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old one is near autosage

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> Old. I already read this on the far superior http://www.anertalk.com/ (aner = anon) last night.
I always fail when I try that.

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UNLive and Let Die

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oh wow that was horrible haha. GGs time for class.

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Guess I'll rehost again when more people are online.

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You DO know that you would have a much better chance if you did more with Sakuya than just:
6C, j6C, j2C and 3A and Killing Doll spellcards without any melee presence to prevent me from grazing?
There's also 214BC and A LOT more melee moves you could (and should) use. Also the only reason I never got you in a single blockstring was because you never blocked.


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I know.
I just suck.

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Looking for players.
You can also connect again and I'll play Sakuya too or something like that.

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i cant seems to connect.

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My IP just changed for some reason

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good games, AoA. I'm not sure why are u always in Random when you are good enough for some specific characters. Im not that great at them as i got few mains, interesting results though. thanks for the games.

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GGs Lim.
<-- This is about all I can do with Alice, so you had an easy time when my melee attacks went past you.
And it seems Alice's 66A kick has lower priority than Reimu's 66C kick, so I was kicked right into your pillar (more than once).
The melee invulnerable somersault also gave me trouble. (same with Youmu against Remilia)

And when I played Reisen, at least 10 times, you were just about 1 pixel out my attack range, my melee whiffed and you got a free combo. Add that kick again that has a much larger hitbox than it looks and half of my life is gone. I really shouldn't have tried closing in with melee in air after I saw I got amulets right to the face the first few times.

Yeah, I won one round using Suwako, that's enough satisfaction. Also note that I couldn't win against your Iku unless I was using Iku myself. I still hate dragon whiskers. Iku doesn't have any graze attacks, so even if I stand right next to you, I can't melee.

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It means your router restarted.

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>I'm not sure why are u always in Random
1. Random is more fun
2. hurr Iku, Iku, Alice, Iku, Alice, I HATE RANDOM, it isn't any fun at all. I really want to play all characters, but this game doesn't have a "random playlist". Ok, when you only use 1 character, I can just manually select one after the other, but that's not the case.
3. What I have to train the most are basics like inputing 421/623, BE, grazing, baiting and blocking.
I still use too much D+direction button in air instead of 66 when all I really want is to close in and make a melee attack as fast as possible.
4. I get to train a bit with everyone (even though nearly all my characters have standard decks, (Remilia has 4 catfish in it because it's fun | Reisen has only defup/potions/skills)

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I don't really want it to do that.
Or did you want me to only play with my best? Sorry that I couldn't be much of a challenge against your Reimu, but even my main couldn't win more than 1 round against you there. (I already know most of what I did wrong, but I need put it into practice (some other time)).

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o ok. no prob. I always thought picking random goes going easy to someone. your still pretty damn tough.

gg, raymoo. damn, marisa and yuyuko is pretty tough as nail. especially yuyu's 623 alt, was it? thanks for the rage.

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You can hardly call my Marisa tough as nails since I just started trying to use her a couple ago but I'm not getting anywhere. And yes, that was the 623 alt. and I can assure you that you induced more rage upon me than I you.

However, GGs. I just can't seem to focus right now. Guess I really do need to take a long break from SWR2. Controller is being a bitch too. I can't high jump in the direction that I want and 623 inputs never work when I want them to anymore. johnsjohnsjohns

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and shit, what the hell was wrong with my low blocking? Just about everytime I try to block low, it would turn into a crouch. Fuck this controller.

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try considering psx to usb. its been very reliable for me.

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Now with 25% more red moons and fuchsia gaps in every bite!

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I was thinking about getting that the other day because a friend of mine does that and it works fine. Maybe when I stop being lazy I'll look into it.

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> Old. I already read this on the far superior http://www.anertalk.com/ (aner = anon) last night.
You are worse than Hitler.

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ggs e-man

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RAINBOWS FUCKING EVERYWHERE, SON!! That's all that really needs to be said.

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> lol i alredy red dat at anоntalk.com last nite
How come this always is asked here?

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Anyone hosting?

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I will for the next 30 minutes, then it's Viks/Packers and Brett Farve embarrassment time.


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West Coast US
Shit Tier
blah blah blah

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GGs LoliMew...
Twas fun

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Shit tier indeed to get killed by REMILIA PAUNCH!

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These threads always seem alive with activity until I post my own IP and have to listen to the menu music for an hour.

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US Midwest

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ggs, duckator. I ran out of characters I can actually play near the end.

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Good games.
You're pretty fun to play, at least when you play with a character you know how to use.

Rehosting for a while.

