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Intro: https://streamable.com/0ftg0k
Guide: https://streamable.com/h0m2g7

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had a cross-ocean flight and took a few volumes of dragon ball with me. amazingly got way faster at reading as a i went along and don't need to look up as much words either. maybe because it uses more kanji as it goes along. almost done with the budokai arc. reading a chapter in about 30 minutes now (down from 90 minutes).

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>>34917403 (#2856)
>>34902174 (#2855)
>>34889314 (#2854)
>>34877260 (#2853)
>>34866682 (#2852)
>>34854116 (#2851)


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guide: https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/

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Daily routine:
Kanji study in anki.
Jalup study in anki.
Core 2k study in anki.
Read something on Satori Reader if I have time.

What am I missing bros? Can I improve my routine?

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Read more

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Recently I've reading blogs a lot. Hatena in particular.

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>reading a chapter in about 30 minutes now (down from 90 minutes).

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impd update

impd now can accept RegExp patterns that you can use to skip openings and endings in subtitles. The default pattern is ^〜$|^〜$. The feature can be toggled off by setting "use_skip_pattern" to "no".


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the new migaku kanji addon is a game changer

convince me im wrong

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guide: https://epic-nihongo.neocities.org/

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what's that?

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1247漢字 4000単語

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longest string of chinese i've seen yet

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「世迷い言 」を覚えた

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yosh doc prescribed me adderall, time to increase daily new cards to 50 and truly become the ultimate ankidrone

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this guy's blowing up

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seems like a giant fukin waste of space

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korone's sick bros...

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and i'm sick of her

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think he's gonna help me

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mori too

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i always get a kick how they're always fucking apologizing for shit that is perfectly reasonable

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Your Boy のこと

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something's going around japan

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yeah, my dick

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is this you? why did you post this

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yah sorry im going around and im getting them all pregnant

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it's their fault for going out without masks

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he's blowing up!

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how common is this? jdrama and anime freq lists it as sub 4k but i'm suprised jisho doesn't list it as a common word unless they dont do that with slang

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very common. frequency lists are always deeply flawed

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i'm literally unable to guess any of these

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that's like top 10 in the gyaru jav freq list

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its the moon
maybe you just dont know her

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>sound like a native
oh to be a naive dkn in n5

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wanna eat misa's manko

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how come japs dont get shit for talking english like a fucking duck but whiteys do when it comes to nihongo

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cuz no one cares about english, the whore of the languages

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you got it backwards

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you only get shit on by other withoids, actual japs dont give a fuck.

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there's nothing more alpha than speaking a foreign language in the most obnoxious accent possible

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im an actual esl and i cant tolerate the pajeet pronunciation.

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holy fuck

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>search "learn japanese" on youtube
>filter by upload date
>listen to pajeets


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subaru only looks good with short hair

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subarus look good in blue and yellow

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hold up, thats illegal

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subaru looks good in claymation

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why the fuck do they upload on a language they can barely speak.
pajeet tube is the scourge of this earth.

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its their native language?
they dont speak hindi anymore down there and if they do every second word is replaced by an english one

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india doesn't have a national language retard

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doesnt change the fact that they grow up with english

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hate matt, love george

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did dolly die yet

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think this has something to do with getting obliterated by coco

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Not sure if I should make my own thread - does sexy/セクシー hold the same meaning as it does in English? I've seen various kids anime use it (links related - both are a "sexy" category of clothes/appeal moves) where it definitely at least means flirty and/or attractive, but since these shows are aimed at children so young, I have to wonder if it always holds the English meaning. I feel even natively "sexy" and "attractive" can be mixed up.

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what's the advantage of having conjugations and particles like in japanese vs just using more words like in chinese

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its less about sex and more about being good looking

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woah is calli really quitting

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Arigato my fellow weebs,

I just got done watch some lit isekai animes and want to learn Japanese. I already know the words hentai (porn), baka (idiot), and arigato (hello) so I’d say I’m off to a good start. If you’re wondering why I want to learn Japanese, it’s because I want my own harem full of real life waifus like Kirito. I need a resource that shows you how to flirt so I can pick up some hot asian chicks when I move to Japan.

So yea any help is welcome and appreciated

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Is 同じな、同じい or something else correct when using it in front of a noun?

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I've never posted on this board but so be it
I assume this is the thread where everyone tells faggots where to learn japanese and other shit
I'm been using Duolingo for like the past over +4 years, it was never something serious but I have done it daily
>inb4 you are retarded for doing it that long on duo
Don't care, did it anyways
Summing it up I lost the streak, and a few months ago I downloaded anki and the most recommended cards in the jp guides, but never did much of it because duolingo was taking its time instead
I can read hiragana and most of katakana (katakana not that much desu), and have the basics of the syntax (pretty similar to Spanish)
should I just switch up to anki and forget about duo?

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got what you need right here

>> No.34930700

you should start learning japanese now

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Been meaning to go to a language academy to do so but cannot do because of classes, which are at the same time the academy do theirs.
That's why I'm posting here
Also should've said that I'm not a major weeb so I do not consume a lot of media, its mostly just all videogames or doujinshi

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Just found this place on the r/LearnJapanese subreddit. Ready to start my Japanese learning adventure!

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Not sure if you're shit posting for bait. But just do tango n5 or a core deck, read tae kim and start immersing. 4 years of duo just to learn 私は赤いぺんです

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Welcome, friend!

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i hate men so much bros...

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I'll start learning japanese at university in september. I was about to do core2k but noticed that they posted a list of kanji they expect us to know for each semester (https://etudes-japonaises.unistra.fr/uploads/media/Kanji_Liste_S1_S6_2019_2020_v2.pdf). They expect us to know 1281 kanji in 6 semesters while the guide states that core2k takes about 3 months to complete. This looks like too much of a slow down. I could probably easily pass my exams by doing my own deck with this list but I want to learn, not just pass my exams (I'll stay at university for the free year in japan as an exchange student though). So I was wondering how compatible you think doing core2k would be with this list (since it seems to be isolated kanji study)? Should I use the RTK deck instead?

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me and moe crashing the thread

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>Not sure if you're shit posting for bait.
I'm not
Thanks for the recommendations tho

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fuck bros the vaccine really fucked me up
that one anon wasnt lying
i cant immerse feeling like this
its too late now.......

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why would you get a vaccine for a disease you have to get tested to even know you have it because there are no symptoms

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KKLC might be a bit more modern than RTK if you're going to do isolated study. Regardless, learning kanjis in a vacuum is probably going to feel very frustrating past a certain point. Learning vocabulary would be advisable, and ideally reading as soon as possible, as much as possible, perhaps using isolated study as a supplement.
Have fun in Strasbourg, I hear the city is great.

