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Please masturbate to Flare.

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I want to fuck the dog

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I will marry this menhera.

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Sora Love!

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I can die happy.

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Pekora is the turbo whore of hololive.

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Hi Friends! You did buy a ticket right? I would be sad if you watched me on a restream.

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Narrative bros how are you holding up?

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Korone is dating me, the viewer.

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why does she look like aqua

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You are bald, yellow, and have no teeth.

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Minato Aqua is leaving Hololive.

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Just like her Ojisans...

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how does she use the bathroom in there

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You are aware that the narrativefags who keep repeating the Hoshi no Kanata narratives are Hoshi no Kanata fags themselves right? They love this shit
t. Hoshi no Kanata fag

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>destroy it off-stream
>"what a shame..."

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Miko Miko Miko!

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I love Towa!

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fuck friend..

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Who has the creepiest fans? I'm inclined to guess Towa because of all the short people that like her

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Miko Suba collab at 20JST https://twitter.com/sakuramiko35/status/1398156079758942209


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I love MH and even I am done with this arc already.

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Do you think Coco shaves kanata's pubes for her?

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and who would be the turbo seiso of hololive?

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May... I'm forgotten...

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But it's dead

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Towa will be APEX commentator tomorrow...

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Watch Kanata.

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I don't know but Miko is the turbo saint of hololive

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<span class="sjis">Peko-chan sugoi![/spoiler]

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It's been 270 days since Mano Aloe "graduated".

Thanks to the many voices of concern and encouragement she has received, Aloe was able to overcome a lot of difficult situations and now she's able to think positively which encouraged her to stay motivated to work on her album, merch and in her new design for her live2D model.

Mano Aloe is not a very strong person and she's a person whose mental health breaks down frequently, but I'm glad that she's alive and happy that she's working hard to accomplish her dreams.


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shameful display

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towa is fren!

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Hololive needs more lolis

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The best thing about the narrative is that I don't have to pretend I like Kanata just because my oshi is good friend with her.

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same Mikopi!

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love you onion

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I miss Aqua.

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Hope you did your reps /hlg/

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Have Luna said anything about her little break?

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That Subaru look miles better than her new outfit,what gives?

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Reminder that Holos who collab with males deserve no respect and are just for cum dumping.

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Fucking cytube gatekeepers with the japanese test. Fuck you.

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yes. she was watching stuff like upload and other stuff. also family stuff with her.

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She said んなああああああああああああああああああああああ and then ended the stream it was weird

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if I kill myself will matsuri send me a message like that?

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There is a kanji test there now.

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Damn I'm here almost 22 hours everyday, even during dead hours like this. What am I doing with my life...

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theres nothing wrong with this?

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Watamates don't look

>> No.34950247

Hag Flamingo!

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>> No.34950249

Look next to Watame

>> No.34950250

I can access it just fine though without any test shit

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All Holos love and appreciate their fans.

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Roberoo hugging sheep.

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Watame surrounded by two boys...

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i forgot about that

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Where the fuck did multiple come from?

>> No.34950268

They put that fucking piece of shit next to Watame
Also Roberu's there

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If Kanata didn't walk around naked all the time in front of her roommate, we would never have known that she has small, brown nipples.

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Collab when?

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Miko nyeeee

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Will first Gen anniversary be all prerecorded?

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Where's Monoe?

>> No.34950277

She revealed it herself though

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lurk more fagget

>> No.34950279

but why?

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Thingken of Twap...

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It came from the S in human boyfriendS. So multiple human boyfriendS.

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>roberu was mukkun the entire time

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no autisimo

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faq migo!

>> No.34950293

Keep trying to fit in anon, you'll get there.

>> No.34950297

Post things that make you ask "Why is she like this?"

>> No.34950298

me too!! sans blague...
お大事に~!soigne-toi bien ;;

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I love you!

>> No.34950302

sheepbros we got too cocky....

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wen u shid but the shid take too much toilet paper to wipe


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Aqua butt

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is this the big plan?

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leona love

>> No.34950315

Who do we post now that Watame has been defiled

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That means we're getting a 3D stream like this https://youtu.be/Xm8k5KAyD1k but with Towa, Watame and Roberu!

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thanks for the akuass

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There are no streamer better than Amane Kanata

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Speaking of Monster Hunter, has Lamy reached the secret stage yet?

>> No.34950340

ok kinda based

>> No.34950342

I just checked. It's just N5 kanji. Go do your fucking reps.

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<span class="sjis">hey man[/spoiler]

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ohnono watameitos...

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Rushia's roommate disabled Twitter dms from non followers how am I supposed to send her love letters now

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What the fuck is wrong with Kanata?

>> No.34950362

she never replied to any of my dick pics...

>> No.34950364

Just know where to click, retard

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>> No.34950367

We know Towa have fucked all the stars but Watame? SERIOUSLY? What now bros...

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>Okayu is cool and doesnt anyone
well what the fuck is this

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>> No.34950374

Homo wont be invited and Homobeggars will complain about it.

>> No.34950375

sorry anon she only replies to 3 in dicks

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>> No.34950379

>Homo wont be invited
I win either way and get to see either you faggots meltdown or the homobeggars god it feels good not caring either way

>> No.34950380

Fuck off Lyger, go to sub some clips.

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>> No.34950382

this is my fetish

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>This thread is fucking awful, every single time it devolves into schizophrenic posting, name-calling and general hatred of every single holo. Everyone is constantly angry and looking for any opportunity to shitpost and blame someone or some fanbase for something
>The hololive /vt/ thread is fucking dead, gets like a post every 3 hours
>The hololive global thread at /vt/ is generally much more well-behaved, but people barely watch the JP holos there, 80% of the discussion is about EN
Why must we be forever cursed? Why must 4chan be the internet's toilet? Surely having decent threads shouldn't be a difficult thing and yet here we are. There's no good place to talk about hololive in the entire site.

>> No.34950384

ngl that's a pretty good reason to complain, it's like, we included you in the product, but you can't promote it like holos did last year, reason, you are a man.

>> No.34950385

>Makes dozens of 3D short videos with multiple holos to branch out to various audiences
>Loses to *boots up minecraft*
what seriously went wrong with Kanata?

>> No.34950387

Konpeko motherfuckers!

>> No.34950388

>The hololive global thread at /vt/ is generally much more well-behaved

>> No.34950389

He can promote it on the official Holostar channel.

>> No.34950390

i'm gonna breed this bitch like a rabbit

>> No.34950391

She can never beat the strong one

>> No.34950392

>Watame is the main character on the packaging

>> No.34950393

That's a very kino selection honestly. TMSK and Pikamee, Towa, Watame and Roberu. Virtual Gorilla and we even got the zhang obliterator man whose name escapes me.

>> No.34950395

fake. stop this slander. ojou would never

>> No.34950396


>> No.34950399

It's not moderated what do you expect retard and no, I'm not going to /vt/ fuck you.

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>> No.34950402

99% chance it will be just Watame and Towa. Despite what people here think (or at least shitpost about), the homos know better than to interact directly with the holos. Especially Roberu. He knows that a single misunderstood line could turn an army of gachis against him.

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>> No.34950405

God this is hot

>> No.34950407

Nothing, she's growing just fine

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>> No.34950410

Greentext all you want, they are more well-behaved than this thread. This thread fucking sucks. It honestly might be the single worst thread on all of 4chan, and that's a fucking accomplishment.

>> No.34950411

Based winnin Robert.

>> No.34950412

that's a bunch of pretty niche Vtubers, i recognize only Kerin

>> No.34950413

My friendly idol wife!
Shirakami Fubuki!

The cutest, smartest, most talented, kindest and most energetic girl in existence!

>> No.34950414

This looks really good, actually.

>> No.34950415

I miss the Sora recolors

>> No.34950416

cool. feel free to stay in your well-behaved thread and never visit this one again. it's a win-win for everyone

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>> No.34950418

Hey there, friend. Who let you post pictures of my wife like that?

>> No.34950419

>It honestly might be the single worst thread on all of 4chan
You have NO IDEA how uninformed you are on the rest of the site, sit down and be happy most of the posters here actually give an iota of a fuck about this shit.

>> No.34950423

I love Fubuki and really want to see her naked.

