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Average /jp/ user

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Thanks for the compliment?

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I wish. I want her shoes.

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thats a really tiny netbook

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You are implying that the average /jp/ user is someone that I would want to fuck.

This cannot be farther from the truth.

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Actually, OP, I'm above average.

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Average /jp/ user

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Shoes on the bed? Disgusting.

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on my dick

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I dont want to be on your dick.

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Average /jp/ user

I wish

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That is totally what I look like, except I am wearing Grado GS-1000 and a FiiO E3 amp and my dress is pink.

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Dear lord that's sexy.

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>>Grado GS-1000 and a FiiO E3 amp
>>Grado GS-1000
>>FiiO E3 amp

does not compute

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I wish

I would throw away that laptop immediately and become a cumdumpster in some alley in downtown Boston

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Cool shoes sis.

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uhhh... thanks?

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Yet.....I dont want to go near with the gangs dude....

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it's like you took a picture of my room!

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There are gangs in Boston?

My world has been shattered

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I forget the name....

It start with these hardcore white guys listening hardcore music and beat up each other from their somewhat brotherly code or something like that.....

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I used to live near Boston and there wre many gangs. They never bothered me, though.

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Average /jp/ user

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>I wish.

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I wish my hair was that long and my shoulders that narrow.

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Pretty accurate I think.

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Bunch of fags ITT.

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Why hello thar newfag

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>Average /jp/ user

Okay, maybe it's just me

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Welcome to /jp/.

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Average /jp/ user

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That picture made my day, my friend.

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You must be new here

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Feels great being sexy desune.

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How dare you! Give me those cans at once before you destroy it with your unworthy power.

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More like this, pretty please.

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This is actually close to the truth, I have slightly shorter hair and my eyes are gray.

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Sure, bro.

And I look like this.

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I look like this.

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Damn it, this gave me an erection.

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Average /jp/ user

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What I'm saying is that I'm a trap, I'm probably taller than the one on the picture as well.

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Me in the portrait.

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Mmkay, I wouldn't mind traps on /jp/, but gray eyes? Come on now.

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Sure you are. Enjoy being 300 pounds.

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What, what's wrong with gray eyes?

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>gray eyes
Pics please. Non-standard eyes are sexy.

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I have grey eyes, what's the problem?

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I hardly get dressed, I just tie my hair in a bun and its
pajamas all day for me. the ones with the clouds on them.

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How are they non-standard?
Maybe I'm just used to it since the whole family has them.

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grey eyes are called hazel

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hazel is actually brown/green eyes.
grey eyes would be considered blue.

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I've seen plenty of green/blue/brown eyes in my time but I haven't seen any gray.

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No, gray eyes are gray eyes.

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>grey eyes are called hazel

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Why is that bitch not only wearing shoes indoors, but getting them on a bed/sofa/whatever.

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Because it's HER bed in HER house and she can do whatever she likes.

One day, anon, you will also have the pleasure of resting on your own furniture, in your own residence.

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They are cute.

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I wouldn't keep my shoes on my bed.
Because, you know, it's dirty and all ?

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i actually do it. my sandals are clean though.

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You gray eyed mutants wouldn't happen to hail from WINLAND?

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The hair in the OP is suprisingly close, except I don't have a fringe and mines wavier.
I can carry 7 pens on one strand. At least. I am superior.

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You are superior if you can carry 3 erect penises in your ass. Otherwise, get out.

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I thought /jp/ hated sluts, but I'd gladly turn sluttish if you ask.

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Would you disappear if I asked you to?

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Now THAT's a slut.

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If, if it's /jp/-kun...


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Not sure if it's possible, but I'll try if you ask.
I don't think it is, I say it is just dedication to /jp/, though if you say otherwise I'll concede.

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... What a dedicated and beautiful Anon.

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This thread proves that there are no boys in /jp/.

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No real girl would ever brag about being a girl on /jp/.

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People don't dress in beautiful clothing and groom their hair when they are locked in their room surfing /jp/.

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I don't even care about clothing. I surf all day naked.

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Being a slut is in direct opposition to /jp/. You cannot be dedicated to /jp/ and also be a slut.

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Maybe you don't.