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which holos are these

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Have you ever learned a new fact in Japanese rather than in English?

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Current thread: #2857

Previous threads:
>>34917403 #2856
>>34902174 #2855
>>34889314 #2854
>>34877260 #2853
>>34866682 #2852
>>34854116 #2851

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all the time
especially because i read much more carefully in japanese whereas if was reading the same passage in english i would probably just 読み飛ばす it

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anilist bros...

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this is literally disgusting

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holy fuck then she cooks literal bugs fuck

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Maki Nishikino
Nico Yazawa

>> No.34931154

looks like matsuri and sora

>> No.34931155

moe a cute

>> No.34931216

yeah that's pretty heckin fast

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Let's add each other on MAL
add me https://myanimelist.net/profile/tatsumoto_ren
reply to this post with links to your MAL profiles

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I want to go with learning vocabulary but I'm afraid that if the association of kanji with vocabulary is too strong it might get in the way when I go back to do isolated study and end up being counter productive. Thank you, I heard many good things about it as well so I'm excited.

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sorry, i only use non-malware sites like kitsu.io

>> No.34931256

>I'm afraid that if the association of kanji with vocabulary is too strong it might get in the way when I go back to do isolated study

>> No.34931272

dunno about these posts but im enjoying the yuri images

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speaking of kitsu

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'bout to break 100 here

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>I'm afraid that if the association of kanji with vocabulary is too strong it might get in the way when I go back to do isolated study
I don't think this has ever been an issue for anyone in practice. Quite the opposite in fact: KKLC systematically offers kunyomi and onyomi vocabulary examples for each kanji, and suggests memorizing at least one of each, because knowing vocabulary helps tremendously with anchoring readings.
RTK gives you keywords that are unlikely to help you on a test anyway: you still have to learn vocabulary to get the readings afterwards.
Remember, kanji is just a writing system, Japanese children already know the vocabulary by the time they learn how to spell it!

>> No.34931423

Sorry if it's unclear, I don't know what I'm talking about, it's all speculations. If you learn through vocabulary you associate the meaning of kanji with the new words you learn but this meaning might not always correspond to the meaning of kanji when they're isolated. So learning one way and using the other one as a supplement could make them enter in conflict and be counter productive, that's what I thought.

>> No.34931434

not bad at all for 10 days

>> No.34931439

feeling fluent yet?

>> No.34931442


>> No.34931452

well good news, you're on the list, and your PC is mining coins for the owners.

>> No.34931454

no it helps a lot if you learn meanings and readings in isolation first. you may even be able to guess the meaning and reading of word when you see it the first time

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nothing wrong with eating bugs

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File: 793 KB, 1080x1527, 87160804_p1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I see, that's reassuring. Thanks for the help!

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depends on your skin color

>> No.34931582

no way lol. src?

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>> No.34931618

They're both right ...and wrong.

You don't need pitch accent in the beginning, don't overwhelm people who are starting out.
But at the same time, it's probably worth studying once you've graduated to the point where you're able to do active listening with ~70% comprehension.

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>> No.34931630

this is the intermediate thread

>> No.34931643

damn she wants them to be 真っ白

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is there a reason im understanding less of ichigo mashimaro then kill la kill or any other show with non baby characters. i feel special retarded

>> No.34931708


>> No.34931720

im native english i think i know what im saying retard

>> No.34931722

apparently not

>> No.34931747

lets fucking goooooooooo

>> No.34931750

>im native english i think i know what im saying retard
i dont believe you unless really dumb

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pausing my immersion for this.

>> No.34931761

these retards think bitch accent is real

>> No.34931766

aida mo naku

>> No.34931777

lets not

>> No.34931783

post your ebic collab stream proving vitch accent is real
triple echo and dialup internet noise

>> No.34931784

this is gonna be historical

>> No.34931790


>> No.34931795


>> No.34931796

listen to the triple lucky number 7 gods

>> No.34931805

Do you think it has anything to do with sex in those cases then, or is it possibly just a fun example of borrowing foreign words and having the meaning muddled?

>> No.34931825

historically bad lmao

>> No.34931836

glad i paused my immersion for this

>> No.34931841

glad i'm not watching one second of this

>> No.34931850

matt just yelled the n word through the stream echo

>> No.34931869

why would i watch people stream their opinions about japanese when i could be reading epic manga ftw

>> No.34931874

>open stream
>retarded boomer can't figure out a video call
>close stream
>open linnie

>> No.34931886

>skype password is missing or something
what a dork

wouldnt listen to a word of what he says

>> No.34931891

they just fixed it LETS GOOOO

>> No.34931895

let's go away

>> No.34931953

I mean it could be I'm not that familiar with those shows. It certainly seems to be about dressing more like an adult would in the first example.

>> No.34932080


matt coming through with the W

>> No.34932089

matt changing the game again how did anyone learn before he came along

>> No.34932102

learn common words
who would have thunk

>> No.34932106

i literally learned 10x faster after i watched my first matt vid

>> No.34932209

bros they're answering questions only in japanese

>> No.34932244

should i watch matto or fubuki

>> No.34932250


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her hat aint the only thing that stands out am I right fellas ???

>> No.34932281
File: 845 KB, 1576x962, wk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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lol i thought he elbow was her tit peeking out

>> No.34932304

wheres moe

>> No.34932319

is it possible that connor and gigguk havent seen a matto video

>> No.34932344

you guys prefer ecelebs or holos

>> No.34932347

Joey knows a lot about learning Japanese so they should listen to him instead right

>> No.34932352

ecelebs all the way

>> No.34932361

im gonna master pitch accent by shadowing korone

>> No.34932364

>new thread made way too early
>flooded with holoshit
yep its canadian pajeet posting hours

>> No.34932393


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File: 2.89 MB, 3024x4032, 37753315-02B8-48F0-B32B-1DBD6AB22493.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey anon-kun, having trouble with Japanese? Try the Nintendo method!

>2 games for studying kanji. They're made for native speakers so you know they're not padded with the stupid shit that crippled gaijin use
>1 game for studying Japanese in general, again it's for native speakers so no crippled shit that you don't need
>4 adventure games
>2 rpg's with lots of dialogue
>1 relaxing game with a heavy focus on interacting with the characters

If you are able to go through these then I guarantee you will not be a crippled gaijin. Try the Nintendo method.

>> No.34932401


>> No.34932409

>having trouble with Japanese?

>> No.34932427

you should really switch to ankidrone starter pack.

