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i'll start let's go

*stares at you absentmindedly*

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Y-you're not scaring me Flandre

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N-no...y-you're not scary Flandre! D-don't make me tell Remilia

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Tell Remilia what, mmm? I haven't done anything, ehehehe!

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D-don't get so close. I'm not into girls!

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Not into girls? Why would that stop me from getting closer to you?

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*Hides behind you*
Remi help! Flandre is being weird

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Don't be afraid Kogasa~。I'm not mean~

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why do americans call them 2hu? touhou sounds much nicer to me

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it is funnier to say 2hu. Will you roleplay? :)

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W-w-w-w-w-where are you legs?!

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Right here Kogasa~. Please don't scream, it's really not nice to scream a lot.

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Fucking freaks, the lot of you

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stop it

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You must not have seen the tranny grooming thread, hmm?

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I-i-i-s this because I was picking on Remilia the other day? It was just a joke! Remi tell her!

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I want an explanation as for why the threads made the past two days have been shit
Shut the hell up

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Because some people cannot laugh

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Yo anon, take it easy!

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Oh yeah. Roleplaying like a bunch of faggots is so funny.

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I love you too sister, but I want to play with Kogasa today~. I haven't had an umbrella in too long!

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The mods don't care. Can't really do anything about it when the mods do nothing and the posters can just hide your posts telling them to leave.

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dubs of yukkuri!

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Niggas getting sooo tight on /jp/ today

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Can I play along too? I like fun threads like these

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le problem?

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please keep your homo roleplay isolated to one easily hideable thread and avoid discord faggotry kudasai

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The more the merrier! I will sleep soon though~

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Where were you when dudes were actually getting down on discord with each other yesterday?

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If you guys ignore trolls these roleplay threads can be very fun and frequent! I like them!
Flan-chan sugoi!

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Go fuck yourself

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human-kun needs to learn how to take it easy

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please ignore outsiders onegai

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Yes yes!
OOC note, I am running out of good images...

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i think that its better than the totally pointless slide threads. this one at least has a topic

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Go back to your vtuber thread pussy

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Show me what's under your skirt Flan-chan

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Flan-chan flan-chan will you let me visit your house so that we can play together?

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Hmmm, but the mansion is so boring this time of night! I like to be outside.

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This is no better than a slide thread.

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*I give you fatal radiation poisoning*

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But Flan-chan don't you think the night is scary? what if there are dangerous yokai lurking in the shadows and then while we're playing they go "gaaooooooo!"?

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Luna, I forget you're a fairy. Vampires thrive in the night~. I'm certain we will be fine. Even if they go "gaaaaooooo"!

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idk.. it looks quite comfy even tho i have no idea whats going on. but fuck 4chan for having that stupid sfw rule, a too small file limit and false messages about my images containing files. its nearly impossible to post on this site without switching ip all the time

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roleplaying is best when it's not lewd, pretending to be a little 2hu girl is fun

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Bero bero ba!!

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What about a rule 63 2hu for the ladies in the audience?

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i just somehow ended up having too much files that cant be posted on this site without ip hopping every other post.. maybe if i was better at searching i could find some cute non lewd pictures too

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I started this thread to be funny because I saw someone else bitching that there were no funny or good threads... But now it's a little more in-character than funny. I don't mind acting though. It's fun.

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O-Ok Flan-chan I trust you! but if a scary yokai shows up I'll tug on your arm!

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Isn't that the purpose of the boyhu thread?
Also, ladies on /jp/? I think we may inhabit different universes.

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>fuck 4chan for having that stupid sfw rule
You're apart of the problem and you deserve it.

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Ah, Kogasa, it's you again~. Did my sister run away?

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I must be rolling then as the kids say...my apologies fellow human.

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nobody on /jp/ works
therefore it doesn't need to be safe for a work environment.

>> No.34112061

I'd like the SFW to stay in place, thank you.

>> No.34112063

Not an argument.

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/jp/ is the board for pure little 2hu girls not lewd ones

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Now I'm here with backup!

