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I watched an old archive yesterday and got a clip that's basically the opposite end of the spectrum https://streamable.com/30rf86

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Kill yourself cancer.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gcg-ixObSU MH Rise

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Monhan collab confirmed.

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sage next time, retard

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Fun stream despite never getting to an actual hunt, the eybrows from the SC were a nice touch. She talked about so much at the end I couldn't really keep up with most of it.

Not too surprising since multiplayer was why she wanted to play it but I can't wait. She also mentioned wanting to do more Among Us eventually but didn't join today's collab because she was busy because of a project I think.

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Arguably the most powerful martial arts in Japan.

An Aikido practitioner is practically invincible, no one of any martial arts background can ever land a punch or kick on one.

Using the power of the attacker, the Aikido practitioner uses absolutely no energy to knock them down.

A fearsome martial arts it is.

Arguably the most powerful martial arts in Japan.

An Aikido practitioner is practically invincible, no one of any martial arts background can ever land a punch or kick on one.

Using the power of the attacker, the Aikido practitioner uses absolutely no energy to knock them down.

A fearsome martial arts it is.

Arguably the most powerful martial arts in Japan.

An Aikido practitioner is practically invincible, no one of any martial arts background can ever land a punch or kick on one.

Using the power of the attacker, the Aikido practitioner uses absolutely no energy to knock them down.

A fearsome martial arts it is.

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The project is the video she's making right? Also apparently it was Mr. Koro that invited her for the Amogus collab, that was pretty sweet.

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After going back, I think she was mostly referring to the Bravely Default stream among other things because she used 案件 which is usually what they call those sponsored streams but the date of the collab wasn't decided yet so she couldn't.

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https://twitter.com/usadapekora/status/1380693554771554305 No early stream, but since she specified that it sounds like there might be still one at night

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Why does she have a prisoner outfit now?

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She was arrested for being too cute.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2bnZJVlQtM MH Rise. Given how late it is, I'm guessing she had something else planned but couldn't do it in the end

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https://twitter.com/usadapekora/status/1381073949308514307 Oh, looks like she's playing another game afterwards she's been waiting for, wonder what that could be.

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Could be the RE8 demo. Apparently it was uploaded to the playstation store.

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I'm happy she ended up liking it so much, her apology at the start was great. People constantly asking for it was annoying but it's good the collab invitation led to this.

That's possible, looks like it was uploaded a few days ago so it's probably almost out, I feel like it'd be weird to refer to it as "that game" and calling it long awaited though. She could just be over hyping it but the only games that immediately pop into my head like that are MGS and Sekiro, and I doubt she wants to go back to Sekiro. MGS lines up with her talking about the archives coming back a while ago, but permissions are still a thing as far as we know.

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Nope, you're right. It's RE

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4th9K4AbWk RE8 demo

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Very short. Though that was expected, good atmosphere and Pecor seem to like it. Hope she gets to stream it.

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She should be able to stream it but since it's brand new I wonder if the ending will be ok to stream. Also it sounds like those PSN files were for another demo probably coming in a few days, so we'll get to see more soon.

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Cute scared Don-chan

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCjV0CL7evQ MH Rise

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Great stream, she's really loving this game. I can't wait for high rank. It sounds like the upcoming collab is a time attack between multiple teams that will have 2-3 people in them, that should be a lot of fun. Around New Years she said she'd like to help set up a large collab and it seems like she's helping set this up, so I'm glad she's delivering on that. Tomorrow she's streaming an hour earlier and may be doing another stream afterwards if she can.

Also I highly doubt any of the maybe 3 people reading this thread missed it, but just in case, the translator nousagi posted another summary: https://pastebin.com/YzYQGjhc..

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Glad she is taking part in that. Hoping Peko and Botan or Towa get in the same team, though Botan is a beginner in MH so it might be very unbalanced.

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I think the only holos I've watched any decent amount of MH from so far are Pekora and Luna, so I'm not sure what the standings are like for the rest skill-wise, but entertainment-wise Towa and Botan are both great with Pekora, so either or both would make for a fun team. And Pekora herself isn't the absolute worst player I've seen in the world. She's a bit unga with the SA and still needs to get used to wirebugs, but she's ok enough.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rElt6ANBrtM Snack Usada. I'm guessing the lack of early stream like she planned was because she got the time of Nene's stream wrong and didn't want to overlap.

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I had to miss a good chunk so I'll need to rewatch pretty much all of it when I get a chance to. The songs I caught were great though, especially One Last Kiss. I was kind of surprised to hear she got a new manager, she's always spoken well of her previous one but I guess it's possible they just moved on or got promoted. Seems like she likes the new one as well so it's fine.

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Caught up on some of it. I always like when she does marshmallow streams, they're a good way to hear more about her and learn the things that her fans want to know more about. She mentioned coming up with ideas for streams almost every day is hard but I feel like these types of streams are a good way to push the responsibility of coming up with topics to talk about onto the viewers, so it'd be nice if she did more if she feels like she doesn't know what to do on a given day since they're so rare already. This also reminds me I skipped over the archive of her first marshmallow stream because it didn't feel worth it at the time but I feel like I'm starting to understand enough that it seems worth going back to to see what people would even ask her so soon after she debuted. In terms of upcoming stream stuff, there's a collab Thursday which I'm pretty sure is PUBG with Botan. She also mentioned that she's considering streaming a bunch during Golden Week, which will be impossible to keep up with.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOmygNv8yuc Minecraft

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2b2t ikzzzzzzzz.

