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I want to fuck the dog

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i like coco

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but does she wanna fuck you

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>Zero results

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I love Fubuki!

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I love my schizo!

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i miss haachama

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the 2hus...

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Pekora is the turbo whore of hololive.

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I will give up everything I own for the opportunity to impregnate Amane Kanata.

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I love Lamy

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It's never wrong to show them who's boss every now and then

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I really, really love my clown wife !!
really wish I could've had a thread dedicated to her, though.
Listen to her new cover !!

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Miko Miko Miko!

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What if they put drugs in our drinking water that makes us lust after Japanese hags?

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*drinks more water*

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Freedom is everybody's business.

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why are you like this?

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Shion thread yo

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If nipples become darker during pregnancy, what happens with Kanatan's chocoballs?

Dark chocolate?

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Didn't ask

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OH NO! Those poor 2hu threads!


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shit I forgot to unspoiler
COVER !! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5IVzLi-Rug

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Who hurt her?

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Let's be honest, anyone under 30 should not be watching hololive.

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nobody made a thread for a couple minutes so they all got made at the same time

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They've been doing it for decades if that's the case

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suzy in the mario kart tournament

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Kusogaki yo!

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that was a fun thread

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I don't think she's in the mental state to fuck anything right now

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same Mikopi!

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Who's name does Tamaki suggest when Okayu's talking about how there's no scary senpai in hololive? It's hard to hear, but Okayu and Shiina both freak out for a second and say they'll talk about it later.

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Tell me more

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The usual autist took too long to make it

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(You) weren't loyal anon

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towa had sex until she went crazy

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The cutest.

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wait, they may not do that?

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towa cute sex

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You're just imagining things

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cute, and quite good imitation

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tamaki is always fucking things up

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She said "Noel".
I used to be a transcriptionist.

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Noel is a kouhai.

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Noel is Tamaki's senpai, though

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she said fubukis real name...

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These threads are boring now, pitch me new ideas for dramas bros.

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hoshi no kanata ALIVE

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true, but I got a new stack of pics and this one was the worst

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>no streams for over 12 hours
I'm gonna end it all

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whats the kanji after ハバ?

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An arc where everyone talks about how much they like their oshi.

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>marine whore ugly

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Polka has diabetes

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This is all that remains of it.
>Kanata messaged Suisei about it
>Suisei said it's fine this way

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Is Flare the schizo of 3rd gen?

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Samefagging gets you a 3-day ban.

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I can't tell if you're joking or not, since I don't know the name, but the only comment I saw on nip boards that named anybody said it was FBK. It was 5ch though, so probably just a shitposter.

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Tsunomachi is dead. Aborted. Killed in the womb... Never had a chance...

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if they're not in the same agency why would the girls use these honorifics?

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New narrative: Watame's house is haunted

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Aqua cosplay JAV is already available/up on nyaa

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In what way?

>> No.34946408

Haunted holo when?

>> No.34946411

Lies, not even the ghosts want her as a friend

>> No.34946414

got it, now next step, what type of presence haunts it?

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but we have Coco, haunted by bug menace

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Hello, is this the anti thread?

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I want an entire asacoco stream of her just speaking like this.

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I think the only time I've seen this is on fanart of zion

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A ghost that wants to sleep at night, but Watame is keeping it awake

>> No.34946424

look at her go!

>> No.34946425

shes a bitch but of course i made it up

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Not even the fat cat?

>> No.34946428

I want a ghost Holo

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Whoever the fuck that is...

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age and length of profession are very important factors in east asian hierarchy culture, anon. are you even japanese?

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no you are looking for hololive global on /vt/

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so she is sheep posting a ghost? This narrative is writing itself

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Where did you get this picture of my wife?

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that´s a corpse

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Koro-san doko?

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that's so sussy

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shion yo...uoooohhh

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Rabbit is up.

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Figures. Thank you for your... honesty?

I thought I heard a す at the end, but I'm honestly not sure. All of chat just says あの人 and それはだめだ! So I can't tell if chat's just avoiding the name, or if they didn't actually hear and are just going off the girls' panic.

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From 1st is in just under 11 hours, right?
I want to make sure my alarm is set properly.

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that's a cool design, who is this?

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I thought that fucking bear smiled until the end of get down

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No she isn't. Noel debuted in 2019, Tamaki debuted in 2017. Also Norio is older than Noel's roommate.

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Shut the fuck up already retard

>> No.34946503

You have a beautiful wife.

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big kusa

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Reminder that this could be fixed with competent management.
If these cunts are too shy they should just get over it, they are generations for a reason, collabing once every 2 years is not good enough, not even close.

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Explain how Noel is Tamaki's senpai when:
>they are in different agencies
>Tamaki debuted before Noel by over 2 years.

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Miko too powerful, should do more "green" screens

>> No.34946549

Decade-peko JAV is the best and you can't convince me otherwise

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I accept your concession.

>> No.34946557

Fucking EOP

>> No.34946558

I literally don't believe a word Subaru says anymore

>> No.34946559

A concession is not in play when you were wrong from the start.

>> No.34946563

is it good? jav nowadays suck

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why did this happen?

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>> No.34946576

Bolts from heaven strike down false idols.

>> No.34946578

omaruru is the official city of omaru polka

>> No.34946582

Didn't ask

>> No.34946584

it was herself in a rage lesbian episode

>> No.34946585

Since when SuiseTowa is a thing??

>> No.34946587

Sui-chan burned it.

>> No.34946588

Divine retribution

>> No.34946591

I assume you would've seen it more often considering it's the kanji for graduation. I see 卒業 all of the time in other media

>> No.34946592

You can't even get basic facts right retard. Answer my question how is Noel Tamaki's senpai when Tamaki debuted 2 years before her?

>> No.34946595

I asked

>> No.34946596

they bond over their fondness for gigolos

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>> No.34946599

>There will be people who don't get this reference

>> No.34946600

Don't care

>> No.34946602

She hurt herself. Those Apex streams put so much pressure on her she ended getting her worst burnout in years

>> No.34946606

didnt need to

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>> No.34946615

How can I get a towife??

>> No.34946619

both males
both horny
both homos

>> No.34946621

How new?

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>> No.34946627

Noel is not Tamaki's senpai you fucking retard

>> No.34946633

>Suisei never stopped mentioning Kanata the entire time
>finally realizes something is wrong
>gets the idea to burn down her own face so they could make a new one together
>panics and says not to worry about it when Kanata finally notices and contacts her
Why are do her plans always go askew?

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>> No.34946638

Nobody cares

>> No.34946649

Abe's final act in power...

>> No.34946655

You are the one who said she is >>34946347 Do you have dementia as well as mental retardation?

>> No.34946657

you are getting raped kid

>> No.34946659

Tamaki asked

>> No.34946664

Don't threaten me with a good time

>> No.34946665

That was you retarded samefag, watch the streams

>> No.34946666

Be a hag.

>> No.34946669

Play those Indog horror games or something.

>> No.34946673

Steal bibi and then coerce her into it

>> No.34946674

>tie me to a missile and fire it at Tel Aviv, I am ready!
Mashallah brother Miko.

>> No.34946681

Yeah you have dementia as well. You really shouldn't be on 4chan in your 70s gramps.

>> No.34946682

>> No.34946685

Kanata immediately said she'll be making a new, bigger one. If that's not the perfect opportunity for them to come together again... Well, we'll just have to wait until Miko invites them both for the next GTAO collab without each knowing the other is there until the last minute.

