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Rhythm Game Thread


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the reason rhythm game general is in /jp/ and not /v/ is because only otaku freaks could enjoy this furry loli tranny faggotry, amirite?

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>last thread nuked for eceleb bullshit

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What's your favorite rhythm game and why, anon?

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It used to be osu but then I grew up and now is sdvx. why? music is cool and I like the waifus

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How do you even do this

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pop'n - good songs, fun characters, interesting gameplay
honestly wish more people were into it (or maybe i'm just looking in the wrong places)

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have more than 3.52 brain cells

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That's not nice

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how hard is it to start an arcade in my shithole and why was the last one closed in 2014

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>Rasis will never climb out of the cabinet to see (You)
why even live

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>rhythm games community
one hand the notes
kind of cringe bro, it actually just dies even faster over there, like i was saying, its a small niche, there's no ecelebs, just a handful of psychotic neurodivergents with no other hobbies

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sdvx, because I am a furry

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Hey anon, did you know there's an entire game mode dedicated to using only one hand for 7 keys? It's called double play! It's too cool!


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only virgins play doubles

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But one of my friends got married a decade ago and he only plays DP

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He wears a chastity belt and is getting cucked. Sorry

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DDR because it's the only one I'm good at. The only other game I'm somewhat decent at is SDVX but I always prefer going after my DDR goals rather than play SDVX whenever I'm at the arcade. I just wish it would get more songs from SDVX and IIDX.

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beatmania IIDX, because I'm a straight white male without any diagnosed mental ailments, disillusions about my sexuality or gender, grew up in a normal, cohesive nuclear family, and have graduated from an ivy league university and hold a $150k salary job

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Even most urban* areas in NA, where there are enough teens/young adults with the kind of disposable income to support an arcade, do not have a dedicated rhythm game arcade scene beyond guitar and DDR variants. No demand, no supply.

This is mainly a result of the arcade gaming scene in USA as a whole going into a massive recession and recharacterization in the 90s-00s, right when many rhythm game arcade titles were getting their start in Japan. The lack of demand for Japanese arcade machines along with the domestic focus of the Japanese producers meant that the whole formative period of many arcade rhythm games was lost on people here. The main exception was DDR, and I'd say that at least partially due to it being mass-imported before the arcade situation got too dire. The only other way you would get direct exposure was if you happened to be in one of the few metro areas where someone could support grey market imports or work out a deal with companies for promotion, like conventions started doing. This also had the side effect of those games becoming associated with certain cultural subgroups that would gravitate around those places, like weebs, furries, etc., rather than it being a more culturally neutral thing like DDR/guitar games.

In speaking of guitar games, it wasn't as if the market for rhythm games in NA was completely untapped - it just focused on console. Even if they were considered inferior, developers adapted by using consoles with custom controllers as the basis for their games. Since most people in the USA gamed at home, socially or otherwise, that became the main entry point, so those games became the cultural cornerstone, with games requiring an arcade getting less and less representation. The popularization of PC and mobile games are a further continuation of this trend. If it wasn't for Round1 and such integrating their arcade rhythm game lineup into their entertainment centers, there might have been much less presence in the USA today.

And finally, because of places like Round1 having exclusive deals, any independent arcade would struggle to amass an appealing import lineup, especially as online requirements make grey/black market machines less viable. So if you want local import titles, your locality is either lucrative enough for someone like Round1 to step in, or it isn't. Simple as.

*Cities/municipalities with 50k+ population. A 50k city is backwater to many people, but it's closer to a city with 500k-1mil than a town with >10k population. The latter would struggle to even have arcade machines beyond gambling/novel retro titles.

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its adorable seeing iidxcels cling to their dying game

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Jumping between pop'n/guitarfreaks/SDVX

Sometimes IIDX or Jubeat too but unlocking shit for all 5 games is just too much

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Very. Arcades don't make a whole lot of money.
D&B is just Chuck E. Cheese with alcohol and Round1 doesn't actually make much money off of their US locations.
Independent locations are hard to keep going. You have to fund it through other means because you're very unlikely to be profitable in this day and age.
Fuck, the last arcade that was in my city only existed as long as it did because it turned out to just be a front for money laundering.

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IIDX isn't really a dying game though.
BEMANI as a whole is actually doing surprisingly okay for the moment considering how fucked this past year has been.

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How's ez2on reboot on pc?

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shut up bitter retard

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Yes, iidx boomers have been filtered by the passage of time

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Very barebones at the moment

If you played lots of 4b/6b on djmax respect v then it carries over easily. Also use the circle note.

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i want to graduate from being a osu!/KSM newfag how can i educate myself on what versions of games to play and what setup to get ? is there like a FAQ or a discord where i can ask stuff ? i dont have any friends and this is pretty niche so

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buy an svse5 (or maybe wait for the faucetwo?), torrent vivid wave off nyaa, google for asphyxia, have fun. bemani.guide for setting the data up

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remywiki is good for reference as well

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So have trans people, they can't stop biology

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I could probably give you a hand if you're actually looking to buy a controller. I don't really want to invite people that don't have an earnestness in playing and having fun, though. You could also ask some questions here and I can answer them.

