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>the Japanese started selecting prisoners and everyday one prisoner was taken out and killed and eaten by the soldiers. I personally saw this happen and about 100 prisoners were eaten at this place by the Japanese. The remainder of us were taken to another spot 50 miles [80 km] away where 10 prisoners died of sickness. At this place, the Japanese again started selecting prisoners to eat. Those selected were taken to a hut where their flesh was cut from their bodies while they were alive and they were thrown into a ditch where they later died.

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I'm hungry.

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sage for yet more butthurt /n/ot-your-board-anymore faggotry

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Goddamn, I wish I was in the war now.

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and reported. enjoy your ban.

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Even after all of that, the Americans are valuable allies to the Japanese while the Koreans are still butthurt about it. Imagine that!

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The propaganda is good.

If I were American I would have been fucking incensed too.

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why does that Jap look like a nigger?

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To invoke more hate among americans of course.

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he is the pioneer for what is now 'ganguro' fashion

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WWII was the fucking best war ever

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Japanese are so degenerate.

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koreans are criminals:


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WWII propaganda was full of effort. They had leading animators and artists working full time, support of all the news agencies and networks, hollywood studios, etc.

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So he is a racist racist?

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sage yawnX2

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don't like it when it is directed at you huh?
those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
no one is perfect and the past is the past.
get over it.

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WWII propoganda posted by anonymous person on the internet? I'd believe it!

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saged again

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you forgot your sage

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Judging by your post I'm going to assume that you missed the memo. Intelligent, well thought out posts aren't allowed on /jp/. Sorry mang.

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enjoy your aids

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Who the fuck lives in a glass house?

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You're making yourself and your country look like an ass (more than it already is). Here's some sage.

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is there a reason they look like aliens.. hmmmmm..


oh, i'm well aware of that fact sir. just like to give them idiots something to think about. oh wait. yeah. they don't do that. my bad.

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The Japanese would literally rape women to death. They'd take turns gang-raping beautiful Chinese girls as young as 6 and the girls would die from wounds sustained by their genitals, bleeding to death even while the Japanese soldiers were still raping them.

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koreans.. duh.

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proverbs, anon. Do you know it?

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and you know this because you were there or you got some government sponsored cliffnotes of the event? yeah.. thought so..

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Could I see some proof?

I dont doubt it. But I'd like it confirmed regardless.

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thank you anon. you forgot your sage in the email field though.

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Read some books one of these days, instead of wasting your time playing Touhou all day long.

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saging is for attention-whoring immature faggots who take the internets too seriously. I rather reserve the sage function as it was originally meant to be.

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PFFT.. I wonder why Iris Chang killed herself.. perhaps i was because she was used by the CCP to stir up anti-Japanese sentiment in America? Hmmmmmm..

Shitty historical research is shitty.

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Read some books one of these days, instead of wasting your time playing Touhou all day long.

The stuff the author discovered about Japanese atrocities were so disturbing that she ended up committing suicide years later. That's how fucked up the Japs are, even some 60 years later their evil can still break people's minds.

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No objections here.

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Lets just hate every single Japanese person around because I have nothing better to do with my life! Yeah!

No, she killed herself because she was being used by the CCP in a propaganda effort. Most of her facts were fabrications and she knew it. CCP agents were following her around for days before her death.
To each his own.


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A tier 8 weeaboo, someone who actually defends Japan on the international arena.

Fuck off and die, Japanese culture is all stolen from China, from 'their' tea ceremonies to mahjong, it's all fucking chinese. Even the first animated movie in the region was chinese.

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blah blah blah. its alllll stolen from china..

boo hoo! you are as delusional as you are brainwashed.

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Explain how Mahjong and tea ceremonies aren't taken from China? It's amazing how you all think these little elements of Japanese culture are exclusively 'Japanese' when you've got a monolith of culture and history right next door that influenced them far more than japan influenced china.

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This truly brings back memories. Nothing better to rage about than a political / cultural debate.

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no one said they didn't originate in china. what is silly is your assertion that they were some how maliciously stolen from china by the japanese.

your insistence on making sure they are of chinese origin paints you as a person with low cultural self-esteem.

