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Practice: https://streamable.com/j0wkja
Guide: https://youtu.be/p1tfqWvopXc?list=PLw58RgSzDmjppnzbrVgyxcdQW38XrFtlc [Embed]

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If you're a beginner, please read the guide first.
Guide: https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/
Word of the Day: https://t.me/s/jt_library

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gonna need some help getting rid of this "DJT - Daily Japanese Thread" guy

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just leave lol

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i'm the only one here writing the guide for noobs (actually writing it right now) so show some respect, lazy ass.

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there's a guide right in the op. why dont you transcribe and translate the practice clip for us?

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that's some retarded shit made by people who don't know japanese.

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it's literal native japanese. how are you this far in and can't tell that

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The only guide you need is:
>bruh just use the dictionary

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this is the intermediate thread. if you need a guide, go to >>>/int/djt

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why don't you spell out your actual arguments for why you think your guide is better. you've never done that. you just spam and copy the arguments of people who criticize your site.

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the only guide you need is:

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daily reminder this isn't a race


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>everyone has a flag next to their name
absolute garbage lmao

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>starts with mod deleted post >>34858922
why the fuck do you keep lying?

i deleted the post myself, you fucking pea brained baboon

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better than what?
i haven't seen any criticism here so far. if people point out mistakes i always correct them.

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feeling really attacked by this lmao

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i would totally bang my host mother if she looked like that

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why would you buy porn

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that’s sick if he got a 24 hour image posting suspension somehow

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i wanna support artists like chinchin

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ice cold. do you think he can even show his face after this?

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hey are there any asian people here that can teach me how to make rice

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couldnt tell u but ask og in a year or two

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>its that ur having fun being all doki doki that the hours go by
>this is why the dating phase is top tier and everything after that becomes shit
i can actually agree with this but i never went from dokidoki to dating so in a way i never had the letdown that ruined jamal. loveless dating has its perks from the very start i knew what to expect

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>if you have a girl she's a parasite that drains your beauty as the months go by
i fucking knew it. never having kids there is no such thing as coincidence to see this posted

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watch more chinese subbed anime

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pterodactyl looks sick. clearly reused this design for chrono trigger

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challenge accepted

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why do you have to cope about everything og you're basically qm the female version

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we all know you dumped your 秘蔵

>> No.34868095

yah thats gonna be referenced at some point when we make a baby

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i dont think id have a kid past 30 (causes actual spergs) so my fate is pretty much sealed on top of having a list of reasons why its a bad idea to have kids at all

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kinda weird considering how you hold yourself in such high esteem

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Here from /int/
Somehow this thread is even worse than the /djt/ over there. Why are so many replies about impregnation?
Gtfo of this thread and go watch some raw anime.

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yeah its pretty nuts. i mean they are both in their early 20s trying to get pregnant and its not taking. could be her issue i guess

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this is just the plot of idiocracy which everyone has seen, and before that it was a common musing in editorials. we are so past that issue its hard enough to see whites existing in 200 years let alone worrying about a microcosm of class and iq

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i hate women so much bros look what they did to my boy

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honestly i cant hate this. his intentions are deluded but good on him for not falling for ratrace logic and letting the white race whither. there is always help available for raising kids especially if they get their families on board (which was normal before boomers)

isnt germany and unironic welfare state when it comes to gibs for low income families anyway?

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yeah quiz is totally without agency here its all a woman's responsibility whether he acts like a retard or not lol

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he's a hypocrite and deluded but he still is based for having kids but he should indeed get married first and get some dirt on her since she has a history of sleeping around

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lol @ this entire post

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>future of the world
the world doesnt need us

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take ur meds

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the world of the future doesn't deserve us, more like
nothing in my chart has you or any man in it. you should see astrologers squirm when they try to tell me about my romance/marriage aspects its hilarious

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what about uranus

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Duolingo anon here.