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Who's that flan-chan? a bully?

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Can you post the picture version of that sentence?

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No Luna, it's just a misplaced spirit and her pet. She's not harmful to us.

You brought the dog along? How cute~. Kogasa has been acting rather cute as of late~

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The one in my post or the Remilia edit

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its dumb to use the term worksafe. like anyone who really has a job would risk it by browsing this site that is widely known as a alt right nazi hate speech site. have to admire the dedication of the jannys tho.. i can literally spend all day evading bans if i feel like it and someone will be ready to delete my post in few minutes until i stop making them

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A-ah, Kyouko... I'm not picking on Kogasa. There's no need to shout, you know? I'm certain the humans are trying to sleep~.

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The term does not matter.
No porn is no porn. Nobody gives a fuck how many mental gymnastics you do to weasel your words in order to justify it.

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You smell that?

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ah..erm well you better not be I don't like to see you bullying people and the like Flan

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It's the smell of a shit thread. I know.

>> No.34112247

Pussy bitch

>> No.34112251

stop replying to trolls or the thread will get deleted

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Ne ne, come here Kyouko. Let me pet you for forgiveness, okay~?

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la la la la la what was that?
such a good topic. roleplaying!

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Oh...okay if ya say so Flan y'know I like gettin petted

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K-kyouko! Whose side are you on?

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*gently rubs your head, scratching behind the ears*
Mmmm, see Luna? Kyouko is a very tame little dog~.

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Eeeh? I want to be petted too!

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when i see people like you i want to post lewd pics because i know that you will be shitting yourself there. porn hating nofapper muslims post the best cringe

>> No.34112319

please dont derail a thread like this no one here dislieks porn we just dont want a pure thread to be turned into a lewd thread

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I'll remember this Kyouko...you better watch out when you're sweeping Myouren temple after dark

>> No.34112329

The only thing cringe is the pride you hold in spamming porn

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Hmm, maybe later Luna...

Kogasa-san, would you like to play with Luna? I have to go for a while...

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Eh? A-alright

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what? but Kyoko-chan got headpats... uuuu....
Kogasa-chan you're not so mean... do you want to be friends?

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File: 312 KB, 850x1212, __flandre_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_uemura_shun__sample-483c776b721a6d9a9e104cb77ab77818.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Have fun you two~! Flan is going away for the night!

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You know, you really need a woman /jp/

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This thread is shit

>> No.34112424

you seem like a nice person and i understand that. i was thinking of the people who literally get angry if you even mention porn somewhere.. by seething so hard they are basically baiting people into posting porn

>> No.34112426

I'm just a gymcel that can't talk to chicks anon
This is true, except I'm ripped and take care of my hygiene

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*survives for 83 days in agonizing pain*

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Oyasumi flan-chan!

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Sure, you can help me scare humans

>> No.34112446

so the RPfaggots aren't even from /jp/
imagine my shock

>> No.34112458

this is the oldfag thread
discord slutting is newfag stuff, rping as 2hus is old stuff

>> No.34112463

Then you know RP is NG

>> No.34112469

You mean a 3D one?
That sounds awful.

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W-Will you teach me? Humans are scary...

>> No.34112512
File: 3.45 MB, 2176x3252, 1617311147185.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's easy! Pick somewhere dark to hide, and when a human comes along, jump out and yell "Boo!" Now you try

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O-Ok koga-chan!

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K-kouwai...that's the spirit

>> No.34112674

This thread is an embarrassment.

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only this one?

>> No.34112710

This one in particular is especially shit and only three or four others are worse than it.

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ehehehehe! together we're invincible!

>> No.34112771

reminder that the internet is not srs bsns and that you should have fun

>> No.34112789

reminder that RP is NG

>> No.34112790

In other words... take it easy!

>> No.34112815

problem here is that i lack the skill that is needed to act like a cringy retard on a public forum. guess that the people who can just go and do it are lucky

>> No.34112841

This is true, but for me it’s fun to call roleplayers embarrassing faggots.

You embarrassing faggot. Your ilk disgust me. You have no pride and no shame, like a slug.

