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old touhoes, not so good

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I know what you mean, once they get to a certain age they just shit everywhere.

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Ancient touhous, so good.

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I like all of them. But Eirin the least.

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My favourite touhous.

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old touhou ass

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It's a bit odd how those four (five with Yuka?) tend to be described as the "old" touhous, rather than simply as the elders of their houses. Overall there are quite a few that are of similar age or older, but have a "youthful" position socially.
For example, Komachi (old as time), Shikieiki (aeons old), Suika and Yuugi (at least 1600 years old), Aya (at least 1000). It's soon 3am, so have a feeling I've forgotten someone really obvious.

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Gradient hair suijesus is love.

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Old Suwako is best Suwako.

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Byakuren isnt old fucking fanon i swear to god im going to punish all of the secondaries one day

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I'm with you.

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Isn't everyone in UFO around 1000 years old?

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>Age: Unknown, At least 1000
>Byakuren isnt old
>isn't old

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relatively youthful.

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she's just 1000 compared to other touhous that's pretty young
plus she was sealed thus didn't age, she's still inexperienced, fresh and young

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Oh, it's a simply slip up. Numerical age doesn't matter in Gensokyo. Suika's the oldest and she looks like a loli. I guess that dude just doesn't want Byakuren to be portrayed as an old lady like the other old ladies.

Personally, I'm more in favor of a younger-looking Byakuren also.

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>Age: Unknown, but one of the oldest gods; she far predates the invasion by the Goddess Kanako and the Yamato in the Great Suwa War, approximately 2300 ago
>Loli-like body
Miracle of Gensokyo

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>Suika's the oldest

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If anyone deserves to be called a hag, it's Byakuren. Read her description; she actually matured into old age before using black magic to reverse it and become immortal. She was an actual granny for a while.

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Our lady Suwako chooses un manifest as such a young girl. When she gave birth she manifested as a young slender woman of age. She prefers to be fucked as an adult.

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Anyone who thinks Byakuren is old is a faggot.

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>>3416520 Komachi (old as time)
While it is probably safe to assume that there have been shinigami around since the first living thing turned up, the assumption that any specific shinigami has been along for that long would appear less solid.

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I don't remember that happening.

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Komachi would be slightly older or the same age as Gensokyo.

Don't forget that Sikieiki is only the death judge of GENSOKYO, not the entire universe, and Komachi is in her employ etc etc

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Komachi remains doubtful.
Basing it on the assumption that as shinigami are embodiments of death only, they cannot embody life in any part. As such, shinigami would be exceptions from entropy since they embody the void at the end of the process, but not any part of the process itself, and thus remain unchanging. Not so much immortal as dead and nothing else.
But not even ZUN would buy that argument, so...

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What about Utsuho?

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I would liek to see Utsuho hanging with the old Touhous gang. She is not that young looking in the official art.

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In canon, everyone looks like a loli.

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>dumb bird-brain
I doubt that qualifies an old hag attribute.

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Yukari, Yuyuko, Eirin, etc. all have canon tits.

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Here we go again.

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not old enough

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When did the underground city separates from Hell? Okuu exists before then.

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Tei is one of the oldest touhous in canon.

How does this make you feel.

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Huziwara no Mokou and Eirin Yagokoro are most likely older.

Mokou in the 1300s
Eirin in the 10,000s, or more.

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Tewi IS the oldest MORTAL Touhou.

But there's plenty of Touhous who are only limited by "at least".

In actuality, we don't know if Tewi is older than Yukari and vice versa. Or if Eirin is as old as the moon or if Suwako is as old as the mountains or if Shikieiki is as old as humankind and whatnot.

MAKE UP YOUR OWN CANON everyonesgensokyo.jpg

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Listen, don't start getting mad when A-a-alice is more popular than canonical Alice. You are enabling the fans in this kind of faggotry.

That said, carry on.

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Funnily, Tewi's confirmed age is also the greatest (At least 2600, probably 3000++)

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but tewi is just a little bunny!

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Yeah, but at Eirin's confirmed age, she was considered ancient and venerable even in the flashback to 1500 years ago.

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this guy speaks truth
besides, why does it matter who's the oldest toho? They all look like lolis anyway.
And if you wanna get all technical, then it won't matter who's the oldest because the immortal touhous will outlive everyone anyway. And even dead touhous are still awesome(Yuyuko), so in the end age doesn't matter

let's just enjoy gensokyo

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Older is better

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It's not the age of the touhou, but the flatness of the chest, that matters most

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At this point I think Mokou is the only Touhou older than 1000 years whose age we can pinpoint with any sane degree of accuracy (since we know she was a mortal human in feudal Japan before drinking the elixir).

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I want to play the secondary touhoufags~


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No, she's only around 1300

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Not a hag!