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ITT we make fun of this piece of shit

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give me a hug first junko

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Junko more like Unko lol

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die Chang'e

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Please do not besmirch my wife's honour.

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fuck the moon

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>Hag hands typed this

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Excuse you it's fucking Jouga

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And Fuck the Moonies!

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mfw moonfag apologists

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Why don't you just have another child and move on, old hag? Oh, that's right, you're far too old to have another one!

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Was it so hard for Jouga to not be such a bitch? Junko wouldn't be angry for as long as she did if the moonies didn't drop a fucking star on her son's head.

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More like ChanGAY

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fuck jouga and FUCK jannies

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How do you guys think things would play out if she was actually in a game? Also post Chang'e fan designs.

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Doesn't Chang'e have the form of a frog or something?

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girl under a tree accompanied by a jade rabbit
tree and rabbit were nuked in 1969

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I remember seeing another Chang'e fan design that was really cute but she was fat and black so I thought about redrawing her, but I fear for the artist having a meltdown

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You mean this stuff? I think the design is pretty cute and cuddly, i don't even mind her being fat but why the fuck make a character from Chinese mythology black?

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cause jouga is a shit

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Because they have to project their mental illness into everything, even touhou stuff.

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>How do you guys think things would play out if she was actually in a game?
I don't know but if Junko isn't in the game as well, I call hacks.

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Baby killer

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but touhou is mental illness

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>I fear for the artist having a meltdown
Who gives a fuck about the artist.
If they drew that abyssal piece, then it deserves to be redrawn.

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Lunie piece of shit.
Radicalizing a woman that should have lived a peaceful life.

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I had to redraw a lot of parts but some I just copy and pasted from the original.
Didn't realize how much of a pain in this ass this would be, this is why you don't draw fathus.

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Also just wanted to say the way this artist originally colored it was awful and there was no way I could really get it to look like a portrait from LoLK without redrawing the entire thing, which I wasn't gonna do because I slightly value my time.
Fucking idiot couldn't be assed to color just using the pen tool like how ZUN does fucking fake fan this is why I hate twitterfags holy shit

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Everyone itt is retarded.

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No, just you.

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Especially you.

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No no, just you.

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I was wrong, you're the worst. Triple retarded. Shame!

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Oof. Takes one to know one, quad retard.

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That's cool and all, but what are we [Earthlings] going to do about the moon debris heading this direction?

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it looks great, anon!

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Why isn't she a frog in any of these fan-designs?

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Nuke it. And while we're at it, let's also nuke the Lunar Capital!

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>marry some archer guy
>said archer guy kill 9 sun gods
>one of the sun god fell onto some bitch's kid
>went mad and start killing my husband
>now I'm also responsible for killing her child
Literally there has been no reasons to side with junko when chang'e did nothing wrong

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Did Chang'e say "I disavow"?

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Now read up on Junko's side of the story.