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Go back to /b/.

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you wanna see my manboobs?

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I hope you like manboobs.

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So, if someone's willing to become a slut for YOU
You still look down on her because of the fact, that she's a slut
I find it rather romantic. In a twisted way.

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Speak for yourself.

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Things can be both romantic and repugnant. Being a slut like you describe would be an example of this.

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There are a lot of newfags in this thread. If you're new to /jp/, here's how it works.

Are you a guy? Then you don't go around asking if everyone is female.

Are you a girl? Then you don't go around telling everyone that you're female.

Do you suspect someone's a girl? Then you don't ask "TITS OR GTFO", just quietly go about your business.

Is someone bragging about being a girl? They're not a girl. They don't have tits. Don't ask for them.

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You were doing well until
>They don't have tits

>> No.3507042

>Do you suspect someone's a girl?

Wrong, we pester them with date requests until they leave the board.

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I don't see why any women would want to visit this board anyways

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Manboobs aren't tits.

>> No.3507048

Small breasts can still be called tits. Boobies are the sizable ones.

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Ah, but that is the /jp/ paradox. They yearn for someone pure, and innocent, but willing to participate in all of their abstract fetishes. Fetishes that, might I add, are inherently sluttish in nature.
The only compromise would be someone introverted publicly, but willing to bend their own mentality for /jp/s wishes.
Yandere optional, of course.

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I think it's the other way around. Tits is vulgar sounding, while "boobies" sounds comedic or innocent.

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A girlfriend that is introverted, awkward and shy but quickly becomes wanton for sex after breaking the ice.

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Isn't "boobies" just what a stupid pre-pubescent kid calls breasts?

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Everyone on /jp/ is a girl so let's just come out and post our pictures.

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I call them おっぱい.

>> No.3507067

There's a fine line between stupid and innocent, my dear friend, and it can be used in an ironic, comedic way.

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Too many dimensions.

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I'd pet it.

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>but willing to participate in all of their abstract fetishes

Really? What if I were to tell you that a consensual sexless relationship would be fine?

>> No.3507087

I'd hit it with a truck filled with hugs

>> No.3507088

Don't care if that's an elaborate trolling hoax or anything, but---
If only there were more women like that. ;_;

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1. Wake up only to see you are 10 minutes away from being unable to join Automation course
2. Rush to campus
3. Realize you haven't even washed your face nor made your hair
4. Use your earphones' cable to tie your hair for the time being
5. Forget all about it and go to the canteen for some breakfast
6. Proceed to blush furiously as you are called cute waiting in line

Sometimes life is not so bad

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Too bad in other pictures, she's a slut.

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Here is me.

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No online registration? What barbaric school is this?♠

>> No.3507100

Monopoly money with Operation?

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Don't try and lie, you wont fool me.

>> No.3507104


It's the new version where you can sue the doctor.

>> No.3507106

It wasn't for registration, it was the first class of Automation course and the prof. is notorious for not accepting latecomers past the 15th minute mark

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Your face is beautiful.

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pig 3d disgusting stretchmarks

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It's not that bad.
And she's got nice a beautiful neck.

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Blue Wickys are the only good ones.

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You're kidding.

What's really going to happen is you're going to give me shit-tests, and if I behave in a rational way and treat you like a human being, you'll run out and find some player and jump his bones in like 5 minutes. Then you're going to come crying back to me, and if I forgive you you're going to act like the whole situation was MY fault. We'll have stiff and uninvolved make-up sex, and then it'll be about a month of celibacy until the cycle is repeated.

You're doomed to unhappiness because you can't and won't overcome your instincts.

>> No.3507143

Isn't it the male who's doomed to unhappiness, due to being the one who welcomes her home with open arms, only to be betrayed again- Repeat.

>> No.3507150

Nah, because I have Youmu and Yuyuko. I'd never put myself in that situation. I'm totally happy, even lacking what "normal" people would consider prerequisites.

She's going to be screwing around for the rest of her life, with everything she needs to be "happy" and being unable to partake of it.

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Sounds too good to be true.

>> No.3507158


I think most of /jp/ would be with you on that.

