free

>> No.35132754

a pureblooded redditor telling me what's 4chan and not

>> No.35132761

the people who make adult games and open up patreons pull off similar scams and no matter how much they shat on their fans they keep giving them money anyways.
i've come to the conclusion that they're retarded and stopped bothering about them, but you do you that's all.

>> No.35132769


>> No.35132776

no clue what you mean

>> No.35132778

this thread was a lot better when anacreon wasnt posting

>> No.35132786
File: 103 KB, 499x319, 1603248223458.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anyone remember when IGN used to give out awards to cellphones?

>> No.35132787

i was gonna say "i wont take it personally" but you admitted it was personal so it came out weird. basically like i was honestly really shitty about my behavior itt but now i realize its mostly personal shit and theres a spotlight on my scummy behavior

>> No.35132790

>when you shove your moral dildo up your ass
dont do that you will need to visit the er because it wont come out again
trust me, always use a butt plug type

>> No.35132797

thanks ciaran

>> No.35132799

its personal because you routingly make rancid posts lol

>> No.35132808
File: 606 KB, 639x647, chou.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

time to get the thread back on track

>> No.35132810
File: 68 KB, 500x967, 1600611529052.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tressless (tress·less, without hair) is a support community for males and females coping with hair loss


>> No.35132835

did u even read the pic?

>> No.35132841

have to wake up in 6 and a half hours and wont be able to sleep for at least another hour lol

>> No.35132853

please dont talk about chiggers in this thread

>> No.35132857

And? What's your point?

>> No.35132861

dunno bout the thread but my dopamine's one track

>> No.35132865

esl doesnt know this is a real word

>> No.35132866


>> No.35132873

refoold is a ハゲ部

>> No.35132877
File: 165 KB, 1104x192, analcrayon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35132885

I don't know what you've got against balding people.

>> No.35132888

anacreon is a holoshitter too!!??

>> No.35132892


>> No.35132899


>> No.35132900

?????? are you fob or something

>> No.35132902


>> No.35132906

Get a large one this time.

>> No.35132907

only 2 hololive clips i like are this and korone playing mario in english

>> No.35132919

for esls here a chigger is a type of bug

>> No.35132922

americoids, we esls have been consuming this language every single day for decades. you gotta throw some shakespearean shit at us to even have a chance of phasing us

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