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Flan-chan's made a gift for you, do you accept it? Please remember that Imouto-sama is not used to rejection and is quick to anger.

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Of course I accept it.

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What’s she saying

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There's only one gift I want...

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Besides, I don't feel like being sent to the shadow realm over a rejection.

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Uh-oh, not this again!

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>"Onii-chan... it's a bit late, but..."
>"Will you accept the chocolate Flan made *for* you?"

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kiss and headpat

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Her expression and giggling are suspicious.
She didn't spike the choco, did she?

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can you really say you love flan if you don't eat her handmade choco laced with love juice?

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You get to choose Anon, eat the possibly poisonous chocolate and maybe choke to death, refuse and possibly upset her and get ripped to shreds.
Or she spares you, but the other residents find out you made her sad and decide 'you'd' make a better treat for Imouto-sama.

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ehhh sure i guess

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I need to get around to organizing my folders again.

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Flan's getting better at sucking blood

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She's been practicing her sucking skills in other ways too

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she can't stop infecting

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Flan's gonna be in trouble if she keeps acting like a creep

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man, that's a tiny door

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Don't cry

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Sure. I have no reason to decline.

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Do your best Flan-chan!

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bat tummy

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I wonder if she's a Daeva or a Ventrue?

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I'd eat it hoping I'd die of poison.

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An end to Frandle Scarlet...

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It's Remilia's fault she's understood. All she had to do was show compassion to her little sister.

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Flan-chan may seem creepy, but she's an earnest girl who says what she means and means what she says - she doesn't mean to sound threatening...

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Is it wrong to want to marry Flan?

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The moral police will get you for trying to marry a loli. That's all I can say.

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Do you dare get tangled up in the Scarlet household's internal politics?

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If it's for Flan I'll do anything.

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This is how you properly deal with Flan in this situation:

Accept the gift but tell Flan that you have an emergency and that you'll call her later.
Leave Gensokyo.
Video call her and tell her that her gift sucks (lol).
Watch as she loses her shit and starts crying.
End call.
Block her number.
Also block her dork sister's number and the number of every individual from the mansion.
Laugh because she will never find you again.

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Why would you want to hurt her like that?

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My little Ventrue can't be this cute!

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I want to see her cry

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Look, I know they’re vampires and all but even to me that seems a tad bit mean.

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It would be funny and dangerous.

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Drink responsibly, /jp/

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What's that red stuff??

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She goes Uma Uma~, they go Boom~

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What would you give to live in Flan's avenue?

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pls don't hurt flan. she is for hugging and loving.

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What about Flandre's country?

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2:00 AM /jp/ meetup at Flan's McDonald's.

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>It would be funny and dangerous.
That makes you sound like you're addicted to adrendaline.

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>It would be funny and dangerous.
That makes you sound like you're addicted to adrenaline.

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Flan-chan is far better at seduction than her stupid, graceless onee-sama

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What is this body type called? It's too curvy and plump without being fat to be loli

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I haven't had pudding in years. I feel terrible just knowing that the last time I had one was in 2010.

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I don't know off of the top of my head. I'd say it's slim. Curves are separate since it follows human anatomy; It's probably one of the waist focused designs. Other than that, it's just a normal body sized down.

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Let's steal Flan from the SDM

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Get away from Flan, pedolesbian bitch, she's only
495 years old!

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stupid flandre

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Flandre is literally just Rumia with different clothes some silly Christmas wings and an added ponytail

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Rumia is literally just Flandre in blacked out clothes without her awesome Christmas wings and ponytail

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The sideponytail is a subtle, but also a major part of the appeal in her design.

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You nailed it. It's one thing I like about her design.
Some have it stick through her mob cap as well; a little detail might notice.

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>a little detail might notice.
a little detail some might notice.

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Bad Marisa, don't take advantage of Flan-chan

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What about witnessing Flan's victory?

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What did she say?

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It's probably a girls secret. We probably won't know what she said, even if we ask.

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>Sakuya Sakuya, Onee-chan made a big stinky in her diapers today!

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Kill yourself. You're worse than furries.