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>> No.34946692

>I was only pretending to be retarded
Nice backtrack kid, learn how Japanese seniority works before talking out of your ass

>> No.34946694

Not my oshi, but Mio is pretty cute

>> No.34946698

Please tell me how to find a wolf hag to breed with

>> No.34946700

got too close to god

>> No.34946701

Kill me...

>> No.34946703

>theres faggots who actually think all Holos absolutely mean everything they say to each other and to fans

Sometimes I wish I was still naive like that.

>> No.34946704

The infidels will all burn, the kafirs will learn their place. Allahu Akbar, kabibi Miko

>> No.34946707

go back phoneposting scum

>> No.34946710

>asuka is a fucking vtuber
2021 is wild

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>> No.34946715

How long are you allowed on the computer in the nursing home gramps?

>> No.34946717

>new IP

>> No.34946720

I thought Watame was the radical Islam holo

>> No.34946721

A bad omen

>> No.34946722

I wish i had the skills to make Mikochi with hands a freedom fighter meme. Her hand movements are a goldmine.

>> No.34946724

Don't try to switch the conversation, answer me loud and clear: who between Noel and Tamaki who is the senpai?

>> No.34946729

Now THIS is a real hag.

>> No.34946730

I NEED clingy Mio

>> No.34946731

well ive been thinking a lot about towa lately

>> No.34946733

Tamaki because they debuted 2 years before Noel.

>> No.34946737

it's real, I thought that picture was shopped

>> No.34946738

there goes any hope of chicken asuka outfit

>> No.34946741

i figure towa is a street walker

>> No.34946746

Good job, you finally got it right. Now remember it everyday and thank me for teaching you this before you embarrass yourself in the real world, son.

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>> No.34946759

Don't look up who designed and modeled Blaster.

>> No.34946760

you guys are my only friends and i get more (you)s than superchat readings

thanks for being there

>> No.34946766

Cute choco elf

>> No.34946767

faq migo

>> No.34946769

Your oshi asked

>> No.34946770

No problem dude.

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>> No.34946782

I'm going to ask, and then I'm going to care.

>> No.34946783

When will a holomem cover this song? If shion can get it out quickly, it can easily reach 5m views

>> No.34946785

Damn pecour looks like she was very recently raped.

>> No.34946790


>> No.34946791

Devoured by hags!

>> No.34946792

I always wondered how the singer feels about her song becoming such a worldwide meme

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>> No.34946809

In order for Hololive to survive their decline they need to switch their content to be family friendly and targeted at children:
>No more violent games, even Minecraft should be in peaceful mode
>No more adult topics, drinking streams or other streams that could be viewed as suggestive
>Zatsudans should be focused on discussing kid's friendly anime, school advice, etc.
>Utuwaku should be based around music from Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards and such
>Holo no Grafiti is too adult, they should do Nursery Rhymes animations instead
>Since kids don't know how to superchat, Holos should explain every stream how to use their moms credit card to donate some money to Hololive
>Merch should be focused on toys and action figures
>Since children mostly type nonsense in the chat, Holos wouldn't even have to interact with chat, thus making any spammers/zhangs irrelevant
>With family friendly content antis will get bored and idolfags will be satisfied with actual seiso content
>Miko will become the most popular as her motherhood allows her to connect with children better
>Pekora will finally become a true hero of the children
With these steps, Hololive will be able to acquire the massive YouTube kids audience and see their growth and views skyrocket. They will earn less from superchats and more from Google Ads. It is truly the only way forward

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>> No.34946812


>> No.34946814

Which pair of ears does kemonomimi holos hear from

>> No.34946816


>> No.34946817


>> No.34946820

Fucking sex enemy.

>> No.34946831


>> No.34946833

I have to confess i sort of like the nijisanji mermaid, more than most our ens

>> No.34946842

your nun nun rep...
(๑ 'ᆺ ')

>> No.34946843

>> No.34946844


>> No.34946848

Why is one of the arms so much bigger than the other?

>> No.34946854


>> No.34946860

Can't believe fubuki did this...

>> No.34946861


>> No.34946869

I watched all of this damn you anon

>> No.34946870


>> No.34946871


>> No.34946874

>seiyuu leeching off of a character
this pisses me off so much holy shit

>> No.34946875

which holo with this feel

>> No.34946880

Noel should shove her tongue down Flare's throat

>> No.34946882

have some respect for your elders

>> No.34946883

Human ears are primary since they live in a human world, animal ears only provide low and high frequency recognition that is only used for detecting danger as a separate sense to hearing

>> No.34946888

Calm down, Flare

>> No.34946891

lmao retard

>> No.34946895

The one with the sharpest fangs wins.

>> No.34946905

Hag meme, very cute

>> No.34946908

i never thought i'd say this but... those are some sexy teeth

>> No.34946909

towa i guess

>> No.34946917

I would still dare putting my dick in that mouth. It's a gamble I'm willing to take.

>> No.34946918

Yeah, yeah, I know, >psychopath Suisei. But it really feels like it was yesterday...

>> No.34946919

That's what Killing Bites is.

>> No.34946925

just imagine those fangs plunging deep into your loins before tearing a healthy hunk of your flesh away

>> No.34946929

she said 怖そうじゃん after she said the name, but I can't hear the name

>> No.34946930

The end of dead hours.

>> No.34946937

Anon is a whore

>> No.34946940


>> No.34946941


>> No.34946944

I said this long ago. Seyuu becoming vtubers with avatar of their most popular characters, roleplaying as them and all, could be a good business strategy.
But I guess it works better with recent anime, as most kids nowadays doesnt even know old classic characters anymore.

>> No.34946945

>> No.34946947

towa is on record saying "grab her by the pussy"

>> No.34946949

Wrong thread shart

>> No.34946950

you promise he won't breed me?

>> No.34946955


>> No.34946956

no one gives a shit faggot

>> No.34946962

They have been doing it for years anon, it's not new for Seiyuu to promote their anime by doing in character promotional material and media appearances
Hell, Super sonico is the proto vtuber

>> No.34946965

I want to punch that mouth till the teeth comes flying out.

>> No.34946966

Love your hags!

>> No.34946969


>> No.34946971

Guaranteed replies

>> No.34946972

I wish I could draw this well.

>> No.34946975

Disliked :^)

>> No.34946977

Madoka is supposedly jumping in on the trend too.

>> No.34946979

how are the homos received on vt? are they being viciously mocked and driven off that board yet?

>> No.34946980

One of the members will have to share any information that comes out after the watchalong later. She's very, very private

>> No.34946981

i want to superchat coco...

>> No.34946982


>> No.34946985

She knows what will happen to her if she crosses that door right?

>> No.34946987

>Collab without each knowing the other
Fucking bullshit.They definitely know.Did you forget about that Luna's leaked discord before SuiLamyLunaMiko collab?Turns out that they have their own group and use it for discussing about the collab with members who get invited in the collab

>> No.34946988

Which Holo has the most peaceful sleep?
And no it isnt Coco cuz even with a expensive bed I know she sleeps with one eye open due to the chink threat.

>> No.34946991

I want to hug Coco...

>> No.34946993

she's so soft...

>> No.34946994

Cool hags

>> No.34946995

Even white onion has better hand tracking than Cover

>> No.34946998

what's vt? did v and tv combine together into a new board?