Anonymous doesn't really want sex. Almost anyone on /jp/ *could* get sex if they wanted: there's an endless supply of shitty sluts and whores out there. But Anonymous doesn't, because deep down inside, he doesn't *want to*.

He just wants someone who understands him.

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I want to.

>> No.3507167

/jp/ Anonymous, or the whole of 4chan Anonymous?

Because, I'm pretty sure most of the raging teens from some of the other boards wouldn't mind for cheap loveless sex.

>> No.3507169

some girls are interested in visual novels and touhou.

>> No.3507170


/jp/, of course. I didn't even think about the rest of 4chan. It's like a whole different world between the two.

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>Anonymous doesn't really want sex. Almost anyone on /jp/ *could* get sex if they wanted: there's an endless supply of shitty sluts and whores out there.

>inferring that socially retarded basement dwellers are capable of having sex

>> No.3507172

I'd probably have sex with "the right one", after relationship build-up and all that jazz. But I don't say it out loud, 'cause that makes me sound like a normalfriend.

>> No.3507176

You did read what he greentexted, right m'dear Arc?
Right near the bottom.

>>endless supply of shitty sluts and whores out there.

Even the lowest of the low could get sex via prostituion.

>> No.3507178

Are you only speaking in green text and reaction images now?

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Pretty much.

>> No.3507181

I yearn for the kind of loving relationship shown in various media such as litterature, manga or VN.
But I wouldn't really care about sex because I'm mostly looking for a mother figure to replace the one I didn't have. Or so Freud tells me,at least.

>> No.3507184

Classic beta male.

Women DO NOT WANT TO BE WITH SOMEONE WHO WANTS THAT. They want cheap philandering players who treat them like crap. Feminists will tell you the opposite, but it's not true. They're not lying, because they really believe it.

You will never find beauty in the human form.

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>Inferring that a socially retarded, basement-dwelling, NEET-Anonymous would have the money and/or resources to seek out and purchase a prostitute

>> No.3507189

Okay, that's better!
Well played Arc, well played.

>> No.3507191

Well, thanks for answering my question.

>> No.3507194


We all know that.

Of course, that isn't true of *all* women; all generalizations are false.

What /jp/ Anonymous really wants is his female counterpart: reasonably intelligent but socially awkward and sickened by the way that most guys act towards women (just as male Anonymous is sickened at how most girls act towards guys).

>> No.3507200


>male Anonymous is sickened at how most girls
>male anonymous is sickened...at...girls

I think what Male Anonymous wants most is another male.

Probably a feminine looking male.

>> No.3507202

To pass time why else ? You guys are not that bad. Sure I'm not a hard fan. Imperishable Night is the only touhou game I can clear on normal and I can not contribute anything to the community but that doesn't stop me from reading /jp/ and having a fun or two

>> No.3507203

The real problem is that the hikkikomori guys and hikkikomori girls have no way of communicating.

If the one of said guys go outside to try to get in a relationship, they'll only find normalfags. And same if one of said girls goes outside. They'll never find each other.

So instead we'll sit here, men and women alike, posting all night about how we hate our lives.

>> No.3507204

Something between those lines, yes. A reasonable wish for a future girlfriend in fairy tail land.

>> No.3507205

I'd do it but it's kinda gay.

>> No.3507206

the problem with being a female on /jp/ is that the only kind of guys that would be into you are all locked up in their basements or apartments... we're destined to never meet eachother.

>> No.3507208

I don't think I'd want a female counterpart of myself. She'd probably lie to me and cheat on me, and get off to the most obscene of things.

>> No.3507210

The answer is simple: set up a /jp/ matchmaking website.

>> No.3507212


Pretty much hivemind.


I'd be pretty much fine with that. Really, I couldn't care less. Except maybe the lying part.

>> No.3507214

She'd probably be abusive, violent, keep teasing me all the time and keep giving me orders.
I like that.

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>> No.3507218

The most elite and worthy of NEETs are taught the way to travel between their basements without ever going outside using the B-space.

>> No.3507219

Then there'd be like 10 members, 1 of which is a girl.

>> No.3507222


That's also part of the problem. Even though there are girls on /jp/, there's still probably a large asymmetry, which always creates a crappy environment.