>> No.34932435

yeah switch to the ankidrone starter pack, you're guaranteed to be n3 after 10000 words

>> No.34932441


>> No.34932445

what do you think about parasocial relationships

>> No.34932451

bro start with something fun at least

>> No.34932456

i think it's immature soulless and gei

>> No.34932475

There are 7 fun games on this list and 3 enjoyable pieces of educational software on this list.

>> No.34932539
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bro idk this manga's kinda good imo...

>> No.34932558


>> No.34932576

is that beastars?

>> No.34932594

it's beastars 2 this time instead of carnivores vs herbivores it's humans vs animals with human faces vs animorphs

>> No.34932609

*walks in butt ass naked*

>> No.34932617

bros i just hit 上回る for the first time

>> No.34932623

*looks away blushing while trying to hide my boner*

>> No.34932633

nice boner homo lol

>> No.34932641

uhm, i was rping that u were a cute girl :/

>> No.34932669
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>> No.34932737

>Nintendo method
are the games free as in freedom? if not, there's no point.

>> No.34932788

got conquered by usa and indoctrinated by their propaganda

>> No.34932801

speeding up. reading a chapter in like 15-20 minutes now

>> No.34932811

reading at a 20k/hr native level

>> No.34932835


>> No.34932866

sigh he's back. threads felt so clean and pristine the past day or two.

>> No.34932910

sorry busy week. i have some time now but probably not for the rest of the week

>> No.34932918

launch all tripfriends into the sun

>> No.34932977

launch my foot up your ass

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dabbing on world-historical collabs

>> No.34932991

fake dab guy finally changed his filename

>> No.34932995

Matt is like quintessential midwit. I bet his IQ is dead middle for his ethnicity (Ashkenazi)

>> No.34932997


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dabbing on unsearchable filenames

>> No.34933013

nah matt definitely has the eloquence of a 130 iqer or above. people on 4chan suck at assessing iq for some reason

>> No.34933033

yeah whatever me and og r going to bed

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The Japanese are worse at English than you are at Japanese

>> No.34933063

Keep in mind he's in his mid-20s. If he was 14 maybe you could say he was eloquent but he's an adult.

>> No.34933065

no because they started with thousands of english words aquired

>> No.34933066

wonder what would happen if jamal and og were sleeping in a bed and i crawled between them (i'm obese)

>> No.34933068

damne feels good to be able to read hidden shit like this

>> No.34933079

this is how you view the world if your social life is watching youtube videos

>> No.34933098


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>> No.34933195

sarah weighs in on bitch accent

>> No.34933202


>> No.34933211

sarah obliterates the jojo localization

>> No.34933298

>Or perhaps do you look down upon people who speak English without a "perfect" accent?
yes, i do. i think everyone subconsciously does, including the people who might respond to this post insisting otherwise.

>> No.34933384
File: 1.19 MB, 1181x658, RwxadMi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34933387

learners should get harmed

>> No.34933400

good in action films, would be irritating to have a conversation with.

>> No.34933410

moe dislikes saras video

>> No.34933431

he could have been elected president on personal charisma alone

>> No.34933443

yea try leaving out confounding variables like charisma.

>> No.34933520

while you're subconsciously looking down on awnahld he's benching 450 and stealing any girl in your vicinity


>> No.34933534

arnold is like 100 now

>> No.34933560

still getting his dick sucked before you

>> No.34933578

dont care

>> No.34933584


>> No.34933634

youd rather pay some japanese to pretend to be your gf for 10 mins right?

>> No.34933651

i would never pay women for anything especially a nonwhite

>> No.34933667


>> No.34933753


>> No.34933760

what the fuck is she writing a novel or what. she doesn't even know japanese

>> No.34933792


>> No.34933832

immersed immersion

>> No.34933854

bros they just announced dq12 right as i opened that pekora link

>> No.34933913


>> No.34933945


>> No.34933977


>> No.34934122
File: 37 KB, 391x333, mil.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34934136

did you post this for no reason

>> No.34934138

why didn't you ask that of all the previous awful posts

>> No.34934149

is this a tranny

>> No.34934180

>screenshot of random twitter account for no reason
wtf was the point

>> No.34934186

why aren't you asking that of all the previous awful posts

>> No.34934201

b-b-b-but surely somebody else made a worthless post too why r u picking on me??

>> No.34934217

gonna need people to stop posting random twitter accounts

>> No.34934226

yea (jon pilbeam is not random)

>> No.34934234

yep figured you'd bitch out. say what your actual problem is next time instead of asking a retarded question that could apply to all other posts

>> No.34934251
File: 149 KB, 920x414, thanks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.34934255

sarah isnt a random account

>> No.34934258


>> No.34934260

you posted a screenshot of a random twitter account with no context. wtf do you think the issue is? what did you even post that for?

>> No.34934270

it's not sarah. it's some nobody

>> No.34934273

hes right there was nothing notable or interesting about that weirdo leftist tranny

>> No.34934275

i have a suspicion that moe is my cousin

>> No.34934277

there's nothing notable or interesting about sarah

>> No.34934288

possibly. i do have cousins

>> No.34934290

didnt read

>> No.34934298

alright we wont post sarah anymore if you dont post random trannies

>> No.34934304



>> No.34934306

just delete your shitty post instead of quadrupling down

>> No.34934331

is this an ai filter

>> No.34934368


>> No.34934369

you've had plenty of time to come up with some reason for why that post is different from others and you still haven't. i can't tell if it's because you're a pussy or you're stupid

>> No.34934371

how do I get through tae kim or any grammar guide without wanting to fall asleep
all I've been doing is watching [email protected] with jp subs and mining stuff I don't understand

>> No.34934376

how many anki cards you have?

>> No.34934385


>> No.34934393

you just wont read

>> No.34934406

wonder if this guy's a 12 year old or schizo >>34934369

>> No.34934415


>> No.34934424

im gonna be top 1% in a month or two. better at japanese than most you noobs

>> No.34934434

99% of people can't read katakana so that's saying nothing

>> No.34934439

alright i'll walk you through it. "i don't understand the point" is not a sufficient reason to want something removed above and beyond a sea of absolutely worthless posts. i know relevance is not your actual concern. it's something else but you're too stupid to articulate it. moe articulated his reason (doesn't like seeing trannies) and although he's a retard i can see where he's coming from.

