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If you're a beginner, please read the guide first.
Guide: https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/
Word of the Day: https://t.me/s/jt_library
Previous thread: >>34965680

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there was no 和 and no 蛾 edition

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i want to have clumsy backroom sex with コンカフェ maids

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>practice handwriting kanji
>can't even get 人 right
Is this why japs are so good at drawing?

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>5 hours early
cancer killing djt. you could've waited and still shilled your shitty op links then.

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The "Guide" shilled in the op is will forcefully download malware onto your computer and is a botnet
Please use the real guide https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/learn/guide.html (also linked in the >>>/int/djt op)

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much easier if you use a brush pen instead of a pencil or ballpoint pen

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you're supposed to make a new one once the current one hits page 10. two threads ago some retard made a new thread when the previous was on page 8, and no one seemed to blame him.

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you have to go back to /int/, nigger.

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are you using mpvacious handwriting cards?

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>you're supposed to make a new one once the current one hits page 10.
Nope. You're supposed to wait until the old thread has died, at least that was the way before the holo thread wars started.
Page 10 is only the requirement for janitors to not delete new threads.

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tell that to people who make a new thread while the old one is on page 8.

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Nah, just a book that teaches some kanji alongside grammar. But stroke order is retarded anyway, I usually make my own after a few tries.

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“If you fulfill your obligations everyday (doing ur anki reps) you don't need to worry about the future (becoming
ng fluent in japanese).”

Jordan Peterson

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日之語 learn it to escape dekinaidom ー 胸糞

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>one year difference

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this fucking tatsumoto is the worst cancer currently

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Pic related. I have a hard time setting up yomichan for anki. Instead of one English word, it shows a long list of words, and instead of a sentence, I get somethng like "吹き荒れるSentToday at 7:53 AM7:53 AMYou sent Today at 7:53 AM禍々しい". Obviously I'm doing something wrong, yet I think I followed the instructions and downloaded and installed the recommended dictionaries.

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My yomichan setup for anki cards.

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My dictionaries.

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this isnt the yomichan support forum

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white noising is so fucking BORING

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it's all right, bro
i've written well over a hundred thousand characters into my notebook over the years and my hand still looks like shit

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this guy got shilled on reddit and its nice

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hes extremely annoying

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I'm enrolled in Japanese at my university, and we recently had a review of personal pronouns. The professor encourage us to understand and practice casual speech, and as part of that, to try finding personal pronouns that we feel comfortable with in different situations.

I identify as male, and I want to use 僕 (boku) as my personal pronoun, but my professor said that it's totally inappropriate, and said I need to use 私 (watashi) or あたし (atashi). I was a bit offended by that, because I don't identify as female.

I don't like to call my professor out as wrong, but this seems totally wrong.

Is 僕 (boku) only appropriate for cisgendered men?

What are the ramifications of using 僕 (boku) when you are male, but not cisgendered?

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post tits or gtfo

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but you do understand that you wouldnt use boku across the board right? when speaking to your prof you would still use watashi and with friends boku/ore/whatever you want
do you live in the western world? sounds like you could calll your prof out on it if he insists that you use atashi

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i thought people would pick up on the fact that was posted elsewhere first, i guess not

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beginners, listen to this guy >>34984749

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post em

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>are you using handwriting cards made by a guy that couldnt pass the n3 quiz cause he couldnt read the font

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i can understand most of the videos bunko posts
i think i'm going to make it after all

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oh cool we're just letting the arab advertise now.

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紅一点 lol

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why are we so dead

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just anki'd 摂取 10 minutes ago

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nothing has been worse than the holosharts and goatfucker in the 3 years ive been here. the only thing that came close was when queef and jachink argued about dumb shit for days but you could just filter them

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filtering doesn't fix the problem it hides it

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Jamal & co when I destroy them at the meetup speaking real nihongo

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>how do you suggest i filter
i would recommend you go look at what you're able to filter and then you'll see how simple it is :) you can do it i believe in you! if i dont have to see them then you dont either!!!!!!

