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You successfully have discovered where the janitors of 4chan meet up to discuss their unpaid slav- work. You infiltrated the building and approach the room where you know they are gathered. As you open the door to where all the janitors are, you are greeted to the sight of pic related.

What do you do?

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use the boipussies

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where's the cat

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the dinosaur

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exit the wormhole that led to /jp/ mansion and go to the real janny room

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open the door
get on the floor

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rape them and choke them to death as I cum inside them for deleting my threads.

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that sounds gay.
are you gay?
yes you are gay.

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ok they're pretty I might keep alive some of them, but that guy that deletes /aus/ threads on /int/ and /fit/ is going down.

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Everyone do the dinosaur

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he's also a phoneposter. a gay phoneposter that saves thumbnails. how horrible.

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fuck up cunt i'm on pc

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You deserve having your Holoshit threads deleted you spamming retard

The mods are cunts, though

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>/int/ and /fit/
Is this really where the vtuber niggers are coming from?

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ok to be honest I don't actually post any vtuber shit, I checked it out when en was starting but quickly lost interest, I only come here for touhou threads. It just so happened I had that in my downloads and I thought it was the best reaction image. Fuck vtuber fags they have their own board now.

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>saving thumbnails
Where do you retards even come from?

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I have a sleepover with every Janny-chan!

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Detonate the bomb

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take a big nasty shite on the floor and tell them to clean it up

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oh no