>> No.34934445

i acquired ヌ last week im gonna make it

>> No.34934446

just say why you posted it dumbass

>> No.34934463


>> No.34934466

shut da fuck up

>> No.34934475

it's unfortunate half width japanese looks so bad

>> No.34934486

i hate moe so fucking much

>> No.34934495

no way i'm reading a post that long

>> No.34934501

i've realized that i'm already better than some of these "famous" guys


>> No.34934509

bitch accent is the least of his problems

>> No.34934520

i ain't talking about bitch accent

>> No.34934530

yea we're not talking about how ciaran talks

>> No.34934551

i like how he starts saying ノーティドッグ corrextly then gives up and says naughty dog

>> No.34934569

just read 緩急 as えんきゅう

>> No.34934572

read it as kankyuu (after looking it up)

>> No.34934573

best part is when he leans in to see if パッチ has a dakuten or handakuten

>> No.34934578

just discovered i get through cards almost twice as fast if i say the answer out loud

>> No.34934601

fairly sure i have never seen that kanji before

>> No.34934604

iyaaaaaah tanosikattazee

>> No.34934637


>> No.34934647

do core

>> No.34934666


>> No.34934682


>> No.34934701
File: 34 KB, 101x261, Lwn1Y8V.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ull know if this was meant 4 u

>> No.34934706

fuck you

>> No.34934708


>> No.34934714


>> No.34934715

>do core
dont care

>> No.34934721

love yourself

>> No.34934734

no point in doing a core deck if those are the words you see over and over again when you read anything

>> No.34934737
File: 369 KB, 869x769, average ajatter.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34934738

i think yomichan cards (as "animu cards") help you with the pitch thing if you do it like me

i always say the word out loud and then repeat it again after the audio

>> No.34934753

it's simply more efficient but if you want to suffer then do. people with brains will always choose the most efficient path

>> No.34934760

i have an eromanga sensei deck as well as an oreimo deck for this very purpose

>> No.34934764

how often can i really suspend cards in bigger anki decks? there's a bunch of technical jargon in here i really don't care to learn and it keeps getting in the way

>> No.34934765

>it's simply more efficient

>> No.34934799

if it's a bigger deck and you're going for 100% then who cares

>> No.34934806

>reading and looking up the dictionary every second and with the likelihood of having to look the same word more than once. the most frequent words being mixed between not so much frequent words making you more overwhelmed with that quantity of unknown words


>pressing one key and learning the most frequent words in order pretty quickly and without hassle taking advantange of zipf's law

you gotta be crazy to deny that the latter is more efficient

>> No.34934809

I think knowing when to suspend shit is a big part of making (bigger) anki decks actually useful.

>> No.34934818


>> No.34934824

oh i see, you have a learning disability. my bad

>> No.34934843

since you people parrot this acquire thing from krashen could you please, show me where krashen says that you can't acquire a word if you see its meaning in a setting that provides you with the context

as a matter of fact he says that you acquire a word when you understand what it means

comprehensible input

keyword: comprehensible

most decent decks have the context in the back of the card with audio and an example sentence

>> No.34934848

*please show

>> No.34934849

dont care about anything krashnerd says

>> No.34934851

which words should you learn first? you want to learn the ones that are most common in 1980s newspapers? how about whatever specific thing i'm reading. and since i want to learn those words, the ultimate technique is to simply look them up as you go.

>> No.34934855

>no point in doing a core deck if those are the words you see over and over again when you read anything
you need to assign it meaning because frequency alone doesn't mean anything

>> No.34934864

then why do you parrots his ideas? where do you think this acquire thing came from? it came from krashen, moebuta

matt and the ajatt folks parroted his shit and you are parroting them without even knowing this

>> No.34934866

>no point in doing a core deck if those are the words you see over and over again when you read anything

>> No.34934869

noooooo you have to use the iknow core6k anki deck

>> No.34934875

dont care about them either youre the one namedropping all these faggots i just know flashtards are pointless

>> No.34934876

all the greats used core 6k weve been over this

>> No.34934881

definitely never seen that kanji before

>> No.34934893

no point in installing anki

just look up a word once and you will permanently acquire it through contextualizing comprehensible input

>> No.34934894
File: 20 KB, 436x301, zipf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>which words should you learn first?
in order of frequency
it's the whole point

just the first 2k words are enough

>> No.34934896


>> No.34934912

but frequency of what. do you know how your core list was made? i'm guessing you're in high school or an idiot if you assume other people dont know basic stats bc you just learned it a month ago

>> No.34934915

i never said core2k. that was the other guy
there are other frequency decks out there, retard

>> No.34934927

yeah i'm holding the ultimate frequency list right now. and it expands one word at a time

>> No.34934954

then do it but stop flooding the thread with shit words that even nukemarine knows

imagine there was a daily english thread and someone went like:
>i learned the word "friendship"
>i learned the word "cap"
>i learned the word "sofa"

that's what you're doing

>> No.34934973

i learned the word flooding

>> No.34934981

yeah what we really need is a guy spending his last 20 posts complaining about "flooding"

>> No.34934997

getting mad at people learning japanese is the funniest running gag on djt

>> No.34935014

this is the intermediate thread

you belong here >>>/int/145686593

>> No.34935038

You can't afford video games? They're not even expensive.

Brazilians go to /int/djt

>> No.34935040


>> No.34935052

you should just accept oboeruguy. retarded getting mad every thread

>> No.34935053

newfags also go to /int/djt

>> No.34935055

Who cares? Just learn then and start reading books. If you actually learn Japanese then it doesn't matter where your first 2000 words came from because you're going to learn them all anyway at some point. Only loser faggots like you worry about shit like that because it helps you pretend your learning Japanese.

>> No.34935065
File: 152 KB, 531x387, E88BF0CF-B722-448E-8B10-278731767420.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34935072


>> No.34935099

keep up the spamming bros, us メンヘラ have better chances at making it

>> No.34935113

Why does it say burn?

>> No.34935126


>> No.34935128

WaniKani shit

>> No.34935156

What is the yoga card th plugin?

>> No.34935172

if you get a card right after a year it suspends it

>> No.34935183


>> No.34935192

jackie chun blows up the moon. wonder if they're gonna address this again

>> No.34935210

they went from training with 50 pound turtle shells to this.

>> No.34935240

og in djt

>> No.34935334


>> No.34935398

I've been learning japanese for a month and I already know that word.

>> No.34935406

she could kick any of ur fat asses

>> No.34935420

no you havent

>> No.34935428

cant wait to see a hundred more videos about bitch made accent on my explore page made by white insufferable dweebs lets h**king proceed

>> No.34935429
File: 19 KB, 609x464, screenshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes I have?

>> No.34935431


>> No.34935432

>created 2018
busted bro

>> No.34935437


>> No.34935438

explain to us how you're this retarded

>> No.34935442

that's a good one!

>> No.34935443

you are both wrong

>> No.34935448

What? I downloaded vncore a month ago.

