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Todays schedule

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I love shogun and I'm the father!

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I like the effort that was put into the Happy Synthesizer MV, from Temma, the mixer; and the video itself

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When's the shotgun wedding?

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If Izuru loves feminine clothing and the like so much, why doesn't he just replace Kira as the Holostar's designated trap vtuber?

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>replace Kira
Fuck off

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Very soon anon. Do you really believe he barely streams just because he is busy with college?

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He left of his own volition and isn't coming back, I'm not sure why you're seething so hard. It's not like Kaoru where there was actual drama.

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The circumstances doesn't matter. It doesn't mean he just can be replaced by someone else.

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Temma doing background vocals/harmony with himself is one of my favourite parts of some of his covers. Its too bad he never was able to learn the program that he wanted to use last year around christmas, I'm still curious as to what he was going to do with that idea.

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Would transitioning save her?

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Made for breeding

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Breeding the knight or dying trying!

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This artist draws some surprisingly sexy Astels despite being a Miyabifag

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>under under clothes
It’s all I wanted from his l2d...

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>that chest hole

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when do they shut down?

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Temma english study day 21

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Shorts are truly the best.

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It's surprising that its taken this long for Temma to start cutting off the voice acting consistently, wonder why he didnt go with trying the new program or if he is waiting to do that on tues/thursday.

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Apparently he needs to ask for permission each time he wants to stream duolingo so maybe he'll use the new app next time he forgets to do that

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Top Breeder Temma!

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Makes sense, I forgot about permissions, I assumed that was also why that one stream went missing even after he restarted, since he didnt get permission to do it again. I hope it isnt lost forever.
Hes so stuck on that one line.

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Morning Roberu

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Temma you can break my anything

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Well that was a cute ending, horror game english will be fun.

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Temma, Aruran, Iofi and Anya. Seems like an interesting combo

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Switching to suntempo food chat part 2, thanks Roberu.
Small enough for it to be several games too, I guess its not dbd since he already did do lessons on that. I'm very excited for this week, nice celebratory knight singing tomorrow hopefully.

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Bar has a lot of fanservice today, I hope you regulars feel a little better.

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Possible weird stream later, xenblade dlc, some interest in ff with the new se permissions. If he sticks to this might have a nice schedule this week, I havent really watched Roberu with the lack of morning streams and not being into horses, ff would be fun so would re village.

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No one asked his weekly schedule?

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Team AIM apex collab on the 20th

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I didnt notice at least but I did stop looking at chat halfway through, most of the sc were fanservice related. Schedule has been slightly more consistent lately so maybe he will have one later today or tomorrow.

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I wonder if its just casual or will Astel bring out an alt to do ranked with them

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It's a custom

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AIM saiko! Nice to see them team up again

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Ooo, it's the ShibuyaHal Custom. That's a relatively sweaty lobby, should be fun.

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meika my love

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Shark teeth love

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Horses are forever.

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Horsepussy saikou...

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very cute... Temma senpai....

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My boy is finally starting to expand his circle of friends. I couldn't be more proud.

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Well... that was... quick...
Oga's max sanity drops more and more with each gacha stream...

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Poor Oga, rate up is a lie

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Poor Majin.

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On one hand, I think he should stop streaming when pulling gacha because he almost always seems to get the unit he wants when pulling offscreen
On the other hand, his sounds of despair are just so much fun to listen to that I wouldn't mind watching him ragequit everytime

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>Likes NTR
>Is a masochist
He probably enjoys getting cucked by gacha on stream to be honest.

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>roberu wants to play more XB2 DLC

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> https://youtu.be/lY0nwHnVPaM
Is it a bug?
Also, horsepussies in 2 hours

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>Is it a bug?
let me tell you a tale of a time when this was normal

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> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrtgRWIYJDs
Your Son dose.
With that pattern until now, he seems to be really active the even week and particularly lazy the odd week

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He's already coping with rituals

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I can already hear the RPGMaker booting up.

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Guess we can expect a RPG maker animation soon... poor Oga...

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Oga is in the shed again.

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Roberu is the type of guy that leaves right after he finishes his meal

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You stay? I immediately pay my bill and leave.
I also roll over after I cum instead of doing gay shit like cuddling.

>> No.34783393

I don't either, but it amused me to see so much "I get it" in the chat after he said it

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>Fubuki already got the horse in 22 rolls
Oga... don't look...

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>I also roll over after I cum instead of doing gay shit like cuddling.

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bitches then fucking expected me to bring the towel
do it yourself lmao

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The CEO of sex Kaoru would be highly disappointed.

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>Temma and Aruran were doing their english reps and try to put them to use
>Anya will constantly shift it to japanese

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Old man is singing while playing guitar, no archive again.

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I'm surprised that there is no scheduled ff at all. Always the gurellia chance but I was expecting him to jump on that instantly.
Temma senpai, very cute. I wonder if that will last through the collab.

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He probably had a talk with Shinove and the other boys and decided that doing too much FF14 wouldn't be too good for his channel

>> No.34785277

Aruran biozahaed

>> No.34785461

biozahead tanoshii

>> No.34785522

Even after watching the flowerboy and knight run through this Arus jump scare reactions end up getting me.

