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guide: https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/

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shit thread

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If you're a beginner, please read the guide first.
Guide: https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/
Word of the Day: https://t.me/s/jt_library

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Word of the Day: https://t.me/s/jt_library

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how many tablespoons of dried up period blood would i get from all of these nip girl's panties combined

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give me ONE good /djt/ thread
i'll wait

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i think i'm falling for moe, what should i do

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>subasora collab
>suichan's RE7
>marine's subnautica
>Ui mama in 10 minutes
bros I feel so blessed right now

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oh actually posted in the wrong thread

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hate how fat = equals strength in this universe

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why you post this every thread

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why not?

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it's a low t post

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They all have a lot of muscle too. It's a misconception that they're all fat.

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Nine times out of 10 I'm range band because of Korean IPS. I refuse to buy a pass so I guess this is sayonara losers

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>range band
why did i laugh so hard

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lmfao i know you cant stop reading the thread get cucked

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thank god

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need a 豊満 milf right fucking now

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i think og has forgotten why people talk about "og"
it's not because people like you. it's because of your braindead posts that turned you into a laughing stock. "og" is synonymous with retardation

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>tfw another friend i couldn't save who did duolingo for 1.5 months and stopped it entirely

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Making Anki cards is such a fucking chore. It's an amazing way to memorize stuff well but it's so fucking annoying to have to make these cards whenever you encounter a word.

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you don't need to make a card on the spot. save the word in a text file or something and make a card later

or make animu cards

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cards take no more than 10 seconds unless you're doing sentence + audio ones

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pls don't go og thread's boring without you

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just set yourself a limit, like 10 cards per day created max
after that just keep watching and reading without mining
it'll allow you to pick up some words without anki, see new cards in your reviews closer to when you actually mined them, and enjoy consooming more cause you don't have to make cards every 5 seconds

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i always wondered if people did this vs. just writing down a list of words and then picking X amount from the list to do every day until you hit your personal limit

theres so many tools nowadays to make cards in little to no time at all

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Is 尻子玉 (the mythical ball which contains the soul, which kappas rip out from people's anuses) supposed to be the prostate?

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i've done both but in retrospect i think just setting a limit is better
a lot of the time i never actually went back to the list and i preferred reviewing cards as i mined them
you may feel like you're "missing out" on words that you don't mine or put on a list but in reality everything will show up again later anyways and acquiring without anki is a thing too

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is yoga ever gonna take his browser add-on out from the paywall

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at least they learned some japanese
two of my friends decided rtk was the way to start learning japanese and they quit before knowing even 1 word

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very based

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Current thread: #2858

Previous threads:
>>34928549 #2857
>>34917403 #2856
>>34902174 #2855
>>34889314 #2854
>>34877260 #2853
>>34866682 #2852
>>34854116 #2851

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they take 2 seconds if u do sentence + audio with mpv and analfaggots script

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>sentence cards

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having the sentence somewhere on the card doesnt automatically mean its a sentence card

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oh then i agree, i thought you meant the front was just the entire sentence you mined

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yeah but it's okay to use sentence cards. it's better if you use targeted sentence cards though.
sentence cards are worse than targeted sentence cards but better than vocab cards.

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hopefully the mods get sick of this shit and just ban djt altogether

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and stay out

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trannycord furry squad spams the board again. if you see itazuraneko in the op you know it's them

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the hell is a targeted sentence card? i assume a sentence where the key word is highlighted or something on the front?

either way, the majority of times sentence cards are both a waste of energy and you end up studying the sentence vs the actual word, which obviously can be used entirely different in other scenarios. i'd rather just learn the word and immerse vs wasting energy looking at sentence cards but to each their own

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migaku malware can be substituted with community-made software that's not garbage.
>the hell is a targeted sentence card?
see the "card templates" article in the guide.

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so i was right and now im ashamed at clicking that dogshit fucking guide link

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the best guide djt has come up with so far.

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white pantsus are shit

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no it doesn't exist

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i think similar shit happens to holoniggers

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>targeted sentence cards
go take care of your goats and stop shitting up the thread with your retarded thoughts

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samefag trying to bump his thread

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>at clicking that dogshit fucking guide link
lmao, i told him it's a shit guide but he won't listen to me.

