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Agree, I love my blue bun so much

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Not much Ringo love, but Seiran does feel like a magnet sometimes.

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Soon all moonies will be our sex slaves!

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Don't abuse the bunbuns!

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More traitors and deserters, at least Reisen won't be alone in abandoning her friends and family.

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Seiran and Ringo didn't have a choice, the second they set foot on Gensokyo they became impure, no way would they be allowed back on the moon.

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I love them bunners.

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I still don't trust moonies, but Seiran, she seems to know a little about the extent of the Lunar Empire's corruption.

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Technically they're the only moon rabbits because Reisen defected and Reisen Jr doesn't count.

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I want to pork the fat piggy bunny

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I really dislike the idea of Ringo being taller than anyone.

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its just the perspective

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I don't know about this one.

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Seiran is so fucking cute and hot!

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How tall do you think they are?

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Rabbits are slaves of moonies they have all right to defect from space-elf-nazis

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The dango gremlin ought to be at around gremlin-height. So anything above 4 ft is NG

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Hell she's very small, I could sit Seiran on my legs and cover her entire body completely with a hug

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Does Ringo like foot rubs?

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I'm sure she's just mocking me.

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No, she's probably in heat and doesn't even know it

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This, bunbuns abusing humans is fine though.

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that can only happen if they are in heat

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>doesn't know it
if she knows bunnies are always in heat, then that's impossible.

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How about this, neither abuses the other. Also, that Seiran is too big.

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these two ended up being the focus of a fetish based dream, I don't know how to feel about having flipped from avoiding the desire for moonies at all cost to having them be a highlight of a dream.

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Dreams are dreams. It's best not to question them.
Keep avoiding those moonites Anon.

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a dream is the subconcious taking form, so I'm a little worried.
at least being a sentient weapon doll built by a kappa was fun until the lewd took over.

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moonies are dangerous, be careful anon

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What is Seiran dreaming about?

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Dango being eaten right in front of her!

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Somebody is going to eat her

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the bunny dreams of bonk.