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This’ll never not be funny

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I wonder whats inside of his head when he took this perfect pic

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Truly the peak Izuru experience.

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Thank you for making me laugh for a minute straight like a retard.

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Absolute gem of a tweet

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Typical Hololiver

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Anyone has that fanart of Oga sitting on the couch with a small omaesan taped to the wall? I can't seem to find it again.

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here you go.

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He’s byuetiful

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That's the one, thanks anon.

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damn this is amazing, do you know the artist?

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Anyone have a link to the tweet this is from?

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Shogun... How nice it would be if he could take his jacket off. Same with Astel and his space coat.
xmayo0x on Twitter.

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I wonder if that anon is still around

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how did you remember that post?

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Wanted to see anons' reactions to Izuru chasing beetles, stumbled upon it during my search

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>Accidentally jacked off to Oga
Bros I fucked up

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Hunting for breakfast

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Country boys are built different

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I wanna fuck them

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I forgot I had a vod playing on my second monitor and I looked at it last second as I cummed

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The cosplays aren't that bad compared to others I've seen but
This is a new low, anon.

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don't look at me like that

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Same but with Shien instead.

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Overwatch 3150...

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It hurts bros.

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Need to see Papa going ham with Rein, I feel like that's a character he would have fun with.

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I'll always love temma as bottom

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Someone please stop this pain.

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Thank you anon.

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It's a shame bottom Temma practically nonexistent when it comes to Hanakishi though...

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But why...how can someone look at hanakishi and see temma as a top. Miyabi feels like he’d top anyone in holostars desu

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god i wish that were me

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>Miyabi feels like he’d top anyone in holostars

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Todays schedule, 19:00 Miyabi will also feature his brother and Temma.

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When i first discovered Miyabi, i would never have expected that it would get to a point where i'd want him to dom me

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Same anon, same. His morning voice and ASMRs really awoken something inside me

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I love all this Oga x Omaesan art

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It's something about the calm demeanor and voice plus the strong mental will with that frail body contrast. Height too, Miyabi is fun to imagine in either extreme but that dom Miyabi is really appealing.
Hanasaki bros vs Tenten is going to be fun, his brother also has a nice voice.

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The bar is opening soon.

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pls roberu

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Why is Son suddenly talking about Animare?

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Hes slowly leaking info until he finally announces hes the CEO of 774

>> No.34578219

ASMRoberu never

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Got in late, what did he say?

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son fears the peanut
he'll need to bring his best onee-shota argument to the table to win against him

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I just love this guy

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My internet is dying through this whole stream for some reason, I did see chat mentioning a clip and how scary the girls of animare could be but completely missed the real context of why.

>> No.34578385

maybe it was about what Haneru said during the MK collab?

>> No.34578605

he's going to bet all his money away
the new place search isn't about a new apartment but rather a nice spot under a bridge

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Theres a lot of horse pain going on, funny that the event is the same day as a big race.
I doubt it but my japanese isnt very strong even if I couldve heard the whole thing.

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More fist of the north star: lost paradise coming up.
Knight is also planning a members only piano stream at some point today, he has the wrong time for hanakishi+bro smash here.

>> No.34579945

knight's members only piano is right now

>> No.34579963

Thank you, I wasnt checking twitter and of course youtube didnt notify me.

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Finally more fotns kino.

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Worth staying up for the knight practice, he seems really dedicated to advancing his piano skills so I hope we get these once a month at least in the future.
Noticed last stream too that he seems to be keeping the asmr mic so he'll need to getting more of that money back soon hopefully, with all that and eigo he is working hard.

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Old man got an interview on the newest issue of Pash!

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Another papa clip

>> No.34582638

dating after professing mutual love and marrying after two years of steady dating and partaking in intercourse in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation with kyoumusuzume

>> No.34582674

I respect old man for always handle the professional side of holostars.

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Hanasaki brothers vs Temma in Smash

>> No.34582974

i can't believe temma's getting murdered

>> No.34582976

His bro is pretty strong

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>watching your collab partner get the shit beaten out of him by your little brother with a smile on your model's face

>> No.34583144

tenma is so fucking lucky

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They're all close matches but Temma's been cleaning house this entire time.

>> No.34583261

Little bro went into beast mode.

>> No.34583338

Roberu/Izumi/Rene MonHun

>> No.34583505

>Roberu using his polite voice
cute. lets see how long it lasts

>> No.34583546

I just love Rene's tits

>> No.34583554

>Rene introduced Izumi and Roberu as kansaiben vtubers
Sometimes, I want to see an Izumi/Meika/Roberu collab for the ultimate kansai streams

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>Haneru's "Roberu fucked all of Animare" gets brought up again

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it's about time for another kansai ben torture stream

>> No.34583620

Kuku look away...

>> No.34583638

can't escape the horse betting

>> No.34583648

I loved that stream... Monoe....
That didnt last long

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>Introducing 774inc.'s new branch, Ojimare
>And its first member, Yukoku Roberu

>> No.34583698

>my son now is known as a man-whore in vtubing circles

>> No.34583722

>And its first member, Yukoku Roberu
Son is the second member, the first member is Tomari

>> No.34583728

Haneru really made a lasting impact on him with that one.

>> No.34583753

finally a more fitting branch for izumi to be apart of!

>> No.34583809

blame that marika collab where Robesan is the only noticeable male there

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>sullies her bf's reputation so other girls stay away from him

>> No.34583922

>sullies her bf's reputation
More like elevated his sexual prowess into legend status.

>> No.34583931

3000 IQ ploy if I know one

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I miss her too bro, but you have to let her go.