>> No.34946999

Choco-sensei sleeps for 16 hours sometimes it has to be her

>> No.34947009

any girls here?

>> No.34947017


>> No.34947019

No, but I can call my mom if you want.

>> No.34947021

risu is probably lurking right now

>> No.34947022


>> No.34947025

Stop shilling your fucking video here

>> No.34947027

Exactly, that's the kind of miracle that would need to happen for them to play together again.

>> No.34947034

if youre a girl reading this please, please spare a crumb of pussy

>> No.34947040

How about a fragment of a functioning brain?

>> No.34947042

I love Ayame!

>> No.34947045

Pathetic. What would your oshi think?

>> No.34947049

she's using the gloves, cover can't afford to buy a pair of gloves for all holos, so they use image processing.

>> No.34947054

You have to smell the robutt

>> No.34947055

cover is notorious for putting bare minimum for their talents and spending all their money on their BIG gacha game that will flop so hard it'll end hololive

>> No.34947056

yes and I am going to be your girlfriend

>> No.34947060

if you want an actual answer, half the board is dominated by holo threads, so the homos have their own thread but are relatively welcome in global. astel especially
t. /vt/ tourist. i'm curious what this place looks like after more than half a year

>> No.34947063


>> No.34947066

I can't, I had an accident when I was younger and lost most of my sense of smell.

>> No.34947068

My oshi would also beg for the tiniest whiff of that coochie alongside me

>> No.34947071


>> No.34947075

What is something that makes you happy, /hlg/?

>> No.34947076

Well, Pekorandombrain is oficially the most underrated Hololive song due to this ugly thumbnail

>> No.34947078

Smells like a fresh laptop

>> No.34947081

My oshi

>> No.34947082

Smells like engine oil and failure. Just like my father.

>> No.34947090


>> No.34947093

I make myself happy

>> No.34947094

Is it underrated? It seems to be doing better than Smile & Go

>> No.34947097

my memories

>> No.34947098

towa has a certain smell after working a night on the docks

>> No.34947099

Ina hit 1 million earlier and the chicken is now rightfully last place and is the only one under 1 million subs

>> No.34947102

Mr Koro, big booba picture onegai

>> No.34947103

Sankisei is so fucking good

>> No.34947111


>> No.34947116


>> No.34947118

Good thing about robots is that the worst smell
from the ass would be oil.

>> No.34947119

I'll fucking break your neck seanig come here i swear it will snap so good

>> No.34947123

Well since you already posted one, a second picture wouldn't hurt? hehe

>> No.34947127

towa looks for sailors who are looking for relief... towa works on the docks...

>> No.34947129

wasn't that shit on her channel with MV and stuff? am i going senile here?

>> No.34947131

Just learned my 63rd word in Japanese. I think it's time to start live translating and making translated clips.

>> No.34947134

Oh, shit... The youtube algorithm has chosen me... I have now learned about DATA EXPUNGED. Anyone else had the same luck?

>> No.34947139


>> No.34947140

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KTwDH_KQ_g The short version is on her channel and has a MV.

>> No.34947141

>> No.34947143

seiyuus becoming vtubers is nothing new

>> No.34947144

To crush my enemies. To see them driven before me and hear the lamentation of their women.

>> No.34947148

eating fast food and drinking energy drinks while playing jrpgs and listening to korone/marine/miko/peko/luna/shion.

>> No.34947155

Yonkisei? More like Yankeysei, the whole gen revolves around Coco.

>> No.34947156

Wrong hag! I am gonna go boot up minecraft and cry

>> No.34947159

I love my two wives https://files.catbox.moe/lwkvfy.mp4

>> No.34947160


>> No.34947164


>> No.34947167


>> No.34947169

Is it true that Tokiyamo Towa is a 73 year old man?

>> No.34947170

Stop, I don't like seeing my oshi being cummed on.

>> No.34947176

My bad. I just couldn't hold it in.

>> No.34947181

still irrelevant...

>> No.34947183

You have 5 seconds to explain what you're doing here during dead hours.

>> No.34947184

Subaru is now officially made for breeding

>> No.34947187


>> No.34947188

I would give Subaru triple that load

>> No.34947190

>> No.34947194


>> No.34947198

I'm reading this thread

>> No.34947200

you have 50 seconds to bring towa to the table

>> No.34947204

Marine still not able to top this

>> No.34947205


>> No.34947207

nice one, please share more videos like this

>> No.34947208

I'm pulling on my wee wee like a pack of fucking fruits.

>> No.34947215

Sora is not for lewding

>> No.34947216

Why are the comments always full of faggots

>> No.34947218

Watame soon

>> No.34947220

>even Ina is at 1M now

What is YOUR oshi excuse?

>> No.34947227

Then why is she so sexy?

>> No.34947229

This man cannot be mr koro, because I am.
How big we talking?

>> No.34947230

>looking at comments
rumao rumao

>> No.34947234

>He could have easily linked the original by Ado
>He links some irrelevant Nijiwhore instead
Fuck off Nijinigger

>> No.34947237

this place still has schizos, retards, and vpol9k vermins shitting it up way before EN was a thing and i see you guys have all that plus more retards as well

>> No.34947240

towa rolls her own

>> No.34947244

she's not in hololive

>> No.34947254

Post clips

>> No.34947262

towa counts as both a battle and passive raid elixir

>> No.34947267


>> No.34947268

I wonder how weird Ina feels about this considering she watched Hololive debut.

>> No.34947272

post 3D cute NOW

>> No.34947277


>> No.34947279

Which holo have the nastiest farts?

>> No.34947281

hopefully never, it's shit

>> No.34947283


>> No.34947287

regarding schizos and stuff, we have doxx monkeys. so far there's been 2 instances - 1 we refer to as orcschizo because she(yes, turned out it was a woman) was screeching at the board to share doxx and calling anons orcmen. she was mentally broken by some anons about a month ago and she apologized. the second is eggboy, a fucking kraut, that runs a discord doxx channel and recently was doxxed himself. turns out the dude is actually transitioning and his head looks like a fucking egg. both these "people" were attacking kiara. sorry for the blog, but seeing how it's dead hours i'm not interrupting anything

>> No.34947290

So, why did the open with Gen 1, objectively the lest popular Gen?

>> No.34947293

Not Coco

>> No.34947300

It's the one that needs it the most

>> No.34947301

cause Fubuki is there

>> No.34947302

Go back retard, literally no one cares

>> No.34947303

>inactive roommate purging tweets and follows

>> No.34947304

they ran experiments on towa
Towas Dark Black History

>> No.34947307


>> No.34947308

i'm multi-thread drifting though, so i am already back there

>> No.34947311

are you gay bro? are you fucking gay? huh? you gay?

>> No.34947314

You know what that means

>> No.34947316

why, you interested?

>> No.34947317

Why would they? They’re not underage bored tribalfags like you

>> No.34947321

Trying too hard

>> No.34947322


>> No.34947323

I never really checked but what do zhangs even tell coco when theyre spamming her?

>> No.34947324

Those notes were never seen again

>> No.34947327

no more attention until you post pictures of your spread asshole

>> No.34947329


>> No.34947334

Matsuri thumbnail today

>> No.34947337

Why is it that almost no vtuber manages to keep my attention for more than 1 year and that I go throuth new vtubers so quickly?
I loved Miko and then Watame so much, but the only vtubers I still managed to keep liking and watching are Sora and AZKi.
There was even a time when I was watching Haato until she came back from Australia...