>> No.34950424

>> No.34950425

I mainly just come to /jp/ for the niji threads and 3D idol threads and sometimes come here to laugh at you retard incel schizo spergs. I have no reason to visit global on /vt/ since I dont watch the EN girls enough go warrant and stick with individual holo threads. Also /vt/ can be just as shitty with all the blatant bait threads and r9k tier threads like vshoujo drama shit

>> No.34950426

It's incredible how Kanata keeps running into attacks by herself

>> No.34950427


>> No.34950429

what the fuck was ui-mama thinking with this hairstyle
and no i like long hair, she's just wearing a fucking weave

>> No.34950430

Stay there then

>> No.34950431

no wife, friend... it's all so tiring

>> No.34950434

I cant believe shuba is part nigger...

>> No.34950436

>It honestly might be the single worst thread on all of 4chan
anon says this while solely visiting /jp/ and /vt/

>> No.34950439

>a literal pages of deleted shit in archives
>more well-behaved
They aren't more well-behaved, they just have constant tard wrangling meidos. Leave that thread with no moderation for a while and see what happens.

>> No.34950440

It's looks good.

>> No.34950441

Didn't Kanata fight this piece of shit before?

>> No.34950445

>> No.34950446

Do not attempt to impregnate any of the talents after their concert. All of their wombs are barren or will create retarded babies if you ejaculate into them.

>> No.34950448

>has never been to /b/
Anyways, you're a faggot. If you don't like it here, get the fuck out. Nobody is going to change how they act because you don't like people who won't pussy foot around.
If you can't identify and avoid the schizos, you're not presenting any solutions with your statement - you're part of the problem.
Either that, or you want everyone to talk about EN. Which I honestly could not give a single fuck about.

>> No.34950450

it could look great but the hair is honestly so weird on the live2d

>> No.34950452

She is wife for idol concerts!

>> No.34950454

I like retarded babies.

>> No.34950456

I prefer her onee-san version

>> No.34950457

You can clearly see that Ui slacked and just glued additional hair on them

>> No.34950459

Sleep with Ru-chan?

>> No.34950460

that's because ui-mama is a hack

>> No.34950462

I'm not sure... rion would kill me if she found out

>> No.34950464 [SPOILER] 

>mfw roberu whips out his big delicious juicy 5 inch cock

>> No.34950465

No! sleep on rushia

>> No.34950466

>> No.34950467

Yes Friend, see you there !

>> No.34950468

okay >we get it. it's your first time on 4chin. no need to push it this hard anon.

>> No.34950469

I did this

>> No.34950470

It's a powered up version, the real last boss of Rise.

>> No.34950471

you can't fool me taiga

>> No.34950473


>> No.34950474

rumao rumao roru roru

>> No.34950476

>> No.34950477


>> No.34950478

It's folded 1000 times.

>> No.34950479

Blame to whoever made the Live2D.

>> No.34950480

Mel is very cute

>> No.34950481

>tfw you're a skank ass hooker

>> No.34950483


>> No.34950484

>the joke
>your head

>> No.34950485

the pride of Yamato

>> No.34950486

I'm more than the sum of my parts.

>> No.34950488

imagine knocking up nenechi

>> No.34950489

I miss her giggles.

>> No.34950491


>> No.34950492

No one was here long enough to get this joke anymore, anon.

>> No.34950493

Do you like retarded baby?

>> No.34950494


>> No.34950495


>> No.34950496

as long as they love me back...

>> No.34950498


>> No.34950500


>> No.34950501

I hate it.

>> No.34950502

Spit-roasted lamb? Kinda tasty.

>> No.34950503

this also looks weird
why are they keeping the same fringe as their short hair models......

>> No.34950505

Hope you did your N5 reps

>> No.34950506


>> No.34950507

Who is objectively THE best and most skillful ASMR whore in hololive, roommates included?

>> No.34950508


>> No.34950509

Mukkun 3.69 Incher....

>> No.34950510


>> No.34950511

wtf how come I didn't get a quiz when I got in

>> No.34950512

that's what makes subaru's new one so uncanny. the bangs give it away...

>> No.34950514


>> No.34950517

Fucking hacks.

>> No.34950518


>> No.34950519

would people really get worked up over a fucking ad? if people really did, they wouldn't even bother letting holos do these types of things. Heck people complained after the APEX tournament when Matsuri said that management forced Hal to make sure none of the holos would be with boys during the night customs saying that the holos shouldn't have even entered the event if that's really such a big deal.

>> No.34950520

I'll hack your dick

>> No.34950521

i'm surprised ui, a woman, can't fucking comprehend long hair isn't just growing out your mullet

>> No.34950522

Easiest shit ever

>> No.34950526

Please, i want to become lamy.

>> No.34950528

You probably went in too early

>> No.34950530

whats the link. ill try it with my n99 ass

>> No.34950532

Yeah I'm not getting one either

>> No.34950534

Polka's latest ASMR is pretty comfy.

>> No.34950535

I got in an hour ago when someone here complained about the quiz.

>> No.34950536

hope you did like 2 levels of wanikani

>> No.34950538

because you have the script disabled

>> No.34950539

If only Kanata knew that staying down actually makes her invincible for a few moments

>> No.34950540

the usual restreaming site
probably had the scripts blocked

>> No.34950541

Playing devil's advocate I'll say this: real 3DPD idols often do radio and tv interviews by men. Even the ones from AKB. Vtuber subculture is different because they're not being actively stalked by tabloid press, so, if they are fucking their fans or their dance coach or fitness trainer it would be difficult to know. It's a lot like schrodingers whore. But, I'm sure they're all whores all day to you, schizo.

>> No.34950542

based. this thread should have one too

>> No.34950543

I am very impatient to see haachama

>> No.34950544

If Hololive is Idol company, where's the gravure?

>> No.34950548

What this?First 30 minute or something?

>> No.34950549

why does it sort of look like Watame is giving Rob a lap dance?

>> No.34950552

>he doesn't know about akutan's JAV

>> No.34950553


>> No.34950555

>where's the gravure?
thats choco sensei

>> No.34950556

i know cytube but i really dont know what the url is

>> No.34950558

I thought it was Roberu giving Watame a back massage

>> No.34950560


>> No.34950561

I just rerolled until I got easy ones

>> No.34950566

what is watame thinking right now?

>> No.34950570

thinking of mukkun...

>> No.34950571



>> No.34950572

This girl calls out to you from the alleyway.

What do?

>> No.34950573

I will never forgive Flare

>> No.34950574

Great idea desu

>> No.34950575

Matsuri is amazing

>> No.34950576

More holos need to do okama voices. Without voice changers, of course.
In fact, we need an okama-restriction collab.

>> No.34950577

thinken of towa...

>> No.34950578

Sora has one last year

>> No.34950579

Become the hero to save this thread.

>> No.34950585

how excited she is for the towa/roberu collab

>> No.34950586


>> No.34950587

Towa is enough for you shut up.

>> No.34950590

Here. Here is my reply to you. In a shitty pastebin alternative, because the system thinks my post is spam and pastebin thinks i mean someone harm (i do)

>> No.34950592

Kinda hyped for Luna's costume

>> No.34950593

Looks like a flasher, better keep clear.

>> No.34950594

Ask her to say ''Towa...'' for 500¥

>> No.34950596


>> No.34950597

Roberu confirmed that there would be a 3D stream for the chips

>> No.34950598

Your life might have been better if you had never heard about Hololive and decided to invest your time into it.

>> No.34950600


for the resident shitposter who so desperately needs it

>> No.34950602

probably still asleep

>> No.34950604

>your oshi
>what western tv show you think she would love

>> No.34950605

>> No.34950606


>> No.34950608

Do Robel and Towa know eachother? I know Towa used to hang out with Astel back in the NND days.

>> No.34950609


>> No.34950612

>sheepposters and kenzoku getting HOMO'D in the same stream
cover please

>> No.34950613

Yes. Roberu is from Polka's group of friends.

>> No.34950614

all of them

>> No.34950617

>This thread IS r9*. It's a bunch of people, bored out of their fucking mind, gossiping endlessly about girls they'll never meet. Treating this with an importance so large that it makes /p*l/'s politics seem like a fucking joke.
Anon, look at the face, does anything seem off?

