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just stick to farming assists pizza dad...

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>Joined the stack just in time to see it end

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I hope someone recorded Shien's twitcast and upload it here. He said something interesting like wanting to make a stream about all Holostars's loud laugh (something that burst their laugh, and he is very curious about Miyabi and Izuru's because he never hear them laugh so loud)

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Shogun and Meika APEX. I have no clue where the Seaweed is, I'm assuming he's gonna join in later.

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Astel POV in ~5 minutes. Although Shogun and Meika are in a game right now, so unless they die fast we might have to wait a bit more.

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I'm recording it, cant actually listen to it right now but that does sound like a good stream, already really into those compilation videos.

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Astel's POV

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seaweed pov

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I made a survey similar to the /hlg/ one that was made a few months ago but this one is Holostars focused aimed to see what ratio of different types of fans we have as well as what overlap there is with fans of the female branches.

I will be posting this here and in other threads over the next few days so please fill it out if you like any Holostars.

Also a sneak peak at one of the results so far (favorite Holostar). You can try to guess who's who if you like

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Thank you anon. I'm not really sure if he said "stream" or maybe just want to make/see the compilation of their laughs. But yeah, the idea of making Holostars laughs so hard is pretty fun.

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Is the top 3 Shien, Rikka, and Astel?

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>This is the IGN that Astel plans to bring to Master

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I see why you would think that but the colors were assigned randomly.

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Guessing that 31.3 is Roberu and the 26.1 is Astel I'm really curious about the third one.

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Most likely Aruran

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Most likely Aruran.

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Theyre still playing in casual now right? Maybe he will change it when they do ranked

Then Roberu, Astel, and Temma because it seems like people here are sucker for SunTempo lol

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Yeah, for warm ups. And he explicitly stated that he changed it to that name for the sole purpose of having it as his name when he gets to Master.

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I should also mention that "other threads" refer to /hlg/ and /hlgg/ so don't assume the results will just reflect this thread.

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I'd put in an answer if login just wasn't required. My favorites (in order) would be:
1. Roberu
2. Arusan
3. Shien

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I had to require login to limit spamming and trolling.

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1. Roberu
2. Astel
3. Oga

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Rikka and Temma in AruPEX

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I just noticed that it was one of the radio ones he keeps the archive on for but in case you just want the audio anyway: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/7tonnckfzow7t/3_15_21

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Picking up crypto was a great decision.

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Ah, that's reasonable, yes. I hope that reply was okay given that I haven't answered the google survey and all.

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Astel has been getting good results with his apex strategy, will he get masters this season?

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He thinks he can get it this stream if that's what you're asking. It doesn't matter if it takes 3 or 12 hours, he's getting it today.

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That's the plan and I hope so. This team is solid.

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A more aggressive strategy with BH + Octane + Rev would be more entertaining to watch, but this will train their decision making skills more than just "3rd party with rev + octane ults"

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Workout and zatsudan with Aruran tomorrow

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Wonder what his workout regime is

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Also tomorrow, Phasmo collab with Aruran, Shien, Kuku, and Izumi

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Nice. Phasmo recently got a pretty big update on the main branch, so I'm looking forward to it.

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Holostar feels like male Animare branch at this point

>> No.33730071

You could say that it's Anima(le)

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The boys have nothing to fear. The cock will protect them.

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Rough back to back losses.

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I heard the IDs talked about it briefly in their collab. The change that they said is the ghost can now open doors.

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that luck

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That's why you don't move around so much in the penultimate ring with 6 other teams around. They would've been fine if they hid under the stairs from the get go

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Masters is within sight it so close

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There were a LOT of changes. They improved the ghost's pathing, and when the ghost loses line of sight, it searches from your last known location instead of randomly.

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>Astel isn't stopping until Izuru and Meika also get to Master
Seaweed 3150!

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The true team player. In the end Apex relies on the power of your friendship

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If anyone wanna keep track of Astel's matches.
It doesn't update right away, though. Right now he's a bit less than 200 RP from Master.

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This man shooting through cracks.