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>babble babble babble all glory to china babble babble babble

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The tea ceremony was a totally different animal when they jacked it from China, though. So I'm not sure it's worth bitching about.

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Even on the off-chance there were fabrications, what do you think the Japanese went over for anyway? A friendly game of Mahjong with tea and peace treaties between them and a "backwards nation"? Admit it, every country has her own closet full of skeletons, even your holy Japan.

Truth. Culturally, Japan is to China like Rome is to Greece.

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Wow, a copy of an animation really compares to basically being a mini-me of the Chinese Empire for millenia.

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┃┏━┫┗┛┃┃┃┃┃┏┓┃┃┏━┫┏┓┃  ━┫  ━┫
┃┗━┫┏┓┃┃┃  ┃┏┓┃┃┏━┫┏┓┫  ━┫  ━┫
┗━━┻┛┗┻┻┻━┻┛┗┛┗┛  ┗┛┗┻━━┻━━┛

               CHINA FREE
.                 _∧∧_,
                // 47\ \
              ./  ( `八´)、 `、
             / /\ \つ  つ、ヽ
             | |  ,\ \ ノ  | |
             ヽヽ  し \ \) / /
              \ `\_____\' //
               ヽ、 ____,, /

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Well I'm from Germany and I can tell you we got no skeletons at all.

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No one said they don't have their skeletons. Japan went to China to conquer it. All established fact. What is silly is that Chinese-American youth today act as if the wounds of the past truly hurt them today. They don't. You are victims of a systematic indoctrination program being run by the CCP. Believe it or not you are all sheep.

Lets discuss Tibet, I'm certain for the majority of you I can guess the first couple ideas you argue.

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countries aren't people, nobody gives a shit about the past unless it happened to them, get over it.

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/jp/ - China/General

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I think in a decade or so Japan won't even be worth visiting anymore. I've been to Beijing and Shanghai and the latter will soon be the most impressive city in the region along with HK. Plus, as anyone who has been to both Japan and China knows, Chinese are infinitely more friendly and welcoming than Japs. Sure, they have social customs and expect you to learn the language if you're living there, but they aren't as.... I don't know how to put it... assholeish and aloof as the Japs. They're more like the kind of people (at least in the areas I visited) who you could invite out for a beer on a friday night.

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And what does that have to do with today's reality? So we should see all the Japanese accomplishments in modernity as China's doing some how?

Patently silly.

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>Lets discuss Tibet, I'm certain for the majority of you I can guess the first couple ideas you argue.

Yeh... Let's discuss Tibet. The Theocratic Monarchy which experienced it's greatest surge in standards of living after the Chinese annexation.

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┃┏━┫┗┛┃┃┃┃┃┏┓┃┃┏━┫┏┓┃  ━┫  ━┫
┃┗━┫┏┓┃┃┃  ┃┏┓┃┃┏━┫┏┓┫  ━┫  ━┫
┗━━┻┛┗┻┻┻━┻┛┗┛┗┛  ┗┛┗┻━━┻━━┛

               CHINA FREE
.                 _∧∧_,
                // 47\ \
              ./  ( `八´)  、 `、
             / /\ \つ  つ  、 ヽ
             | |  ,\ \ ノ   |  |
             ヽヽ  し \ \)  / /
              \ `\_____\' //
               ヽ、 ____,, /

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>So we should see all the Japanese accomplishments in modernity as China's doing some how?

No. I didn't say that. But for the vast majority of it's History China has been the dominant player both culturally and otherwise in the region, they suffered a setback in the 19th and early 20th centuries. That's why I'm so fucking surprised that people seem to be shocked about the ascendent rise of China. It's simply reassuming it's rightful position as master of East Asia.

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>Lets discuss Tibet,

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Haha, yep. I guessed right.

So Japan annexes Korea and Taiwan, they experience tremendous growth and modernization, but they are bad guys for brutalizing Koreans and Taiwanese as well as taking over another people's land.

