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Do youkai get/have periods?

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plants don't.

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Old hags don't.

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If they do then I know one that doesn't get them anymore.

Menopause.............old hag.

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in before reimu comic

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We don't know.

I'm not sure if it's been covered in Japanese mythology or not, but for now, I always see it that unless periods/menstruation are part of their own existence or form as a youkai, they don't really have them, as there's no real need for them.

Alternatively, stop acting like a fucking moron.

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Does Kanako get that "time of the month"?
Does Yuyuko get those cramps?
Does Eirin ever get irritable and cranky?
Does Yukari have excessive ''flow''?
Does Ran get PMS?

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How can I act like a moron with typed words on a board that loves girls that shoot suppositories that were in turn made by a drunk japanese man who likes silly hates on a website known for it's love of little girls?

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>Does Kanako get that "time of the month"?

Yes, as Gods can breed and do not enter menopause.

>Does Yuyuko get those cramps?

No. She is dead. Contrary to popular belief, living human + ghost =/= half-ghost. Half-ghost is just a spiritual variant of normal living human.

>Does Eirin ever get irritable and cranky?

Unknown due to Eirin's undefined status. If hourai elixir'd, probably not. If not, possibly.

>Does Yukari have excessive ''flow''?
>Does Ran get PMS?

Probably not.

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>I always see it that unless periods/menstruation are part of their own existence or form as a youkai, they don't really have them, as there's no real need for them.

Which means youkai cannot get pregnant, therefore it could possibly mean that some do not even have functioning sexual organs. Beast youkai excluded.

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This just blew my mind.

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her pseudopods are ready to accept pollen.

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ask the experts-- oh wait.

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>Does Yukari have excessive ''flow''?
>Does Ran get PMS?
>Probably not


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Such lovely, beautiful, feminine old hags.

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It's unknown how youkai breed, though they can mate with humans (see Rinnosuke), but it's unknown if this is both ways or solely something like male youkai + female human, so we have no idea.

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Which is why ZUN drew the female youkai as flat chested girls. All HUGE TITTIES in Touhou are fanon related.

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I dont see why youkai should use the same method as humans for getting rid of old eggs, i mean they could barf them our or piss them out etc...

Youkai probably have different physiology.

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I don't think half-youkai are the result of breeding.

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I didn't think youkai breed at all. I thought they just kinda appeared.

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pretty much.

Someone fucks up something and a new youkai is born.

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Yukari does not have breasts or nipples nor does she have a vagina. She has no reason to breed therefore does not menstruate. Given her nature I'm sure she does not even create bodily wastes since youkai tend to not even need food.

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How the hell does a half-youkai come about, then?

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what would the point of having a period be for Youkai? There's only like 1 guy in gensokyo who is fit for a good bang, and why would such high-class Youkai mingle with such a low-class filthy human.

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Ran is technically an animal youkai so instead of having her period she would go into heat.


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Yuck, bad feet. Look at Yuka's big toe on her right foot. Wrong side.

I believe if you've got overpowering emotions of any sort, humans could become one too.

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But we have different kinds of youkai. Beast youkai, magical youkai etc.

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Maybe a human ingested something that was youkai related? Hell it is stated that something that lives or is around long enough can become a youkai. A fucking pot can become a youkai. So say maybe a apple became a youkai and a human ate said apple and BAM, half youkai.

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>Ran goes into heat.

Oh my...

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Yes, youkai can appear from something ordinary.

But that's not the only way they can appear. Humans can become youkai (not like animal youkai who are just particularly old/magical versions of their old selves, as in willingly becoming youkai). Who says they can't breed?

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...My god. A human eating a Youkai?


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Why do youkai take the form of pretty human girls?

A sunflower lives for 500 years without withering, it becomes a youkai and decides to modify/transform/take the shape of a beautiful woman?

