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How do you like your Gensokyo?
[ ] Yuri
[ ] Futa
[ ] Faceless men
[ ] Rinnosuke
[ ] __________

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[x] Faceless men
[x] Rinnosuke

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As long as it contains Satorin it doesn't really matter.

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It really could matter less for me, It's more about HOW they are fucked than who does the fucking, well except for yuri; that speaks for itself.

Sort of like how hetero porn is. (If anyone even watches that)

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[x] Danmaku fights

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[X] Futa

I wouldn't mind being DP'd by Satori and Koishi.

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[x] Yuri
[x] Platonic relationships

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[X] non sexual cuddling.

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[✪] Yuri

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That would be awkward. Though grazing waves of danmaku penises sounds hot.

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[x] Yuri
[x] Futa

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[x] lactating

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[X] Futa
[X] Faceless men
[X] Rinnosuke
[X] Tentacles
[X] Horns
[X] Tail

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☑ Futa

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[X] Non sexual cuddling.
[x] Consensual sex in the missionary position with the lights on.

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I'd totally play a danmaku game where getting hit ends with rape until your next life starts.

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>[x] Consensual sex in the missionary position with the lights on with no moving, under the covers.

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[X] Anything that involves penetration

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[x] Fantasizing about myself having sex with my favorite Touhou characters

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[X] Yuri

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[X] Yuri and lots of it.

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[x] Yuri, definitely. Altho I more prefer my Gensokyo without any real sex at all, just cuddling and kissing.

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I don't care about sex.

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[X] Yuri if it's drawn well and has a story.
[X] Futa or gangrape, especially if it gets crazy and ends with fucked silly.

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[x] Yuri
[x] Futa

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[X] Yuri
[X] Futa
[X] Catfights

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[x] with less shitty threads.


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[x] Floating dick(s)

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>[X] Disembodied penises.


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[x] Rinnosuke

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Fuck it easy?

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I know I've seen this before, name?

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[X] Femdom yuri S&M, aka Border of Extacy.

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Kouristic Violence by Takakuya

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[x] Yurinnosuke

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How do you like your Gensokyo?
[X] Yuri
[X] Tea drinking and innuendo until someone has to make something blowup.

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[ ] Yuri
[ ] Futa

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[x] All of the above

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[x] Non-sexual petting

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I like my Gensokyo where gender and the concept of a lesbian don't even go into the thinking of a relationship. It's just natural.

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[x[ Guro/rape

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Yuri, tentacles.

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[x] Unzan

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[X] Yuri
[X] Faceless men

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Don't care about the rest

I just want my purest form of love between Remi x Sakuya

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That's pretty much the way it already is.

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[x] masturbation
[x] tentacles
[x] Yuri sex involving things that are not penises. (e.g. that one with yuyuko and youmu and the anal beads.)

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[x] Yuri
[x] Futa

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[+] Yuri
[+] Futa
[+] Faceless men
[+] Naughty tentacles
[+] Tea

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Futa>>Tenderly loved by random person>Faceless men>Rinnosuke>>>Random fat rapists>>>>Yuri

Yuri is damn boring for me. Seriously, if I see one more Yuri SDM doujin...

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[X] Faceless men

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[x]Yukari or Sakuya, maybe Eirin

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I like the most:
[x] Yuri
[x] Faceless men
[x] masturbation

All is fine!
But what I really hate is Futa.

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[x] Faceless men

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[X] Futa, only at will, only usable on girls who love each other.

I can't stand futa rape. It's unnatural.

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[X} In flames

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Flying dicks.

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[X] None of the above.

Especially futa. I know this sounds strange when referring to an alternate dimension where cute demon girls prey on humans, but futa is fucking unnatural.

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[X] Yuri
[X] Futa
[ ] Faceless men
[ ] Rinnosuke
[ ] __________

I prefer when it only involves touhous whether yuri or futa.

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[x]Monster with cock that looks like three cocks fused together

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[X] Pigs

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[x] Yuri. That's all, futa is irritating to me for some reason.

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Same here.

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[X] Yuri
[ ] Futa
[X] Faceless men
[X] Rinnosuke
[X] Non-ero

So like a tenth of touhou doujinshi.

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You guys are gay.

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>Anonymous ‮~ᚻᛟᛟᛟᛟᚩᛗ ‪‪‪‬ ‪‬ ‭‬ !Jones4ZrPA

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[X] Faceless men
[X] Rinnosuke

Straight porn is only good porn.

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... This is relevant to my interests.

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[x] yuri
[x] futa
[x] rinnosuke
[x] tentacles
[x] lactating
[x] GTS
[x] non-ero parody

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I find your preferences disagreeable.

[X[ Yuri
[X] Futa
[X] Rape the maids

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Sausage, please.

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[x] Non-Ero

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[x] egg-laying


[x] eels

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Are you implying that "baa-baa" can't have ero?

You're going to make her mad, Anon.

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[x] Ricecandy

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[x] With Yuka.

fuck you

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[X] Yuri

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[x] yaoi
oh wait, damn
[x] futa

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[x] Pre-2000

PC-98 moe~

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In order of preference, from most preferred to least preferred:
[x] Yuri
[x] Futa
[x] Rinnosuke
[x] Faceless men

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So yours is:
[x] Yuri
[x] Futa
[x] Guro
[x] Scat
[x] Rinnosuke
[x] Faceless men

I admit, mine is a bit different.

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Yes, even blood and feces is preferable to dicks everywhere. What's your point?

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I'm not really into guro, scat or furry, but I do find all those gangbang doujinshi a bit boring. Yuri and Futa is perfectly fine by me, Rinnosuke is fine for the humor.

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[ X ] Yuri
[ X ] Futa

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[x] Futa
[x] Masturbation
[x] Tentacles

Fuck yeah!

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[X] Faced men who are self inserts of the artists/authors.

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[X] Yuri
[X] Yuri
[X] Yuri
[X] Yuri
[X] Yuri
[X] Yuri
[X] Yuri
[X] Yuri

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[ x ] Faceless women

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[x] Yuri
[x] Platonic relationships
[X] non sexual cuddling.

>[x] Yuri sex involving things that are not penises. (e.g. that one with yuyuko and youmu and the anal beads.)

I am not familiar with that doujin, please tell me it's title.

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that would be
[X] Yuri

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[x] Yuri
[x] Futa

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Yuri, and only yuri. I don't like dicks in Touhou.

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surprising number of you are into yuri

still don't see the appeal unless there's penetration involved, otherwise it's just pretend sex

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Mannosuke is the only option here.

>> No.3386259

I agree, but nice troll with the pretend sex line.

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[x] Yuri
[x] Faceless men
[x] Rinnosuke
[x] Yukari's Real Horrorshow

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[x] Tea
[x] Love
[x] Peace
[x] no sex

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How do you like your Gensokyo?
[X] Yuri
[ ] Futa
[ ] Faceless men
[X] Rinnosuke
[XXX] Young clueless boy

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[ ] Grimsokyo rape edition.

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