>> No.34950618

I mean i know that, but does that mean he knows Towa?

>> No.34950619

>> No.34950620

What's the name of the channel again?

>> No.34950621

that's an ogey from me

>> No.34950622

Of course.

>> No.34950623



>> No.34950624

the only stars Towa knew before hololive were Aruran, Kira, and Astel.

>> No.34950626

>Corona come back to stream
>its a fucking members only watchalong
Really dog?

>> No.34950627


>> No.34950628

>hehe lets make le ebin kanjee test to filter le eops
>when holos themselves (and japanese people in general) routinely fail to read some kanji, at least once in every single game they play
Grown people CAN'T READ THEIR OWN NATIVE LANGUAGE THEY'VE BEEN SPEAKING FOR THEIR ENTIRE LIVES, hello you fucking mongoloids, this shit is completely retarded and useless, and asking anyone to study it is beyond dumb

>> No.34950629

yes now memba her

>> No.34950630

I would if I cared about Watame.
If only because of the inevitable shitposting that would come out of it.

>> No.34950631

Dr House

>> No.34950634


>> No.34950635

My life is better, I kicked some serious expenses by not sinking as much time in to anime and buying new video games. Also, it makes transit more interesting after work. Have a long commute.

>> No.34950636


>> No.34950637


>> No.34950638


>> No.34950639

>can't even pass the simplest N5

>> No.34950640

Trailer Park Boys

>> No.34950643

Not gonna click that sorry.

>> No.34950645

You don't know how rare these are. Koronesuki often complain about how little she does members only streams because she really never does them. If you want to watch it then pay up. Nobody here is going to feel sorry for you about this.

>> No.34950646

another day
another gay retard on the weebshit board complaining about japanese

>> No.34950647

following gibaras path eh

>> No.34950648

what's your next excuse? it's fun to read these

>> No.34950649


>> No.34950651

You can just download the torrent later man.

>> No.34950652

>video unavailable

>> No.34950653

Do you know Pekora?

>> No.34950655

>pretending to like a holo just because your oshi is friends with her
Do people actually do that?

>> No.34950656


>> No.34950657

Oh no anon, not like this

>> No.34950659

I hate viewer participation streams because it means my oshi is playing with other men

>> No.34950663

>he watches other men play with his oshi instead of playing with her himself


>> No.34950665

Kanata says she will stream over Gen 1 concert, why does she hate them so much?

>> No.34950666

The idols don't collab with males.
The streamers collab with males.

They know how to separate their personas.

Anyways, Sora has collabed with males, too. Are you saying not an idol?

>> No.34950668

Do your reps

>> No.34950670


>> No.34950671

I don't play MonHun and if I did I won't beat these autists in joining first

>> No.34950672

No men should ever be involved with anything Hololive-related. Gorilla is an exception

>> No.34950673

Here is a consensus of Japanese women:
>Western man is attractive
>Yes I would date a western man
>I prefer white
>Tall please (she means 5'11" and up)
>Learn English? sounds fun, but....
>*I would really rather he speaks Japanese*

>> No.34950674


>> No.34950675

>every single sane language on the fucking planet manages just fine with one alphabet that is easy to read, no problems whatsoever
>retarded yellow bugs need 3 different alphabets and it's incomprehensible to some people that it's plain stupid and unnecessary
Maybe in 2100 a young japanese revolutionary will finally replace this outdated shit with just hiragana and everyone will be happier. Maybe.

>> No.34950676

Yes. Sora was the whore of Hololive all this time and nobody suspected her.

>> No.34950679

whoops wrong link

>> No.34950680


>> No.34950681

Sora being "seiso idol" is a r*ddit meme.

>> No.34950683

look at this shameless (You) whore fishing for replies again

what a fucking slut

>> No.34950684

you can stop pretending now

>> No.34950685

Reminder that there's people here who can't even read the names of the Holos in a list.

>> No.34950686

>> No.34950687

Would you name your child after a Holo?

>> No.34950688

Japs know Sora is a whore lmao. That's why she has dogshit views and SC

>> No.34950690

Reminder that there's people who learned nipongo to read holo names in a list lmao

>> No.34950693


>> No.34950694

study instead of pointlessly raging at the state of the world

>> No.34950695

Kanji exists to make sense of gibberish mesh that is hiragana, at least in written form

>> No.34950698

Next hololive JP and EN gens is just the following

Shirakami Fubuki
Kurokami Fubuki
Aragami Fubuki
Shinigami Fubuki
Kotoamatsukami Fubuki
Ōmikami Fubuki
Ōkami Fubuki
Kunitsukami Fubuki
Amatsukami Fubuki
Ta-no-Kami Fubuki
Kuraokami Fubuki
Kawa-no-Kami Fubuki

>> No.34950699

holo is no where as huge as touhou is. infact if ZUN ever decides to do it, one Marisa tuber will shut down Cover

>> No.34950700

I fucking hate Rajang pants.

>> No.34950701

A Watame/Towa/Roberu collab really does seem like something made specifically to piss off this thread. I hope it happens.

>> No.34950702

>Sora and Shuba were getting called a seiso duo during their collab in the morning

>> No.34950703

You need to cry harder. Maybe then I will give a shit.

>> No.34950704


>> No.34950707

the only possible way 2hu could overtake Hololive in popularity is if 2hu makes it into Smash, but we all know that that will NEVER EVER happen.

>> No.34950708

>he doesn't know

>> No.34950709

Is that allowed?

>> No.34950710

The idea of Watame Roberu and Towa doing a collab is really funny. It was like they came here and chose the combination for the chips that would generate the most shitposting. All that's missing is Miko or Pekora.

>> No.34950711

Your oshi has reached into her pants to scratch her genitals while streaming, and I bet you didn't notice it at all.

>> No.34950712

>he doesnt evne onaona
poeople may fapto reuimu but yoiu know they alaos fao ro suikla

>> No.34950713

>now Watame and Towa
Yeah? Who else you just gonna list for the never happening collab?

>> No.34950717

It's just because of the chips. Gotta promote the chips bro

>> No.34950718

It's a paid concert and most people wont watch it especially since it's only Gen1.

>> No.34950720

Stop it, you're having a stroke. Go to a hospital.

>> No.34950721

Any actual retort on the topic? No? Of course not, didn't think so. It's all just a sunk cost fallacy, "I studied these pointless scribbles (that are easily replaced with a better system) for thousands of hours, so you have to do it too!!!"

>> No.34950722


>> No.34950725

fucking legend

>> No.34950727

No she didn't

>> No.34950728

Quick Anons!
We must find a way to fix Coco's English!
At this rate, she will degrade into Haachama level

>> No.34950730


>> No.34950731

Roberu confirmed there's gonna be a 3D stream for the chips, so either they're gonna make the poor fucker do it himself, or /hlg/ will have one of the worst threads in history

>> No.34950733

>*finishes stuffing face with third McFatass Bacon Cheeseburger deluxe combo while washing it down with his 60oz mtn dew*
Imagine being this brainless monolingual mutt. Can't be me.

>> No.34950734

Because they're dressed in light colors and aren't showing cleavage.

>> No.34950735


>> No.34950736

you may think that you wanna be but 1 oz shotglass poland spiritus advertiszed by calli + regular alcohcol such as being me green apple is just a gooooood niiiiight

i dont regongnist your holo so faq.


>> No.34950737

>Your life might have been better if you had never heard about Hololive and decided to invest your time into it.
Honestly it's the opposite, I'm not wating all my time shitposting, I'm actually doing reps, and getting /fit/ plus im not writing snuff fics about me getting choked, killed and getting off on my own death

>> No.34950739

Towa already sucks off random Apex dudes so nothing would change there.
It would just be a thread full of people sheepposting until image limit and falseflagging.

>> No.34950740

wonder how Reimu is doing now...

>> No.34950741

She'd be 11 this year so

>> No.34950742


>> No.34950743


>> No.34950744

>play with males
>views drop

>> No.34950746

No way holos can't read fucking N5 kanjis

>> No.34950749

maybe anya

>> No.34950750

Who will died first, vtuber or touhou?