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Rikka sound only and video file

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Thanks anon

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Doesnt really have anything pointing to that, I'll just wait and see how it looks next week or if he brings it up. I really doubt he would avoid playing a game he really enjoys that much.

>> No.34785902

Miyabi superchat thanking stream

>> No.34786489

FF14 on the menu for next week hanamigumi.

>> No.34786491

Miyabi just confirmed that there will be FF14 next week.

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He's having a lot of fun

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>Astel still salty about having no team
Maybe play with the other chuubas you fucking dumbass space seaweed, they've been inviting you to play for a while now.

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never seen him make this face before, nice

>> No.34786791

I like the guy but he can't keep whining about that if he's not willing to put in the effort to expand his connections.

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What do you call this disorder

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>> No.34786942

Seaweed please just invite even one of these people to play with you...

>> No.34787014

I don't get his deal. Last year he invited Yomi and nijisanji's Ichigo to play. What is wrong with this dude?

>> No.34787062

Even Coach would be a solid option at this point. At least we'll get Team AIM again soon, but I swear this dumbass would probably sooner grind to Predator on the misguided belief that it'd help him get a team rather than just fucking ask to play with the others.

>> No.34787130

It's called Pride, he's not willing to beg to be carried.

>> No.34787148

I mean if anything it sounds like low self esteem desu, maybe he’s the type of person that has trouble reaching out first

>> No.34787170

Can’t tell if this is a shitpost but, astel doesn’t need anyone to carry him lol. And it’s not that deep playing together is about having fun

>> No.34787285

It's not pride, also he doesn't need to be carried
If anything, it's more like some case of social anxiety or low self esteem kinda like how some of the other girls don't really ask for collabs with each other all the time despite being really good friends
I do wish he'd find some way to resolve it because he interacted with his outsider friends just fine last time and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't mind playing with him again if he asks

>> No.34787362

[Majin's Uma Musume Updates]


>Looks like Teio is an Omaesan

>> No.34787394

Sometimes, I wonder how it would be if someone like keffiy would rig one of the boys like Temma for example.
Imagine a bouncy knight...

>> No.34787964

>bouncy knight
I'm at work anon...

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Mind out of the gutter auntie

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>> No.34788505

Will there ever be a bigger numberfag than Astel himself?

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No, Astel is both king numberfag and menhera of the stars

>> No.34788750

Kiara if you choose to believe what /hlgg/ says

>> No.34788788

Not holostar related

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He should numberfag the amount of times he has been skipped from CR Cup and do something about it.

>> No.34789006

Seaweed...what’s the worst that can happen...

>> No.34789138

The fucker started singing.

>> No.34789218

Now this is a sweet turn of events.

>> No.34789269

Thanks for the heads up, just finished up the old mans archive and needed another bg.

>> No.34789523

Astel Apex

>> No.34789527


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I think he's too good so it'd be hard to place him on a team with the points system, usually Vtubers are dead weight taken to fill an easy support role and allow two experienced pros. See Towa on Selly and Bora's team, she was just a shield bot.

>> No.34789674

APEX 315000000000000000000000

>> No.34789749

>this might have a nice schedule this week
Lol no https://twitter.com/yukokuroberu/status/1394320544577646592

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For a long time I also wanted to see more interactions between the two branches and wanted Cover to stop separating them so much but now i do thinbk theu should stay separated because the Hololive fandom fucking sucks, they're either idolfags who just hate the homos for being males or retarded redditors with shitty humor. Better learn from they're shitty behaviour while the fandom is still small.

>> No.34789841

>just asakatsu tomorrow
I'll take it, I guess
At least we know Hanakishi vs Babudon Smash Bros is confirmed for the 21st so now it's just a matter of guessing what he'll do for the remaining days

>> No.34789849

>more interactions between the two branches
But why

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>guessing what he'll do for the remaining days

>> No.34789984

Just take it easy and enjoy the ride with the homos. There is always HoloID who are fun to hang out around, and the rare occasions with HoloJP are also most of the time nice.
And the seclusion was not that bad at the end, you end up understanding that the world is much bigger than just HoloPro. No point in focusing in the same place when you have more than enough great people outside to do things with and events to participate.
Otherwise, they would have been more complacent than they already are recently, wouldn't go outside their comfort zone and rely more heavily on overseas viewers. The alternative way at least mitigates this, and the domestic public opinion about Holostars is also visibly starting to change and being accepted as their own thing, which is a major victor compared to previous year in my book.

>> No.34790071


>> No.34790074

At that time I thought it would be entertaining and improve their growth but now I know it would feel forced.

>> No.34790155

Hes making around the same progress as Gorilla who was doing the solo master challenge then gave up and joined a squad to actually get RP

>> No.34790219

Not that anon but hard agree. If they do end up collabing with others aside from the usual girls then I'd have no problem with it. What has changed for me is that I don't care about the separated branches debate anymore and beggars should get the rope.
I can see Izuru joining him at some point. Seaweed will end up going insane more than he already is otherwise.

