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get a papercut there?

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おおおおおおおおおおおおおいいいいいいいいいいいい!!!!! !

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That's a Rumia, you git.

In paper child format.

This is a doll.

In paper child format.

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Are you still here? I think you should try your hand in /b/, they'll accept you.

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These pics look so awesome, are they this cool when viewed in 3d too? (ie. in real life, not on the screen) I've considered printing out some of the best pictures from my favorite doujins, I'm wondering if I can get some epic fap material by doing so.

Any kind Anon with some experience?

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Can you get any lower than this?

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your dick + printer paper = always ALWAYS a bad idea. Unless you enjoy papercuts on your dick.

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How can you be sure which direction is up and which is down?

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I have no idea what it is that you are attempting to say... so I'm going to assume that you're a pedobear and offer you CP

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>posting a DRAWING of a MATURE girl with BREASTS

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If you think this is as low as one can go, I may have some surprises for you, Anonymous....

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They're like those impossible structures: They only look right from a specific angle and distance, but they still can look pretty cool from other angles.

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my brain malfunctioned... =/
here have some loli

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I wouldn't put my dick in it, maybe a finger like on OP's pic. The point is the illusion of the girl being in my room, not on my computer's screen.

Already have. The ridiculous things I've done while fapping would make porn stars blush.

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where do these come from I dont even

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You should really use cardstock for these; you won't get cut, they'll look better and be less flimsy.

Plain white 8.5x11 cardstock is pretty cheap, too:

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my phone's vibrating...

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I would put my dick in

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Seconded. Not too crazy about the smut. I prefer the funny, creative ones like >>3458893 and>>3459015 Seems like a good excuse for me to actually do something worthwhile.

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haha thats well awsum

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make one out of THIS!

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Make your own!

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I have put my penis into printer paper before.

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What a loose girl.

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I have put my penis into printer before.

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and how did that turn out for you?

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hey come'on guys, cut him some slack, I've done it too... but I don't masturbate!
there's not many people with the name Frank on the internet, it's an ASIAN name! It's pretty unique, not many people called Frank Su
if you know one, call me.

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it was a dot matrix, feels old school man

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tou-che... perhaps you'd like to try a bubblejet some day? :) I hear they are absolutely delightful to work with.

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should try samsung sexy printer for this purpose

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I'm scared of printing a penis, I don't want papercuts in my vag ;__;

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Wanna go out with me?

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Can't figure out if ths is a new spambot or something... If it is, that's pretty funny.

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No, I'm scared of 3d men ;__;

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It's OK, we can just e-date like ZUN!bar and Pygma-chan.