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Do you work? Is being a part of the society worth living riajuu life?

Did you chose to be a ニート? Do you regret anything?

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If you're going to be a NEET, aim to be the STRONGEST

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When I'm a NEET I feel worthless and pathetic
When I'm working I feel worthless, pathetic AND not free
It's an easy choice.

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NEETs always tell me I'm not one of them and don't belong anywhere.
Riajuu always tell me I'm a worthless NEET and just laugh at me.
Being stuck in a limbo is terrible.
No it's never worth it living in a society. They're mostly worse trash than NEETs themselves.

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I worked for 5 years before covid hit despite not needing money in the first place after my parents both sadly lost their lives to cancer. Over 3 years of taking care of my mom and later my dad when he got sick made me introverted and i didn't even want to go out and hang with friends. After it all and i was working i was never happy and borderline depressed, but my friends stuck by my side through it. Ever since covid began spreading i quit my job, i expected to be bored but the boredom never came, i finally felt happy again after 7 years. In a non-stereotype fashion though i started spending alot of time with my friends whenever they wanted to do something, i unironically believe if i didn't quit my job i would have been in a bad place and drifted away from the friends i've known my whole life.

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I study medicine. I hate the riajuu life but i enjoy my career so fuck it

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>Did you chose to be a ニート? Do you regret anything?
No, I got diagnosed with Stills disease and went on autismbux 5 years ago, I enjoy painting and drawing everyday. Only downside is the medication slowly losing effectiveness and the increasing pain everyday.

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I really don't want to become a fuck up people who are working or at school.
But it seems to me that my NEET lifestyle is going to end after this summer, because my mother arranged something for me.
5 years of NEETing finally took that burden of a childhood off of me. But I made bad use of my time, I could have drawn more, played more, watched more. But the internet wasted too much of my time.

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NEET life isn't sustainable unless you can get autismbux from the government or can stand mooching off your parents forever or something.

I can't do the former and I refuse to do the latter. Joining the air force soon, just waiting on paperwork shit to get processed. Doubt I'll go full normie from it but I'll be in at least decent physical condition after bootcamp and will have some kind of longterm career.

Ultimate goal is to just be able to live by myself again.

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I'm currently NEET living bare minimum off savings to ride out COVID, I'll probably "have" to get a job by December if I want to keep a roof over my head. My dream though is to get good enough at drawing to pay the cheap rent of my studio apartment just doing commissions. I could easily live off $700 as a burger so long as I don't get some kind of injury that forces me into healthcare debt. As a NEET my only gripe is I wish it were easier to self-motivate and cut out distractions like web browsing.

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Start lifting

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I can't get a job because of covid, but the NEET life is really fun so far.

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NEET chooses you.

... So I point one back at 'em, but not the index or pinkie
Or the ring or the thumb, it's the one you put up
When you don't give a fuck, when you won't just put up
With the bullshit they pull, 'cause they full of shit too ...

If you're nice, I'll be nice back.
If you're full of shit, I will see through you.
I know what working is like and a majority of the menial shit is something anyone can do if they have the skills. So no, I don't feel bad. I feel bad for others for having to put up with that in order to survive.
The only thing that might make my NEETdom permanent is my health and I can already feel it being worse than it was a year ago. You don't think things would escalate, but it does at a pace faster than you will fathom. It sucks.

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This. Many /jp/sies seem to forget.

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>Do you work?

> Is being a part of the society worth living riajuu life?
Just because I work, I'm a riajuu? As others have said, not everyone has the ability to be a NEET. In order to attain the most promising long-term life sustainability, a career is necessary. My father is dead, my mother is poor, and I live in a place without autismbux.

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It's worth it. For me reading manga, playing video games, or even fapping to 2d waifus to fulfill my autism tendencies feel a thousand times better after another soul sucking day at work or another important-but-annoying social activities/obligations

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how do you financially support yourself as a neet??

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reselling drugs

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I suffer having to go outside but i value education highly.

Society can go fuck itself. We aren't even living in a real society anymore. Its all fucking fake.