Am I the only one with this problem?
Is this the new thing sickness?
Are vtubers only entertainment products that are fun when they are brand new?
Or are most of the vtubers from Hololive too psychologically damaged to watch for a longer period of time?

>> No.34947340

probably love poems

>> No.34947342

>Harasses chubas and tries to cancel collabs

>> No.34947355

>new ip
>retarded post

>> No.34947356

>these green turds arent as bad as these brown turds

>> No.34947358


>> No.34947361

Doesn't sound like Fubuki

>> No.34947367

I want to marry Coco and have her sing me to sleep every night!

>> No.34947369

homos love scat play

>> No.34947374


>> No.34947381

Shigure Ui is a virgin and she's waiting for me.

>> No.34947383

stuff like "shame on you" and "your mother should die" but in chinese

>> No.34947384

It pains me to watch Watame still be so emotional over her past after 1 year and seeing that nothing changed when it would be so easy to change her future and maker her happier.
How can people continue to watch her as if everything is alright and ignore her suffering while pretending to like her?

>> No.34947387

Shion singing karaoke is more SOUL than most of her covers.
>that fuwa fuwa
i die now

>> No.34947388


>> No.34947393

dildo sashimi

>> No.34947394

>I thought I heard a す at the end
>scary senpai

>> No.34947395


>> No.34947399


>> No.34947400

Anybody have the pic with coco's head and coco kaine's body? Been looking for it for ages.

>> No.34947406


>> No.34947409

>went to the archive of usaken maicra collab for Towa's perspective
>she said at the start of SC reading that Moona's nihongo improved a lot even if it didn't show well on stream
>also said she liked the atmosphere they had with Botan

>> No.34947412

it's your corrupted mind that creates those thought
she is pure

>> No.34947413


>> No.34947419

Do we have a literal bot posting random shit itt? Why would someone make a bot for here of all places

>> No.34947420


>> No.34947428


>> No.34947429

she should open a fanbox

>> No.34947430

Everyone likes to collab with Botan.

>> No.34947431

I accept your ok.

>> No.34947434

Niji won...

>> No.34947435

are we being raided

>> No.34947437

i wanna hook towa up to all sorts of machines that will give her electric shocks and burn her bad

>> No.34947438


>> No.34947442

she did, it's _______________

>> No.34947444

Hololive has triggered my inner saviourfag. I can't stop thinking about the hags and the menhera.
How do I get rid of this feeling?

>> No.34947445

Are these posts a bot or is someone manually typing all these?

>> No.34947446


>> No.34947450

Pure sex

>> No.34947454

Yeah, Moona tends to have performance anxiety.
Moona and Towa have clearly been having some banter in the background.
And everyone loves collabing with Botan, she's just so freaking good at it.

>> No.34947455


>> No.34947461

collab queen la lion

>> No.34947463

>> No.34947465

*starts shitting up your thread for no reason*

>> No.34947469

Name a generation original song better than Blue Clapper? What's that? Your favorite gen doesn't have an orisong?? MUST BE TOUGH

>> No.34947471

Towas Black History VOL 1
Survival Pirely By Leaking

>> No.34947475


>> No.34947477

Why would you want to get rid of it? This is the best place to channel it.

>> No.34947480

You stop by not copypasting shit from /vt/

>> No.34947483

>there are people in this thread right now whose only exposure to japanese media has been hololive
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! It's making my head hurt just thinking about this

>> No.34947484


>> No.34947485


>> No.34947488

Give Korone more money for her mom's surgeries so she won't completely lose it

>> No.34947489

Ramy was really smart when she snatched Botan from the start.

>> No.34947491

That's not true they've played dubbed japanese games too

>> No.34947493


>> No.34947495

Someone please gorilla stream anyone

>> No.34947496

Cute pit

>> No.34947500

>Lowest earning Gen
>Lowest average viewership Gen
>No one in the 1M subs club

>> No.34947501

Not like she'd get anything done with Polka.

>> No.34947508

Wake me up when

>> No.34947513

they’re about to get reverse raped

>> No.34947514

when what?

>> No.34947516

My wife when.

>> No.34947518

Go rewatch Subaru playing FFVI. Now.

>> No.34947520

>> No.34947523

The first stream I watched was Coco and Haachama playing Portal 2.

>> No.34947527


>> No.34947530

Too new

>> No.34947532

there were people in this thread who didn't know about takoyaki or maid cafes. Like even if they are tourists from /v/, I'm astounded that they aren't even the weeb types. Guess it goes to show incredible hololive is at attracting an audience

>> No.34947534

WHY DID I YOUTUBE "hololive fart"

>> No.34947535

The first streams clips I watched were Aqua minecraft

>> No.34947538

Which holo has the softest hands?

>> No.34947547

>> No.34947548


>> No.34947551

More like anything with a bit of english pandering brings in the tourists

>> No.34947552

The first stream I watched was Flare playing undertale

>> No.34947554

okay but I can't promise she'll be gentle

>> No.34947556

i can get behind this

>> No.34947561

anon that's disgusting, i feel like i'm gonna vomit

>> No.34947563

The first stream I watched was Watame's 900k stream.

>> No.34947565

nothing makes me happy anymore

>> No.34947572

The first stream i watched was Korone's graduation

>> No.34947576

She plays that mongolian string instrument, her fingertips must be hard.

>> No.34947578

A short list of things Cover has ruined:
-And now, Subaru

>> No.34947579


>> No.34947582

nishizawa 5mm

>> No.34947585


>> No.34947587

I hate myself for popping a boner to this shit

>> No.34947588

Lamy takes her skin treatment pretty seriously

>> No.34947592

Come here anon!

>> No.34947595


>> No.34947598

She plays it every once in a while she doesnt practice for hours every day

>> No.34947599


>> No.34947603

*turn on towas stream*
*sounds of towa crushing up pills*
*snorting sounds*
*turn off towas stream*

towa is doing well

>> No.34947604

Wat the flying fuck?!??!/!
No streams for hours jesus

>> No.34947605

>Lowest earning Gen
gen 1
>Lowest average viewership Gen
gen 4
>No one in the 1M subs club
yeah, because they're new, faggot.
also, kys.

>> No.34947617

While she unarguably got a lot out of it, I don't think she knew what she subscribed for at the beginning, she probably thought she'd just be the trophy wife being cute and doing her own thing, not proving her worth in a bloody gauntlet as she's taught rules of nature.

>> No.34947618

Holy shit Porka actually showing her fat legs on the latest Porkaden

>> No.34947630

Nobody gives a fuck about gokishit

>> No.34947635

name this trio

>> No.34947643

lemme fuck those hips

>> No.34947646

Towa will do a guerrilla stream.

>> No.34947647


>> No.34947652

Where are the streams? Where are the fucking morning streams? Polka? Nene? Lamy? Noel? Umm hello? Where the fuck are you, Mio? Matsuri? Kanatan? I know you're fucking awake, Sora. Aren't you going to stream about your breakfast, Roboco? Choco? Towa? Fucking stream

>> No.34947659

sora, suisei and a dead vtuber.

>> No.34947660

Concert today anon, it's going to be a slow day

>> No.34947667


>> No.34947673

Poke Towa in her dumb eyes

>> No.34947674

I want the middle girl to deepthroat my dick.

