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Does /jp/ like touhou doom?

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only 2huniggers would play it. Most of /jp/ wouldn't touch it

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Yeah we had a doom 2hu server a while ago. Ignore the Vteen.

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Most of /jp/ is touhouniggers, anon. Idk how long you have been here but im guessing you only recently came to /jp/

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I can't play old FPS games. They always make me nauseous.

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the servers are DEAD. DEAD I SAY

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I had the same problem when I got back into Doom. The nausea gets better after a couple of hours

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it's shit

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No but I like this old one instead.

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Who knows. There was a touhou doom server a few months back; it looks like everyone enjoyed themselves.

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What's so nauseating about them?

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Simulator sickness? I get that on old FPSes too.

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I prefer normal Doom. This wad didn't really excite me.

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>Does /jp/ like touhou

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>Does /jp/ like

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Who are you quoting crossie.

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based /jp/ pro

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I beat this a month ago, the first chapter was great. Remilia's fight was really fun. The second chapter was also great and not having to worry about ammo made things much easier. SA is one of my favorite touhou games, playing those spells in Doom was entertaining. But I cant say I enjoyed the other chapters that much, the last one(not the bonus one) especially was so painful

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Yeah, its a pretty good mod all things considering.

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they are quoting the op retardbro

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I hated it.
It throws away what I love about DOOM to badly recreate the danmaku games. It's also the opposite of what I want form a "Touhou DOOM." I would LOVE a wad that lets me play as 2hu's in other wads with the weapons replaced with the girl's shot types.

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loved it.
the way they mixed danmaku with doom was great
wish the extra stages had less enemy spam

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I never even heard about it before until today

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newfag detected

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Playing this game made me want more first person Touhou danmaku games.

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If any of you hate Touhou Doom that must mean you suck at both games

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Go clear 1cc normal first before talking shit.

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Hate to break it to you, but that's almost fetus level. Get on my standards and you might get my approval, sucker

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thank you for reminding me of this blessed piece

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The Devil Gundam and Broly is what really makes the piece.

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An update made it even more Touhou themed by replacing the chaos emerald with Utsuho's arm cannon and the final boss with Yukari.

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jpcp wad is better

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Do you like caco?

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more like caca

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wich 2hu wud hav a pet caco

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Does anyone still have the link to the videos this guy made with the Benny Hill song I think it was?

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"im too young to die"

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You lost me

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I don't see how that would make a difference