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it's ogre girl
don't be too hard on her, the poor thing is retarded

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i dont need a social media friend list to confirm i am friends w. som1

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lol imagine og writing one of her novels but she forgot to check the ip first and it doesnt let her post

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she could save it for later although she's probably too dumb to think of that

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can we get one ragepost pls

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dame the twist in the last arc of 北斗の拳 didnt expect that bros

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if you have any sort of online anime list you're not making it

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mal looks better

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wtf ciaran only erased his anilist???

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hoped id never relate to this song, but here i am

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yoshi, time for tonight's self study

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dang og ur a mess we gotta get u genki again

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more proof only women make it. in the 70s no less

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did he 除毛する his pussy too

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seethe, brownie, they love us even as chubby 6/10s

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tfw range band is not enough

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u can admit u missed me, i won't tell

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whats your issue

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dame see how angry he gets

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>characters gonna meet on a saturday
>guess the mc is gonna wear a short sleeve shirt with a white t shirt under
>he does
every time

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is it true that all americans eat like this?

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im loling at the fact that i thought the third ep of hyouka was about weed when the dude was just smoking cigs at school. fucking japan

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damn everyone ignored my epic garyben edit and then the jannies deleted it fml

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i am so sick of stories starting to hate fiction it's all bullshit

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yeah dont care lol

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well you cared enough to post that :)

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well there ya go

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white people hater

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im sure mr donda googled it or smth but theres no rules so well accept it

>> No.34989552

look mr donda ill believe u if u say u didnt google it

did u google it ?

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its the default feeling

>> No.34989599

ye finna disagree on that one

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just think its cringe to cry about the atom bombs when its like dude yall fucked around too much and now ur gonna get ur skin melted off sorry

like go big or go home lol ppl usually cry foul when someone stops fucking around and gets serious and its like what did u expect

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let's not pretend japan didn't fuck with civilians lmfao

>> No.34989699

hot take: the general public everywhere is unbelievably retarded

>> No.34989745

humans are retarded and the world is fucked
i'm just trying to make my stay here as chill and enjoyable as possible and hope this shit doesn't go up flames before i die

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like the japanese government even told the army to stop occupying manchuria but the army was like no we ain't listening

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ベースド and true

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thats what the japanese argument was at the 極東裁判

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crazy how people dont talk about the tokyo firebombings when they killed as many people as the second nuke and were exclusively targeted at civilian regions

>> No.34990078

theres no payoff at all

>> No.34990092

why does ciaran make posts like this

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does 中出し apply for anal sex too? or is it just being misused here?

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nah you can いだく someone as well when you're carrying them

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fuck travelling

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didnt even get your d sucked bro?

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so you gay bro or what

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stfu danenigger

>> No.34990838

dunno never had an osananajimi

>> No.34990878

dont care about "oc" made by retards theres plenty of masterworks to watch and read

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true djt loves reddit oc

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i mean he was an actual osananajimi like we were the same age lived next to each other played together before entering school then went to the same school the whole shtick lol

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only 'oc' i know from reddit is shit like this >>34989305 that gets edited a million times

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reddit's vote system enforces a gay fake "nice" culture which makes it harder to tell certain not-nice truths. that's why 4chan has its place.

>> No.34990924

similar experience here desu. i had a friend back when i was 4-6 years old who lived like a block away from me with whom i often re-enacted scenes from power rangers.
then my dad told me that i shouldn't get too close to him because he seemed gay.

>> No.34990962

reddit0rs give me the vibe of automatons trying to emulate the most boring type of human personality

>> No.34990967

you're too young to remember when reddit was unpopular, it's been huge since 2013 at least

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btw i can kinda understand where ciaran is coming from when he says he isnt gay despite having sucked dick and taken it up the ass

>> No.34990974

redditors and people in general (reddit is much more popular which means its userbase is likely more representative of the general population albeit still skewed young and leftist) are nice because it makes them and others feel good but in doing so they're not always honest. 4channerians are almost certainly more genuinely mean but that's a good thing when the truth feels mean.


