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It seems every year Ran's breasts have become larger and larger to the point where she's considered a boobinite now.

Did they think she wasn't "motherly" enough without them?

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Ran always had large breasts, where have you been?

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I think the concept of "boobinites" are retarded as shit, and most of them have non-existent to modest-sized breasts.

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It's because every year the fans of touhou have been getting younger and hornier.

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Yukari stole them from Ran.

They're just growing back naturally now.

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i can't imagine Ran with flat chest, except if she's a loli

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Come to think of it, loli Ran is always blonde despite the golden status only coming with 9 tails.

Would people still love ran as a brunette/redhead?

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fuck yeah