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Today was the first stream I've missed entirely in months so I'm not sure what she said about 2b2t although I know she talked about it again but I still think it's going there is a bad idea. Even if she manages to actually get in and avoid anything bad from showing, the art itself is so big you can't actually see anything in game.

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How can one usagi be this based?

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6g_uja_XDU PUBG with Botan

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But she looks even cuter now.

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I hope Botan is in the MH collab and on her team or they just do a one-off collab if not, PekoBotan is great but most of their interactions have been in PUBG where they're playing against each other for the most part and it'd be nice to have another collab where they're playing together and talking for the entire time. Still, really fun stream and it's nice to see Pekora play PUBG again.

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pain peko

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wXikGGprMA Anime utawaku

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why is there still a Pekorathread over here, thought everybody migrated to vt already?

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It did migrate, but it's gotten a lot of new users from /vt/ and flips back and forth between being unusable and being ok and was especially bad a couple weeks ago. There were a few other people there and in /hlg/ complaining about the state of it and after someone made a bunch of spam holo threads that were up for a day before being deleted I decided to try remaking the Pekora thread hoping people might find it. Seems like the other couple of posters have given up though, which is understandable since it was basically 2 posts a day besides bumps and stream links. I wasn't really planning on bumping it after >>34268524 because of that but someone else did so I guess someone was reading it at least.

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anon here, pretty sure the "spam" threads were kiara's right? Pekothread over there is more active and has this one pastebin anon so that's pretty cool, not sure what you meant by "unusable". Got in /jp/ around a month before vt exists, i'd say it's much more habitable over there.

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>pretty sure the "spam" threads were kiara's right?
Someone here on /jp/ made a bunch of random holo threads one after the other, like Pekora, Marine, Rushia, etc solely for the sake of annoying /jp/ natives a week or so ago. They ended up getting deleted after a while but since there were some people complaining about the /vt/ thread, I thought I might as well see if one can survive here.

>Pekothread over there is more active and has this one pastebin anon so that's pretty cool, not sure what you meant by "unusable".
I know the /vt/ thread is active, I still check it sometimes just in case but don't post anymore. "Unusable" might be too strong a word but it can get pretty bad and off-topic with /v/-tier posting occasionally. But more importantly it feels like the general sentiment of the thread has shifted a bit. It feels like less of the thread cares about or is even really familiar with her than how it used to be. The last few threads have actually been an improvement from what I've seen but the couple of days leading up to and the week following April Fools were pretty awful. But even now there's still a noticeable /vt/ influence, which is expected given that it's on /vt/, but that wasn't really there as much in the first month or so on the board. I really don't want to sound like I'm complaining too much, if people like the /vt/ thread that's great. And for what it's worth, the translator nousagi posts his stuff in /hlg/ as well.

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>It's not me! It's a subspecies!
Predictable but funny nonetheless.

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I was actually expecting her to totally lean into it and say it was her and brag that she got a part in an anime. Her joke was better.

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I wonder what she's going to do today. Since it was put up early it might be another long game, I highly doubt it's gonna be a JRPG though

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She was talking about doing more RE during her Minecraft stream and she's using prisoner art for the thumbnail, so I'm pretty sure it's that. My wild guess that probably isn't correct is that she's planning on playing through both RE3 and Revelations this weekend, since both are so short that even if you add their length together they're still shorter than Kiwami, which she also finished in a single weekend. Based on hltb, just RE3 itself is about exactly as long as one of her standard weekend streams and Revelations isn't that much longer.

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She's really getting into the whole resident evil series, well as long as she has fun I don't really mind, Ace attorney would be really nice, she's mainly just biding her time until RE8/village releases.

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Actually, have any of the holos talked about playing Ace Attorney? It seems like VNs are usually pretty restricted by publishers since you experience most of what's important by just watching them and given that Capcom is already telling them to skip some endings in games, they might not be allowed to play enough for it to be worth it. If they are though I agree it'd be a really fun series with her, although I know I'd have some trouble following along since I only ever did the first few cases in the first game.

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It's sort of iffy. I think they have permissions for parts of VNs, like kanata streamed only a portion of danganronpa(no confirmation on being able/not to stream later parts)
Other than that I haven't really outright heard any of them talk about it
There was another company chuuba that streamed the entire first game https://youtu.be/4IUP3jqdY_8
so it might just have to do with the later parts, then again it might not really be the best streaming game overall

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At least there shouldn't be much of an issue with the first game then. It might not be great for a weekend game with long streams but I think it'd be fun if she did it over a few weekdays so the gameplay doesn't overstay it's welcome if people find it boring. I think I mostly just want to hear her shout 異議ありぺこ!

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cImK1wF6v6g Resident Evil Revelations. There we go.

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Tomorrow she's doing 2 streams, one for finishing Revelations and one for the new Village demo

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Revelations one is already up

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https://twitter.com/usadapekora/status/1383572717417373696 Looks like she wants to do a guerilla stream too.

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March march march to our board

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I forgot how action focused this game is, I remember it being a lot more slow and grounded but it's been so long since I played it. I also forgot about all the perspective changes, it's pretty annoying. She still seems to be enjoying the game though, so that's good.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILyq47YM_B0 RE8 demo

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Too much RE for a day.

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Not /jp/. I repeat, not /jp/. Stop the bump.

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It's definitely a lot, especially if you're planning on watching the MikKorone collab.

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Boredom peko

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