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Post art you created or are creating. I don't mind if it is your donutsteel oc, or just a cool pic of a character you like.
Im working on a sekibanki piece.
>what are you working on?

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Stagnated culture

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Cunts are going to wait until bump limit to start posting again.

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Is she dead

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I don't know who created these arts but I'll post them here.

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I finished it!

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very cool, galaxy-kun

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I can’t tell what’s supposed to be happening

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haven't touched this in a while but i'll come back and finish it sometime

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OC threads aren't supposed to be this often. This is how you kill its value and turn it into something average and forgettable. Just like every other thread on this board.

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i somehow missed the last one because I was looking in the catalog for "drawthread" rather than "oc"

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It doesn't have to be frequent to be average and forgettable.

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is she looking at a really cool bug?

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I'll never finish it at this rate.

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One step at a time dude.

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Its real cute though

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What does the incense smell like?

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I made this

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Bay leaf, piss and fireworks.

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Very good, anon. You're continuing the legacy.

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I drew reimoo.

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noice dude
the guy who originally drew it?

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I'm making a Fate x Overwatch doujin hoping to get over a thousand downloads once it spreads around to all those doujin sites. This will hopefully be my mark in history as a living being.
Been over a month since I started and just want to finish it right now so I cam move on with my life desu. Pretty fun though and will do one again once if I build up a sizable following by getting a lot of reads. If not then what's the point and instead I will focus on latching on to drawing popular flavour of the week trends to bolster popularity instead.

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>Fate x Overwatch
Why are you posting this on /jp/?

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Nope, just a random anon who hates the lunarians. They deserve to be destroyed.

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ah, do I need to adjust her pupils upwards

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looks fine to me
that anon probably mistook the reflected light for pupil, though I wonder if the neck position is comfortable, plus there might be discrepancy between lengths of upperarm and forearm.
it's probably fine for most people, as long as the face is cute and the pose isn't too wacky. I'm just pointing out what I may find not right from my own experience, which could be right or wrong. Take them with a grain of salt.

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Real question is why would anyone still bother drawing Ov****tch porn in 2021.

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oh nice, there is an OC thread

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One landing wasn't enough.

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>OC threads aren't supposed to be this often
This how I can I tell you're a stupid newfag.

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sorry I'm new. Only been here for 7 years (-_-")

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Sad you weren't to see the golden age of OC threads.

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Who needs the moon anyway, it's never done shit for me. Kill em all I say

1969 best day of life

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very cute

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is she eating it while it's still in the pot and half uncooked??

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Maybe she's dunking it in with her mouth because she's sticking out her arms?

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Yes. Hungry dumbass decided to trim dry pasta that didn't fit in the pot.

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My anxiety is at an all time high after my last piece accidentally ended up being a banger. What if I disappoint my new viewers, my soul is gonna take severe damage.

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You can't say that and NOT post said banger piece, anon.

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This one

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looks pretty nice

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Based on what?

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Just draw bigger titties every time and your audience will be happy.

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I really like the art style. Nice work, anon!

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man, that's really pretty anon, but I think the stuff you're posting here is no slouch either!
did reimu make koishi eat a cattail instead of a corndog?

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Thanks, that's reassuring.
Nah, she was supposed to be stealing it, but I ended up not conveying it very well.

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how do i learn how to draw

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press shift for focused movement

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Just be yourself!

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Feel the form.

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screw guides, draw by feel

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i gave up

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Embroidery is fun and rewarding, but who knew such a small thing could take so long.

Yuuka a cute!

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I haven’t given her a name yet but I will eventually

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Look up guides and try to improve in some aspect every time you create something

Also, use references

Please don’t try to draw purely off of intuition, unless you’re a one in a million talent that’s not going to work

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Very cute Patchy. Love her expresion.

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how did this one turned out?

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Very nicely. The background and painted car provide a great contrast with the girl.

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I always like the expressions that you put in your drawings. Do you have a blog? I would love to see more.

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I have a pixiv. Do you want me to post it?

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Start by drawing something that already exists.
Try a simple design like an Akatsuki member until it looks authentic.
Pay attention to your lines and you'll improve.

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Moon bunny torture test. Classic.

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Yes, please.

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Thank you. I still love that Kokoro smoking drawing.

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You're welcome

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Best one you've drawn.

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this is very nice, the background is an excellent contrasting color

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Go back, retard.

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Thanks, I wanted to experiment with colors I don't normally use

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looks really nice

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Thanks doc.

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hah, didnt think about that

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Good night Japan

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The thumbnail fooled me

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Some bdsm/femdom tittymonster Tewi with koikatsu. Could have added some text but im not really good with words.

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Can't draw for shit so i don't have lots of other options for making OC. No one complained on last thread so you are late for that train i guess.