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more like a human eating an apple hundreds of years old?! amirite

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>Kitsune are commonly portrayed as lovers, usually in stories involving a young human male and a kitsune who takes the form of a human woman.[59] The kitsune may be a seductress, but these stories are more often romantic in nature.[60] Typically, the young man unknowingly marries the fox, who proves a devoted wife. The man eventually discovers the fox's true nature, and the fox-wife is forced to leave him. In some cases, the husband wakes as if from a dream, filthy, disoriented, and far from home. He must then return to confront his abandoned family in shame.

>Many stories tell of fox-wives bearing children. When such progeny are human, they possess special physical or supernatural qualities that often pass to their own children

What do you know, I guess this is one of those situation where "youkai" is such a broad term, it's difficult to make any large generalizations about all youkai in general. So I guess SOME youkai can breed and give birth to half-youkai, while other times, a normal human could just become a half-youkai, perhaps through possession or other means. For example, I don't think Karakasa breed naturally.

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He said it's an apple that became a Youkai. So, it'd be like a walking talking human shaped creature, getting eaten savagely by a human. To the untrained eye it'd look like cannibalism.

Also most of the time it's humans being eaten by youkai, not youkai being eaten by humans.

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Why would a youkai want to fuck a human?

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I have a bottle of pepsi blue from the day it was released in north America.

It fell and hit someone in the eye once, now they have a glass eye.

(One year laters worth of rumors and word of mouth)

Do didja hear about that evil pepsi demon? supposedly lives in abandoned soda plants.

This is how youkai are born.

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Because youkai are crazy.

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Because us male humans make up stories about youkai because we're bored with plain old 3d women.

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Yukari has full control of the gaps between Ran's heat cycle.

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>Because youkai are crazy.

So when Yuka gets horny............if youkai even get horny...

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Lordosis behavior, or Mammalian lordosis, is a sexual response in mammals, such as mice and cats, that consists of a ventral arching of the spine. During lordosis, the spine curves so that the apex points in the ventral direction. That is, the spine arches down.

Lordosis aids in copulation, as it elevates the hips to allow for intercourse. It is commonly seen in females during estrus.

In female mice during oestrus, the hormone, estradiol (a hormone of the class of hormones known as estrogens), affects neurons in the ventromedial hypothalamus, the periaqueductal gray and other areas of the brain. Sexual stimuli trigger activity in a number of brain areas, including the ventromedial hypothalamus, which sends impulses down axons synapsing with neurons in the periaqueductal gray. These convey an impulse to neurons in the medullary reticular formation which project down the reticulospinal tract and synapse with afferent neurons in the spinal cord (L1-L6) which contract muscles along the spine to exhibit the lordosis posture. Since these afferent neurons are also part of a reflex arc, lordosis can also be triggered reflexively.


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In mythology, youkai can breed. See Seimei, his mother was a fox. I bet he had a tough childhood.

You can become "youkai" by eating another, an example is mermaid liver/flesh which gives you incredibly long life. There's the story of people catching some weird fish-man, a girl accidentally eating some of it and living 800 years.

You can also turn youkai if you feel some emotion very strongly (While canon says nothing on it, for Parsee that may be jealousy, for classical examples there's this one woman who turned into a snake out of lust and a monk who turned into an oni because he wanted to protect his shrine. )

You can also turn youkai after death, in one version of tengu myths they are said to be spirits of prideful men, funayurei (Murasa) are drowned spirits, Heikegani are believed to be fallen Heike clan warriors turned into crabs (I still believe a heikegani Touhou would be quite amusing - those otherwise normal crabs have patterns resembling samurai faces on their backs, so a heikegani girl would look quite normal until you get her in bed, where you notice there's an aged samurai living on her back and he is not pleased. )

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Male humans know that them there youkai are sexier than boring, ugly ol' human females.

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>a monk who turned into an oni because he wanted to protect his shrine.
That sounds sort of badass.

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Which is why it is widely known that the best sex position for getting pregnant (if that is a couples main goal) is..............doggy style.

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You forgot your trip Arc.

Anyway what does all that mumbo jumbo have to do with Ran?

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Monoestrous species, such as bears, foxes, and wolves, have only one breeding season a year, typically in spring to allow growth of the offspring during the warm season to survive the next winter.