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Im the most sleepy

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Depending of where you live, unless you're actually disabled, there will come a moment when being a NEET is unsustainable

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That hit way too close to home.
10 years is too long. I actually WANT a job now. My last boss hasn't called back with more work yet.

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Sleepy Neet sounds cute.

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in my country the government gives money. it is also not very easy to get a job.. you need high education for anything decent and for someone not very social and quite autistic like me that is really hard if not impossible. its all about social skills these days so better leave it to those who are good at it. the competition would be insane too so one would probably die of the stress if they somehow manage to get one of the good jobs

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Everyone should get NEETbux now if they want to stimulate the economy.

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I've been a NEET all my life and I always wonder if I'd be happy or at least not depressed if I had a job or education to work toward. I know it sucks at the time but there has to be some kind of payoff somewhere. Still seems like it's too little too late and the competition for anything decent is too stiff. It really feels like I'm good for absolutely nothing

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As long as you're not affecting anyone's life by being a neet I don't think there's anything wrong. I could never do it though. I know I'd just stop eating and drink myself to death within the week. That's why I have a dog. I have no self-preservation anymore, I need to export that or I will just end my life out of apathy.

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I'm just aiming for a high-paying career so I can retire early. I wish I could be one of those millionaire doctors that work only like 2-3 days a week.

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i believe that you cant even be a successful neet this way. only those who are born into it may be able to handle it. your kind is used to having routines and spending quite significant amounts of money on all kinds of things.. when you are used to that kind of life it will be nearly impossible to enjoy proper neet life

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everyone is better than me at what i do and even if i could do those things and get paid im such a fucking retard socially
its nigh impossible to learn social skills after youre old and set in your ways
the world isnt made for people like us

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very right at least about the social skill part. you cant practice this in a real environment after a certain age because everyone expects you to already know the stuff and would see you as a creep that is not one of them if you try it too late

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got a routine youd be willing to share? ive got 2 dumbells with weights i can swap and a bar i could put them on too

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https://www.succeedsocially.com/ found this linked somewhere recently. I think the key is to not hate yourself, if you're self-loathing or feel that you are disgusting to people then you can't ever get better.

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its all ok.. someone else might find it useful but i have been alone so mane decades.. basically my whole life that getting into normal social life feels like a very unnatural idea

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Same, but I don't think anyone is a lost cause. It's a very innate part of being human that happens very early in life before memories are even formed. Some of us just unlearn it, but it can be relearned and it can become natural again.

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i just think that its not what i really want. im comfy here with the computers and cute anime girls. if i ever have to be around humans i want to get away from it as soon as possible.. got the brain damage autisms tho so that probably explains why im like this. a lot of the normal people routine stuff are just wtf why would anyone do that tier to me

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I was on for seven years straight. Was able to escape in my early twenties. I suggest the same because I don't think you ever fully recover from being one that long.

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I saw this image in another thread, do you remember which one it was?
I was kind of forced by my parents to drop my university course (which I didn't like anyway) the neet life is alright but overexposition and too much free time sometimes leave me unwilling even to entertain myself. I intend on going back to university this year. I only regret not choosing a better major the first time (Or a more similar one, having some credits would be useful).

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No but I definitely posted it

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ah damn, I'll try to find it. thanks anyway, anon.

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I'm on my 6th as of this year. If I was ever going to recover, it needed to start a decade ago

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I've been a NEET for almost 8 years now, pretty sure you are right and it's far too late for me by now.

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More or less same here, 5-7 years in my early twenties. Then I repicked my university, failed it again. Then I was NEET for couple more years with occasional few months breaks of getting money somehow with "part time jobs"(full time but I quit them always in 3 months trial period) and what not. Now I am on the longest streak ever of having a job(2 years+). But there is no real recovery. My lifestyle is the same, no irl friends, no socialising with anyone, same hobbies, same bad habits. Only difference is waking up every day to exchange 8 hours of my free time(or lifespan if you will) for money I can use on my hobbies and escape further into my fantasy land.

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thank you, anon. I had forgotten about warosu.