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>djmax respect V online is fucking dead, can't find ladder matches and if I do the range is so wide that it's always a korean god

Shit sucks, playing this game online is so fun but I have nobody to play with

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Just bought this, it's fun. Also got the DJMax DLC to have Sui as operator.

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What does barebones even mean for a rhythm game. It's got 200+ songs and I can just jump in and play right? also, thanks for the advice about the circle note.

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wait you can just torrent them off nyaa? im almost certain i searched for that before like several years ago and couldn't find anything on any torrent site
i thought the only place where you could snatch them was bemaniso.ws which sounds like a very closed community

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oops wrong user sorry i meant to tag >>33821245

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Some versions do end up on nyaa, but yeah I mean they are ultimately just "stolen" from private communities that upload releases.

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Probably no mods except for note speed. I think they added buffer size adjustment lately too.

A big chunk of the songs predate even djmax online as well but I know a lot of people who grew up with that game instead of early IIDX

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What is the fucking holdup with exceed gear upgrades? Surely it didnt take this long for heroic verse to come to non-lightning cabs, did it?

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inb4 corona made everything slow down

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Talking about Respect, after procrastinating for years finally decided to get it and man, the first minutes were hell. Going from PC to PS4 controls for the first time = flat out game overs left and right.

Having the fader on didnt help but after a couple of hours I am more or less comfortable with the controls, almost got all the effector achievements too so that goddamn fader will be turned off soon.

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How do you feel about sows and it's community?

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sows is great. the community is dogshit

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No idea what it even is, and I have no idea why I should care.

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It took awhile to update to IIDX25 which was a hardware upgrade. They sent someone location to location with the kits and installed them one at a time. Our arcade got that early on but still doesn't have XSeed Gear.

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*sneed gear

>> No.33842158

I want this but I'd want to get all the DLC and the complete package is like 300 dollars, don't feel like spending that much right now

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i opened this chatlog dump on my computer checking it out now lots of embarrassing neglords hating on everything. so /cgl/ total snoozefest.

the one thing that surprises me, nsongster gets a pass despite raping how many women? lol

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besides shao having a random grudge on me in the destiny 2 clan (I have no idea why?) I didnt really see anything I didnt already know after searching my name. try getting better at video games bro

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ooooo lmaoooo this is good shit, butthurt seattle kids lololol

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It's like a mythical paradise that I was never invited to

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>Buying all the DLC from the get-go
Why anon, the game is currently discounted so you can get base game + one DLC pack for $60 and have 110 songs available to play. If you ace all the charts and still want more then get the other packs afterwards.

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I spent that much on the mobile ver....

>> No.33849101

The absolute state of mobagay players.

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is toastie the koishi toaster
this is not a drama post

>> No.33850175

Groove coaster is a good game tho.

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Ah, yes, I too greatly enjoy having to memorize literally invisible notes.

>> No.33850328

Feel the rhythm faggot.

>> No.33850384

Ah, yes, I too greatly enjoy feeling the rhythm and having to hit everything 80ms early relative to the music.

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what are you even playing gc on? did you know that gc's flaws as a rhythm game are so glaringly obvious that it just makes you look like a boring asshole for easydunking on it?

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the plife snitches to ab about enigma invites and gets everyone banned incident of 2019

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Ya hate to see it, definitely a war crime committed on that day

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why does this thread always degenerate into eceleb bullshit

- nobody gives a fuck about what private community you are a part of
- nobody gives a fuck how 'new' your data is

you can acquire nearly current games publicly on nyaa, emutalk, or various other public locations, which is _more_ than enough for someone who wants to get into these games

the fact you fucking children need to hide behind an anonymous message board to air your gripes and dickwag about things you shouldn't have just goes to show how petty this community can be, like just fucking press the keys and shut the fuck up already

>> No.33857166

Because it generates responses like these and people think it's funny

>> No.33857855

Dont worry bro I make fun of you retards to your faces too

>> No.33859947

sows has great content, but the community is garbabge. it's fact that if you look into the 2 founders of the site on public police records it shows that sows was created by a convicted pedophile and a serial rapist. it has great content, but shit community.

>> No.33861641

Who were the co-founders? Aubrey? Jeffito? Anthony Capobianco?

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easy iidx 12s?

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primitive vibes
special summer campaign

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>you can acquire nearly current games publicly on nyaa, emutalk, or various other public locations, which is _more_ than enough for someone who wants to get into these games

yeah enjoy saving your scores on a google doc fucking faggot

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hi lokovodo

>> No.33864523

It is not hard to find and set up Asphyxia, pretty sure you dont need to be part of soiws or any other meme community to do it either.

>> No.33865375

i hated sows before it was cool

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Do you have more upscaled IIDX wallpapers?