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So big, so powerful. Flan can dominate that tiny with minimal effort.

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What? It's true you know.

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I really wanna play with her butthole

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giant flan

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Yes please. Large and in charge as it should be.

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Flan is as nice as those trips of hers.

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she like garlic

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Wtf I thought garlic killed vampires?

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Not Flandre.

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It's funny to see this after reveal of real Flan that was all this time in plane sight. But I guess you lot do not care about it only your own fantasies. And that's okay but still funny

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I literally skipped over that image in my folder yesterday.
How do you have it

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Imouto-sama has a BIG HP bar

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Flan is lovely.

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Doesn't go against what she said in the manga

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Hi, Flan.

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So it was a 458...

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Imouto-sama has a much more refined palate than Ojou-sama, whom cannot even tell apart grape juice from wine!

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Isn't wine just grape juice turned into alcohol?

>> No.35065758

Red wine is closer in taste to vinegar than it is to grape juice

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I don't drink in general so I wouldn't have known.
I assume the reason it sees use in cooking is to get the extra flavor.

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Wake up Onee-sama!

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Kyute. Wonder what has her in such good spirits?

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Maybe she's just happy. You don't really need a reason to be happy.

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Why, Sakuya-san's black pudding of course and her homemade sauce

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I don't see how blood sausages are appealing.
You're supposed to drain the blood, not keep it in there.

>> No.35079656

It's the Scarlet-devil style. You should try it.

>> No.35080320

She has a nice smile then!

That pudding and sauce doesn’t need my “help” to make it right?

>> No.35080639

The gesture she's making with her hand indicates that an anon just got turned into "tomato" sauce, and that made her happy.

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Imouto-sama's really good at yoga...

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Flan is like shy of 500 years old like Remi.
Would Flan technically be your older sister or something?

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Well that’s not very nice...

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Do not.

>> No.35095596

Who is raping whom here?

>> No.35096142

Plot twist. The man is made of Dr.Pepper.

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I think I'll pass on that.

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me on the foreground, waiting for my turn to get dressed

>> No.35131474

Me hiding under the bed, waiting for the hag to leave so I can have fun with you and your sister.

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Sakuya found you, pedo.

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Sakuya doesn't need to bother.
Flan keeps a teddy bear for a reason.

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Ugly Flan!

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The teddy bear is for *your* protection

>> No.35163238

I am the teddy bear.

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Flandre Scarlet is the most charismatic 2hu

>> No.35173112

Imagine you upset flan unintentionally and she beats the shit out of you but then she calms down and apologizes profusely and you have to pretend she didn't severely injure you so she doesn't feel guilty

>> No.35173177

I know what you're doing Sakuya you huge pervert.

>> No.35173380

She's just napping, anon.

>> No.35173520

Looks like someone needs to start a diet.

