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Am I the only Japanophile who hates anime?

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I don't hate it but I also don't watch a lot of it anymore.

Also incoming Japanophile in green text followed by reaction images.

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Probably not.

I bet you're outnumbered by people who like anime/their pop culture and hate the rest of Japan, though.

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Get out.

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Holy shit bro me too, I', a jalapeño who hates animoo too!

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You mean you hate watching anime, or you hate anime-style art?

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I figured that much.

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Both. It's just so goofy.

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I'll have your anime. I love it. I'm having anime anime anime anime anime anime anime japanese culture anime anime anime and anime!

Anime anime anime anime. Lovely anime! Wonderful anime!

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Then get back to your idolfag threads.

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So what DO you like?

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Refrain from ever using such a foolish word.

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I don't like anime because it degrades the quality of the adapted manga story-wise by addition of filler episodes.

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The culture, the cuisine, the women, hanging out with people as crazy-in-a-good-way as I am, the exoticness of it all.

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I hate weeaboos. I don't conisder myself a weeaboo, I'm actually Japanese for real, well almost. I will be when I live in Japan though. Right now I'm studying japanese, japanese history and I'm following Bushido, the way of the warrior. This is why I hate weeaboos that know 5 words in japanese and use them all the time, kawaai baka DESU NE MOTHERFUCKER. I'm actually trying to become Japanese for real unlike all these faker wees. FUCK YOU WEEABOOS!

So my question is, how good are my chances of becoming Japanese for real?

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Well I'm not going to call myself a weeaboo. That's just gay.

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You're fucking stupid. Animu IS part of Japanese culture. You see it everywhere you go, dumbshit.

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I like VNs and such but don't like anime.

Amerikkka just does cartoons better.

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No different than seeing and ignoring american "entertainment". I don't have to watch television.

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This is a troll, right?

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Nah I think I'll stick around.

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Anime is about as much Japanese culture as rap music is American culture.

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If you want to believe that, go ahead my friend.

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>Am I the only Japanophile
Get out of /jp/.

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Cool story bro

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Rap music stems from African culture, really.

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Not sure why everyone's so upset. I guess you're very attached to your children's cartoons. My apologies.

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All the moe shit that Japan produces lately is stupid
I just browse /jp/ sometimes to see if there is something not related to moe

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Except rap is mainstream media culture, while anime is a lot more reclusive.

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I really fucking hate it. I hate it when normalfriends doing something that isn't just sitting or talking or drinking beer consider it "crazy".

"ha ha ha, we dance drunk outside, we're sooooo crazy"
What you consider "crazy" is done by a thousand groups of friends every minute all over the world. You are not crazy. Not even in a good way. You are just as generic as every other shithead normalfriend out there.

Paint yourself blue and try to stop cars with your bare hands. Alone. This is crazy, not the lukewarm fun you have.

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Nope. I used to be into anime (and still watch some classics) but everything in the past 20 years or so has largely sucked shit.

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Which is embarrassing, really. One of the many reasons I want to get away from this stupid modern-day Rome.

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you're in a wrong place then. /jp/ is for nerdy part of their market, not for any of those things you said.

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You're perfectly normal. It's just strange that you're on 4chan.

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Agreed wholeheartedly. It's like most westerners are afraid of living a little. Sigh, this whole place is like a prison where fun is illegal.

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Is it me or has /jp/ gotten more shittier during these past few weeks?

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>Paint yourself blue and try to stop cars with your bare hands.
Isn't that what people call acting like an asshole?

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if you're in amerikkka

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Manga-style art is mainstream.

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Because if something's mainstream we all have to partake in it.

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It has not been changing since Edo period.
The ukiyoe is Manga.

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>Implying anime sucks