That is fun! wheee!

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>> No.34112923

but i hate trannys

>> No.34112940

It's really a shame that there are no places to rp without it being lewd

>> No.34112952

you can always do that with yourself

>> No.34112960

but then it's lonely and I hate feeling lonely

>> No.34112970

If you came here to roleplay then you chose the wrong place.
Then get a life.

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File: 1.57 MB, 3000x4000, 1617024358257.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Eyyy yo whazzup my swagillicious 2hu niggas my name is Tyrone Jamal LaQuisha Dennis Adams Williams Rayshawn Spencer Parker Rogers Malone Johnson TrayShawn Lamar Phillips Mitchell Lewis DeShazor Kelly Jones Jackson King Langdon Martin DeShawn Howard Floyd Davis Dixon the III from Montgomery, Alabama. I'm 5'11" tall, 22 years old and MADE for Hip Hop and rap, dog. My hobbies are playing games from the Touhou Project and playing basketball.


>> No.34112980

good thing that i have almost no feels so i dont know what that would be like

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weird af post but i like it for some reason

>> No.34113011
File: 448 KB, 744x900, 1611225166448.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>*Sucks your cock until you quiver with pleasure*

>> No.34113024
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Ignore the bullies and trolls and threads like these can become a general if enough people participate, use some filters and hide their posts if they escape your filters to have the ultimate jaypee experience!

>> No.34113042

w2c jacket?

>> No.34113060


>> No.34113065

did you mean to say something?

>> No.34113076

they should not do such disgusting things

>> No.34113082
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heh I use my taoism powers to not cum and thus retain my qi

>> No.34113083

What, you want to be reminded that RP is shit?

>> No.34113089

filters are actually for the re ddit experience

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>> No.34113124

I don't see roleplay not being permitted in any of the global rules or /jp/ rules, and other boards having roleplay not permitted implies that it is permitted on /jp/.
So, if you don't like it, just hide it.

>> No.34113143

>hide it
yes, hide the shit thread until it becomes 4 shit threads.

>> No.34113202

you should direct some of this energy to the hololive threads. those are the fastest threads on the board and contain only spam. clearly they attract posters that would never come here otherwise because the activity of other threads is not really increased by them

>> No.34113234
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>> No.34113249

Do only like 50 people post on /jp/?

>> No.34113266

You're just now figuring that out?

>> No.34113278

50 is already too many

>> No.34113287


>> No.34113320

If you add up the amount of unique posters on each thread on the catalog it turns out to be more than 400 at least. /jp/ is quite an active board by posts per minute at 13.66 posts per minute average so it would make sense.

>> No.34113359

there are 108 posters on the hololive thread

>> No.34113363

the holospammers inflate that number

>> No.34113375

but they stay there and cant really be counted as /jp/ posters because they never post anywhere else

>> No.34113380

Fuck you. There should be more threads on /jp/ like this. Not roleplaying, exactly, I mean

>> No.34113400

There should be more threads that aren't roleplaying.
If there's enough interest to sit here and finger eachother's buttholes then there's enough interest to make other threads.

>> No.34113404

I believe the term is "take it easy" threads

>> No.34113429

but the board is already full of threads that contain no discussion. we need more threads that have some kind of topic and less of the random picture plus one word threads

>> No.34113465

But those threads never get as many replies...

>> No.34113480
File: 2.88 MB, 1447x2039, 1616937852768.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like roleplaying threads because they're fun and It's like we /jp/sies are characters in a SoL moe manga! you people need to smile more!

NSFW roleplaying already has many generals on /trash/ if you want that but I believe cute threads like this one can rise up the overall mood of the board and create some innocent fun for all people involved, that is what I believe!

>> No.34113516
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i think that something like the djt thread was useful and interesting but such thread seems to be rare and instead the board is drowning in pic rel kind of threads

>> No.34113534

>If there's enough interest to sit here and finger eachother's buttholes then there's enough interest to make other threads.
Some people actually find playing pretend fun, you know. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean you have to come in here and ruin everyone's fun. Roleplaying is not any less a valid topic than the other shit that gets posted here.