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>go take care of your goats and stop shitting up the thread with your retarded thoughts
my goats are taken care of

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now let's hear your arguments. why is it a bad guide?

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jamal do you have an opinion on etherium. is it a buy at this price?

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just realized i still need to finish the Funbag Fantasy series

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Yay Gura even here, thanks.

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The threads deteriorated once we allowed this vt trash to proliferate. Sad.

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hololife needs to be banned

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tatumoto needs to be permabanned

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if you came here to suck namefags' dicks you're not welcome

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英語の場合はさるが目の前に出されたバナナを見て騒ぐ様子からgo bananasで「気が狂う」「頭に来る」「おかしくなる」という表現になります。

Have you gone bananas?

If I have to do this job, I am going to go bananas.


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who is the bigger chad? the 通じればいい pragmatist George or the イントネーション perfectionist Matt?

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Can you guys tell me how much time you dedicated to learn per day when you were first starting out.

This has quickly turned into a slog for me, is taking a lot of time, and I’m burning out on it. It’s quickly become neither fun nor sustainable and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

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I started doing 25 new cards a day of a remembering the kanji deck and it usually didn't take more than an hour

try timeboxing

>> No.34946913

pedo and aspie

>> No.34946921

what are you doing?

>> No.34946928

just go through these

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i've tweaked the guide homepage a bit, added some icons. what do you think?

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where's dark theme??

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Right now I'm at the N3 level and I've used anki for a lot of time. I like how efficient it feels: I spend an hour everyday and after a few days I just seem to magically acquire all the vocabulary and anything that I put in the flashcards. However, it's come to a point where it's gotten incredibly boring. I don't want to keep making new decks for books that I'm reading, and I just don't have the motivation to study with anki anymore because I feel like I am wasting my time and I should just learn to study without it.

The problem is: I feel like reading practice alone gets me nowhere. I feel like the words don't stuck, that I keep searching everything up again and again and that the only words that I have assimilated are those that I got through anki.

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wish japanese was as easy as just learning a lot of words

>> No.34948121

It's called being old.

The older you are, the less plastic your brain is, hence the more methodical you have to be to learn.

You have to chew the food really well to be able to swallow it.

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Have you seen the Chinese meanings?

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>> No.34949390

If you want the facts, the male brain on average stops developing at age 27.

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why is this better than the itazuraneko one? I have to actually join this shit?

>> No.34949687

Can't wait to immerse myself in some goats.

>> No.34950113

That's my age asshole

>> No.34950246

when is this vtuber bubble going to end

>> No.34950312

can /djt/ solve these

>> No.34950327

How am I supposed to read 一つ上?

ひとつじょう or ひとつうえ

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Previous thread
>>34938017 #2859
>>34941652 #2858
>>34928549 #2857
>>34917403 #2856
>>34902174 #2855
>>34889314 #2854
>>34877260 #2853
>>34866682 #2852
>>34854116 #2851
>>34840733 #2850

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I am the guy who is learning japanese via songs

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>> No.34951074

japanese songs are like this lyrics wise:

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>> No.34952208

pretty sure chinese has its own unique compound pronunciations

>> No.34952576

they must be the exception cuz so far everything i've seen is consistent

>> No.34952581

Aren't dark themes for zoomers?

>> No.34952603

Only if you want to ask questions. We have experienced ajatters who actually know japanese and can help you.

>> No.34952632

why does qolibri show me english dictionaries. why did you give me english dictionaries matt. what the hell, please help

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>> No.34952766

i miss calvin, i really thought hed make it he had a good plan an all

>> No.34952811

dude tried losing weight, making videos, learning japanese and chinese all at the same exact time lol what kind of plan is that

>> No.34952813

no plan will help you if you don't actually like japanese
he also picked actual garbage to watch, not even the fun diarrhea shows but actual boring garbage like pso

>> No.34952865

tyvm looks good

>> No.34953006

whats the difference between 待つ人 and 待ち人

>> No.34953021

latter sounds more poetic

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>> No.34953374

someone make a real thread

>> No.34953534

my dopamine

>> No.34954012

djt is reclining

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>> No.34954112

just wanted to learn japanese now im learning maths wtf

>> No.34954138

nice, mine all the math vocab

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>> No.34954225

yay i solved it correctly

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>> No.34954251

stop shitting up djt you fucking retards

>> No.34954304

its ogre

>> No.34954387

this threads dogshit so i dont wanna post in it but no do not buy eth over 2k right now imo

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>> No.34954984

>paul joseph watson
maybe stop consuming absolute bottom of the barrel garbage

>> No.34955109

i bookmark the videos posted here to watch them later
bunko, you sick fuck, what is this デブ shit in my bookmarks?