>> No.34935450

june 22 comes around and i bet this guy finds a way to fail the card lol

>> No.34935453
File: 338 KB, 1369x1183, monobeno.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And that will still be better than you just learning the word today.

>> No.34935461

??? thats literally n6 why are you so incredulous

>> No.34935504
File: 919 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20210527-011221_Google.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34935568

i saw that joke on reddit haha

>> No.34935703

i'm getting raped by chinese. i'll ignore sound and just learn words as a sequence of character (using gwoyeu which encodes tone in the spelling) and then analyze the tone after i produce the spelling from memory like a robot

>> No.34935710

you just don't comprehend basic manners

>> No.34935712

we just told him about freq decks but he prefers to bore us with baby words

>> No.34935720

Anyone know where to find a 国語辞典 for the cell phone that can be viewed offline like Takoboto?

>> No.34935723

you don't need to larp in order to learn japanese

>> No.34935759
File: 79 KB, 600x600, 1612798125054.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i'm not larping anything
idk what shithole you're from, but that kind of thing is literally done in any civilised country

>> No.34935767

you do the same thing in england

>> No.34935808

all there is to being civilized is being fake and acting in a contrived manner? 面倒くさいね

>> No.34935821


>> No.34935844
File: 18 KB, 538x178, moon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


how often have you changed your japanese teacher /djt/?

>> No.34935847

He's Brazilian, it's to be expected from his kind. That's why Japanese people don't like Brazilians.

>> No.34935861

i tried taking private lessons once. it was ok but my teacher kept talking to me in english and not even about study advice or anything just small talk. i didn't want to be rude by asking for a new teacher so i just quit instead.

>> No.34935879

might do italki once im fluent but rn my kanji grid is still sub 6k so ive got a long way to go

>> No.34935883
File: 22 KB, 437x406, 02o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lol @ the guy who is obsessed with brazilians
we live rent free in his head

this dude is seeing brazilian ghosts everywhere

>> No.34935889

i doubt a brazilian would use the expression
>i get a kick

>> No.34935902

we are not one and we wont stop until every b*******n is kicked out of djt

>> No.34935908

I find it extremely interesting how 外国生まれの日本人 refers to both people like Utada Hikaru as well as Donald Keene. It really goes to show that Japan truly has that "one nation, one race" mentality like Aso Taro said.

>> No.34935913

Is there any app/websites which test reading speed?

>> No.34935917

you just proved his point nigger

>> No.34935937

dont care davido

>> No.34935938

no, i didn't. the post he was talking about isn't mine.

>> No.34935952

read a chapter on narou or something and then copy paste it into analcreams thing to get character count innit
you will never be japanese

>> No.34935954

>lol @ the guy who is obsessed with brazilians
>we live rent free in his head
Yes you did.

>> No.34935973

boring as fuck she's making the same retarded strawman argument that all the anti pitch people make
>wahhh you're ""obsessed"" with ""sounding literally native"" even though you never will lol

>> No.34935979

>you will never be japanese

>Article 10 of the Constitution of Japan defines the term "Japanese" based upon Japanese nationality. The concept of "ethnic groups" in Japanese census statistics differs from the concept applied in many other countries. For example, the United Kingdom Census queries the respondent's "ethnic or racial background", regardless of nationality. The Japanese Statistics Bureau, however, asks only about nationality in the census. The Government of Japan regards all naturalized Japanese citizens and native-born Japanese nationals with a multi-ethnic background as Japanese. There is no distinction based on ethnicity. There's no official ethnicity census data.

>Former Japanese Prime Minister Tarō Asō once described Japan as being a nation of "one race, one civilization, one language and one culture".

>> No.34935993

clearly sarah has never heard of shadowing, one of the most commonly practiced language learning techniques in the world.

>> No.34935998

yeah and that "one race" doesnt include you you honking malodorous whiteoid cunt

>> No.34936001

assimilate or gtfo

>> No.34936002

i'm brazilian

>> No.34936003

how does the first-person plural pronoun proves his point exactly?

i'm saying that we as a people live inside his dome to a point where he thinks everyone in this thread is brazilian. he keeps bringing brazilians up out of nowhere all the time.

>> No.34936010

>The Government of Japan regards all naturalized Japanese citizens and native-born Japanese nationals with a multi-ethnic background as Japanese.
Yes it does.

>> No.34936027

this is why we dont let brazilians in the intermediate djt

>> No.34936028

he is a gaijin on /djt/ too
his posts are sticking out like a sore thumb

>> No.34936029

>The Government of Japan regards all naturalized Japanese citizens and native-born Japanese nationals with a multi-ethnic background as Japanese.
Where does it say gaijin?

>> No.34936092

what in the god damn larp debate copypaste

>> No.34936108
File: 88 KB, 766x700, 1575827977252.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.34936166

>you have no citizenship
Yes I do.

>you have no skills that would make Japan ever want you
Yes I do, how else would I have gotten a visa?

>You are a shut-in
I wasn't until the pandemic hit

I love myself

>spending years of your life learning a globally useless language to a first-grader's level was a worthwhile use of your time
You have to speak higher than a first graders level to get citizenship, nice try reatard.

>> No.34936178

damn this beats the qm classic 3 line cope post not reading a single line of this shit

>> No.34936184

it's not like you knew how to read anyway

>> No.34936192

big win for uppercasing citizenship guy

>> No.34936194

this nigga just replied seriously to a huge copypasta

>> No.34936195

didnt know ruka still posts but without his trip

>> No.34936206
File: 316 KB, 747x776, 1570264588196.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Then why do my coworkers always ask me to get lunch with them? Why do I always get invited to drinking parties? Why does the old lady on my floor always bring by homemade foods and smoked cheese?

