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more hen na waku

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Not just any hennawaku, but a NOT SONZAI utawaku.

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holy shit

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>Kaze no sakana enka ver.

Sasuga Winning Son. As expected of a NOT SONZAI stream

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Astel's teammates for Hal's custom are Bosna and Seto Miyako.


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seaweed finally doing networking reps

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dodgeball training for the eventual stars vs. 774 match seen Anko play it, looks pretty fun

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https://youtu.be/zROK8P43vVo enter ranked hell

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Robechan's original outfit Live2D model sure had quite the stealth update on his lower and side angles today.

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quite the improvement, the giraffe neck is gone

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Thank you for confirming my suspicion, anon. Been too tired to feel confident in my observations.

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Someone on twitter also made a comparison video so rest assured, our observations have been confirmed. It's the same face rigging as the NY outfit's too.

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Got a link to it?

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Here's the one going around:

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You're the best, thank you.

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He went smug too soon

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Aruran playing APEX with Ollie right now.

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Game looks fun, from afar, it looks like Apex but with much less autism

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More of Seaweed's networking reps, this time for TRPGs

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The resident Cover insider strikes again!

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About time he gets to them, just hope he won't drop them halfway.
Lol Ollie told Aruran about how she and Iofi divorced because of Astel and how he is a bad boy because of that, poor seaweed.

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Astel gifted them the marriage champion in the first place. He then realized how messy the family tree would get, and even worse, how Aruran would become his father-in-law, so he promptly took steps to get the divorce champion in order.

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sorry son, but I much rather watch you play this than splatoon

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Not like Ollie will tell Aru that.
I still laugh when I think abou that tho.

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I didn't notice bossu has been streaming twst for an hour because no one is talking about him...

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Roberu member only

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Join the discord server and just use it as notifs if you don't want to engage with the people there.
(Works better than YT notifs imo)

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any juicy bits?

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Nah, it ended up being just a couple minute long stream where he tested his mic settings.

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I didn't post his vid since the kind of games he played yesterday and today are not my jam, and I thought someone else would do it.
But if I am awake when he starts, I will make sure to also post his links next times.

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Some migabis
https://streamable.com/5aaf6q one of the many FF14 is life moments
https://streamable.com/nayu6z seaweed meets his match
https://streamable.com/36p97o taking a pic with pekora
https://streamable.com/l326xh accessorizing pekora

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that peko cosplayer is so IMAGINE-size tier

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SetoMiya is a pretty solid Gibby player. But I really don't know much about Bosna.
I hope Astel has a good time at least

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> https://youtu.be/Fw5VjtvWvNo
That Animare dodgeball is getting closer by the day

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This game fits yurustars well even if they cant sabotage one another for the usual yuru death fest, I missed the streams yesterday and it looks a lot more fun than I thought it would be.
It's funny whenever I feel like doing linking I never get to do any of Bossus streams, out of everyone he has a consistent poor timing for est.

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> https://youtu.be/wIvrf19nAPM
Bossu MH Special Watchalong, hence the weird start time

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Another really nice cover from the old man, shame it's members only

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Seems like everyone is making an effort lately to have member incentives, dont blame them, for Rikka songs are a good idea. Ill have to pick up Arus and Rikkas at some point to listen in.

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If my ears heard it right, we'll apparently be getting a ShiKaKu monhun collab tomorrow

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I had no idea that group played monhun together, Ive missed each one, I hope I can actually catch this new one, Valstrax is a really fun monster. Astel seems pretty excited too so I hope that he ends up doing another monhun stream that could become a collab session.

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Astel pov seems to be late but here are the two others for the apex practice meetup

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Apex practice meetup

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I said it was a shame more or less because I see membership as a way to support them without expecting anything special so there's some menshi content I wish would be publicly available for everyone to enjoy. But yeah from their perspective I understand why they do it.

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astel, please don't sperg out infront of miyako

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Hopefully this will be the beginning of him getting invited to more customs and broadening his connections. It's about damn time.

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Nothing is even happening but I feel nervous for Astel for some reason?

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Son"s sched for tomorrow

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This team is nice, they're good in close combat. Astel usually shines from afar but he's doing fine here

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Bosna's voice is fucking smooth! Really nice to listen to.

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They're coordinating pretty nicely since everyone knows what to do individually. The mood is really nice as well, everyone is chatting freely

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Uoooh shota knight

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These three are scary together.

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Bosna already sent in their team name for tomorrow but doesn't want to share it yet. I wonder what it is, something like AsBoMi?

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>The legendary 24hr zatsudan
I still hold hope that he'll do another one this year, maybe make it an annual tradition...