For the ones in the back that still plans to use it too I'm still going with it, and it still does a somehow good job at integrating new words and kanjis in the lessons.
One limitation I'm starting to see though is that it doesn't actually teach you how to make your own sentence, unless there's a proper lesson about particles down the line but I doubt so. For example it does teach you about separate and combined kanjis like 名, 前, 日, 本, 語 and stuff but when asked to write "Can you speak Japanese?" it never taught you about the が so you'd just write 日本語 話せますか? and only remember later that the ga is here by memorization rather than construction.

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what are the shittiest male zodiac signs

>> No.34868582

lmao 4bc blown the fuck out by astrology

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Take your meds

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would fuck this guy no barrels held

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not as cute as the other 1

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dude i cant get this shit to work i dont know my exact birth time ill have to ask my parents but thats too much trouble

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i hate it when i accidentally cum to one of those 1000 year old vampire stories during my nihongo studies

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1 in 6 people live life easy mode #astrofacts

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i have a lot of beliefs that other people would write off as superstitious but astrology is just straight up nuts lmao

>> No.34868871

are you even old enough to remember this? it was forgotten like a month after ending

>> No.34868872

very cringe flirting

>> No.34868873

*takes a deep breath* alright buddy

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you give way too much credit to the modern age and its airs of certainty but you do you
>yes i know the babylonians weren't caveman
yeah its almost like humanity goes through revolutions of high progress and civilization and collapse and there is nothing new under the sun nor anything particularly special about this jidai
can i worship you?

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damn turns out i ran out of macha

>> No.34869150

og's life in a nutshell

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you got some issues bro it tastes great

>> No.34869215

macha is a type of green tea, and it's naturally sweeter than a lot of other types of green tea

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redo of healer bros...
why is the creator of this a furry

>> No.34869438

never watched theanimefag never will

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>> No.34869526

dropped a dislike

>> No.34869662

crazy how everyone in djt has some mental issues except me

>> No.34869689

wtf is anacreon really pronounced an a crayon i always pronounced it anack reon what the h e double stinkin hockey sticks

>> No.34869705

>anack reon
always said it like this in my mind as well

>> No.34869719


>> No.34869724

thats a 目標 not a 夢 fake moe

>> No.34869765

have lost 15.2 lbs

>> No.34869774

moe is better than yall copers at japanese ゆめゆめ忘れるな

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>> No.34869913

epic name

>> No.34869957

thank god for fan translations or i wouldnt have been able to pick this up

>> No.34869975

new york cop said it in jojo. dunno if it means anything deeper than picking a nonstandard accent

>> No.34869976

cringe nigga, this is the djt not holofag shit.

>> No.34869979

doubt you could transcribe it accurately

>> No.34869994

>cringe nigga

>> No.34870021

い sounds going to え sounds is pretty much just standard japanese like すげー, うめー, かっけー etc, some regions just do it more

>> No.34870029

it's あい sounds in this case

>> No.34870070

i always just say it the way it is sung

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File: 1.33 MB, 864x1076, dat.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

damn hero aca artists

>> No.34870076

it's pronounced analcrayon

>> No.34870099

its the same phenomenon. it happens with both あい and おい sounds in standard japanese

>> No.34870131

just knew 失礼

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we did it reddit!

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>> No.34870230

kys for even thinking about that infernal event

>> No.34870241

time to delete it unus anus style

>> No.34870250

ive watched the whole thing mate just sad that despite having the best song in the competition unironically 0

>> No.34870251


>> No.34870352

just looked it up the song was shit, like a parody of a generic summer house track lol

>> No.34870372


>> No.34870427

i thought moe was a native speaker

>> No.34870441


>> No.34870449

think the subs censored it by replacing with 女

>> No.34870450

>Learn to pronounce
>verb: muffle; 3rd person present: muffles; past tense: muffled; past participle: muffled; gerund or present participle: muffling