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They're consider UBI in Canada because they've been feeding everyone neetbux for over a year now and nobody wants to go back

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On year 7 now. Early 20s. Once the pandemic ends I'm going to use my saved up neetbux to travel the world looking for something I enjoy doing. If I don't find anything I'll probably just look for a nice mountain or hill and go die on it.

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Being a NEET is terrible if you have wants
If you have no wants and either parents or government cares for you and you enjoy it, then go ahead.

I went back to work to get enough money invested in crypto so I can be a rich NEET.
Now I can be NEET and have wants.

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only if your wants cost lots of money. i have been neet for my whole life and im not getting tired of this. all i see are jealous wagies who try to demoralize the neets so they would fall in the same trap as he did

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Of course they try to demoralize you, they want you to suffer along with them.
>only if your wants cost lots of money
Yes, that is true, so if you stick to being a minimalist NEET you're golden.
I couldn't do that myself though.

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im not really feeling that minimalist. if i was getting several thousands of currency every month i would have no idea what to do with it all so it would just sit on the bank account and go to the government when i eventually die

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Figurines and rent, kek.

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the neetbux system is designed so that it pays the rent too. if i even could get a job it would very likely be something that would make my life worse. there would be schedules and lots of hard physical work for a pay level that is not really better than what i get now

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I feel like I'm not capable of doing anything in life desu. I'm fucking retarded and autistic and my childhood has been nothing but bad memories and letdowns. Anyone feel the same? I don't even talk to anyone nowadays but my family and even then I don't feel emotionally connected to anyone but my mother.

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start lifting

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Lift and Praise God, you will see the gains roll in.

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Yes, start both lifting and meditating.

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its good for the health but it wont take the neet out of me. but it is definitely nice to feel less tired and depressed which are the effects of not doing anything for a too long time

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That's okay. At least you won't be a weak little bitch or a fat faggot like most normies. And who knows, maybe you'll feel some type of way after earning your gains and gain the drive to do something different

>> No.34107669

I'm 171 cm lifting won't do anything. People will still look down on me literally and figuratively

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Bitch ass mindset bro. I have a friend who's 5'4 weak as hell and gets more girls than i'll ever get AND makes more money than me. Being a manlet doesn't mean shit unless you are a crybaby faggot. You lift to not be a pussy panty-wearer, simple as

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maybe im just really lucky then because randoms would never know that im a neet. the autism wont reveal itself if i dont talk with anyone

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I've never worked a "real" job in my entire life. For better or worse though I have a broad range of abilities and finding freelance jobs from people is easy when you live in a rural place, I'd go so far as to say it's almost lucrative, but you need good people skills. It's nice since you can work when you want to and don't have to answer to any real boss, though it comes with it's own difficulties because you have to regiment yourself and build a good rapport as well. Once you have a solid customer base it's easy to get them coming back to you. In a sense, people pay more for "you" than they do the product.

Here's a question I'm not sure where to ask elsewhere - I need to burn through $2000 before the end of the month. It's basically the NEET dream; I have no debt and want to be wholly irresponsible but I'm not sure what I should spend it on either.

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Some good cocaine

>> No.34107807

And high end restaurants

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i think im finally starting to get some motivation again. got really lazy for the whole winter for some reason but i think that its time to start going outside daily again. gives me far more energy than constantly overdosing on coffee

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>need to

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Nothing is better than a lindy walk in the morning or at sunset

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I'm not a neet. The only thing I regret is not learning to draw and not learning Japanese sooner (still early in my learning phase).
Was unemployed for awhile, but I can't mooch of my parents in good consciousness. Also I like being a consumer drone too much, so I need the money.
Looking at it from the outside, I think society would consider me a pretty disgusting person, but attempting to be normal has only brought me regrets, pain and misery.

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i dont think im cut out to be a NEET. it would make my parents feel horrible.

>> No.34107979

No one asks to be born into this world.

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Funnily enough I don't really care for women, drugs or other self-indulgent pleasures. But I don't want to be productive with it either. Spending it on a one-time thing seems like such a waste.