>> No.34955282

lmfao just listened to goku vibes lost it at the hirakegoma line

>> No.34955809

can somebody explain to me why i hate this so much? it sounds cringe.

>> No.34955989

>"real" japanese
okay well the best advice i can give is ask yourself what you want to consume when you know japanse and learn the words related to that niche

it seems to me you just want to ask a really broad question and then tell everyone to fuck off for trolling's sake

>> No.34956022

i would like something interesting that exposes me to real life topics

>> No.34956047

read the news
read non-fiction books
watch documentaries

>> No.34956110

too boring, next

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>> No.34956148

that's another anon

>> No.34956152

infuse the nihongo directly into your brain

>> No.34956178

fuck japanese. i'm watching jackie chan in german

>> No.34956182

yeah like that redditor who gave himself tinnitus and hyperacusis by trying to do passive listening 24 hours a day

>> No.34956215

when do you become fluent in japanese?

>> No.34956234

when you suck on the tiddies of a japanese woman

>> No.34956249

write books
make youtube videos
start cults

>> No.34956259

>real japanese
yep this boy needs asatt
all sinbun all the time

>> No.34956287

just keep this running

>> No.34956379

dont know dont care

>> No.34956381

it's crazy how hard it is to become good at listening in any language

>> No.34956422

what's so hard about it? you just listen to stuff

>> No.34956427

>> No.34956442


>> No.34956454

the holochuggers can only chug so much before getting sick of it

>> No.34956475

does this means i can fuck asian pussy

>> No.34956477

bet you give it a shot and live it

>> No.34956523


>> No.34956557

the best thing is your ears listen automatically you dont even have to do anything
it takes more effort to try and ignore the input from your ears

>> No.34956567

it doesnt get more informative and listenable than this

>> No.34956572


>> No.34963871

that's true too. think he referenced jordan peterson a couple times as well.

>> No.34963888

which anon are you? you consider people in a way that i don't see often and gets me called a psued

>> No.34963894

i'm ciaran. why?

>> No.34963897

lol based george btfoing dolly

>> No.34963954

goddamn it, really pissed you are intelligent. still hate you

>> No.34963956


>> No.34963983

Dogen is objectively much more attractive than Matto wtf

>> No.34964010

What the fuck is this stream anymore

>> No.34964015

misa getting objectified is going to destroy her mental health

>> No.34964017

Yikes I'm scared to hear how bad George's Korean is

>> No.34964020

these fags need to know when to call it a day

>> No.34964022


>> No.34964031

No they're both ghouls but Matt is definitely more attractive. Dogen has a creepy Ichabod Crane vibe going on where is Matt has nice lips and probably a meaty ass.

t. og on phone

>> No.34964039

my fist would destroy her physical health if we met irl

>> No.34964044

bitch you're a ghoul

>> No.34964065

Someone should clip George and Matt talking about Misa and get them canceled lol

>> No.34964097

Kek getting the business details

>> No.34964136


>> No.34964160

jamal would be infinitely more impressed by matt's japanese than george's in their conversation. it's unreal. it's too bad he's sleeping and missing it.

