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0 continues
Just attacked Flandre
Game over

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Anonymous knocked Flandre over. Flan's interest in Anon rises.

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The available options aren't so great.
Outcome looks dark, unlike the clear lake.

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I left when Flandre touched us and the amulet reacted

Did GM continued?

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We raped Flandre, but then Sakuya came in.

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Sakuya might interrupt.

Anyway, it seemed pretty clear that her conversation with Remilia was her being threatened to not kill the guest.

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did the thread died? ;_;

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That's what we get for trying to be smartasses


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[X] Holy shit, you attacked me!

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Does anyone have a link to the archive thingy?

Also, we've lost a life since I last checked. Did the lake score a hat trick?

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we died three times to him already


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Lake's killed us 4 times, but one of those times was a dream so its k

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We got dream lake'd during a Keine-China sexy tagteam murder.

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I vote we lake it again and see what happens with no continues.

Also, has chen appeared yet? If not let's just settle for crino or china

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Game Over man, Game Over.

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[X]That dream was the scariest.

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We are not evenvistied the Netherworld nor Reimus place. Cant run into Chen.
Its been a SDMfest since the beginning.

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Two Sakuyas! *fap* *fap* *fap*

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Seriously, we should forgot about it and go the fuck away, everybody there hates us, treats us like trash or ignores us, and is't surrounded by that fucking lake

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If we lake again, we go to Higan, and then possibly Makai or Hakugyokurou.

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Makai? No, we go to Jigoku and wait for Reimu's next genocidal rampage.

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Stupid Gateguard!

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Today's goals:

Pick magic mushrooms with Cirno
Buy inhaler from Kourin
Unlock Unlimited Egg Works

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The lake rises up and follows you, you drown.


(turns out the lake REALLY liked us for turning to it so often)

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Agreed. We should just go to places that dont hate us on default. Human Village,Alice, and the Netherworld. Because Yuyuko would attempt to make GM her newest ghost.

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Don't worry China, I'm the REAL Sakuya Izayoi.

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...so why are you wearing a pad?

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I'm pretty sure Anonymous would get banished from the Human Village for indecent acts of rape.

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"Whaa~? A player 2 appeared?"

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this image gave me an egglaying fatish

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>Because Yuyuko would attempt to make GM her newest meal.

"I wonder what outsiders taste like!"

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...it'd be best if we avoid Marisa. She's the type to be
out for blood.

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Marisa is greedy, not vengeful.

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yeah, everybody except the woman who is either hated, treated like trash, or is ignored by everyone in the SDM INCLUDING OURSELVES.

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So we already fucked up our chances with China beyond repair?


...ok, I have to ask again, since I'm starting to see these pics more and more: what's the artist? I want to get more aside from the one Lily pic in this style.

>> No.344608


No, but she would settle the score.

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didn't gm say something like not being back till sunday afternoon?

>> No.344613

Is GM taking the weekend off again?

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"Nooo! That's not true!"

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>So we already fucked up our chances with China beyond repair?

We just have to visit her today. Chat her up before being dragged off by Cirno, come back in the evening with pork fried rice.

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That's why we give her shrooms in apology.

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With eggs, you mean.

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no chance, we'll stay with flan

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Nice Lake

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I hope Anon will persuade her quit her job and go with him...



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That way she'll be tripping too much to Spark us?

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China, being the closet heterosexual youkai at SDM, already want s to jump on GMs cock. WE MUST VISIT HER ALIVE. ITS ALMOST DAY5 DAMMIT.

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Are you faggots still doing this?

Christ, just get an invisionfree board or something and stop shitting up the board

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>>the closet heterosexual youkai

Fuck, you've just highlighted how futile it would be to chase almost anyone else.

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Nothing happens on day 5. We just get another continue.

China chances are highest
Patchy with some help
Keine drifts into oblivion

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In the darkness of your sleeping mind, terrifying dreams surface, the odd image of a lone man standing amidst an endless field of eggs; a chief amongst them.

