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We need a western Touhou game.

Cute nun exorcist fights moe Dullahan in the black forest.

After the battle, they get together for ale and sausage parties.

Tea is for pussies.

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>sausage parties

I don't think this means what you think it means

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>sausage parties

Western touhou with shotas, then?

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Maybe a few.

Though I meant 'a party where they drink ale and eat sausage.'

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what if that western touhou game had a maid and vampire sisters i would also have a Chinese bookworm and a gateguard to vary

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Drinking and then eating sausage? Thats how it starts, OP.

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>eat sausage.
If you catch my drift !

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what if that western touhou game had a maid and vampire sisters it would also have a Chinese bookworm and a gateguard to vary

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Well one of the jokes was going to be the nun having once being a priest... then MAGIC.

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Why magic? Why not just nun trap?

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I'm not that big of a trap fan. I prefer reverse traps, I just know that pulling a sweet polly oliver on it wouldn't be as appreciated in the fandom I'd be aiming at.

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Dullahan ATE WFT?!!?!?!?!11

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Western touhou game needs robots and explosions and giant bosses.

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Then it would be Seihou.

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>>3388979 Cute nun exorcist fights moe Dullahan in the black forest.

"Obsidian butterfly finds a last song in the clear blue forest"

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Dreaming darkly in the Black Forest.

Everyone loves der Schwarzwald.

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Moe chupacabra?

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She wants to suck your goat.

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Yukari is mai waifu~

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We don't need a western touhou anything.

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A western touhou should be a western touhou

As in the wild west.
Like some part of Arizona was sealed off from the real world by Indian magic in the late 19th century. The world is now filled with flying loli cowgirls shooting each other with magical revolvers, rifles, and bowie knives.

They kill each other then drink and smoke peyote.

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Western as in western influenced like Etrian Odyssey or something to that effect or western as in western made?

If you mean western made that would suck ass.

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A native american touhou would be moe.

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Needs a Clint Eastwood touhou.

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>Tea is for pussies.

Pftt. What do you know. However, a manly Touhou would also end in gentlemanly tea and scones. Every spell card duel would start with HAVE AT YOU.

Hm... DO WANT.

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Manhou would be pretty sweet. Bishounen everywhere.

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Even has a man, Reimu doesn't have much of a chest.

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Youmu is still soft though.

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Aya-kun finally gets some respect, he's a playboy with a camera. He's covered wars you know.

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The doctor will see you now.

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With Chen the change is barely noticeable.

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This works almost too well.

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Surprisingly civilised. I say Reimu, would you koindly die?

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Better for some then others, also OH GOD, ORIN.

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Not so useless now.

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Obligatory manhou pic

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good god

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awwwww yeah

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>Trap tewi

Oh wow.

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We need a Touhou game with only manly men. A Germanic setting would be perfect for this.

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Suika is more awesome than ever.

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wasn't the idea of touhou to blend west and east

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Sort of, though I always got the impression the idea of Touhou was for ZUN to make a game to his preferences with empathise on pretty patterns to dodge with good music and pretty much anything that takes his fancy for the setting.

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Outside of SDM, doesn't seem so.

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To be fair to the man, fairies themselves also tend more towards the western definition and they feature in every game, but it's true most youkai are eastern.

Like the man said, Touhou characters generally reflect whatever ZUN has been reading into at any one time. Plus it's fair to say that seeing as Gensokyo is located around Japan it'll have more eastern mythical creatures then western.

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Posting the best gender-bended Touhou in gender-bend thread.

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Needs more armor and magical artifacts.

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Nagato!? What are you doing in Gensokyo?

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Reading books.

Just like the real RInnosuke, the perfect imposter.

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I love this picture SO MUCH.

So many great jokes in there.

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touhou means eastern
making a western touhou makes as much sense as making a right handed left glove