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Good games raymoo.
I've got a cold so I'm going to bed early tonight.

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Put off yer torrents, maaan.

GGs for now.

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I don't have any torrents running. Why just 2 games?

It's impossible. My air melee will always come out later than yours.

rehosting, anyone come

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Still hosting

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good game. you could use your Reisen more, so we could have a little more serious match up. its weird for me to fight random all the time.

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Good time to quit, my lunch is ready.

Can the weather be any more obnoxious? Of all fights against Yukari, all but one were at least 70% typhoon and. And what you pulled with Yukari! You made a 421B (?) from the air, didn't hit. I attacked from the air with a melee attack and was immediately caught in a dial-A just about a frame after your recovery time was over.

Near the end, I switched to Reisen for a game, because I really didn't like losing again because I get Remilia (how do I graze?) and typhoon.
I don't know the cooldown time for Kanako, but you just always used her whenever the cooldown went of, and when you couldn't cast her, you flew around spamming 2Cs crossups. I may have countered that with a few characters, but Utsuho is not one of them.

>you could use your Reisen more
I'll host again after lunch, so connect whenever you like.
Also, if you want to signal me to play a specific character, rapidly select and deselect that one in the character select screen.

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I should really start blocking on wakeups. its great to fight when opponent someone play to win. good games. AoA.

i have to work though. sorry for the cut off.

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As I said, 2C spam and Kanako.
I wanted to bait a Kanako by dashing forward and then blocking and guess what happened? Blocking didn't work, Kanako to the face, game lost. It was funny enough when you ran into your own Fortune Slip Bomb.

I actually didn't want to use so many bullet moves, but the laser just works too well against you.
As always, you were just a bit out of my range, I should probably try 66A instead to make sure I hit.

Just maybe, I should also put some spellcards in my deck. Even though it's full of defup and skills, it can't reach the usefulness of a 4500 damage spellcard.

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yea, using spellcards effectively is part of the learning curve too. mine mostly SC and alt cards.

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GG, I guess.
Your bunny doesn't seem to need that 2365 at all.

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Can Central, still, trying to un-rust...

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I hope you don't expect me to stand a chance against against Aya, Youmu, Yukari, Suika and Patchouli.
Against Patchouli, I didn't have any spirit even if I wasn't shooting bullets. You graze through my bullets and make a parasol spin (623) in about half a second. If only I could do that. And your Aya and Youmu just literally chased me from one corner to the other. The only damage I can do is from a few bullets between blocking and trying to get out of whatever blockstring I'm in at the moment (which obviously didn't work a single time). It happened a few times: I am in the air, I kick, my leg is in your sprite, nothing.

Seriously, tell me how to change direction (quickly) in flight. I see you often enough jump in one direction with Iku and then doing a 2A in the other. How is that possible? Should I do that, the 2A goes in the wrong direction.

>Your bunny doesn't seem to need that 2365 at all.
I tried a deck with spellcards (not just buffs), so I looked at mizuumi and it said this alt236 is better than the normal one in most situations, so I tried it,
but it drained more of my spirit than anything else.

GGs. I think I wanted to say something, but I forgot.

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>literally chased me from one corner to the other
Did you realize that you were running, or more like flying away a lot now? When you get out of the corner, there's no need to directly fly into the other one.

You almost immediately turn around after letting go of D. It's not enough time to get a crossup j. A in for most characters but Ikus sleeves are long and her flight is actually maneuverable unlike most.

I never played against that alt 236 so I didn't know what to expect. The explosion can't be penetrated by anything else, so I guess it's okay.

>> No.3504548 west coast

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ggs sup, too laggy for me though.

>> No.3504601

Yeah, think so too.
Why do you people always use youmu or yukari against utsuho? I smell a conspiracy.

>> No.3504610

I don't actually play Youmu seriously. I just chose her because I'm bored of using my usual characters.

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>> No.3504748

Sorry, game crashed at the stage select screen. Rehosting.

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> ya i readed dat on aпﻩпtaاk.com two day's ago
I wonder this as well.

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Anyone around?

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US Midwest

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bumping for host

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Good games Duckator. Haha, I don't remember you being that tough to beat. I was struggling a lot of those matches, even with my mains.

>> No.3505167

Good games rabbit.
Your Youmu is amazing.


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Taking a break from studying, hostan Canadia

>> No.3505397

GGs Duckator.
That was near the limit of tolerable lag. Took me a while to adjust.

>> No.3505417

Good games Dim.
Was the lag really that noticeable? It seemed normal to me.