>> No.34947677

stop asian hate

>> No.34947680

I don't like the idol aspect of Hololive

>> No.34947681

literally forgot she even existed

>> No.34947683

Where are the streams? Where are the fucking morning streams? Towa? Towa? Towa? Towa? Umm hello? Where the fuck are you, Towa? Towa? Towa? I know you're fucking awake, Towa. Aren't you going to stream about your breakfast, Towa? Towa? Towa? Fucking stream.

>> No.34947684

>they're new
>EN is the second highest earning gen
>EN has the second highest average viewership
>EN has the highest average subs
Nice excuse lmao

>> No.34947687

Stop being a massfag seanigger then.

>> No.34947688

towa no...

>> No.34947689

nijisanji welcomes you

>> No.34947690

Take your meds retard and maybe if actually watch streams and you'd know why they're are barely any streams the concert is literally today

>> No.34947692

When I look at Subaru's new outfit I get the urge to wear a sweater and cute dress too

>> No.34947693

A Coco!

>> No.34947694

Only Towa can save this thread

>> No.34947697


>> No.34947698

One of the NijiEN is streaming

>> No.34947702

The song is trash too

>> No.34947704


>> No.34947707

Your oshi is cringe

>> No.34947709

>not Pomu


>> No.34947711


>> No.34947712


>> No.34947714

I'm going to pull those off without mercy

>> No.34947715

what does coco do other than have big breasts?

>> No.34947716

I was going to say go watch Niji, but even they are doing idol gigs now. So you're fucking watch Vshojo I guess

>> No.34947717


>> No.34947721

angela anaconda rip off

>> No.34947722

it would be extremely painful

>> No.34947724

Learn English, monkey.

>> No.34947725

pls come back... my king...

>> No.34947726

the sex we lost...

>> No.34947728

>> No.34947729

Did you enjoy the stream?

>> No.34947731


>> No.34947732

dont care

>> No.34947733

What does Kanata smell like?

>> No.34947734

What exactly you're trying to achieve here?

>> No.34947735

Roa... Please come back...

>> No.34947736

This is an idol agency.

>> No.34947737


>> No.34947738

She's a big girl

>> No.34947740


>> No.34947742

Coco, probably.

>> No.34947745

The Holo who caused the holocaust is the only one whose videos weren't privated...ironic...

>> No.34947746


>> No.34947747

idolmaster gorilla...

>> No.34947749

only 2 nijis survived the massacre

>> No.34947751

The concert is only Gen1.

>> No.34947754

preggo holo avatars where

>> No.34947755

A lesbian idol agency

>> No.34947757


>> No.34947763

Yagoos dream lol

>> No.34947764

go watch nijis talking about condoms, love hotels and other whore stuff then

>> No.34947765

grass and sweat

>> No.34947768

I guess the whole purpose of the "idol" label is to make the girls seem like they're higher beings but it's really clashing with the parasocial aspect

>> No.34947772

>ctrl f nene
>already 500 posts in and only 2 matches
Sad seal...

>> No.34947773

ENTER 2020

>> No.34947774


>> No.34947775

I don't know anon, what does Flare do besides being a dark elf? what does Watame do besides being a smelly sheep?
Learn japanese, watch streams and find out!

>> No.34947780

sora's responses are so awkward. subaru carrying this shit hard

>> No.34947784

i’m not going to pretend a loose woman is an idol
you all know which holos i’m talking about

>> No.34947787

Are we merging timelines again?
What is this anon talking about?

>> No.34947789

You all wouldn't learn Japanese if it saved your life.

>> No.34947790

embarrass herself

>> No.34947791

EOP era

>> No.34947792

that's the point?

>> No.34947793

>good trap
>lost forever

Fuck, of all the Homos to leave why it had to be that one

>> No.34947795

This collab i assume

>> No.34947797

Holos would easily beat Nijis even if you only counted superchats in yen.

>> No.34947800

Did you even watch him?

>> No.34947803

Cum when I am done with her.

>> No.34947804

For me, it's NENECHI!!!!

>> No.34947807

Sora Love!

>> No.34947808

If you're going to samefag at least don't be a lowercasenig in both posts you retarded seanig

>> No.34947810


>> No.34947814


>> No.34947815

Most of those are EOPs paying through a VPN

>> No.34947819


>> No.34947820

did you buy tickets though?

>> No.34947821 [SPOILER] 

>> No.34947826

if niji is so popular why dont they have their own thread

>> No.34947827

cinderella switch tomorrowwww

>> No.34947829

Now that Subaru died, who's next?

>> No.34947830

How do we save Nijisanji?

>> No.34947832

Rushia keep being exceptionally charming and cute!
Playing with Rushia!

>> No.34947835

>dark elf
... tan. tan elf. elf. elf with a tan.

>> No.34947840

>> No.34947842

Shouldn't you be getting ready for coconut picking? why are you wasting your valuable time here?

>> No.34947844

Ramirez prime...

>> No.34947850


>> No.34947851

>> No.34947852

import asylum seekers

>> No.34947853

I accept your concession.

>> No.34947855

just 5 more days anon..june is right around the corner...

>> No.34947856

the cope era

>> No.34947859

Smells like Pepsi rice and buko juice in here.

>> No.34947866

I'm more of a pagpag guy myself

>> No.34947867


>> No.34947868

SUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE monkey people very very fun

>> No.34947869

Whats the average height of a japanese woman

>> No.34947871

Sleep reps!!!

>> No.34947876

>> No.34947879

The don't really like streaming trio

>> No.34947881

I don't care what you idiots think Subaru and Ui having matching outfits is cute af

>> No.34947885

Lots of people are saying that Momosuzu Nene is the next big thing!

>> No.34947886

>> No.34947888

It's literally 1 schizo, everyone loves Ui

>> No.34947889

Going by the JAVs I've seen, like 154cm.

>> No.34947891

It's just an excuse for Ui's uninspired hackness.

>> No.34947892

about this high

>> No.34947893

So what ever happened to Hoshimiya Gumi? Will she join Gen 6?

>> No.34947896

I want Okayu to suffer

>> No.34947897


>> No.34947898

Sora unironically streamed more than Aqua this year.

>> No.34947901

Why do black people love Hololive so much?

>> No.34947902

towa couldnt help but to fall madly in love with me
everywhere i go towas fall madly in love with me

>> No.34947904

short akwa...

>> No.34947905

This month only maybe.

>> No.34947907

I want to cum in Flare while Patra watches

>> No.34947908

Not a very high bar to pass

>> No.34947910

Reminder that kino streams kept happening when aqua is gone. That bitch should stay gone.

>> No.34947912

Havent missed a day in a long time now korone

>> No.34947914

don't forget the balut

>> No.34947916

Please stream.

>> No.34947917

Tits too big

>> No.34947918

When will YAGOO put Porka down?

>> No.34947919

this but i cum inside miko while she watches instead

>> No.34947925

Fuck kanji.
Fuck nips
Fuck hags.

>> No.34947926

whats it like to live with 0 testosterone?

>> No.34947928

Fertile women attract black men.

>> No.34947931

>> No.34947938


>> No.34947944

>> No.34947946

>Fuck hags
GOD I wish

>> No.34947948

Shisiro Botan 5 years old...

>> No.34947952

interesting file name

>> No.34947953

Remember when Lamy streams every weekday morning?

>> No.34947955

>> No.34947958

i fapped to a rushia rage clip

>> No.34947962

why do anons keep calling them hags? they are all much younger than me

>> No.34947963

She still does, just not today because her Cinderella Switch with Botan is tomorrow.