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>144 RP left
Take my energy Seaweed UOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH

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Everyone else: Gotta cover the map
Astel: Im covering my rank

>> No.33731216

Covering map is pointless after all, many of the preds play with a delay instead

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Minimum KP for each placement that will lead to Astel getting Master this game:
3rd place (40) + 6 Kill Points (20 x 6 = 120) = 160
2nd place (60) + 5 Kill Points (20 x 5 = 100) = 160
1st place (100) + 2 Kill Points (25 x 2 = 50) = 150

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Cutest fucking censor

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Really excited to see it happen live

>> No.33731441

Looks like it's not happening this game.

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Their playstyle is fucking frustrating to watch. They either too aggressive and get killed early or too conservative that they didn't get any significant points in the end. They also never go for the kill, especially Astel, where he would just broke his target armor and then change target with no reason whatsoever, hell, occasionally they downed someone but promptly let them be revived, this is the reason they get fucked by Yufuna on that last tourney, while sometimes it's better to leave knocked enemy and focus on the others, its just idiotic to deny freebie KP where even one kill can make a difference between a minus and plus points.

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Master is so close but they keep losing...

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holy fuck that was embarrassing

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I hope they won't burn out from those losses, I'm pumped for Master today.

Yeah. But at least they are talking it out.

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The main issue right now is that their team strategy is too heavily revolving around Astel sniping. This just makes them prime third party bait since other teams will tend to revolve around them, and makes it really easy to get gatekept since the enemy always knows where you are. Even if they down someone, they can't follow up because portals take too fucking long to set up. They should be running Crypto + Rev + Octane if they really want to rush down any potential victim and still incorporate the sniping part.

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Yeah man, I know. Just airing out some grievance, doesn't help that its 4AM JST, guess they're a bit sleepy.

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God damn, that successful engage broke the awkwardness completely. Thank god for that.

>> No.33732518

Lol the guy that fell is going to be the foundation upon which the Master empire is built

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>> No.33732587

What a fucking turn around, just go ham on kills

>> No.33732588

so fucking close ARRRRGHH

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16RP short are you fucking kidding me.

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so close...

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Next game, right?

>> No.33732627

embrace the rat lifestyle astel, there's no shame

>> No.33732639

All they need to do is get 1 or 2 kills and survive to top 4

>> No.33732678

My heart is still fucking beating from the way he went into the zone and climbed up to take out 2/3 of the enemy squad from behind

>> No.33732764

Yeah, it was a pretty great play, I was sure that the circle was going to kill him

>> No.33732847

Loss due an earthquake

>> No.33732859

Mother nature is trying to fuck with them.

>> No.33732865

Even the planet itself is trying to interfere with the Road to Master by sending an earthquake to Astel.

>> No.33732866

That jishin distraction, what a smart enemy team. Meika getting to top 3 would mean no point loss, there's still hope. Plus they can still get revived

>> No.33732890

Nice Meika

>> No.33732899

Good save shark aniki.

>> No.33732935

Shogun you got this.

>> No.33732936

Getting fucked by Rev pushes always feels terrible.

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Fight Shogun, I believe!

>> No.33733042

-8 rp...

>> No.33733094

Could've been way worse if Meika and Shogun didn't clutch out their respective escapes.

>> No.33733138

Astel... Izuru... Meika...

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>> No.33733144

welp, another -48
back to 72 points

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This match will be the one, anons, I can feel it.

>> No.33733281

I feel something really change after the vtuber tournament. Most standout performer in the tournament started grinding to Master, then everyone followed. Astel said he consider Reid his rival, so he wanted to reach Master just like him. Aqua suddenly has motivation to tryhard to Master. These vtubers are really competitive in Apex, eh.

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I hate you fucks

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Fucking jinxed it.

>> No.33733414

Next match isn't going to be the one. I can feel it.

>> No.33733450

Please let reverse psychology work

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Not this one boys.

>> No.33733623

Don't underestimate the other pillar of the chibistars, he'll get first and bring the positive points back

>> No.33733638

We were so close...

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Believe in Shogun

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Izuru so quiet

>> No.33733759

it's cute

>> No.33733880

That's one of the reasons why I like him so much.
>tfw no kusogaki country cat boy to pat on the head while he concentrates on APEX

>> No.33733895

shogun is meditating

>> No.33734239

I don't envy the JP and ID watching this. Their sleeping schedule is beyond fucked.