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im not asexual im attracted to adult women (non-whitoid)

>> No.34991067

gotta be specific on 4channel cause theres a lot of pedos around and i dont want to be associated with them

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dame that's hot

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on android is there a way to tap a word and tap a button and generate an anki card with the word and definition on it? kanjieater made something for a kindle reader that does exactly that but i don't know of an android solution.

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pov: u are a nihonjin watching the news

>> No.34991127

you are going to be associated with pedos regardless since you are on 4chan

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>> No.34991150

her voice is absolute perfection

>> No.34991167

/int/, /r9k/, /pol/, and /v/ are basically indistinguishable from reddit (aside from the occasional n-word here and there).

>> No.34991182

thank dog i dont browse those boards

>> No.34991195

msm is for npcs tho

>> No.34991196

you got a problem with that?

>> No.34991200

it probably feels like watching the news from your own country since thats what it is

>> No.34991239

leaky ass reminds me of nikocado avocado

>> No.34991247

japan is roughly as big as the mexican states of chihuahua and durango. it's not really that big

>> No.34991252


>> No.34991255

that doesnt mean the people living there arent interested in what happens in their own country

>> No.34991259

i wonder what the left/right ratio among japanese journalists is compared to the general population. it's very screwed for americans.

>> No.34991262

the point is that it's basically local news.

>> No.34991265

feel like 1 schizo just entered the thread and is going on about the altright and pol

>> No.34991267

meant skewed but either phrasing is correct heh

>> No.34991273

left and right wing have some pretty fucked up definitions in america compared to in the rest of the world.

>> No.34991280

japan and mexico have the same population so no

>> No.34991305

Yet the total population is roughly the same number in both mexico and japan

>> No.34991309

used to go on ck before but it's p bad nowadays

>> No.34991319


>> No.34991323

is this true? lmao exactly how i picture a leftist retard

>> No.34991329

inb4 "i never took it up the ass"

>> No.34991332

all of the boards i used to post in are pretty awful nowadays, which is why the only boards i use are /jp/ and /qa/ (heaven and hell).

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File: 188 KB, 502x1024, pew research ft_2021.05.05_culturaldivisions_01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yo wtf...

>> No.34991343

what does that mean? its national news for japanese people

>> No.34991347

Yes, your teacher is right.
You only use 僕 (boku) among your pals, otherwise it's a bit rude.
teacher-student relationship is asymetrical so you use 私 (watashi) or あたし (atashi) or evenわたくし (Even more formal than わたし)

>> No.34991349

yeah thats what he claims. glad i figured it out before i did the deed myself lol

>> No.34991356

/jp/ isnt good either

>> No.34991358

you should stop being retard. if youre gay, youre gay. theres no doubt. if you were gay, you would feel attracted to men since forever. its so weird that you had to go out with a dude to realize that. whats next? eat shit to see if you are into scat?

>> No.34991359

>adopting customs and traditions
the usa has neither

>> No.34991362

guess biz is the only good board

>> No.34991377

you're obviously much gayer than me cuz ive never even considered that i might want to fuck a guy, it just happened cuz i do dumb shit and dont give a fuck but u actually met up with a guy to fuck him lmfao thats some gay shit

>> No.34991390

ciaran probably says he's not gay because he doesn't wanna have people dm'ing him ERP participation requests and sending him messages with lines like "どうか、御館様の陰経を気持ちよくさせてくれませぬか?この宝珠を舐めてもいいで御座いますか?"

>> No.34991392

lol owned

>> No.34991396

u just wanted to write some gay shit jog on

>> No.34991426

onushi ga siteki sita no ha hitei sigatai koto desu.

>> No.34991434



>> No.34991441

love this guy

>> No.34991442

my left ear disliked that

>> No.34991443

i wonder if being gay (hard gay) is really the only thing that keeps men from wanting to become girls.

>> No.34991451

if you wanna be a girl at all youre already mad gay

>> No.34991460

seems like an awful thing to do. what if the Japanese person doesn't speak Japanese?