>> No.34950753


>> No.34950754

Uhh Watame why are joining Kanatach's lobby

>> No.34950755


>> No.34950756

>No Towa, installing all those toolbars won't make your computer run any faster.

>> No.34950757

The language has grown around them, it'd be more harm to remove them at this point. Accept it and do your fucking reps anon

>> No.34950758


>> No.34950759


>> No.34950760

Any Lamyfag know which Outer Wilds stream Lamy found the angler fish?

>> No.34950762

gatchman collabing with him will be my wishful thinking

>> No.34950763

Kanata is flirting like a whore bros..

>> No.34950764

They can, the retard you responded to, however cant

>> No.34950766

>first 30 minutes will be streamed on the official channel
>chat is all EOPs and SOPs

>> No.34950767

If friend was a real friend she would get kuro fubuki as a real outfit.

>> No.34950768

but 2hu is already dead, a new game came out and no one gave a shit

>> No.34950769

half the holo names are fine names, unless your kid's name is Pekora Roboco (Last Name), you won't sound like a fucking loser for doing it.

>> No.34950770


>> No.34950772

Go watch the first Towa monhun stream. In the very first dialogue with the village elder or whoever that old dude is, she fails to read some kanji in every single sentence he speaks. That is a grown woman who's been speaking that language for her entire life. Literally anyone who speaks english could read any english word, even if they don't understand its meaning.

>> No.34950774

Noel's a pretty cute name desu

>> No.34950776

You wouldn't watch an illegal restream of our concert, right?

>> No.34950778

Yeah, except for the bit where no one here is Japanese or has any reason to give thier kid a japanese name.

>> No.34950779

this makes a lot of sense and explains a lot about sora
>le bored personality

>> No.34950781

I can't recall the last one so I hope there are some fun combinations for this thing.

>> No.34950784


>> No.34950788

>towa is indicative of all japanese people
It's almost as if all of the hololive talents are literally smoothbrained (even by woman standards)

>> No.34950789

>grown woman

>> No.34950791

Remember when GAMERS was supposed to be an E-Sports gen

>> No.34950795

It's almost time for the concert, get excited everyone.

>> No.34950797

Towa is the dumbest Hololive member

>> No.34950798

>towacucks calling other holos whores
lmao always hilarious

>> No.34950800


>> No.34950801


>> No.34950802

Of course not.
I'm not going to watch it at all.

>> No.34950803

nice try, but you can't trick me into watching towa

>> No.34950805

You should not compare n5 kanji to whatever that shit was

>> No.34950806

Bold of you to assume anyone here would have kids in the first place

>> No.34950807

Yes, almost all the holos are friends with the stars.

>> No.34950808


>> No.34950809

I have that name...

>> No.34950810

お前ら日本語出来るならコメント翻訳してもらえませんか? I can only understand spoken Japanese

>> No.34950811

Taking into account that I am not a japanese and live in an english speaking country, I wouldn't mind naming my kid;
With Mori, Reine, and Mel in a maybe pile.

>> No.34950812

just marry a Japanese person!

>> No.34950813

Post your tits, Danchou

>> No.34950814 [SPOILER] 

My life legit went better after I met my oshi earlier last year. I always looked forward to her streams and she's a joy to watch. It's my first exposure to an entertainer that is so untainted by politics and other bullshit and is simply there to have a good time playing games. She's also wholesome to boot. However, she has been reclining hard for a long while now which in turn made me less happier these days.

>> No.34950815

kenzocucks are always that insecure
if a holo doesn't collab with their whore she's a bad and fake person, if a holo does collab with their whore she's her best friend and they will try to force it no matter what
this is what being a brown manlet does to you

>> No.34950817

What the FUCK is Pon talk? Is it girl shit?

>> No.34950818

Sometimes i wonder how much crossover viewership Shirogane Noel and Noel Miller have

>> No.34950819

How accurate is this? watame avoided the male host a lot at the v-carnival, has she talked to him before?

>> No.34950821

Nobody in Hololive is actually over 35, right?

>> No.34950822


>> No.34950824


>> No.34950825

Cute girls don't shit.

>> No.34950827

Why do people bait and respond to themselves every thread?

>> No.34950829

it's a typo, it's actually Porn Talk and they're gonna discuss their favorite pornography

>> No.34950830


>> No.34950832

What's wrong with a girl talk stream? Those are always fun

>> No.34950833

I'd have more money sure but I'd be depressed as shit probably

>> No.34950834

They'll be talking about how they masturbate.

>> No.34950835

I'm a dude

>> No.34950837

Literally no one here is older than their oshi.

>> No.34950838

mental illness

>> No.34950839


>> No.34950840

>you have to do it too!!!
even if I wanted to say that, you couldn't. I'm sorry anon

>> No.34950841

I don't believe you.

>> No.34950842

eat shit
vei and kiara also eat shit
giant fucking whores

>> No.34950843

Botan is 15 years old

>> No.34950844


>> No.34950845

Are you that Astelfag?

>> No.34950848

Pokemon Snap didn't do her any favors, that's for sure.

>> No.34950849

is anyone else getting Gone. errors on 5ch

>> No.34950850

Botan was 15 when the bombs fell on her village. She is older now

>> No.34950852

fucking disgusting through and through
get that fucking filth outta here

>> No.34950853

Nah, its improved. Though instead of wanting a literal whore voiced by Tanaka rie to kill me and make me her puppet I want lamy to do it instead

>> No.34950854

>Cocunny thumbnail
T u T

>> No.34950855


>> No.34950857

Wow I can't believe Korones watchtime went down when she streamed much less this month.
Ayame, Shion and Aqua are not even on the list.

>> No.34950858

To be fair pokemon snap didnt do anyone in general any favors

>> No.34950859

no one knows korone's age because she lies all the time

>> No.34950860

100% literally the same audience

>> No.34950861


>> No.34950862

Will be there any relationship between these two characters?

>> No.34950863

nah don't know who that is

>> No.34950864

Never? Subaru isn't in GAMERS.

>> No.34950865


>> No.34950866

I've been happy every day since I met Miko.

>> No.34950867

Good to hear that she finally decided to disable dms from everyone.

>> No.34950868


>> No.34950870

Pretty sure no one is stupid enough to think that he's actually going to collab with the Watame and Towa, it's probably going to be just Roberu and Rikka

>> No.34950871

literally who the fuck asked for this collab tho

>> No.34950875


>> No.34950876


>> No.34950877

Fuck off, kiara is a goddess

>> No.34950879


>> No.34950880

I did, but ironically

>> No.34950882

Please don't post pictures of Eren looking good, it reminds me of the final chapter and makes me want to vomit out of sheer dissapointment

>> No.34950884


>> No.34950886


>> No.34950890

Is it true that Japanese people don't care about Hololive? Heard that their Japanese audience is less than 20%

>> No.34950893

I would unironically insert my penis into Shion's genitals if she agreed to do that with me

>> No.34950894

Isnt vshojo the group with Melody, the literal camwhore?
Someone should inform EN manager of that, I am sure they will love it.

>> No.34950895

>kanata unironically said xie xie
The bitch was a bug from the start

>> No.34950896


>> No.34950897


>> No.34950898

It seems this got picked up by 5ch fast and from there it was pushed onto Covers radar and they pulled the plug. Best case scenario. I'm sure they want her out of the clubhouse now, too.

>> No.34950899

Hololive is OK with camwhores.

>> No.34950900


>> No.34950902

>12 streams 50 hours streamed
>15 streams 54 hours streamed
Both of them streams nearly the identical amount but the latter btfo the former into oblivion

>> No.34950903


>> No.34950904

vei is worse than melody

>> No.34950908

Spill it.

>> No.34950911


>> No.34950918

Fuck off to /a/ if you want to talk about that

>> No.34950920

Someone actually want this girl???

>> No.34950921

I don't think so I'm a lot happier after meeting my oshi than before. I even have a goal in life now even if the goal is probably not that realistic.

>> No.34950923


>> No.34950924

I hate her but I want to fuck her...

>> No.34950926

Going by some comments made by chicken's roommate, it seems like she is the one who came across that clip

>> No.34950927

He is Deadbeat afaik.