>> No.3505624

gg, Rabbit-box. gone some serious Youmu there. maybe im just too tired from work.(no) heh. bleh.

>> No.3505629

Good games Lim, im woefully unskilled in dealing with Sanae's Kanako. Also, it's really hard for me to pressure your Reimu with as you seem to border escape and jump whenever i have something good going.

>> No.3505821
US west
irc tier
suwako, china, iku

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>> No.3506455

EU hostan ->

Early in the morning.

>> No.3506491

t'was a bit too laggy, lolimew.

>> No.3506493

Horrible lag is horrible, GG.

>> No.3506523

Very true. Where are you from?

>> No.3506551

California, maybe that's why?

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Yup, WC is no go with EU.

>> No.3506679

I have no problem with wc from eu.

>> No.3506682

Strange that; a chosen few from WC can connect well with EU hosts. I know Lim connects well with me as well.

>> No.3506696

Anyway, [BLANK]. I as happy for you when you beat my useless Iku. And you humored me upon rejecting to fight versus my Reimu in training. In short: good games.

>> No.3506737

fighting nothing but ryu gets boring

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>> No.3507213

I bet you're lonely down there, or is there actually a Hisouten community in AU? I'd play, but it would defiantly lag.

>> No.3507221

Too laggy (I'm from EU)

>> No.3507228

Try my:

>> No.3507265

any other ausfags around? australia

>> No.3507285

GG. but laggy ><

is there Hisouten community in AU? If there is then i want to know lol

>> No.3507289

r u still up? if so then i cant connect

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>> No.3507374

Yet another set of QUALITY matches, [BLANK].

>> No.3507376

I thought they were pretty fun. There's no need to be a bad sport.

>> No.3507393

I didn't say otherwise. Quality in a humorous way. Keep it going.

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Oh right. QUALITY usually implies that something is bad.

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Well, it sorta warmed my heart that you had fun; so i regretted saying it.

There, I said it.

>> No.3507418

GGs, I need to learn to not get stuck in the corner 80% of every game ;_;

>> No.3507427

GGs! yeah u should wake up side way too. not always on the spot.

>> No.3507537 [DELETED]
bump, EU, US, anyone with not too much lag.

>> No.3507619

GGs, you may be better than me, but you can't just easily random me away.

>> No.3507649 [DELETED] 

GGs. I don't really like fighting Okuu because every little mistake = 3000 damage and I can't get the oki timing right for her and get kicks to the face.

Do you remember when I played Yukari?
You knocked me down in the corner, weather switched to diamond dust (but no visible weather underground), I didn't notice and tried to groundtech (one can't see where Yukari wakes up until she actually does) = another 3k damage + knockdown + wakeup damage.
I horribly lost the first time with Patchouli because I stopped grazing too early. The second went much better since I concentrated much more on grazing your bullets. Good thing I knew by that time that you only close in for melee with jumps and those are quite vulnerable to the melee spellcard and well-timed 5As.

>you can't just easily random me away.
If you think I was going easy on you by choosing random, you're wrong. You easily defeated my main since I didn't have much too attack above me (and I still had to learn how you play your Utsuho).

>> No.3507657

Let's see if my connection doesn't suck today.

>> No.3507662 [DELETED] 

> yeh i readed dat on aпoпtaاk.com lyke just two day's ago lol
I laughed out loudly... NOT!

>> No.3507733

I'm done for now, AoA. Good games, I wouldn't have won that last one if it wasn't for sudden sunshower. I usually only play with a group of 4-5 people and I'm pretty much the best out of them so I don't get many chances to fight people who give me a beating and thereby improve.

>> No.3507784 [DELETED] 

GGs. My main problem was grazing in and attack.
Sakuya vs. Youmu. I come in graze your just shot bullets, press the A button for a melee and either get a faster melee or another bullet to the face instead.
However, even after about 10 failed attempts, I didn't lose much health. Those knifes don't do much damage, do they?
I wouldn't have had much of a chance with Patchouli if it wasn't for that reversal melee spellcard of hers. So, I wasted one and lost to your Youmu.
In one of the first games when I played Reisen, I though I would lose again with my main since you dominated the first minute of the fight.

>I wouldn't have won that last one if it wasn't for sudden sunshower
I should feel bad for needing to look the effect up now.
The weather also likes to change to heavy fog when my enemy is nearly beaten and to Calm when I get knocked down.

>> No.3507794

>that reversal melee spellcard
"Can I graze that? I'm not sure. Oh well, here I go anyway"
chipchipchipchipchipchipchip -KO SFX-

>> No.3507805 [DELETED] 

Didn't you already try that?

