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we have evolved.

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Why is he complaining when he was successful?

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He's upset because it was too easy.

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We'll never grow out of it, OP. Isn't it sad?

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Fix'd for accuracy.

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Polite sage frustrates the trolls from the outside.

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Even though it's easy, it still feels more rewarding doing it with intentional logical fallacies, rather than shitposts.
At least, that's how I feel.

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Curiously, it isn't even necessary to (attempt) troll to generate plenty of sage replies.

Which shows just how shallow an accomplishment it is to receive saged posts on /jp/.

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I for one, fail to see the rewards of "trolling". why would you want to willingly ruin any credibility you have as an poster on any online forum? regardless if you post anonymously or with a coded identity. I consider it to be an honor to have a positive reputation, not soiled by misinformation and slander on this perticualr online community.

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Short answer: Pissing people off is the quickest way to popularity

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>lol im a sarcastic trol xDDDDD

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its funny cuz its true

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>credibility you have as an poster
>regardless if you post anonymously
>online community

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Getting people pissed off is fun stuff. It never gets old.

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Ignorance is a powerful psychological weapon that many people abuse.

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Are you frustrated?

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Yes, I am. How is it that you know exactly what to say at the right time to piss people off to their maximum?

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Because I am witty and cleaver.

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It's because you are from /v/ and you rage even at leaves falling in autumn. Average /jp/ers know enough to not play along with KoG's posts unless they are interesting.

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Pissing people off is an art.

an art I for one have mastered, yet keep holstered out of immense respect for you guys.

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Stupid retarded boof. Posting lossless PNG versions.

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I always thought the pointing guy on the left side's hands looked like pistols in your name.

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Thumbnail versions

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I'm flattered.

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You wanna fight? (/̵͇̿̿/'゚̿̿ヮ゚)/̵͇̿̿/'̿̿

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Poor pointing guys were born with two of the same hand.