Why not? This was originally my deadline and funds for travel but it'll be years before you can go anywhere at this rate. Even being fully vaccinated can't really get you anywhere for a while if you're from certain countries. My last hopes of doing anything productive with these savings were dashed a long time ago. It's just a drop in the bucket and I can easily earn it back, but I wish I had something novel to spend this stuff on.

>> No.34108038

>neet thread gets taken over by wagie boomers
who would have thought...

>> No.34108071

wtf? just invest it in something and you will have even more money when shit gets back to normal

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I'm coming up on 4 years here, while I do sometimes get depressed about myself or my situation or feel lonely, I still have no desire at all to be a part of society.
I've never worked a day in my life, which is partly why the future scares me, especially since my parents said I should get doing something soon now that the current situation is winding down.
There's nothing I'm skilled at or enjoy related to work I can think of so I'm sure almost any job would be soul crushing.
I could try to get autismbux, and possibly I'd get them? (I don't have autism although I did start to get tested for it, but my parents didn't fill out something they were meant to, that aside though I already have stuff I assume counts as a disability) but I feel my parents would resent me for it because technically speaking I could get a job, and thus they'd see it as me being lazy. Applying without their help seems difficult and even if I did, I dunno if they would want me to live here anymore if I got it, and with just autismbux I dunno where I could afford rent, it'd be a place I wouldn't wanna live assuming I could find anything at all.
I don't know what to do, maybe I'll be forced to go back to school or get a job, and it'll turn out okay, but I doubt it.
I just want to be left alone.

Personally I'd just save it, but, I dunno... new PC? plastic models? merch or physical copies of something you like whether that's games or manga or BDs or whatever? figures or dolls? some other expensive hobby you might have?

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this site is basically for sociopaths
at least i have enough self love to value my skills but god doing the whole circus of pretending to be interested when you are not and faking smiles is tiring i'd like to just do my task and go home

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Not my fault dad won the lottery.

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NEET and then suicide.

>> No.34113246

I quit my job so I could spend more time reading eroge but I now spend my entire day on the chan. I need better discipline.

>> No.34113272

Anon what the fuck

>> No.34113294

Suicide regardless whether I'm a neet or not though

>> No.34113339

Was looking for work prior to the pandemic, now it's near impossible to find work, and any openings that there are, hundreds apply for, even low end jobs... killed my whole drive to search until the pandemic ends.

It sucks hard.

>> No.34113835

Thanks for this. 6 or 7 years now and it feels like there’s no way out without existing connections. That site seems well put together from what I read so far so I’ll go through it more tomorrow.

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>its nigh impossible to learn social skills after youre old and set in your ways
>everyone expects you to already know the stuff and would see you as a creep that is not one of them if you try it too
Unless you are insultingly hideous(<2
3/10), this isn't set in stone. Yes, people WILL be less tolerant of you being socially retarded as a grown-ass man, but if you're willing to push through that
, Grind, and part of you enjoys at least SOME aspect of socializing it's not game over.
Ha, yeah, I remember this site. I used it quite a bit in the beginning when I was forced to reintegrate. I even messaged the writer/owner over myself feeling like I was complete lost cause because of my circumstance. He replied and was a really sweet guy(this was 7 years ago tho).
>I think the key is to not hate yourself, if you're self-loathing or feel that you are disgusting to people then you can't ever get better.
Yes, honestly, the best thing you can do for yourself is to build your self-worth. Literally everything that comes after becomes so much fucking easier after you value yourself as an individual. Ambitions, Employment-prospects, how you come across to other people, self-discipline, assertiveness, I can keep listing shit honestly. You really have to ask yourself what you value and can see yourself working towards before you can really get the ball rolling in the aforementioned aspect.

Therapists often wax on finding what you're passionate about and working for/towards and I can't tell you just how much it can add to your life. I found what I was passionate about when I was 23 and I managed to find my own tribe through that, despite never being truly passionate about fuck all. I mean, yeah, I've played video games since I was 3, but I can't say I was all that passionate about it. It was just something I did to have some fun, or at-worst, pass time emptily

If your shithole allows it, look into some sort of work rehabilitation program. It helped me considerably but YMMV wildly. Look into sliding-scale clinics, check counselors/therapists and find one you trust. LARP as religious or truth-seeking lamb if you're looking for quick connections to even more resources.