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>> No.33734284

Just 56 rp away from Master!

>> No.33734289

Is Apex actually fun to play? Why are the Japanese so obsessed with it? Is it just a menhera attracter? I subbed to Astel to catch his no archive karaoke, but I see his Apex stuff constantly pop up my recommendations. It's hype to root for his victory, but I honestly don't understand how you could grind that many hours in it.[\spoiler]

>> No.33734307

You just have to try it. Astel convinced me to actually try out Apex after a lifetime of thinking the battle royale format wasnt for me and I found it pretty fun

>> No.33734488

Meika can always count on that dude to pull off a clutch

>> No.33734489

Makea is god.

>> No.33734491

Meika saved it!

>> No.33734519

It's fun. I usuallly played csgo, but only for 2-3 hours in one sitting each time. With apex I could play for 10h and still be having fun. You'll have to try for yourself, but I find it very addictive. I guess it's mostly due the fast paced gameplay, and things like the diversity/maneuverability. Coming from csgo is a breath of fresh air.

Maeka kami

>> No.33734521

jesas gamer alert

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Why do they do this

>> No.33734545

Meika is a fucking god.

>> No.33734596

meika honorary holostar just for apex carries

>> No.33734608

It looks fun. I would play it if not for my Oga level motion sickness.

>> No.33734640

NOOO, the hemlock hipfire failed at the most crucial moment.

>> No.33734641


>> No.33734645


>> No.33734650

They nerfed hemlok's hipfire just recently.

>> No.33734652


>> No.33734654

TWO points away ... Just 1 more kill or assist along the way would've been it ...

>> No.33734656


>> No.33734670


>> No.33734683


>> No.33734686


>> No.33734696

4 damn RP!!! Just rat this game and get it!

>> No.33734721

Would have to rat till like second place

>> No.33734780

Guerrilla stream from the knight with Loop Hero

>> No.33734791

I started playing around a month ago just after the tournament, put like 100 hours in and basically stopped playing last week. After you get past the initial hump it's pretty fun and you start to understand the people who put in crazy hours at a time, but after that it started getting frustrating again because there are a LOT of aspects that got on (my) nerves to the point where I wasn't having fun even if I was doing well and it just felt like a waste of time, moreso than other games.

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I can't escape.

>> No.33735024

go back to loop hero you 2byte ghoul!

>> No.33735089

I hope he can meet and beat him this time, I'd hate for the final episode to end without a victory though I doubt this is true final last.

>> No.33735171

Is Temma further speeding up the game with CE or something? Or can you just make it faster later on?

>> No.33735187

You can edit one of the ini files.

>> No.33735213

The devs have also said they planned to make faster speed options, so hopefully what Temma does will be doable in game soon

>> No.33735215

Neat, thanks.

>> No.33735242

The problem with this is that it fucks with treasuries and the initial spawn of Ransacked villages

>> No.33735355

how does it affect ransacked villages? aren't those loop based

>> No.33735383

When you first transform the village its supposed to spawn the 4 ghouls right away but when you have the game sped up that much the ransacked village will start empty until the next loop

>> No.33735388

Master rank...

>> No.33735426

Miyabi Morning Flower in 10 minutes

>> No.33735485

ohh i see

>> No.33735644

Today's schedule

>> No.33735681

why is shinove such a badass

>> No.33735686

He's still asleep huh

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Morning voice chance very high this morning.

>> No.33735717

my cute flower boy is late but we can possibly hear a morning voice

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File: 163 KB, 1547x1674, EvKVVVxVkAA7JQ4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That means morning voice, which is a positive

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>> No.33735740


>> No.33735741


>> No.33735748


>> No.33735761

What a way to enter master with a champion

>> No.33735767

Thread theme

>> No.33735768


>> No.33735789


>> No.33735802

Astel is a mastermind, only turning on supachas after reaching master so they pour in

>> No.33735891

This is really nice morning Miyabi, I will miss the morning flowers if he really does end up stopping.

>> No.33735906

How fucked is the team if Izuru reaches master as well?

>> No.33735918

I don't they can both be on the same team if Izuru reaches Master.