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I drew this Reimu last year please enjoy

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Don't mind the newfag. I also dislike 3d but it's nice to see people actually contribute and enjoy the thread.

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I made this a while ago.

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>Could have added some text but im not really good with words
It's ok, im the same

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I like how their body sizes are different

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Slow but steady.

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wheres your etsy store. i will become babushka and hang these all over my house.

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Can anyone explain to me how the fuck do I color on digital. Shit feels different than paper.

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i really like your brush work

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It's okay I guess

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I think it's cute anon.

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I like this variation on her hat.

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I suggest tuning into art videos or streams.
I see two ways of doing it, working light to dark, or dark to light.
The easier method would be working light to dark as you can add highlights as you need them. I'll have to look again, but you really have to experiment with your own way or learn from others. Remember to work big to small.

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>light to dark
dark to light I mean

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those are some cool cirnos anons

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Cute 8-bit Marisa dude

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what is this? lunarian hate thread?

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I cleared EoSD's Extra without bombing

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Every thread is lunarian hate thread.

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This is what happens if you take 2 scoops of whey.

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Mass murder of moonies? From now I'm chugging two scoops then.

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I get a skin tight space suit and a free rifle?

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how to get motivated bros

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Go for a walk, look at life. Look at the trees, the birds, the clouds, etc.
Take your ideas and turn it into a picture. Repeat until you're out of your slump.
Try, but don't force yoursself.

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Ah, you mean to live life and turn the experience into memories for reference, gotcha.

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Look outside and draw the first thing you see.

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Well this is not really how to get motivation but usually when i am out of ideas i go through some lewd art and try replicate them or atleast body types with some of my own addtions and usually my motivitation at that point comes just purely because i just feel like having a fap, but instead i use few hours to create something even though it just ends up beign work in progress stuff most likely.
Naturally its harder when you want to do some non lewd art or such, but i guess one can try to replicate non lewd art too just for sake of practice, and correct me if i am wrong but isnt that quite usual way for people to learn to draw now days.

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Personally I channel my lust for my 2hu and then I either make something I like, or I end up fapping for an hour straight. Either way, it's a win.

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That is not very healthy

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I get the feeling I've seen that Sunny before.

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The uneven cut reminds me of something. Was it inspired from something else?

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Last one for now

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Nah I wanted it to draw it really fast so I didn't put much thought into it.
That's what she said haha

>> No.35324058

My balls...

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nice, I want to know how to write

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I wish I could write"
man don't type stuff while you are sleepy

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does this count as art?

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its cute and its OC

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wtf are those lips

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It might be a long shot but do you still take requests like your pixiv says?

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a quick one

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not my own piece, but seeing this reminded me of the stuff I used to draw.

>> No.35340950

>I used to draw.
sooo, where are the new pieces?

>> No.35341750

Somewhere in the back of my closet, even then I think those are the old stuff.

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Who are you quoting

>> No.35342594

Mate, a good number of them are in a notebook that multiple people have seen. I'm not posting that here. I already did that on /ic/ years ago only to find one of my designs being used in media.

>> No.35342638

Look at those cheekbones!!!!!

>> No.35343165

That anon tried to make a frown

>> No.35343409

Me :(

>> No.35344870

Since I'm not popular, I never really used the feature before, anon. I'd probably jump at the chance though

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I like how big her clothes are!

>> No.35348620

Real shame since I think your work is nice. If you’re down for making some oc and taking a request, could you maybe draw the doom slayer from doom eternal hanging out with some moon rabbits and/or the himes? Hope it’s not too out there or too much for you.

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I don't like the look in her eyes.

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Ah, you mean a regular thread request. You're so cruel anon, I got my hopes up and thought someone will finally use the pixiv request feature, but kek, here's the closest thing I could think of

>> No.35354703

Ah, sorry I got your hopes up there. I’m tempted to make a pixiv account now though especially after this masterpiece. Really appreciate the work you put into this one. Poor Reisen II/Daisy though.

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nice job

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some tenshi

>> No.35356973

Very nice

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sorry, no online

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I heard there was a new melty coming out.

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very nice

>> No.35368591

why is that bad?

>> No.35370694

No one can guarantee that the thread would even survive until bump limit.

>> No.35370816

Very cute, very funny

>> No.35373826

How do I learn how to draw characters I didn't design myself?

>> No.35374025

this is a /jp/ guide to drawing your favourite 2hu (or other character of your choice)!
1) look at how whoever did draw them did it
2) do that
this has been a /jp/ guide to drawing your favourite 2hu (or other character of your choice)!

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1:3 pixel art of the ingame sprite of the new rainbow dork

>> No.35381751

Cute technicolor nerd

>> No.35381809

Draw them giving birth

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>> No.35382921

That’s a cute Kasen, satan.

>> No.35383479

something is bugging me but I cant point it out

>> No.35386262

Do more

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