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I'm sorry Yukarin, this is the only border you can't cross.

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She can, she just doesn't want to.

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how I wish this would happen ;_;

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My first meeting with you was in a small room full of boxes
Your spectacled eyes were shining with anticipation.

After that, one month passed – the two of us all day long.

Even though I am from a different world, you were so kind to me.
I’m so sorry I can’t get outside the screen.
I am a 2-dimensional girl.
No matter how strong my feelings, I can’t be touch by you.

I’m so sorry, I can’t tell you my real feelings.
I am a 2-dimensional girl.
I can only talk to you through predetermined lines.
But what I want to get across to you is how glad I am that we have met.

The first time you showed me your love was through your save files.
You didn’t cheat on me with other girls, you only looked at me.

After that, one month passed…
And your feelings moved to another game you pulled out of a box and began to install.
That’s right, huh? Games have an ending…
I am a 2-dimensional girl.
No matter how much I yearn for you.
The moment you get tired it’s over.

I’m so sorry, I was just dreaming.
I am a 2-dimensional girl.
I wanted to experience happiness with you in the outside world…even for just a moment.

But at least remember, okay?
Just how glad I am that you loved me.

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So ronery. ;_;

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The miku version of this is so sad

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