>> No.34964165

just stop watching fags

>> No.34964173

I was finally able to stop watching when they started talking in Japanese, talk about boring lol

>> No.34964185

yea i couldn't understand a word

>> No.34964194

george is too funny

>> No.34964204

was george just vouching for ken cannon? that guys a fuckin n5 scammer

>> No.34964206

tripfriends do not deserve to live on the same planet as me

>> No.34964207


Absolute state of djt

>> No.34964272
File: 2.49 MB, 1919x1078, matto.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why does matto look like a character from the grubhub commercial. He looks scary like a human marsupial

>> No.34964334


>> No.34964337

my anki routine:
20 anime cards
20 sentence cards
20 rtk cards [re-doing it again comfy style]
10 chinese vocab cards
10 chinese sentence cards
50 german sentence cards
50 russian sentence cards

>> No.34964378

Nice keep at it

>> No.34964400


>> No.34964403

terrible hope u die

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File: 22 KB, 493x749, onki.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34964531

are you trying to learn 4 languages at once?

>> No.34964552

>learning more than 1 card a day

>> No.34964561

he said he doesnt suspend leeches, its not surprising

>> No.34964576

i'm maintaining and learning. japanese has the priority though


>> No.34964645


>> No.34964688

everyone at this post and below is a dekinai

>> No.34964724

he's not wrong so far

>> No.34964921

>As an aspirational product, Duolingo has achieved this by allowing users to dive into multiple languages simultaneously, like kids in a candy shop. It offers more range than anyone else: over a million people are presently studying High Valyrian — the made-up dialect from Game Of Thrones.
>At its worst, though, this leads to a kind of Emily In Paris mode of consumption: doing a thing as an act of fandom, a badge of belonging. It’s a mode set up for failure, practically designed to keep internet consumers grazing on the thousand and one potential futures that they might hypothetically inhabit. As with the Netflix series about a hot American girl who ends up photo-blogging in a Paris sans bainlieus, this is “One day I’ll move to France” as a form of escapism from the drudgery of the commute.


Is he right? Are people just learning languages for the escapism and to belong to some community?
All of you learning Japanese are planning on eventually moving to Japan, right?

>> No.34964930


>> No.34964943


>> No.34964950

why would I want to live in japan?

>> No.34965015

it's like this dude needed to write something and just started talking about language learning without really having a point

>> No.34965020

artistfag here, I don't know a ton of japanese, what are some good lewd kanji or short strings of kanji for a milf to get tattooed on their shoulder? especially stuff that's degrading, embarrassing, or just shameless. some I'm considering are

>母 (mother)
>女 (woman)
>穴 (hole)
>膣 (vagina)
>窪 ([archaic] hole, vagina)
>泡姫 (sex worker, especially at a soapland)
>后 (queen, princess consort)
>婆 (old woman, hag)

>> No.34965082


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>my reaction as an ESL when george and matt didn't know how to say "anthropomorphize"

>> No.34965257

matto has a long history of poor english and george is low iq

>> No.34965295
File: 497 KB, 786x661, cv.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

describe the first feeling you get when you see this picture

>> No.34965321

happy for him

>> No.34965365


>> No.34965430

disgusting lizard

also who won this "debate" (lmao they really calling it debate) i guess both were fucking retarded but jorge came out on top while matto was waving and clutching his twig of an arm?

>> No.34965523
File: 152 KB, 400x400, 1619742847422.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

really dont give a fuck about what you fags are yapping about right now

>> No.34965601

yh ppl rly put their time into shitty debates in english instead of learning japanese
funny how 99% of the viewers will never make it past hiragana either kek

>> No.34965620

we're acquirers not learners

>> No.34965679
File: 730 KB, 1600x900, acquirers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34965778

i dont know
can you repeat the question

>> No.34965909


>> No.34965913

summarize this method

>> No.34965954


>> No.34965967

Just feel the japanese

>> No.34965998

i'm just joking about the method part but i realized youtube comments give me many words to mine but nothing too fancy plus everything is short and the video provides the context. good for when you are still beginning to learn a language

>> No.34966035

>not having a bot set up that automatically turns japanese tweets into cards

>> No.34966096

why would anyone want that

>> No.34966132

is the akachan gonna b ok?

>> No.34966155


>> No.34966157

bunko help me get a sentence for the dictionary term さま, i cant find one thats i+1

>> No.34966188

i believe in your abilities, cant u make one thats just insanely simple.

