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You want me to do what? Honk honk?

...Get lost you perverted human.

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eyes aren't penguins
there won't be honking

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I feel like a soulmate to OP.
> Save the English language on the Internet: http://www.anonta[removethis]lk.com/ICARE

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Pierced ears, not so good.

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anon posting shit thread, not so good!

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They grow up so fast.

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I'm sure Ran was quite cute back in her two-tailed days as well.
But she's a big girl now.

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Nekomata only have 2 tails.

Kitsune at 200 years are still mostly fox-like, just larger, smarter, and with shorter snouts and wider eyes.

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>Nekomata only have 2 tails.
Not necessarily.
The tail is said to begin to split after around 10 years (or XX kg) while the cats gain magical power.

There is a legend about a 4-tailed monster cat named after the region the legend is from. I don't remember the name, though.