>> No.34936207

just realized that caucasians are technically asians too

>> No.34936230

i think i've underestimated the isekai genre

>> No.34936235


>> No.34936237
File: 436 KB, 500x566, 798800edbab0983ddd35af3eaca1ebfc.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.34936239

is it ruka? i can't tell trip fags apart

>> No.34936245

the isekai is paradise
its like going to heaven in christianity

it is pure bliss

>> No.34936246

what makes you say that

>> No.34936266

ankiniggers were right
auto ease factor and auto lapse new interval really hitten

>> No.34936287

>really hitten

>> No.34936301


>> No.34936305


>> No.34936312

damn you are waking up to the truth

>> No.34936327

cant believe i learn 4800 words in hiragana just to get hit in the face with the fact that any adult manga doesnt have furigana
fucking gonna kms unironically

>> No.34936333

they should make an isekai show about a djter but when he gets hit by the truck or whatever the isekai he wakes up in is just japan

>> No.34936343

>cant believe i learn 4800 words in hiragana
why would you do that lmfao fucking retard

>> No.34936348


>> No.34936349

don't worry >>34925022

>> No.34936352

plot twist: its feudal japan and he understands nothing

>> No.34936357

plot twist: its ciaran that gets isekai'd

>> No.34936358

i change my opinion

>> No.34936362

would kms if i got isekai'd into one of ciaran's retarded jidaigekis

>> No.34936364

i just did a memrise core10k deck and didnt think more about it
i wish

>> No.34936374
File: 994 KB, 2086x2044, 1577222692026.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

quit the deck, start watching jp-subbed anime
you can still make it anon

>> No.34936377

damn they're starting to add english subs now

>> No.34936393

damn big win for the hololive en subbed clip posting trash taste guy

>> No.34936395


>> No.34936410

it's easy to recover
just read a shounen manga. you'll be provided with plenty of furigana right next to the kanji

if you truly learned those 4.8k words then you'll pick up the words in their kanji format pretty quickly

>> No.34936415





>> No.34936419


>> No.34936421
File: 174 KB, 1440x2535, 1622111033508.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this guy is so fucking annoying

>> No.34936424

>if you truly learned those 4.8k words
he didnt

>> No.34936429


>> No.34936438

great voice

>> No.34936440

provide a clip of him speaking japanese in his regular voice please

>> No.34936448

this is why u start with nukige, so u know whats up

>> No.34936458

i used to be angry at kana-chan
but he made me realize that knowing how to read words in their kana format is truly knowing them. if i'm having trouble reading a word written in hiragana that means i'm relying on the kanji clues to guess its meaning

>> No.34936465

that doesnt mean you should learn them in hiragana first lol

>> No.34936475

where are these pictures from? you see them everywhere

>> No.34936485


>> No.34936493

how do i bounce back from being filtered twice

>> No.34936519


>> No.34936522
File: 3 KB, 218x84, c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

don't worry, my cards are written in kanji

>> No.34936534

tru tru

>> No.34936544

i want to kill myself now too, what the fuck is wrong with him

>> No.34936603


what the fuck

>> No.34936621

mined 曹操

>> No.34936685
File: 266 KB, 1080x834, 1622017854365.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

found jamals mom

>> No.34936700

lmao is that on the official resource pack website or did someone else make it

>> No.34936703
File: 920 KB, 1202x676, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.34936731

>normal name and not something like stylisha nichols
>subtitled video, she presumably speaks chinese fluently
>one of the ultra rare good looking black women
>good at makeup and supposedly has it as her "hobby"
yeah id gf her

>> No.34936754


>> No.34936761

>one of the ultra rare good looking black women
she looks like its painted on

>> No.34936769

*walks in with the sound of my 8x6 echoing across the room from slapping against my thighs with every step i take*

>> No.34936789

yeah (8x,6)* is a good siteswap

>> No.34936824
File: 83 KB, 1600x900, i2PcM2z.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

uh oh

>> No.34936844

the brazilian that used it doesnt know what it means either

>> No.34937049


>> No.34937054

leave him alone its cute when esls use slang wrong

>> No.34937061

boomers unite ftw lol

>> No.34937077

sick of this shit lol

>> No.34937080

aint gonna be banished from my own thread by third world scum

>> No.34937137

cute pussy

>> No.34937141


>> No.34937160
File: 156 KB, 1280x1280, 1622114846945.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34937209

dont post sluts 1st thing in the got dang morning

>> No.34937213
File: 38 KB, 719x708, 1622115122028.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.34937265

暗記 mined
is this it? is this why its called anki

>> No.34937290

cant figure that one out on ur own?

>> No.34937342

had doritos for breakfast

>> No.34937350

based, fuck breakfast

>> No.34937356

the most japanese man in djt

>> No.34937370

never eat breakfast
starting the day off with a nice lunch

>> No.34937388

id barf if i had to eat something within 30 minutes of waking up

>> No.34937391

americans be like just a light snack to keep me going
*chugs multiple gallons of diarrhea*

>> No.34937410

what does badlandschugs eat for breakfast

>> No.34937425
File: 2 KB, 214x52, pain.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.34937436

bad morning breath?

>> No.34937441

i eat rice + natto + raw egg every morning for those japanese gains

>> No.34937464
File: 246 KB, 640x426, external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]





>> No.34937580

only if he cut that bag open into a plate with scissors and ate it with chopsticks

>> No.34937635

while sitting on the floor

>> No.34937671

Love miso soup and rice for breakfast. Not a fan of the natto though, I know it's healthy but I can't get used to it.

>> No.34937745

don't mine so i don't have to deal with anything

>> No.34937750
File: 90 KB, 956x716, 234432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

okay, this is art!

>> No.34937758

less go

>> No.34937763

What's wrong with names? If you're using a sentence it has a name in it, so what? Put furigana if you can't remember how to say it.

>> No.34937796
File: 58 KB, 193x133, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yep still hate japan

>> No.34937799

thats the problem i cant remember the reading.
you're smart thanks

>> No.34937828

Yeah, I have furigana sometimes in anki you can even make it appear only when you hover over it if you want. But it's OK if you don't know how to say the name, the name isn't the FACT on the sentence card, is it? It only matters if you know the meaning/reading of the fact you're trying to learn.

>> No.34937832

last one is cute desu

>> No.34937871


>> No.34937873


>> No.34937933

yeah im just gonna put furigana on them but then ill just ignore the kanji so i might as well write them in kana

>> No.34937939

i put any new name i come across in a manga in a notepad file so i can reference it while reading cause it's literally impossible to remember it

>> No.34937956

names are only useful if they're assigned a face

>> No.34938048

wtf we're only on page 6 dude chill

>> No.34938050

japanese the manga way

>> No.34938055

on it bossman

>> No.34938066

Yeah I was going to suggest this:
But then do start reading and get a grammar dictionary to keep on hand.

>> No.34938076


it's grammar dude nothing is gonna make it exciting outside of you actually consuming some nihongo and learning it from there

>> No.34938089

why did u put a space between the post number you retarded faggot

>> No.34938130

lmfao the horse one

>> No.34938152

i remember when i used to think abt uma thurman and be like haha u know whatd be fucked up・・

>> No.34938154

japan needed another nuke

>> No.34938166
File: 507 KB, 4608x2592, nuke.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34938191


>> No.34938199

hope more of them pick up this game

>> No.34938206

i change it to a name that i already know like 花子 or 田中 for example

>> No.34938233

which rule violation do i choose?