>> No.34950928

The standard shit-eating, low iq, ironic weebs that make up the majority of hololive's overseas audience

>> No.34950929

I mean, Vei had it coming when she literally flat out lied about shit within hololive and doesn't really seem to want to address that. Like when she said "All those idols that left hololive talk shit about them and have revealed how shitty the company is" or whatever the comment was(it was something like that). If you're going to confidently say something like that and then try to weasel your way into their good graces while refusing to own up to the mistake, you shouldn't be accepted. Hell the Vei clip in this video is literally her gaslighting her audience into thinking her comments were some completely different thing all together.

>> No.34950932

Aqua is the least horny member of hololive and that is sort of sad

>> No.34950934


Uh, watamates, is this all part of the plan?

>> No.34950935

Imagine knowing of this retarded shit dramanigs are the worst

>> No.34950936

>All those idols that left hololive talk shit about them and have revealed how shitty the company is
Who Aloe?

>> No.34950940

Reminder that western girls grow up watching and take cues from a girl like this.

>> No.34950943

vei and her voice are insufferable

>> No.34950946

I watched the original video and that was the big part I remembered because it's such a dumb fucking comment because literally what the fuck was she even referencing?

>> No.34950947

Watame just wanted to get close in order to eliminate Calliope

>> No.34950948

Anon, as much as I hate Vshitshow, hololive also has it's fair share of literal camwhores but those cunts are still streaming like usual

>> No.34950950

I mean there's literally no one else, which is hilarious given that Delta was pretty open with the fact that even if she doesn't work for them anymore, G
Hololive is a pretty chill place and the best one out of all the vtuber companies she auditioned for

>> No.34950951

it's not her voice, it's the way she tries to mimic anime voice dubs

>> No.34950952


>> No.34950953

Hope you can get in the restream anon

>> No.34950956

Sure is /vt/ in here.

>> No.34950957

You are retarded but not because you don't know japanese

>> No.34950959

As far as I know she's only ever said positive things about Cover and Hololive both. So, it's literally no-one.

>> No.34950960

That's so dumb considering delta didn't even say anything bad about them. Chris.. wasn't even about hololive itself.

>> No.34950961

日本語名前 > 日本名
あげるは悪い > あげるのは悪い

>> No.34950963

You just realized this??

>> No.34950965

I saw in the comments of the original video that people think it might've been Artia, but when the original clip happened, Artia had not even done that twitch stream with Civia yet.

>> No.34950969

I completely forgot about the chinese branch

>> No.34950971

What's this quiz? Looks like fun.

>> No.34950972

>posts offtopic shit
>hey wanna expand on that offtopic shit to further shit the thread
>uhhhhhhh no

>> No.34950973

>nips getting mad in the comments
I-I thought we supposed to hate whores...

>> No.34950975

>From 1st
>it's the 28th
What did they mean by this?

>> No.34950976

I dont give a shit about what chicken does, but if this vshojo shit spreads to Holos I like, I will start harassing her.
I will make the chink menace feel like a peaceful protest.

>> No.34950977

It's just the restream captcha

>> No.34950979

I remember her from back in 2016 when she was just a nobody Overwatch streamer, her voice is so fake and her personality is completely insufferable, I have no idea how she got popular, I guess catering to zoomers, leeching from bigger Overwatch streamers and being a woman goes a long way.

>> No.34950983

>my mom's polish that's why I have this accent
fucking dumb bitch must think everyone's dumber than her.. and if she posted here she would be mostly correct

>> No.34950984

They were respectful when collabing with kizuna ai's crew

>> No.34950985

Ah. Mind if you spoonfeed me the link? All the other restreams I've gotten from /jp/ have been that one guy's youtube so I'm unfamiliar.

>> No.34950986

I find it funny that the chicken got both her vshoujo collabs shitcanned, but Ironmouse is still allowed to collab with Calliope next week confirmed.

>> No.34950989

>Cinderella Switch
>none of them are cinderella nor will you switch places with them
what did they mean by this

>> No.34950991

>Make it a Kanji quiz
>get mainlanders
Would be fun desu.

>> No.34950992

it's the usual place

>> No.34950993

>all these poorfags desperately looking for restreams
sure is SEA in here. Get a job losers

>> No.34950994

The duck saw too much.

>> No.34950995

It's that place where they got that youtube

>> No.34950996


>> No.34950997

does saying that make you feel better? it's not nice bullying dogs...

>> No.34950998

>Oct 16 2020
This would have been before CN branch graduation or even before Coco and Haachama's suspension was up. At this point there was no indication CN would graduate. Not even Artia would have known.

>> No.34950999

I spend money on good shit like video games and gacha, not concerts eith Jewish prices

>> No.34951002


>> No.34951003

who quote?

>> No.34951004

anyone else feeling the burnout from hololive? it's starting to get boring to be honest. i'm planning on taking a break for a week and see what happens

>> No.34951005

The youtube is also from that place

>> No.34951007

if you are new enough then just wait for the chinks

>> No.34951009

>spending money on video games and gacha

>> No.34951010

None of these tards are worth paying good money for

>> No.34951012

>no pre-show cock fighting stream

>> No.34951013

The only thing that would risk that collab from happening is the fact that she wants to have discord sex with various JP male vtubers(including multiple holostars), Cover doesn't care about that.

>> No.34951014


>> No.34951016

It's because I have a job that I need a restream. Concert's during work hours and I'm not paying if I can't watch live with full attention

>> No.34951017

Well shit I thought the restreams came straight from here. Guess I better start doing some archive diving.

>> No.34951018

These threads are filled with spics, so I dunno why you would expect anything less.

>> No.34951019

No one's watching that kiara song dumbass

>> No.34951020

Cope, I already preorder the ultimate edition of GG strive

>> No.34951022

Friend? Why are you talking about restreams? I thought you promised that you will buy a ticket for me?

>> No.34951023

Mori has always been like that, no reason for it to impact a collab

>> No.34951025

>All those idols that left hololive talk shit about them and have revealed how shitty the company is"
wait did she actually say that?

>> No.34951029

Seems like globaltards are already here.

>> No.34951030


>> No.34951031

Restreams? I'm not gonna be watching even for free.

>> No.34951032

We all are

>> No.34951035

>not buying the ticket but hanging out with piratechads

>> No.34951037

You misspelled Poorfags anon

>> No.34951038

>poorfag and dekinai
very sad state

>> No.34951039



Follow Andy for more: https://twitter.com/CocoGoGraduate

>> No.34951040

>> No.34951042

One fox, two fox, three fox, Fubuki~

>> No.34951043

sure is anti thread around here..........

>> No.34951046

>Chink honeypot

>> No.34951047

My oshi is not going to be there why would I pay

>> No.34951050

sorry...i need money to buy foods and stuff.. i already superchatted yesterday so forgive me friend

>> No.34951052


>> No.34951053


>> No.34951055


>> No.34951056

anti-thread btw

>> No.34951057


>> No.34951058

officially fuck off

>> No.34951059

Please watch our concert...

>> No.34951060

>that twitter
chinks just can't help themselves

>> No.34951061

>muh chinks
Gb2Reddit Taiwankiddie

>> No.34951063

You gotta try harder, Winnie the Pooh is counting on you zhangchama

>> No.34951066

damn, they've got a whole site running this time. I respect the zhang dedication.

>> No.34951068

It's a free stream you fucking niggers

Also nice to know you're a 12 year old pretending to support a fascist despot like "T*iwan"

>> No.34951069

You fuckers better not be doing that box bullshit again like holofes 2

>> No.34951070

Would you give Polka headpats?

>> No.34951073

You heard me.

>> No.34951075

seems like the CCP-schizo is back. Must be lonely being the only one left. Did you wash the mud off the wheelbarrow yet? Or are we down to LARPing as an anon to save face?

>> No.34951076

Can you fucks stop making the cytube worse and worse week after week?
You have half a dozen different memory leaks now and break basic functionality on multiple browsers.

My fucking uBlock ruleset to remove all the bloat and scripts you have running now is starting to get bigger than fucking 4chanX.

>> No.34951078

That kanji shit was entry level wtf were you faggots sperging about?

>> No.34951079

Please tell me you're joking

>> No.34951080

That was hilarious

>> No.34951081

cry more bug

>> No.34951082

based zhangbro

>> No.34951083

quick do i fap before it starts or after?