>> No.34991471

gay people don't like girls.
ever noticed that every single one of those mtf muhfuggers claims to be a lesbian and not a straight woman?

>> No.34991475

just realized that its かま いたち and not かまい たち
mind blown

>> No.34991479


>> No.34991482


>> No.34991489

gay guys are always hanging around girls wtf you talking about

>> No.34991498

amazing mental gymnastics to somehow convince yourself that not fucking a dude is more gay than fucking a dude

>> No.34991500

did you never look at the kanji

>> No.34991507

honda shinrin?
or honda marin?

>> No.34991516

everyones gay but me

>> No.34991522

those are the ones who are gay because they could never get female friends.
the real gays are the ones who only hang out with guys and are really into manly stuff like hunting, riding motorcycles, and camping.

>> No.34991528

in vino copium

>> No.34991529
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>> No.34991537

if you say it you're it

>> No.34991551

>english translated manga panel
double cringe

>> No.34991553

that proverb is only accurate when you're talking about a couple of beers or something not blackout drunk and high on chemicals when ur brain doesnt even function

>> No.34991555

how kanji works for 400 points

>> No.34991569

that's why drugs are never good 4 u kids

>> No.34991575

yeah ive never endorsed drug taking i think its a bad habit, one reason why i broke up with my exgf because she wanted to do it every weekend and didnt think it was harmful which doesnt align with my views

>> No.34991585

idk bro ive been as fucked up as u ever have and i never did stuff that was completely alien to my innate character. u cant get much further from who u are as a person as what u did as a supposedly straight dude

>> No.34991599

diets suck i'm craving 3 bowls of cereal right now

>> No.34991611

the one thing that i think is even worse than any drug is not getting at least 7 hours of sleep a day every day.

>> No.34991614

what a disgusting fucking nigger, look his fucking lips

>> No.34991617

you are probably a typical 4chan person has right wing traditional beliefs like being disgusted by gays tho, i dont possess any illfeeling towards gayness or gay sex and it doesnt bother me at all to be involved in it despite being straight. when i get blackout drunk i end up doing shit id never dream of doing sober incl. taking lots of drugs which i never feel like doing unless im extremely drunk

>> No.34991625


>> No.34991640
File: 199 KB, 850x1453, __akagi_miria_idolmaster_and_1_more_drawn_by_sincos__sample-1ebfab1f4042509232ad072b890c846c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

under the rules of le 4chan, it's only gay if you forget to say "no homo", but if you don't, it's daijoubu.

>> No.34991642

im pretty apolitical and i have no problem with gay people or gay sex would be pretty weird considering what occurred today if i did lol. im thinking youre coping a bit thats just me though

>> No.34991668

>le 4chan
>no homo

>> No.34991676

read this as mizuodori

>> No.34991686

japanese would be so much cooler if it kept on coining words for foreign concepts instead of borrowing them from english

>> No.34991694

like u i have absolutely no reason to cope about it considering i have 0 issues with gay people
doing some random gay shit doesnt even make the top 50 incredibly dumb things ive done when extremely drunk, if anything my "innate character" is simply someone who likes to cause trouble for people and has no regard for my personal safety

>> No.34991711

no need to worry about me i get like 9

>> No.34991722

i didn't have you in mind when i wrote that

>> No.34991749

how many tripless posters can you recognize these days?
i've gotten pretty rusty ever since a bunch of our most famous posters started namefagging or tripfagging.

>> No.34991755

my new oshi

>> No.34991761

how would you translate "rappelling" or "sarcasm" to japanese?

>> No.34991767

so many faggots ITT

>> No.34991778


>> No.34991783

never got why people like following e-thots whom they'll never be able to have a private conversation with in their lives, much less be able to meet in person and...uh...do stuff with than to have a weird nigga who can be your pal and whom you can talk to every day about shizz in life. if you got a nakama, you can always exchange memes or play games together.