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Their comp is incredible. They're sitting on a 4 win streak in BR. I hope they do really well!

>> No.34926577

And they're just fucking around in unranked. I kneel.

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Aru is taking some mallows to read for the other part of his celebration stream, if you ever wanted to send something in it is theme free if Im reading correctly.

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If Holostars's gonna have more members in the future, I hope Tsubamama will design one of them.

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Which Holostars have their foreskins intact?

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Shut the fuck up for once.

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Just ignore and hide

>> No.34929835

You don't control me, foreskin haver.

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Only Miyabi

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As much as I like kusogaki AIM, Astel really benefits from having a good defensive player/gibby main who can actually cover his ass when he decides to go ham.

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>The prevalence of circumcision is the percentage of males in a given population who have been circumcised. The rates vary widely by country, from virtually 0% in Honduras and Japan (...)

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A whole year and still, Boss is never going to get it fixed at this point.

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Temma English studying Day 28

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God I miss Kira so much

>> No.34931014

morning monhan soon

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"Fuck you man, Astel."- Temma, 2021

>> No.34931069

Bit rude to bring up Astel unprompted like that but worth it for more cute knight fuck you's.

>> No.34931286

Agreed, but at least this time it was because of something related to Temma, unlike with Papa where it didn't have anything to do with him, so I think it's a bit more forgivable.

>> No.34931393

Lots of shota knight lore this free talk

>> No.34931443

Which Holostars are misogynist?

>> No.34931509

Today Temma was cute once again.

>> No.34931647

Hiyamaru love!

>> No.34931654

Gyaru Temma...

>> No.34931702

Holy shit that's hot.

>> No.34931810

>unlike with Papa

>> No.34931989

Is there really a time when Temma isn't cute?

>> No.34931999

During Aru's last Apex stream a lot of people were spamming that Ollie wanted to play with him (probably viewers from Ollie's chat as she herself mentioned that she would like to play with someone) and later there were also a lot of people bringing up Coco ('cause Ollie and Arusan started using japanglish), Iofi and Astel (probably due to their recent collab with Ollie), which Arupapa wasn't too happy about: https://twitter.com/arurandeisu/status/1397505085161164801
Not to mention the idiots who constantly bring up Coco and meme review when Papa does a meme stream.

>> No.34932151

Man these people are a poison, and the fact that they don’t even know it makes it even worse
I might just be overreacting but it makes me sad that these morons take up such a large part of their viewership, and they can’t even do anything about a lot of it since it’s hard to get stuff through to them

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Oga monhun

>> No.34932326

https://streamable.com/zrpmds this was too funny

>> No.34932406

Is Oga really new to MonHun? I heard that somewhere but haven't been able to cofirm.
Just curious 'cause I find it funny how his playstyle combines the styles of the three "schools" of GS.

>> No.34932429

He played world a bit

>> No.34932455

You can see in his first Monster Hunter Rise demo stream that he is really new. Shien had to really carry him.

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Son's baseball stream. Either they got pseudo Konami perms for unmonetized streams or it's only for just power pro. Might see a lot of this game from the other Holo talents, especially Roberu if we're using Niji as a reference.

>> No.34932581

It's been really fun watching his gs progress, you can tell he is still new to the series overall, still hasnt really included tackle into his playstyle but he has improved. Its refreshing in a way seeing someone use the basic sword combo so much.

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File: 788 KB, 1920x1080, imaginary powerpro.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A big step up from when he had to make his own game with only the power of his imagination and drawing skills https://youtu.be/Uxl0EHPxKxI

>> No.34934638

More like a big step down. His imaginary galge is still the best galge out there.

>> No.34936205

> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoH90Pnx7YU
It feels like rollercoaster with Holostars schedule lately with stacked days and void like today. It may be even more true since tomorrow is Friday with the usual simultaneous streams and weekly utawakus.

>> No.34936558

Definitely, the fact that he pretty much combines all the styles of the GS and does pretty in spite of having little experience with each is pretty surprising, not to mention refreshing as you said, since very to the usual playstyle.

>> No.34936627

Astel on Bosna's stream

>> No.34936648

> https://youtu.be/q3WqLErbAnA
The occasional ShiKaKu collab with Bossu's POV here

>> No.34937339

> https://youtu.be/6Gn4UMnWqxA
A bit early, but you may have a chance to play with Papa if Monhun is your thing

>> No.34937501

His view is finally up but they're just watching pakael because they just got taken out by his team

>> No.34937528

Have the custom matches started?
Or is this just unranked and they happened to run into Pakael

>> No.34937546

They ran into Pakael's team in unranked, they were chatting in his chat as well, saying "That Wraith/Gib/BH" was me. It was pretty cute

>> No.34937553

The latter.