> wrap or cover for warmth.
sounds right to me

>> No.34870479

think muffler might mostly uk usage

>> No.34870481

think it's an archaic usage because we have "earmuffs"
but nobody says "time to muffle up" or some shit

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i've never seen the word "muffled" outside of the context of "muffled sounds" or "muffled voice"
i always assumed it had bdsm-related erotic connotations
t. esl

>> No.34870524

>crazy how you can be so obviously correct and guys like this @57 still show up with their ackshually nonsense
a girl wrote this

>> No.34870532

cmon bros its saturday night lets all relax with some tunes

>> No.34870552

unfiltered tap water only for me

>> No.34870569

sorry what i shouldve said is >>34870457
i'll take that as your concession

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matt vs japan wouldn't release his interview with Doth because he called it a "big advertisement for DJT"

he still did an interview on this channel though

>> No.34870655

just saying thats why its called a mafura

>> No.34870727

if u dont filter the tap water u become the filter

u dont wanna do that

>> No.34870734

dont feel like it

>> No.34870739

djt's moebuta

>> No.34870740

gonna need anacreon to leave this world

>> No.34870741

enjoy ur eventual cancer

not that something else wont give u cancer anyway

>> No.34870750

put it on my list

>> No.34870752

gonna have to agree

>> No.34870755

however as for me i have a reverse osmosis system that wastes 10 times the water it filters

>> No.34870756

i live in mexico and drink unfiltered tap water every day
nothing's happened to me so far

>> No.34870766

ive only drank tap water for the past 10 yrs, helps that the tap water here is godlike. never tasted any good tap water anywhere else

>> No.34870770

how old r u

if under 35 who cares

>> No.34870771

oh it's happnening you just aren't aware of it

>> No.34870772

didn't know you had water in mexico since coca cola's running you dry

>> No.34870827

those are good ones

>> No.34870841


>> No.34870855

do you ever wonder what happened to people who used to post several years ago here? do you think any of them moved onto other hobbies or do you think they just stuck to reading pornographic games and manga?

>> No.34870865

i assume most gave up

>> No.34870867

do you lurk around /int/, jamal?

>> No.34870903

i don't think most of them really gave up. maybe they still learn japanese and consume japanese media, but not as often as they used to. maybe they watch like 3 instead of 36 episodes a week.

>> No.34870904

wanikani level a week guy here. not feeling it today but i gotta push through.

>> No.34870918

>36 episodes a week

>> No.34870926

what day/level is it now?
you almost halfway through?

>> No.34870927


>> No.34870941


>> No.34870946

you mean 36 a day?

>> No.34870958

havent watched an episode of anime in months now

>> No.34870962

havent read manga in days

>> No.34870963

"why would i take my trip off"
kys immediately

>> No.34870973

is that what miniyoga looks like?

>> No.34870974

watch holos every day

>> No.34870996

also why did he say "djters went crazy over" one of his tweets. wtf is he talking about

>> No.34871000

finna read

>> No.34871020


>> No.34871028

"i don't need much introduction" man i am confused are these guys acting. never fucking heard of them and let me tell you i'm obsessed with djt

>> No.34871048

it's probably discord shit i don't know any of these faggots either and i've been here for like 5 years

>> No.34871121

its an epic speed reading technique

>> No.34871126

thats why theres jamall boyz

>> No.34871194
File: 23 KB, 1170x70, 1599263110404.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.34871237

who knew analcream was a spic

>> No.34871239

yeah gonna have to agree with matt on that
clicked in a couple different spots and it alls sounded very uninteresting

>> No.34871265

only retarded bitches like astrology

>> No.34871273

dame how can people be this retarded but not as a joke

>> No.34871278

nice try iq and genes guy but you're not the driver you're a passenger. this is jamal's ride

>> No.34871347

lmao i remember seeing moe being on the discord
damn 2018/19 seems so long ago

>> No.34871350

all im thinking what this guys issue is

>> No.34871380

now 稀に, thats a rare expression

>> No.34871388

it's either miniyoga or the holoshitter, best to just ignore the samefag and move on

>> No.34871392

or you’re just reading or doing other shit in japanese

>> No.34871398

indonesians are pretty high iq so....