>> No.34113548

I think it's fun because it requires you to capture the characters' personality and you can have a fun story with it. If anons were in the interest of having fun they'd just play along and manipulate the thread in an interesting way. Instead of just "duurrr you guy are fags shit thread"

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File: 2.73 MB, 1200x1679, 1615130938521.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34113566

I mean, I think that roleplay actual has the potential to be a fun thread. With threads like the one you posted, well, you pretty much know what you're getting. But it's the same shit on every board pretty much

>> No.34113598

After about four more drinks Alice will be making out with her Marisa doll. Alice is tsundere.

>> No.34113609

*knock knock*

It's me, Goku.

>> No.34113656

I don't understand why so many anons are getting so unreasonably angry in this thread. Can't we all just love and support one another? Love your fellow /jp/sies

>> No.34113664

I would understand if it was going down like that sexy touhou thread yesterday, but this is wholesome damn it!

>> No.34113674
File: 379 KB, 584x755, __alice_margatroid_touhou_drawn_by_ashiwara_yuu__7e1cb1db12ff0022db964947df6b4f9d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's n-not true at all! I don't treat my dolls like that!

>> No.34113676

Did you try discussing it, or maybe just making a thread discussing something you want to talk about? There have been threads that aren't like pic related that fell into the archive because nobody replied or cared to reply to them.
In contrast, there have been three roleplaying threads including this one.

>> No.34113686

I love you, anon! Do you love me?

>> No.34113691

Only this one is sfw

>> No.34113693
File: 1.19 MB, 1140x1612, meiling.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey, come on in. Suika couldn't make it, she had too much to drink. Yuugi dropped her off on her way here. When she gets here we'll start with the minutes. It's always nice to have another martial artist in Gensokyo! So little understand our pain.

So you're not denying you have a Marisa doll?

>> No.34113710
File: 625 KB, 962x1209, 1458688371056.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34113713
File: 1.16 MB, 600x600, HitBox.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't brap

>> No.34113721
File: 2.00 MB, 1574x1507, 1617460613522.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oi oi whose too drumk?

>> No.34113747

What happened to Yuugi?

>> No.34113773

Are we being raided or something? What's with all these kuso chains of roleplaying threads hitting bump limit in just a few hours. The last one even had people exchanging fucking Discords.

>> No.34113775

i dont make threads. there are indeed some decent threads but those spammy threads are far more common for some reason

>> No.34113788

AT least this shit isn't hololive garbage.

>> No.34113803
File: 332 KB, 1223x835, Arisu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

W-Well Marisa is my friend so I don't see why it would be weird to have one or two dolls modeled after her!

>> No.34113807

I don't fucking know. The first thread was a problem from the start. The second one had no reason to exist.

>> No.34113809

sometimes i wonder why those anti anons even come to imageboards when they do everything they can to avoid the provided anonymity

>> No.34113863

/jp/'s always been gay as fuck but these threads are a new low. I honestly don't believe your average /jp/ Touhou poster would even have a Discord. It's probably just an organized raid or something from some fags, only reason I can think of these threads hitting bump limit so fast and just being made one after another.

Perhaps it's just another symptom of our meido who appears to be going missing longer and longer. It's been nothing but downhill since December.

>> No.34113871
File: 2.06 MB, 1447x2047, 1617671161239.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Eh? Yuugi? Dunno.

>> No.34113886

Hey come on now, nobody in here is on that discord shit

>> No.34113905


>> No.34113910

What is wrong with Discord? Isn't it just some messaging app? Why are people so obsessed with it?

