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I want to have youkai-human hybrids with Yukari

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How do you know that your genetics is the right one to procreate with that beautiful deity?

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If we love eachother that’s all that matters.

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What would a half-human half-gap-youkai child look like? Would it have similar powers to her mother? What would be his relationship with Ran and Chan, or with Reimu or Yuyuko? Would it be immortal? What would be its theme song?

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>What would a half-human half-gap-youkai child look like?
Mix of features from both parents. Maybe the youkai has dominant features, maybe not.
>Would it have similar powers to her mother?
I would imagine so.
>What would be his relationship with Ran and Chan, or with Reimu or Yuyuko?
Ran gets more chores, Chen a playmate. Reimu could consider the kid like Rinnosuke, except the kid's mother is most troublesome. Yuyuko's an honorary aunt!
>Would it be immortal?
See Rinnosuke.
>What would be its theme song?
I dunno.

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>What would be its theme song?
Maybe a remix of Necrofantasia?

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That pic makes it look like Yukari is about to pet me.

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She is. It's a lap pillow POV.

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preggo Yukari

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A youkai in their ideal state.
A big smile, a happy heart, and a belly full of human hybrids.

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S-so beautiful

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She will give birth to a beautiful, healthy baby that she and her hubby will love and cherish a lot!

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god i love Yukari so much

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Me too, my friend.

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soft sex with Yukari in bed

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Face of fulfillment.

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she will kill and eat her offspring

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Never ever!

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Youkai eat their competitor's offspring, to benefit their own

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A frosty personality to start with, but once she warms up to you, there's none more loving

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What about Maribel?

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Hell, she might be hundreds of years old, but she's a fucking cutie

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shit, forgot the image

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cuddling with Yukari-chan...

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The cutest

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hag armpits!

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The softest

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Completely agree

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Baby feeders.

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those feed me too

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I would like to sleep with her every night

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No! Don't touch her belly Chen! Cats are not supposed to touch pregnant women, least they give the child toxoplasmosis!!!

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What is that?

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I want to make gappy happy and be happy with gappy

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Yukari's daughter is very cute and deserves hugs

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Anon… google and yahoo are your friends

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Completely agree, my daughter is very cute and she loves hugs

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why is she getting married?

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She'll make the first move anyway. She knows.

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Yukari (young) is a tag

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>imagine having racemixed childs

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Why yes, my imagination is very good.

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Youkai aren’t human therefore aren’t a human race.

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The last thing the world needs is more Rinnosukes

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Would you let Yukari inject some love and responsibility inside of you?

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Any child from Yukari would be hyper intelligent in addition to the superhuman strength and speed
There is absolutely no downside to making her a baby factory

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Mmmmm I dunno, depends, how exactly does that work

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