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canada round 1 when

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>page 9

>> No.33883853

why are the canuckian dramabirds eternally sneething

>> No.33885493

explain? canada bemani is mentally ill

>> No.33885515

those are different people

>> No.33888286

play ongeki

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best sdvx girl

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>March is almost over
>still no sign of updates

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close but way off

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hopefully fucking never

>> No.33893018

>have to exc 8.0s and/or 90% 9.0s to get to 8000 skill
this is gonna take forever

>> No.33893443

play bms

>> No.33893723

why does everyone in canada hate eachother lol i thought u were supposed to be nice people
oh wait ur all chink immigrants and there's <5 pure white canadians who are into this hobby

>> No.33894798

they're viets

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even worse

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Is it just this general thread or is the rhythm community generally elitists who gatekeep hard? Pretty much every rhythm game besides IIDX, SDVX, or pop'n gets shat on by people here so I'm wondering if it's the same outside of here.

>> No.33896796

It's the same pretty much everywhere. Tbqh, if you like rhythm games you're going to gravitate to one of those three or ddr. Once you play them there's just no going back to shit like osu or project diva or dj max or what have you. Maybe you get obsessed with ongeki or maimai or something. But your main game is always one of the big konami ones.

>> No.33897118

I mean, I like rhythm games but I can only really play 4 buttons. IIDX, sdvx, and those other games are more than that. DDR is with your feet?

>> No.33897325

I'll shit on those games too if it makes you feel better.

IIDX has several DP charts with impossible to perform inputs. The charts are never removed or modified to be less shitty. Some of the keysound decisions recently have been questionable (e.g. Mare Nectaris).
SDVX has memotrash problems that are almost as bad as DDR's. The music is almost universally terrible, and the few good tracks are ruined by the effects. Money score is disproportionately weighted toward knobs, and the problem is exacerbated by the VOL and LONG ticks being dependent on BPM. EX scoring has partially addressed it, but it doesn't matter when PUCs are the only scores that matter.
pop'n is full of charts that have intentionally lopsided and broken timing windows. There are still no visual offset options on AC, and the audio latency is high compared to IIDX. Some old charts have chords that are unreasonable for one person to hit. The game is full of non-keysounded charts now too.

You're allowed to like bad things. Nobody can stop you. If you thought they were wrong, then you'd just ignore them for being stupid retards. It's only getting to you because you know you're a shitter.

>> No.33897380

I just asked a question anon.

>> No.33898185

>these games suck because konami doesn't bother with changing 15 year old charts

>> No.33898744

I actually prefer ongeki the most out of those you listed. It does a great job at integrating several types of rhythm mechanics in a cohesive way.

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i hate the unlock system in dancerush
and gitadora
and sound voltex

>> No.33898950

thankfully those are all bad games not worth playing

>> No.33898963


>> No.33900963

So I heard you like old pop'n charts. Here's one with a new twist

>> No.33901425

sense video is classic bonerfuel

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Cleared my first sdvx 18. Feels good man

>> No.33901535

If I don't have any ambitions about getting kaiden or being top ranker, do I really have anything to lose by staying on non-random?

>> No.33901723


Wait til you have to try and get a 19.

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tfw stuck at mid tier 19s

>> No.33901868

A by DJ Amuro is really easy. Honestly it's easier than Special Summer Campaign (the other commonly cited entry 12) and at this point in time is more like a mid-high 11 in terms of clearing.

>> No.33901933

Eh, IIDX and the surviving Bemani games as a whole are built on solid enough principles to withstand the weathering of social zeitgeists and flavor-of-the-months. They may never crack League or Fortnite levels of popularity, but probably won't die out either.

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Who is your rhythm game waifu? Pic related is mine, always play her song at least once in my sessions. The remix is cool too.

>> No.33902026

Probably >>33890200

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hihumi4lyfe yo

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Yes. Fun.
It will be harder at first, but you'll thank yourself once you get the hang of it. There's the "bad random" meme, but in most cases it just adds a lot of replayability and interesting patterns to charts.

>> No.33904390

No. 99% of the time ran charts just suck compared to 正規譜面. It takes all the character out of the charts, like how those randomly generated mystery dungeon games all feel soulless compared to games with actual dungeon design.

>> No.33905061

t. dancelet

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tick tock bemanicucks

>> No.33906815

Dangerously based

>> No.33906875

this but unironically

>> No.33912408 [DELETED] 

Nin awakens, a bright morning day. The sun is shining, the birds singing outside his window.
"Arrrrgh!" He screams, hastily closing the window shades, unsure of how they had gotten open in the first place.
After begrudgingly carrying out his daily morning routines, the unspoken, unexplainable rage in him builds as he opens a can of Monster. The sound of the pressure escaping the bottled liquid energy echoes in the canyon of his mind. "Today, I shall troll," he states aloud, to no one in particular.
Keys clicking, as his mind pops into action. An idea. Instinctively, before the thought has fully processed in his barely-awake mind, his fingers have led him to Gmail, of all places. Sighing, he clicks the 'new email' button.
"What can I say? How can I show him my true feelings? I can't. I could never. I am the troll. I am in control. Hold it together, Nin. Okay."
Now shaking slightly from the sudden rush of caffeination, his nervous hands lit up like the brushstrokes of a poet, he types.
"ur gay, lol"
"They'll never catch me," he mumbles aloud, to no one in particular, and gets up to make a sandwich, feeling a bit more satisfied than he had five minutes ago.