>> No.34951084

If Korone announced her graduation through a members only stream would it be dishonorable to inform everyone else?

>> No.34951085

Wondering if they've got some miner shit going in there

>> No.34951086

You know I could see the title right?
Dumb phone poster.

>> No.34951087

>sucking a bug's micropenis for a restream
Nah I'd rather just wait for the torrent.

>> No.34951088

>fascist despot like "T*iwan"
Zhang, think of your social credit. They might come pick you up for this ! Is you VPN on? We worry about you, you know

>> No.34951089


>> No.34951091

pound that fat whore's skull in, Nene!

>> No.34951093

Fuck Cover

>> No.34951094

Just use your oshi's freechat instead if you bought the English ticket (assuming it's the same as Bloom).

>> No.34951095

sugoi nee

>> No.34951096

Little pinky's feelies got hurt.

>> No.34951098

globalfags are somehow too lazy to use Google. Makes sense with the amount of roommate spoonfeeding they have

>> No.34951099

shion yo

>> No.34951100

doubt it, China's been cracking down hard on cryptocurrency mining very recently.

>> No.34951101


>> No.34951104

From Twap...

>> No.34951106

Oh no, the feelings.. anyway.

>> No.34951107

Leave the bugs to me.

>> No.34951109

How do I send this flowerstands thing?

>> No.34951110

Are you a wizard, anon?

>> No.34951112


>> No.34951113

It's just a site. It's not that complicated

>> No.34951114

spwn??? hello? let me the fuck in

>> No.34951116

It's concert time anon the idea of doing anything with effort is unknown to these "people"

>> No.34951117

If you're a poorfag legal-only friend, you can watch the opening act on the main channel for free!

>> No.34951118

>> No.34951119


>> No.34951121

Fucking let me in SPWN

>> No.34951123

I don't care how many times you call me a Chinese I'm not taking my fucking meds.

>> No.34951124

She unironically did after she did the viewer participation monhun lobby

>> No.34951125

Unironically more based than cytube fags

>> No.34951126

why did the *y*t*b* trannies move sites? ive been on and off following because my oshi is dead

>> No.34951128

Scroll up you dumbfuck.

>> No.34951130

poor ping pong

>> No.34951131


yikes, i'm staying miles away from that shit

>> No.34951132

hello will all these be prerecorded?

>> No.34951133

Haaton here, if any of you pirate the event you are trash.

>> No.34951134


>> No.34951135

I'm not clicking this suspicious site

>> No.34951136

Why do they put quotation marks on 'masterpiece'

>> No.34951139

What the fuck is a haaton?

>> No.34951140

I just want to hear MY BIG RED HEART

>> No.34951141

Nigga you can literally google the kanji

>> No.34951142

Just like your oshi?

>> No.34951143


>> No.34951144

>only 20k for a hyped anniversary live for an entire generation

>> No.34951145

Kek you're right

>> No.34951146


>> No.34951147

It's even easier to just block the element with ublock

>> No.34951148

I'm in

>> No.34951149

>malaysian chink reply to himself again
Side note, this might be the last time that we saw "andy" name on the internet

>> No.34951150

holy based chinks

>> No.34951152


>> No.34951153

dumb bitch lol
there's a lot u can shit on cover for without needing to make shit up yet she decided to make shit up...

>> No.34951154

If I wanted to watch a menhera, a schizo, a corporate shill, a rape victing and someone irrelevant I'd look in a mirror.

>> No.34951155


>> No.34951156

Kys you stupid bug.

>> No.34951157

holy seeth

>> No.34951158


>> No.34951159


>> No.34951161

What's that?

>> No.34951163

im in lads

>> No.34951164

Enjoy your malwares.

>> No.34951167

same artist?

>> No.34951168

Good thing I have a virtual machine open for shit like this.

>> No.34951169

>> No.34951170

bugs are desperate

>> No.34951173

>the china virus

>> No.34951174

Hope you retards clicked that shit

>> No.34951175

Hi Medieval

>> No.34951176


>> No.34951177

>there are retards here who clicked that shit

>> No.34951180

Medieval sama...

>> No.34951181


>> No.34951182

>all the nip comments going "uh it's gonna be pretty hard to collab with someone who talks this much shit about the agency you belong to"
I'm surprised that wasn't immediately obvious to everyone involved, especially Kiara who even liked the video where Veibae talked shit about Cover

>> No.34951184

What's that?

>> No.34951186

Oh no my pc is hacked

>> No.34951187


>> No.34951189

That is hilarious. They are scraping the barrel with this shit

>> No.34951190

Ex-Haaton here, pirate the event and use that money on a better holos membership.

>> No.34951191

xue hua piao piao bei feung xiao xiao

>> No.34951192


>> No.34951193

Nice one Medieval-chama, cheer them for us will ya?

>> No.34951194

Based chinks punishing poorfags

>> No.34951195

Why does Fubuki get to be in the gen 1 anniversary when she's a Gamer generation?

>> No.34951196

>> No.34951199

Just use a different browser to watch

>> No.34951200

FBK is Hololive

>> No.34951201

based chink hijacking poor seafags into their wheelbarrow botnets

>> No.34951202

Nice try cytube bro, I'm sure some will fall for that

>> No.34951203

oh no they got my account

>> No.34951204

From First let's go!

>> No.34951205

What is this?

>> No.34951206

35p here. 5000 yen is fucking cheap.

>> No.34951209

You know that bugs are literally laughing at all of you who bite the bait, right? White prostitutes?

>> No.34951211

Hidden Markov Model Toolkit

>> No.34951212


>> No.34951214


>> No.34951215

I'm aqua-brain at this shit, what does htk_inject.js even do? Take control of yt account?

>> No.34951216


>> No.34951217

>get in mikoboat
>watch on Youtube
Thanks heimin

>> No.34951220

anyone who pirates this is pathetic and should stop watching holos, if you can't even support their hard work, you are not worthy of calling any of them your oshi.

>> No.34951221

Koronesuki here. Free is cheaper

>> No.34951222


>> No.34951223

Sister Jill...

>> No.34951224


>> No.34951225

I feel myself turning

>> No.34951226

>what is a .js extension
I refuse to believe there's that many of you retards

>> No.34951227

How does a person not have 5k ¥ its nothing

>> No.34951228

Is there a Youtube restream? i had a few bookmarks from december concert but they channels are either dead or not live

>> No.34951230


>> No.34951231

You bring shame to us spics.

>> No.34951233

>> No.34951234

rip anyone who clicked this link

>> No.34951237

I'm using incognito so I'm fine

>> No.34951238

Who cares?

>> No.34951239

Weak currency. 5k yen might feed their family for a month.

>> No.34951240

I don't see it anywhere in the console

>> No.34951241

Where are we going?

>> No.34951242

Shut up Nekkoshit.

>> No.34951243


>> No.34951245

Test stream is streaming it again

>> No.34951246

I hope it gets tell down

>> No.34951247

I'm not giving any money to Cover the most incompetent company that lucked into fame thanks to CN and SEA clippers and the coronavirus. Cover only exists to steal from its talents.

>> No.34951249

Doesn't matter, don't trust anything made by them. Just wait for the torrent later.

>> No.34951250



>> No.34951251

>> No.34951253

Thanks. Sent the link to cover :^)

>> No.34951256

It's been a year since my intro to JS class rushia...

>> No.34951257

got it. thanks

>> No.34951259

There is no Hololive without FBK. She's the star of every generation.

>> No.34951260

Yes. Now I get a youtube link to share with my hololive subredditbros.

>> No.34951261

The ultimate chink cope. Are more virus on the way, Zhang?

>> No.34951262

Based TESTchad saving the day again

>> No.34951265

Suisei please draw again....

>> No.34951266

cry more ping pong

>> No.34951267

ogey edgy underage kids

>> No.34951268

Absolutely based stream link leakers. Cytube seething already.

>> No.34951269


>> No.34951270

Based retard

>> No.34951271

Suichan drew this one btw.

>> No.34951272

My screen is turning yellow... W-What's going on bros?

>> No.34951274

To be quite honest, I only care about having my way with Big Red Idol and School Idol Festival after the concert.