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This really feels like a "lets start to get to know each other more" sort of collab between Rob and Rene with Izumi being there as support
I have a feeling we'll see her on Bar Robel and more collabs in the future but that's of course if Roberu doesn't go back to barely streaming after GW

>> No.34584786

You already know the outcome, my poor anon...

>> No.34584851

I want to hold out some hope that sooner rather than later, he gets back into his groove...

>> No.34584867

she already called Robel Occhan

>> No.34584913

> https://youtu.be/uqdjlxQmZDM
I think someone else already gave the lineup previously, but next WachaStars is in two days and lasts 30 minutes

>> No.34584974

Roberu sounds like he's bullshitting about something...

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He is getting ready for later's tournament

>> No.34585045

>There's a possibility for a Roberu vs Haneru finals match to settle the score

>> No.34585090

Aruran Nier Replicant

>> No.34585095

so how does this tournament work exactly?

>> No.34585306

he's never going to live that mariaka collab down
forever known as a shifty pervert in nanashi

>> No.34585882

Old man Celeste

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>2-hours collab
I think it is safe to say that they hated each others.

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fun collab
I expect more roburene in the near future

>> No.34586070

I've been wondering this, but why does Rikka often write his name as Ritsuka? Is the tsu meant to show there is 2 "k"?

>> No.34586087

Anyone make out was Izumi said there at the end?

>> No.34586282

Yeah it's to indicate an elongated consonant

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>> No.34586385

The Old mans endurance runs are really nice, I hope we get a made up song at the end like the 3d world stream, though he will probably feel sasfied enough by celestes ending.

>> No.34586431

at 2:03:30. is that "No I don't know. I don't think so"

>> No.34586454

Thanks anon

>> No.34586531

To add to the other anon. It's a small tsu.
He even rted a clip of him searching for the small tsu to name himself Rikka, not finding it and going with the normal tsu and naming himself Ritsuka instead.

>> No.34586611

The old man's eyesight isn't what it used to be

>> No.34586660

Thanks to you too anon

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Cute Kusa

>> No.34588042

Robechan in ponpoko24 in a few minutes

>> No.34588057

Roberu in Ponpoko24 in less than 10 minutes.

>> No.34588581

Looks like we're not getting that son vs crazy cat match after all...
At least there's a chance for Haneru vs Robechan?

>> No.34588627

Time for the first showdown

>> No.34588635

time to crack this peanut!

>> No.34588708

Ahh the winning son spam in chat is embarrassing

>> No.34588716


>> No.34588721


>> No.34588732

With how Haneru cracked down on the cat, Haneru vs Roberu is pretty much guaranteed I think.

>> No.34588742

Well, that was a heated battle. I understand how hard it would be to deliberate

>> No.34588749

Stop being such an uptight faggot for once in your life

>> No.34588769

Looks like I hit a nerve

>> No.34588787

For me, Roberu won the moment Peanuts-kun pulled the ad hominem card.

>> No.34588795

Just go back

>> No.34588825

>Haneru won
Robel please. I wanna see the lover's quarrel

>> No.34588827

time to lick those cherries good

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holy fuck these finals!

>> No.34588909


>> No.34588917

Son sweating bullets right now.

>> No.34588921

>Hanerobe finals
Like clockwork...
But I think she will win at the end...

>> No.34588926

If he fucks up, he's going to sleep on the couch

>> No.34588935

This just got too heavy what the fuck

>> No.34588968

illegal weapon usage by haneru

>> No.34589000

Hes started to hit a few snags but Rikka is really impressive with how fast he went through a lot of this chapter. I wish Kaoru could be here to tease/cheer him on in the chat.

>> No.34589001

Shit was dark, she is scary

>> No.34589023

Haneru is a monster

>> No.34589028

Well, Robe-chan lost as expected. He just can't seem to get the upper hand vs Haneru.

>> No.34589032

Wait what was her argument? My nip isn't good enough to catch everything

>> No.34589103
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I need a drink after witnessing that threshing

>> No.34589109

Haneru got the "don't do anything" vs Roberu's "do something". Then she dropped the nuke by starting the argument with "I don't want to do anything anymore since my sub count just won't rise, no matter how hard I tried these past 3 years". Roberu put up a valiant fight using Holostars incline as his counter argument but it wasn't enough.

>> No.34589148

Not OP but that's definitely something I'd like to see translated

>> No.34589168

The one that I get is that streaming and being in Animare is not worth it because they're not becoming popular. Roberu counter with Holostars is on the same position but Haneru keep on being depressed and said that he's a Holo so they will eventually become big and he'll forget about Animare in the future. When Roberu said that he just collabed with Animare and Sugar Lyric, Haneru said that those members will probably gone by next year.

>> No.34589236
File: 47 KB, 636x705, DE6yjOCWAAEGU5_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

goddamn she fights dirty. truly devilish
now i'm a bit scared

>> No.34589346

I like that after their arguments, they immediately made sure there was no ill will between them and that they'll keep doing their best

>> No.34589367

Holy shit Haneru... that's one dangerous argument indeed

>> No.34589386

Damn, she really didn't hold anything back did she?
Now I'm kinda sad/worried for animare and nanashi in general

>> No.34589392

Based Haneru weaponizing her depression.

>> No.34589447

>he's a Holo so they will eventually become big
That kinda sucks since they belong to holos to have the constraints but not totally neither to get the benefitts. I hope they don't forget their roots if they ever make it really big and still hang out with smaller than themselves.and the vtuber community in general.
Is she dare I say his final boss if someone could be called like that? He never manages to get the upper hand ever since they met in AmongUs.

