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So they finally decide to make a touhou anime.

The catch is it has to be educational and for children. They finally decide to have a show where all the touhous are actuality little babies running around doing baby things in diapers and learning about the world and teaching the young viewers basic skills, teaching them about animals and shapes, etc.

Would you watch it? What do you think some of the episode plots will be about?

Would you let your children watch it?

Pic related. Baby Ran is adorable.

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I'd watch that so hard.

In before diaperfags, though.

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I will not let this happen.

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I think it sounds AWWW-RIGHTTT!

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>Fox Kids

Back when American cartoons were good. ;_;

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Would this be like Muppet Babies in Gensokyo?

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>little babies running around doing baby things in diapers
They would never make it.

Although, I wouldn't mind watching Touhou Kids myself.

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Muppet Babies, Tiny Toons Babies, Disney Babies, and whatever other knock-off baby-filled programs there were back in the 90s I guess.

What the hell, the Touhou Babies can even have a musical montage in each episode.

We need one of the touhous to be the mother figure. In the other baby programs you would like never see her top half, just her feet. This should probably be Yuyuko or Eirin or Yukari or something, but Yuyuko and Yukari would be interesting baby characters so probably Eirin.

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The legs man, the legs.

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Somehow, this setting would fit ZUN's storywriting perfectly.

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At the end of each episode, after the babies learn an important life lesson such as sharing, they will all get together to drink a warm bottle of milk.

Every episode will end this way.

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Why not a father figure instead?

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fuck, I lol'd.

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Subtle lesbian overtones drastically affect developing children.

By 2012, the show has brought about the destruction of human society, as it has been prophecized

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>little babies running around doing baby things in diapers

fetish thread

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>Touhou Anime


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Instead of a word of the day, would it have a spellcard of the day?

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>>Touhou Anime

Fix'd that for ya.