No, you can't. It's has melee properties just like Suika's Throwing Mt. Togakushi.

>> No.3507892 [DELETED] 

>I usually only play with a group of 4-5 people
How enviable. I don't have anyone to play with so I can only improve with netplay on /jp/ and get horrible beaten by THRILLHO.

>> No.3507913
Hosting from Sweden.

>> No.3508129 EU

>> No.3508227 [DELETED] 


Connection lost. (router restarted?) New IP

>> No.3508229

gg mungay, i'm no match for you
I can't deal with dat melee, makes me want to set myself on fire ;_;

>> No.3508236

Hehe, thank you for the good fights, hope to fight you again in the future.

>> No.3508282


>> No.3508302 [DELETED] 

Are you here, Su? Don't want to play anymore? (at least reply)

If so, then GGs.
When you gained momentum, I had a hard time stopping your characters. Your offense is quite solid. Meiling should have applied more pressure on Alice though, so I can't set any dolls. I was really vulnerable every time I did. If you tried to stay in melee range most of the time, I'd have had a lot of trouble with Alice's "whiff on point blank" melee and you could have kicked me whenever I tried to send out a doll. (grammar check?)
You can train your defenses, though. Barrages and Reimu's graze kick worked wonders against you.

I like your Suwako.

>> No.3508668

GGs. I'd play more but I have to go. Nice Komachi you have there.
stop flying so high, goddamn.

>> No.3508687


>> No.3508758

Sorry, I got really tiered, and disappointed of myself (no offense).

Thanks for all tips and compliments. My Meiling is totally fresh, you're the first one I've tried to play serious with her.

I'm no good with summarizing match-ups, though.

>> No.3508775 [DELETED] 

> yeh i readed dat on aпoпtaاk.com lyke just two day's ago lol
Could you give more information?

>> No.3508945 west coast

>> No.3509286 [DELETED] 


>> No.3509701
US Midwest

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bump for hosts

>> No.3509906 [DELETED] 


Still hosting

>> No.3510208

Good games

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Yo, Anon, I'm really happy for you and I'll let you finish but Mushihimesama was the best danmaku ever. THE BEST DANMAKU EVER.

>> No.3510654


that's enough dakka.

>> No.3510675 [DELETED] 

> yeh i readed dat on aпoпtaاk.com lyke just two day's ago lol
Not sure if I understand you correctly. Please explain.

>> No.3510682

Sheer number of bullets is not the only factor in Danmaku.

>> No.3510708

:/ someone post a torrent or something for game cause all ones ive downloaded faild

>> No.3510719

Any hosts?

>> No.3510741


>> No.3510743


>> No.3510796

>> No.3510810

Bump for non-joke ips

>> No.3510856 [DELETED]

>> No.3510887

God damn rabbit you try too hard.

>> No.3510913

Err, good games nameless one. I know that you know how to dash, you don't need to troll games like that.

>> No.3510916

What do you mean?

>> No.3510926

where da hosts at

>> No.3510929 [DELETED] 


>> No.3510931

Well, during the Yuyuko matches, moving along the ground at a snails pace into equally as slow bullets is easily seen. Although it's fun to join in on that game for a few minutes it does get boring.

>> No.3510945

Sorry about that, I was on the wireless.

>> No.3510951

I was trying to see if her combo worked with online delay and the only way for me to get an opening was to make you stop attacking.

>> No.3510985

Ah, well I'm always up for online practice and goof off sets of matches but you'd have to let me know somehow. Otherwise I'm trying to learn how to play Reisen

>> No.3511048 [DELETED]

>> No.3511052

ggs or summat Player1

bump for other hosts

>> No.3511070 [DELETED]

>> No.3511105 [DELETED]

>> No.3511106

Whoops, I forgot to set my profile controls. It certainly makes it odd to play. But good games nonetheless, I thought I'd drop by.

>> No.3511121

I love how you guys post these in depth post game analyses after you play each other but when you play me it's "errr yeah gg I guess you arthritic peasant".

>> No.3511124


Because you suck. Cry more.

>> No.3511129

Looks like someone is butthurt because I thrashed them.

>> No.3511134

It would be nice if everyone had comments for their opponents after a match to be sporting. Whether its an in depth analysis of the strategies and characters used, comments about playstyles or even just mentioning the tense moments for you in the match. You should try writing comments to other people and maybe they'll write comments back.

>> No.3511174

If you're the guy I played earlier, there's not much to say except to stop just shooting bullets from across the screen and hope they hit. Learn some block strings/combos from the swr wiki and block on wakeup. The standing opponent usually has priority with attacks, especially with bullets. Notice how I lasered you like 3-4 times in a row with Yuyuko from across the screen because you thought you could shoot faster than me on wakeup.