>> No.34589469
File: 58 KB, 577x800, Ew6ZHo9UYAYfURj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Animare's kinda halfway in the shitter, but the other three are doing fine. Mostly.

>> No.34589544

Pretty sure one of the past 774 inc threads brought up superchat numbers earned by the girls over the past few months and how one of them started getting more depressed over her monthly superchat earnings continuously dropping
Then there's also Tirol who's more or less MIA

>> No.34589638


>> No.34589690

>one of them started getting more depressed over her monthly superchat earnings continuously dropping
>Then there's also Tirol who's more or less MIA
There was update a week or so ago that it's something related to her eyes. As far as I know though, not ETA on her coming back.

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File: 1.06 MB, 456x458, 20170623_012950.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i wanted to watch and enjoy Roberu having dumb arguments with different interesting vtubers but now i'm just concernfagging about his friends
i don't think i could handle Kuku leaving. i've already had to seen more than enough beloved vtubers die on me

>> No.34589831

>the other three are doing fine
I get Haneru and my wife Patra but who's the third one?

>> No.34589888
File: 1.69 MB, 2000x2000, EueiWHEVEAAuv1s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh I meant the other three Nanashi groups in general. Aside from Anna being weird lately there's nothing really going on with them.

>> No.34589897
File: 163 KB, 379x410, CEO.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anon, your nanshi reps
HoneyStrap, Sugar Lyric and VApArt

>> No.34589929
File: 1.35 MB, 3508x2480, 1606243455719.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe if someone clips that final round, they'll get some pity boost...

>> No.34590003

More like my comprehension reps
Misunderstood the sentence as referring to the overall top three 774 members rather than the other three brances, my bad

>> No.34590131
File: 716 KB, 1200x1071, 78543193_p18.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aight, enough of the doomposting and concernfagging for now. Just do what you can and support your favorite chuubas and hope that it all works out.

Anyway, I really like the unexpected focus Rikka is taking with 2D platformers. I've always wanted a Holo that focuses on that, little did I expected it would be the old man, and that he'd be pretty decent at it too.

>> No.34590188

Indeed. I think he mentioned Shovel Knight a while back, would he be interested in playing it?

>> No.34590245

His Hollow Knight streams are one of my favorites.

>> No.34590256
File: 2.80 MB, 300x534, downwell.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just played Downwell recently. It would be really cool if someone played it in Holostars. It would even be possible since:
>done by a japanese indie
>edited by Devolver who are the coolest editor for permissions
>not resource-heavy
>short to finish
>every stream would be different since it is a rogue-like
>challenging enough to encourage the streamer yet cool to watch

>> No.34590422

Apex update is going out now. Prepare for possible Astel stream later

>> No.34590427

I'm actually impressed with the skills he shows in these games, his Hollow Knight streams were amazing and I really hope he goes back to try and complete it, I wonder if he will go back and try some classic platformers.

>> No.34590428

That argument really shits on the fans currently supporting her.

>> No.34590449

I could see him or Oga playing that, I hope one of them end up picking it up.
I really like downwell, though I feel like it would be too constant in the dying and starting over gameplay loop for a long stream to most people even with the different modules. Someone doing it as a series of small streams would be really fun though.

>> No.34590454

He tweeted that he'd go to sleep early and be gone for tomorrow though.

>> No.34590466

Old man made it to the top!

>> No.34590540

Wonder if he'll play the extra content, like Farewell

>> No.34590547
File: 1.62 MB, 1280x720, stats.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A nice pie for the Old man.

>> No.34590587

Hes just taking a peek now, but I wouldnt be surprised if he ends up going back, but he hasnt done any b-sides either,
The trpg is coming up so I do hope he comes back to it when he has time.

>> No.34591304

Son, do you hate doing morning stream?

>> No.34591464

He has to stay up all night comforting a depressed gf pls adestand

>> No.34591652

Maybe Apex?

>> No.34591668

Apparently Apex

>> No.34591673

Hal is having trouble connecting to the server so unless EA fixes it maybe not anytime soon

>> No.34591676

Judging by the Izuru tweet and reply, Astellas need to prepare themselves.

>> No.34591708

Looks like EA fixed their shit so get ready

>> No.34591711

ah goddammit these gremlins

>> No.34591732

Why are they even awake? It's 3:30 and Astel said he'd go to bed early.

>> No.34591758

Your first mistake is trusting Astel.

>> No.34591777

Trusting anything Astel says vs what Astel would actually do. Apex update is way too big for him to not be up randomly to play it

>> No.34591778

>Believing Astel

>> No.34591849

Astellas are jaded as fuck

>> No.34592277

rule of thumb :
>Seaweed : I won't do the thing
>Does the thing
>Son : I will do the thing
>Doesn't do the thing

>> No.34592656
File: 232 KB, 2048x1895, 1607628771970.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just want Aruran to reach 100k subs soon, but the yurustars all seem to average 200 new subs a day

>> No.34592805

It is kinda frustrating to see him behind the average. His streams are always really chill, the guy is really hardworking and one of the warmest person out there. His streams themes and game choices are almost always on point and really cool.
Anyways, I am fine with how it is, the chat is also nice, not cancer and supporting. I just find it strange that he doesn't have more success. I am really curious about his celebration stream because the previous ones had pretty neat concepts.

>> No.34592961

Speaking of yurustars, I thought Temma would have a more drastic growth with the EOP pandering. He did get a lot more live viewers than usual but not much in terms of new subs.

