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I love visiting Yukari

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I think it's really nice of you to volunteer to spend time at the nursing home. Most old people are extremely lonely so they'll appreciate it.

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She appreciates my cream pies

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I mostly just spend the time reminder her what her name is and watching that she doesn't swallow her false teeth, but I know it makes her happy.

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Stupid monkeys who moderate /jp/, replied the last thread when it was on page 10 and they just let it die

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My favourite piece of her.

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Old, old hag! So old that her theme song is called "Necrofantasia", 'cuz she's like a walking corpse!

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quite rude

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you are an empty walking being who is now and always alone

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It's a shame she still thinks she's young and attractive, she seems oblivious to how ineffective her attempts at flirtation and seduction are...

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stupid old lady our babies are gonna come out with downs syndrome because you're so OLD!!!!

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old hags have to sleep a lot

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old hags make the best sex

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I'm sure that having her fall asleep, forgetting your name, having to stop to take her meds and complaining about her backpain is really arousing.

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No. Unmarried women over 25 are creepy.

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Unmarried women over 25 like to sexually harass me and pretend it is ok. Women scare me

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I wish I had unmarried women over 25 sexually harass me and pretend it is ok

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No you don't, they're old and gross.

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That's going too far

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Your mother nagging at you doesn't count.

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Cupping a feel.

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Feeling her cups

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That looks like the first panel of an instant loss 2koma.

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This song makes me think of Yukari

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Oh anon, I wish it was only nagging, god I wish

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I want her to gently caress my face with her gloves. I also want to snuggle her poofy skirt.

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A lap-pillow and headpats would be amazing and really comfy.

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Yukari's lap feel.. old.. The skin is saggy & it feels like the weight of my head would be enough to shatter her femur. Her hands feel bony and her nails are unusually sharp. I'm scared, but I don't want to hurt Yukari's feelings.

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Yukarin is an old hag - Ye Great Olde hag.

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Pat me mommy!

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Wow, what a mean and very rude post.

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Oh yeah, Yukari's lap feel so SOFT, warm, and comfortable, her skin is delicate and beautiful, to put your head in her lap is to feel the haven while she caresses you. Yes, absolutely agree, she is not like the other sages, they look and probably feels like old rags

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lustful old lady!

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You're wishing for something disturbing. I don't advise that at all.

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Woah, what's gonna happen to him next?

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She probably switched to ''succubus'' mode

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I bet Yukari remembers the day she stopped having dreams in black and white.

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>dreams in black and white
how does this work?

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This an euhpemistic way to say that she is really old.

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senile old lady forgot to put clothes on today

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Looks like she got in heat

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Baby rabies afflicts even youkai

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R-Really? I-In there?

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what a worrisome condition.

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I don't understand

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She wants you to put it on her, Cinderella style.

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She’s about to shrink you and she’s showing you your new home.

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Footfags are even worse than the vorefags

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no thanks

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Hot. Wish there was more giant Yukari out there.

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I want her to gently lewd me with those gloves.

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It wasn't a request.

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big tiddies mom

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Her bush is gigantic right?

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Old women keep sexually harassing me at the dance studio. Stop grouping me old ladies! I only came to dance!

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She is a gross hag, so it's only natural that she has an extremely gross vagina.

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>she has an extremely gross vagina
Ufff *lick his lips* no problem

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gap girl gloves

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The best Yukari is MORE Yukari

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The child is going to have down syndrome
I hope she doesn't make you take responsibility

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Pregnant Yukari is so fucking beautiful!

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Appreciation for Yukari is best expressed through the manufacture of additional Yukari

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I thought you wrote artificial there.
Ran already has that spot has her dupe.

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She has some chub after hibernation

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i just want to deliver her tofu and she keeps giving me this smug expression every time. They're not valentine's chocolates you lonely old lady this is just what you ordered...

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Yugari the gepheg

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Assuming the theory that Yukari was once a human is true: What do you think is Yukari's true nationality? I'm betting Germanic.

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I'm siding with English

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>gap hag
>not japanese

u fuking wot?

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What, is Japan the only country with hags and gaps?

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Who are you quoting?

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that means there's more Yukari to love!

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she might live in japan, but iirc damn near every artwork of her shows her as ethnically european, rather than jap
this also means that Yukari would be one of the first weebs

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There's a lot of reasons to suspect that's the case. The big one is the Hearn-Yakumo thing, a foreigner who changed his name, and Maribel/Yukari who share this name connection, similar abilities and appearances - and Merry's origins are very hazy except that her name is obviously not Japanese and she comes from a lineage of sorts.

There's also the fact that blonde hair wouldn't be common in Japan, let alone the Japan of thousands of years ago, and she's 'at least' over 1200 years old. And while that can be explained as Yukari modifying her appearance, it's still worth taking into account. We also have reason to believe she's changed ner name since then according to Perfect Memento where the chronicle mentions someone like Yukari but doesn't use the name.

All in all, it's likely she's not Japanese, plus no culture really has a "gap youkai" so where she sprung up from is also a mystery.

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Actual picture of 17 year old Yukari (unconfirmed)

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