>> No.34966255

alright that'll work

>> No.34966277


>> No.34966317


>> No.34966318


>> No.34966338


>> No.34966358
File: 7 KB, 865x88, ar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34966502

probably the most helpful post in djt history ngl

>> No.34966555

why is it considered bad when women enjoy having sex

>> No.34966591

its not its considered cute

>> No.34966632

wotd: TPO


>> No.34966739

why does netflix only make garbage anime? i tried reading this manga a while back and dropped it halfway through the 1st volume

>> No.34966766

AICO was okay

>> No.34966792
File: 343 KB, 2700x1800, japaneseinforgraphic-01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.34966814

basically fluent now

>> No.34966820

wrong its related to turkish

>> No.34966849

the japanese learning community has fucked me up with this raw listening shit. i was a happier man when i just watched things with subs without thinking about the word "raw"

>> No.34966861

japanese grammar is pretty similar to korean grammar
they probably come the same proto langauge

>> No.34966867

wow amazing stuff

>> No.34966879

because you could pretend you know japanese?

>> No.34966893

redpill me on this
t. watches with jp subs on all the time

>> No.34966896

dunno try watching them without and seeing if you know japanese or not

>> No.34966927

i never deliberately consumed english media without subs my whole life and nowadays i can understand most english content without subs.

>> No.34966931

>i was a happier man
usually happens when you delude yourself, reality is harsh
but now that you've had a taste of reality there is only room to grow!
ganbare anon

>> No.34966941

let's say that i post something in japanese but in the deepest accent ever and you can't understand it all. does that mean that you don't know japanese?

>> No.34966949

im pretty sure ill just eventually find japanese content that i want to watch (e.g lets plays) and then be forced to watch without subs and learn that way.
i dont give a shit about min maxing everything, this is the mentality of someone whos gonna make it btw.

>> No.34966971

no, it's the same with pitch. george didn't think about pitch all these years and now it's at the back of his mind. i bet he was happier before he gave it consideration

>> No.34966999

>ill just eventually find japanese content that i want to watch (e.g lets plays) and then be forced to watch without subs
from my experience i can tell you that theres only less content you'll find interesting as time goes on

>> No.34967019




>> No.34967047

why are you coping? tv shows are spoken in clear japanese or they wouldnt get any viewers

>> No.34967056


>> No.34967059

i believe you, as time goes on diarrhea tier shows will probably be too boring but i have a long way to go, im not gonna worry about shit thats not relevant right now and just immerse and mine. progress is great so.l

>> No.34967065

and which one do you think fits the context best? this is why you need to turn off the subs and acquire japanese so you dont have to worry about this stuff

>> No.34967070

i'm just trying to establish what "knowing a language" means

>> No.34967081

t. eop

>> No.34967082

as a method in order to cope with the fact you cant understand tv shows without subs

>> No.34967088


>> No.34967098

the post just list words. don't put words into my posts, please.

>> No.34967099

what if youre busy when you think of it like talking to someone else. what kind of autist pulls out a pen and takes a note in the middle of a conversation?

>> No.34967113

do you have autism too? its normal to read the intention of peoples posts and words. it's called reading the kuuki. people dont just post lists of words for no reason and without any precursor motivation in their head

>> No.34967118

what kind of autist thinks of other stuff during a conversation

>> No.34967133

if someone says something to you its possible that it will trigger a thought in your head thats unrelated to the immediate conversation but still something interesting. are you an npc?

>> No.34967134

if you're autistic enough you'll take the moe pill and just never talk and it's unironically kino

>> No.34967135




>> No.34967139

t. coper who can't read jp subs fast enough

>> No.34967144

dunno man i've been at it for three years and i'm only finding more diarrhea to watch and read every day

>> No.34967152

why would i need to "cope" with that? it's a natural thing to go through that stage.

if i enjoy what i'm watching and the subs are available then why should i worry about it?

is it just so that i can brag about it?

>> No.34967159

why are you posting copes online if it doesnt bother you then?

>> No.34967169

>trigger a thought
thats npc though, you're just reacting to stimuli

>> No.34967178

its a simple fact that unless you have a diagnosed hearing condition that would otherwise prevent you, not being able to understand spoken japanese without subs means you dont know japanese and havent acquired any of it. anything else is a cope, and if this bothers you then im sorry but life is tough.