>> No.34593003

Yeah, I wonder if it's pandering fatigue? His english learning streams have been quite entertaining, and he definitely engages with his viewers.
It's probably something like "nobody is clipping them so nobody new discovers them"

>> No.34593036

From what Ive seen its actually the opposite, the english streams are some of the most Ive seen of Temmas streams getting clipped and Ive seen a nice amount of people mention in chat that they have seen them.
He is also gaining a nice amount of members during those streams, and just lately in general.
Their growth is just slow and steady, Im happy to see that a fair amount of people that have come to him from his eigo streams have stuck around for his other content too.

>> No.34593085

I wouldn’t call it jaded, just knowing the seaweed...

>> No.34593123

Now that I think about it, have any of the boys ever done a "do something until x milestone" stream?
My memory is pretty bad, so I can't remember if they ever did, the only ones I can recall right now are Oga's and Izuru's recent ones but the former was actually a Gunpla Building Endurance stream and the latter was just Izuru's regular karaoke stream.

>> No.34593258

Rikka did an utawaku until he got 100k in January like the Izuru one you mentioned.

>> No.34593561

Wasn't Oga once didn't end his Zatsudan stream because he realised that he got close to 90k subs so might as well continue?

>> No.34593572

You're not wrong and I agree slow and steady growth is better than none at all but I was thinking more along the lines of Aruran's explosive sub growth some months ago. Maybe it's still too early to tell since Temma hasn't been doing it for long.

>> No.34593850

I see, yeah it hasn't been that explosive, partly I feel because it really isn't meme-y, not to say that Aru isnt serious about using his english but the approach is less academic and serious.
Slang,memes and focused cultural exchange will get more attention.
Id honestly not want that for Temma anyway because Id hate to see him go through the cycle of big growth and then people not staying around for his other things in the way Aru has.
Its frustrating but the yurustars have such dedicated fans that it takes some of the annoyance out of it.

>> No.34593880

From my point of view as a person who actually rarely watch his streams, for me it's because he streams like almost everyday (& even everytime) that made me kind of lost my interest to follow him in his every streams (note that I still like him, I'm a Holostars DD).

You might think "but Roberu's frequency of streaming is/was the same as Aruran, yet theres a lot amount of people that still watch him than Aruran"s". Aruran's streams are chill, but that could also be his disadvantage. It seems like lots of people would prefer chaotic/random streams like Astel & Roberu's, hence why people usually watch their streams (if I recall the last Among Us collab stream, they both got the most viewers, over 1k)

Another reason is, every Stars have their own unique "outlier" loyal viewers. By outlier loyal viewers I mean theyre not "in" Holostars fandom, but still manage to keep up some of the Star's streams. Izuru & Rikka has lots of those viewers for their singing stream. Roberu, Oga, Shien, & Astel's also have lots of those viewers, the channel names that maybe you couldnt see on any Star's streams except in themselves streams. Meanwhile Yurustars, the viewers are mostly within Holostars' fandom, maybe not even their oshis, that come frequently to their streams because their oshis not streaming.

Tl;dr: even if he is hardworking and has nice streaming atmosphere, if he can't attracts people outside of his "zone", then it most likely to make his growth slower than the ones capable.

>> No.34594031

Aruran doesn't have many viewers, but he seems to be one of the faces of Holostars overseas. The thousand of viewers he got when he started his English streams didn't stick around but they still remember him well. In a way, he seems to have been a gateway to other talents for these viewers

>> No.34594252

Yeah that one time was a blown for his growth, but I think I understand why those viewers arent sticking to him anymore, and one of that reasons is the same as my first reason; he streams too much that might've overwhelm people to follow his streams. And adding it, his streams have this "same, unchanging" vibes that maybe made some people feel bored to watch, even if he is friendly and warmth to his viewers. This is actually very mean of me to say to him, but despite all of those efforts he had done, maybe that "hardworking" causing him to be seen as "too tryhard to be seen".

But I still respect all of his hardwork, and as a warm person in general. I just hope soon he could attracts lots of viewers again but manage to make them stay with him this time

>> No.34594355

Aruran gets really invested in his regulars, it's probably best for him if his numbers rise slowly but surely. He's the type that remembers regulars, I sometimes hear him say in Japanese "OO-san, it's been a while!"

>> No.34594916

Boomer papa...

>> No.34594920


>> No.34595086

Those I don't really count since the purpose of the stream wasn't to reach a milestone which means it could have ended sooner if he didn't realize how close he was, kinda why I don't count Izuru's since his felt like he was just gonna sing like usual and reaching the milestone in that stream was just a bonus, unlike others where the entire thing's purpose is to reach the milestone.

>> No.34595242
File: 223 KB, 850x971, arufashion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, maybe he streams too much. But most of those extra streams are Apex plays that I consider as filler content.
But I have to disagree on the unchanging vibes though: there are indeed reoccurring concepts but he is really good at expanding them and keeping them interesting whether these are cultural exchange, fitness or experiments. He also usually has some interesting discussion topics in the weekly chat.
Since he has a wide range of content, you just have to select the the types of streams you like instead of trying to watch everything, and he even facilitates your life by recently uploading clips of some of his lives too by himself.
Like I said, I am fine with the current situation, and I hope it doesn't impact his mood and motivation because at the end, his growth is still healthy. But if he really really wants to break the status quo, the sad truth is that he will need at some time to specialize in one thing like most of his more successful colleagues. But once again, I like Aruran because of his versatility and his based taste in general, so I hope he can find a way without having to resort to this.