I'd also recommend choosing different characters but that doesn't really matter. If you like them then go ahead and use them. I'm just trying to say that it's hard to win with Utsuho and and even harder to win with Suwacko if you aren't already a seasoned player.

>> No.3511236


>> No.3511374

GGs. Sorry i have go and eat dinner. Ill be back shortly.

>> No.3511380

ggs, the lag is surprisingly not too bad.

>> No.3512448


>> No.3512588

>> No.3512878

Great games, söta bror, but I gotta eat dinner now. Later.

>> No.3512893

GGs, Good timing, I'm off for some food as well.

>> No.3512895 [DELETED]

>> No.3513015

Sorry for cutting short, I've got class now.

>> No.3513019


>> No.3513030 [DELETED] 

GG short game.
The "who's 66C is faster" was always a bit random in that last game.
I love the St. Ooe Massacre spellcard to the point where I oftentimes stall the game just to be able to use it (even if I lose a round because of it), but it's so hard to use outside of typhoon.

>> No.3513038 [DELETED] 

GG short game.
The "whose 66C is faster" was always a bit random in that last game.
I love the St. Ooe Massacre spellcard to the point where I oftentimes stall the game just to be able to use it (even if I lose a round because of it), but it's so hard to use outside of typhoon.

>> No.3513083

That was really BS. I knew it was coming but right when it activated I got this huge burst of lag that made me unable to do anything except stand there.

>> No.3513326

>The "whose 66C is faster" was always a bit random in that last game.
It's hard to play too seriously with that much lag.

also bump for hosts

>> No.3513366
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>> No.3513369 [DELETED]

>It's hard to play too seriously with that much lag.
There's not much I can do about that.

>> No.3513383

GGs. My fingers are hurting ;_;

>> No.3513410 [DELETED] 

> yeh i readed dat on aпoпtaاk.com lyke just two day's ago lol
I saw this earlier today on here...

>> No.3513423

Can i even chew on it for just a little?

>> No.3513521
File: 301 KB, 700x906, 687474703a2f2f7a69702e346368616e2e6f72672f612f7372632f313138363832363832373533392e6a7067.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy shit yukari and reisen got nerfed to hell and back in the expansion. It's disgusting. ;_;

>> No.3513606

It might seem that way at first but Reisen actually got some huge buffs and Yukari is as good as she's ever been.


>> No.3513620

GGs, time for lunch. Also those games would be much more fun if you didn't keep running to the opposite side of the screen and shooting bullets.

>> No.3513638

Although it did work sometimes because my patience runs thin in those kind of games. I just do whatever I can to end them as fast as possible, even to the point if air teching and getting hit by everything.

>> No.3513636 [DELETED] 

Whatever I did with Aya seemed to be overwritten by some higher priority attack and in the last 10 seconds, she wouldn't move from the spot as if you had still a black hole out there or as if the Left button was locked in the keyboard.

You're imagining things. I didn't run away once with Cirno and most other characters. The only character with whom I actively stayed out of melee range was Alice.

>> No.3513664

It felt sure felt like it to me, especially with Komachi. Well, maybe you aren't just running away and shooting like what most beginners do but there is a lot of running away and it does get irksome to deal with.

>> No.3513695 [DELETED] 

I tried to get room to try some things with the ghost, teleport and j2As and figure her moves out (aka remember).
I sure jumped at you often enough if I wasn't casting spirits (before jumping at you). I could've done less of those scythe whilrwind things. They never worked anyway.

The only other time I remember creating distance between us was during typhoon and when my health was nearly 0.

>> No.3513900
File: 130 KB, 836x1162, 1254959653417.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

any hosts?

>> No.3513935

raymoo seems to think zoning = keepaway for some reason.

>> No.3513938 [DELETED] 


>> No.3514186

Then I must be imagining things

bump for hosts

>> No.3514199


>> No.3514207

Hi, I'm just passing by. What?

>> No.3514211

Host or die.

>> No.3514214

Wouldn't want to die now, would I.

EU hostan:

I'll quit at once if it lags.

>> No.3514225

Join or die. Hurr durr.

>> No.3514241
West Coast US
You have a pulse? You will beat me tier.

>> No.3514392

Yeah, as said, i'm really fucking shit.

>> No.3514397

gg well atleast your china wasn't complete shit

>> No.3514405

Yeah, Hong's my main...Everyone else? not so much.
But to be honest I'm even shit with china so...eh.
I'm just crap at this game
Oh well.

