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Problem, /jp/?

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Judging by the art style, it's Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, or American Dad. I can't tell, since THEY'RE ALL THE SAME SHOW.

God bless America.

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I don't like broccoli.

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Are you implying there aren't tons and tons of anime/VNs/manga with the same art styles as one another?

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No, he's implying they all have same brand of humor (if humor it can be called) and all suck

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Dat's what I'm sayin'!

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>8:00pm - The Simpsons
>8:30pm - The Cleveland Show
>9:00pm - Family Guy
>9:30pm - American Dad


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Don't forget that they're all animated, directed, etc., by pretty much the same group of people.

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That's incredibly depressing.

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So it's like Japan, only more concentrated and with a higher budget?

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>The Cleveland Show

Maybe I'm out of the loop since I don't really watch TV, but what in the holy name of God Almighty possessed Fox to think another Family Guy spinoff would be a good idea

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highest marketing demographic for entertainment in America is lobotomy recipients, what did you expect?

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Japan might use the same studios, but at least they have a bunch of different people. Those four shows have THE EXACT SAME PEOPLE.

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They cancelled King of the Hill for it, even.

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Fun Fact: The bird in OP's picture is from The Cleveland Show.

Now you know how similar the shows are.

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This is from Family Guy

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And this is from American Dad.

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>canceled King of the Hill

And nothing of value was lost

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I don't know what's going on, but I like it.

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DISNEY Family Guy?

The HELL???

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Don't even get me started.

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Didn't they also replace Arrested Development with American Dad?

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But what about propane and propane accessories?

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They probably used up the animation budget on that shit. I'm sure it wont affect the rest of the season.

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I'm going to be having nightmares tonight.

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I'm a charcoal man.

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Family Guy Seasons 1-3: Brilliant
Family Guy Post-resurrection: Fucking Terrible
American Dad: Interesting for like two episodes, then became shit.
Cleveland Show: Why, God, why?

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I don't follow Family Guy
What the fuck is this

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Sometimes I wonder if FOX is just sitting back there smoking something.

You know, marijuana might become legal in CA soon. Just imagine what Family Guy and the rest of them will look like then...

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>Implying McFarlane doesn't already smoke like a chimney.

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Don't worry. Hank shows up in a minor couple of seconds cameo in American Dad as one of the Vietcong.

How does this make you feel?

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>You know, marijuana might become legal in CA soon
It's not?

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Medical is, but otherwise, no. They say it'll give CA more than $1+ billion in revenue. I wonder how the druggies feel about this.

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demanding source for this or a youtube clip to see this is true......

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