>> No.34991816

but why would you? she'll never call you a "weirdo" or a "faggot" or a "brown subhuman" directly. she'll never tell you that your taste is ass or that you suck at chess.
on the other hand, you'll never get to see her 本音 so all you'll ever get to experience of her is an extremely manicured character she puts up as her 建前

>> No.34991822

who cares about other peoples private thoughts

>> No.34991825

i feel like that post was written by an experimental ai tuned for djt

>> No.34991829

the real friends were the ones we made in djt

>> No.34991834

i was going to say people post their 本音 on djt all day and its all garbage but realistically everyone here is full of shit

>> No.34991889

shutup bitch

>> No.34991937
File: 23 KB, 385x287, sen_to_kuro_wo_gokko_suru_29_to_30.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so i herd u guis like mangos
post 1 panel from a mango ur eatin rn

>> No.34991976

dont care

>> No.34991977

haven't eaten manga since 2018

>> No.34991991

not much to nipah abt wrt these threads lately

>> No.34991996

jamal should make a let's play post series on djt.
that might encourage others to play games too.

>> No.34991998

yeah he's lost his touch

>> No.34992013

i did that a couple of times but then it got boring so i stopped

>> No.34992018

why do we need enoucragement to play games

>> No.34992040

cuz were zoomers

>> No.34992041

because nobody does it. when was the last time you saw somebody doing it?
vn guy doesn't post anymore. neither does jrpg guy.

>> No.34992045

u deserve to die in ur idle pit frankly

>> No.34992046

why should we play games

>> No.34992070

any kind of sharing entertainment people are currently consuming would be better than what we've got right now.
djt feels like a graveyard right now.

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ill read some of this manga by esteemed mangaka of elfen lied after i finish the absolutely horrible anime im watching

>> No.34992143

looks very dirty, but better than nothing

>> No.34992170


>> No.34992197

shoulda sent me fat stacks on patreon i woulda made all the posts u wanted

now its too late

>> No.34992247
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i think what we need is another one of these

>> No.34992250

im learning japanese

>> No.34992270

yea it's pretty gay

>> No.34992328

popularity 20? yea never heard of it

>> No.34992337

dont care about anime im older than 16

>> No.34992339

care a tiny bit about (the few good) anime i'm 29

>> No.34992351

i fkin looooove anime

>> No.34992362

wonder why moe loves anime so much

>> No.34992590
File: 506 KB, 1988x476, 1621719525048.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.34992612
File: 441 KB, 1128x1600, DLraw.net-04_069.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what y'all need is more mangoes.
sinu made mango wo kuituzukanebanaranu

>> No.34992621

>popularity 20? yea never heard of it
you seriously have never heard of noragami? i feel sad for complete newfags who dont know stuff from like less than 10 years ago

>> No.34992641

i've probably watched tons of things you never heard of from the past 10 years. feel sad once it turns it shitty and i have to give it a low score on mal

>> No.34992642

the 2000s was the best decade in the history of anime

>> No.34992653
File: 40 KB, 689x321, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

turns out shitty*
yep the stats confirm

>> No.34992655

no that's definitely the 20s (shingeki no kyojin season 4 part 1 and 2)

>> No.34992689

what is it that makes it impossible for the trash taste faggots to learn japanese
one dude is literally taking classes and havent even learnt shit. i get that youd fail at immersion learning but classes

>> No.34992697

what makes you think youd learn anything in a class

>> No.34992708

>Giant Robo the Animation: Chikyuu ga Seishi Suru Hi (unrated)
>Mugen no Ryvius (unrated)
>Teito Monogatari (unrated)
>Tenkuu no Escaflowne (unrated)

>> No.34992713

second half of it yea first half lmao

>> No.34992725


>> No.34992726

youre still gonna be spoonfed set phrases and he still cant learn anything

>> No.34992736

rahxephon. hellsing. texhnolyze, and bokusatsu tenshi dokuro-chan are all from the first half of the 2000's

>> No.34992740

and theyre all shit

>> No.34992747

flcl was from the first half

>> No.34992758

yea texhnolyze is the greatest anime ever made

>> No.34992759

gankutsuou and elfen lied are both from 2004

>> No.34992805

it's weird how dogakobo has made some of the best anime of all time (lke yuruyuri) and some of the worst anime of all time (like himouto umaru-chan)