>> No.34937606

The also spoilered Pakael's chat since it had a 3 minute delay.

>> No.34937941

At least, my son is here and singing while saving me from the APEX and Monhun fiends

>> No.34937977

Why is astel's squad named Vtuber and gorilla?

>> No.34938024

I think it's something to do with Bosna? He plays DK in marika

>> No.34938284

So many gorillas...

>> No.34938454

Why did he push? He's got kraber no?

>> No.34938624

He's a bloodthirsty idiot, he needs to have a proper shotcaller reign him in

>> No.34938667

This is isn't the Astel general you know

>> No.34938695

It's up to you to discuss stars related activity that you want to see

>> No.34938749

Great b8 anon you really got me there

>> No.34938795

Anon, have you not seen these threads whenever temma is streaming?

>> No.34938840

Bosna... Miyako... Please control the seaweed...

>> No.34939207

Will Astel's team stop getting taken out by the eventual champion after cornering them?

>> No.34939240

No. At this point I'm convinced that it's some sort of shitty superpower of his, that whichever team beats his goes on to take Champion in that round.

>> No.34939337

Love waking up to more monhun.
Its easy to just metapost anon, try a discussion about who you like. Astel is one of the most popular stars and its easier to chatpost about apex, I'm happy to see interest in the boys. We seem to have a lot of lurkers so your post may cause some to reply, it may not, its just how threads work.
I'm still confused by how that turned out, I'm guessing after the split people felt more comfortable coming out of lurking. One of the other kishimen from presplit doesnt even seem to post here any more.

>> No.34939642

Astel is on the big screen!

>> No.34939674

Even HAL had to ask whose username that is.

>> No.34939899

At least he showed off some good fights even when solo, everyone was impressed

>> No.34939938

Ohnoe i missed it, was it on astels stream?

>> No.34939956

On astel's stream and Hal's stream, he had a really good showing in round 3

>> No.34939973

ShibuHal praising seaweeds growth since January's tournament was really cute.

>> No.34940184
File: 198 KB, 360x370, 6pm minecraft curse.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

inspired by the bar closed edit

>> No.34940250

The RAG thing was half a fucking year ago?

>> No.34940309

more like a 1/3 year ago but yes time sure flies watching the stars' activities

>> No.34940315

Oga monhun (again)

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File: 80 KB, 1081x1080, Ezpf3CaVcAccFTE-orig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I thought today was an off day but no, he really is skipping minecraft again... Migabi why

>> No.34940465

Enter Seaweed

>> No.34940627

huge grass

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File: 86 KB, 715x531, 7CFB7E4F-9602-4DF3-A4E6-821540F2D8F2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don’t mind if I do

>> No.34942182

After his earlier tweets Ive been expecting him to drop into Oga and seaweed monhun but now it seems later than the usual time he would do such a thing. Minecraft timeslot really is cursed.

>> No.34943368

Oh Youtube has a clip function now

>> No.34943989

Home3D hands update is so fucking weird. For a tech company, it looks quite underwhelming and not really reassuring for the future Stars models...

>> No.34944130

I remember hearing that was supposed to be coming, who has it right now? Its not showing for me on any of the boys, also just noticed that Miyabis applause feature is gone.
Didn't know this was a thing either, it still adds a nice extra way to be expressive, maybe in a year or three when the all boys have models and then home 3d it could be better.

>> No.34944384

I remember hearing that was supposed to be coming, who has it right now? Its not showing for me on any of the boys, also just noticed that Miyabis applause feature is gone.
Didn't know this was happening either, it still adds a nice extra way to be expressive, maybe in a year or two when the all boys actually have models and then home 3d it could be better. The way this is worded sounds like a doom post but I dont intend it that way I just dont expect it to be something that will even happen for them any time soon.

>> No.34944499

>not really reassuring for the future Stars models...
I mean mate, temper your expectations most of the stars don't have models yet and we're going into the most busy part of the year so who knows if they boys are getting any during summer
Also the cunts still owe Roberu a good showing of his model, still pissed of that he didn't even get those 3D still the holos get after their debut

>> No.34946577

It looks really shitty even compared to Titty Ninjas and the Asanos use old technologies

>> No.34946778

Time to rewatch Seaweeds last match

>> No.34946801

Temma English studying day 29

>> No.34946957

serotonin boost

>> No.34947036

I don't even care about the 3D being shitty or not at this point, I just want it to actually happen.