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This is his site.

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Good End-Bang China/Keine
TRUE END-3way with Keine and China. No lake'd murder.

We never got much insight on Keine and GM's "relationship" so it was never really much of a possibility. Unless she shows up and a fight for GM begins againist China.

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lol wut?

Where's the archive I can't read this shit

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Wrong URL. That was his archive log site. This is the main.


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Odd how China still remains the top-pick. After she FALCON PANCH'd GM's jaw which lead to a combo'd by the lake.And the time GM went Welcome to the NHK into
the lake after China rejection.

>> No.344722

China clearly likes us is why. We're horribly lonely people and want a nice, lonely, abused woman.
Keine's a tsundere lesbian.

>> No.344723

That was becuase Anon acted stupid. China cares for Anon.

>> No.344724

getting the same weird characters as in >>344691

I've seen one in english, what am i doin' wrong?

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She and Cirno are the only people who have told us that they actually want to see us again.

>> No.344742

flan came to see and play with us and we followed with a joyfull ALRIGHT!

>> No.344743


Quit being a (9) just scroll through the archives on the left and take the pictures you like.

>> No.344748


Thanks Ch-...er...Meiling!

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I think by now everyone just wants to get as far away as possible from her.

>> No.344759

>Keine's a tsundere bisexual.

Keine is the only one who will let us use her kitchen. We can't drop out of her route now.

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Cirno is a ⑨. She doesnt understand how batshit crazy SDM is. China does. China knows GM is partially useless. Hence, worries. Not to mention agreeing to let GM in, knowing that. Worry x2.

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I approve of a China route myself.

>> No.344773

We cannot loose the eggs people.

>> No.344776

Bad End - We leave the SDM alive. No China, no Flan, no Sakuya, no Patch. But we're alive dammit! Then Cirno drops us and we get laked.

Good End - We unlock Unlimited Egg Works, making the entire SDM bow down to our superior skills.

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View > Encoding > Shift-JIS

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Also this.

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Nah, Unlimited Egg Works normal end would just result in GM making a stand which everybody visits because of tasty eggs and whatnot. Even Yuyuko, she would be the #1 customer. No girls, No harem. ALIVE ONLY. FINAL DESTINATION. I pray GM atleast kisses China though.

>> No.344813


Sir...p-p-p-please J-J-AM IT IN!

>> No.344819

Oh god, what I wouldn't give for a ran scenario or a yakumo family harem.

>> No.344824


We'd still need Cirno to get to Keine's to cook China an egg dinner.

>> No.344826

So, about the amulet. It repels Yokais in physical contact, right? If we combine that with a meelee attack, say a punch, can we make the punch powerfuller with the amulet?

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I still think GM will make Keine show up either way.
Just to make shit hit the fan on the China route.

>> No.344837

Next up Anonymous invents fighting techniques like in a shounen manga/anime.

>> No.344848


GM would have to think fast enough for that to work.
Wait...thinking...GM. Nevermind.

>> No.344851


I can just imagine Cirno dropping Dumbass on an enemy, fist first.

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I like this Sakuya better. They always respond to my pictures.

pic related.

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Surprise Sign: Crushin' PANCH

>> No.344858

Then in that case, we definitely need some kind of signature attack used frequently against powerful enemies. A Rasengan, Kamehameha, or some other shounen-esque move of sorts, just far cooler and probably Touhou based.

>> No.344859

No egg references?!
Surprise Sign: Egg CRUSH

>> No.344862


Amulet only repels if it's unwanted contact. If you're trying to punch something, you WANT to be in contact with them.

>> No.344866


GM doesnt think that way though.

>> No.344869

What if we learn to control the barrier the amulet grands on our skin?

>> No.344872


Mayohiga route would be difficult at this point.

Either we'd need to cause enough damage to interest Yukari, or we'd need Reimu to contact her under the guise of sending us back.