>> No.34992812

lookin at the stats the second half of the 2000s was better but the early 2000s still had some of the best ever and is still better than any other decade probably

>> No.34992823

yuru yuri was awful and i had to watch the last ova without subs and understood nothing lmfao
subs make it so much easier

>> No.34992832


>> No.34992834

good thing i originally watched it with spanish subs, then

>> No.34992844

umaru is underrated

>> No.34992845

>bro i didn't understand the dialogue at all but the anime was pure shit i'm 100% sure of it

>> No.34992848

keep chuggin

>> No.34992856
File: 355 KB, 626x359, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.34992860

i could follow along the plot for each episode and it sucked

>> No.34992869

you suck

>> No.34992879

umaru sucks because she's a 不謹慎な妹

>> No.34992884

damn moe ur right i should reconsider

>> No.34992896

little sisters are made for submitting to their elder brother's dick. if they can't do that, then they're completely worthless.

>> No.34992936

i'd feel very uncomfortable if i had an elder brother who posts comments like this one on online discussion sites

>> No.34992946

he said little sisters, not sissies

>> No.34992964

really want to acquire hodo rn

>> No.34993035


>> No.34993043

i was kidding about the gay sex with my bud thing btw
i'd never have sex with a man.

>> No.34993065


>> No.34993072

still laughing over when moe posted yosh dekta

>> No.34993090

Why the fuck is there a million ways to say down in this language? In what situations do I say さげる, and when do I say さがる? Then there's fucking くだる! I'm losing my mind!

>> No.34993097


>> No.34993103

what's the diff between "go down" and "pull down"?

>> No.34993106

And I almost forgot おりる.

>> No.34993112

地球 = dirtball
food for thought

>> No.34993114

matt says just learn the basics, that there's 4 patterns, and then after 6 months if you're still curious you can look up the more intermediary or advanced rules. and you can start testing yourself on the pitch of the most common 20 words that fall under each of those 4 patterns, and then try to listen for them/their pitches when listening to japanese.

>> No.34993118

it takes less time to learn its rules than it takes to watch the videos about why you should/shouldn't learn it
better just get done with it quickly so you move onto other stuff later on

>> No.34993120

theres actually 2 patterns not sure why matto wants to make it sound more difficult

>> No.34993134

matt says it's important for understanding more advanced rules

>> No.34993137

I thought pull down would be more おろす, now I'm even more confused.

>> No.34993144

did you know that matt didn't invent japanese?
the language had existed for hundreds of years before he was even born.

>> No.34993151

appeal to authority is a fallacy

>> No.34993154

matt sounded like shit in the livestream so he should shoot the fook up
dogen is the best gaijin in the world

>> No.34993157

pretty sure matto had nothing to do with the popularity of the internet

>> No.34993159

matt agrees with this actually.

>> No.34993165

lmao dude

>> No.34993169


>> No.34993170

dictionaries have existed since ancient times.
flashcards were invented over 200 years ago.
srs has existed since the 80s at least.
none of what matt suggests was come up with in the last 15 years.

>> No.34993172

on average, native speakers of english are fucking awful at pronouncing anything in foreign languages, but the only people who sound good in japanese are also english natives
how come?

>> No.34993178

i think he's refering to ONKEY

>> No.34993184

just learn where the downstep is in a word, if there is one

>> No.34993193

self-filtering i suppose.
low-effort learners go for languages like spanish and french. high-effort ones go for languages like putonghua and japanese.

>> No.34993204

anki does more or less the same stuff supermemo does too, except with a more user-friendly interface.

>> No.34993221

anki released in 2006...

>> No.34993226

why do memetards claim that "the chinese language doesn't exist. mandarin, cantonese, fuzhounese, hokkien, wu, shanghainese, etc. do"?
it's like claiming that the english language doesn't exist because burger and crumpet exist.

>> No.34993258

do you wish you could give a speech in another language before a country's national legislature the way prince charles is doing here?