>> No.34595495

Papa doesn't collab outside Holostars very often either. He sometimes gets invited to Debi's Among Us collabs and did a few streams with Tomoe too, plus that one roleplay session with Kosaka and other Holostars. Speaking of Magnet, I hope her leaving didn't make him feel too bad, he did a TRPG session with her a few days before she left IIRC. They also played a card game once I didn't understood the rules of but it was fun watching them regardless.

>> No.34595505

I recall him saying himself a few months ago "If you're not interested in a stream of mine, don't force yourself to watch it. If you see me streaming something you like come check it out." He's entirely aware of his channel analytics, so he can refine his content to what he thinks his viewers want to see.

>> No.34595508


Shitposts aside, he started to stream more frequently because he went full time streamer right?
As for mood, his current average viewers is way better compared to last year's.

>> No.34595665

Do we have a date for Spiral Tones or is it still TBD?

>> No.34595777

The last lullaby stream I remember he mentioned they are still in the works, I dont think he gave a specific date. I think he has another cover coming before it too.

>> No.34596244
File: 101 KB, 236x233, 1619914776428.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck me, I had to sleep and I thought I could at least catch the VOD for the Roberu collab, but they privated the VOD for some reason. Besides Haneru sort of shit talking 774, was there anything yab that happened?

>> No.34596315
File: 688 KB, 883x676, 62BB8309-AB2D-4CDA-B741-D2D2E1E74494.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34596387

i'm sure they'll make the VOD public after some editing or something

>> No.34596434
File: 654 KB, 900x1039, 1617786711773.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that bonus clip
i'm sweating

>> No.34596435

Robesan made a girl cry!

>> No.34596747

>"*I raised that demon~
I kek'd.

>> No.34597200

Same. I didn’t think I’d be into that sort of stuff but here we are

>> No.34599297
File: 347 KB, 720x720, UjZ5bmhNOVN1VWNTZXBmNXQ2K0hYQk8ra0M4cnZmWDB2QmxLTDYzK3VBZ0M2MDFUOXFGZlNRPT0.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.34599769

Cute shogun.

>> No.34600380

Roberu/Rikka/Oga TRPG

>> No.34600483

Damn he really NTR-ed his bro....

>> No.34600705

Not the parfait...

>> No.34600751
File: 210 KB, 1200x1800, E0RdlceUYAUDbCz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shien goes on dates with everyone and Astel is a slut, what a surprise

>> No.34601157

Shien does not have a boyfriend

>> No.34601285

Welcome back I guess, Shienschizo

>> No.34601600

Almost sure the two previous posts are from the same retarded samefag

>> No.34601624

This TRPG is interesting, I wasn't here for the whole of it so I lack context, but I like the overall creepy mood

>> No.34601682

Rikka decide to fight the monster because it would make for a cool scene.

>> No.34601738

Oga is really into the Ren and Elfried subplot.

>> No.34601912

Shien would be proud.

>> No.34602064

Temma piano practice

>> No.34602071

I'm incredibly invested in Eru chan's story

>> No.34602192

Roberu now has a homonculus/maybe human added to his harem

>> No.34602524

He is a fast learner, his Hajimete no Chuu is so good

>> No.34604452

Rikka roommate's cover of the Beastars OP is probably my favorite performance of his

>> No.34604831

>Roberu and T*maki tomorrow
oh no
I expect is going to be fun anyway

>> No.34605239

>tfw you will never go on dates with shien
>tfw you will never go on dates with astel

>> No.34605622

Don't call Peanuts-kun like that.

>> No.34606863

Not only he has a quick grasp of English, but also the piano. This knight is way too smart.

>> No.34607691
File: 3.21 MB, 3300x2508, 20210505_102317.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looks like Roberu got another sibling.

>> No.34607730

>a shota

>> No.34607750

His design looks nice

>> No.34607839

Let just hope this one wont die in a month like his other brother

>> No.34607980


>> No.34608034

I'm not familiar with Tamaki. How is she like?

>> No.34608051

Hopefully, they will all get along, mama and siblings

>> No.34608088

Super cute. Shōnen designs are really always the best.

>> No.34608142

Today has been a rather slow day for Holostars. I guess they're enjoying a day off. By the way, is it me or has Miyabi been growing fairly fast recently? I swear he has 400 more subs than yesterday

>> No.34608197

Very cute design.
Both him and Temma have hit their stride recently and are growing a little faster than before, especially Miyabi.

>> No.34608212

I think Yurustars are growing fast these days

>> No.34608269

Isn't he a company vtuber this time? Then he'll guaranteed to last longer

>> No.34608395

Just noticed the morning will be full of asakatsu. Temma at 8, Miyabi at 9 and Roberu at 10

>> No.34608622

Tamaki can be pretty yab so I wonder if she'll bring up the man-slut rumors

>> No.34608666

I don't know for this one, but the occasion was missed for good moments with the other Tamaki yesterday...

>> No.34608713

She finally fucked off and left Hololive relatively alone after deciding she could no longer leech and now she's back again. I wish she'd just fuck off forever

>> No.34608748

anyways, you can always watch clips to see

>> No.34608775

Go back

>> No.34608796

A bit perverted, but usually rather nice. She seems to be managing her company pretty much by herself so that's something I can respect

>> No.34608893

This is your brain on /hlg/

>> No.34608905

This is my brain on 2 years of having to put up with her before she finally decided that she thought her time was better spent leeching other people

>> No.34609314

Tamaki is an idolfag and all idolfags are evil
t. idolfag

>> No.34609626


>> No.34609748

While searching for a small vtuber, I stumbled upon a chinese otaku wiki. All the Holostars pages are surprisingly well documented, even with stuff after Cover left the market. The timeline shows well all the things they accomplished.
The english Hololive wiki is really sad to see in comparison with nothing outside the official profile informations...