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daily reminder for our resident trannies that you will never be women and everyone thinks you are pathetic, ridiculous and disgusting.
Yes, i'm talking to you, sows posters. You know who you are. I hope you shoot yourself and make a thread on VIP about it.

>> No.33913316 [DELETED] 

lol be mad

>> No.33913355 [DELETED] 
File: 251 KB, 784x702, 1585782908101.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why would i be mad? i'm not a miserable faggot who feels the need to drag down everyone into their personal, miserable hell. Go post more drama in your containment thread, i enjoy reading the pathetic breakdowns you people constantly have in there, like that and doing drugs is ever going to help. Came for the rips, stayed to laugh at the loser degenerates.
I'll go listen to the bistrover ost some more, i quite enjoyed it!

>> No.33913478 [DELETED] 
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nice twitter meme, you sure told me! I admit defeat!
Now go dilate like a good boy, you know what the surgeon said, 4 hours a day! Everyday! Don't you want to be a woman? Aren't you afraid your gaping wound may close? Go take your estrogen, take your depresison meds, do more drugs, fuck more fat schizos, do whatever it is that you think is going to make you happy, but remember anon: even in your best days, even when you think you might have an hypotesis of a good day like anyone with a normal life would have, even just looking at the mirror is enough to remind you nothing will ever make you feel like a person. Like a human. Like someone that is not you feels like, effortlessly, every time they wake up another day on this earth.
And i'll be there to watch you seethe.

>> No.33913809 [DELETED] 
File: 412 KB, 1536x2048, EuJ8nV9XEAYFHvk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>those hands

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those are insane 10th dan hands, anon

>> No.33914149 [DELETED] 

have you considered therapy?

>> No.33914155 [DELETED] 

kinda cute ngl

>> No.33914225 [DELETED] 

maybe its nin and he didn't like the fanfic... :V

>> No.33914310 [DELETED] 

how do you say nin, do you say it "n in" or "neen"

>> No.33914330 [DELETED] 

i am in fact detecting some massive butthurt in response to said fanfic, yes

>> No.33914393 [DELETED] 
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>> No.33914720 [DELETED] 

only homosexual europeans (elias) say it as "neen"

>> No.33915536 [DELETED] 

no i thought it was rlly good i am awaiting the sequel

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>> No.33916873

Rave Patroller

>> No.33917027

i want to deep throat him so fucking bad

>> No.33918408 [DELETED] 

ema forgot to take his moon stablizers again and deleted half the thread :x

>> No.33920068

ok but once you get good enough you realize which charts are made for random

>> No.33924740 [DELETED] 

rhythm game community, please read.

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I love Poet!

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>> No.33926452 [DELETED] 


>> No.33927992 [DELETED] 

This is the absolute worst thing you can do if you're getting """bullied.""" Good job letting them win you dumb tranny faggots. Maybe next time just shut the fuck up and confront these people directly instead of asking for your own personal fucking army.

>> No.33928060 [DELETED] 

lmao what do you think she tried? she confronts all of the people involved with the channel and they send her on a goose chase because they're all cowards and know daddy corin will protect them from sows bans

>> No.33928153 [DELETED] 

tfw astrial doesnt know arma has been running the reunited channel

>> No.33928273 [DELETED] 

good post

>> No.33928449 [DELETED] 

No they're fucking with them because they give in and give them attention. People on the internet do not give a fuck about you or your feelings. Making a long lengthy statement on twitter about how you're being "cyber bullied" is just going to attract more people to do it.

>> No.33928508 [DELETED] 


>> No.33928797 [DELETED] 
File: 678 KB, 1616x1212, 1569265671253.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33929628 [DELETED] 

are you implying she's trans?

>> No.33929771 [DELETED] 
File: 13 KB, 278x278, 1607201221950.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just to avoid being completely off topic, does anyone have training regimens or something to improve on accuracy on IIDX? I can barely keep up with scoring on 11s... i'm thinking of going back to re-clearing all 10s on random+hard/exh, to see if that helps

I love how getting under these people's skin is as easy as it seems. It's a neverending source of entertainment.
I ever really come here to actually post about rhythm games but if i manage to drive these faggots off even by a little i'm happy because you lunatics shit up every community you are a part of and if telling you the truth of what you are is enough to be able to talk about my interests without having to remember you exist or knowing that at least doing so causes irreparable harm to your days then i feel better than even if i got kaiden.
You know what pisses me off to no end? I really like ez2dj, i went and tried to find some other people to talk to, found a discord about it and said well, shit, who am i ever going to talk to about this obscure ass fucking game? Fine, i'll join, it can't be too bad, right? No, i open the announcements tab and it's this big ass burly 6 feet autistic guy with a square face gloating over female clothes. Seriously, my guy?
I just wanted to talk about fucking korean games, god dammit. It's all filthy faggot pedophile furries, trannies, and retarded holier than you cocksuckers. Even having to associate with the tracker just for music/rips is embarassing to no end, i feel dirty just occupying the same space as them. At least the heroin addicts got banned (or died lol laundry) over the years.

also to you fags: who cares about your stupid faggot internal drama, you exhalted schizos think you're the "main hub" for bemani discussion, like you're some sort of authority or gatekeepers or the 'elite' of these fucking games: you're just a bunch of jerkoffs and nobody wants to hear your stupid jokes or your stupid in-group seekrit club drama, shut the fuck up.
And i hope kamome sano get ass cancer.