>> No.34993270

his accent is absolute shit-tier and 見抜かれやすい but the wording in his speech sounds ok.
it might've been translated by somebody else tho.

>> No.34993281
File: 682 KB, 1140x1618, DLraw.net-0034.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34993282

for a man of mostly german descent, his german isn't too impressive.
his father sounded a bit better (but still very english-y).

>> No.34993291

don't overrate immersion
textbooks and immersion on the side are the way to go early on
should i remind you faggots that both khatz and matt took japanese lessons and studied for years before they started ajatting
you should only start massive immersion after your grammar is at a good level
fuck this "immersing a lot from the beginning and maybe read some tae kim" cult shit

>> No.34993294

love you so much i could die?
i know?

>> No.34993305

this is the intermediate thread tho

>> No.34993308

>another language
lol are we counting english dialects now

>> No.34993313

>not starting my nihongo journey
>waiting for wanikani speedrunner to finish wanikani and give it a review so i get motivated but he disappeared


>> No.34993314


>> No.34993316

panzer vor

>> No.34993319

>Aggregated, they suggest that, when comparing people of equal qualifications, Black applicants are roughly 21 times more likely to be admitted, while Hispanics are 3 times as likely, and Asians are 6% less likely.

>> No.34993320

guys how do i say nakadasi in german?

>> No.34993321

thats be because they be oppresed an shiet

>> No.34993322

you got problems

>> No.34993330

textbook learners are retarded because reading tae kim and just sort of understanding the grammar points and then seeing them used in real media is a lot more effective than memorizing them only to have burnt in an unnatural way of their usage in the minds
why am i typing this out everyone but a few retards per thread knows this

>> No.34993334

stfu *shoves foot up ass*

>> No.34993348


>> No.34993352

k but how do you translate "腟内射精" to german? gotta know this for personal reasons.

>> No.34993412

this can be translated as "Samenerguss".
for the other one you can use the latin-derived "intervaginale" instead.

>> No.34993421

im gonna start wanikani tomorrow after being influenced by the same anon lol
are you a complete beginner? i have "some" previous knowledge like hiragana and katakana, around 20 kanjis (1 to 10, day, month, tree, water, earth and fire.i guess this is it) and like 15-20 japanese ammo videos.
gonna do 1 level of wanikani a day. but also bunpro and core10k
goal: become a lower intermediate by finishing all these resources in 2 months.
if you are in the same boat, just start tomorrow as well. best of luck xD

>> No.34993425

are there any fun games with replayable voicelines like vns have? i want to have fun while i mine but every vn with tacked on rpg elements that i've tried is just boring

>> No.34993434

now that i think about it, i've never played an rpg.

>> No.34993437


>> No.34993442


>> No.34993459

arigato gozaimasu xD

>> No.34993465

prove it

>> No.34993468
File: 177 KB, 292x366, niggy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.34993473

can you give me some rpg recs? i know 2.5k kanji/+8k words, so i don't think i'd have problems with the language but i've never played any rpgs, so i'd like to try something easy to play at first.

>> No.34993485
File: 66 KB, 184x184, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.34993552
File: 75 KB, 1200x675, Dw4U3kOUwAEy1Of.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.34993559

god i hope ciaran goes on kanjieater's channel and talks about his drug adventures in japan and also denounces quiz's discord

>> No.34993562

one thing i don't understand

my language has all the sounds that japanese has and yet i can't hear all the sounds that come out of a japanese speaker's mouth when they saying things at normal speed


if a fellow countryman starts saying random words that don't exist in my language i would hear them all clearly

what is the explanation for this?

>> No.34993563

its a bait, right? if not, omg why newfags are always this retard. wanikani is meant to be finished in at least a year lmao
same goes for core10k. and why bunpro? read tae kim

>> No.34993577


>> No.34993585


>> No.34993592


>> No.34993600


big lol

>> No.34993617

elections are coming up in about a month here in mexico too btw

>> No.34993627


>> No.34993632

probably wont ever vote again. cant imagine caring

>> No.34993644

they're called elections because you gotta make a choice off a limited set of choices selected by somebody else

>> No.34993653

voting is part of every citizen's civic duty

>> No.34993667


>> No.34993673

ive heard multiple times that 1000 hours is enough to comprehend 95% of media
how much time did it take u guys to understand most of sol anime?