>> No.34113918

Nobody in HERE, specifically. I peeped that thread and in this thread remarked that it was gross

>> No.34113928
File: 44 KB, 370x591, 1599046954489.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

*enters scene*
*crowd cheers*
Came here to call you all tremendous faggots.
*exits scene*

>> No.34113932


>> No.34113933

Can you guys please discuss this kind of thing on their thread? this thread is for roleplaying as 2hus, you can go complain about the things you're complaining on their thread and not ours

>> No.34113934

It's not the app itself, but that posting your shit on 4chan is retarded

>> No.34113937

it's something we don't talk about on this board

>> No.34113943

true anons would post here, not on some namefagging spyware chat app

>> No.34113969
File: 724 KB, 956x1150, 1617218569863.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chill out with the off-topic discussion please
this thread is not for that

>> No.34113970
File: 117 KB, 920x2521, goku.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You got anything to eat

>> No.34113978

G-gomen Reimu

>> No.34114000

It's the M-I crooked letter

>> No.34114002

*violently cums in front of everyone*
Ahhh, nothing like fresh milk in the morning

>> No.34114024

Do you have different outfits for your Marisa dolls? Do you let Shanghai play with her or is she just for you?

>> No.34114053

*slips on cum pool*
*falls backwards*
*severs brainstem on corner of table*

>> No.34114057

It must be a raid of some sort. This has been a very sudden influx, it’s been nonstop, and the discord sharing in the last one is also pretty blatant evidence.

The general language and attitude in these threads isn’t /jp/ like at all and screams of discordtrannies, I’d assume it’s a troll but if so it’s an oddly dedicated, continuous effort from multiple people.

Literally groomers going out for recruitment.

>> No.34114087
File: 180 KB, 600x576, __kirisame_marisa_and_alice_margatroid_touhou_drawn_by_myama__71b4468fe511497575130aa19941148f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Each Marisa doll has different clothing, casual outfit, maid dress, swimsuit, pajamas, I have many dolls based on Marisa but every single one of them is special, most outfits are based on clothes I've seen Marisa wear, I prefer to play with her alone without interruption of other dolls...

>> No.34114117
File: 114 KB, 630x1200, MV5BZjk2MGRkMTEtOTZlNC00YzcyLThlNDktYzFmMWI1ZDBiNjRjXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNzcyMTE4NzU@._V1_UY1200_CR85,0,630,1200_AL_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy shit bros it's Reisen and Tewi

>> No.34114172
File: 46 KB, 310x325, 1353237026882.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

*accidentally sharts on your dick*
ah, g-gomenasai! i'll clean it up for you!

>> No.34114179

I don't really get it desu
I initially thought it was just people being dumb and thought it was funny, but then people started posting discord shit and being actually gay. I figured they were just going "I want to be a Touhou" at first, but i guess they really were groomers.
this thread doesn't seem to be sexual though.

>> No.34114188
File: 139 KB, 800x800, __alice_margatroid_touhou_drawn_by_cato_monocatienus__23be97ccbde7e107d3cb7602d99852f9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.34114220

You're better than that, Satori

>> No.34114224

I see thcrap for the new game is coming along nicely.

I think it's only a matter of time before Alice completes her Marisa shrine with Marisa's body.

>> No.34114231

It's not! (except for the fags that just posted)

>> No.34114296

I'm not sure what's worse, the threads or the fact the moderation does nothing. Look at this shit man >>34091087

There's even deleted posts in that thread so they're obviously aware of them. Even in it's death throes our mods just love taking the piss on us don't they? Things only started getting this bad after all the board changes. Strange how much /jp/ has changed these past few months. It used to take weeks for a thread to hit page 10 no more than a year ago. No use gate-keeping when our actual moderation is doing jack-all anymore.

>> No.34114322
File: 2.21 MB, 1800x2400, 1616807700904.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

*Pours hydrofluoric acid on your sleeping face*

>> No.34114335

>It used to take weeks for a thread to hit page 10 no more than a year ago.
I can't remember how long it was
But I miss those days so much
Why is /jp/ so fast nowadays? It can't just be the generals, can it?

>> No.34114352

>I can't remember how long it was
A year ago in 2019, it took 17 hours to page 10. 24-25 hours to archive.
That's WITH people making retarded threads every other day.