>> No.34609772

>ywn have a cute catboy shogun to call your own
Why live

>> No.34609804

Finally got to watch this mornings piano, why is the knight so cute. I never expected to have a Temma piano collection just a few days ago.
I love seeing all of the new people joining membership from these.
Temma, Miyabi and Izuru especially have a really dedicated group of chinese fans. Theres a nice amount of clips and even a few zatsudan translations floating around.

>> No.34609825

I also noticed a Chinese translator in Roberu's tweets and those Izuru/Astel/Shien cosplayers are Taiwanese
It's nice to know they have dedicated fans all over

>> No.34609838

Holostars is rather popular among Chinese speaking fans. When I search for Holostars on YouTube, I often see Chinese clips, some even have tens of thousand of views

>> No.34609905

Looks if Kiara and Kuku had a child

>> No.34609971

I was hoping for a sister since I want to see how Mebarun mama design a girl.

>> No.34610034

I was pretty surprised when I stumbled upon some chinese Holostars and Holostars-related clips and seeing the chinese translations on some of their tweets, they really seem to like the boys going by the comments I have seen in said clips, it's pretty nice to see to be honest.
Yeah, I stumbled upon the english Hololive wiki one day and it was pretty dissapointing to see just how little info there was in it, ironically the vtuber wiki and their tvtropes pages seems to be better documented.

>> No.34610186

>they really seem to like the boys
Yeah, even about Hololive, it is usually a really loud minority of trolls who always have to spoil the fun for everyone else. It is only my guess but most of people probably just want to enjoy things in peace.
I am personally more waiting for any collab with Hirasaka Mei ever since they followed each other on Twitter. She seems like a riot and a lot of fun to banter with.

>> No.34610286

Just noticed that Temma's roommate had an Among Us collab with Suzaku earlier today

>> No.34610381

They've been playing together almost everyday for the past couple weeks or so

>> No.34610413

>She seems like a riot and a lot of fun to banter with.
They technically already indirectly banter with each other on last Kionachi Minecraft collab. The way I see desuwa collab is if Robechan will visit that Minecraft server again

>> No.34610482


>> No.34610624

Possible sudden Miyabi vocaloid utawaku

>> No.34610769

>no archive utawaku in the middle of the night
Is Flower boy being possessed by the spirit of Seaweed

>> No.34610785

She has female characters, they just aren't vtubers. She has three girls she just addresses as "colored tights girls," she uses the yellow one as her icon, but I think the blue one is her favorite of the three since she got special art.

>> No.34610837

Astel virus is easily spread, in his own way Flower boy is even worse about it because youre never sure if he means that he is really going to do it or not, you can usually safely guess no but thats still a scary 4am thought.
I keep hoping for another sudden utawaku collab, Astel flowerboy would be so fun.

>> No.34610954
File: 1.05 MB, 3062x4096, E0oVLgVVIAIsCEd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He spent 9 hours with him working together to solve puzzles and mend a marriage, their minds have become one.

>> No.34610979

The power of Golden Week does mysterious things. Just imagine if he had FF14 permissions

>> No.34611022

Stop it. It hurts everyday how he got robbed of it

>> No.34611044

We would be watching him play it right now if that were the case. Poor flower boy.

>> No.34611079
File: 86 KB, 1081x1080, 846531564.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

One day he'll be able to stream FF14 on his own channel again right?

>> No.34611116

To be honest I dont think they would ever let him since its an MMO and thus an uncontrolled environment. Anyone including dedicated schizos could run up to him on stream and try to fuck him over which is probably why its like this

>> No.34611180
File: 173 KB, 1280x720, E0nRBKwVEAABdbd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She dropped this on twitter today

>> No.34611285

Miyabi update: he bought shoes
ID girls have streamed MMOs with no issues haven't they?

>> No.34611401

Have they streamed it recently though? Last time Moona has ever streamed FFXIV was like 6 months ago. It could also be because ID wouldnt really give a shit about anything bad that could happen on stream and possibly make fun of said person

>> No.34612272


>> No.34613267

Too bad they didnt also include Miyabis cute small rock you or slapping the boyfriend away.
https://youtu.be/rZjf18481j4?t=1455 The secret hanamigumi desire.

>> No.34613520

Temma Engrlish study stream Day 15

>> No.34613701

it hurts, migabi...

>> No.34613713

The morning line up was too good to be true, Im glad he is finally going back to sleep though.

>> No.34614110

all those bandwagon “holostars r underrated!!” comments on every holostar clip is really starting to grind my gears

>> No.34614125

It's a given that lip service is just plain annoying

>> No.34614187

The giggling is some of the best parts of the flower boy asmr experience.

>> No.34614228

I did not expect a dying cat

>> No.34614271

I really hope that ID/star collab Ollie was planning didn't get canceled and i really hope Temma is part of it so he can show off his progress.
Just imagine how cute he would look nervously putting his eigo to use

>> No.34614287

the way he said mama made me feel some type of way

>> No.34614317

If they invited him I wonder if he would be comfortable in joining in he would never ask himself. Temma can be really surprising sometimes, even if he did join he may stay quiet and withdrawn.
The shota aura really spikes up with mama.