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I'm surprised this thread is still here.

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why does everyone always think that the only goal in your life is to become a slave for money? even on that post you ramble about self worth because people put it in your brain that being neet is wrong and you dont question that at all

>> No.34115777

don't post off-topic images on /jp/ please

>> No.34115801

its very on topic in that case. its literally him shitting on neets like a good normie should

>> No.34115891

That anon didn't post anything at all negative towards anyone and your bitter attitude and crossboarder memes are unwarranted in this thread.

>> No.34115929

looks like the post was too long for you then. it was full of the kind of cope that one can expect from a so called good memeber of the society kind of person

>> No.34115996

It was kind and helpful. This isn't /r9k/, please remember to take it easy.

>> No.34116026

well.. lets just end this at the statement that neet hate seems to be doing well even in the current year. its not like arguing about these things with total normies will change anything

>> No.34116657

I unironically work out so the 2d girls I'm in love with would find me attractive.

>> No.34118304

To stand up straight with your shoulders back is to accept the terrible responsibility of life, with eyes wide open. It means deciding to voluntarily transform the chaos of potential into the realities of habitable order. It means adopting the burden of self-conscious vulnerability, and accepting the end of the unconscious paradise of childhood, where finitude and mortality are only dimly comprehended. It means willingly undertaking the sacrifices necessary to generate a productive and meaningful reality.

>> No.34118933

You will never be happy if your first goal is to make money money money

>> No.34119055

Some of us are just fated to be this way and that's how it is regardless of what we do or how we do it. Society is fhcked and sometimes the pieces simply do not fit.

>> No.34120720

The number of normalfags in this thread is abhorrent. /jp/ is truly dead.

>> No.34120827

i miss my neet friends from these threads in 2014-15...i wonder how they are doing now

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I recognize those lines
I have that Yakui

>> No.34122249

Do you remember ryuji

>> No.34125006

where are lonely people supposed to go now that the internet has become such a normalfag infested trash heap?

>> No.34125012

4chan, Discord, Reddit, other anonymous imageboards and forums.

>> No.34125111

This thread really shows how awful /jp/ has become

>> No.34125117

you eventually get used to it and dont even want social life anymore

>> No.34125118

The catalog does that job well enough.

>> No.34125130

it's been 9 years when will it stop eating away at me?

>> No.34125142

at least there is one big improvement. name and tripfags are now far less common so there is not that much totally obvious circlejerking. if i wanted friends i would just go to facebook or other sites that are designed for that kind of communication

>> No.34125147

How so?

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After graduating and working I've understood just how empty and unfulfilling the supposed proper life is. My faith in good future is at all time low and there nothing to look forward to except when the next eroge or manga I'm looking forward to is released, thank god for knowing Japanese so each week I can read magazines that serialize my favorite ongoing manga. Now I want nothing more than to be a NEET again and to become better at drawing, I only realized this after I had turned 25.

>> No.34125281

That makes me happy anon

>> No.34125291

We literally have holofaggots posting ITT. Are you blind or just new?

>> No.34125304

I once had a job around age 20 and it drove me off the edge. I can't imagine ever going back...

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>> No.34125492

I've been working at a supermarket for 300-400 euro since 2009. 6 days a week. 8 hours a day. 1 hour 30 mins to get there 1 hr 30 mins to get back. I can't get any other job. nearly all of my income is used to pay rent and utilities. I've never had more than 150 euro in savings. I'm just so tired but I don't see any way to escape. whenever I manage to save up a decent amount of money something happens and I'm forced to spend it. its like the gods themselves hate me and don't want to see me succeed. last year I had to get 2 dental implants and the year before I got my laptop stolen (no, I wasn't careless, the guy threatened me with a huge knife, there was nothing i could do) I can't catch a break.