>> No.34114358

being weeb is now mainstream

>> No.34114360

When I went through that thread, I see what you mean. but this thread hasn't been bad like that

>> No.34114406

lol more like shartori

>> No.34114441

Only gonna get worse man. I'm sure anyone who's been here for even a few years has noticed just how shit things have been going with all the obvious crossboarder lingo and nonsense that's growingly increasingly more common.

It started getting noticeably bad when vtubers were allowed individual threads for seemingly no reason. Then the new board was made and they were still allowed on /jp/. It brought all the shitposters out of the woodworks and the actual /jp/ posters couldn't take it easy anymore. I don't know if our old meido just gave up or what but now our moderation seemingly does nothing anymore with even flanfly lasting days at a time now. The more people get away with it the more they'll post that garbage and that's a relatively easy task these days.

>> No.34114470

It makes me sad anon, but I've been helping keep a cozy thread alive since Friday now. I've just been ignoring all the shit, except to take a peek like I am now

>> No.34114478

every other board.
even /v/ was screaming about it in the archives. deleted posts as usual.

>> No.34114479

its always been happening but i think that the speed increased when the site split happened

>> No.34114487

then we just need to do what we always were doing
>even /v/ was screaming about it in the archives
about what exactly?

>> No.34114507


>> No.34114515

I don't think there's harm in posting a 2hu and saying something like "I want to be this", but once people start doing stuff like posting discord shit and obviously sexually roleplaying, it becomes something else, something gross.
I guess I'm saying there's a difference between faggotry and actually being a homogay grooming people.

>> No.34114541
File: 732 KB, 1218x1024, 1617500738365.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What are we supposed to do?

>> No.34114578

Return to the old ways of /jp/.

>> No.34114581

i never read spoiler posts

>> No.34114591

I don't know what the old ways were like. I haven't been here that long

>> No.34114592

There’s literally a thread already on page ten that was posted in less than six hours ago. Not in auto sage.

Quality threads are naturally slower but end up with a third of the posts just being bumps cause that’s necessary to keep them alive. Taking it easy results in falling off the board.

Maybe it’s just general population influx, weebshit is more popular than ever. Nothing can be done about the fucking immigrants but maybe changing board rules would help, doesn’t /vg/ allow a larger number of threads than other boards? It’d only be a bandaid but still.

>> No.34114593

Look at this thread.

>> No.34114606

go to the archives and read all the threads that were posted on /jp/ for the first 6 years or so

>> No.34114608

i wonder who popularized the weeb stuff. i have missed the marketing campaigns but maybe its because i dont use whatever todays kids use so i wont ever see what happens there

>> No.34114613

Man it seems like everyone has at least seen SOME anime, mostly stuff like AoT

>> No.34114619

youtubers. it didn't take off until 2015-2016, dying off in 17, somewhat irrelevant in 18 coasting in 20-21 because it appeals to ironic weebs and casuals on top of recent marketing that dates back again to 17ish with CR and streaming shit.

>> No.34114635

that would explain. i get all my media from torrents and sometimes ddl and even buy discs sometimes so i wont know about the stuff that happens on streaming sites which i avoid because the quality is terrible

>> No.34114700

Too bad they decided to watch such a mediocre anime like AoT

>> No.34114717

Their catalog of watched anime is anything big that season, anything controversial, and anything along the lines of Naruto and Dragonball

>> No.34114745

i believe that i got into this anime stuff accidentally because some were mixed up with western cartoons on one of the torrent sites

>> No.34114764

I've been watching on and off for years. From VHS to mkv. I wish I had more time though.

>> No.34114806

took me some time to learn to appreciate them so i only got into this recently. i have been careful to avoid asking anything like recommendations so i can figure out things myself and by doing so i have managed to find some really nice things. were it for those beginners anime people i would probably be watching the stuff that people talk about all day everywhere

>> No.34114853

At the end of the day, your personal choice is what matters.
I don't find many things that catch my interest so the older stuff finally gets a watch. I've only come across one or two series that I question what got me interested in it in the first place.

>> No.34114893
File: 3.59 MB, 2399x3016, oddly looks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why is everyone roleplaing as jaypee? we already do that.