>> No.34790410

>beggars should get the rope
Agreed, especially the bandwagoning retards that don’t even watch the Stars

>> No.34790840

I think this is the reason, I remember someone mentioning this in another thread but right now Astel is worth a lot of points, which would make it difficult for him to fit into a balanced team, as such, even though he has impressed more than a few pros with his skills, that's still not enough to justify the point invesment that would be required to add him on a team, especially since he wouldn't have the same synergy and cohesion that the other participants would have with the ones they have already played plenty of with.
I get you, I used to think similarly but then I went on a journey of reps and reflexion and changed opinions, I'm happy with how the boys are progressing and the fact that their growth feels more organic and makes the current community feel much nicer and comfy than others.
Agreed, in the end the segregation was pretty beneficial for the boys since it motivated them to try harder and not get too complacent, as well as expand their horizons far more than most of Holopro ever did, which lead both the talents and their fans to discover an entire new world of posibilities filled with interesting and talented people that they may not have discovered had they stayed within the boundaries of HoloPro and it also allowed the boys to be more creative with their content and more interactive with their community.
Agree with all the violence.

>> No.34790946

The thing is about CR cup is that no one really wants a master rank. Every team there to win wants a predator or two even if it means fucking over the third spot. I forgot which CR cup it was but there was a team with two preds and a fucking bronze because having a predator is too much of an advantage

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>> No.34791143

Yeah, I do think cover should stop segregating them but the fandoms should not mix.

>> No.34791342

I don't know much about Apex but the 2nd place team in the latest cup (CR5) had Kuku (who I love to pieces but she's not very good at Apex) with Ras and Admin. Her role was basically just to Bloodhound ping when one of them told her to.

>> No.34791379

Isnt Ras like really strong? Like to the point where hes actually worth more than a regular predator

>> No.34791409


>> No.34791414

Yeah Ras made some insane plays he basically carried the team to 2nd. I think his team had the potential to place first if he and Admin didn't end up in a terrible position in the last round and make a bad call that got them wiped in 4th. 54pts vs 58pts for the first place team. Or if they did better in R4 really, they really dropped the ball that round.

>> No.34791430

I had a laugh when I saw her on that team. Nothing malicious just imagined this cute silly cock between two monsters

>> No.34791451

She was so insanely quiet and reserved, you could tell she felt totally out of her element. Poor Kuku. There were still a few fun interactions between her and Ras.

>> No.34791575

At least you've finally seen the light, anon. The JOPs are starting to ease off the whole male thing, but the unicorns are still the main paypigs. As for reddit, why do you think the regulars are so against Roberu going there? I'm still a haaton deep down and first-hand witnessed the death of a fanbase because of reddit. I would never wish that to happen to any of the boys.

>> No.34791628
File: 19 KB, 197x149, 2AD82DF6-BBFE-41BB-BDE2-2C2BC5631B82.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I had a taste of that back during the AmeAstel thing

>> No.34791927

Can I get a redpill on this?

>> No.34791950

Do you still archive her?

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File: 97 KB, 220x241, 1597245436366.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Will never stop hoping for a Polka/Roberu

>> No.34792119

I still try to catch every stream and have my membership, just close the chat on mostly everything but members only.

The haatons have always been degenerates, but we had a respectful chat like the boys have. Everything went down after she took off her chat rules because of that reddit meme review where Coco made fun of her engrish rules. Then more reddit saviorfags swarmed in after the Taiwan thing. She's always been a numberfag and started the schizo shit because of the "positive" reaction from the EOPs. Now only a handful of loyal oldfag haatons remain, but most of the chat is just filthy EOPs who even admit they just watch her for the "lore" or to cum to her ASMR.

>> No.34792213

Shit I didn't know, that sucks.
Like man I love Coco but I hate how she introduced reddit to the holost.

>> No.34792240

Better keep the homos out of there, fortunately most female weens don't use reddit.

>> No.34792666

Dunno if that anon will see this, but ShibuyaHal did grind out the rest of his Solo Masters challenge.

>> No.34792778

Guys I opened Astel's stream but he's not there? There's just some guy with a mustache.

>> No.34792815

Haru sama kakkoi

>> No.34793173


>> No.34793224

I don't practice witchcraft. What does each faction mean?

>> No.34793233


>> No.34793378

Even though Astel is streaming he still takes the time to bully Aruran while the latter makes a morning tweet. Complete kusogaki.

>> No.34793411

Temma English studying day 22

>> No.34793414

Why does Astel have voice chat on?

>> No.34793450

He always has it on unless something special happens like the other time with the guys on the vc were trashing him before he 1v3ed the enemy

>> No.34793625

Astel is using Temma as BGM...

>> No.34793651

Everything is a good tool to distract himself from the pain of Apex

>> No.34793691

I dont know why I like it so much when he pulls up his footage like this.

>> No.34793802

>that “temma....temma...” in that mindbroken voice

>> No.34793857

Meika-chan watching seaweed suffer!

>> No.34794088

Free bullying voicepack from Temma today.

>> No.34794089

>ywnb the goat he yells at
why live

>> No.34794120

Solo master really is a hellish grind.

>> No.34794340

I can only wish to be the level of tensai the knight is.

>> No.34794427

Morning Roberu

>> No.34794470

Oh man, Astel's team actually threw so hard.

>> No.34794564

>Gryffindor: Brave and ballsy. The protaganists
>Hufflepuff: Hard work (and usually no results)
>Ravenclaw: Big brain
>Slytherin: Ambition, cunning, whatever JK was thinking to make them sound good. Just think of slimy politicians. Almost always villains.