>> No.34871402

take meds

>> No.34871418

oh he beat matt in some tournament that only measures very narrow japanese abilities and not overall proficiency did he? sorry asian dude but you don't compare to the jew.

>> No.34871420


>> No.34871432

5 mattocoins have been deposited into your refold store credit account

>> No.34871441

i too remember the taishou incident

>> No.34871445

realistically speaking mattos japanese has already peaked

>> No.34871448

rip cedimus

>> No.34871453

realistically speaking i don't care

>> No.34871477

morbido guy and cedimus both haven't been updating for three days
the anilist crew is dying

>> No.34871491

my favorite thing in ika musume was when she would think hard while rubbing her head with her tentacles

>> No.34871502

My asshole hurts

>> No.34871538

what i mean is i maybe looked at int threads once a month or less

>> No.34871543

we lost calvin too...

>> No.34871545


>> No.34871546

morbido guy was cool, he should join jamll boyz

>> No.34871551
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morbido guy be like

>> No.34871565

moe really likes morbido guy he mentions him a lot

>> No.34871700


>> No.34871730

i just... understand it

>> No.34871733

wanted to buy a physical manga series for once but it'd be like $200 for the set. what a joke

>> No.34871744


>> No.34871791

im so drunk rn. anki deck needs to be done..

>> No.34871800

my only exposure to japanese in the last 6 months has been through wikipedia articles and prostitution-themed h-manga

>> No.34871815

what are some youtube channels with mineable subs and not just auto generated nonsense?

>> No.34871823

buy lns instead.
you'll at least spend more time on them per volume than you would on manga

>> No.34871834


>> No.34871883

ye kys

>> No.34871903

ye that's cuz u can't read mr 20% comprehension

>> No.34871914

i read manga

>> No.34871916 [DELETED] 

whats a good free light novel

>> No.34871954

do you mean free or "free"

>> No.34872026

zoomers can't imagine they could watch something made before they were born unless it's on netflix or it's being "remade"

>> No.34872070

who cares akira fucking sucks anyway

>> No.34872090

yeah if there's anything good about akira that's the visuals but that's impossible to recreate today

>> No.34872106

satoshi is bald

>> No.34872115

looking forward to it. the akira movie apparently cuts out a ton from the manga. we needed better story in exchange for great visuals.

>> No.34872132

what's a good dictionary and translator to download so i can read things when i don't have internet

>> No.34872134

the latter

>> No.34872141

nazeka and yomichan still work without internet

>> No.34872162

qolibri and yomichan

>> No.34872174

multiple streams of input at once...berserk and commenatary

>> No.34872175

you can download any of these dictionaries and use them offline on your PC, Kindle, or phone


>> No.34872206

this is horrible

>> No.34872218

i'm never gonna make it

>> No.34872220

nice chinese font retard

>> No.34872231

yes yes nice pic i already gave u a (you) last time

>> No.34872236

which chart is morbido guy's anime chart

>> No.34872251

lol ikr
i think i lowered both scores by 1

>> No.34872312

anacreon has brought such ridiculous value to this community with his presence. thank you anacreon

>> No.34872325

shut the fuck up anacreon

>> No.34872366


>> No.34872367


>> No.34872372

cedimus here i was mostly mindlessly browsing jp youtube
but wont be able to update for 2 months starting tuesday bc ill be at bootcamp

>> No.34872406

theres dramalist or something
i dont feel like using it tho

>> No.34872420

i have never seen this even once

>> No.34872428

what's even the point in doing this

>> No.34872439

doing what

>> No.34872440
File: 177 KB, 592x902, 無.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34872460

analking i request a feature for your condensed audio script
let me choose which styles of an .ass subtitle to use
if you open english .ass subs with aegisub that contain dialogue as well as op/ed lyrics you'll often see marked with a "default", "dialogue" or "main" style and "op" or "ed" style respectively
let me choose to only pick the dialogue style instead of having to go into the sub and deleting the op ed stuff manually
and yes i tried the forensic op removal but didn't produce good result in a lot of shows

>> No.34872465

why samefag shit like this. it makes no sense.