China does the same thing in Tibet and its a good thing. Your logic is backwards and derivative of a sheep mentality being pushed by the CCP and its cronies in the US and elsewhere.

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Funny, maybe they're like that on their own turf but their exported young people are obnoxiously exclusive.

>> No.339261


Why should the fucking chinese american youth ignore it if Japan is actively engaged in a campaign to deny the worst elements of what happened? Explain to me why they should do that. Don't you think the pain of being fucked over so badly and treated like absolute worthless shit passes from father to son?

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I hate Japan and am willing to believe most pieces of 'propaganda' are true, even when applied to the county I am a part of, because in war, anything is possible, and anything is fair.

I'm mostly Irish, Germanic, and Native American.


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Because everything wrong in life is due to huge conspiracies. What next, the high probability that I'll become a hikikomori is due to a broadcasting company? Look, if I hated Japan so much and was so brainwashed, then what the fuck am I doing here when I could be out organizing secret anti-Japan cult meetings with my fellow Chinese-American friends?

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That's pretty sick.
Most people have no clue the japanese army was 10 times worse than the nazis.

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>Native American


>> No.339279


As master of Asia.. Hmm.. and how is this type of thinking different than Emperor worship and Japanese expansion into the mainland? Oh it isn't..

So wait, you are complaining about what Japan did in the last century yet chomping at the bit for China to do the same thing? Those aren't unclear intentions at all.

Ideologically you are on the same level as Hitler.

Let me get one other thing straight. So we criticize the Tibetan Lamas for having been feudalistic, but still view China as being the rightful 'master of Asian' due to their feudalistic succession of regimes ending with the Qing? Hmm.. something tells me you haven't thought enough about what you are saying to yourself.

>> No.339282

I'm 25 now, I've completed my phd, maybe it's a little different for people my age?

I know what you mean about Chinese at universities though, but think about it from their perspective, they are thousands of miles away from home in a country whose customs (usually on campus involving party after party every night, and massive drinking) they simply dont really like. Of course they are going to seek out their own. Regardless, I knew a guy from HK at my college and he was an absolute legend, he was the guy who first taught me how to play Mahjong in fact.

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I didn't mean it in an irrendentist way, I simply ment they will become the dominant power in the region by far.

>> No.339294

Native Americans got owned.

If they weren't such fucking failures, they wouldn't have gotten their asses beat by a fucking common disease.


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Beautifull chinese girls?

HAHAHAHAHAHA yeah right!

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Seconded. My own grandfather was left in total poverty after the Japanese soldiers ransacked his family's farm, and he was only eight years old then. It was only a miracle he lived. That or the soldiers thought he and the rest of my family would die a slow painful death in total misery.

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Has never actually been to China. There are a lot of hot Chinese girls. Less snobby and/or slutty than the skanks who hang around Roppongi too.

>> No.339309


Anti-Japanese sentiment is a key part of the CCP's foreign policy towards Japan.

See Daqing Yang's part in 'The Nanjing Massacre in History and Historiography'

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I'm still amazed you people are discussing this shit.
it's not like any of you are chinese, korean, tibetan, japanese or taiwanese, give up already.

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They must defend the honour of GLORIOUS NIPPON!

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Akagi isn't from Hong Kong.

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We should have dropped a third one...


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Fuck yeah! Cannibalism!

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lol different person, but I've been to China and even if you are a DFC lover, shit sux over there. Unless its by chink standards which are horribly low, I don't what you're smoking when you say there are hot chicks over there. The reason chink women only get with chink men is because no else wants them.

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Japan proper isn't on a campaign to wipe out the worst elements of its brutal past. A few Right wingers are.

See, your problem is that you have been told half truths about the situation. You are presented one right leaning history book as being the standard for all of Japanese education. That presents a false picture of the Japanese and their understanding of their past. Perhaps you didn't know this but many Japanese on the whole were very upset about the war after it was all said and done. Many people today do know about the atrocities and the horrors the IJA did. Just because you are told they don't doesn't mean it is true.

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Who cares? They made their bed, now they can sleep on it. There's a saying that goes something like:

Remember the people who you trod on to get to the top as you fall back to the bottom.