>> No.34993683

dunno, but i'd say the more i read SOL manga and LNs/VNs, the easier it became for me to catch onto words in raw anime.
it didn't just jump from 0 to 100% in a day or a month. it took years.

>> No.34993716

why watch cure dolly?
just feel it out

>> No.34993962

lol get fucked

>> No.34994093


>> No.34994168

But english is not my native language and i learned it purely by immersion. Whats different with japanese?

>> No.34994185

nothing he's retarded

>> No.34994201

remember to archive so we get a funny DJT presents video

>> No.34994207


>> No.34994213

whats your nl?
did acquiring english feel different from japanese?

>> No.34994216

ganahira and the kanagana
and the käänji

>> No.34994221

>6 weeks to learn kana
is... is he going to make it bros?

>> No.34994228

i just watched this dudes first video. what is he doing? he's literally doing everything wrong
even worse than a redditor, who did this to him

>> No.34994238

>you can't acquire word in anki
then explain how i acquired 時雨

>> No.34994249

why do you insist, og?

>> No.34994254


>> No.34994262

no way this guy is serious

>> No.34994265

read this as jiame

>> No.34994276

i have an advice for og.

try learning a language that your brain can handle first before you shower us with your dumb takes

>> No.34994327

i have such a hard time remembering these dozens of onomatopoeia words, they all blur together in my mind

>> No.34994338


>> No.34994356

i've wanted to do a parody series like this for years but i'm too ugly sigh

>> No.34994368

yh this is a parody right?

>> No.34994376

i don't know what yh means but yea he's doing a parody.

>> No.34994413

better be. whats the worst case of someone being like thsi but seriously? calvin?

>> No.34994443

nah, this guy is obviously a troll. i fell for it though. at least until this last video. but well, it was nice while it lasted

>> No.34994461

me too until the meditation in bed scene when i realized it was troll lmao

>> No.34994489
File: 247 KB, 671x411, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hes a funny guy

>> No.34994494

honestly if hes trolling hes really funny
if hes not hes just abnormally retarded

>> No.34994500

Does anyone do shadowing? How's that going for you? Any advice?

>> No.34994512

sentence cards are perfect for them

>> No.34994543


>> No.34994645


>> No.34994774

sentence cards or vocab?

>> No.34994782

always vocab

>> No.34994794

how do you retain so many cards without context lol

>> No.34994902

20 minutes of subbed content > 2 hours of raw listening

>> No.34994951

only if you're a beginner

>> No.34995115
File: 25 KB, 950x521, cold.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my method
>try to learn russian
>familiarize myself with the six cases and then learn one sentence at a time letting my brain absorb the grammar subconsciously

the og method
>try to learn russian
>let me learn the entirety of russian grammar at once by memorizing tables of declension + verb conjugations for 2 types of verbs
>give up

>> No.34995128

just realized that speech bubles with these rough lines as outline aren't always inner monologues but can also represent what the speaker says in a nervous manner

>> No.34995142

i just realized that tobira guy was og all this time

>> No.34995164

>familiarize myself with the six cases

dunno why you'd want to learn the cases but at least do it in russian. if you're not good enough to study grammar in russian, don't do it yet. instead focus on understanding sentences.

>> No.34995171

og is still here? i miss reading those arguments between her and the namefag who thought he was japanese

>> No.34995197

dont listen to this retard >>34995164
russian is a useless language, quit

>> No.34995207

wonder how many people actually buy into djt trolls like you trying to bait them into ngmi'ng it by giving fake cultish advice

>> No.34995214

dont reply to miniy***

>> No.34995229

if you've ever learned at least one language to fluency you understand that grammar study does fucking nothing.
no u r retarded. russian is not japanese, why don't you learn if it's almost like a free beer?