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>You were desperate for work
>So desperate that you decided to find employment at the Scarlet Manor
>It was no secret that the Manor was owned by a vampiric mistress
>But what choice did you have? Work in the human village was scarce for someone like you
>no strengths, no skills, no prospects
>menial labor is all you had to look forward to, and honestly you’d rather be a living bloodbag then work a worthless low-paying job for the rest of your life
>Of course there were also the rumors of some unspeakable evil locked away in its depths but you decided to not worry about that
>But perhaps you should have
>Not even a week into your employment a incident had happened
>not a ‘end of the world’ incident, just something contained to the manor
>You had been put in charge of brewing and serving the tea to the mistress one night
>Simple enough task right?
>Well as you served the tea she had looked at it as if she could wish death upon it once the steam reached her nose
>before you knew it you had hot tea thrown at you, the burning sensation shocking you
>”How dare you!”
>immediately cowed you could only ask
“Whats wrong my lady?”
>She approaches your crouched form
>”You know very well what is wrong!”
“I have no idea my lady!”
>”Very well if you wish to continue to play the fool then so be it. SAKUYA!”
>Seemingly appearing from thin air the cold-faced maid that trained you appears besides Remilia
>”Yes Mistress?”
>”How long has it been since Flan had a playmate?”
>”I believe the last one was that fairy that attempted to abscond with silverware a couple years ago ma’am.”
>”Hmm well take this miscreant to her, a gift from her dear sister”
>”Very well.”
>immediately she is in front of you
>”Follow. Don’t attempt anything foolish”
>her voice speaks in a near monotone voice but it doesn’t hide the dangerous edge of her tone
>Hanging your head you merely accept your fate and follow behind her
>You have no idea who this Flan is but its clear that its not good news
>As you go down the large corridor the various fairy maids look upon you
>Perhaps they can sense your doomed fate as some look on with pitying faces and others with malicious grins
>Eventually you are led to a staircase leading below the ground floor
>Theres a sense of dread that permeates this dark place
>Unlike the rest of the manor theres not a single maid to be seen, cobwebs and dust is allowed to accumulate here
>Its feels like your being led through a maze as you take turn after turn you soon lose your sense of direction as every corridor looks identical to the last
>Soon enough you reach a room
>A room filled with medieval torture equipment
>You are not sure if you should feel relieved that they look completely unused
>Past all the macabre machines is another door
>Now you feel afraid. The dread that you been feeling, its source is directly behind that door
>The door you are being led to now
>This must be what those rumors spoke about
>Its futile but you make a attempt to run off
>However the next thing you know you find yourself restrained
>You struggle but its completely pointless as you are pulled towards that accursed door
>without any ceremony the door is opened and you are thrown inside, the door shutting loudly
>Immediately you scramble to your feet and attempt to open the door
>Its locked shut
>Then you hear it
>”Who are you?”
>Turning around slowly you had expected a gruesome beast, but instead you are face to face with a curious child
>However the broken but decorated wings on her back, fanged teeth, and familiar scarlet eyes betray her true nature
>Is she related to her?
>”Hey I asked you a question!”
>Now theres a dangerous glint in her eye as she pouts at you for ignoring her
“Oh I’m sorry Flan, I am a servant of your sister,” you state while giving her a deep bow
>You managed to not let your voice stutter
>”Oh? Sister sent you? Its been so long since I seen sister.”
>Well that confirms that she is the sister to the mistress
“Yes she sent me here.”
>”What for?”
>You can only think of one answer
“I’m here to be your personal servant”
>She takes your lie rather easily
>”Woah sister never let me have any servants before! She let me play with that fairy but I broke her hehehe. does that mean I can play with you?”
>How casually she speaks of destroying a fairy only serves to remind you how deadly this child really is
“Ah as your servant I can’t play with you,” you quickly respond not wishing to share the fairy’s fate
>”Aw why not?”
“It wouldn’t be proper”, you say doing your best impression of her sister’s haughty voice
>This gets a laugh out of her
>”You sound just like her,” she manages to say between giggles
>”But are you sure we can’t play? Its been so long since I played with someone...”
>She’s not gonna stop asking so you choose your words carefully
“We can play,”
“But on one condition!”

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Pretty good story man, hope to see the second part from you!

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i hope she sucks all my blood out and then i die

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Stealing the precious Imouto-sama

>> No.35181559

I bet Sakuya trained Anon wrong just to get rid of him.
I want to see the rest of the story.

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You think she'd just do that? Make-up excuses to perv on the Scarlets?