>> No.344874


Surprisingly normal..normal end.

>> No.344894

No guys, we must focus on China. And if we screw that up SOMEWAY SOMEHOW, atleast we still have points with Keine.

>> No.344915

But...but I'm starting to have an uncontrollable crawing for Flandre

>> No.344922

almost day 5 and flandre wants to play doctor with us.
as far as i see everything is working according to keikaku.

>> No.344925

Why don't we explore further afield next time? We haven't even tapped into half the potential targets.

>> No.344931


You are just as confused as the head maid when it comes to normal humans.

>> No.344932

I like Flandre, but she will kill us at some point if we continue with her

>> No.344934


Dumbass will get to see Flan again when he brings the inhaler to Patchy.

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Flandre's doctor isnt the doctor I know you are thinking about.

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"Well Mister DUMBASS! No matter what you do, you will be laked... That is your destiny!"

>> No.344948


But what if Remilla plot hax'd it so GMs destiny is not to lose his last continue to the lake or members of SDM?!

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Shut up pad

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dying for flandre is better than living with china

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Get the inhaler, Anon. The inhaler!

>> No.344966

I'd inhale the getter, if you know what I mean

>> No.344968


We have a fetch quest to perform in the Forest of Magic anyway.

>> No.344975


Dumbass can always play with Flandre when he comes to visit China.

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Argh, dammit Anons. Patchy doesnt need our help, how many times does she have to state that?
If she dies, whatever.

>> No.344986

Bitch in one hamd, eggs in the other

Fucking up the SDM

>> No.344990


Shit, we need a vectorfag/drawfag to make that.

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Inhale WHAT?

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We need to visit Remilia at least once

>> No.344997


Koakuma made it pretty clear that Patchy's illness is an important plot point.

>> No.345008

Inevitable; we need to see her to leave the mansion.

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I'm gonna eat you!

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While we see her, I want us to to stumble and fall on top of her. For some hilarity and possible coppings

>> No.345060

[X] Cop a feel

--Are you sure?--

[ ] Yes

[ ] No

>> No.345064



>> No.345066

>While we see her, I want us to do that bedtop sport for indoor types.

>> No.345070

[X] Yes

You start bleeding severly

>> No.345078


Dumbass woos through guts and diplomacy, not retarded harem anime plot devices.

>> No.345083

Don't remind me...damn we were so close

>> No.345096

I would like more groping and less politics

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I don't know stop asking me that.

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>> No.345182

Has Anon already forgotten our suffering at the hands of the Moon People? We need to get back there and take our revenge.

>> No.345198

Also, kidnap Reisen for future uses

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Unlimited Flandre Works.

>> No.345210


We should be thankful that Eirin didn't kill us

>> No.345220


Conflict with Eientei is part of Mokou/Keine route

>> No.345221


Yes, yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!

>> No.345225


Hey, we had a a motherfucking rock, man.

>> No.345230

Does GM do weekends?

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I'm telling you I don't know why won't you stop asking me.
Ask China.

>> No.345239

GM said in an earlier thread he'd be gone most of this weekend.

>> No.345242

What's the link to the archive? I lost it and need to know what happened.

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File: 345 KB, 907x603, 1206815041209.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 49 KB, 907x603, 1206815065664.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>> No.345253


>> No.345255

Same, it's been about a week or so for me.

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File: 129 KB, 907x603, 1206815181111.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>> No.345279


>> No.345321


if you want to see the full threads

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So, is he going to come back today? or is it sunday or monday, so that I don't need to stay up the whole night for nothing.

in b4 that fuck who deleted my original thread asking the same deletes this. No harm in asking jesus motherfucking christ!

>> No.345370

Hey, you used my filenames for the combo.

>> No.345374


>Also, so you all know in advance, GM will be gone from 1 PM EST Saturday to 10 PM EST Sunday.

>> No.345388

Thank you.

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True end

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