Probably rehosting in 30 minutes.

>> No.3514443
File: 184 KB, 600x600, 1241852529766.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

few games perhaps?

>> No.3514459

Testing misinput/lag; I bet you can guess the diagnosis, raymoo.

>> No.3514469

That lag wasn't so bad. It's because of it that I was able to pull off those sugoi air combos with Marisa ^_^

>> No.3514472

lol Reimu DP spam in Typhoon

more hosts!

>> No.3514498

GGs Lim. I really didn't do much except copycat you, so....

Anyway DPs are fun.

>> No.3514500

geez, a.a must be so easy to play like a total mirror. i dont what to do.

>> No.3514516

Yeah, those wasn't so bad. Since i was always playing a slower character ('cept for Reimu) I was always cut short 'cause of it. At least that's what I assume; anyway, it made me rage a little, so I stopped in fair time.

>> No.3514525

And one more thing: why the fuck does Marisa DP take so insanely much damage? That's damage of a 3 card SC right there. I know you leveled it to some extent, but still, it's a fukken DP.

>> No.3514549

could be a counter hit, ...i never figured out how to cancel Marisa's DP into a combo.

>> No.3514553

I have no idea myself. I'm guessing because they were counter hits and because I leveled it up. I was surprised myself at the damage coming from those DPs. Weather was Hail which is what I thought added some extra damage but according to the wiki, that's not the case.

>> No.3514555 [DELETED] 

I didn't watch those matches, but are you sure it was a true DP? Bosky Sweeper (an alt 623 skillcard) has no invincibility frames, but it can combo on hit (unless the opponent goes flying the wrong direction).

If you meant DP = 623 move motion, then disregard my first sentence.

>> No.3514558

Rehostan in all my shit tier glory.

>> No.3514569
File: 64 KB, 637x368, DP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Actually, I just tested it. Leveling up Marisa original DP+counterhit+hail= massive damage

>> No.3514578

>i dont what to do.
Well, if you want to avoid getting 66C'd all the time, I think there's a few things you can do.

1) Use 2A 6A as your main blockstring. Let as many 2A hits come out, it'll push the opponent away. Or 2A (very short pause) 6A could be used as a nice frame trap, but then it's vulnerable to DP attempts.

2) Cancel 6A into 5B instead of 5C, you can hjc7 out of it faster. Of course, it doesn't keep the opponent in block as long so it is easier for them to escape even if they do block it.

3) More mixup in general. Always using the same blockstring makes it too easy for me to see the holes. Yeah, you use charged 3A sometimes, but it's so slow that it's quite blockable on reaction even in netplay lag.

>> No.3514607

I'd say gg's, but I'm more than sure I was no challenge to you.

>> No.3514608

game crashed it seems

>> No.3514610

Rehosting then...will be fighting for about 20 more minutes.

>> No.3514611

If you enjoyed it, its all good. If not I apologize for making the most fun game ever unfun =[

>> No.3514613

And it would probably be best if I linked to my ip since I'm rehosting...

>> No.3514616

What...oh no, I'm having a lot of fun.
And the surprise wins I get are just that much more rewarding.

I just thought I was boring you since I provide little challenge.

>> No.3514652

Thanks for the games a.a
Twas fun.
Sorry if I bored you.

>> No.3514658

GGs Super_Me.

I meant to spectate, and playing conditions don't seem ideal either.

Play more often and keep working on flowchart Meirin.

>> No.3514666

lol I don't think you know me...
I can play this game nonstop for 50 years and I'll probably still be shit tier.

>> No.3514709

People that don't provide much challenge are fun in their own. Gives me more room to slack off and practice blockstrings

>> No.3514740
File: 128 KB, 500x300, 07759518c840f5a14061078e15b8d618809dc962.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alrgiht, one last rehosting before I leave out.

>> No.3514745


>> No.3514821

GGs again Raymoo

>> No.3514825


>> No.3514827

Suck some more Super_Me

>> No.3514836

I know I suck...
Shut up.

>> No.3514843

I'm worse.

>> No.3514943

anyone hosting?

>> No.3515634 West Coast

Low level sakuya/cirno player!!!!!!

>> No.3515670


>> No.3515694

stupid tier utsuho, training tier tenshi, counter fail youmu tier

>> No.3515717
US west
IRC tier
suwako, china, iku

>> No.3515741
US Midwest
Trying out the BGM changer. Now I can host without having to listen to the title music.

>> No.3515749

thats nice if works out.