>> No.33735960

Excited for everyone to congratulates Astel on his tweet

>> No.33736008

Correct me here if I'm wrong, but this makes Astel not only the highest rank in HoloPro (actively, I know Botan was also Master rank?) alone, but in a rather slim % of the ranked playerbase for Apex, right?

>> No.33736052

Yup. There were only 0.20% of ranked players who reached Master/ Pred in season 7. I assume there's a similar amount this season as well.

>> No.33736060

>All this money
Wow, they were waiting for this!

>> No.33736311

I'm happy to know that Roberu looks healthy and properly fed now instead of a skeleton thanks to all the SC he's been getting

>> No.33736405

Maybe Izuru streams for the road to Master?

>> No.33736635

Is he? Does he say so? I'm happy for him

Please. I miss watching his APEX POV gameplay. Although he looks like usually get to be knockdowned, his gameplay is actually fun to watch and he is smart and calm. I hope his internet connection wont mess his stream.

>> No.33736665

You can see him on a recent NND collab >>33735735

>> No.33736684

Looks like Shien gonna have another date

>> No.33736748

I thought Kira was sick. Good to see he's still doing ok

>> No.33736768

>I thought Kira was sick
that's what you get for taking /hlg/ narratives seriously

>> No.33736789

Hate me or whatever but i really really want a gen 4.

>> No.33736794

Shien gets to go on dates with all of the Stars... How lucky

>> No.33736801

Suntempo bond so cute, I didnt expect Astel to visit the Knight after all that apex.

>> No.33736812

I don't think thats a bad desire, honestly. Plus, iirc, they've expressed that they need more members if they wanna hold real, big, grand lives and what not.

>> No.33736816

Anon that was the official graduation reason given by him and cover...

>> No.33736827

They need at least one holostar who is fluent in English to bridge the language barrier between holostars and their relatively big EOP audience.

>> No.33736835


>> No.33736850

I mean, you're not wrong that it's a narrative, but that was not from hlg but Cover's own mouth.

>> No.33736870

Is this asian-grade well fed? must be the oversized sweater...

>> No.33736882

The narratives was that it was something life threatening and he might die soon

>> No.33736893

Thank you anon. He really does looks healthier

You're not alone. Though I find the 9 of them already great. Astel even said he likes the current 9 of them because 9 is a good number kinda bring me back to LL girls

Izuru.... sadly he was traumatized by his own EOP viewers

>> No.33736902
File: 238 KB, 329x407, 1586644649523.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>sabotaged Roberu 3D
how can we put an end to this cute threat.

>> No.33736904

Izuru so cute!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3marry me!!!!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3I don't understand a thing!!!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

>> No.33736910

>he might die soon
I have never seen that one, even from hlg. If anything, people were just speculating that he had something like Miko with how little he streams, but speculations kinda died down when his roommate started doing collabs normally.

>> No.33736924

Miyabi did nothing wrong.

>> No.33736934

I will never forgive them for making Izuru felt anxious and frustrated back then he even unarchived his utawaku. Fuck overseas teenager gachikois.

>> No.33736951

I'd rather think Izuru was pissed off. Sounds cooler. Mean! stronk

>> No.33737000

Its cute how he almost introduced himself as roberu on that collab

>> No.33737082

I just started Loop Hero yesterday and just tuned in To Temma playing it for the first time and damn...
How long will it take me to get this far? I don't even have allies or rivers yet...

>> No.33737097

It picks up once you get river, significantly. That said you have some grind ahead of you, I'm minmaxing like temma now and haven't attempted secret boss yet, took a solid 3 or 4 days or so

>> No.33737109

River and Forest will let you destroy act 3 and 4 once you can get them running. I just tried to fight the secret boss and found out i need a shit ton of items in my camp

>> No.33737145

>secret boss
You mean the skeleton thing or is this a different boss?

>> No.33737159

Honestly I'm not sure as I haven't really exposed myself to any spoilers but I know It's a group of bosses or something, the only skeleton boss I'm aware of is lich?

>> No.33737172

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Y6GlNopUrs starting
When will Roberu stream in 3D again? I need to see his model all fixed and proper

>> No.33737189

If your talking about the lich thats the first boss. The secret boss requires you to beat act 2 at least before you can even try fighting it

>> No.33737196

I remember some mention that he and Rikka are gonna line up a 3D Collab with each other first in celebration. So more than likely sometimes this month first 3D stream will be that.