>> No.34794570

I don’t think he’s going to make it solo anytime soon

>> No.34794617
File: 381 KB, 1536x2048, E1obgxdVUAMs2qT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Knight notes for the day, possessives and articles were on point today even without chats help.

>> No.34794725

Astel is getting spammed

>> No.34794762

Temma dqb2

>> No.34794838

He's making more progress on English than I've made on Japanese and I'm getting depressed again.

>> No.34794877

Yeah hes doing a lot better than I am, really proud of his progress but also ashamed at how slow I am.

>> No.34794907

I want to cope by saying English is a much easier language to learn but the reality is that Temma is simply smarter and more talented than I am.

>> No.34794936

Apex sugoi.

>> No.34795557
File: 800 KB, 1261x706, 94864567.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Ravenclaw: Big brain
>Izuru and Robesan
Yep, I def see it.

>> No.34795581
File: 349 KB, 1800x2147, ErBSq6AXMAAmwMa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh look, another APEX invitation! Maybe this time the Seaweed won't ignore it.

>> No.34795704

It should heal his brain after facing random predators on rank.

>> No.34795717

Matchmaking giveth, and matchmaking taketh. At least this time around he has 2 preds on his team.

>> No.34795722

You spoke too soon anon

>> No.34795725

That died the moment I pressed the submit button lmao.

>> No.34795730

And just with Astel's luck, TSM_ImperialHal's team was in the same lobby. They also landed in Fragment and wiped his team.

>> No.34795874

Thank god for that

>> No.34795926

Ok lemme go back to my middle school days and give my opinion
>Gryffindor: Roberu, Izuru, Kaoru
>Hufflepuff: Miyabi, Shien
>Ravenclaw: Aruran, Temma, Rikka
>Slytherin: Astel, Oga, Kira

>> No.34796040

I'd put Izuru in Ravenclaw because he isnt as passionate and ambitious as the Gryffindors. Temma in Hufflepuff, Miyabi in Ravenclaw. Aruran could be in Gryffindor along with Roberu and maybe Shien.

>> No.34796238
File: 79 KB, 960x953, EvJoRelXIAMVeMy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Game time goes up, RP goes down.

>> No.34796632
File: 396 KB, 598x564, crying_inside.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We have finally reached rock-bottom of Diamond 4.

>> No.34796636

Part 2 of Astel's suffering

>> No.34796830
File: 275 KB, 340x332, 1621054215083.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Somehow this really isn't a good day for Astel's grind to masters...

>> No.34797226

He plays so good all match and then throws at the end bros my sanity is hurting.

>> No.34797241

His team shouldn't have pushed, but he needed to follow up once they went down instead of chilling and watching them get obliterated in the enemy dome

>> No.34797721

>I wanna play a galge
Huh I didnt know Roberu was on

>> No.34797807

Astel...what did you just say?

>> No.34797820

Wondering the same since chat was being so insistent to not translate it.

>> No.34797847

Izuru APEX

>> No.34798380

Arupapa Uma Musume
Be on the lookout for lurking unlucky Majin

>> No.34798412

what the fuck did he say?

>> No.34798472

the trpg in temma's sched was suntempo

>> No.34798656

Now that's a really good surprise. Knights schedule keeps on delivering.

>> No.34799096 [DELETED] 

Temma celebration stream

>> No.34799125

Temma singing stream actually, celebration next week

>> No.34799131

Knight pushed back his 70k celebration, but he's still gonna sing today!

>> No.34799242
File: 155 KB, 334x259, 1609669825055.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The streamlink scripts suddenly 404'd during the night and I guess this has caused youtube to hit me with too many requests errors now. Cant archive the cute knight in case he sings the wrong thing.

>> No.34799726

Astel joined Izuru

>> No.34799764

Why is he like this

>> No.34799820
File: 17 KB, 185x43, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's love.

>> No.34800137
File: 86 KB, 715x531, 771FBE69-4EC4-4365-8A90-E4DF81A3F0D7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

w-what was it

>> No.34800188

Looking at Astel play with Izuru, I can see that they trust each other enough to go into fights they don't have a full advantage in. Astel doesn't trust the randoms he gets matched with so he ditches them as soon as they do the same thing

>> No.34800332

> https://youtu.be/4AqQgIaI_rw
FOXDEMON bros, rejoice!

>> No.34800480

What did he say? Is it another of Astel's nothingburger apex ramblings that translatorfags take too seriously anyway?

>> No.34801175

https://youtu.be/GXdSiI1EIDA?t=7680 2:08:00
>"So starting from middle school boys would when they come home touch their dick and girls might think that they are all just perverts or monkeys. But that's not the case at all. Because boys are cute. Please keep that in mind, okay?"

I'd translate the rest but I have a really hard time understanding what he said at 2:10:00 with his unclear pronunciation so I am missing the context for 2:12:32.

>> No.34801777
File: 31 KB, 253x292, DCD0511F-6978-4B83-A8FA-5A205B93FDC3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A-atta boy that’s my oshi

>> No.34801996

Abrupt end, but fun moments anyways.
Until next time!