>> No.3515772

desync derp, rehostan

>> No.3515776


>> No.3515815 [DELETED] 


>> No.3515827

Huh, been a couple days since I last played soku. And of course, I return to latency screwing me over. Just like right before I took a break!

ggs Duckator, I'm not sure if you got a lot better since we last played or if I just suck because I haven't played as much lately. It's probably the latter. Ah well, it'll come back to me.

You did seem to be doing better either way, though. I raged when I was fighting your Sakuya (I think?) and died because the game didn't let me graze your bullets even though I tried to dash. I also found it kind of aggravating how much you hit me with 66C* while I was attempting to hit you with bullets.

Also, I laughed at the ending of that Patchouli match. Hurrrr reversals.

* Shut up. ;_;

>> No.3515841
Hostan Canadia for a bit. Fuck yeah Flames win!

>> No.3515856

GGs Duckator, flashy suicide.

Gotta cut it short, morning classes tomorrow.

>> No.3515906

Good games you two.

You throw out way too many DPs lurker, not that it mattered, I fell for them every time.
I'm surprised at how well this >>3513593 works. It's like I'm really playing IaMP.

>> No.3515922

ggs dude enjoyable, might have to be careful with wakeup mashing lol

>> No.3515928

Yeah, I think we desynced on that last match. ggs though.

I swear, it feels like I got Blade's virus or something. I'd like to make a paragraph in an attempt to be Giant Tree about how much this game enjoys screwing me over (hurrr I win one round no problem and then suddenly everything I do comes out late or doesn't come out at all and when I try to block something low I block it high), but I don't feel up to it.

>> No.3515929

Good games Stop and Yield, thats a really tough Reimu you have. Those dragon punches really tore me a new one, and I had to base my Youmu game entirely around baiting them out of you to punish.

>> No.3515931


Lovely Okuu you have, but GIGANTIC WTF @ Rising Dive SC hitting through Reimu's WGK. AT START-UP! I know you were baiting it that last match, but I had to see if it was a ridiculous as before. Suspicions confirmed, that's some BUUUULLLLLL!

>> No.3515934

Oh god I lol'd there, I saved that replay if you want

>> No.3515935

Also, that Suika mirror made me rage several times. But at least I didn't run up to you, stop moving and then use a random 623C like I did in a Suimirror against somebody else earlier today.

Hurrrr, I think I need more sleep.

>> No.3515936

Ah, desync on the Koma/Yukari Match? That would explain why you were moving in such a strange manner on my side and gapping from edge to edge for no reason.

>> No.3515937

Do it anyway. I'm bored.

>> No.3515955
File: 355 KB, 800x600, yukarizzz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was kind of joking about that, but even if I really wanted to I'm too tired and about to go sleep.

>> No.3515978

Trust me, if I had a Jewtube channel, it'd definitely go up, along with a few other rage-tastics moments through our play through. And I wasn't mashing on wake-ups (I only do that on Meltan), the lag spikes weren't letting me ground tech, so on wake-ups instead of getting middle ground, I was walking straight into Okuu's stupid metal boot. All in all, still some good matchs and I fought a mighty fine Okuu.

Today's been a good day.

>> No.3516025

I was more talking about me, I got you a few times mashing A on wakeup lol but yeah good games

>> No.3516180


Anyways, just leaving this here


inb4QUALITY, fraps loves 40 fps @ full resolution

>> No.3516245

I love that spellcard.

>> No.3516246

I love that spellcard.

>> No.3516464


>> No.3517295


>> No.3517722

just woke up tier

>> No.3517879

Hi bob. Sorry for exiting at the beggining, but someone had to open the door. TWICE.
And believe me, you're better off with Iku's original 22b/c. Your alt might work wonders on PC, but any player will just block it and punch you.

>> No.3517881

ggs dude, careful with your A mashing on wakeup, it did get me a few times though, but it's very punishable.

See: remilia

>> No.3517899

Meh, played some awesome iku in mizuumi, I just don't use it well, but once you're in the air it's pretty hard not to get guard breaked or that damage also useful if you were slammed into an opposite wall, forgot what her original 22b/c is though lol

>> No.3517902 [DELETED]
hosting for very few games.

>> No.3517914 [DELETED] 
File: 6 KB, 41x65, Card102iku.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>original 22b/c

>> No.3517924

Oh that, yeah it's pretty cool when they graze attack me, even though if it's used the right way it shouldn't happen. Well I'll try it in another deck

>> No.3517978 EU

>> No.3518236

Now I feel bad playing you again. Eating while playing. No good. GGs, sir.

>> No.3518246

GGs. Dont worry, I'm a masochist.