>> No.33737198

I see. Thank you.

>> No.33737236

Yeah i came across that one but couldn't manage to beat him yet
I'm still figuring the game out but it's pretty fun but also time draining

>> No.33737351

Rikka will have his 100k celebration in 3D this month right? Idk if that's going to be a collab tho

>> No.33737400

>Plenty of stuff I can't tell you yet!
could it be >>33737196

>> No.33737409

My JP isn't very good, but I caught that he was talking about Eva. Did he see the new movie?

>> No.33737422

Probably not, but Roberu did just mention he has things planned he can't tell us about yet.

>> No.33737454

>Roberu on the toilet
oh my...

>> No.33737469

Did he yell from the toilet? How the heck his neighbours hasnt complained yet

>> No.33737497

Bathroom fanservice, lucky us. Didnt he try this before and it was inaudible, did he have the new mic back then?

>> No.33737505

Someone should show Roberu the Jojo meme video someone made out of his 3D

>> No.33737507

Not yet. He did say something about Q been 8 years ago (2 olympics)

>> No.33737512

From what I picked up in the tls, he knows about it but it's been such a long time since he last saw Eva that he doesn't remember the plot at all, so he probably won't watch it, at leasy not for a good while.

>> No.33737540

Funny stream, but I'm having PTSD flashbacks to Mori's brappening

>> No.33737551

was it all that bad though

>> No.33737557

He's probably going to be busy still then. I'm still gonna wait for the 3D collab with Ruri-nee someday.

>> No.33737597

>3D collab with Ruri-nee
This one couldn't come sooner. Just imagine...

>> No.33737634

How can you still not remember Shinoves birthday at least Roberu.

>> No.33737636


>> No.33737639

Roberu surprises me with how much how he seems to plan streams, only to turn around and improv over half the contents of said stream.

He's just going to be constantly scooting away while she keeps trying to get close

>> No.33737675

I love Roberu

>> No.33737690

>I like Shien as a friend

>> No.33737701

existence is pain

>> No.33737765

Horse game is getting a new banner soon. Prepare the salt streams.

>> No.33737821

That's not gonna stop any fujos

Why do I have a feeling that when the horse fad passes, Robe's still gonna played it?

>> No.33737832

Wait, I haven't checked yet. Is it Turbo this time?

>> No.33737866

I love Miyabi's boots

>> No.33737869

Temmas gonna get ripped apart by the secret boss

>> No.33737888

He is, I want him to scrape by somehow but its not going to happen. Oh sweet whining and crying thats about to happen though.

>> No.33737903

The fight wasnt even long enough to get a false glimmer of hope.
Poor Knight

>> No.33737976

Get your fat-jelly ass up. It's time to sweat.

>> No.33737985

does he have a set of weights?
what the fuck is happening I'm intimidated

>> No.33738020

i wonder if he's wearing really short shorts

>> No.33738049

Flower boy has such pretty shoes, white day boots are my favourite.

>> No.33738121

This would be a good concept for a 3D stream.

>> No.33738162

Robesan forgot to kill the stream...

>> No.33738220

not today Arusan, not today

>> No.33738229


>> No.33738946

Well, I gotta say this stream was quite informative, both Aruran and the chat gave pretty good advice and information, definitely gonna rewatch this when I start exercising more.

>> No.33739149

Knight just cannot win against the secret boss.

>> No.33739160

He's not pumping fast enough is probably the issue, pays to just get there at a low loop count

>> No.33739192

Anything but planks papa anything but planks.

>> No.33739262
File: 410 KB, 1280x720, perfect form.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.33739508

Did you submit your oshi to the Nendoroid Select 2021 survey yet, anon? http://s.goodsmile.link/5Ax?fbclid=IwAR12xTEydUhKOgaLu-z4oaNKMHJwZp2dVNO-WUe585Hz8RIOLJaY4JsSWcM
Makes me wonder about what his next outfit will be... IIRC he wanted to have his own individual outfit reveal. Maybe with how the boys have been inclining recently his dream could become true sooner than later.

>> No.33739661
File: 167 KB, 344x373, 1601470189459.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And so the loop continues...

