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Wouldn't it be great to cum inside?

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Okay. Let me explain in detail what it would be like to cum inside of Satori. After a day of browing /jp/, you'd hear the door close and a small sigh before hearing the most angelic voice announcing its return. Of course it would be Satori, the love of your life, arriving home from school. You call out to her that you're in your room (where you always are, you don't do anything with your life anyway), and you hear the sweet pitter-patter of her foot steps as she skips over to your door. You hear it squeak and turn around to see her poking her head inside with an unsure look on her face. Once your eyes meet though, she smiles and that in turn makes you smile. You offer her a spot on your bed right next to you, and she happily walks over and sits down happily next to you, putting her head infront of your face, looking at the computer screen. "This again? I knew you were into this kind of thing but I never imagined it would come to being this commonplace ", she exclaims in a bored sounding voice. As she turns around and your eyes meet once again, she can tell you're feeling aroused by being near her, smelling her, hearing her sweet voice. She knows you absolutely adore her. "It's very nice of you to think that way about me, but I don't know if I'm ready for something like that", she exclaims.

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That’s right. You were never a lightweight to begin with, and letting yourself fall down onto someone would surely cause some discomfort. You support yourself over her body, and she wraps her arms around your back. “There we go… This really feels amazing, Anon,” she reminds you once more. You pull back out and thrust in. Her face is close to yours and you hear can hear her light panting, you feel her breath empty onto your neck. Eventually the pants turn into moans of pleasure, quietly voiced into your ear. After a while, you can feel her vagina clamp onto your cock and squeeze you for all it’s worth. Those moans are now grunts, and after the first contraction it’s too much for you to handle. You thrust as far as you can into Satori, feeling her body shudder against on yours while you yourself start shuddering while you empty yourself into her. It’s literally the best thing you can imagine, cumming inside of Satori while her body is making you cum inside of her. A few minutes pass, and you’ve rolled onto your back and Satori is now on top of you while you’re still inside of her. She looks up at you, looking directly in your eyes and softly tells you, “Why did you wait so long for that? That was so pleasureable, way more than doing it alone. The ending was the most pleasurable though, when you… When you finished inside of me,” she admits. She breaks eye contact with you and looks down a bit embarrassed. “Anon, I want to do this every day when I get home, forever and ever. I love you Anon. I really do. You give me so much attention and would never hurt me... I’ve known for a long time now how much you like me… Now we don’t have to hide it from each other anymore…”

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cum inside her cat.

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What about the bit where I slice her open from anus to sternum?

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I would never do that, and I'm you.

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i wish to cum in her eye

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I want to cum in her at full force in the vagina, mouth, and anus.

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Hey watch it there buddy, it's a sensitive topic. It's how Satori's imouto lost her eye!

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I think this is a pretty accurate description.

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