>> No.34802204
File: 80 KB, 1242x698, 15161910.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That was fun
Also >baby FBK

>> No.34802235

>Izuru's latest APEX stream is unlisted
What did his chat do this time?

>> No.34802266
File: 26 KB, 212x222, 1611163944972.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Astel "I'm the most normal in Holostars" Leda

>> No.34802289

probably the amount of 'go to sleep astel' idk

>> No.34802346

Please translate whatever you understand even if it doesn't make much sense, Anon, I'm seriously dying of curiosity

>> No.34802406

>There are girls who have this image of boys as perverts or monkeys who go home every day to touch their dicks beginning in middle school, but that's not the case at all. Because boys are cute. Please keep that in mind, okay?
>... (Reading a comment?) "Touching it helps me relax, so please forgive me." There are also gross people like this. But most are just cute. So please go forgive them.
>But, and this is something that's common among boys I think, around middle school, I think, when you're in class in the winter and you look cold, doesn't the gym teacher say stuff like "Why don't you stick your hand in your crotch and warm yourself up?" Stuff like "Touch yourself and warm yourself up?"
>Ah, I guess my teacher was just weird. Let's leave that at my teacher being weird. He said that to me. Where I lived, even in winter, we wore short pants and short sleeves. It was really cold, and when I was shivering ... I often stuck my hands between my thighs in winter to warm up my hands.
>When I did that, the teacher said "You'll warm up if you stick your hands in your pants." I think it was just his way of joking. I thought all boys were told things like that.

>> No.34802513

Ah I see. Thank you anon.
I would completely have mistranslated that second part if I had tried to. Glad I hold on my policy to not translate when I don't really get it.

>> No.34802694
File: 378 KB, 560x656, pain.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

in other words: see you on thursday

>> No.34802803

i knew 2 days of asakatsu was too good to be true

>> No.34803012

I'm worried.

>> No.34803071

Thank you Anon, I love you so much. I'm doing my JP reps but I'm a dumbass so it's going slow.
It's honestly not that yabe (perhaps concerning, but not yabe), chat overreacted a bit.

>> No.34803079

>doesn't the gym teacher say stuff like "Why don't you stick your hand in your crotch and warm yourself up?"
What the fug

>> No.34803170
File: 478 KB, 798x466, damnson.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Boys and girls, add this to the investigation file...

>> No.34803248

Wow, it's not Bar Robel but we're getting that Mea collab.

>> No.34803250

the simultaneous visit of haneru and mea is getting closer, this bartender better prepare a little shelter room for himself

>> No.34803293

It's not yabai but I think it's good that they overreacted because the whole thing seemed a bit hard to understand on spot without being able to rewind and incomplete/wrong translations can become really dangerous for the talents.

>> No.34803335
File: 101 KB, 236x233, robetired.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Goddammit. It is fucking tiring.
What is his endgame?

>> No.34803442
File: 153 KB, 492x551, 785FE09C-5389-4DD6-AEF2-BCFB99447A4E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34803462

Just checked the stream and Hirai really got a design upgrade. The quiz collab is with Oji V (Beat Mario, Itou Life, Gatchiman, Amezari Hirai, Kio Nachi)

>> No.34803864

I've finally watched Miyabi's debut stream, it was really precious. He hasn't changed much since then, though he seems more confident now. There were times he seemed like he was close to crying in it

>> No.34803988

All that ffchatter, its been a while since I rewatched it, I should do a relay later this year. You can really hear the nerves at the end, seeing supportive Izuru in the chat as well is nice teetee. I'm happy Miyabi stuck with it.

>> No.34804068

top kek

>> No.34804089


>> No.34804178

You'll live if Robert doesn't stream for a day or two.

>> No.34804200
File: 69 KB, 180x201, 1602448764871.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what happens if he does stream?!

>> No.34804387

Thanks a lot. The translatorbros here are beyond based.
>when you're in class in the winter and you look cold, doesn't the gym teacher say stuff like "Why don't you stick your hand in your crotch and warm yourself up?"
Astel, that is not normal.

>> No.34804918

Is...he okay lmao

>> No.34804948

He was running on 12 hours of Apex, please understand.

>> No.34804955

i sincerely want him to see a therapist before he says something that gets him fired

>> No.34804970

If this is what made him a shotacon i’d hate to see what made him a furry

>> No.34804988

i hope he didn't have a pet dog as a kid...

>> No.34805007

Back to the other thread globalfag

>> No.34805023

okay fine

>> No.34805175
File: 232 KB, 1280x720, Old thumbnail.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.34805531

Anon... why...

>> No.34805614

Who's that cute girl next to Roberu? Is that his girlfriend?

>> No.34805881
File: 115 KB, 959x805, 3220932.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shogun is on twitter spaces right now.

>> No.34805917

Didn’t you know? They met in a bar, lovely story

>> No.34805925 [DELETED] 

Izuru talking at twitter spaces

>> No.34806030

I realized something recently and got curious if someone has gone through something similar.
So, when I started geting into vtubers, I mostly watched the Hololgirls, alongside a few others like Hana and Pikamee, but after a while I decided to try and get into other members of Hololive, which led me to finding out about the Holostars and, after a while, I got more and more interested in them going though some phases involved with that, and before I realized it, my interest in the hologirls started to disminish, while my interest in the Stars grew bigger, which I found curious 'cause my interest in female vtubers outside of HoloPro didn't decrease at all, in fact, it actually increased, since I started to watch ones from 774 inc., Nijisanji (JP and KR especially), VOMS, indies like Pochi and Ruri, etc.
Has anyone else gone through something similar? I would like to hear your stories.