>> No.33930821 [DELETED] 

chad daddy sherlok, we stan

>> No.33930953 [DELETED] 

like we said back in the day


>> No.33930961 [DELETED] 

itt we worship midgets who have done nothing but complain about "muh community" while also doing jack shit in the some 15 years they've been involved with these games

>> No.33931013

>do it for love, not for money
>greg cotton and anthony capobianco used to sell bootleg drives up the ass pre-pworld
>the people keeping his shitty site alive (djhackers) are selling bemanicn bootleg kits for IIDX and SDVX

>> No.33931026

hahaha holy shit i didnt know that

i cant wait until i get my arcade cabs i ordered so i can open my own private arcade

you guys can all come but no trannies, no minorities, no lgbt and no women. Only good people and ketsui.

>> No.33931036 [DELETED] 
File: 1.80 MB, 1077x809, ApplicationFrameHost_TXHcaO7iGv.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33933077


>> No.33933088

lol i just woke up and forgot im not on discord. im retarded.. sorry

>> No.33933332
File: 1.41 MB, 1200x975, ophelia63.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ophelia's always been a favorite of mine
her songs are very calming and nostalgic to me

>> No.33934046
File: 72 KB, 200x200, 200px-ORION.78__civilization_mix_.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is a good song

>> No.33934135

Any U1 song under his 2MB alias is, really

>> No.33935491

>does anyone have training regimens or something to improve on accuracy on IIDX? I can barely keep up with scoring on 11s
>i'm thinking of going back to re-clearing all 10s on random+hard/exh, to see if that helps
Can you time easy songs well? If yes, just go grind hard stuff for a while. If not, go down a few levels and practice those. Don't bother trying for EXH.

>> No.33936854

STOIC HYPOTHESIS (Extended Mix) is pretty good.

>> No.33937746

>start being able to clear 17s
>try out vallis-neria on a whim
>notes during the spinning parts
what the actual fuck

>> No.33938524
File: 75 KB, 720x720, 1611662863067.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can time most stuff under 9s decently and get AA+half, but i don't think it's enough. I might just bite the bullet and go back to 8-9-10s at this point. 120hz really is a game changer though, god bless HV for actually implementing it, i never would have dreamed of it happening given the track record of shit programming konami games have.

discord trannies pls go & stay go

>> No.33940733
File: 126 KB, 878x1390, ybt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>walks up to iidx cab
>spins tables
>flicks fx sliders up and down
>holds one hand to his head
>bounces to fake music while continuing to scratch
>goes to next cab and repeats

I just don't understand.

>> No.33940734

Get newer data bro. Vallis is an 18.

>> No.33940989 [DELETED] 

niggers are savages and they only know the law of the brute

>> No.33941285

its no different than people who run up to a dance game cab, stomp around for 30 seconds with excitement, and then run away laughing hysterically

>> No.33943683

You can actually make it not spin by intentionally missing certain laser slams

>> No.33943812
File: 641 KB, 1920x1080, mpc-hc_2019-10-25_01-48-23.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there any level where you can consistently AAA?
A decent guideline early to mid-game is to get As on new clears, AAs one level below, and AAAs two levels below. So if you're at most clearing 11s and care about timing, you should aim to frequently get AAAs on 8/9s.

>i never would have dreamed of it happening given the track record of shit programming konami games have.
Don't worry, 120hz didn't take any of the shit programming away.

>> No.33943921
File: 20 KB, 438x438, 1588312671147.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i can get AAAs on 6s, 7s, some 8s i have AAAd but i don't play 8s often. I think that's my problem, i never go back to older levels, i'm constantly pushing my clears and get bored if i go back and try accuracy. As far as your guideline goes though, that's more or less where i'm at: my clears are As (sometimes Bs if we're talking stupid shit or the few 12s i can manage), i can usually get AAs on 10s. I still think the timing is fucking with me though, it feels wrong however i set it, it just feels less wrong if i set it right.

>120hz didn't take any of the shit programming away.
It's still frame-based so yes.

>> No.33944380
File: 67 KB, 512x512, 12498734.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just try to stick to the settings that feel the least wrong.
It'll never truly feel right thanks to the aforementioned programming issues*, but you will get used to it as long as you don't mess with your offset and GN too much. Lower levels will be more fun as well once you push through it.

*There are some hints that they may have fixed it in Exceed Gear (early/late being shown in milliseconds), but I don't think anyone has confirmed it yet. Fingers crossed that they implement it in IIDX if true.

>> No.33944457

It's silly that the game with a 83ms CRITICAL window managed to ditch frame alignment before the games with a 41ms COOL and 33ms PGREAT.