>> No.33739679
File: 548 KB, 535x558, temsad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Poor knight, that last one felt like it could've been winnable.
I did though I dont at all expect it to happen but who knows, more of a chance than what I usually ask for.

>> No.33739842
File: 128 KB, 600x504, Screenshot from 2021-03-16 12-40-24.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I might be the only one, but I crack up every time I check up on Temma's twitter and see Tenken Yozora on a plain white background as his banner. I don't know what I find so funny about it, but it just is.

>> No.33739931

I get you, I feel the same way whenever I see his discord icon. He really lives up to that True Neutral title at times

>> No.33740079

Why do I find "Izuchama", "Tenchan", and "Shiepi" so endearing to hear when the members call their name by that? Is there any cute nicknames for other Stars?

>> No.33740158

Rikka has nickname for every members

>> No.33740163

It is really cute to hear that, I'm really fond of how Roberu uses Hanasaki and Leda!
The seesaawiki does have a few mentioned here though those entries havent been updated in a while for some the best example is Rikkas page : https://seesaawiki.jp/holostarstv/d/%ce%a7%b2%c4

>> No.33740171

I like it when Roberu uses Leda for Astel. Especially because Roberu's not the type to uses nicknames

>> No.33740178

Izuizu, Miyabin and Shiepi are too fucking cute.

>> No.33740239

Not by other members, but Izuru used to called maomao by his chinese fans before and I always find that nickname really cute

>> No.33740930

Meika's view of the game with mad comeback thanks to the suicidal horizon

>> No.33741105

I kinda wanna fuck Meika

both versions.

>> No.33741126

quick Meika appreciation

>> No.33741132

Roberu and Meika 3d...

>> No.33741140

he's technically an indie now isn't he?

>> No.33741143

yeah, up8 is dead

>> No.33741161

god part of me wishes he'd go and 3d collab with the boys

indie life must feel pretty alright now that he's established

>> No.33741182

He's definitely been one of my favorites for Holostar collabs.

>> No.33741245

Samples of Miyabi's birthday merch, looks cute but it doesn't look like it holds much. Can fit a switch tho

>> No.33741256

It looks nice but a bit fragile

>> No.33741269

just like miyabi

>> No.33741312
File: 331 KB, 383x399, 1611419188401.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine taking Meika while being taken by Meika at the same time.

>> No.33741367

It's cute, just hope the colors look a little better in person and that's just the shit lighting. Wish the bag was either a pouch or tote instead but will use since I like these type of small bags anyway.

>> No.33741445

god yes please

>> No.33741613

If only...

>> No.33741973

Holostars had a big kaigai fanbase, with Astel had the most kaigai ratio in his subscribers, but which boy actually popular among japanese people?

>> No.33742147

Probably still Roberu and Rikka

>> No.33742366

Why were people talking so much shit about Seaweed on that thread? Saying JP viewers hate him or whatever.
Also, it's good to see R*beru and K*ra, thanks for linking it.

>> No.33742474

Rikka premiere

>> No.33742477

> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGi8J41AHhg
Nobody posted it?!
It is a 5 minutes song

>> No.33742546

Sasuga Holoroid, flexing a fuckton his singing voice. Nice vid overall

>> No.33742564

Old man's voice is crazy good as always

>> No.33742606

so why don't more holos take rikka for duets?

>> No.33742674

Singing with men is yabe

>> No.33742738

He's Festival's property

>> No.33742743

Nice piano by Wing. Rikka nailed these notes pretty well

>> No.33742763
File: 333 KB, 551x564, Screenshot from 2021-01-03 18-23-13.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Probably awkward to invite someone to a duet knowing he'd completely outshine you.

>> No.33742825

wasn't he with Azki the last month?

>> No.33742981

Looks like there's more to come, it's a nice format

>> No.33743103
File: 1.33 MB, 2232x1256, Etlm6ROUcAEF17e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based singing old man.

>> No.33743274

Azki is a vdiva tho, not an idol. So that's probably why its okay for them.

>> No.33743433

>idol culture
not this shit again

>> No.33743549

We had Miyabi's leg now get ready for Roberu's eye

>> No.33743727

The replies have finally come in!

>> No.33743944

It was only a matter of time until flower boy as an experienced gacha addict would get infected as well.

