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What's the scariest moment in the Nasuverse to you?

For me, it's this guy. Oh god Wallachia....

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Shark Door Bad End. Maybe not the scariest, but its definitely the most awesome.

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Arc snapping at Ciel's route.
After Arc's route,even with all the 'bloodlust' talk etc, I never really expected that.

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[x] Ask Issei about the woman in the temple.

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Hisui headbanging in one of Kagetsu Tohya side stories.

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Wallachia in general? Yeah I'd agree with that.

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SHIKI mindfuck in Hisui's route. Probably doesn't help that I was reading that while bedridden with the flu.

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The first two FSN bad ends. Made worse with Die Lorelei.

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> Save the English language: http://www.anon[removethis]talk.com/ICARE
So fucking tired of this.

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Scariest? Well of course not, but I can safely say none of the actual horror fucked with my head as much.

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Die Lorelei is what MADE that scary. Otherwise it'd just be gruesome.

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Also, when Nanaya gets singlehandedly KILLED by Kouma. Some scary motherfucker appears out of nowhere, OHKOs the invincible Nanaya, and starts chasing after Shiki.
Then later, I go out of town again, the world turns to shit, and Kouma OHKOs Shiki. This is especially fucked up, because my game glitched so that the red tint was over the entire window, and the heartbeat sfx was playing on the opening screen.
GOD I WAS SO FUCKED UP AFTER THAT. I didn't want to play it anymore.

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Then you missed out on the awesome end of Kouma, and more importantly DRINKING DREAMING MOON (which I maintain is the best scene Nasu has ever written).

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Just mentioning that gave me chills.
Oh yes, I remember.

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Was that the one with the automated reaction she basically programmed into him?


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Oh HI Shiki! Sorry my hands are a little messy :)

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Oh god those were so fucked up. I couldn't really look at Illyia the same way.

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This was my exact face when THAT SPRITE first appeared.

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> Save the English language: http://www.anon[removethis]talk.com/ICARE
I agree with you, OP.

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I ended up killing Kouma, but I didn't get DDM or the Fireworks.

I got the only loli TM H-scenes ever, though, so there's that. DRILLS.

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>didn't do Summer Festivals or DDM

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Funnily enough this was mine.

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I don't know how to respond to that.

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You watched Mollusk sex but not the good part? ARE YOU MAD?

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I said "Didn't get," not "didn't do." This was my second playthorugh where I focused on maxing out my Len scores and getting the school festival and unlocking the safe.
I think I missed out on Curry's Fireworks, but yeah. DDM gave me flashbacks of Kohaku's route with its drunken friendship scenes. Also SACCHIN ;_;.

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That should have read "The only H-scene featuring a loli that Type Moon has ever made."
Poor Ilya.

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>hits reply
>writes "I don't know how to reply"

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Scariest? Really isn't anything heart-stopping or actually scary. But I suppose it would be in KT when Kouma pops out of nowhere and rips your head off.

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Anytime Zouken ate someone. Yeah I know Nero did the same thing and was much cooler, but Nero didn't have THOSE FUCKING SOUND EFFECTS.

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Sakura in general.

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My favorite part was the one from the perspective of the woman being eaten, who can't belive it's happening to her so she just imagines scenes from her normal life between screaming that she's being eaten alive.

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Yes, this was pretty creepy. I made the bad bad bad mistake of actually thinking he was just an innocent old man.

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Nasu really likes to write victim perspective scenes apparently.

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Well it's better that way. More emotion.

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I agree. I just wish that it wouldn't move into my brain. I swear, it's started throwing parties with Silent Hill 2/3 and Eternal Darkness. THEY'RE HORRID TENANTS!

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