>> No.33944499
File: 270 KB, 200x200, 1586564690537.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Will do. Might even try doing a session later.
Thanks anon!

rhythm games are rather silly, yes

>> No.33944978

sorry i stole ur clout

>> No.33945087

its kind of IIDX's only charm point, besides the turntable I guess. They really don't want to fuck with IIDX. Like someone else mentioned, the game is at its core just..insanely fun to play. 7key is kind of a dead concept at this point though.

>> No.33945802

Not really. That's a glaring technical issue for multiple Bemani games, one whose fix would bring a net improvement to enjoyment without interfering with the design philosophy.
It's one of the reasons Bemani simulators often feel better than data.

>> No.33946672

Saw a pic of iidx/sdvx cabs relative to other cabs and people and they're a lot shorter looking than I would've thought.

For any lanklets here, how is it playing on one of those? I'm 6'4 and it looks like it'd be pretty uncomfortable.

>> No.33946752

im 6'2 and I powerstance it hurts after awhile but you get used to it

>> No.33946756

oh shit I didnt even realize the full data was out

>> No.33946860


Dolce is a midget and if you look at pics he is almost the "ideal height" for a iidx cab
playing on stage will 100% require powerstance, playing without the bass stage will depend on exactly what height you like dem buttans to be at
ignore all this if you're a stoolcuck, but don't be a stoolcuck

>> No.33946934

Do you have to powerstance a sdvx cab as well?

>> No.33946973

yeah I do

>> No.33947035

Is playing IIDX with a keyboard playable?

>> No.33948397

theres actually a group of players that do kb up into bms levels, so yes, just find a spread that's comfortable and (obvs) make sure your kb/pc registers all the buttons

>> No.33954541 [DELETED] 


>> No.33955747

Which I also don't understand. What part of that is even remotely funny to nogs?

>> No.33955814

You definitely have to powerstance

I've seen some 6'7" guy playing IIDX too. He used lift to raise the bar to like have of the screen

>> No.33955819

It can be done but don't expect any carryover to AC

Scratch charts are a bitch too

>> No.33963689

Playing these benami games on PC are so aids. It's either subscription based which requires a expensive controller to have the most fun, it's hard trying to find data files to play it without paying, and the gameplay itself is limited since it focuses mainly on high level gameplay, aka 8B.

That's why I really appreciate games like Djmax or ez2on because it's extremely affordable and accessible. There's a shit ton of options for all players including 4B, 5B, 6B, etc etc. Keyboard is really fun, playing with the ps4 controller is fun. It's fun for all range of players. That's why I don't even get why you guys think benami games are the only ones you should be playing when it just ain't for everyone.

>> No.33965169

>complain about playing iidx on controller/keyboard
>for some reason 6 button djmax is completely fine
what are you even babbling about

>> No.33965395

Definitely, but the sooner you get a controller the better.
Just play for a little on keyboard, get a feel for the game, and if you like it order a con. Once my controller arrived it took me like two weeks to get back to the same skill level I was at on kb, but now the game is much more fun, and scratch charts are actually playable.

>> No.33965425

I'm just saying there's a lot of options. You could slowly work your way from 4B to 8B and I think having that option is really good.

>> No.33965931

I repeat once again, heroic verse and vivid wave are literally on nyaa.

>> No.33966003

i agree, I spent years playing stepmania, so i was really spoiled by song selection and quality. once I got to djmax, I blew through djmax in a hurry, and immediately went back to 8K IIDX.

There's a reason people play bms for iidx kb, its like how I got spoiled by stepmania. DjMax just doesn't have the variety as a custom game, obviously. And BMS just happens to be a IIDX clone, just like StepMania was a DDR clone. Bemani also has the larger pull as a franchise. But if at the end of the day you like DJMax the best, thats fine, nobody cares

>> No.33970272
File: 300 KB, 384x384, himapan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thoughts on Himawari Punch?

>> No.33970343

Feels the least fulfilled compared to Hinabita, KokoNatsu, and even BBB.

>> No.33972642
File: 450 KB, 1000x900, 1594421626267.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that feel when no newer dr honda songs in almost a decade
>they'll never put kyamisama onegai back in
>IIDX keeps getting trap shit and edm garbage

it never stops hurting

>> No.33972866
File: 449 KB, 1748x2048, 421C00D8-62A0-446A-B98D-9BED407EC3EB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

konmai pls

>> No.33974112

iidx without omnimix is straight up unplayable

>> No.33974128

It is, but the timing between vanilla and omnimix is different, so if you want decent scores you have to play vanilla.

>> No.33974144

>It is, but the timing between vanilla and omnimix is different
wait really? shit, I had no idea. does this apply to only the omnimix songs or to everything?

>> No.33974176

everything, the whole game kinda gets screwed if you're starting the omnimix bat, don't ask me why. In general, iidx is shit software. I still think they haven't fixed the jaeger charts from crashing the game if you don't append a specific line to your gamestart beforehand

>> No.33976058

LMFAO I get AAAs on omni all the time, you just fucking suck.