>> No.34947083

this; i mean it'd be nice if it were good but even roberu's shitty rig was still a lot of fun to watch and it was funny to see that he really does move constantly like an energetic kid

>> No.34947122

Izuru's and Astel's will probably be fairly high quality since these two might appear on concerts. Or perhaps that's just Rikka being very well connected

>> No.34947136

Nah, If they aren't getting something good then don't give then anything, I'd rather have that money go towards costume that are completly up to their mamas/papa who actually give a shit about them instead of Cover just doing less than the bare minimum just because they aren't Aqua
Rob's NY costume > Rob's 3D

>> No.34947158

Love how he says "in my opinion"

>> No.34947201

Free Temma party voice pack, Im a little sad he didn't continue on with that bit.

>> No.34947209

the hair alone is so much better on his ny outfit, why does his vanilla one have that weird layer of extra bangs behind the front layer.....

>> No.34947212

The knight's impression of a party person is so cute

>> No.34947710

Cool seaweed!

>> No.34947865

Seaweed's tragically non-existent ass!

>> No.34947980

I like my seaweed asses like I like my chests, DELICIOUS FLAT

>> No.34947993

Knight dbd is pretty close to asmr, so its still close to getting two in one week.

>> No.34948165

Agreed, if they aren't gonna give the boys good 3D models like they do (or try to) with pretty much everyone else, then better it would be better if they just don't even bother, it's just gonna make it look like they are just making them to get them out of the way (regardless of quality) so they can continue focusing on the girls.
It would be pretty much the biggest slap in the face to the Stars and their fans.

>> No.34949743

Robechan gorilla

>> No.34949761

>dat thumbnail again

>> No.34949916

Oh no
Tamaki's here

>> No.34950144

is it just me or there are more jp viewers than usual

>> No.34950145

She has been hanging around a bit too much...

>> No.34950187

oh hey, son in vtuber chips

>> No.34950202


>> No.34950296

Home 3D for son?

>> No.34950333

This is longest piss he's ever taken

>> No.34950366

Some of those normal card designs looks better than the rare ones

>> No.34950370

I did not mean to quote the link

>> No.34950398

>Tomorrow, Roberu might do a MonHun stream with only him doing the voices.
Don't make promises you can't keep, son.

>> No.34950610

What did he mean by this?

>> No.34950661

I'd still fuck him

>> No.34950828

The life of the shogun is hard.

>> No.34950873

[Majin update]
He has finally learned his lesson

>> No.34950889

Will we get a Towa, Watame, and Roberu 3D collab to promote it?

>> No.34950907

Of course not

>> No.34950939

>those fresh astel tenma lewds
holy shit sisters

>> No.34950981

thanks for reminding, i havent seen the entirety of it yet

>> No.34951001

knight overslept

>> No.34951036


>> No.34951077

hanakishi dbd

>> No.34951105

Yet another masterpiece thumbnail from the Knight

>> No.34951564

Just fucking imagine Astel intentionally attacking at a poor timing so Temma can't close the mic and keeps hearing his own moans through his headphones.

>> No.34951740

Food: Interesting voice acting from seaweed's roommate plus mini interview

Welcoming you home, worrying about you working hard/late, and feeding you cake: https://nana-music.com/sounds/01ef554e

Cat boi with shota voice: https://nana-music.com/sounds/01ef5940

Drunk girlfriend and scolding tsundere boyfriend: https://nana-music.com/sounds/01f02b84

Dramatic acting: https://nana-music.com/sounds/02176852

Voice lines to make your heart go dokidoki: https://nana-music.com/sounds/01ef53e5

Villan: https://nana-music.com/sounds/01ef564d

30 question interview: https://nana-music.com/sounds/01ef586b

My shitty partial TL of it with answers:

Name? Minko
Gender? Male
Age? 19
Occupation? Hikkimori
Hobbies? Singing (Idk if this is accurate)
Do you like Nana? Yes
What are you doing on Nana? I'm not doing anything
What's your fetish? Cat
Dog or cat? Dog
What animal are you? Human
Favorite singer? Yorico
Do you like singing? I love it
What about voice interviews? Uhhh I like it!
What about my voice? I love it
Say it again. I love it
Again again. I love it
I'm good now. I love it
Are you in love? No
What's your type? uhhhhh
Am I no good? No good
Really? (I couldn't catch his answer)
Do you want friends? I want
You have me though. That's right
It's almost time to say goodbye. Bye bye
How was this? It was fun
Let's meet again. Yes, let's meet again

He also posted singing. My favorite one: https://nana-music.com/sounds/01107e4d

I'm disgusting

>> No.34951785

>> No.34952414

>> No.34952431


>> No.34952528

I love shogun and I want to go fishing with him!