>> No.34806141

wish he was my girlfriend (male)

>> No.34806165

More or less in the same case, I got into the boys after the girls and watched the girls less after I got into Holostars. That's probably because I watch streams and that 11 (now 9) vtubers were enough to catch all my attention. I still follow some of the girls as well as vtubers outside Holopro though

>> No.34806221


>> No.34806256

Wow, a 30 minutes clip!

>> No.34806309

unspeakable experience involving a Mickey mascot

>> No.34806319

I had a similar experience. A friend of mine who is very invested in vtubers introduced me to Hololive through many well-known clips. I believe Matsuri was the first one to interest me, but it wasn't enough to lure me to watch any of her streams. By the time gen 4 came out, Coco was the one to completely spark my attention, which led me to watch a few of the girls, such as Marine and Subaru.
I don't remember exactly what got me into Holostars, but when Trinero first debuted I mostly kept tabs on Shien and Oga. It took me longer to start watching anyone else, but after investing more time in their streams, I started to realize that Holostars had a special charm that I couldn't find in Hololive anymore. By late 2020, I started to broaden my horizons and pick up some Nijis that caught my attention from a while back, like Tomoe and Shellin. There is also Meika who I like to tune in from time to time.

>> No.34806550

I watched the girls first, then found the stars, and found other vtubers through them. I still watch the girls but the stars take priority

I discovered more vtubers through stars collabs but the boys take up alot of my free time it's just not feasible to watch too many

>> No.34806579

I still don't know if Meika is supposed to be a girl or a guy.

>> No.34806818
File: 113 KB, 306x300, A58FB7A2-05C7-47CD-BC3D-9D480BA0B4CA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34806877


>> No.34806889

Whoops meant for >>34806579

>> No.34806904

Looking at the views, is it a video that was privated until recently?

>> No.34806906

They get along so well, it really makes me wish I was a Holostar.

>> No.34807337

Even just calling in to Temma, Astel is such a fucking weirdo (lovingly)

>> No.34807446

I dont think so, several things from around that time have similar views but I have an awful memory, Izuru late 2019, early 2020 is around the same as well.

>> No.34808310

Temma English studying day 23

>> No.34809009

Exclusive Yagoo lore this stream.

>> No.34809427

This story is perfect for Temma.

>> No.34809465

With each passing day, I understand the aunties more and more.

>> No.34809597

If Temma is popular with aunties, what group would Tenko be popular with

>> No.34809629

Uncles, obviously.

>> No.34809694
File: 909 KB, 900x900, Ev2-4leUUAIT3w-.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Miyabi is out of our league except for Temma
Lucky bastard.

>> No.34809708

I love this knight, I cannot have either flower but it sure is nice to gaze at them from down here.

>> No.34809761

he's too cute, bros...

>> No.34809789
File: 283 KB, 1355x998, EzR3wRBVEAwKP7N.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Temma gets cuter everyday

>> No.34809804

Holy shit it's hard to deal with how cute he is.

>> No.34809811

I have uncontrollable smiles when watching him, it's getting bad

>> No.34809849
File: 159 KB, 525x482, Tenpi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Watching new people fall for the knights charm makes me so happy, his english pronunciation and comfort level is progressing so well too. I'm really happy for him and proud.

>> No.34809903

He's too sweet, he kept explaining the concept of 高嶺の花 even if only a few people didn't understand by the time he drew the diagram and explained it thoroughly. Now I get why people talk about Temma's fans a lot

>> No.34810015

Temma dqb2
Perfect slow comfy stream for bed

>> No.34810454


>> No.34810482

Tenma screams hufflepuff rumao

>> No.34810520

who is the pink from? animare?

>> No.34810850

Kinda sad that collab will never happen, seems like they get along pretty well.

>> No.34811118

Youtube-kun had a stroke it seems

>> No.34811325

Not gonna lie, when Ollie played Apex with Ame I had a faint hope that Astel would join or something so him and Ame would interact again. ;w;

>> No.34811702

Mori has shown some interest with collabing with Ollie and Astel. So thats a possibility.

I mean, if you like Mori

>> No.34811723

The Rikka collab gave me pain but otherwise she seems like a nice girl, I just don't watch her streams

>> No.34811776

Has Astel got over being too stupid to do that yet?

>> No.34811951

He's too busy losing his mind in Apex

>> No.34812005

I wonder if something like stupid -> mindbroken by Apex -> not stupid can happen.

>> No.34812081

Who doesn't like their boy Mori?

>> No.34812308

The deadbeats calling him Uncle Rikka was pretty funny

>> No.34812519

I imagine hitting Masters will induce some post nut clarity and his stupidity will be cured

>> No.34812591

That's assuming he does. Even honest to goodness Predators struggle with that challenge, let alone a newly minted Master.

