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Reisen with a shotgun!

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It's no ordinary shotgun, it's the fabled Flameless Lunar Shotgun! Safe to use in highly volatile environments, though no idea why you would do so.

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that's not reisen, retard

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Why is Reisen so retarded?

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looks like a remington 870 to me

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Fightin' till the war's won.

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Is she a fucking hobo with a shotgun?!

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why not

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She's fucking a hobo with a shotgun!

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Die Moonie Scum!

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nOoOooo it's not reisen it's le hsi dude see im so special how come you haven't been to our secret club r/otomad yet my duderino

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Fighting 'till the war is won!

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Yes, Reisen. Problem?

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post more dancing H̶S̶I̶ Reisen

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Reisen(for sure

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I'm a Reisen with a shotgun
Fighting til' the wars won
I don't care if heaven won't take me back
I'll throw away my faith, babe, just to keep you safe
Don't you know you're everything I have?
And I, wanna live, not just survive, tonight

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Aww look at her! She so adorable while shooting at her classmates. My school shooter cannot be this cute.

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I can't laugh! After all, who else but Reisen can go room to room and clear them with only one shot! With a shotgun no less!

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HSI a cute.

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I bet she's got nice thighs from all the hopping

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Udongein says, "Stay strapped or get clapped!"

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Reisen is so cool and fearless!

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I'm not going to edit the image this time.

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Wow! An actual documentary from Reisen's time in the forces!

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wouldn't it be funny if you posted the panda link for the bunny thin book? haha

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>wouldn't it be funny if you posted the panda link for the bunny thin book? haha
I don't like where this is going.

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this is HSI but still good

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>but still good
Did something happen

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HSI > NYN > Kofji > ICG
You know I'm right

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would have worked much better if you had instead said "She is fucking a hobo with a shotgun?!"
i think so at least

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Don't worry, anon, she totally kicks the asses of those dumb earthlings!

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Is there some directory detailing the origins of these creatures?

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aw man...

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i never thought about it, but Reisen has a bunny tail...
oh my heart...

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The knowledge of our forefathers

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There were infographics but I forgot the thread they were posted in.
I don't think NYN was covered since I believe it was before her.

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thanks for this!

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There it is.
Thanks dude.

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Easter came early

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I guess it did.
I keep forgetting Easter is in April.

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I keep forgetting that my birthday is in April

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no problem. it's always good to share some niconico history.

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Shotty won

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Well I can't forget mine, because everyone makes a big fuss about it.

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What is HSI's K/D Ratio?

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N/A since she got banned for using metallization cheat

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Well, what was it before that?

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Is HSI the only Reisen clone?

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Absolutely Reisen. This is a Reisen thread after all.

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I lost my "reisen" gif...

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last one.

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There are several versions of her if that counts

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this but "gf"

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I fucking hate western "cookiefags" so fucking much.

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I have grand colonial ambitions, and reisen is one of the things I want to colonize

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I've falling into the Cookie rabbit hole

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Where do I listen to Cookie stuff in English rather than Japanese I can't understand it or the ytpmv MAD remixes that come along with it. It's supposed to be content used for ytpmvs, right?



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What the fuck is that second video you fucking retard

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looks like an otomad aboot the columbine tapes, also using bigyajue

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>Where do I listen to Cookie stuff in English

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>Where do I listen to Cookie stuff in English
You don't. Learn Japanese.

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this art is beautiful

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Stop before it's too late

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this dude made lots of western songs.
there is nothing to understand about MAD, less than the voice drama or theater(which mostly use don't require subtitle as mostly show don't tell). It's only text-wall horror story seriously need subtitles to understand.

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You need to know a small amount of japanese or a large number of jokes and references will fly over your head. Also not being able to read the comments is like watching twitch without chat, but if somehow you can find them entertaining more power to you.

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what are the buttons on the sides of Reisen's ears?

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Reisen healing in a very safe place where she is family!

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These will fly over head, but guess what if you see something fly pass so many times that just make you feel so itchy without asking where goes that comes from instead of keep repeating "how do I get into".

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what are those red things near her ears?

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Bunny earrings

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cookie isn't even that funny. I just like the rat

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I'm not clicking that

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unless its porn im not cliking that

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Loli HSI on the left?

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Smol HSI

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Mute city

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Heavy machine bun

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Hey. The gun is on my side right?

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what does Udongein mean exactly?

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fat noodle gain...

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Fuck bullets... She may as well have a cannon instead...

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The purple                 

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I call all the cookie "characters" by their touhou names and no autist can stop me

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How dare you?!? Don't you know where you are?!? This is /jp/, also known as autism central, and we don't appreciate neurotypicals like you here?!? Get out of /jp/ and never come back until you can tell the difference between the multiple different variations of cookie characters that exist?!?!

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nice 2010 image grandpa. this is our board now

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Who is "our"? Some group of discord faggots from a dead 2010 era /jp/ spinoff?

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Why is there a baby one?

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What the fuck is a Cookie

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cookie is cookie

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i want to do nasty things to HSI

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the problem is that you're telling everyone you're a newfag

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is there more to this drawing?

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I don't know.
I just wanna play Yu Gi Oh.

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Wait, is that her room?

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oh my gods her THIGHS

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damn, slutty bunny come here!

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Yeah America

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Easter ain't over until I cum in the bun!

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is she still popular?

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egg hunt huh

>> No.34197743

How you like your eggs, fried or fertilized?

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Land of the free
... and I'm referencing something other than the anthem, and nobody will get it.

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a meme where a different art style means an entirely different character

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wrong, the art style is known for being highly inconsistent. One character may have many different art style (pic related), and many characters can share the same art style (the general cases).

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why is her art so wildly inconsistent?
is she some kind of schizo?

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It's not a work of one individual.
The art of voice drama is a collaboration of all the touhou artists they can find, even UDK drew on the bottom right corner.

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Reisen's eggs probably taste like moonpies

>> No.34210117

No that's the "original patchouli" and "11 point satori" memes

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What do moonpies taste like?

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HSI rubbing her ears furiously until she cums

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Cookie will never cease to be interesting.

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I want to be her man-servant while she creates more art

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Who is "she"?

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Good question.

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Bunny is for fuck her mouth pussy

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Who is this retard poster anyway and who let them into /jp/?

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Why is she marching?

>> No.34253839

Does it work like that?

>> No.34254596

I saw a Cookie video about it
I think she was cumming from her mouth

>> No.34258555

Do you remember the name or link?

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please do research on what you're talking about first.

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That's called vomiting, anon.

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Gunhus are funhus

>> No.34262399

the promised land of cat and pots.

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Ahh~ HSI!

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Guns are fun

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Marching? She hasn't moved from that spot! If there's anything moving, it's everything else!

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That's BNKRG, I don't like where that image is going.

>> No.34290791

is April national Reisen day?

>> No.34295155

Yeah, it's when Easter usually is after all

>> No.34295197

is this girl supposed to be based off a real artist trying to be like cookie?

>> No.34295905

who is this cookie?

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>I've falling into the Cookie rabbit hole
embrace it.

>> No.34307803

Especially when you mistype!

>> No.34311919

>Especially when you mistype!

>> No.34312395

f and g are right there. If you mistype gun, you get fun.

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Oh, I see it now.

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last one.