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Is Horo a virgin?

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Of course not, she's been cummed inside by many wolves and men.

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And wolfmen.

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I believe she even said it straight out that she's not. 80 % certainty.

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I doubt anyone would manageto be a virgin for hundreds of years.

Oh wait, anon is.

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Bitches and Horos

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Anon is hundreds of years old?

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Proof of Anon's existence exist due to sayings/texts/documents attributed to him.

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This is why I always say at the end of Rawlence's journey, he is going to end with up the rational choice: Nola.

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Puffy vulva. 30 minutes of ejaculating inside.

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What is it like to tenderly love Horo only to realize afterwards that you're not the first nor will you be the last?

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Feels like bestiality man.

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If you combine the lives of every poster, we're thousands of years old.

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At the time she was just trying to fluster Lawrence so it's possible she was lying. Of course it's also possible that she wasn't.

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I don't care about virginity because I do not live in a fantasy world

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gb2/r9k/ then faggot

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>implying there are more than 5 posters in /jp/

>implying you don't care about your virginity

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I don't care; and I'm not a virgin.

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No, you are lying because you care because you are a virgin.

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Alright you got me; I'm lying to preserve my E-honor.

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here, have some cosplaying Chen

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Man, this is hot, any similarly themed doujin?

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>At the time she was just trying to fluster Lawrence

But Lawrence isn't a virgin, he probably doesn't care

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>Implying unvirgin man doesn't care about virginity

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>implying one would care when it comes to Horo

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It`s Holo motherfuckers. H O L O

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You mean Korlo

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It’s now the 18th century, you are the timid son of a rich merchant family. Your parents have informed you that they have arranged to have you married to a girl you’ve never meet. The girl is from a minor house of wolves who are near extinction. The aim of this marriage is to introduce some mythical power into your family and to save hers from dying out.

It is now the night of the wedding, your first time alone with your new wife. She looks somewhat tense, what do you do?

[ ] just talk, try to lighten up the mood and get to know her
[ ] love tenderly

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Korbo mothatfucka.

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Are you that slow aniki? She even looks like a total slut. I would say, even Sakura seems more like a little sweet and innocent princess compared to dat slut

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[X] Masturbate in the corner to the lovely characters in my Choose Your Own Adventure novels. Ignore the actual woman.

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It's impressive how changing a single sentence makes that sound like some furry shit.

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>[X] just talk, try to lighten up the mood and get to know her
Followed by
>[X] love tenderly
And finally

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Oh /jp/, even in hypothetical fantasy situations you still prefer 2D

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Forgive my ignorance /jp/ but what are you talking about?

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That doesn't even count as 2D. It's like 1D.

Quien sabe?

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We're discussing wolfus, would you like to join?

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I would prefer if we were talking about penises, honestly.

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Why do you haet teh puffy vulva, Anonymous?

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I just like penises.

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I hate it when artists rely on censoring to get around having to draw nice penises.

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