>> No.34812775

Astel singing in T-10 minutes,

>> No.34812812

God dammit Seaweed why now

>> No.34812833

He knows how to take advantage of dead hours

>> No.34812860

he's heartbroken bec gakki got married

>> No.34812990
File: 331 KB, 383x399, 1611078768932.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Summer seaweed lives.

>> No.34813013
File: 774 KB, 1096x1600, 004359025_ZtnLqXVsJ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>summer astel

>> No.34813019 [DELETED] 
File: 212 KB, 1152x720, wefergrt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.34813118

operatic astel

>> No.34813213

Miyabi's old FF14 videos were unprivated.


>> No.34813236

Izuru clip

>> No.34813659

I love this liar alien.

>> No.34814061

next Wachastar is Astel, Aruran and Shien.

>> No.34814235

I'm ready for some Pizzadad bullying

>> No.34814317


>> No.34814320

What would be that unannounced project?
I am just expecting a joke to make the scenario work.

>> No.34814504

Our son has finally ascended into becoming an Uma Musuko...

>> No.34814967

Now this is a rare combo, I am really grateful for the variety of these. That glasses glint is menacing but we all know Aru is going to end up being bullied.
Please Cover, kemonomimi add on options..

>> No.34815078

Our son's horse addiction has grown so much that he became a horse himself

>> No.34815096

>scrolling thread
>explosion of aunties doting on temma
Hmm naruhodo

>> No.34815106

I did not look at the times in the playlist and was really hit hard by the fact that the 2nd one is 11 hours long and that one fan of his thats still around left all of those time stamps.
Hanamigumi better strap in, though I wonder what his new job hours are exactly, might not be able to do marathon streams quite as long.

>> No.34815305

Miyabi building a new conversation deck

>> No.34815631

Aru Everhood

>> No.34815656

Lack, your children... they're playing the same game... but they'll never talk...

>> No.34815773

I really wish there were more glimpses into the struggle of the conversation deck with Temma.

>> No.34816050

Anybody else taken a look at son's new stamps? Really liking the smug one.

>> No.34816084

Rikka Biohazard village

>> No.34816393

Looks like son managed to find a playable galge after all

>> No.34816491

Very nice, newer game too so theres extra novelty.

>> No.34816838

Old man playing the uncensored version is pretty surprising, I thought all of the japanese copies were censored by default.

>> No.34816939

Seaweed with the bants.

>> No.34817062
File: 272 KB, 512x512, Smug barmaster.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is really cute, thanks for the heads up.

>> No.34817129

Oga megaman 3

>> No.34817816

Bossu zachidan

>> No.34817968

Did Aruran ever collabs with any other Lack children?
I remember he has other siblings outside Cover.

>> No.34818040

I don't think so. Arugrandpa only has 4 children IIRC, Arupapa, Flare, Rimuru and the girl in a kimino that quit

>> No.34818102

Arusan and Flare are aware of each other's existence but I don't think I've ever heard either of them acknowledge Ririmu
Also don't think Ririmu's acknowledged her siblings either

>> No.34818233

It is amazing how polished the game is compared to MM2.
As usual, he went through it making the game look like so easy...
Looking forward to MM4!

>> No.34818244

Old man is handling this hardcore run even better than I expected, he flew through the starting section and has hardly died. Even compared to Miyabi this is a really calm and chill play through.

>> No.34818251

Bossu... for the love of God monitor your streams, I know you have the power to block people...

>> No.34818302

The Oga and Rikka gameplay combo was really comfy, its too bad he started with snakeman, best mm3 normal stage music.
I'm looking forward to 4 but we are quickly going to run out of classic megaman for Oga to stream.

>> No.34818446

Guerilla Oga stream.

>> No.34818895

Before ending his stream Shien revealed that Miyabi bumped into him and other things multiple times during their off collab meeting. Clumsy flower.

>> No.34818966

Between this and Shien falling asleep during the off collab on a bench we are getting good fanart material.

>> No.34818972
File: 476 KB, 1400x1200, ExiQZApWEAYSCUc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He tweeted about that happening in a previous meet up they had before too... What a cute flower

>> No.34819674

That’s cute! I want to bump into Bossu too...

>> No.34819841

Kinda feel the same anon, I feel bad because most of the girls are great but I'm not really interested to watch their clips as before. And seeing how dense some of their simps can be repels me a bit to be honest.

>> No.34819854

Turns out its standard with Rikka thats what I get for watching too many things at once and trusting chat. Rikka/Miyabi or shadowgear re5 would be fun, all the village streams have made me want to see it.

>> No.34819933
File: 134 KB, 1023x724, 2F1F9B51-5771-45E0-87DE-26D365DE2938.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.34819945
File: 333 KB, 551x564, 1614864295905.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34820000

I like his laugh

>> No.34820046

Old man cute, I love his reactions.

>> No.34820104

Old man is cute CUTE

>> No.34820110

How can an old man be so cute

>> No.34820188
File: 428 KB, 566x2048, 4EFBCE96-3F94-44A2-8F79-48D2C28813D8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34820274
File: 345 KB, 526x2048, F2D1B1F2-95C3-44BA-BD90-C1BF782BA37C.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34820295


>> No.34820436
File: 143 KB, 773x1155, E1sLCEBXEAcBMds.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Single mom Miyabi...