So, Ran breeds once a year and the rest of the year she's calm and hates sex.

Pic related. Japanese fox youkai and old hag showing signs of Lordosis Behavior.

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Your beloved Ran goes into heat, her loins aching for male semen to fertilize her ovaries and make her womb swell with new life.

What now?

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But the old hag doesn't need to have or exhibit this behavior. I guess she just wants human males to desire her. OLD HAG

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I hate being a party pooper, but do we even know that being one of them fox youkai forces you to retain the animalistic properties of a fox?

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>So, Ran breeds once a year and the rest of the year she's calm and hates sex.

I wonder who is the lucky one that get's chosen to breed with her.

inb4 Yukari

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>monk who turned into an oni because he wanted to protect his shrine.
What's the full story?

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Guys, what about Yuka?

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isn't it obvious, they employ the services of a professional slut

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Initially, fox youkai ARE just foxes. One-tailed Kitsune are merely slightly larger and smarter than a normal fox.

As the tails grow, their intelligence blooms rapidly and they can take on more forms. But they're still foxes underneath.

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Kanako needn't worry, she's still a virgin.

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She has an odd metabolism we dont know.

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she's batshit crazy. I'm sure she has no interest in knowing.

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She isn't batshit crazy.

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I do not see it that way. However, your reasoning makes sense, so I have no reason to really argue against it.

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Just think, she's shitting out someone's Dad, or Mom, or brother, or Aunt, or uncle, or little sister, or big brother.

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just misunderstood?

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its okay I'm eating trail mix as we speak.

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I'm sure Yuka just wants some tender lovin' and someone to cuddle with while watching the flowers.

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Yuka is a modest feminine youkai therefore she does not shit.

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>Do youkai get/have periods?

Ask Suwako

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youkai moe~

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Except Suwako isn't a youkai at all.

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If there was ever a Toohoo character that needed to get laid...

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I thought the snake-woman (are you referring to Kiyohime?) transformed out of rage instead, since the priest abandoned her. Kind of the first yandere.

The oni monk sounds badass.

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It would be a tearful end if the oni monk died in the end.

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Did anywhere in my sentence did I imply that she were? You must be from Canada.

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Searched a bit (I was writing that from memory of a few years ago, I couldn't find the site I got the information from) and seems there's not much of it, just that certain monks like Ryogen turning into oni after their death to protect their temples beyond the grave.

There's also a rather cute story of two oni contesting to see which one of them would destroy a village. Their repeated contests bear no fruit as they are equals, and from years of observing the villagers and their lives, they eventually come to like the village, give up on destroying it and become its protectors.

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Do youkai even have genders?

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>There's also a rather cute story of two oni contesting to see which one of them would destroy a village. Their repeated contests bear no fruit as they are equals, and from years of observing the villagers and their lives, they eventually come to like the village, give up on destroying it and become its protectors.


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That is a good question. Why would a youkai take a female appearance and form? Maybe it knows that females are off putting and less imposing or scary. If I didn't know who Yuka was or what she was I certainly would not be terrified of her. They may use this as a way to lure humans into a sense of false security and when the human has his or her (I'm suspecting his) guard the youkai devours them.

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Also entirely possible that in Gensokyo male Youkai are not biologically possible, due to some ridiculous magic or other such nonsense.

>> No.3368145

or rapes them

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All the male youkai, with their overly testosterone fueled violent stupidity, never learned from human exterminations and purification and were thus rendered extinct and the female youkai, whom were wiser and more level headed, remained unscathed.

>> No.3368166

Well, in nature a lot of times the male is the one that stays home and the female is the one that goes out to hunt and shit. Maybe youkai work the same way.

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Some of the female youkai don't appear too level-headed to me. Its a possibility that male youkai are contained somewhere for use as sexual relief, assuming that youkai actually need to do that kind of thing.

I'd be a prisoner of Alice's basement any day.

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Japanese fox youkai seems embarrassed.
Old hag does not.