>> No.34872479

uhh oh yeah i was gonna add that. it's already a feature in my automatic subtitle re-timer

btw you should really request features either through my gitlab page or discord cuz i'm never on here and will probably forget this

>> No.34872490
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>> No.34872499

mental illness

>> No.34872505

can't do this

>> No.34872537

watch one sol and you will hear 出来上がり when they make a parfait or something

>> No.34872568


>> No.34872569

stop projecting

>> No.34872582


>> No.34872585

damn ur gonna be oboeruing a lot if u watch that show

>> No.34872598

i'm halfway through it. i watch raw though

>> No.34872613

have not seen a larger 自爆 in a long time on djt holy shit

>> No.34872622


>> No.34872661

20bmi gang reporting in

>> No.34872679

>"I'm a big guy"

>> No.34872686
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>> No.34872692

lmao @bunko

>> No.34872695

new tripfag? what's ur shtick?

>> No.34872701

400 cards due

>> No.34872761
File: 90 KB, 300x400, Lina-Inverse-anime-slayers-13918589-300-400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

よろしく! 愚子で~す!


>> No.34872765

idk what my bmi is but ill probably get 100 because i never fail

>> No.34872772

think my bmi is 40

>> No.34872806


>> No.34872818


>> No.34872821

if ur fat ull never learn japanese

>> No.34872904
File: 45 KB, 400x614, external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34872926


>> No.34873013


>> No.34873024


>> No.34873027


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>> No.34873104

that’s fucked up

>> No.34873151


>> No.34873215

lol i keep failing the dumbest fucking words: 軽薄
even though i get something like 一蓮托生 right every time

>> No.34873232


>> No.34873254

that first word is pretty hard i fail it a lot but i knew it this time :D

>> No.34873283

this is funny because calli is talking in japanese the whole time and just pretending to understand coco

>> No.34873288

いつもいつもvtumor homoliveうるさいので

>> No.34873308

how did calli get so good at japanese


she may not have come up with the lyrics but i can listen to this without cringing which is saying something

>> No.34873314
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>> No.34873354

are you watching the stream? even when she's speaking it's pretty good, just needs to improve vocabulary mostly

>> No.34873390

i am why do you think i asked how she got pretty good? she probably did even read vinnies and theres a video on joey anime man's channel showing her MAL and theres only like 15 anime that shes seen so i dont get it

>> No.34873398


>> No.34873449

literally think she and gura just did karaoke until they could pronounce japanese. and then calli lived in japan for long enough to talk at a basic level (higher than anyone here has attempted)

>> No.34873470

sticking with it for the whole year and we'll see what i do in 2022

>> No.34873553

i just got done talking on the phone with a japanese girl at a higher level than she can do, but i have no ill will towards her im just saying

>> No.34873567
File: 1.07 MB, 1320x676, baby.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.34873597


>> No.34873603

ive only heard qm, agf, and jamal. they weren't so good

>> No.34873623


>> No.34873655

crazy how matto makes vtuber enjoyers look like the bottom of the trash bin

>> No.34873796

crazy that kanji used to be even uglier
単 = 單
楽 = 樂

>> No.34873921

the flow of the meme review doesn't quite work when the guest instantly can read the meme and knows it's not funny at all lol. it works when she translates it line by line and they go EEEEEE HA HA HA