>> No.34614371

>he may stay quiet and withdrawn.
I hope the rest of the participants at least try and rope him into convos if that's the case
>i now remember Roberu saying he can easily figure out how to converse with anyone except for Temma
I would probably feel a really nervous for him too and he will be kind of awkward but i still think it would be a good experience for him. He has to start from somewhere

>> No.34614401

Morning Roberu

>> No.34614406

curse him and his effective shota voice

>> No.34614448

>it can't be helped
this is probably my favorite Japanese phrase

>> No.34614459

Straight to the apex example. It never gets old.

>> No.34614572

>stream canceled because he's "sicks"
Wow Temma got a gf?

>> No.34614660

surprisingly learned a few new words, overall another good stream from the knight

>> No.34614695

The moment that he thinks of bringing out that voice or any eigo in an asmr stream it will really destroy me no matter how dumb the skit is.
https://streamable.com/amjhpe this too I fear, part of why his hajimete no chuu is so powerful is the eigo.

>> No.34614739

It's the typical performative shit that they only comment under le funny xd clips or collabs with other branches, but then they don't actually watch any streams. You learn to ignore it after a while.

>> No.34614788

it's my ultimate weakness, he has to know what he's doing to the viewers. and i find his version of hajimete no chu much cuter than astel's imo, his eigo accent is stronger and his "yattas" are pretty loud too.

>> No.34614827
File: 50 KB, 468x429, F4D47210-6692-4EB6-BAA5-F92875341818.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Astels hajimete no chuu is not even in the cute category though

>> No.34614843

>tfw no shota knight

>> No.34614862

it looks like you need to update your terms and conditions for what counts as cute anon.

>> No.34614942
File: 133 KB, 292x257, 40keks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

even regulars are onto the ceo meme now

>> No.34614943

I thought it was more cool and funny than cute
Well I think Astel as a whole more as cool than cute

>> No.34614969

The regulars are so supportive of Roberu, its nice to see how much they enjoyed the collab, from what I can read anyway. A passion fight with Peanut would be fun.

>> No.34615021

Has anyone really taken the time to look at the meaning of “idolization”?
Idolizing something is to put it on a pedestal and use it as a role model of sorts. The Japanese have butchered the term with their “idols”.
Never was it supposed to be some sort of pathetic girlfriend experience or someone who sings.
What I want to know is who the hell would idolize someone who unconsensually gropes women, even if it is “just a joke”? It doesn’t matter it’s a joke, an idol is meant to be a role model. What the heck happened to get to this state?

>> No.34615033

Also the boys are more living their best lives and being yourself instead of some fake identity. That’s something healthy to idolize right there.

>> No.34615050
File: 700 KB, 1280x720, manwhore.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why wouldn't I idolize this?!

>> No.34615062
File: 296 KB, 1416x2048, E0qwMv9VUAIBifT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Day 15 notes

>> No.34615093

Boys are kino tho

>> No.34615106

I posted the wall text. Can confirm I idolize that man.

>> No.34615130
File: 14 KB, 300x457, 1602645262099.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

GW this year was a pure showcase of winning
let's look forward to a summer twice as successful as last year's

>> No.34615181

I want to take notes on Temma!

>> No.34615253

Doess Honeystrap interact with males?

>> No.34615278

they've collabed with rene, yes

>> No.34615306

Male? with that sexy underboob?

>> No.34615337

>he doesn't know

>> No.34616647

Just wanted to say before the thread dies that shogun's roommate posted a new cover a couple of days ago and it's really good.

>> No.34616691

his roommate often covers underrated/unpopular songs, iirc even the producer of the song thanking him for covering one of the songs. I mean shogun himself's song choice is pretty underrated

>> No.34616695

Thanks for the info, anon

>> No.34616787

The song he covered recently only has 2k views and it's a very nice one. Sometimes I'm surprised of how easily he can find underrated gems.
You're welcome anon.

>> No.34616873

care to share the link or even just the song title, anon? that is if you don't mind

>> No.34617146


>> No.34617249

thanks senpai, it really is a nice cover

>> No.34617520

New Arupapa clip.

>> No.34617599

that collab was really fun and chaotic

>> No.34617989

wachastars incoming

>> No.34618054

It is time for the electric guitar BGM

>> No.34618109
File: 195 KB, 324x347, 1616386101559.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That is one smug miyabi

>> No.34618151

In Miyabi's future, the og members of holostars are dead or gone, and he's taking care of Temma JR... what kind of fucked up future is this

>> No.34618158

Miyabi and Oga raising Temma's child...

>> No.34618183

Robesan is now canonically a manslut now...

>> No.34618207

I can't believe Miyabi won the Roberubowl

>> No.34618252
File: 572 KB, 691x348, stars_overseas.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That fucking background. I can't believe they went abroad

>> No.34618274

Roberu's firework practice paid off

>> No.34618334

Oga's getting punished for existing at this point

>> No.34618377

It was a fun episode, roleplay is always fun

>> No.34618395

Someone in the staff had to be a sadistic omaesan

>> No.34618414

I like that Miyabi's impression of an American woman sounds like a horny housewife

>> No.34618415

The scenes today will certainly please a particular part of the audience. Roberu has his mouth stuffed, the boys are getting electrocuted...

>> No.34618533

Robel and T*maki
what can go wrong?

>> No.34618549

>what can go wrong?
This isn't a one time thing and it ends up in Tamaki putting her grubby paws all over the other Holostars

>> No.34618598

Is it the first time he manages to include a moving live2D in his interview?

>> No.34618601

I believe so, the bitrate is really low for Tamaki's avatar though

>> No.34618613

doing something special for a big figure, i see

>> No.34618625

Life sensei boing boing....