>> No.34952893


>> No.34952899

2nd anniversary event will be held only as streaming event. There will be no tickets sold to visit the venue.

>> No.34952960

can't kung-flu graduate already

>> No.34953126

Now that's really sad for them. Can't they just stop fucking them over for once?

>> No.34953202

Yeah, saw that coming when they announced the event 2 months in advance in spite of things being still unstable and uncertain.
Don't know what they were expecting honestly, didn't something similar happen already?

>> No.34953281

That... Kinda kills the entire purpose of the event, the point was to have it be a chill even where you could hang out with others starfan and talk to the boys, now it's literally just a paid zatsudan

>> No.34953286

It's Bloom all over again...

>> No.34953995

Temma doesn't seem to be that surprised

>> No.34954050

It's an unfortunate, but ultimately predictable outcome that anybody with a couple of working brain cells would be able to figure out.

>> No.34954062

I think they all expected it since they didn't sell any venue tickets despite starting the sales for the streaming tickets a month ago.

>> No.34954069

They should just cancel and try another approach, 3 stars per day with no audience or venue will feel too lame

>> No.34954319

Aru 100k subs celebration with Lack papa

>> No.34954540

Thats a dangerous thought to give me this early in the morning anon, Im going to be stuck with that in mind most of the day. All those whiny small noises and breathy sounds the knight makes echoing back, imagine. I cant wait for that erotic not erotic at all asmr.
Thats awful but not unexpected, it really kills a large reason to get a ticket for an event like that for the domestic fans, on a selfish level I was looking forward to the inevitable itabag and other twitter photos.
The care Lackpapa has for his kids is always nice to watch.

>> No.34954800

3 cupheads on stream

>> No.34955158

Signed goods gacha if Im understanding correctly, good luck to those who will try.

>> No.34955216

The art looks good, handsome papa

>> No.34955232

Thank the kind soul who's been commissioning all the AsTemma, anon. Without them we wouldn't be so well fed. I'll try getting SunTempo stuff commissioned some time maybe.

>> No.34955436

Should an inventory now be made with all the Stars taking voice training courses?

>> No.34955443

so Roberu, Arupapa, ??

>> No.34955444


>> No.34955467

Ive been waiting so long for an artist I like to open for commission again for solo Temma, its very painful. At least its also been fueling my art reps.

>> No.34955469

Cute art

>> No.34955479

Oh wait I see it now. Hmm.

>> No.34955614

Its really nice seeing all this support for Aru, a lot of marshmallows too.

>> No.34955660

Familiarians are a good and trouble-free bunch, like their oshi

>> No.34955983

It was a fun celebration stream, he never disappoints with them

>> No.34956119

Always is, also after looking at the form it seems to be undecided if kaigai fans will be able to qualify for the gacha in case anyone here was going to try for it.

>> No.34956220

Rikka Subnautica

>> No.34956247

It seems kinda unambiguous to me. It's a shame for those who were motivated, but you could always use a proxy address service if needed.
By the way, Papa is doing an utawaku tomorrow, so feel free to come, especially because his setlist quite varied compared to the usual

>> No.34956299

Yeah I went with undecided because proxies are always an option but every once in a while youll get a situation where people dont want to send to them either, I doubt Aru would care but I also wouldnt want to just assume. With my poor luck I wasnt going to try.

>> No.34956404

If you really want it, you can always try, anon, it is not like you have anything to lose anyway if you participate. You're unlucky if you lose, and in the case you win, at worst it will go to someone else if they are anal about the proxy address, not like I think they will care or be able to figure out once it is delivered.
But yeah, gacha is a shitty thing anyway...

>> No.34956571

Oga chat

>> No.34956676

I appreciate you for doing this, anon, specially when it's Seaweed related.

>> No.34956724

Post it here

>> No.34956925


>> No.34957300

Roberu and OnoYuu's Hennaradio in an hour.

>> No.34957312

Seaweed solo rank in 10min

>> No.34957322

Small snack:

Mayuzumi's roommate has known Astel's for 8 years (at the time of the tweet). https://twitter.com/Yamien_san/status/1149692825920921601

It's interesting how connected many popular VTubers are. The only one that didn't have previous connections is most likely Izuru, but I didn't go too deep into his history yet.

>> No.34957398

Forest is open, migabi minecraft guerrilla

>> No.34957502

Thanks for the reminder!

>> No.34957503

Just as I was about to finally get to the dbd vod. Lovely thumbnail.

>> No.34958104


>> No.34958157

he will die of malnutrition soon...

>> No.34958465

What do you think about the discord server?