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You must have been staying in shitty areas with youth hostels then.

>> No.339388

Am I the only one who thinks the "Tokio Kid" looked like Himmler?

>> No.339407


I can't wait for China to deal with the terrors its current government brought upon itself. The fact that you are obsessed with Japan shows that the brainwashing is working well.

>> No.339408

Went to HK, Beijing, Shanghai, and Nanjing for awhile, stayed in upper class areas. Unless you're a chink, they barely get beyond average.

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3,500 Chinese spy companies identified in Canada and U.S.


The man looks and acts like any other Korean corner store owner - a hardworking newcomer to Canada.
You cannot tell by his simple appearance that he owns the building the store is in and that he has just bought a million dollar mansion in the posh Beaconsville area of Montreal.
You also cannot tell that he is one of North Korea's foremost spies in Eastern Canada who actually owns a large computer business in Mapo, South Korea, that employs hundreds of people.
In the highrise glass towers of Vancouver - Tricell (Canada) Inc. and Top Glory Enterprises Ltd., both incorporated in the late '80s work for the Communist government of China.

>> No.339414


You must have been exceedingly unlucky or are just lying then, I lean towards the latter.


Your own dislike of China comes from the innate fear every American has of a rival. And for the last fucking time, I'm not Chinese.

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And this excuses the current Fascist state of the PRC how? This is supposed to excuse their atrocities against their own people who protest the government? The PRC is like everything bad people say about Israel, with none of the good.

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No I just don't have yellow fever, and found that the "beautiful" chinese girls didn't really match up to other asians or western girls.

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What I find funny is that people think China is so strong right now. Its such a funny image of China being perpetuated by complete idiots. All it would take for China to fall is what is already happening. A weakening of the dollar and a drop in imports to the US from China.

China is dependent on the US for its economic growth. As well, China doesn't produce any technology itself. It steals and makes barely reproducible copies of that tech. Its truly pathetic.

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Why does Korean people tell a lie? 【Part1】
Why does Korean people tell a lie? 【Part2】
Why does Korean people tell a lie? 【Part3】

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Not excusing China's brutality. You misunderstood my post.


China isn't a de facto rival in any sense of the word to the US.

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I am the one who posted the "O RRY" pic, chink women are ugly.

They are naturally short as in mexican women short, they are as chinky as they can get, their skin tone is not really attractive if you compare it to the skin tone of a Korean or japanese women and averall the ones who are not totally ugly are just plain average.

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Korean History

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Sooner or later, probably sooner given the IMF's predictions for current growth rates for the PR, you will realise all your excuses were for naught. You cannot stop the rise of a country that for the better part of 2 millenia has always been a major power. You simply can't do it. You can pretend it won't happen, you can tailor hypotheticals (something anyone can do), but you cant stop it in reality.

You are no longer the sole player America. Learn to accept that.

>> No.339466


What 'other asian' girls? SE asians? LOL.

Japanese? Fuck no.

Indians? Hahahahaha!

>> No.339474

>China isn't a de facto rival in any sense of the word to the US.

Only because they don't have any extra-regional force projection power.... YET.

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everyday thugs in korea ???

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Haha, the IMF's own calculations of the PRC's economic strength were overestimated.

China is a cheap labor manufacturing base. Thats practically it. They do not lead the world in any other areas. They aren't a military threat as most would like to think. They don't have power projection capabilities beyond ICBMs and the idea that they are some how going to take over the world is laughable.

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Every photo of NANKING MASSACRE seems to be fake.(1/2)
Every photo of NANKING MASSACRE seems to be fake.(2/2)


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Now, if all Japanese soldiers were shadowy kabuki performers with their flag on their head and a knife in their hand, then they wouldn't have lost the war.

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God. You fucking weeaboos make me sick sometimes.

>> No.339493


I think either you're actually dating a chink right now and have gotten some sort of skewed perception or you actually are a chink. Leaning on latter, but I don't really care anymore, dig your own grave, just means more of the good women for the rest of us.

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