>> No.34947966

This thread smells like Pekora's feet after dance practice.

>> No.34947967

Grandpa please.

>> No.34947970

botan is much younger than you? tell me the secret to a longer life ojiisan

>> No.34947971

While you're at Shion's house could you please ask her to stream, ojisan?

>> No.34947972

Funny how Kuzuha was the only Niji male beating their girls but now Niji is completely dominated by dudes.
I guess Hololive becoming popular indirectly affected the Niji girls. Because people would rather superchat the Holos instead.

>> No.34947974


>> No.34947977

These threads were never good though.

>> No.34947978

Nine months later and she still does.

>> No.34947982

Shouldn't you be focused on raising a family, ojiisan?

>> No.34947984

wake up early and go for a morning jog

>> No.34947987

>> No.34947990

Sora mostly created awkward moments because she doesn't know what the hell has been going on the rest of the server. And she's not reactive enough to match Subaru's dramatic lead. Still she's gotta start somewhere and lately she's been getting into the loop more.

>> No.34947992

I would never betray my oshi, anon-kun

>> No.34947994

It also shows in how they had to crank up on the raunchiness in streams. The Vshojo gambit.

>> No.34947997

Polka is busy writing menhera posts for fucking up yesterday

>> No.34948001

Following Fubuki's tweets was the biggest mistake I've ever made. She never shuts the fuck up. I thought Watame's retweet spam was bad.

>> No.34948006

>ayame is powerful enough to take on both fubuki and miosha
is ayame strong or are they weak?

>> No.34948008

Then uhh..unfollow? Retarded attention seeking baby

>> No.34948009

there will never be a better collab than hololibe babies

>> No.34948013

She hires someone else to make them

>> No.34948015

twitter is a complete waste of time in general

>> No.34948020

Literally every website not teaching you something is like that retard, do you think this place isn't a complete waste of time?

>> No.34948021

It's me, Suisei.

>> No.34948022

The severe lack of self awareness from this post is making my brain hurt

>> No.34948023


>> No.34948026

It's crazy how much momentum haneru had back then

>> No.34948027

>Dead hours

>> No.34948028


>> No.34948029


>> No.34948030

check twitter

>> No.34948032


>> No.34948034

i swear more then half this thread is kfpcucks in denial

>> No.34948035

Is BoTowa technically futa on male?

>> No.34948036

Time to dig up who makes water filters and purifiers around the world and how much they correlate

>> No.34948038


>> No.34948039

Why come is it that oshis is the way that they are?

>> No.34948040

I don't know.

>> No.34948041


>> No.34948042

towa needs to tell me everything she has to tell me it has to be done

>> No.34948044

she's powered by semen

>> No.34948046

It's hotter, it's futa on futa.

>> No.34948047

I want a holo to set me free.

>> No.34948048

So what do you expect the manager to do? Force a collab between shy/inkya individuals? Do you enjoy seeing 66mins collabs?

>> No.34948050

You really have no reason to be this retarded considering there are English subtitles.

>> No.34948051

She already is you silly!

>> No.34948054

Just shut the fuck up already

>> No.34948055

i need to know whats on towas stove towa has to tell me whats in her cabinets what is towa hiding in her drawers

>> No.34948056

Seductively licking Towa's tummy until she's red in the face and embarrassed in the middle of the conbini she's trying to buy smokes at

>> No.34948057

Sora mecha soon... Assuming she can still find the fan made blueprints on Twitter last year

>> No.34948060


>> No.34948061


>> No.34948063

The best.

>> No.34948066

>no pubes

>> No.34948069

>whore mentioned
Not anymore

>> No.34948070


>> No.34948071

First time I see this picture and not only its bottom 10% cropped.

>> No.34948072

No gundamn!

>> No.34948073

don't drink the water it's poison. towa put poison in your water

>> No.34948076

anon what the FUCK are you talking about? Flare is not black...

>> No.34948079

what did towa put in the water towa has to tell us what towa put in the water

>> No.34948080

>jean shorts
>no pantsu
towa's delicious chafed clitoris...

>> No.34948083

but i dont live in the philippines...

>> No.34948086

Deedlit is so cute...

>> No.34948087

She washed her banana there...

>> No.34948089

>> No.34948091

No one cares.

>> No.34948092

towas calloused clitty

>> No.34948095

next 999 stream when

>> No.34948097


>> No.34948099


>> No.34948100

damn really? Might have to follow her. The only one I follow is Korone and she just tweets when she's streaming or maybe a daily update. Get it together, grandma.

>> No.34948101

shigure ui is a lgbt icon

>> No.34948105


>> No.34948106

im indifferent to holo ID

>> No.34948108

Reine's stream has started, bros!

>> No.34948109


>> No.34948111

wrong board lgbtshart

>> No.34948113

His first tactic didn't work, so now he's switched to spamming seamonkeys.

>> No.34948115

Best mom.

>> No.34948116


>> No.34948118


>> No.34948120

we love gay people here

>> No.34948128

>> No.34948129 [SPOILER] 

anon is a whore

>> No.34948130

Thank you wrestler-san.

>> No.34948131

Where are the Japanese ladies?

>> No.34948133


>> No.34948136

I love my girlfriend...

>> No.34948138

>Matsuri is a thread OP
Wow she's a faggot

>> No.34948142

Could also put in a random bird squawking to mimic her god awful laugh

>> No.34948144

Wow I didn't expect the entire ID branch to show up!

>> No.34948145

Can we trade Mel for her Mama?

>> No.34948149

only if I get to cum in both

>> No.34948150

No she's an EN trade since she speaks like 10% nihongo in her streams

>> No.34948154

No. Catholics aren't allowed in Hololive.

>> No.34948159

explain pekora

>> No.34948160

her mama is becoming mel

>> No.34948161

Nene is the real main character of Hololive!

>> No.34948162


>> No.34948163

Who do we trade then? The chicken?

>> No.34948164

>> No.34948168

>inb4 ayamy still ends up being a better ASMR slut than her daughter
I just feel bad for meru at this point...

>> No.34948170

>Joining her discord

>> No.34948174

Ayamy ASMR is very dangerous.

>> No.34948175


>> No.34948177


>> No.34948179

My wife NENE is so powerful!

>> No.34948182


>> No.34948184

>> No.34948185

This is why those threads are shit, it's just a discord server

>> No.34948188


>> No.34948189

i want to punch this kusogaki in the back of the head making her pass out and then nervously violate her body

>> No.34948191

i once joined a vtubers discord and talked with her
then i dropped her because she talked to me, a male, which made her a whore

>> No.34948192

im in a good mood

>> No.34948195

>He never played on Botan's BF4 server

>> No.34948198

Now that they killed Subaru I have no longer a reason to keep defending Gen2, worst gen of all time.

>> No.34948200


>> No.34948201


>> No.34948204

now im in a bad mood
these sluts definitely shouldnt be talking to men

>> No.34948205

I have grown to like the laugh

>> No.34948208

Good boy

>> No.34948210


>> No.34948213

bf4 with us:japan ping is WACK
you can basically fucking destroy everyone because its hitscan

>> No.34948215


>> No.34948219

You'd get sniped within a minute. There are some legit good players there.

>> No.34948223

>replying to old posts
who does this besides discordians?

>> No.34948227

>good at anything that isnt fighting games
roru roru rumnao

>> No.34948228

This brat is far too cute...