>> No.33744012

> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXnhgh2HBDg
Holostars-Animare Phasmaphobia collab. Kuku is always a great partner so I have no worries that it will be fun

>> No.33744092

All the apexheads showing up.

>> No.33744178

YT keeps getting buggier each week. What a mess.

>> No.33744390

I’ll have what you’re having

>> No.33744464

I’m in love with his mama’s coloring

>> No.33744480

>bad playback
>bad chat engine (the worst functioning shit of all that list)
>bad recommendations
>bad analytics
>bad AI (shadow)bans
>bad support
Is there even something working correctly there?

>> No.33744574

Fucking YT get your shit together, I need my fix of Izumi panicking while the other three just fucking mess around.

>> No.33744575

Raking in the money

>> No.33744614

They still aren't a profitable business ever since they got bought by Google. It is only still alive because the whole corporation is solid enough to host and manage it

>> No.33744627

I'm still sad I can't see the chat replay of Painter

>> No.33744936 [DELETED] 

On an annual basis, Google says YouTube generated $15 billion last year and contributed roughly 10 percent to all Google revenue. Those figures make YouTube's ad business nearly one fifth the size of Facebook's, and more than six times larger than all of Amazon-owned Twitch.

>> No.33745036

Honorary Holostar now

>> No.33745441


>> No.33745554

Look at this Seaweed. Just got to Master and now he thinks he can carry everyone there.

>> No.33745561
File: 30 KB, 195x238, 2F6E1BB0-F0C6-4C34-9892-A2E010AC3757.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33745634

If they try hard enough anything is possible!

>> No.33745787


>> No.33745999

Shogun's road to master rank

>> No.33746147

Rare Izuchama POV stream and Youtube just had to shit the bed today of all days.

>> No.33746400

No morning stream on the schedule.

>> No.33746417

Meika POV

Cute of them to wait for him.

>> No.33746500

This was really great, Rikka is always nice to listen to but this one really appeals to me, good piano too.
I love the old mans cute movements and shuffle dancing.

>> No.33746527

Has Robe-san ever skip morning
stream without something special happened in that day? I only remember he skipped when 3D debut and anniversary

>> No.33746544
File: 50 KB, 468x429, 1609242436207.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>A good chunk of Izuru's APEX friend list is just Astel's smurfs.
big grass

>> No.33746575
File: 250 KB, 322x365, 1B20F252-6E40-4D30-A078-13E6CC0DF915.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.33746736

Making friends with Meika was a good start. Keep it at it, young shogun.

>> No.33746881
File: 295 KB, 2560x1160, MizDongmi_EtqVL2QVoAIffk8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

one for each of his outfits

>> No.33746964

I like how they always make summer astel out to be a slut

>> No.33747049

Miyabi's luck is such bullshit, how is Teio's skill activating everytime

>> No.33747111

Miyabi is the protagonist, after all.

>> No.33747154
File: 265 KB, 1377x2037, Ee7a5p4U4AAz_i8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Summer Astel is definitely a slut

>> No.33747179

I'm really curious too, since he said he's been planning new stuff

>> No.33747208

I really wonder how they wouldve handled a space themed white day outfit, though they probably wouldve just went the traditional suit, some fancy version of the skin tight body suit underneath each outfit wouldve been cool.

>> No.33747259

Miyabi just confirmed Yurustars Apex is gonna be diamond endurance. A P E X 3 1 5 0

>> No.33747282

Double the shark teeth.

>> No.33747305

Shark teeth kisses...uooh

>> No.33747533

Topping both is better.

>> No.33747544

I can't believe watching Astel's POV all the time deprived me of the shogun's cute noises while playing. He's quiet compared to the other too and that's cute.
The face of a whore.

>> No.33747559

*two. I'm stupid.
Why not both?

>> No.33747638

His voice usually drowns down in the other two's streams so it's actually really nice that the sound balance on his own stream favors himself more than the other two.

>> No.33747718

Now just realized that I responded to the wrong post. >>33747544 was meant for >>33747154 My bad.
It's always nice to be able to listen to him more clearly.

>> No.33747904

Also no collab this week either. It's pretty suspicious maybe 3d redebut?