>> No.3368182


Alice doesn't have a basement, the soil was considered to be too soft to support one.

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I'm pretty sure it was mentioned somewhere that guys don't like danmaku as much as women.

So it's really only women that end up in the games.

>> No.3368190

Human society used to be matriarchal at its inception, and so was its religion. All the strongest youkai come from those ancient times, it's only natural they'd take female forms.

>> No.3368204

Makes sense. If I was a nigh-immortal, pain-resistant demon able to regenerate instantly from any physical assault and had a problem to solve with my likewise invincible friends I wouldn't say "OH YEAH I'M GOING TO SHOOT SOME PRETTY PATTERNS NOW. "

I'd beat the shit out of them, and then we'd regenerate and go out for a drink or something.

>> No.3368211


Some kind of side room then, I'm not fussy.

Still interesting that none are deemed important enough to appear at length in any supplementary material, with the exception of Rinnosuke.

>> No.3368226

>Its a possibility that male youkai are contained somewhere for use as sexual relief, assuming that youkai actually need to do that kind of thing.

Or maybe they use humans then kill them afterward. Y'know, to keep the slut insults hush hush. I'd be Yuka's relief any day.

>> No.3368244


Also a possibility, though there are a lot of humans around, and very little male youkai. Using logic one would assume that youkai'd have more stamina, and as thus be better suited as sexual partners.

>> No.3368249

I believe youkai, especially the OLDER ones, have risen above the primal need for sexual relief and no longer experience the urges.

Who's to say they ever experience them at all?

>> No.3368255

>Who's to say they ever experience them at all?
Are you suggesting ZUN would fill up over a dozen danmaku games with females who don't even have a sex drive?

>> No.3368258

Well, yeah.

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While going about your daily chores around the human village you suddenly disappear through a gap and end up in a room with two very horny youkai. You have the time of your life then no one ever hears from you again.

>> No.3368270

>Who's to say they ever experience them at all?
No one.

I hold that idea too, that none of them really have sexual urges or anything, but there's nothing wrong with the other people having their fun. There's like two conversations going on at one in this topic, one blatantly sexual, and one that isn't sexual. There's something for everyone!

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Maybe. Reimu and Marisa I can understand.

The rest, not so much. Rumia gets horny. What? Does she masturbate? Does the same apply to the other youkai? Ran, Yukari, Yuka, Mystia, Cirno, Aya etc

>> No.3368278

You've also got those angry old humans in Keine's interview for Bohemian Archive that are still intent in driving out all the youkai. Surprise surprise, the claimed leader is a guy.

>> No.3368279


Why masturbate when you have countless men living in fear, willing to do whatever you tell them to do?

>> No.3368286

Urges? Yes, probably. But being above urges doesn't mean giving up pleasure. Youkai don't need to eat or drink (much less drink alcohol) either, and yet they all seem to continue doing that.

>> No.3368301

>"As long as Byakuren is here, we youkai don't have to be afraid anymore. We don't need to live in fear in the dark of night anymore."

Wait, youkai used to live in fear?

>> No.3368302

Probably lesser youkai.

>> No.3368304


Cirno lives in fear of my cock.

>> No.3368306


Given the amount of people in the human village a hunt could easily kill inexperienced youkai.

>> No.3368307

But you can also ignore pleasure despite urges, especially in regards to sex.

ZUN probably makes all the girls like so because he likes cute, frilly things, but everyone else is pretty much free to think they're disgusting seductresses or whatever.

>> No.3368311

So, you're this rabbit who's lived for an extra long time, right? Almost 20 years. And suddenly, you start thinking about more than just where your next meal is coming from. You get more inquisitive, your body starts changin- Then suddenly a human comes along and bashes your brains out and destroys your body with seals and charms.


>> No.3368329

Sure, why not? There are stories of gods having diarrhea, so youkai having a period doesn't sound that out there.

>> No.3368358

Also as a side note, though unrelated to the topic to a certain degree... In Korea there are myths about gods/spirits menstruating.