>> No.34958515

Probably useful for some given that there are notifications for streams there, but I found 4Chan more useful for that

>> No.34958522


>> No.34958608

Useful for getting stream pings, and ocasionally some live translation. The main downside is some of the users in the moderation team.

>> No.34958623

Miyabi brainwashing hanamigumi into playing FF

>> No.34958646

I have to admit watching his enthusiasm for it is convincing. There's something about the Miyabi voice minecraft music combo that making the garden building even more comfortable than usual today.

>> No.34958671

He did it during the last FFXIV stream too.
>You know, if you start playing FFXIV, you'll be able to play with me. You can be like "I can sniff the same air as Miyabi, this is the best day ever!". This is what I think hanamigumi are like

>> No.34958687

I agree on that, everytime I wake up there's an @everyone.

>> No.34958785

Sniffing Miyabi does seem like a worthwhile reason to pick up FFXIV

>> No.34958835

I don't really care much about them but it's good that they are in a position where they can teach new fans that search for company live chat etiquette or other rules.
It's definitely better that it became the go-to place for holostars discussion overseas instead of reddit or something.

>> No.34958916

stream pings are helpful for me. sometimes i go through vods and read through the chat history to get more context about what's happening. there are some really cringe people but nothing a block can't solve

>> No.34958986

This, I don't want to have anything to do with them, but they obviously care a lot and organize a lot of support operations about the Stars when they reach achievements and milestones.
Fundamentally, I am against Discord since you need to create an account with a phone number, can't access it freely without a link, nothing is indexable in the web, and content will be lost to eternity if the society goes bankrupt or decides to ban the server.
As long as internal drama and private jokes remain there, I don't see where is the harm to have more places for people to discuss them.

>> No.34959165

I miss him

>> No.34959177


>> No.34959196

He was so cute...

>> No.34959274

A fucking annoying thing the mods do on the Discord sever is saying otsu long after the channel is closed. They care so much about it for some fucking reason. There is also one mod that white knights Astel. Join the server only for server pings and nothing else

>> No.34959331

A lot of the mods white knight.

>> No.34959361

Going from food chat to diet chat and then rfa, I didnt realize that he is somewhat close to another milestone already. Can that frail body stand the rfa celebrations.

>> No.34959446

To be fair, local Astellas are extremely defensive here as well sometimes. I think it is just his fans who are passionate for better or worse.

>> No.34959448

True, but some mods are worse than others. There are also EOPs trying to speak in broken Japanese to the other EOPs. It’s cringe.

>> No.34959493

Threads not for airing out your grievances about the server, keep it there dont bring it here.

>> No.34959548

Well, I don't know others but with me he doesn't have to try too hard, I'm already addicted to DFFOO and have been eyeing FFXIV for a while even before Miyabi returned to it.
I don't use Discord much, but I was thinking of looking up and joining the Holostars one too, to see how it was and if I could get another place to discuss the boys, so this discussion is pretty useful, thank you anons.

>> No.34959605

How high up is hanagumi on the degenerate scale

>> No.34959617

Seeing him interact with other players was so cute, like when he found a pekora cosplayer and took pics. I don't play on his data center but i imagine it'd be neat for those who do to run into him

>> No.34959961

They hide it very well but they're up there among the ones who have perverted dreams about their oshi

>> No.34959965

I mean no shit, all the translator garbage comes from there I don't see why would anyone put up with the people from the discord

>> No.34960024

Oh yeah there's plenty of people who go into full delusion mode whenever Miyabi homobaits or says something flirty but they tend to keep it contained to non-public spaces

>> No.34960063

>hornyposting where people can see it

>> No.34960076

Hes one of the easier ones to find suggestive artwork for, I'm very thankful.

>> No.34960308

Speaking of that. If you were to put the guys on a scale of "easiest to find lewds of" to "good fucking luck finding anything", how would you rank them?

>> No.34960387

I’ve never seen lewds of Aru

>> No.34960421

and i want it to stay that way

>> No.34960439

MaFia are probably at the top for easiest to find, never gone looking but I'd wager Arupapa is at the bottom
I just want top Miyabi...

>> No.34960471

Theres not too much to find really, Oga and Shien are the easiest then Astel & Miyabi, everyone else is roughly around the same level. There tends to just be 1-3 artist for each boy, Aru is last.
Writing is somewhat the same but Roberu jumps up a few spots, so does Temma.