>> No.33748017

How many views do you guys think he'd get on a 3d redebute? More, since everyone who saw the VOD/memes is excited to see the new rigging? Less, since the initial hype died down?

>> No.33748082

I just read this with gorila's voice, can I ship them?

>> No.33748085

This stream made me realize how cute Shogun's NY outfit in Live2D and how comfy his stream is without the gachikois in the chat

Ah, yes. Shogun noises is as cute as Temma's.

>> No.33748088

Pfft. Not that it wasn’t fitting anon

>> No.33748227

>can i ship them
Haha I already do. in a threeway with meika

>> No.33748228

Not the best day for grinding, seems like

>> No.33748333

How much RP did they lose so far? I only got here now.

>> No.33748455

Less, for sure.
I think casuals won't care for tuning in for a Holostar 3D anytime soon, unless the next one is very good and creates many memes out of it.
Cover fucked up hard on this one.
If they knew of the problems beforehand, I still don't get why they couldn't postpone it.

>> No.33748494

I couldn’t watch roberu 3d because i can’t handle secondhand embarrassment at all.

>> No.33748581
File: 29 KB, 222x244, 1609339983643.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"it's funny, Izuru-san is sandwiched between two loud people"

>> No.33748591

Yeah, what's the point of having their own studio when their staff is that blatantly uncompetent, assets produced by external professionals and streams scheduled so rarely?

>> No.33748599
File: 26 KB, 212x222, 1609263056920.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Didn't mean to use that image.

>> No.33748631

god damn that was a chaotic match

>> No.33748651

that was nice
they also seem to be getting louder

>> No.33748676

the adrenaline is pumping followed by post nut clarity between their matches

>> No.33748682
File: 1.25 MB, 800x800, F711C3E7-CE00-4D66-8F97-DDCAF08E104C.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He’s so fucking CUTE

>> No.33748700

I also get the feeling that it would be less, though I'm not expecting a redebute any time soon at this point I'm just hoping that whoever is next or the eventual Roberu/Rikka collab has less issues.
You're missing out what will probably be the only suntempo content we will be getting in a while outside of the show possibly, fight it at least for that anon.

>> No.33748704

Izuru needs to stop being a cute gaki before I do something bad.

>> No.33748747

He ain't stopping soon, anon.
How bad could it possibly be?

>> No.33749023

Its based on the fact that JP listeners actually dislike a stream if they actually dislike it instead of just switching off. But really, its probably just bait, don't pay it mind.

>> No.33749097

I thought the body 3D was generally ok, the biggest problem was Roberu's face. He's probably a really expressive person, I want to see his model reflect that

>> No.33749142

For real why was his face so flat and plasticy

>> No.33749216

Hasn't Cover's 3D tech always been pretty basic and bad at tracking their talent's expressions? Their Live2D does a much better job, but they always trip up with the 3D facial tracking.

>> No.33749238

Not very sure but his New Year's outfit paired with the cute gaki noises definitely does things to me.

>> No.33749258

Roberu's 3D didn't have animations, it just switched between the open and closed mouth with nothing in the middle

>> No.33749281

So many spammers in Meika's chat.

>> No.33749291

Its nice that he can trust his members to moderate his chat even if its just for a bit

>> No.33749301

>​[message deleted]
>​[message deleted]
>​[message deleted]
>​[message deleted]

>> No.33749373

The annoying thing about spammers is that the chat can never shut up about them whenever they show up in one

>> No.33749396

The preview from the modeler shows that its got expressions, but from what I understand, theres a staff member that controls the model's facial expressions itself, going off of Polka's debut, while the model itself has rudimentary tracking for the face. I think Roberu basically just opted in to do skits and stand up instead of showing off the model in anyway, other than when Miyabi and Shien showed up.

>> No.33749459

No, I was asking about what bad things you would do.
I am well aware of the danger that is his natural cuteness.

>> No.33749514

Come on Izuru~

>> No.33749623

A while back he was looking at his like/dislike ratio based on region, and most dislikes (which are very little in number when you look at his videos) were coming from Japan. Some shitposters now use this as bait to claim Japanese fans hate him.

>> No.33749714

Speaking of APEX...

>> No.33750552

I would probably furiously pat his head.

>> No.33750599

What server did they switch to?

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