>> No.34951275

Reported to reddit :^ )

>> No.34951276

People want to watch this shit?

>> No.34951277

No we're not?

>> No.34951278

And you only exist to steal from their talents too it seems. Nice hypocrisy anon.

>> No.34951279

is this the first event that is in 60fps?

>> No.34951280


>> No.34951281

Only newfags are seething. They've shared the link in the past.

They only want the chat locked

>> No.34951282

Retards will fail for this kek, there is literally nothing wrong with that site

>> No.34951283

wtf I hate coco now

>> No.34951284


Test bro is here to save the day for poorfags

>> No.34951285

Doing some digging I just found out SPWN's fee is only 8%, which is a lot lower than I thought it would be.

>> No.34951286

Ey chinitos de mierda, comanme la polla mamapichas. Que sepan que no solo USA los odia.

>> No.34951288

Who would win?
>Chinese malware site put together by ducktape that steals your credit card
>One test stream on YouTube?

>> No.34951289

lmao chinks are actually more based than cytubefags for punishing leeches

>> No.34951290

yeah spwn is a pretty damn cheap hosting site

>> No.34951291

Not really, the cytube cares more about their circle chat than the restream

>> No.34951292

why do you have to be such a massive faggot?

>> No.34951293

Holy fuck my PC just BSoD, could it be this shit?!

>> No.34951294

more popularity does not always equal good

>> No.34951295

What the fuck?
Tell down immediately
You're taking money from Haachama

>> No.34951296

I piss hard enough to crack Chinese concrete.

>> No.34951298

I can live a week or two off that kind of money, no way I'm giving that away from a livestream.

>> No.34951299

guys i clicked the chink restream link and now my phone is in chinese and its asking for my credit card number. is that normal?

>> No.34951300


>> No.34951301

any link posted here will be taken down

>> No.34951304

What was the record viewers during BLOOM?

>> No.34951305

Can I still masturbate before it starts?

>> No.34951306

>You're taking money from Haachama

>> No.34951307

Mel is gonna get KISSED on this stream

>> No.34951308

Isn't this kind of a big deal? Why is there so few people watching? Pekora gets more by playing VR Resident Evil.

>> No.34951310

Do your best!
Lamy is waiting!

>> No.34951312

I kinda support Testbro in this case.
We know some are gonna pirate it.
Might as well send them to Testbro instead of a Chink site running on Russian hosting.

>> No.34951313

Help my Windows switched to simplified Chinese

>> No.34951314

Yes. Also during and after.

>> No.34951315

no one cares about gen 1

>> No.34951316

What ever happened to the cytube? I didn't mind using it to discuss events when the thread was spending the entire time trying to find bootleg streams. But I didn't keep up with it in between and it seems dead now.

>> No.34951319

You guys realize the chink stream is literally just an embed for VK.com right? If you're so scared by the chink website due to your own internet security stupidity you can just watch it straight from there.

>> No.34951320

I just care about my daughter/wife

>> No.34951322

suityan, please draw again

>> No.34951323

When does this start fucking hell

>> No.34951324

sorry lamy mama, ive been watching rion more than you...

>> No.34951326

400? I think

>> No.34951327

How is it edgy and underage to point out Cover routinely gives in to antis, doesn't help or even properly train their talent, makes them even pay back the fucking iphone they give them, tried to cover up Mel sexual harassment until Mel lawyered up, and somehow has the gall to take a cut of all the talent's income despite all this.
I ain't watching this shit.

>> No.34951328

They moved their circlejerk to a different site.

>> No.34951330

Can we have a Deepfaked Mr Rogers be the referee ?

>> No.34951331


>> No.34951333

almost 1000 before it got killed

>> No.34951334

To be honest I thought Roboco was in this

>> No.34951335

I unironically would pay for a solo Pekor concert. This one is not worth it.

>> No.34951336

Gen 1 is the least popular gen. Also I think people who got tickets aren't watching on youtube.

>> No.34951337

/vyt/ schizo is getting triggered again

>> No.34951338


>> No.34951339

I will impregnate Pekora

>> No.34951340

The advertising wasn't that great.

>> No.34951341

>> No.34951342

never got killed though

>> No.34951343

The test stream is literally just the direct link to the cytube stream, they want you on youtube and not in their cytube chat

>> No.34951344


>> No.34951345


>> No.34951346


>> No.34951347

Haachama MC!

>> No.34951348

>using vk.com
Не-а, Алишер

>> No.34951349


>> No.34951350


>> No.34951351


>> No.34951352


>> No.34951353


>> No.34951355

Nikisei will get a concert right?

>> No.34951356

>it's in Japanese
Why did I pay for this

>> No.34951357

He's always triggered.

>> No.34951358

imagine the double thighjob

>> No.34951360

No mirror streams
Did you hear her????

>> No.34951361

HAACHAMA is the leader of Gen1 confirmed, Fubukeks on suicide watch

>> No.34951362

said so sarcastically even a dumbass like you can pick up on the sarcasm: oh no.

>> No.34951363


>> No.34951364

most of the viewers are on SPWN and there's no view count there
All the viewers on yt are EOPs who have no idea what's going on and think it's a free concert or some shit and they leave after the first free 30 minutes

>> No.34951365

Please no restream...

>> No.34951366

Pretty sure I watched everything til the end

>> No.34951367

If you fail or refuse to see that the talents also benefit from being a Cover employee and that it's a symbiotic business relationship, then yes you're an edgy kid who don't understand how shit works IRL.

>> No.34951368


>> No.34951369

>> No.34951370

>Please do not reproduce

>> No.34951371

Just restart your router anon

>> No.34951372


>> No.34951373


>> No.34951374

>Roboco-chan you should put more effort into your streams and work on your ideas like the rest of us girls!

>> No.34951375

Sex friend

>> No.34951376

Haachama chama!

>> No.34951377


>> No.34951378

Towa is not in this so i don't care

>> No.34951379

>Say that again

>> No.34951380

>> No.34951381

Based. Haachama schizos (Nekkoshits) don't look!

>> No.34951382


>> No.34951383

Now that the dust have settled, was this event a flop?

>> No.34951384


>> No.34951385

Because you love them

>> No.34951386

Товарищ майор, идите нахуй.

>> No.34951387

The robomoans

>> No.34951388

ええ。この冒険を止まらたくない !

>> No.34951390

Yes and it will be named 2nd beginning.
At least in my dreams.

>> No.34951391

nigga its gen 1
nobody cares about them

>> No.34951392

Where are test-san's members?

>> No.34951393

Yawns are good content since they're so cute

>> No.34951394

>You guys realize ... right?
These words add nothing to the statement except make you sound like a faggot.

>> No.34951397

>> No.34951398

You are right anon, others should just have to work for free so you can leech. You sure are pragmatic and wise. Just remember this the next time you whine about others being better off stealing from others - that you are one of them.

>> No.34951400

>chinks suckered poorfags into their wheelbarrow botnet
I hate to do this but I have to kneel to the bugs on this one

>> No.34951401

>chat is 100% grayfags
I hate leeches

>> No.34951402


>> No.34951403


>> No.34951405

Yeah we can see how much the talent benefits from how none of them can go more than a month or two of playing videogames on the internet without having a mental or physical breakdown, crying on stream, getting harassed off the web by antis, getting on meds, etc. Must really be worth it for Cover to take half their income and force them to finance themselves anything that isn't game talk or sing streams.

>> No.34951406


>> No.34951408

t. simp

>> No.34951409

literally any of them can quit right now and do just as well as an indie

>> No.34951411

The viewers are spread on 100 sites for paid concerts, its always this way.

>> No.34951412

Fubuki is Holoheart

>> No.34951415


>> No.34951416


>> No.34951417

No they cant, they are nothing unironically

>> No.34951418

Pretty much this, I am not even on Youtube atm. I am on spwn.

>> No.34951419

>check 5ch anti thread
>they're arguing who is the protagonist of hololive

>> No.34951420

having a mental or physical breakdown, crying on stream, getting harassed off the web by antis, getting on meds
And these are Cover's faults because...?
Also, they're all welcome to go the indie root. Oh look, NijiEN has 80k subs, how cute.

>> No.34951421

friend...who do I tell to ctrl+w their life now...?

