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S'up /jp/.

Would any of you know what the title of the song in these training videos?


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Juuden-chan ED

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no but it's the ending of juuden chan

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It's the Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! ED, so searching that may help you.

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Your picture tricked me, I thought it was Yorihime.

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Thanks /jp/

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Pff. Man, anyone can tell that it's Reisen.

*clicks image*


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lol newfag doesn't know PC-98 Reimu

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I thought this was about Reisen. I'm disappointed.

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We can make it about Reisen.

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Oh yeah, wouldn't running barefoot on a threadmill rather hurt? Or is she actually floating as usual?

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I'm amazed she lasted at all. Moving her legs and arms like that.

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Hence why I say, why bother moving at all?

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The best exercise.

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running like that will kill ya.

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Kaguya is best.

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This is new to me. Which is the original?

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the anime ending obviously

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and which one is that?

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>running will kill ya.
Sounds about right. It sure was killing me.

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There are warnings on treadmills not to do it barefoot, you can do serious damage to yourself if you loose traction (and your feet will pick up the dirt that the treadmill sucks up pretty easily). Ideally what you want is a good pair of running shoes with good traction.

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Oh look, a new retarded Nico Nico fad.

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o hai

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Why are they not using hand rails ... that is a very good way to get yourself maimed by a treadmill.

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Numbbii (2 months ago) +6 Reply | Spam
Pathy is making impossible here. :O

headshotsalot (3 weeks ago) -3 Reply | Spam
O.O *nosebleed* Patchy-san no kawaii desu!!!

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