>> No.34820861

Goddammit anon, I didn't need to get emotional today...
Thank you for sharing tho...

>> No.34820975

Nice interaction

>> No.34821260

>Giving the good morning in her birthday

>> No.34821678

thanks for the translation even if its pain

>> No.34821842

The artist themself translated it.

>> No.34822198

Im glad that someone is playing the uncensored version just for this scene alone

>> No.34822205

Jealous flower is also cute

>> No.34822342
File: 1.11 MB, 1575x1575, E1eROB2WQAIQU6T.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not in a relationship but won't let Hanamigumi eye his lil bro? What a possessive flower

>> No.34822356

I want to make love with this artists style

>> No.34822410


>> No.34822676

Temma English studying day24

>> No.34822694

>english to please others
I'm sure the aunties would love to teach the knight that

>> No.34822699

>that title
>tfw you will never get pleased by the knight
It hurts

>> No.34822759

It was very hard to resist hornyposting while linking the video, theres nothing wrong or strange with the title or even slightly lewd..
Everyone talks about Shien misusing his voice but I fear the day the knight fully figures out how to weaponize his cuteness and voices.

>> No.34822764

Tenma is actually dedicated. I wonder if we will see him fluent at some point

>> No.34822786

I'll die, I'm already dying at him saying the most simple things. BROS

>> No.34822820

I think part of the charm is the knight not knowing his power

>> No.34822886

Youre right thats a big part, he has some idea and uses it just a little bit intentionally but any time hes too cute I cant help but imagine how well he would do with the late night twitcast asmr crowd.

>> No.34822977
File: 30 KB, 285x318, 1608732902996.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the knight pretending he has no idea of what he is doing to you

>> No.34822987

I find it cute how the moment Temma starts a stream, the aunties come out the shadows

>> No.34823044

I wasn't expecting this amount of clip bait in this stream.

>> No.34823047

He is our wife bros.... we finally did it

>> No.34823059
File: 228 KB, 367x530, 1611592335488.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

everyone's wife

>> No.34823108

I'm going to breed this cute little bride!

>> No.34823149

Bride Temma... The knight in a wedding dress isn't something I thought I needed but now I do

>> No.34823174

Uoooohh you’re on to something anon idk which knight i like more

>> No.34823193

I'm so excited to hear him use his english during the collab...

>> No.34823202

Watch him get overwhelmed and not bring out a word

>> No.34823213

Even cuter!

>> No.34823254

Its cute, but I want the top breeder to get a chance to use his knowledge. It'd be a shame to lose out on all those clips.

>> No.34823276

Seaweed loosen up over time during the ID/Stars Overcooked collab after an awkward start, I have faith that the Knight can manage

>> No.34823299

Yeah he's worked so hard and in the past probably wouldn't have taken the chance to do this collab but I have full faith that if he has some nerves at the start he will work them out.

>> No.34823541

So many tabs open in clip, the amount never seems to change and it makes me wonder if he ever closes anything.

>> No.34823851

When is the collab?
it's easier to ask here than to search for it

>> No.34823882

22:00 jst so later today or tomorrow morning depending on your timezone.

>> No.34823980


I miss son's weird streams

>> No.34823995

Im really looking forward to this, who will show up at the perfect wrong moment this time.

>> No.34824016

Thanks, anon
I'm glad I'll be able to watch it live

>> No.34824073

Its strange to think that this was a month and few days ago
also some random Temmas from my streamable just because they are about to expire:

>> No.34824104

I love his cute voice cracks jesus lmao. “Waif?!”

>> No.34824157

tensai knight!!!!!

>> No.34824339

That last one really is dangerous

>> No.34824486

I miss the asmr so much, 4 rollercoaster streams, please come back asmr knight I cant find anyone that comes close to the odd awkward erotic humorous nature of your asmr.

>> No.34824807

How the hell is this knight so cute?

>> No.34824849
File: 152 KB, 975x1192, ami_mage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Me too Anon, me too

>> No.34825327

Roberu Weird stream

>> No.34825496
File: 151 KB, 315x319, goodnight sparrow.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Have to be careful when searching up and imitating sparrows Roberu.

>> No.34825499

what the fuck kind of suzume is this, is this what kyoumo suzume sounds like?

>> No.34825512

Ruri-nee is watching

>> No.34825523

On her main channel as well

>> No.34825545

thats a pretty good turtledove

>> No.34825608

I'm glad the Roberu I subscribed to is back

>> No.34825733

RE8 Endurance IKZ

>> No.34825750

I can't believe Robe-chan is seducing Reine...

>> No.34825752

It's amazing that he has never received a complaint from the neighbors. So nice to have a weird stream again

>> No.34825791

I was kinda half expecting her to show up in the chat

>> No.34825822
File: 580 KB, 1452x410, 1621472993327.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She also membered for another month during pre-chat.
I would have laughed hard if she did.

>> No.34825830

To be fair that neighborhood has had to deal with him and possibly his family for the longest time. There would be no point in complaining at the normal volume

>> No.34826016

today's schedule, Shinove forgot AIM collab tonight....

>> No.34826017
File: 113 KB, 241x241, 1619541744074.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Fucking around with other games while his SC is still disabled for the duration of the challenge
Everyday the SC-less birthday celebration is becoming more of a reality.

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