>> No.34948229


>> No.34948233


>> No.34948235

which holos actually care about "hololive"

>> No.34948236

>> No.34948239

Is it Temanko?

>> No.34948240

People who jump in mid thread because they're banned from /vt/ for talking about Hoshikawa's sex life

>> No.34948241

>> No.34948243


>> No.34948245

>ywn get a footjob from korone

>> No.34948246

why does RBC suck at every game she plays...

>> No.34948248


>> No.34948250

She's trying her best...

>> No.34948251

thats some sturdy ass bread.

>> No.34948253

>> No.34948254

>dies a second time

>> No.34948256


>> No.34948259

Just woke up. Is hoshi no kanata alive now?

>> No.34948261

blue eyed Sora is a FAKE!

>> No.34948262

I just want a Nene and Konbu collab...

>> No.34948272

thread theme

>> No.34948274

Blue eyes sora is the real sora.

>> No.34948275

yeah she's in my room right now

>> No.34948276

How else am I supposed to know what she's having for lunch?

>> No.34948277

towa.........(pregnant pause) knew.

>> No.34948278

>> No.34948279

i dont play MC, what am i looking at?

>> No.34948280

What happened to them? They started as what NoeFure became. They were star-crossed. I don't understand, what went wrong? Why do Rushia and Pekora kill their ships so often...it hurts....

>> No.34948282

Miko is the cutest!

>> No.34948283

>implying we don't have https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3028oDEKZo4 as the thread theme for almost a year at this point

>> No.34948292

>Why do Rushia and Pekora kill their ships so often
Because it's gay.

>> No.34948293

>attain limbs
>strait to molesting
miko privilage

>> No.34948294

Wtf thats old

>> No.34948296

When the fuck are they gonna do another taikai

>> No.34948298

Ui's sour breast milk...

>> No.34948300

bros where can I watch from 1st?

>> No.34948303


>> No.34948307

You did the right thing

>> No.34948311

check the archive

>> No.34948312

Roboco accidentally killing herself while trying to get into the secret lava room

>> No.34948313

Why doesn’t vt ban sitewide... we literally get all the scum misfits that don’t even fit on vt

>> No.34948314


>> No.34948317


>> No.34948319


>> No.34948320


>> No.34948321

Cutest Holostar!

>> No.34948323

My guess would be the novelty wore off? You never know the staying power of a ship at first, not everyone just hits it off right away and then act like they've been married for 30 years, and even then they still have things to overcome for the relationship to keep going.

>> No.34948324

>Literally spoke to her actual IRL boyfriend(no, not (You)) on stream
>GFEslut pandering
The least this cheap whore could do is provide her audience SOME capacity to suspend disbelief like other GFEsluts. Instead of actual quality GFE thottery though we just get low-tier cucks cooming at the prospect of watching a woman have sex with a man who isn't them as opposed to trying to ignore it like actual people.

>> No.34948329

How do we save Mel?
Her Mama is gonna even steal R*ka's fans at this point...

>> No.34948332

Rushia and Pekora are both very heterosexual and obsessed with their listeners. It's streaming to thousands of men that gets them off.

>> No.34948333

Hello, I'd like to trade this crying rabbit for some cute Shion clips.

>> No.34948336

I fit there

The only issue is me being a purityfag

>> No.34948340

I think it should be Starless by this point.

>> No.34948343


>> No.34948346

Imagine the thread getting actual meidos and the standards for the posts going up so much you don't make the cut...

>> No.34948350

>>Literally spoke to her actual IRL boyfriend(no, not (You)) on stream
Dont lie

>> No.34948351 [SPOILER] 

I know exactly what you need to do, mel:
let me be your manager

>> No.34948354

She needs to do more dance videos.

>> No.34948355

Matsuri is real

>> No.34948358

SE, give Hagure and Cover permission to just make her next outfit the DQV hero outfit.

>> No.34948360

We don't need you anymore.

>> No.34948361


>> No.34948369

>> No.34948370

Do english teaching streams with her sister Hana and do another stream with Ame again

>> No.34948371

Rushia LARPs with Norio all the time though.

>> No.34948372

You wanna tell me that Rushia and Pekora kill ships because they don't like "gay"?

>> No.34948373

Just how homos are supposedly born gay, pekora and rushia were born straight

>> No.34948377

>> No.34948382

Migo truly is a slut

>> No.34948384

>> No.34948386

>Literally spoke to her actual IRL boyfriend(no, not (You)) on stream
unless she's trying to cover it up like nishizawa I literally don't give a shit

>> No.34948389

well she does have a child and doesnt even know who the father is...

>> No.34948392

she's laughing at us again...

>> No.34948396


>> No.34948399

Fuck off birdkun

>> No.34948400

sometimes i get so pissed off thinking about towa i go cross eyed i forget to breathe

>> No.34948404

That was a great laugh thanks anonnies

>> No.34948410

Birdkun shoo

>> No.34948412

This is the truth

>> No.34948417

towa set me up

>> No.34948419

Well, yeah. If you aren't the slightest bit gay, it's tiresome to play pretend about it. But the true reason is probably simply that they like doing solo stuff the most.

>> No.34948420

>> No.34948421

>> No.34948422

>> No.34948423

Nishizawa is single though

>> No.34948424

Easy, you're a slut

>> No.34948428

What is this about? Are they going to eat out Watame on live stream?

>> No.34948431

Tamaki is a boy

>> No.34948432


>> No.34948433

Miko is a virgin.

>> No.34948434

Posting Towa...

>> No.34948437

Schizo reply

>> No.34948438

>> No.34948439

hot as fuck

>> No.34948440 [SPOILER] 

>> No.34948441

someone woke up

>> No.34948444

I want to bully Mel

>> No.34948445

there is a towa hiding in your walls right now and she knows everything you are doing right now

>> No.34948447

who has the clip of migo calling 35p dirty virgins?

>> No.34948448

Dont care who this is but top qt

>> No.34948451

who the fuck is that supposed to be? rushia?

>> No.34948453

whatever you say anon. whatever makes you sleep at night... ;;

>> No.34948454

Bebi miko

>> No.34948461

I hope Aqua is feeling good and smiling right at this moment...

>> No.34948462

HoloAV when?

>> No.34948466

will taiga ever recover from this?

>> No.34948468

that's ca*an

>> No.34948469

I'm immune to this, i'll even throw in

Mio is a virgin

>> No.34948471

if these walls could towa i wouldnt tell them anything

>> No.34948478


>> No.34948479

She was supposed to be ugly why are anons so mean

>> No.34948480

Only virgins use virgin as an insult.

>> No.34948483

that's not canan, canan is thick

>> No.34948486

miss u onyan...

>> No.34948488


>> No.34948491

Any image without filter?

>> No.34948496

Ayame is the cutest btw

>> No.34948499

>Aqua actually doing maid things
this is ooc and NOT canon

>> No.34948500


>> No.34948502

Not for long

>> No.34948508

she lost weight recently anon. im sorry you had to know like this...

>> No.34948509

I want Botan to do something to match this feel.
New cool story arcs doko...

>> No.34948512

>> No.34948513

>> No.34948514

This ussewa is not good

>> No.34948516

>> No.34948517

what would you do if you met towa?

>> No.34948518

am i a hololive oldfag if I fapped to roboco before she was a vtuber

>> No.34948521

I agree 90%

>> No.34948522


>> No.34948523

Momosuzu Nene is number one!