I want to learn some kind of skill and set up a patreon. Even 350 euro a month would be a huge improvement for me since I would be able to work from home, saving time spent commuting, and I would be spending several hours a day improving my skills further. drawing, 3d art, or some kind of game dev project would be ideal. the problem is that my job sucks out all my energy so when I get home I'm too tired to sit down and practice. if I had 10k euro in savings I would quit my job and spend an entire year doing nothing but studying and practicing.

>> No.34125519
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dont mix me up with the real fans of that stuff. i just like the aesthetics so i saved them to my picture collection. when i found the first picture of a vtuber on pixiv i did not even know what a vtuber or hololive is.. only when it became popular enough to gain visibility everywhere on this site i learned that these are actually people who stream on youtube

>> No.34125534

At which point you bite the bullet and stop posting them.

>> No.34125554

guess i could but i like the pictures so im going to keep collecting them

>> No.34125565

when he stops being a /v/ teenager

>> No.34125614
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Not only are you posting vtubers, but you're a vtuber secondary. It's somehow even worse, impressive.

>> No.34125630
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also quite retarded so you might want to explain what you mean with vtuber secondary

>> No.34125659

not from there. games are usually too hard to be fun and they probably wont even work on my pc which can barely run mpv

>> No.34125687

I mean this in the kindest way possible but just lurking for a couple months would do you so much good.

>> No.34128751

dont mix me up with the real shitposters of that stuff. i just like the aesthetics so i saved them to my picture collection. when i found the first picture of a pepe on 4chan i did not even know what a pepe or wojak is.. only when it became popular enough to gain visibility everywhere on this site i learned that these are actually people who shitpost about janitors

>> No.34129914

>if I had 10k euro in savings I would quit my job and spend an entire year doing nothing but studying and practicing.
I'm in this boat and I have only one piece of advice if you get lucky and manage to get a savings: have a super solid plan that you can prove works before quitting your job. You do not want to be a self-funded NEET squandering his hard-earned cash and time because you did not think it through. Trust me.

>> No.34130326

I find enjoyment in the failing of other people. Nothing brightens my day more than seeing people get their lives fucked over and killed by anything and everything that can tear entire families apart. Mass shootings and mass bombings, natural disasters, executions and warfare, gang rape and car crashes make me feel happier about my life. You start to feel better about your life in comparison. That's not to say that I have anything against those people, because I don't. It's just a tendency I have that makes me feel motivated and ethusiastic seeing others suffer, especially if those terrible events happen in the first world like Europe and the United States, but not places like Africa and the Middle East. It's a childish way of thinking but it helps me get through my day to day life

>> No.34134055

Learning a new skill to work at home. Hopefully it's worth it.

>> No.34134185

Day 180 being a neet. Dropped out of uni in sept.

>> No.34137241

I wouldn't put it exactly like that but I do feel some morbid satisfaction in knowing the world is falling apart and at least I'm safe and sound no matter how lonely I may be.

>> No.34141971
File: 258 KB, 1000x1603, 78784492d53040a8e4c0b5006d02b63f716f7f045f592f49675dcadb703c583e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The pandemic is a blessing in my case as I can work entirely from home instead of going to work everyday. I'm litterally doing the exact same work except I can sleep for longer, don't have to waste hours in commuting, don't have to be surrounded but normalfags coworkers and can organize my work time how I want.

It's been like that for a whole year now and slowly I started having a lot more energy, started going to bed and waking up earlier, finally started learning Japanese and enjoying it a lot.

I'm still as lonely as ever but a least work is a lot less of a huge time and energy sink as it did before. Learning Japanese gives me something to do that I both truly enjoy and feels like I'm not wasting my time doing it as I'm acquiring a usefull skill and getting a little better at it every day.

However I fear what will happen when the pandemic will end. Could takes months or years but it will happen eventually which means going back to my previous life style and that could very well erase all my attemps at getting better so far. Either I'll endure it or it's going to be NEETdom for me.

The worst is that normalfags act like they just can't wait to stop taking it easy so they can finally get fucked hard again. Apparently the workplace is the best thing ever for those people.

At least I had a nice taste of what it's like to be able to enjoy life a little while having a job. It's just sad that tens of thousands of people had to die for that to happen.

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