>> No.34951422

Sex Friend!

>> No.34951423

the answer is Towa

>> No.34951424

Anon, you realize I don't care right?

>> No.34951426

Booba witch and rion later in two hours or watch gen 1 concert

>> No.34951427

Yeah, Gura can just go back to flopping with 300 viewers on Twitch despite having a ~1 mil YT channel to pull audience from

>> No.34951428


>> No.34951429

Well who is it?

>> No.34951432

You should tell them that then.

>> No.34951433


>> No.34951434

Friend !

>> No.34951435

>has the least amount of flower stands

>> No.34951437

Lol no they can't.
Look at NijiEN and their sub count right now. One of them is a literal Holo reject.

>> No.34951438

>check 4ch anti thread
>they're arguing

>> No.34951439

Did Fubuki give birth to Oga's spawn yet?

>> No.34951440

Is gokisei schizo trying a new tactic? Interesting.

>> No.34951441


>> No.34951442

Do you think Friend is gonna be cute this time too?

>> No.34951443

Not wife on the special day?

>> No.34951444


>> No.34951445

Uh it's Cover's fault because Cover wastes their time with endless meetings, doesn't give them any support, and just leeches off of them? How is this hard, retard.

>> No.34951447

>> No.34951448

ogey beggar

>> No.34951449

So, chinkies, how does it feels being unable to spam Coco's chat for a while now? I did read your AIDS inducing forum and you are literally seething and coping like babies because of it.

>> No.34951450

I love my friend!

>> No.34951451

>> No.34951453

the virtual tuber
is holo? they like niji?
it is good thing

japan different from many,
but all mankind share same thing
endless shitpost. through shitpost,unity.

>> No.34951454

She's always cute though

>> No.34951455

What good is Cover if they can't protect their talents? Might as well quit.

>> No.34951456

never ever had to work a damn day in his underage life, confirmed.

>> No.34951459

>> No.34951460

Friend is always cute!

>> No.34951461

Rosentai fucking love mukirose

>> No.34951462

I thought this was supposed to be the NEET board

>> No.34951466

This is your brain on NEETdom.

>> No.34951467


>> No.34951468


>> No.34951471

always cute!

>> No.34951473

stop anon, nijichinks cant cope harder

>> No.34951474

Take care of your own shit, anon. Stop blaming your shortcomings on others.

>> No.34951475


>> No.34951476


>> No.34951477

Matsuri has such a punchable voice

>> No.34951478

>> No.34951479

This should be taught as a universal truth

>> No.34951480

>implying the legions of fans they have now won't just follow them over to their new account
I'd like to but every time I advise Coco to graduate I get called a zhang

>> No.34951481


>> No.34951482

inb4 prerecorded

>> No.34951483


>> No.34951484


>> No.34951485

Are Holos not related to the concert are actively discouraged to stream before the concert or they are encouraged to not stream?

>> No.34951486

damn, i just realized how little i care about gen 1. have fun with concert guys imma just do niji reps

>> No.34951487

Now shut the fuck up and enjoy the show

>> No.34951488

Those are normal woman problems that would happen no matter where they worked.

>> No.34951489


>> No.34951490

It probably is

>> No.34951491


>> No.34951492

anyone who paid an overpriced ticket for a shitty prerecorded concert is pathetic and should stop watching holos, if you allow these shitty business tactics, you are not worthy of calling any of them your oshi.

>> No.34951493

I agree Zhangbro, Coco should just quit already.

>> No.34951494

>> No.34951495


>> No.34951496

>constantly ritualpost how much you love your oshi
>can't even pay a small fee to support her and watch her perform
you're pathetic losers who don't deserve hololive

>> No.34951498


>> No.34951499

Is that you friend ritualposter? Are you back?

>> No.34951501

>c*tube trannies just implanted a bitcoin miner on my computer

>> No.34951502


>> No.34951504


>> No.34951505


>> No.34951506


>> No.34951508


>> No.34951509

If they sing Precious Photographs I might actually cry...

>> No.34951510

Who is this akai haato?

>> No.34951511


>> No.34951512

Aki's original rig was so shit

>> No.34951513

Who's Mel? is she a new member?

>> No.34951514

It will be prerecorded

>> No.34951515


>> No.34951516

I think they are on to something.

I was just thinking that.

>> No.34951517


>> No.34951518

>the legions of fans they have now won't just follow them over to their new account
This but unironically, zhangbro

>> No.34951519

>bikini 3d in clip

>> No.34951520

That's /a/ and /v/

>> No.34951521

Sir, this is the anti thread.

>> No.34951522


>> No.34951523

The friendposters are coming out of the woodwork, today. Didn't know there were this many around.

>> No.34951524


>> No.34951525

my oshi isnt even in this so i have no reason to pay

>> No.34951526


>> No.34951527


>> No.34951530

yep. it's prerecorded

>> No.34951531


>> No.34951532


>> No.34951533

So far the only one whining is you. Thanks for paying for my entertainment by the way.

>> No.34951534

Wait what its only gen 1?
fuck this shit im going to sleep now

>> No.34951535

FBK in the middle since she's the leader of all of Hololive.

>> No.34951536

Don't have an oshi
Don't pay for their merchs
Don't member their channels
Don't superchat them
Free entertainment, simple as.

>> No.34951537


>> No.34951538


>> No.34951539

>a real stage and not just a screen
holy shit

>> No.34951540


>> No.34951541

>he paid for a pre recorded show

>> No.34951542


>> No.34951543

>Not wearing the promo costume
Closed the stream

>> No.34951544

Whose idea was it to put 3 blondes in a single generation anyway?

>> No.34951545

imagine paying for prerecorded

>> No.34951546


>> No.34951547

>not even using the new improved beyond the stage 3d
Yeah glad I didnt spend my lunch money on this

>> No.34951548

Already did. I also got a bunch of merch and 3 of her keychains.

>> No.34951550

>> No.34951551


>> No.34951552

Oh hey, that unit idol dance I've been talking about.

>> No.34951553

Wow it sucks I paid... how much did I pay for this?

>> No.34951554

100% correct.
Greedy retards and the rest of the world is paying for that mistake.

>> No.34951555

>proceeds to pirate the stream

>> No.34951556

it's NOT prerecorded! idolchads win again

>> No.34951557

cant like every member of gen 1 dance except for mel? why are they barely moving

>> No.34951558

>called from first and explicitly states that its a concert for gen 1
>be surprised only gen 1 is there

>> No.34951559

Why the fuck are you willingly reading chink forums? Let the fuck go already you retarded cocoshit.

>> No.34951561

5000 yen

>> No.34951562


>> No.34951563


>> No.34951565

I wish Towa was live right now

>> No.34951566

I fucking hate how they give Matsuri boobs in the idol costume.

>> No.34951568

I fucking HATE spats

>> No.34951569


>> No.34951570

>real stage

>> No.34951571

>not live
Where do I apply for a refund?

>> No.34951572

Aki's pits are pure sex.

>> No.34951573

Why is some homo streaming over the live

>> No.34951574

>consumer brain

>> No.34951575

Aki and Mel wouldn't make it into Hololive after first gen

>> No.34951576

Yep, cover will always dissapoint me.

>> No.34951577

They look so stiff

Where's the jumping, where's the spinning, where's the swaying

>> No.34951578


>> No.34951579

I've always loved my Friend!

>> No.34951580

excuse me where's Shion?

>> No.34951581

You can love your oshi without throwing wads of cash at her

>> No.34951582

After this live they will announce holo en gen2 , don't go to sleep bros.

>> No.34951584

Are you a woman by any chance? They like equating love to amount of money spent on them.

>> No.34951585

Aki needs to be my wife

>> No.34951586

Matsuri is so cute

>> No.34951587

>> No.34951589

Hm? This is new.

>> No.34951590

Those are pads.

>> No.34951591


>> No.34951592

Sion yo...

>> No.34951593

Lmao matsuri's shoulder part is fucked

>> No.34951594

My retarded daughter can't be this cute!

>> No.34951595


>> No.34951596

In the middle of depreshion.

>> No.34951598

I'm a scientific, my duty is to see how these bugs evolve.

>> No.34951600

That's more of a reason to sleep

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