>> No.34938251


>> No.34938280

I finally read my first novel in Japanese after 11 months (self.LearnJapanese)

submitted 17 hours ago by TheLegend1601

Altough I have read shorter books before (like 星の王子さま) I never really tried a novel. So I just decided to get ハンガー・ゲーム (which has around 100000 words) for kindle around 3 weeks ago and read it on most days from then on until today, it took me around 28 hours. I finally finished the last 4 chapters today and the benefits of reading it are unbelievable.

My kanji knowledge skyrocketed. I really sucked in the beginning, but it got better and better over time with more reading and more exposure to the language. Really helped a lot.

I was also able to increase my reading speed by a fair bit as well as my grammar knowledge.

My vocabulary also increased noticeably. I looked a lot of stuff up (that's why it took me so long to get through) and mined some sentences (290 in total). I also recognized quite a few words from the novel in the wild while watching anime, which was also quite nice for getting them into long term memory. I acquired quite a few words through context and repeatedly looking them up.

That's why I plan to start reading a lot more, especially light novels. I hope to finish two to three light novels until the beginning of July (1 year mark). This huge success helped me to really understand the power of reading. It was also a lot of fun and sometimes quite a challenge, but my comprehension increased with more and more reading.

Also feel free to leave your experience in the comments! How has reading affected your ability?

>> No.34938286

and nobody post an alternative thread and post in it so mods are more likely to delete the advertising one. we need to eliminate early posting, even if we fail and just let the iraqi advertise.

>> No.34938313

that guy is an ajatter tho not a genkifag

>> No.34938334

i know its retarded but i laughed at this

>> No.34938377

do not browse djt at 3am

>> No.34938378
File: 79 KB, 400x224, file.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i can imagine og is a lot like marge

she carries around a copy of mein kampf that talks to her in hitlers voice

>> No.34938379

haven't even smiled yet

>> No.34938390

war crimes

>> No.34938411

the only rule breaking going on is the faggots in this thread telling others to report it. That is quite literally a violation of the rules.

>> No.34938420

if i saw minirapist getting eaten alive by a pack of dogs not only would i not help him, i'd pull up a lawn chair and enjoy the show

>> No.34938432

did jamal comment on berserk never getting an ending

>> No.34938447

seethe abdul you dirty fuck

>> No.34938458
File: 2.33 MB, 440x624, 16136136.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34938480

no, you illiterate fuck. the rule is that you can't reply to a thread or post that you've reported it

do you think the mere mention of "report" is a crime in here or something?

>Replying to a thread stating that you've reported or "saged" it, or another post, is also not allowed.

>> No.34938484

i prolly said thats a lot like how real life is in general

>> No.34938497

>So I just decided to get ハンガー・ゲーム
>english book in japanese
every time

>> No.34938583


>> No.34938619

if no one goes to that retarded thread and ill make a better one once we hit page 10

>> No.34938629

not if i make 1 first

i think a return of daily japanese thread #69 is in order

>> No.34938647

>use (something) to bad effect or for a bad purpose; misuse.

learn what words mean before replying to me

>> No.34938696

abuse this
*unzips dick*

>> No.34938725

damn bros first longcat goes and then miura whats the point

>> No.34938748

just wait until he finds about the hungry caterpillar guy

>> No.34938758

telling people to report a rule-breaking thread is not abusing the reporting system

>> No.34938779

i really watched 2 seasons of this shitty as yuru yiri piece of garbage anime

>> No.34938794

but thats a 10/10 anime?

>> No.34938815
File: 427 KB, 234x452, 1597381983906.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34938828


>> No.34938844

have you not seen moe's mal?

>> No.34938858

yuru yuri isnt good but it coulda been worse

>> No.34938871

kind of crazy how much anime hes watched

>> No.34938891

anything with yuru in the title is prime diarrhea

>> No.34938898

im friends with this guy on mal that has 850 days but doesnt speak japaense. he couldve literally been fluent 750 days worth of watching anime ago

>> No.34938931

he only understood 20% of it though so it doesn't count

>> No.34938959

send me the jlist link to this

>> No.34938990


>> No.34939044

linnie guy's haul was better

>> No.34939076
File: 506 KB, 1536x2048, garyben.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.34939078


>> No.34939113

Here's an easy song for everyone to learn.

>> No.34939121

how old is he

>> No.34939130

immersion time!

>> No.34939208

wow japan so beautiful

>> No.34939235

too poor to afford one

>> No.34939312

*immerses javelin missile up ass and pulls the trigger*

>> No.34939344

>Is it 1 or 2month ? I don’t remember. But my recent teacher really helps me with the way she teach with both digital + voice and practice conversations. I hope this one long last.
maybe she should learn english first haha

>> No.34939345

this but for japanese

if you know japanese you know what im talking about

>> No.34939347


>> No.34939352

Found 魑魅魍魎 in Steins:Gate
Been awhile since I last saw this one. Looks cool

>> No.34939363

i must have seen this dozens of times and i still never remember it. guess its cause i dont use anki lol

>> No.34939382

no, youre retarded

>> No.34939398

Stood out because I never remember it either. At least it had furigana so it was easy to look up

>> No.34939427

saw it once in a youtube video and a second time in mogu mogu yummy and never got it wrong since

>> No.34939446

i have never read a book, or novel or whatever the fuck in english ever. do you think i can still get to the same level in japanese without all of that shit? i just wanna watch lets plays bros...

>> No.34939486
File: 725 KB, 1500x1072, 1615979530464.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no, youre retarded

>> No.34939552

shut da fuck up you stupid bitch

>> No.34939598


>> No.34939605

u have shit taste in youtubers

>> No.34939628

lold @ the dolly sub

>> No.34939630

>abroad in japan
and whatever the actual fuck this is, bro ur disgusting

>> No.34939631

ive never subscribed to a youtuber in my life

>> No.34939662

Me either, if something requires me to login due to age or whatever I just get out the good old youtube-dl.

>> No.34939668

why are japanese learners so cringe?
i'm in a weeb and japanese unrelated discord server and some person joined starting to drop some romaji sentences and saying hes learning japanese
it's awful, who the fuck cares? you're an eternal beginner and your badly spelled romaji arigatou ohayou phrases aren't japanese

>> No.34939673

cant wait for my ear thingy to arrive and clean that wax out

>> No.34939684

wow hes got 586k views

>> No.34939693

why don't you say that to him instead of us pussy bitch

>> No.34939724

u live in melbourne?