>> No.34960499

Not them but my perception is like this though I don't really look around actively and it really depends on what is already considered as lewds
Shien > Oga > Miyabi = Astel > Roberu > Temma = Izuru > Rikka > Aru

>> No.34960504

Old man has very little lewds despite having an official r18 tag
personally, I wish there were more

>> No.34960535

Seaweed part2

>> No.34960644

>> No.34960664

That looks good

>> No.34960669

Miyabi is really good at working these screenshot moments.

>> No.34961291

Me too anon, me too...

>> No.34961414

for me the easiest is robesan, but that's because i search for them lol.

>> No.34961901

Where uh, do anons look for things like that

>> No.34962412

Twitter, poipiku, you browse following and follower lists in hopes of finding anyone else.
852706888888o is really the only one I follow that does roberu content so maybe someone else can help you out. Searching by mark and abbreviations are also helpful.

>> No.34962621

Thank u. I feel like these things used to be easier

>> No.34962979

As it should be.

>> No.34963097

Roberu and Gatchaman V would be fun

>> No.34963212

Ah, its getting hard to watch Astel play SoloPex Zatsudan all day.
I hope he puts more faith in the randoms instead of running at the first sight of danger.

>> No.34963306

Seaweed champion! I feel like it's been a while since he got one while solo.

>> No.34963312

Mfs really lewd the third gen most. Although Oga kinda asks for it

>> No.34963758

Aru is going to be singing in about an hour, theres a nice amount of singing streams for the next two days.
Make sure you stop by because Im too sleepy to do so and he has been training.

>> No.34963854

Temma guerrilla DQB2

>> No.34963890

Great start from the cute knight.

>> No.34964515

he's so enthusiastic

>> No.34964681


>> No.34964850

I just woke up. He really improved from what I heard!

>> No.34965029


>> No.34965183

I wish he had stayed so I could commission porn of him getting knotted without it being weird.
That shall be my only post in this thread

>> No.34965418

What the hell is "knotted"?

>> No.34965853

Good(?) news: Astel has a kindred spirit in Hololive: https://twitter.com/shirakamifubuki/status/1398561715474763776?s=20

>> No.34966487

Now this should be interesting

>> No.34966691

Roberu in Warabe's Totsumachi now. For archive purposes, it's 39 minutes in.

>> No.34967571

> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztIm1CmUNss
Arusan is feeling like musical today

>> No.34967689

Just watched the vod, he definitely improved after those lessons. I like how enthusiastic he's been with vocal training.

>> No.34968170


>> No.34969026
File: 489 KB, 1800x2160, FC74F2D2-CD02-4DDF-A0BF-5047E3DFCBF3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34969031

> https://youtu.be/JTwH743HNys
Blessed day for soulful utawakus lovers

>> No.34969262

Wait for me anon... I'll make our dreams happen...

>> No.34969389

Starting strong!

>> No.34969553

Oga's Snow Halation has a special place in my heart

>> No.34969588

He is kinda rushing and already went through his biggest hit songs.
What's his endgame?

>> No.34969720


>> No.34970022

Miyabi botw

>> No.34970789

rikka subnautica

>> No.34971190
File: 1.69 MB, 1280x720, Zoutsujisan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really like this Hanasaki forest mod.

>> No.34971416

Izuru singing with guitar. Seems like he wants to test his new mic.

>> No.34971468

This stream has had really good moments from the flower boy, like him acting like a gachikoi over Mipha and sending her imaginary akasupas.

>> No.34971521

Take a sip everytime Miyabi mentions loving Mipha

>> No.34971678

Dying from alcohol poisoning wouldn't be too bad if Miyabis gachi panting is the last thing you hear.

>> No.34971736
File: 17 KB, 159x239, 894FE083-F66D-44E3-8558-D03CE3127CC0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34971739

new mic seems a lot better picking up the guitar and bit more of the bass in his voice

>> No.34971856

Yeah he sounds really clear, and crisp. Good investment, can't wait to hear it with the piano and ukulele as well, whistling too.

>> No.34971895

Izuru audio nerd rants when?

>> No.34972004
File: 567 KB, 696x390, damn.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34972040

That's what he spends his money on instead of gambling.

>> No.34972052

No wonder he eats bugs

>> No.34972238
File: 576 KB, 694x391, beetle eater.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And it keeps going.

>> No.34972349

I mean, he can go fishing and foraging lol

>> No.34972411

Oh, menshi in june, on his second anniversary, that was a sudden drop.

>> No.34972484

Gotta fund all that audio stuff after all...

>> No.34972491

June is pretty busy, good for Shogun, I can already tell he will have a fair amount of people joining in no matter what. I wonder if they will allow the name to be ellipses or something just as minimal.