>> No.34967181

he's seething and projecting cuz he's sub n5 and can't pretend to know japanese when the subs remind him he dkj

>> No.34967189

what does お米券 mean? i cannot find anything

>> No.34967194

LMAO are you going to set a record for how long this had lasts? losers

>> No.34967203

>its normal to read the intention of peoples posts and words.
stop with that, you are not a mind reader. why do you think it's reasonable to act like that? it's not.

>> No.34967234

what is your definition of "cope"?

>> No.34967243
File: 110 KB, 480x272, pic_0037.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i got it from here btw

>> No.34967256

anything that makes me butthole itch

>> No.34967257

does he actually believe anyone has ever gotten to a point where they have 100% comprehension with subs and simulatenously cant understand it without them on?
what a fucking retard jesus christ, stop arguing over hypothetical scenarios that will never happen

>> No.34967261

i get to enjoy japanese media and i didn't even need to learn the language. how cool is that?

language learning is for dweebs anyways

>> No.34967280

theres a lot of people in this thread who cant understand without subs which is why they need to have them on and cope about it

>> No.34967284

maybe its something like food stamps

>> No.34967293

looks like it's a gibs me dat for rice

>> No.34967297

why are you still coping about being illiterate og? ydkj

>> No.34967307

Very good immersion

>> No.34967338
File: 51 KB, 1034x766, 1622287743935.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.34967346

og should be last person to be talking about coping.
she can't understand anime without subs and she can't understand them with subs either lmao

>> No.34967404

im just asking you to be honest with yourselves. turn off the subs and ask yourself if you really understand the language they're speaking

>> No.34967407


>> No.34967432

u know maybe og was right about it sounding like hiraitegoma if ykj

>> No.34967435


>> No.34967443

that's what youtube videos are for

>> No.34967447
File: 773 KB, 922x844, ApplicationFrameHost_b8iCGvrEy6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.34967448

>turn off the subs
i literally cant, because there are none

>> No.34967503

i occasionally do that and it depends on the vocab used on the show. i understand around 60% of what's being said

i understand 0.1% of a show like youjo senki though

>> No.34967523

not all shows are the same

for example, you might understand shoujo shuumatsu ryokou but get btfo by boku no hero academia

it depends

>> No.34967530


>> No.34967585

^ another anime full of terms that might blow you the fuck out

>> No.34967591

i just understand it

>> No.34967615
File: 506 KB, 1536x2048, garyben.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34967645

you can test your listening skills right here in a couple minutes

>> No.34967670

you can suck my dick right here anytime

>> No.34967672

is it all blank pages, that would be hilarious

>> No.34967687

scared of not being able to understand real unfiltered japanese?

>> No.34967701

why is grammar so fucking easy to acquire compared to vocab

>> No.34967704

scared of sucking my dick?

>> No.34967707

i dedicate this one to ぶんこ


>> No.34967724

yeah man, all those 200 words they use in holoshit videos. shit is hard

>> No.34967796


>> No.34967817

pure diarrhea
do you honestly enjoy this?

>> No.34967838

very much yes
its like sol cute girl anime but way better

>> No.34967864

damn lmao first time watching a vtuber this is boiling diarrhea

>> No.34967874


>> No.34967875

you have the mind of an infant

>> No.34967886

both ez
i find rendaku to be the rasu bosu of nihongo

>> No.34967897

diarrhea is probably tastier

>> No.34967915

and? i feel sad for everyone that doesnt
just means you cant enjoy stuff as much

>> No.34968029

rasu bosu of nihongo is when to read 日本 as nihon and when to read it as nippon

usually when the character is on the right political spectrum its more likely to be nippon but i still havent fully acquired this
wonder if natives just instinctively know

>> No.34968076
File: 152 KB, 683x844, file.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the last boss of nihongo is heisig with his limiter off

so far only queeran has managed to challenge it and remain in the land of the living

>> No.34968186

yah thats from a book he wrote

>> No.34968270

he wrote rtk after knowing japanese

if you want to become as proficient in japanese as he is mimic what he actually did not what he says you should do

same with ciaran saying anki is bad despite having done it meticulously

>> No.34968635

if you know japanese its easy to feel them out

>> No.34968762
File: 71 KB, 679x643, h.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i literally gave you the interview but you preferred to make shit up instead of reading it

i'm actually amazed. why are some people like that? why do you feel comfortable just making shit on the spot?