>> No.34939732

i did lol don't project

>> No.34939793

why do esls keep using projecting without knowing what it means

>> No.34939835

it was a vid i uploaded for a friend cba dealing with weirdos here finding him on fb or some shit

>> No.34939847

hold on running a dns check on his ip to retrace the node server and get his address

>> No.34939851
File: 53 KB, 223x909, subs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34939897

>the madajatter
>barely ajatt's
whats all of that about

>> No.34939919

imagine if the anime was as good as the op

>> No.34939990

>To assume qualities or mindsets in others based on one's own personality.

where did we use it wrong?

>> No.34940028

What way do they use it?

>> No.34940060


>> No.34940069

>used to draw attention to a joke or amusing statement, or to express amusement.

what is amusing about those posts?

>> No.34940203

any good javs?

>> No.34940252

boku no pico

>> No.34940270


>> No.34940292

this is comprehensible
finna bust a nut to this brb

>> No.34940312

angl*ids are so fucking dumb that they think a concept like "projection" is exclusive to english when the concept wasn't conceived by a angl*id...

they really aren't sending their best.

>> No.34940332

u guys got ppp on ur dicks?

>> No.34940666

nice thread

>> No.34940697

sure do

>> No.34940710

bros is he gonna make it

>> No.34940747


>> No.34940757

kinda stopped watching javs and switched to gravure

>> No.34940767

at that age, yes

>> No.34940805

based, are you paying for it?

>> No.34940826

why are u so cynical

>> No.34940843

if he was watching anime i would said yes

>> No.34940879


>> No.34940905

uh no i've never paid for anything digital in my life

>> No.34940912


>> No.34940958

if it were a non-asian kid i'd say he's gonna burn out way before he gets to anywhere

>> No.34940998

obviously tatsumoto wrote this lol

>> No.34941002 [DELETED] 
File: 41 KB, 330x440, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34941005

imagine being a kid and you are already motivated to learn japanese but you havent even seen all the truly motivating degenerate content japan makes

>> No.34941020

what was this

>> No.34941032

i woulda started learning japanese when i saw these threads on /a/ years ago but it looked too hard luckily im still only 18 so im probs gonna make it

>> No.34941055

yeah those kanji of the day ops were really intimidating haha

>> No.34941065


>> No.34941077


>> No.34941088

fuck u bunko u made me nut on my white sheets

>> No.34941089

100 bucks hes already wanking it to hentai on that laptop

>> No.34941095


>> No.34941099

not based
gravure is quality content that actually takes time, money, and skill to produce

>> No.34941109

mushoku tensei is boring

>> No.34941123

yeah someone's gotta pay for all those bouncing balls

>> No.34941162

muimi tengay

>> No.34941164

u couldn't be more wrong

>> No.34941166

the migaku browser extension + netflix renders the mpv script shit irrelevant. a literal genuine one click solution for card making now exists. it's over for djt.

>> No.34941191

how do i set up conditional formatting on anki to where if there's an x in a misc field, a vocab field will appear on the front of a card, and if there isn't an x, a sentence field will appear on the front of a card

>> No.34941196

do u think tyosins gonna get a anime ed soon


i see it happening my boys gonna make it

>> No.34941198

not paying for netflix and not making cards

>> No.34941201

djt moved away from sentence cards

>> No.34941209

yeah but then you gotta run 2 botnets at 1 (presumably on top of your botnet os)

>> No.34941215

got a 0 click system called listening

>> No.34941228

don't bother with that shit
the less effort you spend on retardcards the better

>> No.34941279

look into fallback cards

>> No.34941664

why is garyben so fucking obsessed with yugioh holy shit man seek help

>> No.34941666


>> No.34941717

it looks like bloated garbage

>> No.34941743

>three threads
kill you'reselves

>> No.34941756

we reported the other thread

>> No.34941783

ur supposed to make the new thread on page 10 bud

>> No.34941796

one thread was made by miniyoga who put his "free" guide in the op which has stuff locked behind his patreon.
its basically advertising

plus he uses an rss script that notifies him whenever a new thread is made so he can shill his website in one of the first posts

>> No.34941814


>> No.34941834

it ends up being slower overall because of the bitcoin miner he put in it

>> No.34941861

the migaku extensions with netflix works great unless the anime u want to watch isnt on netflix in which case get fucked haha

>> No.34941881

im pretty sure it works on anything with subtitles

anyways, the only thing worth touching from yoga is the dictionary and it's free which is nice

>> No.34941927

yoga's dictionary feels cumbersome

>> No.34941936

the only good thing fat fuck yoga has made is the pitch color coding function

>> No.34941975

real world japanese doesnt have pitch colors
dont get used to something unnatural or youll be perma crippled

>> No.34941987

thanks for stabbing my brain with your idiotic post

>> No.34941988

stevijs says pitch colors are a great thing

>> No.34941989

autistically worrying about pitch accent unless you're N0 is pointless because you're always going to sound like a white pig speaking jap

>> No.34941990

i've been using it since it came out but it's definitely a bloated piece of shit


>> No.34941999

fuck netflix and fuck migayku

>> No.34942002

the 2 options arent sounding like complete shit and sounding like a native, theres a whole range inbetween

>> No.34942008

imagine being this fucking stupid lol
>real world japanese doesn't have pitch numbers don't get used to something unnatural lol

>> No.34942015

no there really is not

>> No.34942023

sorry i assumed you had an iq above 80 when i made my post, carry on

>> No.34942040

ignore him. on djt you can eviscerate someone in a few words but they'll just play stupid to avoid having to confront that

>> No.34942057


>> No.34942066

retards memorizing colors and numbers when you just need to listen more

>> No.34942072

your pitch is fucking dogshit

>> No.34942081

2 weeks behind on anki

>> No.34942087

298 weeks less than me

>> No.34942101


>> No.34942107

thankfully i learned a musical instrument as a kid
retards that cant hear pitch changes are ngmi

>> No.34942112


>> No.34942115

instantly knew what this meant, i spend too much time here

>> No.34942128


>> No.34942138

why was the first half of the thread just holoniggers and beginners posting is djt dead

>> No.34942145

matt says you can acquire some basic pitch through lots of listening but you'll always make a ton of mistakes if you don't deliberately study it. he pointed out lots of mistakes in george's pitch in an example video, but also pointed out that george got the pitch right for the majority of the words.

>> No.34942156

it canadian holochugger spamming

>> No.34942177
File: 177 KB, 292x366, niggy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>matt says

>> No.34942181


>> No.34942198

that was a glimpse of what a good djt thread could be like
now its just people coping and seething

>> No.34942246


>> No.34942380

cuz threads get made early and holoshits samefag it up until the last thread is dead

>> No.34942391


>> No.34942440


>> No.34942515


>> No.34942566
File: 10 KB, 479x314, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34942677


>> No.34942981


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