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180000000000000000000J Shock!

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cyclone tan where are you

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really hope school gets canceled tomorrow.

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So moe~

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What you gonna do about it, other than greentexting and reactionimaging?

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/jp/ is so moe.

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Have all my prayers been answered? Will Japan finally sink into the ocean?

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Go back to bed, Xavier.

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Oh my god, I have this same dream!

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gonna work from home tomorrow :3

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This constant rain from this fucking typhoon is making Kawasaki smell worse than Tacoma. Shit needs to end already, though I wouldn't mind classes being canceled.

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insta 404'd

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Good bye, Japan!

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Don't worry, guys. Even if Japan is wiped off the face of Earth, anime will still manage to live on.

Because everything is outsorced to Korea.

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But who will be there to do the outsourcing?

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Korea. They'll take full control over every phase of anime production, from the storyboard to the final product, not to mention merchandise and advertising.

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Shit will be fucking horrid.

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Korea will take over and Russia will work as the tween slaves.

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Okay, seriously now, can somebody please explain to me what this is about? Providing source, if possible.


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It's about a tornado.

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You're fucking shitting me!

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>Russia will work as the tween slaves.
That will never happen.

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No dude, it really is!

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Technically the entire thing is a mountain. Even if part of it collapse, most of would still be intact somewhat.

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> yeh i readed dat on aпoпtaاk.com lyke just two day's ago lol
I think I know you in real life, OP...

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Imagine an ENORMOUS tornado that is happening out at sea. Now imagine living on a giant set of islands...directly out at sea. Now imagine the tornado staying over head all day and night because it is so huge. That is what is currently happening.

If natural disasters occurred in the Civilization games, this would be the time to quit without saving.

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Confirmed, the bot lives in japan

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Oh no, Alice and Shanghai are about to be swallowed by the typhoon!

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Storm Wind Shock!

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Finally fucking canceled class an hour before it fucking starts and five minutes after I should have left to catch the train to be on time. I wouldn't be surprised if a few trains aren't working anyway with how strong the wind is at the moment, but I'm certainly no expert on railway weather resiliency.

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>tween slaves.
Do want.

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seem to not be causing problems here right now

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Wow, surprised to see this many people from here actually living in Japan. What are you guys doing there, college or English teaching?

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nice pants

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Japanese women

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yamanote stopped running in the morning though, didn't have to go to school w00t.

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Windy no rain current at Aizu

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thanks typhoon, didn't have to go into work today.

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Very careful.

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I wanted to make the obvious Umineko joke, but unfortunately it's a few days too late, fuck you nature.

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We have some trees being blown around But nothing really worth reporting from up here in Misawa.
Kind of chilly to be honest.
If nothing else, I got out of work early thanks to typhoon-kun

He's such a nice guy..

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Words cannot convey how much I want to SURF THAT WAVE!

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Air Force?

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