>> No.33976717

Yeah the timing doesn't really feel any different for me, granted I was able to get the input lag to be nigh-unnoticable so that could be it but who knows.

>> No.33978809

yes, yes i do suck. But the timing is still different. Not wrong but different, at least, you do need to set offsets differently between omni and vanilla

>> No.33979476

I've never encountered this, and I'm incredibly autistic about timing. Autistic to the point that I can't even play omnimix anymore because of all the miniscule chart errors from all of the chart conversions. Are you sure you don't have something configured differently between the two, like monitor EDID or something that's altering the default offset.

>> No.33979668

yes, i even play on a separate windows install. I've downloaded over this data thousands of times though, i might try and do a clean one and see if that changes anything.

>> No.33980996
File: 225 B, 65x22, emot-iiam.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

git gud

>> No.33982715
File: 147 KB, 743x529, 1605794630424.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'll try, fren

>> No.33987238
File: 866 KB, 1282x722, HOT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thank you

>> No.33988012

people have literally 98'd 12s in omnimix and 99'd removed songs like cannibal coast, you just suck

>> No.33988039

IIDX music has always been garbage.

>> No.33988752

stop overgeneralizing and cope or move on

>> No.33988777

They'll probably still be around as long as gitadora features those 3 in future releases

>> No.33990405


>> No.33990412

are you using the cs timing hexedit or something like a faggot

>> No.33990653
File: 102 KB, 400x400, 1608970390958.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

jeez did someone piss on your wheaties? this is /jp/ not music game hell, anon, try putting some cream on for that butthurt, go talk to some trannies on discord, or just get the fuck out, which is the preferable option

>> No.33991394
File: 90 KB, 700x600, BE1583BD-09E9-45E2-92E8-67C1FF14E1ED.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Joyeuse VVD sightread
18 my ass

>> No.33993054 [DELETED] 

Look faggot, this is 4chan. We can shit all over losers like you all we want. Go fap to touhou and cry to your tranny discord friends; this isn't the place for you.

>> No.33993392

t. rannys

>> No.33994186
File: 187 KB, 360x450, Devil-Zukin_-_01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You Are the Miserable

>> No.33995858

A20 has such a good ost but damn do they drip-feed content

>> No.33996811
File: 66 KB, 413x578, 1599811858140.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your post sounds exactly like what reddit fags and discord faggots say 4chan posters sound like. You're not fooling anyone. Either you're some butthurt sows tranny or the monoxide rotten brain cunt, or trying to fit in, or a moron.

Sure thing buddy. Enjoy this (you).

>> No.33997339

most of the posts you quoted weren't even from the same person lul but thanks for bumping the thread faggot

>> No.33997427
File: 1.73 MB, 358x480, 1596069316238.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i know but they were all terrible posts

except >>33987238, that one i just misclicked

>> No.33997591

well good cuz that was the only good post out of all of those.

What is your favorite rhythm game?

>> No.33997821

IIDX and 5key. I like several others, but if we're talking strictly bemani gitadora and sdvx are fun too, albeit the latter's songlist is sometimes ehhh for me.

>> No.33999012

sdvx is bad and you should feel bad for playing it

>> No.33999132


>> No.34000477


>> No.34002169
File: 105 KB, 1000x1000, 46575678.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

finally done with the current dancerush event holy fuck
honestly, this is one of the worst events they could come up with

>> No.34002293
File: 76 KB, 200x179, 1608400882154.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i just want chill /jp/ friends to talk about video games with

is there even a way to arena on hv with people here?

>> No.34002566

I will marry YUC'e

>> No.34003717


>> No.34003724

gems if you're reading this fuck you

>> No.34004190
File: 174 KB, 548x410, 1605310793184.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

play good rhythm games not bad ones

>> No.34005102

You could agree on a time and try playing it on Enigma, but that's about it.

>> No.34005525 [DELETED] 
File: 17 KB, 320x320, 127380643_1089172634866808_7537554192811258012_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

do any of you have any involvement at all regarding arcade data releases

>> No.34007642

Been considering on buying a SDVX controller to play it on PC. Anyone know any good quality ones? I was recommended gamo2 but I want to see the other options.

>> No.34008046

Yuancon, if you can hit the annual 30 minute window where they actually have controllers in stock.

>> No.34008212

svse5 has worked fine for me

>> No.34008222

What setup do you recommend for svse5?

>> No.34008431

Gamo2 is going to release a new controller for SDVX soon so I'd watch out for that. I think they actually discontinued svse5.


>> No.34008991
File: 9 KB, 184x184, e189e3dfbaff038561aeace8d39e68c960331b47_full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well, do you?

>> No.34009058

Svse5 ain't in stock anymore so it might be.

>> No.34011812

Didn't work for me. Dunno what's wrong. We sat there for 20m straight and tried both local and network or whatever

>> No.34012299

sdvx is good and you should feel good for playing it

>> No.34014142

kinda sucks that the only way to play fly away and our song with modern settings is through illegal means since these will never be in infinitas.

>> No.34014187

I can get 97s on 10s and never noticed a difference between omni and vanilla.