>> No.34618636

Nope. Life-sensei used one, and Matsuri also had her live2D on her bar Robel

>> No.34618649

tech illiterate son strikes again

>> No.34618650

True, I forgot it. Let's just say that there is a special treatment for babinikus

>> No.34618662

Gatchaman is a big figure and he only use a JPG last time

>> No.34618691

well, Gatchaman isn't a cute as fuck trap with a smooth as fuck L2D

>> No.34618811

does this mean Robesan will collabed with the girls from noripro?

>> No.34618834

Please don't pick on my son's thumbnails.

>> No.34618843

It's his fault for rushing them out every time

>> No.34618854

Botching thumbnails was just a step in his masterplan to expand his conversation deck

>> No.34618859

Son deserves to be bullied for his thumbnails

>> No.34618877

Probably not unless he and Tamaki collab more after this

>> No.34618891

I am not sure now who is getting interviewed anymore...

>> No.34618905

they're both great interviewers so it's only natural they'll go back and forth

>> No.34618918

Bar Robel is just his way of having a free-form collab zatsudan, Tamaki mentioned that he was nervous since Roberu didn't provide any topics for the stream

>> No.34619025

And now they're talking about Roberu's expired rotting marshmallows.

>> No.34619034

A thousand marshmallows, doomed to never see the light of day...

>> No.34619076

>Getting roasted for not having a consistently packed streaming schedule like he used to
Fucking finally.

>> No.34619082


>> No.34619089

>They're bringing up Haneru

The rrats son....

>> No.34619098
File: 11 KB, 360x41, Screenshot from 2021-05-06 19-50-16.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

CEO of 774

>> No.34619101

Izumi restrain your lust...

>> No.34619107

Kuku won

>> No.34619108

holy grass

>> No.34619116


>> No.34619126

Animare, please stop seducing my son

>> No.34619128
File: 172 KB, 377x377, 375783.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

all these months ago I brought this up as a joke but here we are

>> No.34619154

I just noticed now, but JESAS, those numbers...

>> No.34619173

Life-sensei is probably one of Robe-chan's biggest fans at this point.

>> No.34619194

Didn't expect a Bar Robel to be getting around the same number of viewers the Pikamee one got any time soon

>> No.34619262
File: 898 KB, 3000x2100, EcxqwtxUcAAqfef.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have no idea what to expect from this stream but it's bound to be good.

>> No.34619269

Tamaki doesn't allow them to do one on one collabs with males, maybe he get's dragged into a big one but that would be pretty unlikely since for those it's mostly Tamaki's friends

>> No.34619286

> https://youtu.be/fypZFC27nwE
The collab was nice, but please don't forget Papa. He is playing the new Touhou

>> No.34619293

What does it say?
Please help illiterate EoP like me.....

>> No.34619297

Hopefully he capitalizes on them

>> No.34619309

I want to see that Tamaki's idea of him, Mea, and Haneru at Bar Robel at the same time. Though Tamaki said that Mea will probably too much for Holostars to handle.

>> No.34619310

>Do you want to be our leader? Just leave it to me!

>> No.34619313

Basically, she pledged allegiance to her new overlord

>> No.34619328

That no longer seems to be the case anymore

>> No.34619331

Mea can't collab with Hololive.

>> No.34619338

Mini-break IKZ

>> No.34619341

Making /jp/ proud

>> No.34619354

Tamaki invited him for a zatsudan on her channel. Hope it's serious and they follow through
As much as i like her, i worry for Roberu if it ever happened

>> No.34619363

Anon... those two are from her agency

>> No.34619368


>> No.34619380

Back when Takuya debuted, Tamaki said that Takuya won't have collabs with any of the female talents from NoriPro
Now things seemed to have changed

>> No.34619395

How in the world did I get Takuma's name wrong twice

>> No.34619406

I am afraid she just found a new bullying toy...

>> No.34619414

I don't think Hololive and Holostars have the same restrictions

>> No.34619432

Collab with a guy from their own agency ≠ collab with a random male

>> No.34619462

Don't see why they wouldn't, in just about everything else they're handled the same way

>> No.34619467

They're the same company, I doubt Mea's Chinese handlers would be pleased.

>> No.34619471

Joking aside, I believe noripro is divided into two divisions, only the idol one cannot interact with males

>> No.34619530

His passion is legit

>> No.34619538
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Slightly off-topic but
>See Pekora streaming APEX
>See the bow
>Check the patch notes
>Bloodhound's scan doesn't give assists anymore
Requiescat in Pasta Arupapa's Diamond grinding strat.

>> No.34619542

When it comes to collabs, the girls definitely have more restrictions and have to jump through more hoops. APEX tourny was a clear example
>Chinese handlers
This is a good point. Slipped my mind

>> No.34619611

He's not going to be able to hit diamond unless he gets used to fighting, which is a good thing

>> No.34619618

That reminds me, full list of CR cup participant is already revealed and as expected, seaweed is nowhere near that list

>> No.34619653

Why does he keep purposefully debuffing himself, mans very well knows that his periods of incline come from tournaments

>> No.34619687

This. You never learn better, unless you have no other choice to survive
As long as he is passive, nothing will really change. I don't know though if this is his fault he doesn't try to do more external (Apex or not) collabs or if nobody wants to after reaching them.

>> No.34619706

He has to put more effort into his networking skills. Otherwise, he'll keep being stuck in this time loop.

>> No.34619745

It's definitely 100% seaweed fault, Kuku managed to enter because she impressed Admin with her voice acting shenanigans

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