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Reimu is to old for me now.
I mean what type of fags likes girls that look and are 20 or over?

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You know you want some of this.

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that type of fags that are 20 year old. or over.

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You sir are sick!

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That pic reminds me of Touhouvania. Touhouvania reminds me of shit.

Gee, it sure is shitty in this thread.

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You cannot resist the temptation of Gensokyo's Old Hags!

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the shit came in with you man

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advice me a cure

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But they are 17 years old babaas, so yeah.

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I'm partial to the Tity Brigade myself.

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>>3454711 Trying to sell off the old hags as 17 years olds

Oh U

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I doubt even half of the Touhou characters are younger than a century.

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It's all in the heavy packaging.

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You gonna get inducted.

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You can't escape your oldnes

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>that type of fags that are 20 year old. or over.

That's pretty ridiculous. people don't want partners of their own age. Women want partners that are older than themselves and men want partners that are younger than themselves.

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But what if I'm male and like older women

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It's called Cake Eater.

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So does anyone here seriously wish they were underage japanese girls? What kind of sick fucks are you guys?

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I want someone thats more my age, and thats over 20.

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I want XD

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Get the fuck out you waste of space.

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forgot your trip

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And a link to that shitty livestream channel.

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Sorry, but "forgot your trip" is one of the dumbest rebuttals since, as would be the case if this were a site account, all the information is saved by default. I am more than willing to defend individual decisions to utilize tripcodes but that's so over a year ago. If you don't want to talk about Touhou in Touhou threads, that's not my problem. I never talk about my channel since this is /jp/ not Livestream: Imageboard Edition, but hey, if you want to talk about it that badly, be my guest...

That said, please stop derailing threads. I was as a matter of fact referring to the picture and picking the old hag I found most appealing, the one with XD face. I had a feeling the mere presence of "XD" would generate instant butthurt and I was right. You have offended the Suwako and now she will proceed to XD you until you tolerate it, and it all could have been avoided if only people could stay on topic.

So, anyways, I am curious about how many people on /jp/ actually prefer the 18+ range in 2D. How many think of the main cast as ~20 years old in their mind, versus the eternal youth fanart usually tend to portray?

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Cool story bro. Emoticons aren't tolerated here.
Take that advertisement off and maybe people will stop jumping down your throat every time you submit a post.

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But that's precisely the point-I don't mind it if I can defend the unfairly oppressed! However, I'm not defending the emoticon. I'm more than aware that XD is not appreciated as an emoticon, and all the rest of /jp/'s "rules", but there's no need to be so butthurt when it's not used as an emoticon but rather a reference to a specific part of a picture as a joke. Yes, you don't want a visualization of /jp/ers' NEET faces, but the fact of the matter is that most enjoy the expression on cute 2D girls, and that's what's being referred to.

Also, I actually enjoy hearing and debating arguments made against me, as long as it's substantial. However, that's really not /jp/ material. Also, I and everyone on the channel would be the first to tell you LiveStream utterly sucks, so there's no need to redundantly declare it in an off-topic manner to derail other people's topics. Its amusing that people actually think advertising the existence of the channel would somehow be detrimental to it. I'm very deredere when it comes to anyone who loves Touhou so I'm never intentionally mean or insulting, but I'm always willing to endlessly debate things if needed! Just not on /jp/ please!

...so, is no one interested in discussing older 2D girls and ladies and grandladies?

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18+ only. Okay junior high is fine too but fuck lolis

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You're guilty of derailing this thread, so how about you get the fuck out.

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I originally preferred cuter drawing styles with girls around high-school/college age, but art with the older ladies such as those by this artist has become strangely arousing.

Then again, female pedophiles is one of my fetishes, so I instantly loved Shikieiki far more when she was revealed to be one in the second doujin in this series

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There is so much wrong with that picture

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why is she so old?

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And what series may that be?

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Source please. Looks familiar.

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if she is considered an old hag, then consider me a granny licker.

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Oh, It's a SERIES? I only have that one. Anyone got links to the others?

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As a bonus he also did a Yuka one:

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Thank you, good sir!

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I love this, got more?

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Also, more older Reimu.

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What are you idiots talking about now?

Cirno was already around 60 by the time of PoFV. The only natural loli in the series at the moment is Hieda no Akyu (should be about 14 by now, I think).