>> No.34014318

Copals and omrons are more than good enough. No idea how much of an improvement ac knobs are, but copals are fine if you're just starting

>> No.34014796

it will all mean nothing when humanity passes away. get omnimix data and have fun, anon.

>> No.34017314

Did you use the matchingmaking VPN config? It can be buggy, but it should at least sort of work.

>> No.34018316


Thanks for this, my Omnimix is off by -1.x from my regular version, which itself is also clearly not configured right. I got them from a guy friend from the arcade and I have no access to sows so I'm just running it as it came, but I can tell there is something not properly configured with the sync. Aside from the EDID what else could I check? I use s*tools for regular iidx and b*tools for omnimix if that helps.

>> No.34018354

Do you run it at 120hz?

>> No.34020493

>Autistic to the point that I can't even play omnimix anymore because of all the miniscule chart errors from all of the chart conversions
How often is this an issue, though? I could only imagine that really being the case for really, really early (as in, before 3rd Style) charts

>> No.34020521

What does your monitor check usually look like?
>I use s*tools for regular iidx and b*tools for omnimix if that helps.
That might also be why. I recommend using one toolset and one config for both.

>> No.34021202

people just like to complain

>> No.34022105
File: 253 KB, 1000x1000, 1588990490618.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can arena with me, I suck

>> No.34022319
File: 153 KB, 493x413, 1589467073171.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh I forgot means of communication though, my discord is Joh#4465, can also troubleshoot your matching issues

>> No.34023774

Any charts that have not been in the game in DJ TROOPERS AC or later have a different, lossy chart format that cannot be converted to the new chart format well. If converting directly from the old format to the new one, it's prone to double rounding errors (frame number -> millisecond timestamp -> frame number). If the old chart is quantized to beats before converted to milliseconds, it's usually a better conversion, but it's also a destructive process that makes assumptions that might not be entirely accurate.

This applies to several songs as new as HAPPY SKY and DistorteD, and all CS conversions that konmai didn't port to AC themselves. The last time I checked, PATRIOTISM was among the list songs that was never released with the new chart format, until it was added to INFINITAS.

Post scores.

>> No.34024531

All 99 Canadians are in this thread

>> No.34024990
File: 34 KB, 699x763, 1612003351201.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you are not wrong

>> No.34025011

Does SDVX have the most community support compared to other benami games?

>> No.34025168

nice BMS chart you got there

>> No.34027308

Well my friend imported me from Trannies'R'Us into Enigma and walked me through running the VPN to play the game. If there is a specific config I have to do in tandem with his then I have no idea. He even asked the discord and they just told us to loiter in Local forever until we matched.

>> No.34030357

Yeah we have a lot of moron users, but usually the issues are firewall related

>> No.34030443

How can a caveman like myself get the audio from heroic verse to get captured by anything else? like say obs for video recording or streaming or discord when chatting with homies? do I need to download one of those desktop audio mixers or something?

>> No.34031111

There's a program called flex asio that can do this

>> No.34032070
File: 989 B, 250x29, patch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the latest version of spicetools has a shared audio patch for hv

>> No.34032156

my friend invited me to bemanichan, i dont even have to know japanese because he vouched for me, basically n-0 heaven

>> No.34032445

thanks. Unfortuntately it caused audio desynching for me

>> No.34032975

Alright so. What exactly do I gotta change? Sorry to ask for tech support but Sowsnigma is fuck all useful.

>> No.34033641

Typically people just disable windows firewall entirely because it's unbelievably worthless anyways, on both machines. It's also a good means of eliminating that potential issue and a fair starting point. I am fairly adamant however if you posted in the troubleshooting section we'd inevitably resolve your issue, or searched the discord more, as there's several instances of people being unable to match with lots of examples of what they did to get it working

>> No.34033691

Now with more gimmicks than ever

>tfw still no valkyrie cab

>> No.34033879

just browsing the thread, but i wonder, should i get a better version of windows for running hv at some point? I have Win10 Home and everything I've tried still doesn't work as far as fully deleting firewalls.

>> No.34033959
File: 6 KB, 185x186, 1594896590067.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not sure, I've always been able to see this and turn them on/off on my version of w10, surely the home version can turn that shit off

>> No.34034110


No, 60


Oddly it starts at 5.xxxx FPS, holds that for a second or two, then steps up to ~40.xxxx FPS for a second or two, then goes to 60 FPS where it stays between 60.0020 and 60.0000 for the remainder of the check. However if I leave it on Song Select with FC & EXHC lamps flashing, you can see the game hiccup and the lamps stop flashing in the correct pulse for a second, like the game is stuttering or desyncing. I'm wondering if that is happening during the song sometimes and I just can't notice it like I can when its rendering the flashing lamps?

>> No.34034549

Man grace looks so good in this game

>> No.34035000

Heroic Verse made a lot of changes under the hood to support multiple framerates. The flickering lamps no longer exactly tied to frames and the strange monitor check are some of those things. The lamps will seemingly skip a frame occasionally like you mentioned, even on official cabinets. You can ignore it.

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