>> No.34114920

I think part of it is Western cartoons dropping the ball hard and never recovering. A lot of Western entertainment in general has also just become extremely politicized which is exhausting.

Internet has exploded in users and makes this stuff immediately accessible, online ‘communities’ give people some social zone that people are lacking for in real life more and more as time goes on. People want to be part of a clique.

‘Geek culture’ in general is way more mainstream now since companies figured out how to market it to normies. This is the biggest factor I think.

Anime aesthetics in general are quite charming and without the social stigma against it, people have no reason not to be won over by them.

>> No.34114985

The real crime is nobody recognizing this.

>> No.34114998

i guess that they will still mostly be contained at the stuff that is mainstream enough to be dubbed.. i just hope that the cute anime is safe from the evil cancel culture. would be a sad day if even anime was lost to those fuckers who are loud but actually unaffected by the stuff that they cry about

>> No.34115001

*grabs you by the throat* BACK THE FUCK OFF??!

>> No.34115019

Imagine if 5 years from now all the fanmade Touhou animes are made popular by Generation Z and Touhou as a game series ends up becoming mainstream.

>> No.34115030

Never ever gonna happen. Touhou is waaaaaay past it's peak.

>> No.34115146

idk about the actual game stuff but the fan arts look very nice so its possible that people could find them some day

>> No.34115193
File: 2.81 MB, 300x225, 1617280712449.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I found this thread neat then I went to sleep and I wake up back to over 100 off-topic posts about completely different threads, you never cease do disappoint me /jp/, ruining what could have been a comfy thread with meta discussion, why instead of complaining about random shit here you go and complain on THEIR thread or maybe, fucking, go to the IRC and actually do something?

>> No.34115212
File: 142 KB, 513x685, 24490936.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

*nuzzles your biceps*
Why don't we make this thread good again, Billy-kun...?

>> No.34115237

I'm not good enough to roleplay as aniki

>> No.34115262

the irc is not for people who actually post here. its an instant perma ban if they notice that you post here

>> No.34115321

well, if you want to, go to the IRC and beg a mod or a janny to delete all the off-topic posts then.

>> No.34115362

does that actually work? last time i checked it they would just ban with no explanation other than some schizo who was iamambib thinking that im someone else

>> No.34115394

don't post your complaints on #4chan, message the mods directly.
and make sure you don't message the sociopathic mods that will just throw shit at you

>> No.34115467

i have no problems with this thread. i'll leave.

>> No.34116162

Gatekeeping is important.

If you want a hugbox find a discord server for this shit, if people on 4chan think what you’re doing is shit they’ll call you out on it.

>> No.34116241

This post, I can't even believe It's real

>> No.34116251

"post good shit and we'll post stuff you might like"
"post ??? and we'll insult you with image macros"

>> No.34116280

You're even greentexting

>> No.34116507

And I can’t believe this thread is still up.

Stop posting trash and people will stop insulting you.

There were roleplayers unironically doing *asterisk action shit* for crying out loud.

>> No.34116573
File: 300 KB, 1459x1551, __komeiji_koishi_touhou_drawn_by_xii_yashizhongzhan__8be234b29272af934e8378c080008731.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Next thread should start with a more interesting prompt so that more people can come and play along, hope these are frequent

>> No.34116664

Lets not.

>> No.34116711

I'll write something for it once this thread reaches bump limit

>> No.34116883
File: 234 KB, 850x934, __flandre_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_mochacot__sample-2d203be6920803bdb682f3273c9e5b05.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

was my starter not good enough...?
No I'm kidding. I didn't mean for people to get this involved, but I now see there is a demand for SFW roleplay threads.

>> No.34116886

I am Lambdadelta

>> No.34116944
File: 190 KB, 1076x2048, __ushiromiya_natsuhi_umineko_no_naku_koro_ni_drawn_by_fuyu_wldnrowldnro__619d59442023b06f59c91ed2673cb150.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am Natsuhi in every way except physically.
Smart, sad, and with a bad sense of humor.