>> No.34972559

Beautiful song, especially with the music. It reminded me of that early Sora cover song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrdLDOeMoyg

>> No.34972618

It's funny to think that he might get nagged by management to add stamps for his membership. He gives me the impression that he would find them a pain.

>> No.34972689

Temma opened with zero plans and Astel went a month without stamps. Izuru will be fine

>> No.34972702

More Solo Master

>> No.34972704

He has mentioned before that he already has stamps ready.

>> No.34972721

Then I must have missed that.

>> No.34972784

New mic is really good at picking up extra small shogun noises.

>> No.34972803

Well it's pretty easy to miss since he has been dropping information about his membership pretty randomly over the last three months and only if someone in chat asks. I couldn't even tell you if he said it on youtube or twitcast.

>> No.34973094

Where was it announced?

>> No.34973621

He actually got champ in that laggy as fuck game what the fuck

>> No.34973635

Back to D3 with that impressive champion clutch fighting through lag.

>> No.34973673

Here's the timestamp

>> No.34974681

Miyabi with Mipha reminds me of Shien and Haruto

>> No.34974836

Understandable reaction, love gachi Miyabi.

>> No.34974985
File: 392 KB, 900x654, E1gQ7ivVEAIb_ih.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Flower boy and Bossu really are birds of a feather

>> No.34975290

Their colors match

>> No.34975292

I've been thinking about this, but could it be that papa doesn't know how liked his meme videos are overseas? He always seems surprised when kaigai fans make memes about him and doesn't mention the old ones he made very often

>> No.34975677

I think he's aware people like the memes but the feeling I get is that he's not very confident of the content he puts out

>> No.34977724

Seaweed karaoke time

>> No.34977727

Seaweed karaoke

>> No.34977979

When I think I'm used to the Seaweed's endurance, he surprises me again.

>> No.34978629

>That chat
One of these days... I'm sure the JOPs will learn to appreciate him

>> No.34978712

They are missing out.

>> No.34979653


>> No.34979654

Why do they dislike him on the first place again?

>> No.34979707

Do they dislike him? I thought it was just general indifference

>> No.34979913

I've seen anons claim before they don't like his attitude but no one's really ever elaborated on that.

That said I've noticed in his Apex streams when he starts talking about the game his chat often becomes a wall of Japanese. Maybe most JOPs are there for Apex.

>> No.34979984

personally he's one of the stars that appeals to me the least but i don't dislike him. i don't really think his model looks great even though the fanart is always cute, and he's very extroverted which is a bit less comfy for me than, say, miyabi or izuru. he's a great singer tho

>> No.34980047

fucker willingly sat on his ass waiting for someone to invite him over to play apex

>> No.34980133

I feel like his issue with networking isn't due to being introverted or shy but because of his low self-esteem.

Miyabi said his extrovert radar went off when he met Astel in person.

>> No.34980138

When compared to those two, he certainly is. Miyabi even mentioned he was intimidated by Astel's extroverted aura when they first met irl

>> No.34980179

iirc its because he lies a lot

>> No.34980240

so like Polka then, extroverted but with menhera low self-esteem issues?

>> No.34981013
File: 499 KB, 1500x2000, E2kZughVoAYaUxU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Flower boy's utawaku is gonna be unarchived

>> No.34981256

>won't be able the stay for the utawaku

missing your oshi's streams sucks

>> No.34982035

Miyabi unarchive utawaku

>> No.34982380

5am flower boy 6am tensai asmr, hanakishi my sleep. All of the classic vocaloid makes me nostalgic every time .

>> No.34982422

> https://youtu.be/BXZExVa8mWw
Temma finally able to celebrate his 70k after having to report it once

>> No.34982465

knight technical trouble....

>> No.34982484

Poor knight, this is very Temma like luck. No asmr mic is a shame but will happily praise the knight anyway.

>> No.34982684

With how this is going I am so sad that the asmr mic isn't working.

>> No.34983059

No archive knight, I'm so excited. Knowing Temma it's going to be a five minute tweet warning in advance only.

>> No.34983135

Miyabi sound only and video archive file

>> No.34983255

thanks anon

>> No.34983283

Aru Crypt of the Necrodancer

>> No.34983616

Man, Astel is my favorite and I agree with the first part. He’s the last holostar i checked out because the model just didn’t appeal to me

>> No.34983901
File: 1.04 MB, 3194x2268, E2hbiHKVIAIQV-k.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

2nd anniversary merch shipped out earlier than expected, keep an eye out for your proxy emails if you ordered.

>> No.34983932

ShiKaKu Knockout City

>> No.34984874

Old man Hikigatari

>> No.34985181

Probably getting everything out since they won't be able to sell it physically

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