>> No.34873922

i'm doing lazy kanji for all the kanji that aren't on rtk

i hate not knowing the original meaning of a character

>> No.34873948

clarification: only for the words that i mined

>> No.34873951

just read 才 as オ

>> No.34874017


>> No.34874018

>纔, is a variant traditional form of 才

man, chinese moonrunes are something else

>> No.34874055

dont care

>> No.34874100

this but in english

>> No.34874231


>> No.34874232

i think anime is harder because it flies by kind of fast and you just have to let it go. so your reading speed has to be a little fast. you can take as much time as you want with a book

>> No.34874248

keep trying shit to read that isnt obviously hard?
i'll even throw you a bone


this should be easy as fuck^

>> No.34874325

that sucks callichan

>> No.34874378

>that sucks
easily the worst en holo lol

>> No.34874756

wotd: 塒

>> No.34874760

"yeah fuck em"

>> No.34874786

have an anki card for this but couldnt read it when its that small fuck

>> No.34874824
File: 7 KB, 250x221, 1621740875583s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>humiliates your oshi in front of 70k people

>> No.34874903


>> No.34874929

never seen this

>> No.34874980

bet you niggas didn't know that
賣 = 売
it appears as component in 贖う

>> No.34874987

around 1500 and six months ago

>> No.34875014
File: 543 KB, 640x606, 1594103909064.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34875024
File: 419 KB, 746x758, real-feet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i'm about the same but still doing it

>> No.34875103

>> No.34875140

⻖ = 阜

>> No.34875176


>> No.34875266

WOAH watching this

>> No.34875268

there are some deceptive non-joyou kanji
for example 恪 in 精励恪勤

>> No.34875328




>> No.34875385
File: 105 KB, 751x669, c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34875424


>> No.34875436




>> No.34875441

any of you play any mmos? can't really decide on what's actually worth investing time into since most mmos tend to be p2w cancer.

>> No.34875471

the meem on /vt/ is "do your reps"

>> No.34875545

齊 = 斉

>> No.34875565

its time for you to leave

>> No.34875571
File: 513 KB, 721x1013, 1620815640548.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

天国の穴くんですねぇ? ワハハハ!

>> No.34875602

yeah i erp on maplestory

>> No.34875730


>> No.34875771

yo i got a gf some months ago but she dumped my ass so im back
updates on og, jamal, moe, quiz and refold?

>> No.34875807

all dead

>> No.34875808

is quiz still dating that girl?

>> No.34875829

go back to pisscord

>> No.34875851


>> No.34875856

namefags are djt culture sorry i didnt mention ur irrelevant ass whoever you are lol

>> No.34875877

jamal still doesnt know japanese
moe - still fat
refold - dead in the water
ciaran - got his head cut off by a crazed guy from here it was all over the news
quizler - >>34868279 >>34714497

>> No.34875897


>> No.34875985

stfu and do your reps

>> No.34876073

where im from we dont call them mufflers but they do in japan. a muffler in america is something in your car but the verb "to muffle" is pretty common but unrelated

>> No.34876153

do you want me to use a trip lmao?

>> No.34876166

im playing a vinnie right now

>> No.34876177

look at this beast 擲

>> No.34876194

imagine if there was a nigga itt that wasnt posting between epic reading sessions and was just wasting his time here haha wouldnt that be crazy

>> No.34876197

you're talking to a tripfag

>> No.34876199

vns are proprietary

>> No.34876208

dont care didnt ask plus youre an arab rapist

>> No.34876219
File: 90 KB, 720x483, 1530862045353.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so what? i can do whatever i want with my goats.

>> No.34876220

look at this beast 畜生

>> No.34876224


>> No.34876235


>> No.34876255

just found out what these guys are called 「」

>> No.34876260

just learned this last night

>> No.34876325


>> No.34876635

i don't want to mine anymore

>> No.34877150

yeah, the chinese mnemonics are working
finally i can progress

>> No.34877270


>> No.34877294

too early, fuck you

>> No.34877370

theres an even earlier garbage hololive thread

>> No.34877417

What's the VN equivalent of this chart?

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