>> No.34968812

didnt click your link

>> No.34968849

found the redditor

>> No.34968880

never been on reddit

>> No.34968925

>start with jp subbed anime and do only that for ~1.5 years + maybe 8000 words in anki
>transition to some raw anime, understood stuff like digimon right off the bat cause it's easy
>start reading manga, easy right off the bat
>after 6 months of watching stuff raw (while still watching more difficult anime with subs) able to understand most jp youtube vids where its just a person talking into a camera
>able to read LNs comfortably albeit i'm pretty slow

i also quit anki about 6 months ago. feel like my biggest limiting factor for reading is vocabulary and for raw stuff its not being able to perceive words i'd know with jp subs cause i haven't been exposed to them enough times.

>> No.34968942

no idea who youre quoting here

>> No.34969014

ok schizo try posting like a normal person lol

>> No.34969032

yeah it do be like that
lns are too boring for me though i mostly drop them after the first or second volume

think my japanese will not progress anymore and thats fine for the japanese content i enjoy consuming

>> No.34969042

you're the one not talking like a normal person bro

>> No.34969044

曲 of the day


>> No.34969072

kuso? all these readings man

>> No.34969099
File: 63 KB, 657x577, h.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34969102
File: 119 KB, 1441x468, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

o yea heres ur weekly update

>> No.34969119

didnt know music had a genre called steaming hot diarrhea

>> No.34969173

damn thats nice

>> No.34969174

fuck he even got lolis to teach him how to speak
no wonder he's so good

>> No.34969205


>> No.34969299

actually i take that back its not nice its crazy

>> No.34969362

i mean i aint out here tryin to mislead the boys

it really wasnt that crazy tho basically every chart was beat to complete shit except for a couple and waiting for a bounce

>> No.34969373

yeah im on the jamal index fund

>> No.34969409

how much more for the kame house?

>> No.34969416

i kneel...

>> No.34969463
File: 1.09 MB, 929x1181, 6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34969469

about what

>> No.34969545

if this crypto dip in progress flies far enough down ill yolo 75% of everything i have into it

>> No.34969546

you're not him though so what do you get out of acting like his cocksleeve on the internet? he doesnt even know you exist lol

>> No.34969556

me in my kame house in 25 years

>> No.34969893

so even the author says rtk is useless unless you just want to write the characters

>> No.34969949

did he though?

>> No.34970031

yes at the end he said rtk is good for one thing, which is teaching you how to write the kanji

>> No.34970044
File: 245 KB, 1200x1200, squad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

rawfags bring up children but they forget that little kids don't watch 銀河英雄伝説 they watch pic related

>> No.34970085

förlåt men ingen bryr sig om det

>> No.34970102

bet you used sunscreen
enjoy your skin cancer

>> No.34970200

i envy people who have good ears for language. i have to see the word in order to learn it. i simply can't learn a word if i don't see it in its written format first

>> No.34970222

not even simple words like nani that every weeb knows

>> No.34970228

just stop relying on jpsubs and get more listening practice

>> No.34970243

it's like if i only hear a word then it's this shapeless thing that i can't hold on to. i need an image to attach it to in order to make it "concrete"

i can learn those but come on, that's too easy

>> No.34970283

theyre all that easy if you listen enough

>> No.34970311

if by enough you mean 10000 hours then yeah...

>> No.34970333

this is a very good post.

>> No.34970345


>> No.34970363

the guy who posts those streamable videos of nobunaga

>> No.34970399

shut up faggot i bet u dont even have 200 hours of raw listening

>> No.34970401

but why is he talked about as the greatest japanese learner of all time
is he just some character in your magic brainfog? how do you know it is him

>> No.34970408

the last boss.
he has 80k vocab cards
he can understand any content without subtitles
the only djter who has ever made it

>> No.34970427

what a nerd, makes me cringe everytime i see them

>> No.34970428

who cares

>> No.34970466

moe u here

>> No.34970473
File: 62 KB, 859x960, b31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ciaran has 80k cards and he be like

>you don't need anki. it's a waste of time

>> No.34970485

if you have 80k cards you must've mined all the easy shit that you'd pick up anyways like tonikaku, tatoeba and other retarded shit
no way you'd get 80k cards without a bunch of useless ones. sounds fake anyways

>> No.34970490
File: 1.43 MB, 2520x1080, Screenshot_20210529-232920.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why aren't you guys playing japanese smartphone games?

