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Reisen's butt.
That's all.

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No bun tail, no deal

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Sorry, here is the proper bunny butt.

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are those ears fake?

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Nothing about Reisen is fake.
Especially not her butte.

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I can empathize with her. I'm a failure at everything and my friends call me "bunny".

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source on this?

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Go back to your own thread, Seiran

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I want to smell a cute girls butt. There I said it. You're all thinkning it.

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Reisen's a bad influence.
That's all.

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Just because she has a big butt doesn't mean she's a bad person.

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But I'm not Seira.

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Wrong, I want to use a cute girls butt as a pillow.

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is her butt an erogenous zone?

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How much would eirin sell reisen for? Also would she also sell moonbunny drugs that cause them to go into heat 24/7?

Asking for a friend

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Die Moonie Scum!!!

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This nigga has a pair of human ears and a pair of bunny ears

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Dude, we have grown really weary of this now. Just get lost already.

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Reisen is for turning into more reisens

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One day, Reisen will be seen and respected as a great character that she is, and not just some fap fuel for horny secondaries. One day, but not today.

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I like Reisen, the story of how she ended up on Earth and her interactions with the moon afterwards is interesting.
She's also hot. It's not like she's the only 2hu that has a good story and gets a lot of fap fuel art.

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>She's also hot
She's just a bratty kid. No tits, no ass. Secondaries turned her into a busty shota raping mama when it doesn't fit her character at all. Not that they ever respected her character.
>It's not like she's the only 2hu that has a good story and gets a lot of fap fuel art.
It becomes a problem when 99.999999999999999999999999% of her fanmade content is just something lewd. Just look at this thread, or the other Reisen thread. What does ANY of that have to do with Reisen at this point?

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>bad influence
Well... Reisen, come here slutty bunny, I'm gonna punish you

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>reeeeeee how dare you appreciate Reisen in a Reisen thread

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Fair enough.
I like both skinny and decently well-endowed Reisen art, but a lot of artists take it too far with the latter and it's off putting.
I personally like her skinny, disguised appearance in FS.

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Wow wow anon hang on. Where did you pull those qoutes from?

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Thanks OP. never seen reisen thread for few days.

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Based on what?

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i mean 'based' is really good and awesome. not based on anything.

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Oh, I see.

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Found a filthy moonie-lover

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Nah, her having lewd content is not the problem. The problem is that lolicons don't like the fact that she has curves, and therefore doesn't appeal to their fetish. But it's not only Reisen, they can be found seething in other threads as well.

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Someone says a character who isn't supposed to have a figure, doesn't a figure and your mind jumps immediately to lolicons?
Or are you just so mad that lolicons are better posters than you that you can't stop thinking about them?

Either way, lolicons are irrelevant to anon's point. You're obsessed, and possibly a normalfaggot. Go back.

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We don't take kindly to secondaries here on /jp/.

Go back to THP or r/Touhou, or whatever shity site you came from!

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Ouch, hit a bit too close to home, didn't I? And why don't *you* go back to the, idk, Chen thread instead?

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Hold on i've seen this before

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She's canonically a stick, tho? Also…
>and therefore doesn't appeal to their fetish
This is very ironic coming from a secondary shitstain like you.

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Nice bait, holonigger!

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>She's canonically a stick, tho?
Canonically, all of ZUN's artwork are like that. It's his style.
>This is very ironic coming from a secondary shitstain like you.
And so are such statements coming from a pedo piece of shit like you.

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Go back.

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>Canonically, all of ZUN's artwork are like that. It's his style.
Yes… this is what canon means, anon.
You clearly don't belong here

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I myself prefer taller, slightly muscular, shellshocked-dead inside Reisen. She gets bullied by her master, keeps falling into pit traps and regularly screws up at work, but she is diligent and follows the orders.
She'll treat you as a nuisance with a deadpan look on her face at first, clearly drawing a distance between herself and another human who might as well be her enemy. But after getting to know her she'll start to warm up to you bit by bit, realizing that you're not going to be mean to her. She'll tell you her old war-time stories and teach you some medicine mixing, and then cry on your shoulder when she's feeling down.
She'll blush and act with unusual bashfulness around you, becoming really clingy over time. She's too shy to make a first move on her own however, slowly figuring out that her body wants to *know* you more. Perhaps for the first time in her life, she won't be alone when she goes into heat this time.

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I like Reisen with most body types. The exception is if she's grossly flabby or something.

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>this is what canon means
So canonically, every single Touhou character has the exact same body type. Got it...
>You clearly don't belong here
For preferring Reisen how she's portrayed 99% of the times (more specifically, *not* with a body of a 12-year old)? Gatekeeping much?

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udonge's butt is old and busted

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>So canonically, every single Touhou character has the exact same body type
Characters had different heights as early as PCB. I suggest you play the games.
>For preferring Reisen how she's portrayed 99% of the times
Here's two works that don't portray her with a lot of curves. Can you tell me the 198 works that do portray her the way you're suggesting?
>Gatekeeping much?
You're free to go back to where you came from anytime you want.

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Is /jp/ a pedo board?

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Truthfully, I made this thread because I had a bad migraine and wanted to distract myself from it. I didn't mean to start an argument about Reisen. I'm sorry.

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>Characters had different heights as early as PCB
Oh right, they also have different hair and eye colors. And outfits. And some have wings. And some have horns. And...
>Here's two works that don't portray her with a lot of curves.
Amusing that you've bought up 15.5, where she is definitely not portrayed as an ironing board.
>You're free to go back to where you came from anytime you want.
Gatekeeping much.

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Not exclusively, but if lolis do bother you, then there are dozens of other places that you will enjoy more than here.

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>where she is definitely not portrayed as an ironing board.
She's like the flattest character in that whole game. Even Mokou has tits there, but not Reisen. She's also as short as Chen, who you implied was a loli. So is Reisen, then.

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Turning Reisen into a happy mother is what all men should aspire to do

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It's okay friend.

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>Gatekeeping much
Yes, especially from people like you.

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Breed the bunny.

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>this thread

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Not reading it.

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Wait, I forgot I'm not quoting anyone.

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fuck... i have a little fetish with anime girls smoking... speceally if girls are from touhou

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funny bunny

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She looks more mad than fumy to me.

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Even when she's mad, Reisen is beautiful and funny.

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And fat, in her thighs and her chest.

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Reisen is slim.

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She is a bunny
The definition of fertility
Her hips were made to bear children

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everyone is a bunny

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Imagine the absolute stench

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bun bun butt

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This is the closest thing I have to OP's topic.

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The rabbit is in season

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Speaking of Reisen's butt, where the hell do I find EratohoK? Already tried the Era Games Wiki but all I see is a page describing the game. No download link unless I'm actually expected to sign up to Git Lab. Not doing that for one game.

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I want my Reisen cosplayers now!!
I'm having withdrawals...

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>does reverse image search
>finds the artist
>has no NSFW
>and this one is their only pic of Reisen wearing black underwear
So much for me hoping to have some good dreams. Good night, anons!

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who are you quoting?

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I love it when artists give the bunnies those teeth.

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I'm not reading that.
Don't reply to me again.

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but, those are normal teeth

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