>> No.35186619
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>”Aww, really?”
“Yes. No breaking,” you firmly tell her
>”Not even a little breaking?” she asks while gesturing with her right hide a small amount
>It would be cute if it weren’t for the fact that shes asking to break you
“No sorry, you can not.”
>”And why not,” a petulant tone starting to seep into her voice
>Now here comes the gamble
“Your sister didn’t tell you but this is actually a test you see, for both of us.”
>her impatient look quickly turns curious
>”A test by sister?”
“Yes. For me its to see if I can do a good job being your personal servant.”
>”like Remi and Sayu?”
“Mhmm. However your part of the test is to see if you can keep me, without breaking me.”
>”Oh! I see that makes sense I guess”
>Looks like you get to continue breathing, for now
>”But this doesn’t mean I’m going to let you bathe and dress me!”
“eh what?”
>”Well you said like Sayu and Sayu does EVERYTHING for Remi. bathes her, dresses her, feeds her, and all other things too.”
>You knew they were close but you didn’t know it was that close
>She quickly looks around the room to check for any other listeners before leaning in close to you
>”And I think Sayu always looks a little bit too happy to do it all. She sometimes has this wierd smile on her face when she thinks no one sees her,” she whispers to you
>Yeah you didn’t need to know that
“Well creepy maids aside,” you say getting a giggle out of the little vampire,”I promise I won’t do anything like that.”
>”Good because if ya did I’d break you hehehe!”
>A crazed look crosses her face but it is quickly suppressed
“Good lets shake on it then.”
>You hold out your hand
>She looks at it for a moment before putting her much smaller hand into yours
>However despite it’s size it shakes your hand wildly with barely restrained strength
>Fortunately she stops before your arm is torn from its socket
>”The contract is sealed!” she claims dramatically
>nursing your abused arm you nod
>You glance over her and notice her looking at her hand carefully
“What’s wrong?”
>”Oh it’s just I can’t remember the last time anyone let me touch them,” she simply says
>You change the topic
“Do you have any ideas of games that don’t involve breaking?”
>A pensive look crosses her face
>”Hmm. Oh I know! We can play house!”
>She quickly grabs up a couple of her dolls, a teddy bear and a rabbit
>”Here you can be Mrs. Rabbit,” she says shoving the rabbit into your arms,” and I’ll be Mr. Bear. Oh this will be so fun I always have to play house all by myself.”
>wouldn’t it be better for you to play the bear?
>just go with it
>”Honey I’m home!” she exclaims in a gruff voice
>She moves the bear to make it look like its approaching your rabbit
>”Welcome home dear, how was work,” you eek out with terrible falsetto while making the rabbit peck the bear on the cheek
>”It was OK. Nothing happened at all.”
>While it sounds fine theres more to this
“You don’t sound all that glad about nothing happening.”
>”How could you tell?”
“Call it a wife’s intuition.”
>”Sigh. Well you got me love.”
“well whats the problem?”
>The two of you are completely absorbed into this little play of yours
>”I’ve been doing the same thing for so long, I guess I’m just tired of it all.”
>She sits the bear down on the floor
>You decide to move the rabbit next to the bear, leaning her against him
“How about a vacation dear? Maybe we can go to the lake. Ooh theres also the harvest festival, I’m sure they’ll be plenty for us to do.”
>”That sounds nice, I haven’t been outside for a long time,” she sadly admits
>Thats definitely not the bear talking
“Well don’t worry, your darling wife will make sure you have a nice outdoor vacation.”
>She realizes her mistake then and jumps back into character
>”Your the best Mrs. Rabbit!”
>She makes the bear bear hug the rabbit doll
“A little too tight Mr. Bear.”
>You do your best to make it sound like you are choking
>”Oops sorry hehe.”
>After that the rest of the story is simple fluff as the two dolls have dinner
>Rabbit stew, as in stew made by rabbits not with rabbits
>Finally the two head to their ‘bed’, a cushion that has seen better days
>”Good night honey.”
“Good night dearie”
>you narrate the end
“And so the two slept peacefully. The end.”
>”You are really good at playing a wife mister”
>You think thats a compliment
“Thanks I guess.”
>”mhmm usually one of my dolls breaks the other when I play house.”
>She lets out a cute little yawn before rubbing her eyes
>Looking at the ornate grandfather clock you see how late it is already
“I think its time for sleep now.”
>”I- I can still *yawn* stay up.”
>You decide to take some initiative and pick her up gently
>She doesn’t protest, whether its because she is ok with it or too tired to fight it you can’t tell

>> No.35186919

Solidly cute continuation. Good work, I can only imagine Sakuya’s surprise when she sees our hero is still alive later.

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Good stuff, anon.
>And I think Sayu always looks a little bit too happy to do it all
I knew it, Sakuya wanted to get rid of the competition and taught Anon the wrong way to make tea.

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Lovely anon