>> No.34948524

This is where your sc money goes

>> No.34948528

>when she has inverted butt

>> No.34948530


>> No.34948538

im just relaxing, thinking about towa

>> No.34948539

Thank you Yagoo

>> No.34948541


>> No.34948542

why did they give the tomboy model to a girl who is not tomboy at all

>> No.34948545

Pekora is NOT Dragon Quest

>> No.34948546

anon is philippino, he doesnt know what "thick" means please take it easy on him

>> No.34948548

If you told your oshi how you spent you day today, would she be proud or disappointed?

>> No.34948551

Friendly reminder that Ui Shigure is a hack, and Subaru is ugly and generic now.

>> No.34948552

Pekora raped Okayu...

>> No.34948553

Incest is NOT ok

>> No.34948557

now put them all in swimsuits and I'll be satisfied

>> No.34948561

Korone should get one too.

>> No.34948562

Pekora Chungus...

>> No.34948563


>> No.34948565

She would call me えらい because i worked

>> No.34948567

>> No.34948570

no friend NOOOOOOO

>> No.34948575

It's not ok, it's great!

>> No.34948578

no thanks (politely)

>> No.34948580

I miss the dog

>> No.34948583

why cut the part where she gets sucked into the bag?

>> No.34948588

she would https://files.catbox.moe/a6e4aj.mp4 like always

>> No.34948589

Bill ;_;

>> No.34948593

>6000 symbols into writing a "porn" pasta
>no porn
I fucking hate it.

>> No.34948595

Remember that scary moment when Miko was asked where she sees herself in 10 years, and she froze up?

>> No.34948600


>> No.34948604


>> No.34948607

I want to *chu* this

>> No.34948608

She was thinking about how her kid would be in 10 years

>> No.34948609

She's a shell of her former self and it will take months if not years to get back into form

>> No.34948611

>korones leg
too soon bro

>> No.34948613


>> No.34948615

i wanna see how big thick and freaky polka can get i wanna see polka cut up and peeled to the bone with tom plats wheels and striated dorian biceps a coleman back

>> No.34948626


>> No.34948628


>> No.34948632


>> No.34948641


>> No.34948643

Imagine sneaking up on Roboco from behind and poking her butt so that she screams, "Iyaaaaa! Piiiiii!!!"

>> No.34948644


>> No.34948645


>> No.34948646

This shit always happen to Korone even since her NND days. She's bored of streaming, then nuked her account, take break for months then make a new account and resume her activities again.

>> No.34948648


>> No.34948649

Rangeban SEA
Just fucking do it

>> No.34948650


>> No.34948651

roboco is the holo i want to fuck the most and watch the least

>> No.34948653

oh no, random japanese women

>> No.34948655

>> No.34948658

blue ayame...

>> No.34948659


>> No.34948660

post the one where towa looks like your dyke aunt

>> No.34948661

>> No.34948668

why do you never post the version with pubes

>> No.34948670

>Same images
He's also ban evaiding uh

>> No.34948672

>> No.34948673

>> No.34948677


>> No.34948680

I prefer the pubic version

>> No.34948681


>> No.34948687


>> No.34948689

It's all so tiresome...

>> No.34948691


>> No.34948692

Mr Koro...

>> No.34948693


>> No.34948694


>> No.34948697


>> No.34948698

Pubes are disgusting

>> No.34948699


>> No.34948701


>> No.34948702

Fuck off with your shit tastes.

>> No.34948706


>> No.34948707

cute soda

>> No.34948709


>> No.34948710

Nice nose

>> No.34948711

bros... I want to breed yagoo...

>> No.34948712

I want to make Shishiron a father...

>> No.34948715


>> No.34948718


>> No.34948719

I really like how you can see some of the hair surrounding her anus

>> No.34948721


>> No.34948722

God...she's really cute...

>> No.34948723


>> No.34948726

Don't you get tired of making the exact same posts multiple times a day?

>> No.34948728

>tfw headphones reversed
>can still tell the difference
when will /vt/ards drop this meme?

>> No.34948731

>New IP

>> No.34948732

Wrong color, try again.

>> No.34948735

>16 years old
Are all jap women whores?

>> No.34948736

my rrat is that they hired haato to record that song and her intro for a bit of publicity but they're otherwise different people

>> No.34948737

post lamy hole please... I want to go in...

>> No.34948738

Fucking disgusting

>> No.34948741


>> No.34948743

Absolutely disgusting

>> No.34948744

imagine the smell

>> No.34948745

If Cover invests in a way to slice semen together, and then theirboshi has all of her dedicates gachi send her their cum, Cover could technically impregnate her with all of their kids, meaning that all of her gachi would be on the line for child support for 18 years minimum.
I genuinely think this is the best move going forward. Thousands of salarymen supporting their baby momma.

>> No.34948746

Pubefags are the most obnoxious.

>> No.34948748

which holo has the tastiest pubes?

>> No.34948749

yes now stop calling them the obvious and enjoy

>> No.34948761


>> No.34948762

obviously haachama

>> No.34948763

i am disgusted yet very erect

>> No.34948764


>> No.34948765

Mio's. she's confident enough to ping everyone about it.
this is a pube thread

>> No.34948766


>> No.34948771

That slut is from hong kong apparently.

>> No.34948776

aquacrew, are we still alive? are u guys still holding on?

>> No.34948777

Japanese girls are so beautiful

>> No.34948779

I really love Roboco

>> No.34948783

fuck off INDog

>> No.34948785

i'm still waiting here just like I've always been

>> No.34948787

>pepsi rice
The fuck?

>> No.34948791


>> No.34948795

Why are you so weak

>> No.34948799

Do you feel in charge?

>> No.34948802

beautiful prose

>> No.34948803

Says a lot about yourself if you think they care about the (You)'s or do you believe the only reason to post here is for (You)'s? Why not just turn this on every post?

>> No.34948806


>> No.34948812

>> No.34948818

>> No.34948820

How many hours until From 1st?

>> No.34948821


>> No.34948824

God I love her...

>> No.34948827

>Yellow Fever: the thread
For me, it's Kiara or Mori or Gura.

>> No.34948832


>> No.34948834


>> No.34948835

>> No.34948837

This is probably my favorite holo cover

>> No.34948838

I love how it had to be Okayu by chance Peko hides behind, the one she has some collab chemistry with as the Super Mario streams showed.
Those were fun..

>> No.34948839

You're unironically in the wrong board

>> No.34948840

>ctrl+f deleted

>> No.34948841

this girl is pretty cute

>> No.34948846

Suisei's hairy butthole...

>> No.34948848


>> No.34948851

ive been thinking about towa all day its made me absolutely sick in the head

>> No.34948852


>> No.34948855


>> No.34948857

it's yellow fever: the board. go back

>> No.34948859

What time is from 1st?

>> No.34948860

>> No.34948864

1st of June at 1 o clock

>> No.34948865


>> No.34948867


>> No.34948868

She would call me a riajuu

>> No.34948869

>> No.34948870

do u wan extra rice wit dat?

>> No.34948871

>> No.34948875

>> No.34948876


>> No.34948881


>> No.34948882

graduating soon...

>> No.34948885

You're right, Pekora is Hololive

>> No.34948886

>> No.34948887

I only watch and give money to menhera women who try desperately to please their audience because they're as sad, lonely, and sexually deprived as I am. I have no time for your well balanced and nuerotypicals whores. Give me fucking schizo hags who masturbate about having sex with viewers.

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