>> No.3518279 [DELETED]

>> No.3518346 [DELETED]

>> No.3518402

>> No.3518669
File: 558 KB, 640x481, Untitled-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You must have been going easy in the second round with Marisa and some other characters. There's no way you beat me perfect in one round and do a lot of punishable stuff in the second while trying to win.

I have less and less problems with 623s, but now it happens that instead of the 66A followup 236 becomes an ultraviolet field instead.
The fight against Patchouli went well, but then my (unoccupied) finger accidentally touched the spellcard button and yeah, potion.

>> No.3518690

GGs. That was no fun at all. I should never play in lag again. I was just mashing stuff at the end.

>> No.3518720

>That was no fun at all.
>I should never play in lag again.
and don't blame the lag (for whatever) when there was nearly none. That was nothing compared to some "matrix" games.

>> No.3518931 [DELETED] 


>> No.3518966 a few games

>> No.3519553


>> No.3520436


>> No.3520700

US Midwest

>> No.3520764 [DELETED] 

more hosts!

>> No.3520881

Good games Rabbit.
I didn't think that fish would actually work.


>> No.3520882

Good games Duckator, you're tough as always. It looks like you've learned how to shut down my Youmu pressure completely.

You have a lot of good tricks up your sleeves, it's hard to guess what you're going to do since you switch up characters every round.

>> No.3521233

I'm amazed neither you nor raymoo are running Meirin's "comet kick" (the skill and spellcard). Should get into the habit of doing at least 5AAAA 22B (for default or alt 22) if you aren't going to do one of her more damaging combos.

>> No.3521390

We both have that card in our decks. The time I used that deck, the card never came up. Duckator used it plenty of times.

GGs Duckator, there was something I wanted to rage about but I forget what it was.

>> No.3521408

Good games raymoo.
Now I know what you were talking about when you said it was laggy. I couldn't even pull off Remi's spellcard while you were stuck in the corner with half a spirit orb left.

>> No.3521422

The lag wasn't too bad this time around, as opposed to that last time I mentioned it anyways.

>> No.3521620 [DELETED] 

What composition do you guys generally use for your deck? I've been using 4 system, 4 skill, 12 spell. Is that about right?

>> No.3521630
File: 89 KB, 483x600, 6ad22d9a9d2dec8f4406ee556f4eb288.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]
West Coast, US
Suddenly, Shit Tier.

>> No.3521643

No one?
Oh well.

>> No.3521665

You're going to have to wait longer than that if you want someone to join.

>> No.3521699
File: 103 KB, 500x500, 67cfa75da0aa68aa6cc0f583bcf109bb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Meh...I usually just wait 5 minutes, usually someone accepts by then.

Fine, keeping it open for 10 more minutes.

>> No.3521729

GG (Duckator, was it?)
Sorry, I couldn't stand that lag so I only went for that one game...

Rehosting in about 10 minutes.

>> No.3521734

>Meh...I usually just wait 5 minutes, usually someone accepts by then.
Not at 4am they don't.
Anyway, good game even if it was extremely laggy.

>> No.3521771
File: 240 KB, 850x637, sample_51c1e85ca4925562679879000d051979b45fcae5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Not at 4am they don't.
1am for me...but eh, whatever.

Anyway, hosting one more time tonight.

>> No.3521780 eu

>> No.3521801


>> No.3521832

That's some pretty cool lag! It wasn't that bad the last time. Oh well, gg.

>> No.3521834

GG. yeah that was laggy lol.


>> No.3521839

GG Super_Me. I'm still learning Suika, Meiling, and Remilia which is why it seems like I was spamming moves. Just wondering, do you have a main? You don't really stick just one character

>> No.3521840
File: 28 KB, 386x454, Patchythumbsup.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks for the games LoliMew...
Your Youmu raped the fuck out of me.

Fun games.

>> No.3521848

China is my main.

Though since I suck with her anyway, I just try to have my fun with other characters (except Aya who I haven't made a deck for yet).

>> No.3523623


>> No.3523645 EU

>> No.3524048 west coast
Out of practice, tired, etc.

>> No.3524215

GGs. Some very tense fights.

>> No.3524241

Indeed, I saved some replays there. I had to help out with something, so that's why I quit, but now that my head is in real world focus again I notice that I'm quite warm all over.

I'm feeling that I can improve both my Patchouli and Suwako (mains) by fighting you. Often when fighting guys that are more of the average type I don't really gain anything, and I don't necessarily win all the time either, which quickly makes me rage; it's just not what we call "good games". I'd wish there were more advanced players here.

>> No.3524244

Aw shit, it's auto-saging.