>> No.3507224

Then there'd be like 10 members, 1 of which is a girl with a member

>> No.3507225

If I ever hook up with a lovable girl, I'd massage her feet all day for a week just to see her in such lovely underpants.

>> No.3507227

Rather than the strange reverse harem/orgy most of you are picturing as a solution, may I suggest MTVS NEWEST REALITY TV DATING SHOW?

>> No.3507232

Those look awfully stiff and uncomfortable.

>> No.3507233

I don't want a slut, I want a loyal girl.

>> No.3507234

NEET instead of NEXT?

>> No.3507235

I thought we had already solved the issue before anyway. As there aren't enough girls, and most may be unwilling, the /jp/ male population would draw lots, half of which will take the place as a girl.

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They look neither.

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>> No.3507246

Keep it in your pants dear anon.

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>> No.3507250

I dunno, I think it's just the way the fabric folds. They look like they've still got some starch ort something in them. Am I just imagining it?

>> No.3507251

I went too far, didn't I?

Keep them coming. I've developed a bloomer fetish, you see.

>> No.3507254

It's probably because they're new or something.

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littlewitch isnt a girl, remember this.

>> No.3507262

who gives a shit.

>> No.3507264

Figured that might be it. Maybe they'd look less stiff after they've been washed, like a pair of jeans or whatever.

Are these littlewitch's pictures?

>> No.3507267


I don't care as long as he posts MORE!

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File: 226 KB, 924x1280, semibloom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No one thinks otherwise.

Nope. And I've got no more. These are *almost* bloomers.

>> No.3507275

I would totally hit that.

>> No.3507282

It also seems to be made of an unfamiliar fabric.

Those are actually probably really soft.

>> No.3507291

>He just wants someone who understands him
Speak for yourself.

>> No.3507363

Isn't there already something like that? I think it was called AnonDate or something, I dunno.

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What the fuck is going on in this thread

>> No.3507384

It's fucking bloomers, bitch. Got some?

>> No.3507448

/jp/ - Schizoids/Avoidants

>> No.3507465

This thread grosses me out. Why are there so many replies?

>> No.3507469

Which is worse: Being a female/slut, or being a nigger?

>> No.3507472

Being a female nigger

>> No.3507488

Being yourself, a faggot from /b/ is worse.

>> No.3507625


>> No.3507641 [DELETED] 

> ya i readed dat on aпoпtaاk.com two day's ago lol
How come this always is asked here?

>> No.3507648

Bump for more like this.

>> No.3507854

What's the sauce on this image?

>> No.3507859

Where can I buy these?

>> No.3507895

Post more self pictures.

>> No.3508043

Nobody? What would I even search for when trying to find them? What ARE they?

>> No.3508070

Why do you want the underwear I posted?

>> No.3508203

your bloomers are nice littlewitch.

I'd send you a polar beer as a present for showing them, but I'm to lazy to get out of bed and skin one

>> No.3508207

Those certainly aren't mine. Also thanks for the offer but please don't kill animals for my sake.

Luckily, you said polar "beer" so that is acceptable.

>> No.3508218


If i was a girl I might kill a polar bear to make polar bear bloomers and then drink polar beer afterwards

>> No.3508225
File: 18 KB, 145x145, KukuweaqBear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to be the little polar bear girl with ten arms.

>> No.3508375

To wear them obviously. They look comfortable.

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Average /jp/ user

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File: 1.23 MB, 1003x711, 144901.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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And on the topic of /jp/ and women...

>> No.3508824

Typical girl of /jp/

>> No.3508832

She looks a lot like my sister, it's scary.

>> No.3508837

this is interesting, though it sadly doesn't apply to me, since I've already received my magical powers...

>> No.3508857

lolz i'm watching that anime now...
its amazing how many people i know are hikikokomoris like that fag.

>> No.3508876

Be a man, read the book.
Also, never say lolz again.

>> No.3510718


Not really related to the thread, but requesting more images like this one. I.e. cute girls, traditional clothes, modern technology.

>> No.3510735
File: 768 KB, 1010x1047, 4f96fd0667665e1d7f14967d8f06edbb1dac5ff5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Like this?

>> No.3510737

Go to Hell, bitches!

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