>> No.34970504

stfu ciaran faggot atention whore

>> No.34970515

because im not playing smartphone """games""" in general

>> No.34970535

just had my daily thought about beating ciaran to death

>> No.34970569
File: 24 KB, 698x148, ciaran.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

29k cards in that pic

>> No.34970572

>he has 80k vocab cards
he did core10k and mined 16k vocab cards

>> No.34970576
File: 34 KB, 714x452, 1600128408108.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the hilarity of someone that has used anki for 9 years + 30k cards saying that anki doesn't matter is too much to handle

>> No.34970586

that's vocab cards mixed in with other cards like pitch accent

>> No.34970588

he also sucks at japanese so it obviously didnt help

>> No.34970624

if you havent deleted anki you havent made it yet
simple as

>> No.34970634
File: 1.25 MB, 2520x1080, Screenshot_20210529-234023.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh shit we got og agumon va let's gooooo

>> No.34970656

that goes for every djter who is anti anki, they just got lazy after 10k

>> No.34970659

omg the eyebags

>> No.34970672

all you need to know about ciaran is that he will be coming to an abrupt end very soon

>> No.34970733

>has immersed and done anki for 9 years
>reached 30k cards
>has spent time in japan
>still bad at japanese
yeah... im thinking this language is impossible

>> No.34970791

30k *pure* vocab cards

>> No.34970816

vocab card bros...

>> No.34970829

>still bad at japanese

>> No.34970839

he did 26k vocab cards and suspended core 10k. no one in this thread has done 30k vocab cards.

>> No.34970840


>> No.34970849

>afraid to stream
>never writes anything in japanese
>vocaroos pre-recorded 100 times and still sound like shit
yeah im thinking hes trash

>> No.34970851

>duuuude i just did anki and textbooks and watched 100 episodes of anime and then went to japan and talked to people about philosophy in bars but i didnt know any japanese haha
>duuuude i came back from japanese and i didnt know japanese at the time but in 2 years i was able to get to the level where i understand everything haha
>duuuude i did 50 billion anki cards but ankis actually useless haha
ciaran is the biggest bullshitter ever, fuck him

>> No.34970854

what ciaran does is pure gaslighting. no one would keep doing anki for 9 years if they thought it's a waste of time.

we're talking about nine fucking years

>> No.34970868

ciaran can read any book and understand any tv show. he has to read medieval texts to see words that he doesn't know yet

>> No.34970873

no proof of that

>> No.34970886

he made the subs for ttgl that are on kitsunekko so he's at least good enough to do that

>> No.34970912

nobody has to read medieval texts
if you are doing something you dont enjoy just to find unknown words you might as well memorize a dictionary

>> No.34970923

it was a joke, man.

>> No.34970934

okay but for real if not ciaran, tell me one person who has learnt japanese. a single person.

>> No.34970940

whatever, you probably think the earth is flat

>> No.34970953

takanashi kiara

>> No.34970996

crazy how you think kachite quiz is good but ciaran isn't

>> No.34971008

link their vods

>> No.34971026

kachite quiz has proved he knows a lot more

>> No.34971033

the only good foreign speaker of japanese is khatz

>> No.34971035
File: 44 KB, 884x346, queef.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34971048

this tubby german bitch

there are also dozens and dozens of malodorous whiteod female youtubers who have japanese channels for whatever reason but idk how good they are. this bitch is decent though

>> No.34971069


>> No.34971078

quiz is just too nice of a guy and bought into it like all of you

>> No.34971091
File: 114 KB, 1080x1081, topkek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>quiz is just too nice of a guy

>> No.34971104

queef is posting here right now

if you know japanese then you know what i'm talking about

>> No.34971114

which posts are his

>> No.34971118
File: 507 KB, 4608x2592, nuke.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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